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tv   Street Signs  CNBC  April 25, 2019 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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tells cnbc theed conditions started to improve at the end of the quarter. >> the second half of march we
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had near normalization of the business environment that's still recharging of a quarter. >> no deal sansbury shares die after britain's competition regulator blocks the proposed tie-up between the two supermarket groupz citing price concerns a surprise loss for nokia. the finnish firms warns of significant pressure in the second half. good morning welcome to "street signs." arounddeutsche bank and commerce bank. shaerz in commerzbank are trading lower following two
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reports suggesting deal talks between the german lender and its bigger rival deutsche bank are on the brink of collapse reuters and the financial times say the tie-up talks between the banks which have now gone on for six weeks are expected to break down due to integration risks and opposition to the complex merger what are you hearing on the ground in frankfurt? >>. >> they actually still are discussing whether they go ahead or whether the deal will break apart. that's what they are waiting for. it could happen, actually, literally every minute that we get an announcement that the talks fail or the talks will go on
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clearly there is an increasing amount of deals. apparently the regulator is asking deutsche bank to raise fresh round of cash before any potential merger, and there's a hunl amount of capital need apparently if the two banks were to merge of course, their assets had to be re-evaluated, and that would mean that there could be a capital need of up to 12 billion euros. that's one problem another big problem is implementation risk. nobody really is kind of convinced that the banks will emerge and that he could actually cut costs ruthless enough to convince investors that their profitability going forward will be a lot more superior than it is now on a stand-alope basis. it seems that your regulator is quite tough or so on that potential business case. the banks are currently
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presenting apparently that's also what rhyme hearing the banks even have -- haven't presented a precise business plan for a merged bank to the regulator as of now. it should happen during the course of this morning bough. >> annetta, thank you very much. as you say, we are just waiting now for that update.
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a cnbc source has confirmed a report that ubs is already in talks with deutsche over a dws tie-up, and all three companies have decolumbined to comment on the reports. meanwhile, ubs's first quarter net profit has beaten forecast despite "challenging market conditions, which weighed on activity." the swiss lender pointed to an improvement in the environment by the end of the fourth quarter adding it has measures to mitigate market headwins jumana joins us live where she has been covering these ubs results in detail this morning also talking to mr. armatti. curious what he had to say not only on today's results and how they stack up to expectations, but also on this asset management story that's been swirling around.
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>> he did flag and warn investors that this was going to be a very challenging quarter indeed for the bank. indeed those results have proven to be the case he had guided down market expectations the results today was that they beat on both the top line and bottom line, but, again, coming from a very, very low base here. just to put it into context, their profit before tax was still down 26% year-on-year. now, their wealth management business, which, of course, is about 60% of where their revenues come from, so the lion's share of the business, ubs, comes in their wealth management business. they're appointed muted transaction revenue was down about 20% there, too some positive signs in the apac region, which is in contrast to what we heard from credit suisse it's been a geographic region of strength for ubs they've increased assets by $16 billion net new money coming in overall to the overall
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portfolio. again, he did say that things are picking up towards -- started to pick up towards the end of march just coming back to your point about dws, ubs is one of the names that has been reportedly in talks with kplerz bank about its 79% stake in dws i asked mr. amatti whether or not he could comment on some of the reports. let's take a listen. >> we don't comment on the citing that our asset management
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business has been going through a huge transformation. it's very successful in its business areas i mean, nowadays, it's not surprised that there are rumors around the asset management industry we don't comment on specific rumors zroo would you say that to be more competitive in that space or to gain more market share, you would be looking at accumulating more assets under management, though, and that welcome back one way of acheefg it >> in general i -- we don't comment on specific situations, but in general i don't believe that size just per se matters. i think it's foeked size, and, you know, business makes it across the board not only in asset management i think that size is only one part of the equation i think that businesses needs to go beyond that >> of course, he didn't actually comment on that. one thing that is interesting, he says that it's not just all about size again, to give you some numbers here, the wealth management business for ubs is 700 billion
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assets under management. dws is 600 billion together 1.3 trillion. that's still a far cry from the 6 trillion, 7 trillion that we're looking at for the big name industries like black rock, for example. it's not just about one plus one equals too two there are other things to take into consideration. >> coming in at 1.5 billion pounds that's in line with expectations the british bank described the income environment as "challenging." despite a tough quarter for the investment bank, the lender is maintaining its return targets for this year and next, but its cet 1 ratio dipped to 13%. shifting gears away from the bank space, wire card has posted a sharp rise in full year
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earnings and revenues. the german payments company had delayed the publication of the annual results amid an investigation into alleged fraud and false accounting at its singapore office speaking to cnbc earlier, wire card ceo marcus braun accused market of speculating over the allegations. >> we really think that today is a turning point. we are fully committed as a growth company and that we are intensively investing in compliance processes, in
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oversight processes. this we will do, and this we are doing. >> meanwhile, nokia shares have hit a six-month low after the finnish firm reported a loss in the first quarter. >> the operating environment was improving. >> they pointed to a soft -- of 2019 and particularly weak first quarter. we also said that we expect to have a robust second half, and we continue to stand by that view we expect meaningful top line and margin improvements in the second half particularly, but also sequential improvement from here on. because of all the 5g contracts we
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>> it is shaping up to be a down start for european trade the stock 600 currently down about 38 basis points. in termds of the sectors, health care is leading the way higher up about 41 basis points buyer in focus there bringing up that sector. no major region trading in positive territory the worst of the bunch ftse 100 trading down about 52 basis points let's get right into the sectors and take a look at how those individual stories are filtering through. health care, as i mentioned, at the top there, up 40 basis points the lagards shaping up to be construction and basic resources. huge number of earnings in addition to ubs, as we've been going over, and nokia, buyer, pugeau also a couple in the deal space. sansbury and asda. the cma blocks sansbury's takeover of azda, and we will
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welcome back strong demand in brazil has helped boost first quarter sales for french supermarket group care for the company, which is europe's largest retailer by revenues adds that performance in france it is now improving and the highermarket sales are positive. they launched a five-year plan aimed at cutting costs, jobs, and boosting e-commerce investment bayer has reported better than expected first quarter erjz the german chemical and pharmaceutical firm says the legal costs related to the deal have risen while the company faces allegations that its roundup weed killer causes cancer with now more than 13,000 plaintiffs seeking damages in the auto space french carmaker psa has reported a more than 1% decline in first quarter revenue as the group was hit by weak performance in china as well as its withdrawal from
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iran the maker of citron vehicles also expects sales in china, the world's largest automotive market to slip by 3% this year however, psa predicted that the european market will remain stable tesla shares ended after hours trade only slightly lower after the electric carmaker posted a wider than expected first quarter loss on an adjusted basis the company blamed the dip on struggles to deliver its key model three to europe and china while demand slipped following the end to a tax credit for buyers in january. >> you recently downgraded tesla to underperform. anything we learned in last night's report change your view one way or the other >> well, not really. if anything, it reaffirmed our view regarding the risk of cash
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burn, the risks surrounding liquidity at tesla also, you know, there was a wide discussion about the pricing action that they've taken during the quarter to support dough manned and why that's the case >> it's valued for huge growth, and we have questions how the growth will materialize and how it will be financed. >> now, on your point about the pricing action they've taken, one of the big questions, as you just alluded, was how margins were going to be affected by the price action they've taken i mean, so far it seems as though they're doing okay on the margin front, but, i mean, really how realistic is it they can continue taking price actions like this and have it not affect marnlins. >> the key question for us is really if you claim that demand is unlimited it's huge. it's all coming now. the question is why do you lower your mix why do you lower your pricing. that doesn't make a lot of sense to me.
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the company just lost 700 million on a net basis it burned almost $1 billion in cash the product is quite old i mean, the s and the x are quite advanced in any normal rife cycle they would need significant refreshers in order to restore the pricing. >> management made an interesting comment that tesla delivered half of the quarter's numbers ten days before the end of the quarter now, what does this say about their execution capabilities >> well, we've seen that before, to be fair, it's obviously less than ideal it's adding to the margin pressure if you have to force your product into the different channels it's something, again, for any normal carmaker it would raise a lot of red flags why you can't manage your shipments on a more sustainably. it's very bad for cash flow or working capital. it's bad for pricing
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operationally this really needs a fix. again, we've seen that in the past they promised a fix before >> now, one other big question institutional investors looking for an answer to yesterday was around the possibility of capital raise. elan musk didn't give a lot away where do we stand in terms of a potential capital raise? how much could we be looking at? >> i would say elan opened the door. it's really getting more difficult. >> a lot of back and forth at this stage is he a real liability to the company
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>> many people would say so. i would still say that elan is really part of the brand he is part of the reason why people love tesla so much. he is obviously hugely creative. the question is should he run the operations of the business or should he be more like a chief adviceor brain of the company? he is focussing on so many other things tesla is now a huge business i would say more and more people would say that someone serious, very senior should come in to run the operations for him >> and to your point about the models being old now in large part, i mean, they did reveal their long anticipated model wide crossover suv how much potential really is there for this product to become a more prominent feature in their line-up.
4:22 am
for him to enter the european market in scale will be difficult. same will be true in china i just think the general market conditions for him would be more challenging. the brand will just be less exclusive as it's been in the past >> now, we can maybe step away from the results of tesla. one development that's emernled recently is that tesla has agreed to a deal with feeat chrysler around pooling their fleets to meet the more stringent emission standards in europe perhaps this is more a question for fee yacht chrysler side of things, but you what do you think of this strategy >> first, it highlights how tough it is in europe to comply with the 95 gram co2 target that's kicking in from 2020.
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there's a penalty risk for the industry overall of 33 billion euros. the company obviously does not have the technology ready to meet the co2 targets by now, so they have to look around to pool with other carmakers >> well, thank you very much for weighing in. arnt elinghorse from isi group now, elsewhere in the tech space, microsoft briefly topped $1 trillion in market value after the tech giant record better than expected third quarter earnings per share and revenue.
4:24 am
for a potential settlement with the ftc. the media giant beat expectings and matched forecasts for daily active user growth now, i'm joined by elizabeth schultzy, our very own tech reporter elizabeth, give us your view what have you been reading and talking to analysts about in terms of reaction to facebook's results last night >> yeah. you can see in the share price movement here, about 8% higher in extended hours, and this is on the back of a just solid report when you look at the financials. it could be as high as a $5 billion fine this is a record fine from the ftc if this materializes related to it violated a consent
4:25 am
agreement that it made with the u.s. regulator, but investors saying we're going to look past this cost. we see strong growth in facebook and its other platforms, and we're seeing that in the price movement for the stock in extended hours. >> as we're looking at this tide of regulation growing on facebook globally, it doesn't look look it's going to be less, right? i mean, as -- if this is a rrd from the ftc, other regulators are likely to be following suit. we already know there are several investigations open here in europe under gdpr companies could face fines of up to 4% of global revenues that is up to billions of
4:26 am
dollars. the regulation tide could just be beginning for facebook. i will say mark zuckerberg welcomed that on the call last night. he has been on this privacy push where he is saying we are now a security company we're a privacy company. we want more regulation. maybe he sees that it doesn't have too much of an impact on the bottom line, and that's why he is more open about it >> definitely interesting to see his change in tone when it comes to regulation. now shifting goers to the actual operating performance of the business. this is a reversal from what we saw earlier in the year. we did see an increase after gdpr that privacy legislation went into place, and now we're back up to essentially record levels.
4:27 am
there's strong growth coming from the international segment the u.s. segment does look to be topping out a little bit, so facebook has been highlighting other regions of growth, but 2.7 billion people now use one of facebook platforms monthly around the world that includes facebook, instagram and what's app pretty strong number there find out what's at stake when we return
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welcome back to "street signs. these are your headlines on the brink of collapse shares in commerzbank turn lower on multiple reports the deal talks between deutsche bank and its smaller peer are breaking down as investors await an announcement today
4:31 am
the swiss bank ceo sergio armatti points to improvements in the market environment. >> the second half of march, we had a clear normalization of the business environment, but still in need of a rechallenging quarter. a surprise loss for nokia in the first quarter sees shares plunge as the finnish firm warns of "significant pressure in the second half. well, let's get right into that sansbury-azda news down with 5% this morning.
4:32 am
that says the u.k.'s competition watchdog bloksz the merger of sansbury and azda saying the tie-up would lead to increased prices in both stores and on-line. in parent wal-mart said they were disapoined with the cma's decision but that both parties had mutually agreed to term nature the transaction sansbury said they ignored the highly competitive nature of the british grocery market let's take a look at the broader u.k. grocer space. as you can see, it is reacting negatively to this news. tesco shares down about 1% in sympathy aiding trading lower now, very pleased to bring in stuart mcintosh group chair for cma for more detail on today's ruling thank you for joining us, mr. mcintosh you decided to block the proposed merger between sansbury and azda this morning on the basis that u.k. shoppers and motorists would be worse off due to expected price rises, reductions in quality, and range
4:33 am
of products available and an overall poor shopping experience could you give us more detail around your rationale? >> you are correct you summarized the position very kwelk. we decided to block this merger because we don't think it would be good for shoppers in the u.k. related to reduction in competition in three major areas. grocery shopping, supermarkets, grocery shopping on-line, and the company's petrol stations. it's important also to remember that these are two of the largest -- two of the three largest grocery retailers in the u.k. the thought in reduction remaining substantial skprg it's results in price increases over time and other changes that shoppers were not welcome like longer cues at check-outs and possibly less frequent restocking supermarket shelves
4:34 am
>> mr. mcintosh, in response to your ruling, sansbury has come out and said that have egg in order the highly competitive nature of the u.k. grocery market where do you differ? where is the discrepancy coming because you clearly are looking at the landscape very differently. >> there is obviously a lot of competition in the market today. what we have done, however, is looked at the landscape and how it would change as a result of the merger in doing so, we'vesurveyed ove 60,000 customers to understand what drives their shopping behavior and how that might affect the affected by the merger we're confident we've done a thorough piece of analysis to understand what the impact of a merger was likely to be, what the impact on shoppers is likely to be, and what the impact on prices as i have said, we think we're just competition ultimately, to higher prices >> now, sansbury and azda, in response to your provisional finding back in february, argued that you had moved the goal
4:35 am
posts and this decision is inconsistent with some of your rulings in the past. perhaps alluding to tesco's takeover of booker what makes this one so different? >> i'm not sure that i agree with that. when you look at the reviews to look at the impact much mernler on kperks the impact on customers, shoppers, the impact on prices, we have used an approach which is very well suited to the grocery sector we've used that in previous retail mergers, and which was actually advocated by the parties themselves i don't think that we would expect what we've done in this merger assessment is out of line with what we've done previously. >> was there absolutely nothing that could have been done for you to approve this deal >> our job is not to approve deals for the sake of approving, but rather to look independently
4:36 am
at the impact of mergers on competition and through that the impact on customers and consumers. >> thank you very much for joining us this morning for that further detail let's get back to deutsche bank, customers bank we have official comments from deutsche bank. deutsche bank and commerzbank are discontinuing their discussions. deutsche will continue to improve all -- to continue on improve their long-term profitability. the news is they have decided to
4:37 am
tes continue discussions customers bank, doour bank, as it stands, those discussions are off. let's get back out to annetta in frankfurt with more. annetta, we've got the news. discussions are off. what now >> that's a good question. actually, that's a question probably, hopefully someone from the management board will discuss with us later during the course of this day clearly, i think the execution risk at the press release is stating far higher and the potential benefits that's actually what they concluded now. we were talking earlier about it is lead for a new capital for that merged entity, which probably would have -- the opposition from labor. i guess nobody like the increasing opposition in the end killed that deal perhaps also the concern that the equity story wasn't good enough to sell to investors and also to regulators, and perhaps
4:38 am
in addition to that, perhaps deutsche bank also didn't want to make these sizable cuts to their u.s. investment bank, but apparently the regulator wanted because of the business risk behind that. the combination of it all leads to the fact that we now -- we are not looking into a consolidation of the german banking sector, which was much wanted by many especially by berlin but to probably very different scenarios. now i think that the focus will be on deutsche bank expanding their asset management business by perhaps a deal with ubs or perhaps a deal with allianz, global investors there are various scenarios floating around, but they have to convince investors that they can do it stand-alone, and they can also increase their profitability on their own faster than we are seeing that
4:39 am
now. commerzbank, at the other side, it's a difficult story because in an internal mimo like two weeks ago their ceo was more or less admitting that on a stand-alone basis the bank is doomed to fail it's too small kind of constitutional u stuck in the middle what we are seeing next is the big question mark. we are not -- we do know that the likes of uni-credit and ing are rumored to be interested in commerzbank, whether this is a political feasible solution that's not clear being an italian lender, we have the network in the south of germany. could make it an ideal fit as well i guess we get more m&a activity surrounding commerzbank now with
4:40 am
that merger talks having failed with deutsche bank i bring you more from here from frankfurt during the course of the day, i guess back to you. >> annetta, perhaps we can stay on this conversation interesting to see the share price reacting to commerzbank. shares down about 2.6% we have beendiscussing, as you just alluded, commerzbank's other opgs i mean, they've been the potential or alleged target of unicredit and ing as well. we are seeing commerzbank shares react negatively does this suggest that commerzbank's options are more limited? it's the same reasons that these discussions have failed.
4:41 am
i guess nobody really is going to pay a huge premium for commerzbank currently because look at the profitability, look at that business outlook look at what kind of story you are buying into. it's a cost cutting story. you, anybody, who is going to buy that lender or take over that lender, will have to cut costs ruthlessly in order to make it viable on a long-terp basis. take, for example, ing they have digitalized their business tremendously. what that would mean for their business model replicated in commerzbank would mean, huge round of cost cuts, job cuts, and also that would cost the bank a lot of money.
4:42 am
access to 18 million retail clients here in germany. the question is to what prize. back to you. >> the deutsche bank side of things you mentioned the dws part of this puzzle. this has been really a side show over the last few weeks. this presumably ramps up pressure on deutsche bank to potentially do something with the dws stake. this is clearly going to be from a defensive point of view. i'm curious what this means for any potential pricing or terms it could get for this part of the business if this is all they're left with >> i think, yeah, they are not planning on selling it, to be honest he wants to diversify it away from investment banking, and dws is one of the big revenue drivers in that whole initiative or strategic plan.
4:43 am
those shareholder meetings this
4:44 am
year can be super interesting. how do you want to convince shareholders that they have a good equity story going forward. >> he has been at deutsche bank his whole career he has been at the helm for just about a year now i mean, what is the likelihood that the agm sevgz as an opportunity for these frustrated shareholders to raise pressure on him, and is it a change at the top a possible solution or is this just going to be more of the seam we've seen a ton of turnover in terms of leadership over the last several years >> i'm not sure. i don't think that it's tremendously under pressure from shareholders at this agm i think what we're going to see is more pressure on the head of the supervisory board now because he prided over all these strategic overhauls in the last years, and that didn't work.
4:45 am
i guess we already now are seeing a building up of pressure on him, but i guess christian will still have a bit of time to show that he can implement the strategy and perhaps also come up with some bolder moves in order to get ahead of the curve for the lender that's the tragedy somewhat. that they never get ahead of the curve. they're always kind of, yeah, trying to do something because they're driven by the markets. i guess this will be crucial whether they can achieve that or not. >> annetta, the other piece to the puzzle, of course, is the german government with the substantial stake in commerzbank now. >> if you look at the stake they're having in commerzbank, i'm even not sure whether they actually are going to sell it at all. they would need to have a share
4:46 am
price of roughly 30 euro a share, commerzbank share , to sell it not at a loss that's gin that shares are trading between 7 and 8 euro, even with the merger story or takeover story they will never get that money back probably in the whole -- yeah, in the foreseeable future. perhaps never. that's why i'm not sure whether in any kind of transaction the state of the german government would actually exit it because it's obviously not very attractive to tell the taxpayer that they have a huge loss on a banking rescue package from, like, ten years ago. >> thank you very much for that comprehensive coverage
4:47 am
>> thank you, sir, for bringing -- for coming and joining me through the phone today. you posted a very strong growth this quarter in the americas once again strong growth in global technologies and apac. talk us through the quarter. >> yeah, thank you yes, indeed. we had a good start of the year. we have sales up 16% that comes from 5% organic growth >> we just expect global technologies --
4:48 am
>> it's definitely very strong quarter overall very happy at the start of the year. yes. >> over -- perhaps one that is slightly less positive marnlins, they were diluted by m&a product mix and raw material what is your outlook for raw material head winds ahead and how this is going to translate to margins >> we are seeing very strong material inflation in general end of 2017 and 2018.
4:49 am
kwhek, more analysis on dooub bank, commerzbank now that they have decided to end discussions on a merger. we'll be joined on the phone by stephan miller, yseosa c of dgwa
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zpleenchs welcome back to street signs. the two banks have decided to discontinue discussions around a possible tie-up. they have just announced this a few moments ago. a little bit more detail on what they are said specifically deutsche said after thorough analysis they concluded that the transaction would not have created sufficient benefits to
4:53 am
offset the additional execution risks, restructuring costs, and capital requirements associated with such a large scale integration. they have also released preliminary results for the quarter. they were set to release these tomorrow for the first quarter deutsche expects -- taxed of approximately 290 million euros and net fort mcmurray of 200 million euros. the big news, of course, is the fact that they have decided to discontinue discussions around a merger now, joining us me on the phone is stephan mueller, it ceo of dgwa thank you for joining us this morning. merger talks are off what does this mean for deutsche bank what does this mean for commerzbank? >> whatever has been given that the real reasons that
4:54 am
commerzbank had shown the last week and it was every where. it's a well restructured bank, and better than the junior partner for deutsche bank, and especially on the label side and on the side of commerzbank was getting bigger and bigger. of course, now the people try to do kind of a contest, and everybody don't want to lose the faith in that. what will happen now is that commerzbank will be a take-over target that have been already made i think it's a good solution we alleges ask for european merger to create a european major bank, and deutsche bank desperately needs a partner, which will be very difficult and they needed a partner before commerzbank, and they didn't find one, and then the only solution was looking to commerzbank at the 50% government stake, and now they are saying that the situation that there has been before is even worse since even that merger didn't happen, and they need one desperately since they can't take that alone where they want to be at.
4:55 am
>> what does this mean for the dws side of things it's been in the news recently deutsche bank considering a tie-up between dws and another asset mrgt does this make that deal more likely >> definitely. i mean, u bs was in talks there. if you buy a fund or whatever kind of asset management project, it's a general -- tend of the day it's all the same ithink this potential merger o the asset -- we will have a major consolidation in the sector on the global scale and deutsche bank is now, of course, not even more desperate to create fresh funds and dws is one of the last assets they have, and they will do something immediately, yes >> so just to be absolutely clear, commerzbank shares trading down 2% today, but this does not preclude them from pursuing a deal with one of the
4:56 am
other potential suitors like ing or anybody else who is interested in them >> i mean, i think we all know that the stock exchange is -- i think this will be the dominating discussion within the next couple of weeks maybe there will be a battle i don't know the stock price can go up to 10 euros or something like that the first reaction here is nothing that any desperate situation are not commerzbank. >> thank you so much for joining us stefran miller, ceo of dgwa. that's it for today's show i'm juliana at that timelebalm worldwide exchange coming up next you need to buy a car and you want to get an excellent price you'd think with all these options it would be easy. but with terms like msrp, invoice, list price, things get confusing pretty fast. you just want to get a real price and that's where true car comes in.
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it is an earnings -- facebook, microsoft, tesla, all on the move after they reported their quarterly numbers. we're going to give you another big name that needs to be on your radar today carlos ghosn posting bail overnight in japan wecht get a live look at him leaving jail slack just took a big step towards going public you can call it friday night


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