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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  November 8, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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thank you very much, gentlemen. >> great, tye. >> i had fun "mad money" with criminal gym cramer will begin in just a few seconds time great to be with you all. >>oved my mission is simple -- to make you money i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere, and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money. welcome to cramerica other people want to make friends, i'm just trying to save you money. my job is not just to entertain but teach you. so call me at 1-800-743-cnbc or tweet me @jimcramer. the single best thing that happened to stocks in november was the hideous bruising that we got in the month of october. as i survey the landscape, the
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dow nudged 11 points higher, the s&p lost 2.5%, the nasdaq declined 3.5%, after yesterday's 500 point dow rally, i see a market that's beginning to, i don't know, make some sense. if you're a bull, you need a day like today consolidates and cements yesterday's move sure, stocks were mixed and we had some doozy quarters tonight from yelp and activision blizzard but when you rally as hard as we did wednesday, you have to see some orderly profit taking, and some reasonable readjustment because not everything should go higher like we did yesterday it shouldn't be that easy. the s&p 500, when it puts money to work, it doesn't distinguish between stocks that should go higher and what shouldn't. that was today's action. lots of people are asking me, is
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that it, is the correction over? that's not a simple question so first, i want to put it in historical, not hysterical, but historical context this market has been rallies since donald trump was elected president. he procured a gigantic tax cut for many individuals and corporations whatever you think of the guy, the stock market liked him but that switched when the president changed priorities, when he cracked down on our trading partners, for china, and yes, their unfair practices. i argue this had to be done. china was targeting whole american industries for destruction. however, the stock market loves free trade, and it's terrifying of protectionism the result, a frightening plunge
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earlier this year that rolled back a chunk of the previous rally. we worked our ways back, but october rolled around and the president turned extra bellicose against the chinese, and the fed chairman started talking about the need to overshoot with his rate hikes, planning on one more in december and three next year. >> they know nothing they know nothing! they know nothing! >> these two events created a level of fear and loathing that obliterated the market and made us recognize the world is a lot more complicated than many thought. the speed which it declined drove another wave of investors out of stocks. i don't want people to leave, but it's hard to take that kind of quick pain. the fear continued through earnings season, and companies could report strong earnings, but because of the tariffs,
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there was a huge litany of negatives. concerns that 2019 may not be such a hot year, and of course, the trade war with china so we got more estimate cuts and more downgrades, and more negative research than i've seen at any time since president trump was elected president. the glass three quarters full that we had for so long has become a glass half empty. but you know what? that brutal october, it set us up for a possibly very good november let me pick big three names, amazon, alphabet and apple when amazon reported, they had really good revenues, but management gave a forecast in line with the new gloom. i went home bummed before you get too negative, it will be just like always you'll come in the next morning,
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find all the analysts to apologize and bump up the prices, it will be a love fest like always. nope and what i regard as a shocking development, we got price target cuts downgrades of amazon the gloom affected the whole analyst community. it was an epidemic that swept through, and a $2,000 stock traded at just over $1400. i've been with amazon at maybe 1500 points, not bad but the hate was palpable. it's incredible, stunning. stunning turn of events. alphabet, had decent numbers, decent commentary. not blowout, but the $106 billion in cash, who cares, right?
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we'll still get the usual positive man, was i wrong price target has been mutilated, downgrades all over the place, and they sentenced alba fete -- alphabet to die. a management decided they would stop breaking out phones sales, although i did not care one bit for the way they announced it. an the huge service revenue stream of apple is great but this time the analysts outdid each other trying to be more and more negative >> sell sell, sell >> they couldn't set out of
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there, telling you, sell, sell, sell one after another mused how badly apple might be really doing, and next year will be a shortfall. we got price targets galore. we got downgrades for the first time since the stock was in the 90s. commentary that yes, apple's best days are behind it. they're empl they're -- but what does the negativity accomplish? after going up and up for two years, the expectations have come down. in other words, the new found pessimism has lowered the bar enough how ugly has it gotten yesterday's massive rebound meant almost nothing to people, regarded as a knee jerk relief rally now that the election is behind us. same with that piece of news today when you wonder about the fed's statement about rates, it
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was a true nothing burger. but there are forces at work that could be undermining the gloom. energy prices, which had sored to the point where we had visions of $100 oil in our heads by the time we rolled out this year's version of nutcracker the price of crude has plunged to $60 i think it could roll back even the fed's ridiculous fears about the spector of inflation everywhere and mortgage rates have gotten so high, home prices have begun to come down yes, the tariffs hurt, but we won't know anything until december so now you know the context. let's put it all together. going into the holiday season with very few catalysts scheduled for the next four weeks. expectations have been lowered for most stocks, anything good
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can cause them to slide. we have inflation getting cooler because of the bear market in oil. we have the election behind us and for the next few weeks, we have no news you know what no news is good news. bottom line is, the new found sense of negativity created by the october meltdown is the best thing that could have happened to this market stocks need to roar higher again. it's possible with a few more days like this one, we could get sideline money to come back in as the calendar and stock cupboard are bare and maybe it's time to get long roseanne in connecticut, roseanne >> caller: yes, jim, nice to hear you i'm calling you because we respect and admire you so much i was wondering what your take is on the upcoming merger with dell technologies. you think i should hold? >> yes, i listen to the ceo
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enough the news flow seems to be positive, so hold on to it scott in minnesota, scott. >> caller: professor cramer, thank you for the education that you give each of us. >> that's what we want >> caller: all right my wife and i established a small specktivision. with today's earning report, is now the time to prune the garden and sell, hold, or is there a better stock in this down sector to change into >> i do not like red fin, candidly it came public and missed a bunch of quarters. they've had some miserable conference calls anything housing and anything autos needs to be cleared of unless it's part of an electric car. those are the two areas of the economy that jay powell should
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pay heed the best thing to happen to stocks this month was the beating they took last month i expect to see buyers coming back, if we say placid "mad money" tonight, can the master mind behind one of the street's greatest breakups conkoblgt another winner in dow dupont and then, i'm talking with the video game maker behind grand theft auto could this be your chance to buy? and norwegian cruise lines, i'm going to sit down with the ceo after their report and see if i should be part of your portfolio's port of call stay with cramer >> don't miss a second of "mad money. follow @jim cramer have a question? tweet cramer a #madtweets send jim an e-mail to
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or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc miss something head to [ phone rings ] what?!
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three years ago, we learned that dow and dmpx dupont were merging. i've been a huge fan of this story, both because this is the kind of move that tends to unlock a ton of value and because ed brean, the ceo of the combined company, has an incredible track record when it comes to breaking up enterprises. he made a fortune when he i divvied up tyco. this three-way split is coming next year. the stock is down more than 16% for the year, but since the market wide bottom last month, this thing is almost up 16% from the october lows for the past couple of days, the company has been holding a series of investor events. let's check in with the ceo, he
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has a better sense of what this breakup means. welcome back to "mad money." good to see you, sir this is really important, ed there are people who own this stock, and they're going to say to me, well , what are the three tell us what people will be getting from what you've done? >> three world leading companies in the respective industry it's incredible, because we moved around about 20 different businesses from dow and dupon and reorganized. so you're getting one of the world leading ag companies you're getting a specialty company that benchmarks against any of the best specialty companies in the world in dupont and a great material science company in dow all three are industry leaders coming out of this >> so you're giving us the best agricultural company >> that's correct, that it's one
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of the most diverse. there's only two companies that really play across the whole spectrum, and we have both the sea and crop portfolio so the breadth of the products are spectacular. we have the biggest product launches coming in the next five years, 21 new products coming out. so it's a great business >> and i'm so pleased that jim is going to be the ceo he'sen awesome operator and a strategic guy. we announced yesterday with the dow business, they're going to pay out a 45% net income ratio, and on top of that, we announced they're going to pay out at least 20% of their net income in share buybacks so it is a true cash machine, and it should be the way you should run that business so it's going to be a big payback. >> we've got a company that could be a good dividend play.
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now let's talk about dupont. you're executive chairman. this is going to be a company, electronics and imaging, safety and construction, nutrition and health, that sounds like to me five more companies. could it happen? you've done it >> absolutely. what we've done with the board, our new board, which by the way, we recruited some great people we want to run the company the way it is. i think it's going to trade very well it benchmarks against the best multiindustry companies in the world. i benchmarked it dpeagainst the best multiindustry companies the margins are right at the top of the heap at 28% so i think that says a lot about the health of the business we'll always look at all our options. and if we see a better path to
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create shareholder value, we would make some moves with the portfolio. >> i was surprised the stock came down so much. what is the most underappreciated about dow due point by investors >> people are starting to study it it was a confusing story and it took long to accomplish it because of the anti-trust approvals. when i split tyco up into five companies, it didn't really start overperforming until we got much closer to the spins you want maybe one or two of the stocks, not three, so you're not buying in early. if you looked at it, you certainly know the story the five years after we did the deals and you looked at the appreciation from when we started through, the stock was up 1,000% with dividends >> it's okay to wait >> you're in a little bid of a dead period, and things start percolating. >> it's not so dead. >> we're not only doing that, we're doing it in a five-month
6:20 pm
period as we were talking today to the investors, we'll be shareholder friendly with the dividend of all three companies, but we're almost going to do a share buyback when we do the splits of the company. >> people went from the 60s to 50s saying look out, china is going to be bad for them none of that has played out, right? >> no, it's incredible our sales went up 10% in the quarter we reported last yeewee eps up 35% when you look at the subsegments, people said china our china sales up 18% industrial up 7% and the big one was auto, our auto sales grew 10%. >> and you're not carburetors, you are the new parts of the -- the visionary parts of autos >> most of the dupont portfolio is in the secular growth areas in the auto industry, we're the ones electrifying the cars,
6:21 pm
which is the wave. we're also the company lightweighting vehicles, which is a huge trend. that's how you can grow 10% at a time when auto builds last quarter were about zero. so you've got to be in the right secular areas, and that's where we are diverting our rnd and innovation machine we're in the high growth areas >> i'm glad you mentioned rnd. your rnd is actually up. >> yeah. so the beauty of redoing the portfolio, and i'll use dupont as the example, we're going to spend almost a billion dollars on rnd per year. at a rate that's very healthy compared to the competitive peer set. what happened is you're bringing in rnd from the dow businesses that came in and the dupont, and bringing that into the same end market opportunities, like in nutrition and health we both had nutrition and health companies. now you're bringing double the
6:22 pm
rnd to bear on that industry >> pro biotics we had on the ceo from chlorox you can't stock the stuff. >> we're the world third's largest pro biotics. that business the last quarter has grown 25%, and we're just really now starting to penetrate the asian market, the china market but the percentage buy over there is still relatively small compared to north america. so there's going to be a big uplift in this one >> one last thing, everyone always said ed is going to leave, you've got to sell. you're not, you're still going to be involved with two of these companies. >> i'm going to be on the board of corteva, and i'm very excited
6:23 pm
to be committed to be executive chair of dupont. and just to clarify, it's a full-time position >> it's important, because there are people saying he's gotten old. we're the exact same age you don't seem to look or act old. so you're going to be living where, philly? >> center city philly. it's 40-minute commute down to wilmington i can't leave philly >> that's what i wanted to hear. that's the ceo of dow dupont "mad money" is back after the break. coming up, the countdown is over take two interactive is launching their biggest game in years. what impact will the followup to red dead redemption have on the stock? cramer saddles up with the ceo
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it was years in the making, and now the sequel to take two's western world is here. should home gamers be as excited as gamers for the big release? >> sometimes the market can be down right mystifying. look at take two interactive, the best maker of video games on earth. the stock got slammed, down more than 5%, and the company just launched the anticipated red dead redemption 2. we learned in less than a week, they sold 17 million copies worldwide. that's insane. $105 a share things were much higher than
6:27 pm
expected gross margins exploded everybody knew red dead redemption 2 would be huge but i think most of this comes down that management is conservative they gave conservative full-year guidance and that's not what wall street wanted to see. this company is not promotional and shies from hype more than any i know let's hear from the ceo of take two interactive and find out more about the quarter and the new game welcome back to "mad money." good to see you, sir >> thank you >> i just think that we need to put things in perspective. you've been in the entertainment business put the weekend in perspective versus every other entertainment franchise in history >> in three days, we sold in to
6:28 pm
consumers $725 million worth of products, the biggest opening weekend for any entertainment product in history of any type it's pretty amazing. way better than expectations >> this is the number two. how did number two, the sequel, do versus number one >> in eight days, we have sold 17 million units of red dead redemption two, that's more than we sold of the first in eight years. and the first red dead redemption was a huge hit. >> everyone tells me the western is done. you, again, i referred to your movie and entertainment back ground you brought back the genre >> there are other expressions of the genre, of course, and they're onderful but westerns seem to find a place at certain times when the populous is feeling a certain way. typically, in really good times, often in really bad times, you can decide what kind of times
6:29 pm
these are. i will say that i think the sprawling universe that's offered by take two, the extraordinary opportunities to explore that universe, and the deep and meaningful story combined with great game play to create a great experience. >> again, i want to harken back to the way, the arc of your conference calls is always great. you really stressed net bookings, and virtual currency, average revenue per user, recurring leverage, it was not the game you stressed, it's the model. >> the model is continuing to change so recurrent consumer spending was up 28% year over year. >> what's the gross margin on that 98 >> not quite 100, but it continues to go up >> when i try to explain to people why you should buy it, i don't say it's because of the hit, but because of everything else tv doesn't have that, does it?
6:30 pm
>> well, certain television episodes do, certain series. if a series is on for 14 years, it can make a whole lot of money and becomes something with a high gross margin. certainly something that's repeatable has a high gross margin where there are no similarities is the motion picture business, which is one and done, even if it's really big. >> everyone is playing it. and everyone tells me the same thing, which is wait till the online version comes out you'll have another big wave an online version of a big hit can be big for a company >> it can be very big. in thecase of grand theft auto 5. we're five years after the original release and had another great quarter, better than expectations up sequentially, quarter over quarter, only slightly down year over year. we expected the title to moderate, because it's been in the market so long >> the analysts focused on the nba game not having a great
6:31 pm
number >> net book is up 10% year over year that's a good result there is some possibility that actual units sold will be some lower this year than last year i'm not certain that will be the case we're certain this will be a record breaking title no matter what so far, biggest selling sports game of the year >> michael ruben, who owns the sixers, came back from china 46 million people watched a preseason game there that market there is still untapped >> we just launched a game in china, and revenues are up about 85% year over year for nba 2-k online it's the biggest pc sports title in china, 40 million registered user >> let's talk about e-gaming i have an idea >> i'm all ears. >> how about scholarships for kids to play nba basketball.
6:32 pm
we give big scholarships for kids who play the real game. how about you give scholarship to your company? >> it's a great idea there's so many things we can do this year we have 21 teams playing, last year was 21. the draft is going on right now, and these are the things we need to think about we pay the players salaries, they work for us full time there's much more to be done >> i read the variety piece, i wanted to ask you, please don't give me the same quote you give variety. your chairman, you're doing a lot of things, you have a book out. there's a lot going on in your life i know what your baby and heart and soul is, but things can get messy. everybody could be under fire from the old regime, and you have to captain it, because you weren't involved so the government is going to look to you. for help. a lot of work. >> as you know, i like to work,
6:33 pm
and i am trying to be helpful, and i think there's an opportunity to be helpful. i am the interim nonexec chair so that's different, of course, than a full-time executive >> and then lastly, ostrich? >> ostrich you lost me here >> ostrich meat is the rising star of the grill. >> i haven't tasted it yet >> you wrote the book. >> it was a little out of context. it actually tastes, depending on how it's prepared, chicken or meat it's very low fat and high prote protein. but i prefer bison >> there's only one place in brooklyn to get it >> if bison is prepared right, tastes like tender loin. >> and you gave up alcohol, which is a lot of people's fav you said it's just not good.
6:34 pm
>> some people like it i haven't given up sugar entirely, jim. >> and the battle royal thing, fortnight thing, what is going on >> it is still going on. there's some anecdotal evidence it may be moderating >> i'll leave it on what i like, which is the -- sorry, i know i'm going over time here, but i did love the book. i want to leave it on the coming ageless plan and i'm not kidding. a lot of it is mind over matter, but a lot of it is very simple, and really easy things to do there's no stress to it. and i like the book. great to see you stay with cramer
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♪ with the price of oil plummeting, is it safe to circle back to the cruise lines this group has been a total house of pain, as investors worry about overcapacity in the caribbean and overexposure to steel. consider norwegian cruise lines
6:38 pm
holdings, reported another fantastic quarter, zlwith highe expected sales even better, they saw strong organic pricing growth across all core markets, so those worries about overcapacity may be misplaced booking is great net yield is up 4% in short, the company is firing on all cylinders, which is why now that oil is coming down, could we see more upside let's take a look at more with the ceo. mr. del rio, welcome back to "mad money." >> jim, good to be with you. >> i have to tell you, i'm good, because you took me on bliss, on that beautiful ship, and that was meaningful for your quarter, wa wasn't it? >> it was. the industry continues to do
6:39 pm
fantastic. our company if particular is outperforming, hitting on all cylinders, as you mentioned a moment ago, and the future looks brighter we said that our bookings are ahead in load and price for 2019 and even 2020 at this early stage. so all those doubters about overcapacity and the late business cycle, they just don't understand the cruise industry we're resilient. we perform terrific in both good times and bad times. and i think sooner or later, the fundamentals of performance will overcome all the pessimism and all the wrong assumptions that are being made out there >> i'm glad you bring that up. i have been in the business for four years so stupid. there's secular growers and people that do poorly when the economy turns down i don't know what people need to see in terms of secular growth from your company, but the numbers that you put out today,
6:40 pm
indicated accelerating growth. how is that possible that you can have accelerating growth >> i agree with you. look, i simply don't believe that the investor community at large understand the fundamentals of the cruise industry our ships go full every single time the question is, at what price and we've shown year after year, organic growth in that three plus percent level, 4% for us this year, that defies what the naysayers have to say. and then on board revenue is through the roof, jim. so we have two data points we have a data point based on what customers who might have booked six, eight months ago and are cruising today are saying about their economy and their confidence and that's on board revenue, and that is at the highest levels ever and there's a second data
6:41 pm
point -- >> you should mention free air, how brilliant that was >> yeah, and there's the second data point of people who are booking a cruise today that are going to take six months, a year down the road. so it's great to see that the travel agency community is behind the travel business, behind the cruise industry in particular that's why we do a whole lot better than the other sectors of the broader hospitality space, whether it's hotels, gaming, the airlines there's just no stopping the cruise industry. >> compare it to 2014 in terms of where you are now versus then that's a good compare, right >> where can i start we deleveraged from five plus to the low threes the balance sheet is in great shape. we have a more diversified portfolio. in 2014, norwegian was a one brand company. today, the leading brands in the
6:42 pm
luxury space, in the upper premium space and we have added five ships since 2014. we'll turn the year 65% -- can you imagine a company that has the kind of visibility that we will have, we will have sold 65% of the following year's inventory by year end this year. in 2014, that number was around 30%. so there's just no comparison how far this company has come in the last three or four years and there's even more good news, you know, to come in 2019 and 2020 so we're extremely excited about the next few years ahead eight ships on order so we're going the keep growing organically. >> i want to put to rest this idea of too much alaska. tell us what happened with alaska >> we grew 25% in 2018 on the
6:43 pm
heels of 15% capacity growth that goes against the grain of what all the pundits expect to happen and we think we'll do a very well -- a very good alaska program this coming year, when we add -- we'll add 30% capacity, but we'll have the best hardware without question in the china and alaska market so we're very confident that we can, again, outperform on the important summer alaska season >> you're the only travel group that is truly secular in growth and just great numbers i want to thank frank del rio, ceo of norwegian cruise lines. "mad money" is back after the break. this is huntsville, alabama. aka, rocket city, usa. this is a very difficult job. failure is not an option.
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it is time time for the lightning round [ indiscernible [ buzzer ] and then the lightning round is over are you ready, skedaddy.
6:47 pm
let's start with earnest in arkansas >> caller: hello, mr. cramer, from the great state of arkansas i've been looking at a company called amed. i was wondering what you thought about it >> i think they are very good, and i would love to have the ceo back on the show i also love cisco, and they have less volatility. greg in minnesota, greg. >> caller: hey, cramer, did you get my spif on foot locker what do you think about the tariffs on shoes, is that -- >> tariffs are -- it's a little overblown. foot locker is okay, but it would have been better in the 30s. let's go to ron in new york. ron. >> caller: mr. cramer, how are you doing? >> doing well, how about you >> caller: doing all right i want to get your opinion on sales point technology >> it's very good, digital
6:48 pm
identity but there are like five companies in the same ilk, and they're all too high i need to go to randall in minnesota, randall >> caller: a warm boo-yah from the frozen socialist state of minnesota, cramer. >> i like that what's up? >> caller: cck, holding, buying more >> cck, i think it's a very inexpensive stock. it does a great job. i say -- i mean, the tariffs are probably hurting it. i like the company let's go to ann in indiana, ann. >> caller: thanks for taking my call >> of course >> caller: i think the guidance is down on the future estimates. so is it a buy, sell, or hold? >> which one >> caller: the tech supply company. >> i thought they did a good number i thought the number was good.
6:49 pm
i'm not backing away one bit i like thermo fisher i need to go to mike in connecticut. >> caller: hey, dr. cramer, this is dr. mike in connecticut >> what's happening? >> caller: not much, not much. would like to talk to you, though i have a stock that i sold recently, and that's msn electric >> oh, man i've got to tell you, i'm going to talk pos bif about emerson. it's a great american industrial gloria in california >> caller: boo-yah hoo-yah i'm calling you about melanox, a technology stock
6:50 pm
>> i can't recommend stocks that are in a takeover basis. that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the lightning round. >> the lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade exactly. sounds like a case of analysis paralysis. is there a cure? td ameritrade's trade desk. they can help gut check your strategies and answer all your toughest questions. sounds perfect. see, your stress level was here and i got you down to here, i've done my job. call for a strategy gut check with td ameritrade. ♪ - anncr: as you grow older, -your brain naturally begins to change which may cause trouble with recall. - learning from him is great... when i can keep up! - anncr: thankfully, prevagen helps your brain and improves memory. - dad's got all the answers. - anncr: prevagen is now the number-one-selling brain health supplement in drug stores nationwide. - she outsmarts me every single time. - checkmate! you wanna play again?
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fly emirates. fly better. we've allowed so many different etfs to be created, there are now whole groups of stocks that have become nothing but chips. if you don't know whether your
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stock is stuck in an important etf basket that's being used by moron money managers, then you may have no idea why that stock is hopping around like a mexican jumping bean because it has nothing to do with the underlying company or earnings we know the bank stocks and others are in ten different etfs, so their movements tend to be driven by the action in the etfs, not the other way around the tail is wagging the dog. amazon should. have been up $112 yesterday, even though nothing major happened at the company. that's a big run but it was all about money managers saying stupid things, so they reached for whatever f.a.n.g. etf they could find and f.a.n.g. is not even the worst of it. there are some abusive, moronon, horrible etfs that make a mockery of the whole business we're in i'm talking about the etfs that
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mimic the actions of portfolio managers themselves. traders use it to gamble on somebody else who is actively betting at the roulette table. take two of my favorite companies, visa and mastercard they're terrific after what they do with businesses that are based on the idea, the world is going from pain tore plper to pc i was very impressed with what the ceo of mastercard is doing to expand the business over at mastercard, reporting one great quarter after another. visa and mastercard are worth $322 billion and $215 billion respectively you might think the fundamentals would matter in day-to-day acti action, but both stocks have been put into the usa momentum
6:55 pm
index. this groups together stocks with momentum, so that you can wager momentum wagers who are betting on momentum stocks these represent 5% of the index. mastercard is also in the top five can you imagine this they turn these two stocks into momentum stocks. the language and description of this says it all it's designed to reflect the performance of an equity momentum strategy, maintaining high trades liquidity, and moderate index turnover. in other words, if you want to bet against it, you buy this one or slap one short, which causes visa and mastercard stock to get hit. the etf is far more powerful than the stocks themselves i make a living on this stuff, and i know it myself the problem is, this basket and others like it were set up in a perfect world where there was ample liquidity and this tail
6:56 pm
couldn't wag the dog but that's not the world we live anymore. stocks can't withstand the impact of these etfs these two stocks have been turned into play things. it's about this ridiculous etf one day these indexes are going to be -- totally overwhelm the direction of the entire market the etfsare going to take control. what can save us i've got an idea any company can call me and talk to me about it one of these companies needs to wise up that these are toxic to shareholders who own the company, and bring a case against the etf peddlers to get out of the baskets if not, you're going to see more stocks destroyed based on nothing more than they're in the wrong basket itself. normal investors pay a terrible price. it makes the business much more
6:57 pm
difficult than it should be. stick with cramer. ♪ ♪ i'm all for my neighborhood. i'm all for backing the community that's made me who i am. i'm all for my theatre, my barbershop and my friends. because the community doesn't just have small businesses, it is small businesses. and that's why american express founded small business saturday. so, this year let's all get up, get out and shop small on november 24th. i got croissant. small business saturday.
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listen up, i want everyone to tune in tomorrow to my great friend scat's show, "the halftime report" at noon, they are doing a powerful show for veterans day, and i don't want you to miss it now, we had some good ones tonight, gsc, very glad they did not try to guide down numbers. and drop box, and then the stock went down $7 that was wrong, and tonight is right. then yelp, we got a look into this one i don't know how it got so weak so fast, but it was chilling and then do not sell take two, buy it i always like to say there's a bull market and i try to find it just for you here on "mad money. i'm jim cramer and i'll see you tomorrow
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