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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  August 16, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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money." >> i'll be with you tomorrow night as well. it's a twofer. daily double. >> cisco, not the food kind. chuck robbins, in the morning, by the way. "mad money" with jim cramer begins right now my mission is simple to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere, and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money. welcome to cramerica other people want to make friends. i'm just trying to make you some money. my job is not just to entertain but to educate and teach you so call me at 1-800-743-cnbc or tweet me @jimcramer. hey, guys, on a day like today, you have to wonder. what the heck is happening why isn't this market falling apart? you have the confused narrative
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about the demise of the business leader panels the president put together with so much fanfare. did he disband them? who knows? you've got ceos openly castigating the president for his off the wall remarks and the president calling them infants pure chaos in washington, with some of trump's most important allies unable to hide their contempt for the president's statements which they see as providing aid and comfort to white supremacists but the dow gained 26 points, the s&p inched up, and the nasdaq advanced 0.19%. why isn't this market plummeting simple the stock market is not, and has
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never been a referendum on washington >> they know nothing >> sure, some presidents are more stock market than others. regardless, whatever else you may say about this administration, and you may be saying it, trump's as pro stock market as it gets. he believes that the market is a referendum on his president. they can't hurt. nevertheless, let's not forget that the market did well under president obama, too he just never claimed ownership. but let's step away from politics, because while i do believe the stock market could be lower if hillary clinton had won, as democrats tend to be less business friendly than republicans. what matters even more to the direction of the stock market is the growth of sales and profits at the individual companies, actual companies and how those should be valued when you think in terms of sales and earnings, the truth is these business councils haven't mattered at all.
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washington isn't as important as we like to pretend to the stock market what matters is that sales and profits have been excellent this year, particularly for everything but select retailers in the oil and gas industry. on top of that, low interest rates and slow inflation have combined to make those sales and profits worth more than most investors expected by this point this year. the fed released minutes today showing fear of inflation is heating up some don't, though i don't think the fed wants to raise rates that takes the september hike off the table either way, it's not a major part of the calculus unless you're running a business that has had labor costs jacked up by government mandated minimum wage increases. first, i hate talking politics this is a terrible time. it's outside my wheel house. my views should be of no
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interest to you. i do like talking stocks i like talking about your portfolio and help you make money. and the chaos in the capital makes washington more relevant to the market than it's been in ages even though there's chaos, it's republican chaos, so it won't be anti-business chaos. remember, the current chaos revolving around some incredibly important civil rights issues that are fundamental to our nation, but they have very little to do with the stock market listen, last wednesday, the cash revolved around income and icbms and the war of words between trump and kim jong-un. there is an existential dilemma, and if things went wrong, it could have meant the death of 10 million south koreans. now we're dealing with issues, trump defends very fine people at nazi rally.
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problematic. suboptimal has nothing to do with the stock market but it's not -- it just doesn't impact what i said matters the sales, the earnings, and how we value them. whereas if we get tax reform, something that the president's people are promising by thanksgiving, whatever then when the companies have bigger profits, come on, i mean, let's be candid. congress has yet to raise the debt ceiling congress wants another shot at repeal and replace more importantly, congress only works three days a week when it's in session. right now they're all on vacation for the summer. i should run for office. any way, i like to work hard, though that means not much can get done, even let's say if there were some sort of unanimity, which there is none.
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so what do we do until it looks like our legislature has its act together, we can forget about washington as long as they stay out of the way of american companies. right now, american business is making money hand over fist. you should cash in on it, not to be concerned about this stuff other than in your heart the reason, listen, you need to understand that the business world is made up of ycles. there are all sorts of cycles. there's the housing cycle, the consumer spend cycle, auto cycle, nonresidential construction cycle, the oil and gas cycle, the aircraft cycle. a lot of cycles. and other than autos and the ois, all of these other cycles are in the sweet spot. why? some have to do with demand. there's more demand for homes than there are homes think about everything that goes into your house. housing is 10% of the economy.
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plus all the legal ramification of buying a home, it punches way above its weight autos are real important, but they aren't growing. but they're peaking at a high level. aerospace, insane demand, one of the great exports of our country. some would say it's in secular growth mode. we have secular demand in lots of tech. remember, if something is a cycle, it booms and busts. if it's secular, it's a sustained boom if you think of the growth of cell phones and artificial intelligence are secular, as i do, there are a ton of stocks worth buying the disbanding of trump's manufacturing council doesn't mean a thig to any of those cycles if the president hadn't spent his political capital, he might have built more manufacturing facilities in the united states rather than cheaper foreign companies. good for jobs, bad for earnings.
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but when you see his moral authority draining away in tweets and shouting matches, that means ceos can move their businesses offshore without worrying about the impact of getting hit with an angry tweet. now, i know that detail has been tough because of what's called price transparency, that's what amazon really stands for it's about pricing conspiracy. you can't full a consumer anymore about price. i know there are too many cars being built. making up for that is a weaker dollar, which means our international companies are more competitive overseas and of course, almost everyone is a winner from lower energy costs except the oil and gas companies, and they only make up 6% of the s&p. here's the bottom line if you want to evaluate the stock market, you need to hook at businesses as the sum total
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of the prospects of their sales and earnings, and look at them through the lens of what you pay for those numbers, based on the price of money, interest rates, and inflation. beyond that, we can get all geopolitical we can get mired down by the mad house in washington, but never forget that the four walls s of the spread sheet are far more powerful in this room than the four walls of the white house. chuck in florida, chuck. >> caller: hello, mr. cramer boo-yah! >> boo-yah back. >> caller: hey, how are you? my daughter joanne is in pennsylvania i have a question for you about mmp. >> okay. >> it's always been a good -- >> this is a master limited partnership. etp yesterday did a huge equity of 50 million shares it drove down the whole group. even though it reported a great quarter, it doesn't matter
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that's what i've been telling people it's a -- let's just say captured by the etfs rodney in california, rodney >> caller: hey, jim, big southern california boo-yah to ya >> wish i were there what's going on? >> caller: big thank you back in february, you featured take two interactive, ttwo and i took a position in it and it's up over 56% since then and looking at their five-year chart, it's almost 800% growth i wanted to see how you felt about them going forward, buy more, sell some, hold on >> no one ever got hurt taking a profit but they've got a juggernaut here in grand theft auto mafia three was huge he's got great intellectual property no need to sell that stock erin, oh, man, in hawaii southern california now to hawaii >> caller: aloha, mr. cramer,
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from bright and sunny hawaii the stock i wanted to ask about is ktos. i know it's been on your show a lot. just wondering if it's still a buy at this level. >> we liked it at 8. it went to 7 and i got hammered on twitter there's another guy that hammers other people on twitter that is irrelevant then up to 12, and i think it goes higher. i like the defense stocks. lockheed martin numb one today is more proof that the market is not, is not a referendum about washington. these why we look at individual stocks for opportunity, because you see t's mad money. i'm here to show you how what else is on "mad money" tonight? there's no stock more familiar than vrx tonight, i'm sitting down with the ceo to find out if it'stim to eye the company, maybe buy the stock. then with amazon seemingly taking over the retail space, how are companies like etsy and
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shopify competing? and with so much uncertainty in the market, where could gold be heading? so stick with cramer >> don't miss a second of "mad money. follow @jimcramer at twitter have a question? tweet cramer at #madtweets send jim an e-mail to or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc miss something head to she can't become a guitar legend just by playing air guitar. the baby's room won't build itself. and her paw won't heal on its own. we're all working forward to something.
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akman, which sold its share in the company. but i have to wonder if the new ceo is getting it under control. he sold off underperforming assets, focused on research and development, and paid down the company's heavy debt load. to me, a critic of the company, i feel that he has indeed started to turn it down. the company did lower its revenue outlook, which caused the stock to pull back, but what are we supposed to make of the company here let's check in with the ceo and get a better sense of what's happening. welcome back to "mad money." good to see you, joe >> good to be here >> joe, i was critical you were on last, i was concerned because of the big debt load. there were a lot of things that were wrong, and i wanted to know if you were up to the task i have to tell you, performance speaks louder than words you've been doing exactly what you said when you came on the
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show and congratulations. >> thank you, jim. thank you. it's been, i will say first and foremost, it's been a challenging 15 months, but we've made great progress. we brought in a great new team, new cfo, we got them from people that i really felt i had known in my past that were going to be good people to join the team we have some great people already with the company, so that helped, as ell. but we've been dealing with all the issues last year when i was here, you talked about our debt. in the time period since last -- first quarter of 2016 to now, we will have reduced our debt as of today or yesterday, we paid back $500 million more towards $4.8 billion of debt reduction in less than a year >> ahead of what you said. >> we said we would do it by february of 2018, we're well ahead of schedule in the actual quantity, but also the amount of time so we're making good process there. the other important question you raised is where are you going to
6:18 pm
grow we have a pipeline that we're proud of we launched a product called relastor, up 33% this year versus last year good news for us we launched a product, salik, a product for psoriasis. we're delighted to have it in the marketplace. it has some of the best efficacy in terms of the eradication of the plaque for psoriasis >> i was questioning short term, how were you going to pay down that huge amount of debt that was coming due but i know from my friends at s&p, you've been able to do that handily. >> we worked very hard at this it was one of the key priorities for this reduce the debt, but we paid down by selling some assets. we made now 12 different asset divestitu divestitures i have two more that will close
6:19 pm
the second half of the year, generating another $1.2 billion of proceeds to help us pay down more debt. >> these are not things that have hurt the earnings profile, i can tell >> what we've been able to do, the first thing is what is core to our future? i said dermatology business, core, that's now 56% of our business is in the ophthalmolo y ophthalmology. so we've focused around the core, we invested in that, and now what we're doing is paying down the debt with some of these, what i call non-core assets >> when you reported last week, the stock got hit. the analysts, some cut numbers but what i thought was interesting, the bonds went up, your interest rate went down so the equity guys, sometimes they know a lot, but it's the fixed income guys that seem to have been making the right calls here >> we think they do a great job.
6:20 pm
they follow how our cash -- what is the cash generation of our business they've been following that. importantly, yes, we did reduce revenue slightly but we also did not reduce our earnings before tax depreciation it's all about generating the cash >> you also talked about the idea that perhaps the company had been, previous to you, a leader in price increases. a lot of people felt they were taking advantage of the system you said you would look at the pricing and change that. where are you there on that issue? >> within the first two weeks i joined the company, we started what i would refer to is a patient access and pricing committee that looked at making sure that patients have access to our products. we've done that. that's well under way. we also said that we would limit our pricing to a single digit price increase on any of our products >> taking a pledge on that >> we did say that's what we
6:21 pm
would look at relative to future pricing. so we've taken the steps, we think, to address some of these issues we had a few legacy issues >> you had some legal issues, and you had bill ackman who seemed to be indecisive about his position, but he has since left do you have any interaction with him? >> i talk to him occasionally. he's been helpful to me. we've made great progress. one of the things that happened last week, we unfortunately got a complete response letter on one of our products awaiting fda action, and kacandidly, it was because one of our sites we had a communication with fda just this morning, and we believe now that the fda is going to upgrade that manufacturing site to a voluntary action indicated, which is an important step for all of our future innovation and
6:22 pm
all the products that we make at that site. >> that's near term. >> very near term. >> i know the drug industry is a bit of a club when it comes to the ceos one of the club was a fine man, ken frazier, was attacked by president trump. it seemed to me unfair i wanted to know your view >> ken frazier is a phenomenal individual >> he was like a role model for all of us. >> he's a great individual ken had a position on this i think the most important comment i can say on this is that at our company, racism and discrimination, there's no place for that in our company. what we're doing is trying to make sure we have quality health care outcomes for patients all over the world >> last question, you have, as always, you are a very transparent person you put out a fantastic deck, and you talked about 2018 and years for growth
6:23 pm
are you feeling as confident or more confident about the years for growth after all that you've been through since we saw each other? >> i believe that the new products we have are going to generate the returns for our shareholders that we need to generate we had products that we're losing exclusivity there was nothing we could do about that we realized very early, we made it as transparent as possible, but if you think about what's growing in our business, the different businesses -- >> you don't have to sell any of them >> we have zero debt maturities between now and 2020 so that gives you a real chance to invest in the business. and the latest results on the earnings i'd that we talked about was that baush&lam was up 6% those on an organic basis, those businesses were up 8%.
6:24 pm
that's really important in terms of revenue growth. >> i could not agree more. you're a man of your word and then some. i was tough on you you exceed everything that i thought was possible, joe. that's joe papa, chairman and ceo of vrx, who has done a remarkable job turn thing company around "mad money" is back after the break. so new touch screens... and biometrics. in 574 branches. all done by... yesterday. ♪ ♪
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♪ if you didn't know it already, yesterday's action reminded us just how hard it is to invest in retail these days when a retailer miss the numbers, like dick's, it just gets pulverized. >> dive! >> witness home depot. although it did have a nice bounce today so what do you do? you can just buy the stock of the company that everyone says
6:27 pm
is eating their lunch, amazon. i have proof of that but make you bulk at amazon's valuation or you want to find something less well known with more upside. that's why tonight i want to give you an alternate set of options, a pair of technology companies that are crucial partners for small and medium sized retailers all over america. i'm talking about etsy and shoppify, thin tech. these two companies allow individuals and merchants, without much scale, to sell their goods online and expand their customer base. while brick and mortar retail is a total house of pain. >> the house of pain >> anything that helps old school merchants become more dominant on the web is on fire both became public in the spring of 2015. although they've had very different trajectories after its spike, etsy was a real dog, until the second half of
6:28 pm
last year. lately it's made a stunning comeback and the stock is up 32% for 2017, giving us a 77% gain since i started recommending it in may of 2016 shopify has been a juggernaut, and that run has continued as the stock has more than doubles year-to-date it's up 120% why are they performing so well and can they keep climbing here? let me give you some background if you're not familiar with these two and use comparison for how to evaluate securities something i'm sure grateful to be able to talk about, when there's other business and political news that i find so depressing etsy is on online marketplace for unique goods, especially high quality, hand crafted stuff. my daughter made some pillows and tried to sell them on etsy plus, they've got terrific tools
6:29 pm
that help entrepreneurs get their businesses growing despite not seeming to care about profitability, this thing is firing on all cylinders shopify is a little different. it started life as a web based snowboard store, but the founders were so disappointed with the e-commerce software tools they created their own it didn't take them long to realize other merchants needed a platform to sell their products online shopify's software can handle everything from marketing to payments to shipping so that businesses can focus on doing what they're doing good at rather than agonizing about something they don't know that much about, the web and technology in sort, etsy is an internet market based
6:30 pm
shopify has been a better performer, but will shopify's stock continue to trounce etsy the performance disparity is easy to explain. etsy delivered 19% new growth. down from the 39% figure from last year. but shopify is growing like a weed they delivered 75% revenue growth and the deceleration of shopify has been more gradual. what about margins okay, etsy's gross margin, what it makes after the cost of goods sold, increased by 220 basis points in 2015 and 170 basis points in 2016, climbing to 66.2%. however, 2017 a little different, that trend has reversed, gross margin coming in
6:31 pm
at 65.5% last quarter. sh shopify declined by 120 basis points last year, down to 54%. but lately, it's increased by 390 basis points so they're closing the margin gap. still, the gross margin might not be the best metric to use. i'm showing you how people in these big firms make their judgments. shopify and etsy aren't in the same business. but they operate in adjacent areas. how about adjusted earnings before interest, taxes, and depreciation shopify tracks adjusted income
6:32 pm
earning. it's difficult to do an actual apples to apples comparison. etsy's margin surged up to 15.7%. it's come back down in 2017, to 12.5% last quarter these are hard companies to analyze. shopify has been improving steadily it's still below zero, meaning even before the impact of interest and taxes, the company is losing money. however, shopify's consistently been moving toward profitability, while etsy's product has been more erratic. the stock market loves a story about a company losing money, starting to make money with accelerating or good revenue growth shopify. finally, how about the earnings to the extent they have some etsy just became profitable. they earned ten cents a share.
6:33 pm
shopify's losses have been shrinking. they're still losing money or the company's preferred non-gaap number which showed a one cent loss profitability is where etsy shines but shopify has accelerated growth etsy named fred wilson, an old friend of mine, they named him chairman he's a no nonsense guy, all about profit and growth. i like that. etsy has one more thing going for it in 2015, we thought amazon would be launching a direct competitor to etsy. in this year, where it feels like no one can stand up to amazon, etsy took amazon's best shot and kept kicking.
6:34 pm
in fact, the company has now gotten stronger. not many businesses can go from losing to making money when they're in amazon's cross hairs. usually it's the other way around so which of these small business facilitators has the best stock? shopify has a better growth story. but shopify the stock, heck of a lot more expensive it trades at 10 times sales estimates, one of the most expensive stocks around. but think about this shopify is even more expensive a stock than snap,a poster child for expensive stocks normally i prefer to use a price-to-earnings multiple but etsy just became profitable. shopify won't turn a profit until next year. so those numbers don't tell you as much as i would like to do on the show shopify may have faster growth, but you're getting much better
6:35 pm
value with etsy. so here's the bottom line in trying to explain how big money managers pick stocks and evaluate them. shopify and etsy both look good. while shopify has been a strong performer, etsy is the cheaper stock. that said, wait for the next market pullback if you like either stock and i hike the stock of amazon better than both when in doubt, bet on the company that the retailers are calling the dark star, because there's no denying its reach and ability to dominate, even if it couldn't crush etsy in the handy space. randy in tennessee >> caller: thanks for what you do for us out here >> thank you >> caller: i was listening to you on yesterday's show talking about how amazon is just devastating all the stocks of brick and mortar retailers, but i may have found one with no debt and lots of cash. what do you think of francesco's
6:36 pm
holdings, either as a short-term trade or long-term buy >> i always appreciate a real value. my problem is, i was on that conference call and it was d dispiriti dispiriting. and while it is a cheap stock, down 54%, i have no catalyst that would turn the company around and that is problematic to say the least. small business e-commerce is fighting back. shopify and etsy are holding their ground wait for pullback it is you like either one much more "mad money" ahead. yesterday, gold prices suffered their deepest one-day decline in six weeks. i'll sit down with a very under the radar gold mining play to see where the commodity could be headed this company is interesting. and it's been tough to be a retailer in this market, but we saw several fight back today fight out which of these stockks be buys regardless of amazon
6:37 pm
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♪ sne could this be a good time to hide some money in gold, given all the admitted craziness in the world right now? i have no problem with getting some gold exposure as a hedge against geopolitical chaos where i normally favor owning gld, tonight i introduce you to a company, i saw it today. they rang the bell, they just listed on the new york stock exchange kirkland lake is some high quality, low cost mines in canada and australia and grown
6:41 pm
like crazy this is a very well run gold miner. that's why the stock, which only traded in canada until this morning, is on fire. it's more than doubled in 2017 could it have more room to run let's take a closer look with the ceo with the company welcome to "mad money. good to see you, sir have a seat. i would hike to say you're the mid-size gold company nobody ever heard but if i lived in canada i would know it. how much is because you have low finding costs? >> well, we have really good geology. we've got two great deposits, 2 million ounces reserved. and another 2 million ounces in resour resourc resources, and we still have a large resource and the mine in australia has become a special deposit and
6:42 pm
turning into quite something and i don't think we've demonstrated what it is, but it's a million ounces right now at close to 18 grounds per ton. >> gold at $1200 what do you make when you pull up an ounce? >> we're one of the lowest cost mines in the world well under $250 an ounce >> that's a lot of profit per. >> the reality is, no matter what we do, we could be mining -- whether we're mining gold or anything, we're here to make money and we're profitable mining company >> it seems to me, you like e geology. your assets are in safe places >> it's relative the biggest part of our assets are in canada and australia. >> these are politically stable
6:43 pm
places the australian government doesn't seem like they're ready to expropriate or anything like that >> itwe operate in governments that are modern thinking and progressed but i don't say that in africa that they are in bad spots eith either >> he said to me, it's not for sissies. his company isn't. i think i can work at kirkland without worrying i would be called a sissy or not. i wanted to get a sense of where you've been, so to speak kirkland lake gold has not been on the radar screen. why is that? the american radar screen, is that because of the listing issue? >> well, really last year was a transformational year for the company. we went from being a single asset mine with one mine in kickland lake. we did two mergers last year the st. andrew gold company,
6:44 pm
which had three operating mines just north of kirkland lake. and then the fosterville -- sorry, new market gold, which had in fosterville gold mined in australia. we put it together and made a new gold producer and have had solid performance. lots of gold at these assets and lots of new gold could be discovered then we come up with a different way of business. >> mark has taught me about supply and demand. the think i wanted to ask is, north korea. people have been talking about th thermonuclear war and a lot of chaos in american politics shouldn't gold be much higher? >> gold is, the reality is where gold is, yeah, it should be higher, it could be higher that's why we put our investment in gold. we think gold is the right thing
6:45 pm
to be not only producing but investing ourselves in >> fair enough that's tony makuch new company, kirkland lake gold. "mad money" is back after the break. most american homeowners would be shocked if they knew just how rich they were.
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lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade it is time it's time for the lightning round. [ indiscernible [ buzzer ] and then the lightning round is over are you ready, skedaddy. time for the lightning round ian in florida, ian. >> caller: hey, jim, this is ian from orlando, florida. how are you doing today? >> well, thank you how about you? >> caller: doing great my stock i want to see about is stock ticker p.i.? >> very interested very crowded market, so be careful. bob in new jersey. >> caller: jim, thank you for you and your staff, all you do for us rookies >> we're all in it together.
6:49 pm
how can i help >> caller: my stock is paypal. moving forward, it's cleaned up its own site also has a new recharge program for a woman. is it a buy? >> dan shulman is remarkable he's taken a company that so many analysts were burying and made it into a power house yes. >> buy buy buy >> howard in new york, howard. >> caller: yes, hello, jim, how are you doing? >> doing well. thank you, how about you >> caller: interested in marriott international >> i think you should be i didn't think the earnings should have triggered a cut. let's go to jim in new hampshire, jim >> caller: boo-yah, jim, from the granite state. i know you love grand dole, bgo i've been --
6:50 pm
>> i like kirkland lake gold let's go to bobby in california, bobby. >> caller: jim, bobby in california how is it going? >> doing well. how about you? >> caller: doing great, doing great. my stock is chipolte buy, sell, hold? >> i said 18 months that they would come back. but then we had another incident so it's not on my to-do list that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the lightning round. >> the lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade ut the so i brought in my comfort pony, warren, to help me deal. isn't that right warren? well, you could get support from thinkorswim's in-app chat. it lets you chat and share your screen directly with a live person right from the app, so you don't need a comfort pony. oh, so what about my motivational meerkat? in-app chat on thinkorswim. only at td ameritrade.
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♪ despite the analyst onslaught from amazon, not every retailer is rolling over here. we're seeing some chains that can compete, can even win in this difficult new environment which one is a winner so far tjx reported a good quarter, with the home division putting up 7% same sale store growth and boy, were we ever recarded, tjx put on a clinic what you can do to beat amazon, lower prices for branded goods. they buy them from other stores that are closing branches. it may be the only retailer around that wants to grow its store base, especially for
6:54 pm
younger shoppers who are strapped for cash. as the ceo ernie herman told us in his conference call, and i quote -- >> he went on to say - >> they spend to open 260 stores this year and add 1700 or so addition allocations on top of the over 3900 they have now hey, most people are closing stores, not opening them tjx doesn't need any help defeating amazon he said that amazon, which is run by the owner of "the washington post," which has been highly critical of the president, is "doing a great damage to tax paying retailers towns, cities and states
6:55 pm
throughout the u.s. are being hurt." it's funny, that's the playbook of walmart, of the tax paying walmart. that's what it did to all the mom and pop stores throughout the country. walmart reports tomorrow i think it will be good. i don't know what trump can do about amazon, given that it, like walmart, has lowered prices for 317 million americans. it would be highly unusual for the justice department to bring a case against any company that saves voters billions each year. the last thing trump needs is to bring a case to raise prices and urban outfitters is a fashion player that's something that l brands doesn't have after the close tonight. and then there's target, where the ceo brian cornell give you 32% growth in digital. that's the best i've seen so far. and fantastic numbers, driven by
6:56 pm
the successful cap and jack clothing product line, $2 billion in sales i was impressed with the new small format stores. they're quite good looking also the movement into college campuses that cornell promised, it's happening and working it's mostly electronics that have been disappointing. the nintendo switch, as well as the apple watch and tablet contributed to a massive turn in those aisles food and drugs were no longer a drag cornell lowered expectations a t the beginning of the year and he trumped them handily now, if you recall, i didn't think home depot was worthy of the criticism or the four-point decline they experienced yesterday. that was the spector of amazon keeping the stock down however, the stock ignited today, and i think it could go higher, as could costco, which
6:57 pm
started looking up after reporting excellent numbers. my take, tjx barely moved on its excellent quarter, which makes it a screaming buy ervin moved a great deal, and target works fine for me, too. at least for now stick with cramer.
6:58 pm
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after the chose tonight, cisco reported a number that once again was not what wall street was looking for, and the stock is trading down. let's dig deeper and we'll be speaking with chuck robins tomorrow on "squawk on the street." this is a bit of a losing streak, so we have to figure out whether the losing streak can be snapped. how about a winning streak i think that walmart is going to report a good number remember, not everybody is rolling over and playing dead when it comes to dark star amazon i like to say there's always a bull market somewhere, and i promise to find it for you right here on "mad money." i'm jim cramer, and i'll see you tomorrow
7:00 pm
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