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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  August 8, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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lockup, goes higher. >> bang. >> keith. >> is the highest five i have a 4.9 had. >> wow. >> that's like from the '72 olympics, do you remember that >> nadia komenich. >> i like what ari my mission is simple, to make you money i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere, and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now hey, i'm cramer! welcome to "mad money. welcome to cramerica some people want to make friends, i'm trying to make you some money my job is not to entertain, but to educate call me at 1-800-743-cnbc or tweet me at jim cramer now that the dust has settled, dow gaining 301 points, it is
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very clear to me -- i hope it's clear to you -- that selling into the teeth of the sell off early this week was a big mistake. i said so at the time and i'm saying it again because it is that important in fact, tonight i want to go one step further and immunize you against false fears, that's right, false fears that cause so many people to panic over the past few days. i have to go back to history i think it was an f.d.r. moment where the only thing you had to fear was fear itself so many of these worries were totally groundless those fears set up the situation we haven't seen since the many bear market bottoms in december. we had negativity as recorded by the investors intelligence index. dramatic drop from bullish sentiment, bears rising. those were negative readings when you see those kinds of numbers, it's a reason to buy, not a reason to sell why? because when you get numbers that we've had in the last week
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where all the weak handed bulls have turned bearish, that means there is no one left to sell you have a lot of new, not necessarily battle hardened bears who can be turned back to bullish like that, and that's what you saw that's what you saw. the december bear market was caused by the federal reserve misreading the economy frankly, raising interest rates even as business was already slowing were you fighting the fed back then if you liked stocks even when sentiment got that negative, you had to buy it snapped back in january i try to distinguish them from now. we have a much better backdrop fed has already cut interest rates once and they might do so again, which means that this time the fed is your friend. not your enemy that's huge. we don't fight the fed yet it's still very easy to scare people out of stocks especially during a week like this one it is much harder to be constructive or perhaps you have ice water in your veins which is essential if you want to profit while everyone else is
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panicking. since we're only human, i want to help you resist the siren song of panic next time and there is going to be a next time i have to vaccinate you against the foolish arguments that naive commentators, misguided money managers and people with no sense of history use to frighten you out of your portfolio. to make you go into cash to make you take profits that you shouldn't have make you take losses that you shouldn't have this one is totally bonkers. they'll tell you they'll tell you that lower interest rates are bad i hear that all the time that's some orwellian nonsense when i got back from the war in the pacific, he was able to get a g.i. loan to buy our house, 2 percentageers. as rates soared, i heard again and again pop got the greatest deal of all time and we would never see those
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rates again. if pop were still alive, they have 0 interest rates in denmark. he would probably go to copenhagen not long ago we were fretting the market rate was in trouble rates made it so that a house was not affordable people wouldn't want to put a new mortgage down payment, they couldn't put the down payment. let me think we have now the down payment because there's good job growth. now we have lower rates. that's called affordability, people problem solved i know that historically seeing treasury yields this low has been a bad sign. the yield curve often means the economy is headed for recession. as i said before i think that's a misdiagnosis our treasury bonds are being snapped up from people overseas who want a decent yield. in many cases their own country's bond is negative they bid up our treasury that gets something pushes oi r our long term interest rates down. it's not a reason to panic out of stocks. our economy is in good shape we're not importing recession.
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it's how we benefit from the rest of the world's weakness positive checking fear, china was going to devalue its currency to offset trump's tariffs the chinese are working hard to prevent more devaluation so what? if you're worried about the tariffs hurting american consumers, you should be happen inas a weaker yuan, means we won't need to eat the cost of the trade war. the third fear is related. after the yuan made its big move lower earlier this week, the treasury said china was downgrading. i told you on our special, dial it back, people, dial it back like my wife tells me when i get angry. this was a symbolic move everybody knows china is a currency manipulator hello. you know, this was honestly the dumbest one of all now, most governments don't want to admit it. when the stock market gets
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crushed, capped at an obvious moment, i don't have to tell you to buy the fourth worry was about the strong dollar. we're told it won't hurt us. it's not partially true. a strong dollar hurts american companies that exports goods terrible for manufacturing it's great for people who import overseas the united states is a huge importer i prefer a stronger dollar but short term there are more winners than losers from a strong green back. remember we're talking stocks, not economic might of our country. finally we were told earnings were about to deteriorate and maybe deteriorate dramatically so you had to sell stocks before it happens bothers me tremendously people who make this argument really seem to follow it them selves. they don't look at individual companies. how can you make claims about corporate earnings without listening to the corporations themselves some companies will definitely take an earnings hit from the trade war. i have a list later on if you
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stay with the show plenty companies will do just fine here's what i see. expectations have been ratcheted back for companies because of the fear, but their stocks refuse to rollover and play dead and then beat those expectations let me give you a few examples right in our faces today let me do amd. booking holdings and roku you know all these companies, okay for most of last -- the last two weeks, look at this, okay. amd, advance micro, has been hammered look at that thing largely, why because of economic weakness fears of a new found decline in spend for data centers then yesterday the company's c.e.o. lisa sue, long time guest, blew away the competition. google is on top of existing dell, lenovo in response, amd shot up 16% today, making it look like a real dope if you sold it in the teeth of the economic weakness
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sell off the false fears led you astray okay, now there's booking holdings the online travel company formerly known as priceline. so-called looming recession, you expect the travel business most discretionary to suffer. right? wrong. booking holdings actually saw a 12% increase in book room nights and exceeded expectations in europe europe was strong for them no wonder the stock rallied 6% if we go into a recession, why would europe be strong for a travel company, the biggest? how about roku this company helps you cut the cable package by letting you stream video from your web right to the tv. roku's technology is in one of every five homes they reported an incredible quarter, revenue up year over year, no wonder the stock skyrocketed 20% today. if you were worried about amazon, you would have shorted roku here's the bottom line it's easy, very easy to foment
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panic. it's easy to spread fears of recession. people do it all day hey, if i really believed the slow down was imminent, believe me, i'd be screaming it from the rooftops like i did in 2007, 2008 they know nothing. we just don't have the circumstances now, which is why you have to remember the next time the market gets hammered by a set of bogus worries, you got it, keep calm and carry on i can't believe that list. bear not, bear not so angry today let's go to john in new york john >> caller: jim, you got to know when to buy them, know when to sell them and when to hold every stock is a winner and every stock is a loser because it's all in the earnings and that's my advice to you. >> all right, chief. that's good. good rendition of kenny rogers yeah, that's good. all right, go ahead. >> caller: okay, this is john, 70 years old in new york highest
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tax in the nation. i bought the stock because i met quarterly earnings and guidance. as the pride of new york, i went down in this recent market turmoil. bought it at 30.85 major project, diesel catalytic converters which would save the world. p/e at 18 dropped over 2 points. should i buy, sell or hold stock is corning >> i know corning well i used to be up there calling on them when i was at goldman sachs. i have to tell you, i like the company. it has the balance sheet went to great heights in bull market in tell coe i saw an up grade today. made sense to me didn't make me jump up and down. i would have waited till three on the yield i'd bless it i think you should not quit your day job when it comes to singing about stocks fair fair okay, little kids are even nodding their heads here
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let's go to jerry in north carolina jer! >> caller: what's up, big jim? jim -- >> reference to my -- >> caller: i'm sitting here with my great son ethan >> hi. >> caller: jim, i love your rationale how the trade conflict with china is creating opportunities. >> yes >> caller: is rockwell automation say good one year investment to play the shifting manufacturing supply chain >> it's okay >> caller: i like your opinion -- >> it's okay, it's not great it's okay. if you want to -- honestly, i can't just pound the table because the numbers haven't been that good. i mean, it's kind of like emerson although emerson is more china. i'd love to be more bullish. i can't be more bullish, but even the children recoil how about the fact the kids watch this darn show all right. it's a stock show for heaven sake how come they like we try so hard we try to entertain, make it exciting, we try to bring every little kid to the party.
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oh, my god, how do you like that all right. fear not, lower interest rates lower your chinese yuan, manipulator. we have your back. nothing to fear but fear it several. on mad tonight, looking for the perfect investment now is the right time to buy i have exclusive with the c.e.o. and is it time to go shopping for high-quality stocks? i'm surfing back to a couple ipos you should own and five-nine is up 7% today could it be headed even higher interesting company. you better watch stick with cramer. >> announcer: don't miss a second of "mad money." follow at jim cramer on twitter. have a question? tweet cramer #mad tweets send jim an email to or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc ssmi something head to from the couldn't be prouders
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to the wait did we just win-ners. everyone uses their phone differently. that's why xfinity mobile created a different kind of wireless network, with a different way to do data. one designed to save you money. now you can share data between lines,
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mix with unlimited and switch it up at anytime. design your own data with xfinity mobile. it's wireless reimagined. simple. easy. awesome. you know me. i'm a gigantic believer in the humanization of pets treating them more like members of the family which means we
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need to buy them better food, treat them better, better health care some of the immunization pet stocks is controversial. take pet iq which makes veterinary products, think flea and tick preventives it runs its own veterinary clinic thanks to a an acquisition. they can ultimately open a thousand stores in the united states it's been a volatile year for pet iq in march they reported a fabulous quarter and the stock roared it was ravaged by a short seller who chopped 20% off its market cap instantly. it was brutal. it didn'ting take long for the company to report another great quarter. since then the stock is on a roll even if it got dinged in a sell off they reported, they knocked it out of the park. 80 cents a share, people are looking for 35 cents talk about a gigantic beat stock surged higher at the open, but ended up giving up most of
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its gains. whole market took off and swapped to other names i think that's a mistake don't take it from me. check in with the chairman & ceo of pet iq. mr. christianson, welcome back to "mad money. >> thank you, jim, good to be here >> the product and services chart in your pet iq deck, we have amazon, we have google, we have youtube, walmart, target, you kind of have everybody locked up, don't you >> yeah, we're really doing business with everybody and we've been able to take our mission to the market and the market has been extremely receptive. our partnership with our retailers has allowed us to access a huge population of pets out there and allowed us to bring our mission forward of being advocates for the pet parents and helping them find ways to save money on both their products and the services they need to provide better health care ultimately we're bringing thousands and thousands, even
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millions of pets into the category that haven't been getting proper health care so we're really excited how the mission is moving forward. and we obviously love the fact that the numbers continue to show quarter after quarter that it's working >> let's talk about the wellness centers. it's something i'm involved in i read that. i said tell me, how does pet iq, one is the same as the other what are you doing differently >> i think the biggest thing we focus on is we're incredibly transparent with our mod and he will what we charge and what we're doing with the pet owner the pet owner is involved in choosing the wellness pattern. the most benefit we can provide for the pet they can afford which is a little different and not intimidating the user experience is extremely positive because they know they had an honest transparent great experience ultimately they tell their friends and they come back and their pets come back so it's something where our average ticket is running less than $100 to take care of your pet's health and wellness needs which means it's extremely
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affordable to take care of bets in a better way. >> it's cash pay i see veterinary clinics opening up all over the place. maybe just in my area. is there another room for another thousand by pet iq if a lot of doctors are going into it knowing it is an incredibly lucrative business because it's cash >> yeah, there's a lot of clinics out there. there's a ton of pets that aren't seeing the veterinarian there's a ton of ways to reach the pets we think our model is different because we locate our clinics inside of major retailers and those major retailers today represent virtually 90% of all the cat risk pets con150u78 sum this country we call it our follow the pets mission. and we're allowing the services to be where they already are we have 3500 stores we run community clinics in today they're the same, but we only run a day a week in those environments all we're doing is taking the community clinic concept and doing it five days a week. we call it a wellness center
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that wellness center allows us to be more accessible and r for more pets in the area. it's definitely working. >> i recently interviewed the c.e.o. of chewy. enough room, chewy, good competitor, right? >> chewy actually today is one of our strategic partners and we do a significant amount of business with chewy. so we were aligned to drive the same mission they want to see pets get better health care. their recent prescription drug launch helped get it pushed out further to the market. it's been a huge benefit to our company and part of the reason our numbers are so significantly over this past quarter >> let me understand this. i want to be sure because when i looked into it, i did not see chewy on your deck that's why i was confused, i admit. wish i had known that. are they affiliated with you you as you go up, they go up, it's a significant delta for your company >> significant delta
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we've been involved with chewy since organizing the launch of their prescription drug program. they've been strategically involved in helping that provide product to them and then obviously wrer looking at smarter ways to educate their customer base how to find our clinics and do things that help us all move the mission forward. we all want the same thing better health care, better products, more pets being treated. >> the parra go acquisition, how is that going for you? >> it's 30 days and it's fantastic. we've been able to philosophically align with the team, get them integrated how we do business. we definitely see this acquisition as accretive to the company. we've been able to pick up a margin profile significantly better for our product base so it's accretive to the margins of the company. we see tons of white space with our leverage across to do what we do, additional placement in sales volume obviously we picked up a
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significant access to the facility, in omaha, nebraska, what i believe is the best manufacturing for health and wellness in the country. >> you said 15% growth was para grow, i don't think they were doing anywhere near that kind of growth for the division, right? >> no, we've been competitors a long time. the last three years we've done a really nice job of impacting their growth obviously you see our side of growth coming that way as we looked into the combined company, we definitely believe we can put them at a place to grow 15% year over year. a very nice margin profile on that 15% >> terrific. look, i think the story is a good one didn't understand the action because it seems like a great buy. fabulous growth. i want to thank the chairman & ceo of pet iq. thank you so much, sir >> thank you, jim. >> guys have a lot of the channels locked up it sounds pretty promising to me yet the stock didn't pop after a great quarter. that seems wrong to me "mad money" is back after the break. this is mia.
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this is mia's pulse. with pressure rising, and racing. this is also mia's pulse. that her doctor keeps in check, so she can find balance. this is mia's pulse, and now it's more stable than ever. this is what medicare from blue cross blue shield does for mia. and with over 80 years of healthcare expertise, imagine what we can do for you. this is the benefit of blue.
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now that china appears to be behaving itself on the currency front and the dust is settled at least for this week, with the averages rolling back this week, i think it's time to do some shopping, quality stocks while you can get them at a discount of where they were trading a week ago that's why i want to circle back to companies that had the misfortune of holding ipos right before the meltdown. uber, you had the meltdown after and people freaked out i'm talking about a pair of digital companies that came public the same day two weeks ago. live and go health and health catalyst hcht. both spiked right out of the gate >> hallelujah. >> once the market got hammered,
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they came right back down. in other words, you're getting a second bite at the apple although with the way that they're bouncing around today, a smaller bite than i would have liked. let's take them one by one let's start with live n go they help people manage diabetes, especially diabetes. it's basically a personal health platform they use smart devices to monitor your data and then they actually sl actually show it to doctors. for diabetes, you're already checking your blood levels multiple times ago monitor those numbers 24 hours a day 7 days a week. they give you advice based on what they're seeing. it's like having a personalized digital health coach because they have a huge data set, they know how to nudge you towards a healthy life-style the company now does the same thing for hypertension, prediabetes, and obesity among other conditions based on its evidence, it works. meaning live n go delivers better health care outcomes at
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lower costs. isn't that what the system needs? crying out for that. oungs of prevention is worth a pound of cure. employers and health organizations are willing to offer live n go for free it's 60, $70 a month per person. it includes four of the largest health plans of the country. this is the real deal. this thing just got overlooked sure for many americans we don't have a functional health care system live n go has a plan for that. they enrolled diabetes patients increased by 111%. the most recent quarter was 140% that translated into 157% revenue growth the latest quarter, 157, to 22 last year. even if the company is a long way from turning a profit. no wonder the stock spiked from 28 to 40 and changed the morning it came public live n go peaked at 6.48 last week it's now back to $33 and change.
6:28 pm
even though the stock isn't check, selling nine times estimates, given it's growing at a 100% plus clip, i think that's justable valuation if you like it, buy it gradually in stages on the way down just in case we keep getting hit. you have to wonder why apple didn't buy live ng that's what they need to boost their revenue stream we had another digital ipo, it serves health care providers if you're running a hospital, you're setting on a treasure trove of data. far too often they sit on that information. health catalyst gives them the news they need to make better decisions. the medical side and business side they help health care providers figure out what really works and what doesn't in the most cost-effective way just like live n go, health catalyst has good financials it accelerated to 70% in the
6:29 pm
first quarter of 2019. it did drop back to 59% in the second quarter on the other hand, that's better than last year unlike live n go, health catalyst is closer to turning a profit their margins are moving in the right direction. despite the deceleration in the last quarter, the margins got much, much bert. it's easy to see why the imo at 26, stock opened at 37.50. it surged to just under 46, then it got hammered along with everything else. three days ago it traded at 38 i wish i spent time talking about it then because that was the perfect moment to buy. since then health catalyst has come back, including a 6% run today, bringing the stock to 43. i feel bad that i didn't push it to you at these levels, the valuation is practically sane, though. health catalyst trades six times next year's sales. it sounds expensive but it's a high growth company. using the back of the envelope calculations, it's easy for a company with 50% revenue growth. can the stock go higher? sure
6:30 pm
look at the way it's rebounding here if we get another dip, i would pounce on this one because we were know health catalyst can come right back. we saw that. buy a little tomorrow, and then hope for a trade war turmoil so you can buy more and get bigger in the position. these health care cost containment plays almost never go out of style except during hideous meltdown like the one we've seen come out of the other side i think they're primed to keep roaring back if this is only temporary reprieve, that just means you can get to buy more lower levels bottom line, don't let fear blind you to opportunities that are staring you right in the face live n go and health catalyst both came public with a bang two weeks ago. their stocks exploded higher thanks to the hideous pull back they come back it immunized against worries or a sanders administration health care for all i think live n go and health catalyst are worth buying as
6:31 pm
long as you don't buy them at once jason in illinois. jason. >> caller: mr. cramer, booyah from the windy city. >> down your way >> caller: thank you so much for what you do for us real quick, i'm holding positions in apple, microsoft, disney, bank of america. >> okay. >> caller: i'm looking to add another to my paefl. you talked about it in the past when you it's fallen into tough times. what is your opinion of modern a? >> i met with them and talked with them. it is not a productive stock to own. i've got to see, i've got to see some sort of pbottom they've told a good story, but so far the market is not liking that story i have to say hold off for now lets' go to chris in california chris. >> caller: hello, mr. cramer, how are you? >> good. >> caller: thank you for all the valuable information you shared with us lately
6:32 pm
i'm also a new member of the club my stock is beyond meat, bynd. i missed the opportunity to buy it when it went public tyson's food is also planning to develop its own line of alternative protein products will there be more competition moving forward do you think it's still a good growing company to invest? >> thank you, and thank you for being a member of the club this is beyond meat is still worth 10 billion that's too much, okay. i think that the company is going to be terrific it needs to grow into its market cap. impossible is coming, but it's gmo. i listen to tyson's conference call they do too much much a blend of plant and meat that doesn't work at all this company just did 3.2 million share secondary and the stock is very heavy. i want you to wait it's going to come in, i believe. let's go to david in
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california david. >> caller: hi, booyah, from central coast in california. thank you, jim, for what you do. >> thank you i love where you live. what's up? >> caller: a technology, amazon of after, ka went public on april 12 at 18.50. it went to 49.77 it closed down today 22 cents to 13.24. what's your opinion? >> david, i would analyze this thing when it popped at the beginning, went all the way up, doubled and i came to the conclusion that it's uninvestable we can't figure out what the heck is going on with it so, therefore, i cannot recommend it and i do want to emphasize that it is dicey likebeyond meat an like moderna all three questioners were talking about speculative situations don't let fear blind you to opportunities. live n go and health catalyst are gems worth buying. more "mad money" ahead is it time to get your head in
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the cloud? cloud five nine i'm talking about. i'm going one on one with the c.e.o. some countries are hazardous to a company's health as you can get. i'm looking at the last brick standing know your calls. rapid fire tonight's edition of the lightning round. so stick with cramer -driverless cars... -all ground personnel... ...or trips to mars. $4.95. delivery drones or the latest phones. $4.95. no matter what you trade, at fidelity it's just $4.95 per online u.s. equity trade.
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want know whether this mark has its groove back, look at five nine. a cloud-based software company that helps customers manage their contact centers, allowing them to cut costs and improve engagement here's a stock that barely got dinged during the market wide sell off because the business is so strong. five 9 reported a big top line beat, huge bottom line beat and raised full year forecast. it was a grand slam, people. stock went from the $49 to $59 in a single session. i think it would have kept running. the quarter was so good. it circled back to five 9, high growth stocks are working and it jumped nearly 4 bucks or 7%. can it keep climbing let's take a closer look rowan is the c.e.o. of five 9. happy to have him back welcome back to "mad money." i've got to tell you, i can't
6:38 pm
resist i know you might think this is unfair, but this weekend i'm sure you saw the article in the "wall street journal." everyone hates customer -- >> i did read that article >> okay. do they hate five 9? >> absolutely not. you know, that's the problem that we're fixing. this is the problem that everybody has, right you call into a call center, give them the run around, you can't reach somebody and why is that it's because of these old legacy on premises systems, too complex, too expensive and hard to maintain. that's what's really driving the success you saw with five 9 the last quarter >> so, i am an estee lauder associate and i am concerned there was an issue involving some sort of manufacturing issue, it was cleared up immediately. people were concerned whether they have something that was wrong with the product what does five 9 let me do that i couldn't do if i just hired a bunch of people very considerate and nice >> it's all about intelligence when you think about you as a consumer when you're calling
6:39 pm
into a brand, you want to get to the right person as quickly as possible finding that right person is critical finding the person who can answer your problem, estee is a customer of five 9 think about the old days of estee. the front door of a retail outlet, you walk in and talk to somebody in a white coat the call center has moved from the basement to the front floor of every business. it's all about intelligence. >> you said in the conference call, the market is huge and customer interactions are absolutely exploding that's because of e-com? >> e-commerce is a huge driver >> lululemon, when they have a catalog, they want to know whether the catalog is doing well, they can monitor through you? >> lululemon is a customer and when you want to call in to their call center, get help, you're actually going to be routed by five 9 we're going to have all the intelligence that is about connecting you to the right person whether it's on a phone call or on a message or email.
6:40 pm
we're sort of multi channel or omni channel we have all the ways a customer wants to connect >> in summit, new jersey, we use ex pedia we're not a customer in terms of someone calling up and booking something. we need to speak to someone and we need special service because it's a very important thing. how do we get routed by five 9 versus some other system >> this is a great example actually, jim. take expedia let's say you've called in or sent a message we can gain information about you and we can know information about you based on your caller i.d. so we'll know who you are, we can link that back in to expedia system we understand you are living in this city, and let's say that we understand also that you're interested in, in travel to a specific -- maybe you've been on their website and they've
6:41 pm
tracked you understanding what you are clicking on and where you're going so let's say you're interested in traveling to beautiful california >> okay. >> so what they do is they say, who are the representatives here who know about california? or have been to california recently instead of connecting you to anyone, they connect you to someone who has actually been to california recently. they use intelligence from companies like five 9 and others we sit in the middle and help orchestrate all that >> in that chair the other day was someone from live person and they told us a very good story when we were in california, we met with zen desk. is it a giant scrum, a land grab >> it's a tapestry, zen desk is a company of ours. often you'll see companies by zen desk because they are transforming the customer landscape moving to a lot of self-service we help them when they move into the large enterprise and they want to sell larger businesses, we help and partner with zen desk it's actually a big team effort service, service cloud at
6:42 pm
salesforce, big part of this you mentioned live person that's helping. we're all doing different parts of the eco system. >> i'm kind of trying to figure out what the differentiator for a live person -- live person, honestly, they were just here. wow, they use this text message. that seems like a great thing. millennials like to text >> yes >> do you have that feature? >> we do they are more exclusively on the text front we're adding intelligence there. we tend to focus on live interactions including phone or sns. we are bringing that same kind of intelligence to the live interactions, but that's where you would see the difference between us and the live person they're more focused on the messaging side they don't do anything to do with voice or with other things. we are really focused on that. a lot of companies actually use both of us >> okay, and i know they may see this and we do have voice. i understand when you say message. now, is there such a term as break point, or is that something the journalists were using?
6:43 pm
>> i had never heard of that >> come on >> i swear >> stack of bibles at five 9 does not know about the break point where people get fed up and angry. >> i've never heard of that. >> it's a large industry i'm surprised. maybe some people look at it that way here's the macro, jim. the real recognition of what's going on -- the real recognition of what's going on from these businesses is that you can't afford to have customer service be an afterthought you can't afford to have it be in the basement. you need to have it become the front door so that's what's actually driving the investment -- why are companies like ours doing so well because businesses are more willing to spend money it's a strategic -- morgan stanley last quarter did a research note and the said that in the cloud, the number one priority for tech spend is on customer experience transformation so while there are companies out there like "the wall street journal" referred to, increasingly more companies are recognizing they have to spend more money and deliver a way better service experience to their consumer or else they're
6:44 pm
going to lose them [ laughter ] >> all right, fair enough. the c.e.o. of five 9 if he doesn't know about break point, maybe it's a surfing term "mad money" is back after the break. - at southern new hampshire university, we believe in education built for all people. - [woman] snhu was the best experience of my life. - [man] without snhu, i wouldn't be the leader i am today. - [woman] i graduated high school 19 years ago. i still finished. - [man] in the military, you feel that sense of accomplishment. that's what snhu is. - you will march from this arena and say to the world.. i did it. - [woman] you did it. i love you. - [graduate] i love you too.
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it is time it's time for the lightning round. >> buy, buy, buy >> sell, sell, sell. >> examiand then the lightning d is over. are you ready, ski daddy going to start with todd in illinois todd >> caller: jim, how are you? >> i'm great, how are you? >> caller: doing great want to know about twitter heading into election time >> twitter is doing well it is in the same conversation as google and facebook you should own the stock if you want to buy it it's fine right here i need to go to bhob in pennsylvania bob. >> caller: hello, mr. cramer the stock is killing me, symbol
6:48 pm
is m as in mary plx. >> they have no growth that's why even though they have good yields people regard them as wasting assets. i don't want you in them let's go to mark in arizona. mark >> caller: good evening, jim >> what's up >> caller: on your show you keep talking about cannabis stocks such as conicus and gw i never heard you mention iipr innovative i understand strit properties >> oh, contrare monfrare i got it wrong, but i got the harder one, epidilex right let's go to sam in ohio. sam. >> caller: booyah. >> booyah. >> caller: booyah, my friend >> booyah. >> caller: -- should i buy more?
6:49 pm
>> huh, pardon me, sir no, no, i mean -- >> sell, sell, sell sell >> they're in the penalty box for me the next quarter could be better but i don't want to risk it. no, come on. todd in texas. this is the second time lightning round. todd >> caller: good evening, fairest mr. cramer todd in texas, first-time caller thank you for what you do helping us pay medical bills we have a sick baby boy who needs a liver transplant >> i wish you the best of luck wow. i hope everything works out. >> caller: yeah, thank you question is chip johnson, he and i go way back to mexico military institute. he's a smart guy, valedictorian. is this 2 for 1 deal with callan a smart deal >> i like chip just as you do. i think he's terrific. met his daughter when i was in california you know what, i have to tell
6:50 pm
you that i think he sold too cheap. i'd love to have him come on and defend it but i think he sold too cheap. and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the lightning round. >> announcer: the lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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dexperience thrillingn operformance.o now at the lexus golden opportunity sales event. get 0.9% apr for 60 months on all 2019 models. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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♪ she's a brickhouse ♪ she's mighty mighty ♪ >> hey, remember brick i'm a big acronym guy.
6:53 pm
we have fang, facebook amazon, netflix and alphabet which was formerly google. we have watch, which was walmart, amazon, target, costco, home depot, big retailers. ten or 15 years ago it was brick, brazil, russia, india and china. way back in 2006 it was coined back then if you were industrial company, you either dove into bric head first. or you were left behind struggling with the slower growth of the united states. one by one, though, these bricks became hazardous to your health and your wealth. brazil went from -- brazil went from turbo growth mode to perpetual recession. the currency always seems to be on the verge of collapse russia, vlad putin turned it into a -- a nightmare for any business except the ones he and
6:54 pm
his friends own. read the latest quarter from the squeaky clean fragrance we like. an israeli company makes artificial flavors only to find out it was making big payoffs to do business in russia. and india, everybody has been trying to crack into that market for ages it has the fastest growing number of young people on earth. apple had a better experience than most. walmart paid 16 billion for flip card all you have to say is good luck no american company has come up with a way to make money at scale in india even as the other bric's fell by the wayside -- these things are so heavy, you wouldn't believe it -- there was always china that's the one market that always worked. it was the c that worked the country with the most mouths to feed, roads to build, miles to travel, stores to shop,
6:55 pm
diapers to change, calls to make china became the saving grace of the brics. is this zumba, is that how it works? as the chinese economy kept growing, the options to actually make money in china seemed to shrink ten years ago the companies were willing to accept the ruling communist party's onerous terms. you had to form a joint venture, bogus one, that would likely steal your intellectual property but there was so much money to be made it was worth t. now the companies have come to see china as a double edged sword. if you get involved, they will learn your trade secrets steal them and set up shop as competitors. that's why everyone is so upset in washington. at least peter navarro is. many companies were willing to make that trade-off. president trump has always had a seething contempt for the way china does business. he rolled out his tariffs in an effort to get the chinese government to change its ways. if you do business in people's republic of china, it's just
6:56 pm
another brick in the wall. the c in brick has become the last straw what happened in the earnings season we're putting a pencil to the unfathomable trade war am some places manageable. the people in the chinese economy are getting hurt on all sides. sky war solutions, an amazing shrinking price to earnings multiple, it put be surprisingly good numbers despite lost business from ren gad huawei anything cell phone related is heavily scrutinized. only one american company, starbucks, is bucking the trend. schultz decided the business should embrace chinese culture wholeheartedly it worked. cyclical companies that rely on china for growth, fedex, emerson, is despised no one knows what to do with boeing which i regard as the greatest manufacturer on earth they tell you there is something to do, buy or sell is going up in smoke
6:57 pm
things will get worse in china, maybe much worse there's no reason to make concessions, we're too far from the election one thing is for sure. brick exposure means your earnings are suspect guilty until proven innocent instead wall street now wants to pay for purely domestic companies with no ties to brazil, india, china for that matter in short, brick has been bricked and i don't seize that verdict changing any time soon stick with cramer.
6:58 pm
these folks, they don't have time to go to the post office
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they have businesses to grow customers to care for lives to get home to they use print discounted postage for any letter any package any time right from your computer all the amazing services of the post office only cheaper get our special tv offer a 4-week trial plus postage and a digital scale go to and never go to the post office again! my mother told me comparisons are odious i have to tell you, lyft was much better than uber. uber spent too much money and didn't get the sales i really care about the sales line for these kinds of companies. and it was disappointing there's no two ways about. i i always like to say there's a bull market somewhere and i promise to find it for you here on "mad money. i'm jim cramer see you tomorrow
7:00 pm
>> welcome to the shark tank, where entrepreneurs seeking an investment will face these sharks. if they hear a great idea, they'll invest their own money or fight each other for a deal. this is "shark tank." ♪ is the most convenient way to get your workout in. ♪ my name is ben young. and my name is greg coleman. we are here from the washington, d.c., metro area. our company is sworkit, and we are here seeking $1.5 million


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