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tv   Squawk Alley  CNBC  November 27, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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health and happiness of our members and we're just getting started. good morning it is 8:00 a.m. at twitter headquarters, 11:00 a.m. on wall street and squawk"squawk alley" live ♪
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i'm carl quintanilla a busy morning we'll start with this report out of axios, a 2020 corporate hit list ranked by candidates mentioned on twitter tech heavily represented uber, twitter, alphabet making the top ten. roger mcnamee is joining us along with casey newton. good to see you guys roger, we talked about this list and it is probably only going to continue as we get further into the political season we mentioned where the banks are in all of this why is tech getting so much attention? >> you know, i think that it is very simple. we've been in a really long bull market we've been in a period of time
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for maybe 40 years where we deregulated everything and given corporations almost total autonomy and the tech guys have taken advantage of that, even credibly successfully investors have loved it. but at the same time, a lot of harm is being done, being done to public health, democracy, privacy, competition and we have to have more balance in the economy consumers have got to benefit more from this economic cycle than they have been getting the last ten years and the tech guys frankly, they are easy to dislike because that are behavior is so obviously anti-social. >> and casey, maybe they are just easy to diss because they are popular. i was looking at the stock prices and the appreciation in amazon since the inauguration. it has been around 59 points better than the s&p. almost exactly the same as appl
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in that time period which is not on this list of targets. maybe it is just that amazon has done pretty well, there is all that talk about the taxes that they don't pay and so it is easy to be beat up on them. but it doesn't necessarily hurt their performance stock wise >> yeah, i don't think that candidates sort of rattling their sabres during the campaign is going to effect the stock price of these companies but i would note that employees inside these companies are starting to get worried about what might happen if there is an elizabeth warren presidency. we heard mark zuckerberg earlier this year tell his employees that he was prepared to go to the mat and fight her if it came to that. so i think that there is a daunting awareness inside these companies that have concentrated so much power and are now among the very largest corporations in the world that depending on who wins the next election, they could be in for some hurt. >> i want to push back on that a little bit because at google, the situation is literally the opposite of that
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at google, a company that was famous for years for treating its employees really well, there is an open revolt beginning. and the company is using an anti labor union service company to try to prevent employees from organizing in any way. and i don't think that this is just about politicians i think increasingly employees are showing concern about the direction the companies are taking, that things don't look as innocent as they did a few years ago. and from a political point of view, i'm with casey, i don't think that it will affect stock prices much, but i think there are a lot of people questioning the value system of the people running these companies. >> and google jumped out at me on this list you have amazon number one, facebook number two. alphabet, 2%, way down on this list and yet they are one of those companies we talk about in it
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terms of big tech, the antitrust scrutiny, the privacy and data stuff. and as you mentioned, everything that is going on with employees right now. why do you think the disparity >> i think that it is really simple casey nailed it. not paying taxes is going to make amazon is target. the notion that these poor people are being hurt and maimed in the warehouses are paying more taxes than the corporation is, that isn't going to sit well with anybody and obviously facebook has behaved badly for several years. and google by comparison has great pr the one who completely skates is microsoft whose business model is really similar, but their pr is fantastic so nobody even thinks of them in the same breath >> and of course you have uber and lyft on the list too speaking to the tug of war we're seeing where ridesharing is concerned. >> yeah, i think ridesharing on one hand is a great service that
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i think most of us use to get around during the week, but it always raises a ton of really important questions about, you know, congestions in cities or the working conditions for those drivers. so i'm glad that it is getting attention from the folks running for president. >> and i would argue microsoft's business model way different from amazon, facebook and google they are not e-commerce. they are not advertising they are leaning heavily into enterprise sure they make some money off advertising, but not nearly the scale as the others. >> and to push back on that, microsoft is a very successful practitioner of capitalism they start gathering data on children using minecraft, follow them through xbox live and then of course they get to linkedin and they have them in the workplace. i think you're right, they manifest it differently. they do have a different business model but we shouldn't pretend that they are not a huge beneficiary of the same trends that have
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allowed google and facebook to become so dominant >> all right, we'll watch that meantime reservations for tesla's cyber truck now up to 250 k, according to a tweet by elon musk. although we're back in the same position as we were a year ago saying if he has data points like this, why we don't see it in an a.k. >> i think that it is a good question you know, at the same time, i think that is it too early to call this truck a huge success like this is the most interesting looking vehicle we've seen in this country since the delorean and they have already taken 250,000 pre-orders i think if you can afford this car and you have a place to put it, chances are you might want it >> roger, are these really pre-orders or are they fan club dues i'm more inclined to think that they are fan club dues it is 100 bucks. it is refundable if you like tesla, why wouldn't you put 100 bucks out there and get updates and then be part of the rah-rah crowd.
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tesla has never really given us hard numbers on how many of these deposits, whatever you want to call them, actually translate into people buying the thing once it is available >> jon, i'm with you on that point. i'm not a car person, but dude, that is one of the ugliest looking vehicles i've ever seen. and the notion that you put 100 bucks down, you put your name on the list, i totally get that but we should not forget the great thing about tesla, it is a fan club i mean, the brand equity is huge i worry about the balance sheet and their manufacturing strategy but, wow, what a brand i mean, it really is -- they have earned it >> i don't think i've come across anybody who doesn't have a strong opinion one way or the other about the design but i wonder if maybe the biggest impact near term is on
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marketing. i mean, you've seen what is going on between tesla and ford. you got lego coming out on twitter making fun of it as well saying the evolution of the truck is here, guaranteed shatter proof. what do you think? >> are they making fun or just trying to be part of it? >> that is my point. it has become a bigger marketing push almost. >> completely. and if you are a technology company, this is the thing that you are trying to do that is the ha hardest thing do which is to create a moment. and look how often tesla has been able to do it obviously this design will be very polarizing. i couldn't even believe the thing when i thought it. i had to look at like ten images before i believed that this was the real product but officer the last week or so, it has grown on me and, you know, we're talking about it now. it is part of the conversation i think there is a good chance this becomes an iconic vehicle of the 2020s >> the spicy chicken sandwich of a truck.
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>> it is >> wow that chicken sandwich is good. >> let's wait until we test drive it before we start giving it iconic status >> fair enough >> finally, roger, congratulations on in new yorker piece. it is incredible chronicles the way in which you stepped out from the pack early on and have largely been proven correct. regle reflections on this piece? >> i have to say thank you to the whole team at "squawk alley. you were willing to take this story up in august of 2017 before anyone else on earth. i want to say thank you also to casey who has been simply unbelievable in digging into the facebook side of this thing. that story happens to be about me, but it should just as easily been about you or casey or tristan harris there are so many people who worked on this not because we dislike internet platforms, not because we don't like technology, but rather because we love both and want
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them to behave in a way that allows society to flourish and allows all the people who use their technology to be successful and hopefully one day we'll get that point across and we'll all be better off. >> casey, i wonder having read the piece, having seen sasha's speech, if you think that population of critics is growing. >> yeah, it really is. criticizing these platforms is now an absolute mainstream position and you can tell when a celebrity speaks up and speaks out, there is a huge audience for it so i think that this will be a growing problem for facebook in particular in 2020 >> sacha baron cohen's speech is powerful because he really -- he understands the issues and he really laid it out in an incredibly clear way he was putting into words things
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that were on people's minds that they hadn't been able to arctic cute late. and the framing of it was simply brilliant. i hope that he is the firstarcte and the framing of it was simply brilliant. i hope that he is the first of a long series of high profile people because this is everybody's issue. >> roger, we hope everybody reads the op-ed and of course reads the profile of you in the "new yorker. have a great thanksgiving, guys. >> happy thanksgiving. still to come, an earnings beat sending shares of auto desk higher pl stock up 4%. and andrew anagnost will join us exclusively on those results next stay with us it was sophie's big day. by the way, she's the next mozart. as usual we were behind schedule. but sophie's enthusiasm cannot be dampened. not even by a run-away donut.
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shares of auto desk are hire off the back of strong earnings. the company's results led the price target going up to 195 a share. and joining us now is their ceo andrew anagnost. good morning >> good morning. >> so rev nenue-wise, you had u side versus guidance based both on some pull forward from q4 you talked about, also some upfront payments normally we're used to more of a subscription cadence
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explain what happened there. >> yeah, so first off, revenue, earnings, billings, tree cafree flow all came in above targets we upped the guide on all of those numbers. and a bit of a wobble that is an accounting thing, it is the way a.r. is calculated and the way 606 accounting works but that up front revenue we talked about really is key rushing, it just isn't recognized over 12 quarters. so it takes money out of one quarter and moves it into another. it is all accounting but the fundamental business economics were solid and we're getting reward for it. >> your software gets used by so many people around the world and companies who are building and designing things so i often wonder the extent to which we can look into your results for evidence of how bullish or not various geeing a gri -- geographies are on building
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for the future you didn't say that you necessarily see any signs of a downturn coming. why are you investing particularly in infrastructure right now and is there anything that you didn't mention on the call downturn wise that you do see on the horizon >> first off, you see a lot of conversation about infrastructure investment and the power of infrastructure investment in various -- by various governments. so you want to be part of that infrastructure conversation. and investing in infrastructure is a long term play for the company regardless of what the economic climate is like, but it is also a smart play when people are talking about are we heading into a downturn, is the cycle ending so it is just good business to invest in that area both long and short term but we're not seeing anything in the markets that indicates that we'll see slowing in our business >> and you touched on mentioning regardless of the economic environment. given the fact that we got the big thanksgiving parade of data
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this morning, a number of wall street analysts suggesting that maybe we are seeing a bottoming in the slowdown in manufacturing. is that your read through the li lens of the company as well? >> we saw softening in manufacturing early. we highlighted it in germany in terms of some of the softness we saw there. we actually saw an improvement in our german manufacturing business quarter over quarter. so that is consistent with what we're seeing >> you also saw the maintenance to subscription conversion rate up to an all-time high of about 40%. wonder if you can give more detail on the mechanics of that. i know that you've been raising the maintenance prices, maybe frying to push people into more of a subscription mode but what other kinds of factors might be increasing that rate which i guess is a positive for you guys >> our goal is to get every one
11:19 am
of those customers on subscription we think it is better for them, it is better for us. one thing you're seeing is we're coming to the end of the program. we had a two year program which was allowing our customers to move from maintenance to subscription and maintain some of their lower prices and lock them in? that program is coming to an end this year. so people are coming forward and moving there is a 20% price increase sitting out there on maintenance. so people are starting to weigh their options and move more aggressively into the subscription model >> i want your thoughts on the fact that so many industrial companies are leaning in on technology these days. i realize for as many that i could site as examples, more broadly this trend we're seeing in the industrial sector right now, does that create more competition for auto desk or is that something that could be a tail wind? >> yeah, you know, a great question it actually creates a lot more opportunity. one thing that people don't realize about auto desk because
11:20 am
historically over the last ten years, we've been know as the autocad company. but because of solid modeling and fusion and what we're doing there, we are the biggest and most important 3d modeling player in the market and this is where people are investing moving forward, they are investing in bim, in new design to manufacturing work flow, they are investing in the cloud. something that auto desk has been investing in the last seven years. so these are all areas where people are leaning into them at rates faster than in the past. and so that is a tail wind for us yeah, there will be more competition and we embrace that. it validates where we're going technologically. >> and investors leaning in this morning with the stock up nearly 5% andrew, thanks for being with us >> thank you when we come back, death by a thousand cuts. how direct to consumer brands
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welcome back the direct to couple coupler holiday shopping strategy is in full swing and deidre bosa has more from san francisco. >> and the big question how do you compete with amazon juggernaut that does everything from shipping to returns to warehousing? sure you can sell through amazon, but then they would be giving up sensitive data to a potential competitor you may remember the auburns knockoffs. so call it a dtc ecosystem
11:25 am
but it is about branding wary of working with amazon. it is made up of those like stripe which handles payments and also firms that provide credit to buy things like way democrat wayfair furniture and even a startup that wants to give one day shipping a run for its money called dark store. the ecosystem the includes established names like instagram for e-commerce flplatforms. it is helping to raise money from some of the biggest names in silicon valley and wall street it may also help these direct to consumer brands avoid the black friday and cyber monday discounts that traditional retailers are touting this morning i checked the websites
11:26 am
and not a deal to be found the strategy employed last year could help them maintain brand strength at a time when other retailers like gap and j ycrew are struggling to maintain theirs >> a fascinating trend and some of the establishment players like u.p.s. have launched startups as well. so a big trend to watch. thanks time for a news update good morning here is what is happening at this hour. european and middle eastern regulators will be conducting independent reviews of bo's next new aircraft the 777 x, this is a break from long standing practices where u.s. built planes were primarily reviewed by the faa. pope francis named a new chief financial regulator in the
11:27 am
vatican. the previous position holder left last week after five years at the post. but this all comes after unprecedented police raids on the organization last month. protests in iraq continued wednesday with demonstrators and police clashing in baghdad and in the southern oil capital, protestors prevented government employ yeaees from getting to wk and former u.s. president jimmy carter is getting discharged from an atlanta hospital after undergoing surgery to relieve pressure on his brain. that pressure was caused from a series of recent falls that caused some bleeding mr. carter, age 95, will return to his home in plains, georgia with his wife to celebrate thanksgiving and recover and we wish him the very best. you are up to date back downtown to squa"squawk a." and let's get the european close in a couple minutes. dom chu has the breakdown.
11:28 am
>> it has been a pretty good month overall. markets generally in the green as you see behind me the positivity around record highs in the u.s. market helped along with that bull case around the world. it has been the case recently that it is incrementally positive 2k0e67developments on u.s./china trade talks pushing things higher. and confidence in france also came in better than expected so you had that going. the dax in germany andibex in spain are among the outperformers. the broader euro stock exchanxxd hit a four year high helped by strength in telecom stocks and among stocks on the move today, you've got seb, rising by over 3% after the swedish bank said it found no evidence to support allegations of aiding some companies implicated in a russian tax fraud scheme and meanwhile you got shares of
11:29 am
a make bre of brar of braking ss posted disappointing results and u.s. listed shares of manchester united are soaring today. and that is due in large part to what is happening with competing team manchester city because silver lake took a 10% plus stake for $500 million and so man city valued at $4.8 billion and that is seen as marking up the value of other franchises including manchester united so soccer is making waves in that market. back over to you >> that value nation ation is bs help. after the break, ceo of vmware will join us. stay with us driverless cars, or trips to mars. no commission. delivery drones,
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we just decided we didn't want debt any longer. ♪ i didn't realize how easy investing could be. i'm picking companies that i believe in. ♪ i think sofi money is amazing. ♪ thank you sofi. sofi thank you, we love you. ♪ vmware stock is trading up a fraction of a percent. and with us now is their ceo, pat gelsinger. good morning >> good morning, jon, great to talk to you again and happy thanksgiving to you and all your viewers. >> happy thanksgiving. always great to talk to you.
11:33 am
maybe you can help us make sense not just of vmware's results but understand what is happening in enterprise tech. we've seen kind of a couple different stories playing out even yesterday dell technology i on the hardware side you have intel chip shortage, memory cost increases, kind of a large enterprise slowdown in spending on hardware. but as you said in the past, there is not that much of a correlation between what is happening in hardware and what vmware sees. that continues to be the case, right? >> yeah, very much and there is certainly some turbulence on the hardware or on premises the spend side. and after an extraordinary last year spend, much bigger than people would have thought, a moderation this year, obviously some of the supply chain aspects of cpus and memories but our results are showing that vmware has always helped people get efficiency from the data
11:34 am
center spend and we saw it again this quarter that that investment really is related to workload growth and the ability for us to take customers to the cloud. we saw strength in some of our emerging products and subscription business. so we're clearly seeing this thesis that people are investing in us as the pathway to the future and having just finished worldwide tour through all three g.o.s, we believe that digital transformation is alive and well people are -- >> so no correlation between wh he we're seeing or is there a slight negative correlation because people aren't spending on hardware because they can spend on some of the technologies that you are investing into get more efficiency >> we think any correlation there is weak at best. and in some ways we've always been able to be i'll say
11:35 am
enabling them to get more from their hardware investment. and now enabling them again to get more from not only their on-premise data center, but combining that with public cloud even gives additional efficiency as well. so in that sense we're somewhat t counter cyclical >> and we've been talking about hp enterprise ceo making his case for why they are a way to go there but this is a big investment, a project for you guys kind of tying containerization into your fees for your product. it is in beta now. when will we see it actually come out fully ready >> and this idea of cooper netties is maybe as powerful as virtual machine and java was 20 years ago. so we see it as a major inflection point where the industry is agreeing how applications will get built and get automated. and for that, pacific is
11:36 am
bringing it into the core v sphere and for us this is hundreds of thousand of customers, millions of people that use our products will become enabled and it is a beta today great interest we've been oversubscribed, expanded it twice already. and it will be part of the next major release that will come early next year. so we are well on track to deliver what we think is a ground breaking technology and part of the bigger strategy that we've laid out with the pivotal acquisitions that will soon be closing. all of that gives us great assets to capitalize on the cooper netties transition for the industry >> java has been huge for technology, not just in the enterprise, but consumer as well it was a really big deal so that is a high bar that you are setting. what sort of an advantage is this going to give vmware assuming project pacific works out the way you planned over rivals
11:37 am
i don't know if you want to talk in terms of months or years of lead or what >> the unique thing that vmware brings to the table is the ability to combine dootoday's applications with tomorrow he's containers and doing that in a seamless way. this is like a gold mine because people don't need to build new for the new stuff, they are able to run it on their existing and modernized environments as well. and that seamlessness saves them years in their application migration and modernization process. millions in investment and helps them modernize to a hybrid, multicloud future. and furthermore customers will look for a common way to manage multiple cooper netties clouds and this is what we've been doing forever. in the past we said, hey, we made hp, dell, few j, we made it
11:38 am
okay and so now we'll make it okay and we're quite uniquely positioned in the industry to enable both the integration of the path and future and multiclouds in to the future, super well positioned on this key technology >> talk to us about carbon black. you have that now. we talk about security a lot but security stocks stand alone. and are often some of the most volatile so how are you going to make carbon black an integrated part of vmware that delivers i guess reliable earnings going into the future how do you integrate it and monetize it in a way that is profitable >> and i've been very critical of the security industry where i've said, you know, every year for the last ten years this has been the fastest growing piece i.t. budget. but we've had faster growth in the number and cost of breaches. that is the definition of a broken industry.
11:39 am
thousands of products and suppliers who are spending more and getting less from the customer this is broken and what we're doing is building security into the platform we're building it in the network, into the client with work space 1 common end to he said cloend c t analytics. and in the process being able to operationalize it, operate it consistently with already running their apps and infrastructure and we believe that this will be industry-shaping i'm out to change the security industry because simply put the world shoutop should stop puttio much on their future platform if we cannot just create a new business but really change what the industry is doing and how customers are able to get secure infrastructure and applications in it to the future. >> finally i want to talk about
11:40 am
sales. i believe you announced some shuffles how is the playbook if at all for how enterprise software sales, cloud sales needs to happen in 2020 going to be different from 2019? >> and we've been very happy with our european leader they came over four years ago. he committed to three, gave us four and he will continue with the company in a strategic capacity as he for personal reasons moves back to europe we're bringing in jean pierre. trading a frenchman for an italian. so we expect to be an extremely smooth transition for us and increasingly we're selling solutions where we're going to the customer and saying you can buy the individual products, but take the solution from us. because every day that we enable
11:41 am
customers to spend less time looking down at infrastructure and looking up at their application and their business transformation, that is the unique thing that we're out to enable customers do, take the complete solutions for the data center, the cloud, for the end user experience, bring them from vmware, viewer take strategic suppliers that you are relying on for more and helping you accelerate your digital transformation and we're thrilled as we look into the next fiscal year to deliver on that in a powerful way for the customers. and we think that we are super well positioned to do exactly that >> and we look forward to seeing how you continue to compete. pat gelsinger of vmware, great to have you. happy thanksgiving >> thanks. always a pleasure. still to comkcome, the figh over your digital wallet and rick santelli, what are you
11:42 am
watching >> today data points mostly very solid. market reaction lctllauay logical. we'll talk about the outlier after the break. 's easy. but then you have to connect, download, edit, reformat, output, save, send, upload... still uploading... and maybe eventually post. this isn't working. introducing samsung business video solutions. with the galaxy note10, you can shoot, edit and post thumb-stopping videos, all from one device. samsung business solutions.
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dow is up 7 points let's get the santelli exchange. >> good morning. you know, it has been a very strange couple much months especially if you are watching
11:45 am
the interaction between interest rates, data in the economy, global data regarding the global economy, and of course the equity markets i know mike santoli who does great market commentary yesterday showed a correlation of stocks and the price of instruments in the treasury complex. and of course when price goes up, yield goes down. they correlated because they don't correlate if you look at yields versus equities and that really is more of my focus. a historically many investors always fear interest rates, but i point to some of the best times over the last several decades and solid economic data represents an upward movement in interest rates that should be followed by an upward move in equities and everything beyond that makes me scratch my head a bit today we had gdp jump from slightly under 2% on slightly over 2%. and to many, that isn't a big deal, but it is a big deal to me
11:46 am
and i think that it is psychologically important as well as we twra ry to tie up maf the issues that may be holding the economy from producing more horsepower as we come close year end. look at the intra day chart and it had a positive effect and that is the way it is supposed to work. but there was a couple other points that i want to show you regarding today's numbers. capital goods orders up 1.2% and that is always a proxy for business spending. second best number of the year, first best number is 1.4 in january. and finally let's look at a chart going back to january 2015 on personal income you know, i did the data and unchanged doesn't sound so bad but it actually is because today was the third zero we've had going back to january of 2015. but if you look at november of
11:47 am
2015, it was minus one tenth so today's number was actually quite weak in the context of history. morgan, back to you. >> rick, thank you happy thanksgiving >> you too up next, the joys of holiday travel we break down the dos and don'ts, the deals to watch for and how to maximize your vacation this holiday season with the points guy. that is next i'm a regular in my neighborhood. i'm a regular at my local coffee shop and my local barber shop. when you shop small you help support your community - from after school programs to the arts! so become a regular, more regularly. because for every dollar you spend at a small business, an average of 67 cents stays in the community. join me and american express on small business saturday, november 30th, and see how shopping small adds up.
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welcome back prepare for takeoff. 55 million people are estimated to travel for thanksgiving that is the most since 2005. also 3% rise year over yea joining us with more is the points guy, brian kelly. welcome. >> thanks. >> a lot of people hitting the road and air what do they need to keep many mind >> it's been a bit of a difficult week with the freak snowstorm out in colorado that reeked havoc passengers were caught in the airport overnight and there's another doozy of a storm brewing so it's still tbd, not around thanksgiving, but sunday, monday >> that always u seems to be the thing i come back to as a frequent travelerer when you see things like dreaded bomb cyclone
11:51 am
and delays at the airport et cetera ways to navigate are there ways >> this is what we do. i recommend get the airline app you have and they'll tell you where the plane is coming from even if you're in sunny florida, the plane might be coming from chicago. if it starts to delay, you can get ahead of it and get rebooked before they cancel the flight. so so if you wait until the last minute flikts are packed. there might only be a couple of seats left get ahead of the other passengers and get rebooked. >> let's talk money. travel hacks for thanksgiving if you're just about to tral and want to make a little money, save a little money. >> i'm the points guy so using your points can be b a great time over the holidays even minute, the airlines have seats for your miles while flights are expensive, it
11:52 am
can be a great time to use your points companies aren't paying people to travel this weekend and also treat yourself a little bit. ask at check in, a lot of the airlines what they're doing is instead of giving away upgrades, they'll sell them to you for as low as $50 upgrade yourself have a cocktail up front take the stress away >> you do hotels, right? >> absolutely. >> what's the best advice to get upgraded to another room without using points >> book direct they hate it when you book online travel agencies also the age old trick of being super nice that goes a long way >> i've heard that i've heard tantrums work >> no, no, tran trumps don't work because even at the gate at airports, they deal with cranky people all day if you're nice, bring a candy bar, you would be shocked. >> bribe them with candy >> then the vegas trip of giving a $20 bill underneath your license and wink wink. some people have report ed that.
11:53 am
but being nice people are on edge those front line employees aren't making a ton of money be super nice hey, the it's a special occasion my wife's meeting my family for the first time and you would be shocked at what being nice would do >> there's an article on black friday is losing its clout. we see those black friday sales for different type is of travel. leisure, hospitality and leisure. is the exatipectation we'll continue to see that. >> we've seen $200 round trip to spain. expedia is having a 75% off flash sale tomorrow so black friday, cyber monday, it's sort of blending together what i will say is i'm giving tuesday a lot of airlines. it's going to be matching dollar for dollar donations don't forget to give to the charities that need our help
11:54 am
>> there are some nonfamily travelers up here. what should they do to get the best deal? >> roughly four weeks from christmas. you can use google flights, helps you visualize. it will save you u dra m dramatically to use this together which these days will help you buy the cheapest tickets if you have tablets and seat back entertainment to keep the kids entertained on the plane. >> happy thanksgiving >> carl, i can't possibly imagine you having a tantrum it's good stuff. we're watching the markets here. s&p is trying for its 25th record close of the year
11:55 am
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11:58 am
supermark smart phones >> holiday season and the season of and credit card debt. people swipe their r cards with -- but the rise in mobile shopping is making it harder to win that race. analysts say it comes down to convenience. so in a physical store, they start to think about when, when you're mobile shopping, it's more of a matter of not having to re-enter a card number. paypal and apple pay are increasingly popular mobile options. they let you store a credit or debit card and once you've picked your default method, it's pretty much game over. the one you're likely use for the majority of online shopping. apple may be a new threat this year with its own cash back rewards card so the move to mobile is picking up steam according to deloitte
11:59 am
the number of shoppers buying from their phone downed in the past five years and 2019 marks the first time more than half of those surveyed plan to use a smart phone for holiday shopping it's really go time for the banks. a natural time to pick a new retail card and experience a quarter of consumers this year plan to open a credit card during the holidays. credit card revenue has been a bright spot for places like am ex it brings a rare bigger ticket items and the more someone spends, the higher that recurring interest income can be >> i think that's so interesting. the psychology of in the past, do you want to save your credit number absolutely not i'll enter it myself every time, but you get worn down after more and more shopping. >> right few rer opportunities to be top of wallet. that mobile option is really the one that banks want to be the number one credit card there so fewer opportunities
12:00 pm
absolutely >> those other password holders, they'll hold your numbers locally on your phone or computer that's what i recommend. kate, thanks guys have a great thanksgiving holiday. we'll see you back here for black friday and back to melissa lee and the half i'm melissa lee in for scott wapner trade hopes pushing stocks to new highs, but is investor euphoria piquing it's 12:00 noon and this is the halftime report. >> new record highs. where to put your money to work right now. boeing getting flipped new fears about the grounded 737 max and a new engine catching fire what's next for the stock? under rateded. under armour soaring on a big upgrade. we'll debate it in our call of the day. netflix up 20% in two


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