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tv   Fast Money  CNBC  August 17, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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rough patch here and then the events the other evening in trump tower were a sea change really in the way that investors and the markets were going to view what is taking place in and around washington and perhaps in other areas as well. kelly, thank you so much we do have breaking news a sea of red on wall street as uncertainty around the trump administration slams stocks. the dow closing at a three week low. it was the worst day since may the nasdaq falling almost 2% the ten year yield falling below 220. now the selling started with a simple question. will top white house economic adviser gary cohn stay or go it did pick up testeam when bob cork erer made some critical comments eamon javers is in bed mind tmi with the latest. >> reporter: another one of the
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president's out side advisory councils now collapsing in addition to the two that were suspended earlier this week. here is statement from a white house official saying the president has announced the end of the infrastructure which was still being formed will not move forward. scott, the president just signed the executive order creating that outside infrastructure panel on july 20th they were still in the process of getting it all together and now they are not going to do that knit moanymore. they pugglled the plug. so much speculation about gary cohn and his future role in this white house. the white house put out two statements this morning about gary cohn suggesting that he was in fact going to stay despite rumors that he was frustrated and unhappy with the way the president had handled the racist violence in charlottesville. here is the statement most recent from the white house there about 11:00 hour this morning. the white house saying nothing has changed. gary is focused on his responsibilities as national
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economic council director and any reports to the contrary are 100% false and you mentioned that drit civ criticism from bob corker, a senator who has been an ally of the president, he's xrit sized the president on occasion, but not one of his regular critics up on capitol hill here's what corker had to say earlier today. >> the president has not yet been able to demonstrate the stability, nor some of the confidence that he needs to demonstrate in order to be successful and we need for on him to be successful our nation needs for him to be successful >> needless to say when your own allies on capitol hill are calling in to question your competence, that is not a place that any white house wants to be we haven't had any reaction from white house officials on that particular statement today to us.
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tomorrow the president is expected to head to camp david outside of washington, d.c we expect that he will pack up his working vacation here in new jersey and relocate there for some period of time. they will have some meetings on south asia, the vice president is returning early from his overseas travels and the vice president has said he has cleared his weekend schedule if the president should need him for anything this coming weekend. >> thanks so much. eamon javers in bedminster now all of this comes amid soft earnings a terrorist attack in barcelona. how much worse does it get guy, do you want to tackle that question >> so the july low in the s&p just for framework i think 2410 or so. so that is something that you have to look at in terms of where we close for the month of august which quite frankly is coming to a close pretty quickly. how do i want to tackle it every soft of this magnitude the last six or even years and every time somebody said it's different this time, me being one of those voices, has broochb
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proven to be incorrect so i'm hard pressed to believe it will be any different this time around. clearly there are things going on in the walls of the white house right now that i guess none of us can get our arms around but that being said, were earnings that bad, have they been any different than we've seen so to blame it on earnings i think is incorrect obviously what happened in barcelona today tragic didn't help and obviously the bob corker comments are damning in a word but you have to wonder if gary cohn hasn't left yet, what will make him leave now and my sense is maybe the positioning for a fed chair just got a lot strong onner for him going forward. >> seems clear that we certainly have had a sea change, a watershed moment if you will, about the way that the stock market is going to view what is happening. >> for most of this year actually, the stock market has shrugged off any type of perceived problems in the white house or not getting anything done in washington the stock market has pretty much
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said we're focused on tax reform or some kind of tax relief maybe even if items juif it's ja repatriation so you saw it today when gary cohn was rumored to have resigned, that's when the market started to accelerate lower. so that we now know is the key element here it does feel like we're reaching a bit of a fever pitch 2400 will be a key number on the s&p 500. we'll see if the sentiment starts to change >> when that announcement came out early in the morning and market started to roll over a bit, the white house came out and defended it. the market rallied up a little we came back at the end of the day and rolled right back over again. so the confidence that the white house is lying to the american people i don't think investors are looking at it that way low volume day gary cohn is not leaving and i can tell you he's not walking away from $15 million tax savings. he's not a moron >> but the rumor that he was leaving moved the market lower
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>> so say he leaves. where does that leave us i'm not sure absent of a complete change of administration, and i mean getting the gop out of the white house, i don't -- right notice we've said that stalemate in the white house or dysfunction in the white house in terms of fiscal policy is not priced -- there is no policy priced into the market and that stalemate is probably good for stocks the thing that worries me -- >> seems to be a lot more uncertainty today than perhaps even last week >> and i think that is healthy because one of the things that -- i'm more concerned by market dynamics than i am by politics i'm concerned that the short vix etf has never been larger and everybody is on the side of the boat that this will be over in a couple days. we have central banks about to -- the worst season of the stock market for anytime of year liquidity is drying up and washington is a mess and i don't think terrorists are affectinging the global economy, but they are bringing a populist tone back to you're room so if you don't think that
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didn't weigh on stocks, it does. >> i don't think we'll have a 10% selloff here i will say the dysfunction in d.c. when it starts to show up in the economic growth, that is when the market begins to mpani. but until then, give it a free pass >> what if gary cohn leaves? >> then i think we have a short lived selloff. absolute buy on the dip sort of scenario >> what are you buying >> just two or three days. >> explain why ooitsdit's a buyh dip. >> any of the mega cap names that are the traditional buy at home names that pull back significantly, buy them and just attack them that way i won't buy financials maybe buy goldman sachs. it will roll over immediately. i'll buy that on the dip >> i think the argument for buying the market if gary cohn leaves, and let's just say anybody of certain stature that the market sells off and argument is by in a happening, then congress is embhooldened to
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get something done they are out in santa barbara trying to get tax reform done. so that is the argument. i don't know what happens, but that is certainly what i'm looking for when you see a market rollover, we get some kind of panicked selling >> do you really think that they will get something done on taxes? >> i actually don't, but that is the sentiment that we're in. we're come off of -- i'm saying what am i looking for that would turn the market. the senators getting together and saying you know what, the white house -- >> think about that. the s&p is right now in a forward basis assuming $140 in s&p 500 earnings next year 17.7 times roughly. almost 18 times. if you add in the five our six bucks of potential up side coming from tax -- >> why are you doing that? >> because that's roughly what it would be. >> people like lee cooperman think it will be ten bucks. >> so say ten bucks.
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that will bring you to 16.5 multiple >> i hear what you're saying, and i'm not suggesting this is '08. but that selloff had nothing to do with market valuations. so we could say the market is expensive, the market is cheap to tim's point, if there is global things happening here that are out of our control, it won't -- >> global inflation is neutral right now. not too hot, not too tocolds. earnings have been a lot better in the u.s >> you can't tell me stock valuations are not high. >> i didn't say they weren't high i'm saying that in the near term, i don't think we rip higher, i don't think we fall out of bed though. i'm making the case that this market is not going to crash and people have to get their heads around this. do we have pullbacks absolutely will they be shallow no question. but we're not crashing we didn't rally because stocks were cheap we won't fall out of bed because stocks are way expensive >> but here is the problem
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at some point all of this uncertainty in washington and frankly the terrorist attacks in europe and the populist things, nationalism that tim is talking about, starts to faeskts the economy. eventually ceos go i won't build that extra plane people say i'm not going to buy that extra car >> do you know when that drives up when there is aly quliquidity cs that will cause the market dislocation. >> you have to be ahead of this. you have to be ahead of the market dislocation i'm waiting for a liquidity crisis to sell >> volume did pick up into the close. stocks did close on their lows we're going into a friday. i wonder how people will react tomorrow as they think through some of the news and who knows what happens in the next 12 hours. >> on our desk today, zero panic. when the market rolled over? they mulled down the gary cohn news people were totally disengaged
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low volume dary, people are packing for vacations. they are packing their bags. >> you have a dynamic here where the transports broke down. we had technical breakdown you have a dynamic where transports are now back below, they have made fresh lows. you have the s&p a week ago today sold so the lows on the biggest down day we've had and today we good seedx. seed that d in a low liquidity environment >> and there was a terrorist attack.that had in a low liquidity environment. >> and there was a terrorist attack of course you'll see the airlines roll over >> i don't think the terrorist event was an indictment of -- transports have been under a lot of pressure. >> our next guest says that the comments from senator bob corker marked a turning point for the president and the republican party at large jonathan swann is national political reporter and he joins us from d.c. jonathan, welcome. these comments from the senator were both stunning and stinging
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both because of the messenger and the message. >> and reallies if ty it is the messenger. lindsey graham and john mccain have been say things like this, although frankly caucus comments are even stronger. they are basically saying that donald trump doesn't get the character of the nafgs that is of a different order than a lot of the commentary you've seen. he's actually going through something quite profound with donald trump's character he also said that he needs to do radical change within the white house and that otherwise it's just a failing enterprise. corker -- it's not correct to say that he was in the inner sanctum, but he was pretty close. if you think of circular rings around donald trump, he was in probably the second ring and he was certainly in the running for secretary of state so this is the closest person to trump in the senate that has said something of this nature. it's quite a profound comment.
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>> you think it's more significant than, say, senator mccain or senator graham who the president has sparred with on numerous occasions to this point? >> not close they are completely different. you don't roll your eyes because they are the senate, but you don't really react when john mccain and lindsey graham and jeff flake, they have been criticizing donald trump pretty consistently for 18 months but when bob corker says something like this, it's a real signal to the party. tim scott came out and said some -- i think he said something to the effect of donald trump has surrendered his moral authority. these are really important comments and they signal a turning of the tide in the senate >> what do you know about gary cohn tonight >> well, i mean i didn't mean to move the markets i don't want to take credit for it, but we were getting all these crazy rumors this morning that cohn was going to quit and my phone was blowing up, so i
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made a phone call and a source with direct knowledge told me they are 100% faufls and reuters business did a story saying that the tweet i sent out actually straightly corrected the market gary cohn, there is a grain of truth to this, gary cohn is exasperated, he thinks the comments donald trump made about charlottesville were completely insane he was somewhere between appalled and furious about having to stand there as a prop at this press conference listening to donald trump double down on this rhetoric. and frankly, the thing you have to remember about gary cohn, he doesn't believe a lot of the things that donald trump stands for. he had to submerge a large amount of his beliefs in order to go for his mission, which is really profound tax reform he's in there for one reason, he wants to do big historic tax reform the minute he sees that that won't happen, i think that's the minute he leaves the administration >> can we go as far as to say that you have a white house in crisis there was another story that you guys had of some sort of
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communications between people in the white house and your reporters on their consideration of whether they themselves would leave. >> i have to say there are some in that camp that i've spoken to who are in the white house who are considering their options. but i would say there is also a substantial number who, yes, think that the last week has been a complete disaster, but are notparticularly phase by it remember a lot of thieves people have been with donald trump a long time, they have lived through a lot of this stuff. they are used to riding pretty rocky and i would say that we shouldn't overstate the level of crisis because often it is the people who are sort of wetting their beds that are reaching out to reporters there is still a large bulk of people in the west wing who sort of are gritting their teeth and just getting on with it. >> jonathan, appreciate the time tonight. jonathan swan, thank you so much did you buy anything today or
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was it just sit back, see what will transpire and watch it unfold >> i actually nibbled some macy's i think the stock found some technical area but it's a day where i think you could have bought some stuff frankly, i think it's a day where there was probably not a lot to do. i do think in the case of some of the asia stuff we'll talk about, things have had a very big run. last night we saw a pretty nice selloff in some of the biggest of the blue chips out there. i think there are times where you go into a period like that that you can be tact kalg and i don't think that that is overtrading. and i think we may be in some of that zone. >> if me it was basically kind of a sit on your hands type of day. it's hard to do, but this is the one thing that you have to do. you see movement and you think this is the boot, lets is the br to pick it but i don't think we're done so i think there is going to be a time to buy this market, that is where 2400 or 2410, that is
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the first sign on my roadmap that is a place where i'm going to start looking hey, maybe this is a short term type of turning point. >> walmart obviously sold off today pretty pretty significantly. target the way it traded yesterday and today, clearly closed lower, but down 0.4%. that is not a bad move for a stock that i think still has up side left in it. >> all right, much more on the selloff on this very busy day. and still ahead, what retail wreck? ross stores are soaring after their earnings reports we'll bring you the latest details. and plus general electric shares are doing something unusual and bad. beel te we'll tell you what it could mean for your money. and before you buy the dip, a top technician has a couple charts that might have hiting you hits the sell button instead. no splashing! wait so you got rid of verizon, just like that? uh-huh.
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entertaining us, getting us back on track, and finding us dates. phones really have changed. so why hasn't the way we pay for them? introducing xfinity mobile. you only pay for data and can easily switch between pay per gig and unlimited. no one else lets you do that. see how much you can save. choose by the gig or unlimited. xfinity mobile. a new kind of network designed to save you money. call, visit or go to gap and ross stores reporting earnings cou courtney reagan with the latest. >> i get to bring good news. gap shares up about 6.5%
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the retail beerting ating for pt and revenue. reporting third straight quarter positive comparable sales though up just 1% gap inc raising its full year guidance as a result art peck says he's most encouraged that the results are a continuation of a positive trend. we still have work to do he said we're moving in the right direction, but i always want more faster and while about a nacbanana rep continues to be the weak point, he says we've identified the issues shares of ross stores are up 11%, it too beats the street reporting a 4% comp growth also above the street's expectations. the off price player giving strong full year earnings guidance, but that is helped by the just reported quarter rather than the strength to come in the rest of the year because the third quarter gird
5:22 pm
answ guidance is a little weak. walmart shares a little lower, but they did put up a strong quarter. some hope for a little more than the world's largest retailer produced for the current quarter guidance, so that pressured the stock a little bit, but u.s. comps logged the 12th straight quarter of gains traffic up for 11 straight quarters and e-commerce net sales grew 60% back to you. >> court, thanks so much this all comes as xrt retail etf hit a 52 week low, but could it signal a turnaround. i'll turn to my resident wall hart hater you are a hater. so gap, ross, target, walmart. there is a change for you in the narrative. >> i think target for the first time in four quarters beat comp expectations so i think that is a good thing for the short term walmart was priced extremely red. they took about 60% growth in their e-commerce business, mostly organic i look at it and say if that's
5:23 pm
the case, jet deal doesn't look like it is paying off real well. but it my opinion, i don't see it as being a super win for them all i have to tell you, the cost side, they will have to spend an incredible amount of money to keep up with amazon. so you will see costs go through the roof >> 60% -- >> didn't matter you're talking $20 billion e-commerce business. >> why is walmart shares -- why have they done so well >> it's a smoke and mirrors show i think the acquisition proved to the street they were making strategic investment in e-commerce to compete with the likes of amazon, they had great strategic pr moves at the end of the day, you've got european grocery stores coming into the u.s. building 900 in this year they are expected to bring 900 in they are low end grocery walmart is 14% of the grocery space. so i look at it and say they will compete directly. you will whole foods/amazon,
5:24 pm
they will compete directly walmart will lose market share in grocery they are a 14% it will go lower [ everybody talking at once >> i'm in agreement with you, so i'm going to join you in the walmart hating camp that scott has designated this side of the desk and i have to tell you that yes, i think they have to essentially get back -- >> it's become a minority place to be. the stock has done incredibly well >> these guys lost their way for a long time in terms of trying to improve the store performance. they have to get back to being the cheapest at a time there is still food deflation, there is way too much competition and i agree i don't think they will be amazon, but you can't tell me that this is in a secular headwind for them, as well i think the stock after this kind of a run that the valuation, this is not a dotcom stock. >> still ahead, d.c. uncertainty sending stocks reeling today one top technician says it's about to get a lot worse
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he'll break down the charts for us and in the meantime here is what else is coming up on fast. ♪ we bring good things to life except when it comes to your portfolio. because ge shares are doing something very unusual and very bad. we'll explain. plus, call it the disney wars part two. disney ceo bob iger taking the unusual step of blocking controversial market watcher rick greenfield on twitter why? we'll explain when "fast money" returns. for your heart...
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welcome back to "fast money. it was a sea of red on wall street today the dow dropping 274 points, s&p falling 1.5%, both of those indices seeing their second worst days of the year meanwhile the nasdaq fell nearly 2% and here's what else is coming up in the second half of the show tonight if you're worried about today's selloff, tim has one dow stock that could survive he'll tell us what has him so bullish. and bob iger blocking btig analyst rich greenfield on twitter. why? we'll explain that but first shares of ge hitting a new 52 week low doing something unforeseen in over four decades. dom chu here to break it all down >> scott, ge shares have had a rough time so far in 2017, so rough that it's the worst performing stock in the dow and now things have reached a
5:32 pm
relative performance point that traders haven't seen in over four decades with ge's declines again today, shares have now lost over a fifth of their value year to date meanwhile the dow itself is up 11% in that same time frame. that means 32% underperformance. of ge stock. versus the dow and that is the biggest gap seen in data going back 45 years. 2017 is the first year in the last 45 that traders have witnessed ge stock trade within 1% at a 52 week low on the same day that the overall dow has closed within 1% of a 52 week high that has happened already 29 times just since may now, there was a time when ge was the belle of the ball in american markets according to historical data compiled, a decade ago today, ge was the second biggest company in america next only to exxonmobil today ooitit's ranked number 16.
5:33 pm
so will the bearishness continue some traders say ge is more levered to the oil and gas market than it has been in the past that could be a headwind of course the new ceo john flannery has also bought a lot more of the company's stock recently we'll see if that is a good trade. >> dom, thank you so much. how do you view this one time bellwether? >> been negative for quite some time i'm wrong a lot, but this one we got right. you ask yourself this, ge is trading at 15 times next year's numbers. is that the right valuation for a stock? seemingly in decline they zigged when they zoo have zagged they bought the energy business effectively at the top so i say it still goes lower quickly $24 that said was low in 2015, it better hold there >> what this stock has gone from being a stock that underperformed that resur gebts to around the election time to suddenly they were doing
5:34 pm
everything wrong for ten years and i realize they made i will advi ill advised purchases. and data out two weeks ago on the energy gland,will ill advised purchases. and data out two weeks ago on the energy gland, demand, number one in a crumbling market. i think they have a turnaround, but i don't think it will be monumental >> so i believe in the turnaround and i'm willing to place a bet today? >> look what happened in the energy sector. are you selling those stocks out the window this is starting to get interesting. >> but how do you stare in the face of other sectors that are giving you much better growth. do i want to put money and have it sitting in ge for the hopes that they can turn the company around and get things going this the right direction again? dead money is making no money. i want to make money, put it in stuff that will grow so in my opinion, there are much better investments >> i was in ge early this year and very disappointed because i thought they would benefit from the turnaround i don't think that the story has
5:35 pm
been narrated very well. once they do that, i actually think there is some up side to it and i would want nobody it. 24 again is my number too. you look at the long term trend line from 2009 lows to here, 24 lines up pretty well is so that -- >> you're not telling me 75 cents makes a difference over the long term? >> no, but at 24, if i see a selloff and it's negative and it's at $24 and it closes above 24, that to me means all right, these buyers are back. >> we try to be specific here on the "fast money. >> $24.75. >> i'm not in the inventory business here. >> if it goes to 54, i'm really going to -- >> move 'em out, buddy >> but here's what has happened. an analyst community looked at the numbers and inventory and the change in the front and say
5:36 pm
we're dismayed, we will downgrade earnings it's very possible this happens for the next couple quarters but i thinks expectations are terribly low for a business that hasn't completely -- this is one of the most technologically advanced companies in the world in so many industries. and to count these guys out overnight just because the market did look, again, energy sector is down 25% narks, that's where thm to be tradesing in line with do the math. >> as stocks get slammed, do you brooi t buy the dip? carter worth is here to break it down >> so that is the operative decision but is it even a dip we're down 2.4%. i don't even know what that is certainly not a dip. so surely it can be more let's talk about it. here is a chart of the s&p over the last three months. and we had some this quite remarkable setup, very low variance, very tight trading for 15 sessions and then we get the
5:37 pm
brea breakout and what happen is the following. common census is for the big move higher and indeed all that happened was that we slightly got above and then we reversed and closed what is known as a bull trap meaning a period of equilibrium and then starts to break out forcing those who are short to cover, those who want to get bigger get bigger or those on the side lines say i finally got to commit. so a bull trap, let's go forward day by day here is the next day you sink here is the next day you throw and then a murder. this is all last week. so here we go. fast forwarding one day at time. another dade atday at a time. so it throws back again and we get almost precisely tos scene of the crime and here is the murder of today. you get back to where the trap started.the crime.
5:38 pm
and here is the murder of today. you get back to where the trap started. so here is the next chart. we're out of this. here is the next chart here is your -- i think i've got -- that is the end of the charts maybe there are others there, but what you'll see -- >> that is a good looking chart right there. >> yeah. what we're looking at is we're only down 2.4% there have been 216 5% plus corrections since 1927 with the exception of the s&p we haven't had one in 185 sessions usually happen every 40 to 50 sessions this is nothing. and people aren't ready for it >> did have the s&p and nasdaq closing below their 50 days. the ultimate technician obviously must be paying attention to that as well. >> that's right. i mean people do look at these moving averages. i do but there is also the issue of this one, not much has happened feels like a lot, but nothing. 2.4% but, too, if we knew that the long term rate of appreciation
5:39 pm
certainly in nominal terms the market is about 9.5%, if you were to take the lows ev s eves that friday -- >> interesting collection of markets. >> not knowing for and then where we are now, eight plus years later, we're analyzing it at the 18%, 17% rate twice the rate of normal market appreciation >> a crazy low before. >> off of a crazy low. >> so skewed because of that >> there is complacency. nothing has happened and we have other things that are sort of symptomatic like bitcoin. euphoria that kind of thing it all smells a little -- well, not right. >> stinky. >> yeah. >> carter, you were talking about that throwback and now the murder of the scene of the crime as you talked about, how does that line up with 2400 the level that guy identified? >> we might have it here, but
5:40 pm
it's actually where the trend line -- this man knows how to draw some lines. but we might have this chart, as well there is a problem in terms of the performance of equal weight index relative to the s&p. and actually this is it if you do have it here. sots top of that two panel chart is the equal weight. one man, one vote. but look at the relative performance on the bottom. we're making new 8, 10, 12 month lows every day so if you lose your few champions holding it up, then where does the money go? it's not going in energy it's not going to financials it's not a good setup. >> carter, thanks. good to see you. >> you see the way he navigated the malfunction in the smart board? he didn't hesitate bang >> why draw attention to it? no one even noticed it >> they did notice it. >> takit is a plasma i was told.
5:41 pm
and it was seamless. carter, thank you. still ahead, a twitter battle brewing between disney boss bob iger and media analyst rich greenfield. we'll tell you what that is all about. and the latest salvo in that battle plus d.c. drama, but tim has one dow name that can survive the selling. can he he convince the other traders to buy he'll deliver his slow pitch -- me ft tcwh wpih ene co back. hey gary, what'd you got here? this bad boy is a mobile trading desk so that i can take my trading platform wherever i go. you know that thinkorswim seamlessly syncs across all your devices, right? oh, so my custom studies will go with me? anywhere you want to go!
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the dow getting slammed today falling more than 270 points so are there any names worth buying on the dip? it is time for the fast pitch. one of our traders pitches stoc they think it's a buy. and then we vote it's tim's turn. >> so i'm talking about home depot and i'm going after this stock because not only do i think this is one of the best run companies, but they are taking market share in a growing
5:45 pm
industry and first of all, they are now into their pro business in addition to their retail bis, appealing to contractor, doing it in an effective duopoly and with operational leverage to their business that they ever nev never seen before. and private fixed residential relative to gdp and housing prices,ever never seen before. and private fixed residential relative to gdp and housing prices, isaiah they have been th it's never been this low and number two, the in-store experience.they have been it's never been this low and number two, the in-store experience they have same day delivery now. i go in for duct tape and i come back for about 40 things that i didn't needs i love home depot, but it really gives people that go there an opportunity to look ash. finally valuation, 19 times forward is in line with their five year number,ash finally valuation, 19 times forward is in line with their five year number, but still a place where i think you're getting tremendous value the -- since the last second quarter report, they are down about 7% you don't buy this stock into
5:46 pm
that numb. historically this is is an entake quarter purchase. you should be looking at it now. the stock expectations with yere s massive going into that quarter. if you look at the chart, we've had what is not effectively a very large pullback, but if you get back to these levels here, you are at an interesting place for the stock and ultimately if you think about where we can be for the entire housing sector, i believe is this a tail wind for the economy, but home depot is the best of breed. i've talked about lowes before, but home depot has the operational leverage and after a pullback, this is something i think you can take a look at right now. >> you have a question >> i do. >> what's in his back pocket >> he has the answers right there. so tim, your thesis is based on the idea that home depot is amazon-proof what would you see in the market, what would you have to see to say you know what, i
5:47 pm
don't think they are amazon-proof anymore and my thesis has broken? >> if you think about that their business is with contractors who actually are not waiting to take a delivery even in a same day or amazon next day delivery, i think this is a place where people actually the services associated with the business, they are a multichannel retail experience and therefore i think it's already been proven. and the fact that this really is an effective duopoly with lowes, are therearen't a ton of these stores being built, they are not overstored on a per capita store selling space per capita, i think the home depot/lowes story is wildly better than the department store. in fact there is a scarcity of store space. >> i have a quick question for the ambassador i don't want to bury the lead here i happen to agree with him, but put on your carter worth hat for just a second. does it concern you that we made an all-time high a few months ago unable to recapture that seemingly rolling over now in terms of the technical setup >> yeah, as i said, the reason
5:48 pm
why the stock has pulled back is because the expectations i think were a little ahead of it going into this print. this is an investment, not a trade. and absolutely when you own home depot at this valuation, you are in line with historic multiple meanwhile the stock's business has never been more profitable i own the stock and i don't worry about it in a difficult day. >> all right let's vote are we buying or selling home depot? >> i agree with tim, i think it's a buy we're seeing a massive recovery in housing specifically at the low end. that is their sweet spot, that is where we'll see continued demand >> why has the stock been a disappointment >> i think people pile into it because it was the go-to name of choice within that space so i say stick with it >> and i'm less doing. i think you sell this one. it's not that i don't like -- >> you're not able to do more
5:49 pm
doing? >> no, stay away from this i'm saying i would sell it here and at 140, i'd take another look i know you like to be specific let's say 140.01 that is bk's level >> guy >> so i know that a lot of baseball fans on out there, that was kimbrelesque that is exactly what tim seymour did. the last quarter, there was nothing to frown about their everyone stories were up 4.4%, sales growth up 6.7% a break of 145 concerns me i don't think it will happen >> so you were speaking code there for a little bits, but that is a buy? >> kimbrelesque. craig kimbrel. should y you should know that >> did tim's pitch make you want to buy the stock head to twitter and votes in our poll we'll reveal the answer later in
5:50 pm
the show plus a bizarre twitter feud developing between bob iger and rich greenfield. ord che the details anmu moe "fast money" after the break. re "fast money" after the break.
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5:53 pm
. there is a bizarre twitter feud happening between disney ceo bob iger and btig analyst rich green field green field who has a sell rating on disney tweeted this screen grab showing mr. iger blocked him earlier today. we should know the analyst has a reputation for criticizing and antagonizing many media companies often using twitter as a platform to do that. nonetheless, it is odd that mr. iger would go to the extreme of blocking him at least that's what some are saying this evening. what do you make of this a qvc aceo an analyst in somewh a war about that. >> so he blocked him, that's all he did >> yeah. >> but they have had this running i don't know if you want to call it a feud. greenfield has been especially critical of iger he's called him out. he's called out other people within the company he's probably the most negative
5:54 pm
analyst on the street about disney good luck tv is how he's always sort of hash tagging any tweet that he has about disney relating to espn >> so big deal he blocked him, but he's a showboat. he's constantly trying to rein in his own brand so saying that he blocked me, he's just trying to get attention. >> so i'm reading greenfield who messaged me earlier along with the screen grab. he says this is really bad sign/red flag to investors we've been critical of disney in the past 18 months after five years of having a buy rating is this as greenfield says a bad sign or a red flag to investors? >> i don't think that at all we've had in mind as long as the show has been around, he's been coming on the show, i think he does a really good job and he was bullish on disney for the longest time and i think he downgraded disney-mf probably
5:55 pm
wrong, but when the stock was trading 115. >> i'm not saying he's a back analyst, i'm saying he's a showboat to putting th it out t. he's done to draw attention to himself. it's to build his brand, but you have to call it for what it is to say somebody block would you off twitter, i don't think that is front page news you're doing it for a reason because you weren't to get attention it for it for your sell rating or whatever you have >> a ceo should be listening tos analyst community and at least on some level there is communication with people that know the company on all sides. and so if you're blocking, you're just choosing to say i don't like a negative true on my stock. i mean, to me -- >> it's something you don't see every day. >> just ignore it. do not engage is usually what happens to all the negative stuff that comes to me >> well, i tend to block early and often. >> let's stay with the media stocks options traders this evening are looking bullish on one name in
5:56 pm
particular mike khouw is this austin for us to break it down >> so sometimes we take a look at volume, sometimes we just try to take a look at changes in open interest and the biggest open interest changes that we saw in the media stock was time warner, specifically the october 105 calls where there already was 25,000 open, today we stau increase to almost 30,000 open contracts. so that is options traders making bullish best that time warner could be above 106 by october expiration >> all right check out options action tomorrow evening 5:30 p.m. eastern. still ahead, did tim's pitch for home depot make you wouldn't buy the stock? head to twitter and vote we'll reveal that answer right after this break when this bell rings... starts a chain reaction... ...that's heard throughout the connected business world. at&t network security helps protect business, from the largest financial markets to the smallest transactions,
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by sensing cyber-attacks in near real time and automatically deploying countermeasures. keeping the world of business connected and protected. that's the power of and. hey ron! they're finally taking down that schwab billboard. oh, not so fast, carl. ♪ oh no. schwab, again? index investing for that low? that's three times less than fidelity... ...and four times less than vanguard. what's next, no minimums? minimums. schwab has lowered the cost of investing again. introducing the lowest cost index funds in the industry with no minimums. i bet they're calling about the schwab news. schwab. a modern approach to wealth management.
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welcome back america has spoken the drum is rolling. and it was really close. 51% versus 49% however, sad clown face. toni braxton is singing tonight because we are not buying tim's pitch. it was a roller. actually did you see what happened at fenway last night? >> no. >> look that up. >> have to move quick here >> it's time to nibble >> i'm a seller. take profits warm malmart i cit
6:00 pm
years ago. >> right in the you know what. >> so i'm a buyer of walmart >> that's great. thanks for having me it's been fun. "mad money" begins right now "mad money" with jim cramer begins right now my mission is simple to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere. and i promise to help you find it "mad money" starts now hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money. welcome to cramerica other people want to make friends, i'm just trying to help you make some money. my job is not just to entertain, but educate and teach you and put it in perspective. call me, or tweet me @jim cramer welcome, august. for as long as i've been in this business, august has been a month


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