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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  June 4, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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say. we're not onv on sunday so max meyers -- you messed it up. >> sorry how was i supposed to know i'm melissa lee. see you back hering. my mission is simple, to make you money i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere, and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money. welcome to cramerica other people want to make friends. i'm just trying to save you some money. my job is not just to entertain but to educate and teach you so call me at 1-800-743-cnbc or tweet me @jimcramer. on a great day for the bulls, where the dow gained 180 points
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and the nasdaq climbed .69% to a new time high. we need a new acronym for tech f.a.n.g is not cutting it. if you want to understand the strength in the nasdaq, you need a new acronym. say hello to i.n. f.a.n.g. let's go to apple. not long ago it was a trading vehicle for a quick gain none of the things that should have really mattered to analysts things like customer loyalty, incredible products, the most admired brand on earth none of those seem to mean anything to the technology
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they just knew apple was a hardware company with a tapped out product. no netflix killer, no year long battery life no, sirri system that crushes alexa. but what these critics were missing, is that apple doesn't just have the best love tech people buy the phone and pay services directly from apple or buy developer apps on display at the big conference and apple gets a cut of each one it is still growing, the service business is far more lucrative that selling hardware. let me be a commercial for apple service stream for a minute. so you know i like to garden
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i was gardening this weekend and my wife said take my muddy pants ofo in the house i did it, but i forgot to take out my phone while we tried to save the phone, my wife stuck it in a bag of rice, it would have been better if we would have boiled the rice with the phone, at least we would have something to eat. i took my phone to the apple store and i asked mike, are my pictures going to be safe. he asked did i pay for the icloud backup. what is the cost to apple for providing that monthly service not much, yet they are raking it in month after month
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so apple strength, stock hit all time high today. it is exhibit f.a.n.g. well, obviously, i never seen anything like it, and neither have you never seen a company with that size mt gap. next up, first when the chinese block acquisition and second part coming in for lack of apple orders for new iphone. that business doesn't need, it is much more of a consumer product. nvidia which makes chips for data centers autonomous driving, gaming it took a little bit only the market was able to provide a distinction between chip companies remind me to give him a treat when i get home.
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nvidia ceo is a genius visionary who is quite hard to understand because he operates on a different plane all together from the rest of us. although intel's currency is no slouch on the contrary, the stock has been flying lately because intel is a dring force today nvidia is the growth marvel and the last quarter was spectacular even if the sour puss sold it off. the cryptocurrency nonsense is not why people own the stock then there is microsoft, mr. softy just reached $100. more about personal computers or gaming where the x box remains a leader it is about the cloud with azure
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which is growing like a weed microsoft is smart today it picked up gib hub the decision that was -- microsoft has run but i don't get the sense that it is overheating. we have an absence of news right now and absence is making the heart grow fonder for the stock of microsoft buy, buy, buy. how about adobe the remarkable company plays a huge role if digitalization of commerce the stock is on fire and leader of the cloud kings that i talk about so much. and then the payment processors,
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a lot of winners to get to where we are the ones i look at are square and paypal the fact is that both stocks are visible winners and reminder this payment story in how its early innings for both stocks. jack dorsey runs square and twitter. other nontech stocks that are getting its due. i see others are keen on gill yad today. and if we are talking nasdaq, we have to talk starbucks where howard schultz stepped down as executive chairman some fear a new stream of insider selling.
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others just wanted howard around longer to help the ceo and f.a.n.g itself can never be dismissed. google turns out to be a winner. advertisers need your consent to target you with product. these regulations are basically a give away for google and for facebook now there was time when facebook and amazon were both in the government cross hairs today "the new york times" tried to stoke the coals all i can say is of course they do and most people don't mind as there is no expectation of privacy when you post something on facebook or instagram get serious. amazon's crime, it got on the president's bad side so he started trying to tear up the company's delivery deal with the
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post office. chump change for amazon. here is the bottom line, the nasdaq was left for dead not that long ago but turns out it was just resting it wasn't this it was this. buy, buy, buy. i think investors like the stock the same way willie sutton liked to rob banks because that is where the money is let's go to mehigh from pennsylvania. >> caller: my stock is mercadolibre venezuela economic crisis and conversion of 20 currencies into the u.s. dollars do you think this say buy, sell, or hold? >> i got amazon.
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look, alibaba, i like ebaybut mr me a stretch for me to tell you buy it steve from ohio. >> caller: hey, jim, for several years i have been using a company called shipping easy which is a department of they serve all companies and my dealing with them has always been good service and i decided to check out the company and found out they have been acquiring other similar companies that have come up for the last 25 s and maintaining a good monopoly in the area
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stock is increasing 300% in the last three years few months ago, i started purchasing $10,000 a month. >> wow. >> caller: and stock keeps coming up. it is the winner in e category, and doing exactly what you said i think you have a beat on it. it is a pricey stock for me, but it is doing exactly what you said and maybe that is exactly what is needed so i am game all right. it is not just f.a.n.g anymore, it is g. on "mad money" tonight, i am sitting down with the ceo of the largest hotel franchiser find out if it is time to get it the restaurant business is hot this year. are there names that are just starting going off the charts with
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chipotle, del taco, and he will pollo loco so stick w >> announcer: don't miss a second of "mad money." follow @jimcramer on twitter have a question? tweet cramer, #madtweets send jim an e-mail to or give us a call at 1-800-74cnbc miss something o alerts -- wouldn't you like one from the market
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or, it's a million chat messages. a gig goes a long way. that's why xfinity mobile lets you pay for data one gig at a time. and with millions of wifi hotspots included, you'lless for data. it's a new kind of network designed to save you m. k, call or visit a store today. last summer we learned that wyndham worldwide was spinning off its nontimeshare hotel with the independent hotel company trading under the company wh i like this business model with an astounding 80 million rewards
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members. over the next couplef days we will be interviewing the two leaders of both entities this morning we sat down with the ceo of wyndham resorts >> two hotels, every day of the week including saturdays and sundays. >> well how is that possible i think people would love to know one is there really that much demand and two is it corporate or just kind of vacation dnlds >> there is tremendous demand and we were talking about the 507 owners this is an incredible business model and demand from developers around the world we have been growing double digit for the last five years. >> and could you spline to people, you may not seen wyndham
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on the different name plates but there is wyndham graham. >> it is a brand that is on the move and it is on the upper scale market markets like china it is a luxury brand in china the wyndham brand is rated number one on trip adviser against every luxury coming petter in the market we have three great wyndham grand markets like orlando like clear water beach, the number one beach in america. or north palm beach in jupiter. >> one of the things that we are all conditioned, i like steve holmes >> steve is the best. >> steve sold me on a model that
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had both timeshare and hotels. why would we want the hotel portion and not the timeshare portion. >> the hotel portion is an incredible model half a billion dollars of royalty fee alone every year so consistent and it flows through at 90% margin. generating $450 million of royalty fee income before you get to the management and all the other ways we can drive this business. >> la quinta. >> as you have seen us, we have been trading at a much higher multiple and it allows us to do transformation deals
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la quinta is an incredible brand. 900 hotels, 80% of these hotels are four out of five stars or above on trip adviser. so consistent brand. with the ability to grow this brand in america where it doesn't exist today and think about our franchise sales and development teams all over the world and their ability that trades and competes with every upper or mid scale brand in the world. our ability to grow that now is extreme. >> now you mentioned trip adviser twice. obviously these are the kinds of social media things that didn't exist when steve had this grand vision how are you able to segment? obviously the best trip advisers
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for every single economy class, how do we recognize which price point is when? >> we are the leader we are the world's largest hotel franchising company. we have 40% of the u.s. economy hotel rooms, branded hotel rooms, 40% of the mid scale branded hotel rooms and we operate four of the five top brands in the economy segment. j.d. power ranks several of the brands they cover. four of the five brands of the dozen of brands they cover in the mid scale space is wyndham brands so we are looking for brands like la dst quinta.
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>> we have authorized a $300 million buyback we announced a $1 share dividend we are consistent with the vision steve always had in place. and to the extent that is not available, buyback is what we are committed to >> the airbnb threat, too much made of it >> always too much made of it. >> millennials don't like to sme spend a lot of money inside a hotel room, do you see millennials at the economy class. >> absolutely. and what we are doing is elevating the economy service. for far too long millennials have wanted an up scale
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experience at an economy price the health they are enjoying today. take days inn which years ago was ranked tenth it is now third place on the j.d. power rankings and we want to see that to continue to move up. >> if i want to be a builder of a hotel for you, like who are they it takes capital i am trying to figure out what it will make, be sure to continue to grow organically, because i can't believe there is that much money lying around to build new hotels for you. >> this is one of the most compelling spots in the market. >> even now? we are still under hotel rooms >> 5,700 of the smartest most innovative successful entrepreneurs today that want to
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grow more. suddenly, they will have, three, four, five, six, 30 hotels under our flags. this is such a compelling cash on cash return return on equity in this market. fee for service, asset light. >> the stock market wants a secure. >> the stock market wants it and it is where we have been for 30 years and so excited to be here. >> thank you so much, jeff >> thanks for having us.
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2018 which makes a ton of sense. unemployment falls and many with decent jobs can go out to eat. and gasoline is not enough to offset the goodness here the same forces that have been driving the retail are also bolstering the restaurant stocks even ones that have been written off and left for dead. in particularly the casual dining stocks have ignited here. we are going off the charts with the founder of -- all time team behind the trifecta ne letter. lang likes what he sees. he sees the charts that are looking good here.
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like chipotle, el pollo loco although it goes without saying that none of them comes close to myll place mexican joint in san carlos these three companies are putting on a good show even chipotle which looked like a goner is levitating. so we got some fall here why? let's take a look at the charts. we will start with the daily chart of chipotle, a remarkable turn around. remember chipotle had a series of health scares a lot of people got sick and the stock was ob splliterated. just when the company was
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finding its foot cing, it got h with another health scarplummet four bucks i am so glad that we called, say to buy it below $300 that was two months ago. and since then, this stock has been on fire ra reported a fabulous quarter. it was like a take-over surging from $339 and has not looked back sense check out the relative strength index or the rsi it is the most important momentum indicator super positive territory since the quarter. all good we asked about that and it doesn't matter now in recent weeks, the stock has been trading sideways.
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so it takes the big leap and then it goes side ways and here is a breakout that a lot of people think it is worried that it is going to come back in two. this is the consolidation, the gains. lang thinks it should be ready for the next leg higher and not lower. if it were up here, he would be concerned that it would be too hot. if the stocks spend a few weeks consolidating, he will be okay with it. and members, i am telling you for technicians volume is like a polygraph, strong is legitate and weak means it is lying that is classification tell. in the end, chipotle is lang's favorite stock, he thinks it could rally to 480 and even to
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$5 $500 in the distant future i think lang is hot in this. how about del taco more than 300 locations across the states spent the better part of the year playing punching bag and that was a tremendous decline. $15 last september down to $10ih now up 25% straight line right from the march lows. pretty good. so why does lang like this chart? a couple of reasons. the relative strength index, rsi has been moving steadily higher along with the stock proo ice a that is a good sign. so rsi moving with stock prices.
6:31 pm
and second, the mac d made a bullish cross over in april where the black line crosses above the red one. and since tht has gotten more and more positive lang believes that del taco could have more upside while the stock is approaching the ceiling of resistance, lang believes it can make a run at that level and then push higher. well, it would be great. as he sees it, the path of least resistance takes del taco to just under 14 bucks and that is roughly 13% from these levels. i think that is a do i like that call particularly because i like the mac d and the rsi is in perfect shape. finally there is el pollo loco
6:32 pm
this is a mexican chain that we have had on the show a couple of times. lang likes what he sees on loco's long-term weekly chart.s chart now. again, had a rough time earlier this year and seemed to have bottomed in recent months before making a medium turn higher. made a run at its 50-week average where it met a resistance and then the rally stalled. lang things this could be a wild card for upside. he will poel pollo loco made a . the relative strength index, rsi keeps climbing and in april made that bullish cross over, you can see that
6:33 pm
right there. put it all together and lang thinks that el pollo loco could break out and make its way to its 2017 highs of around 15 bucks. that is a monster 40% gains from these levels and perhaps by the end of the year. i am not as big a fan of el pollo loco as i am del taco. la plenty of upside here and i think he has a strong case chipotle is the only one of these three that is not extremely speculative so be careful with the other two scott in north carolina. >> caller: hey, jim, pleasure being on your show >> my pleasure, what's up? >> caller: i am looking at
6:34 pm
bojangles in charlotte, north carolina what do you think about it. >> i think it is is notk people don't really know it that well up 24% for the year but i think it can havrther upside let's go to mosha in connecticut. >> caller: industry is under pressure but do you think it is a good take over target >> well we recommend stock on a fundamental basis. and i struggle here because it is too expensive should someone buy it? you know what is being bought companies with great earnings, not companies that are having trouble. the restaurant stocks are on fire this year, and tonight chartist bob lang thinks these stocks are getting hotter. and i like chipotle. he has a strong case for all
6:35 pm
three. still ahead. could a turn around get you smiling again? dental play. we will find out momentarily thenhaos, despair, ruin. i am talking about italy and this market's worry warts. tonight's edition of the "lightning round." stick with cramer. ♪ how do you know you made the right call... just do. the light beer you've been waiting for has arrived.
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is it finally safe to circle back to henry schein for those of you who don't remember, this is the largest distributor of dental and veterinary products in the world. for the better part of the decade it was in incredible reform when the stocks declined. but over the past 12 months the stock has been clobbered, down 25%. of course this is not the kind of company that sits there and take it as the stock goes lower. they are telling us it is going to spin off its fa growing
6:39 pm
animal division and merge it with vet's first choice. some of the research reports notably those of morgan stanley. so let's take a closer like with the chairman of henry schein mr. bergma welcome back to "mad money." i have been reading this morgan stanley research and they are concerned that the second half of the year may not be strong. concerned amazon making inroads with dental offices. the stock has been a tough one lately. >> thank you and thank you for having us on your show. we remain optimistic about henry schein we reiterated guidance for 2018,
6:40 pm
12-15% eps growth. >> you are saying that growth that you projected when you last reported is still good, the numbers? >> we are comfortable with that, yes. so many good things that are going on in the company, the dental business is solid, the animal health business has opportunities. >> you know, i like the model, i like the diversity, animal health is one of my favorite businesses and so we felt it was a kind of, if dental slows, vet stays strong i like the mosaic but do you think the mosaic is not as good as going your separate ways? >> each of the businesses, the how many side, the medical and the dental has huge opportunities because as you know, there is a growing correlation, a lot of scientific
6:41 pm
papers are being published, a large correlation between good oral care, good health care, good preventative treatments out of the hospital in the office space setting, in the home et cetera, is good for reducing health care cost and improving quality of life. so that is one focus on the other side there is the animal health side and in the early days it was all about logistics, it is no longer it is about demand generation. we got to get compliance vet's first choice is terrific company at ensuring prescriptions that are issued ultimately fulfilled tremendous big data, small data put that together with our supply chain business and you have a unique opportunity. >> so talk to me about a couple of things that are about to happen particularly your clear
6:42 pm
aligner slx and why do you think that may take share from invi invisalign t t >> we believe that our clear aligner product is a good one. it has at its base, a clear aligner traditional wire and bracket system, that connects the clear aligner. you put the two together and we believe you have a clear offering you put the two together and you have a clear offering. on the dental side, we have internet joint venture with internet brands. and plus a number of other properties we have aligned with the dental side and on the dental side they
6:43 pm
have software that generates demand for visits to the dentist. putting that together with our practice management systems and we have the leading practice management systems throughout the world and you put the two together and we believe we can help dentist operate a more efficient practice so they can provide better clinical care. >> one last question, are we saying right here that morgan stanley's analysis and its surveys, i know you say, never got to 8%, can we refute their analysis that says amazon is taking share from you. >> i don't want to deal with amazon per se, all of these stand alone companies have not done well. we believe in the high touch full service model between the two, henry schein
6:44 pm
and vet's first choice, you put that together with all ordering capabl capabilities, we have a great offering for years to come. >> that's what matters, stanley bergman. a lot of questions that morgan stanley has been asking about. "mad money" back
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>> announcer: lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade it is time it is time for the lightning round on cramer's "mad money." that's where i take your calls rapid fire you tell me the name of the stock. i tell you to buy, buy, buy or sell, sell, sell we'll play this sound -- [ buzzer ] -- and then the lightning round is over. are you ready, skee-daddy? it's time for the lightning round on cramer's "mad money." mylan in new york. >> caller: mr. jim cramer, valero has been tearing through the roof did i miss the boat?
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>> there is a big spread between the permian and the rest of the country. i think valero is a good stock let's go to mike in maryland >> caller: what's up, jim, let's go birds. >> yes >> caller: my stock is ichr. ichor. >> dennis in michigan. >> caller: i am at a loss. diamondback energy is down. >> this is all about the glut of oil. can't get, there is a traffic jam at the permian and making it so that f.a.n.g and a couple of others are being hurt. i would stick with it.
6:49 pm
rick in illinois. >> caller: this is windy city, rick, thank you for taking my car. i am a first time caller i bought monster beverage back in 2015 thinking it would be possible buyout candidate. it has split to three to one and recently missed quarterly earnings is monster beverage a buy, sell, hold. >> they missed the quarter and i don't see any turn around quickly. it is not worth being in tom in new jersey. >> caller: thanks so much for taking my call i am a giants fan, you are an eagles fan i want you to be nice any. emerson electric. >> telling all club members that we think that emerson can trade up very big.
6:50 pm
we had david far on the show we think it is a buy i need to go to beverly in massachusetts. >> caller: hi, jim. >> hi, beverly. caller: this ie calling. i am trying to watch your show on a regular basis with their rent collaboration with amazon, what is your analysis of progress software. >> it has been great it has beaten numbers time and again. i am surprised to see it down i am surprised to see it down here >>i don't know. there's so many opinions out there, it's hard to make sense of it all. well, victor, do you have something for him? >>check this out. td ameritrade aggregates thousands of earnings and that, ladies and gentleman, concludes the "lightning round"" >> announcer: lightning round is >> announcer: lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade.
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a week ago we were panicking about a monster spike. and we heard talk that italy was headed for some sort of collapse given a month before the italian ten-year, it was easy for the panic. no wonder the dow quickly shed
6:54 pm
400 points when the third largest bond market is crumbling it has to lead to chaos, to despair, to ruin doesn't it apparently not a week later an italian bonds are back to exactly where they were before the old government fell italy conducted what was by all means a successful bond auction. don't ask me who is dumb enough to hold them to flip them. and there is a new fire brand prime minister while spending time at radical hot beds of cambridge. what the heck did happen here? why did we get terrified by italy? ome investors hate anything that affects the status
6:55 pm
quo. other investors are so timid they can't handle anything anywhere trained to handle. people including me are always on the lookout for something to talk about but to do it in pseudoknowledgeable fashion and hysteria it is not my style. easy to gin up headlines but man hard to see how they can do the worst job than the guys they were replacing and why doesn't anybody say that for starters it would have helped to have pre expectative on italy the company has gotten dysfunctional with no growth and a busted budget. second, i wish more people had done what i did, pointing out that europe's recent history of
6:56 pm
chaos has provided multiple opportunities to invest here in every case the panic over there has been short lived that's right, invest here. all anyone cares about now arek at their own beast the latter, they all take homework i do the homework. i hope you're richer for listening to me, but it is not richer for me. i would rather watch netflix and go to the movies the president can't just report a story like this. they can't avoid it. but they can give people context. a little context would have gone a long way on a slow news day with almost no earnings, this italian thing
6:57 pm
was new and exciting and easily framed as frightening. there are no consequences whatsoever when they turn out to be wrong if it turns out to be terrible for our markets which was not the case, the dread will be warranted. if it turned out to be a positive revolution which was the case, well nobody pays for the scare stories, who cares and that is the way this business works bulls are always punished more harshly for being wrong than the bears are. but you are expect it. and you can exploit it the next time we get huge sell off on a story that has nothing to do with the united states just like this italian job of one week's past stick with cramer.
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