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tv   Fast Money  CNBC  November 27, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> no dolls for the kids it's t-shirts for $25. >> accuses them of only being interested in the merchandising angle. maybe it's charging they weren't ready. it's organic. >> or short tithe zplood like tofurky. >> that does it for "closing bell." >> you can catch us back here on friday at 12 noon eastern for shortened trading day. happy thanksgiving "fast money" begins right now. >> live from the nasdaq market site over looking new york city's time square this is "fast money. i'm melissa lee. traders on the desk are steve grasso brian kelly guy adami tonight on fast, the rush is on. millions of americans taking to the skies as we kick-off the busiest travel week of year. by the sunday could send the airlines sarg. break out the textbooks because class in session warden professor jeremy siegel says dow 30,000 is on the which. he kbifs us the time table feast or fast, the traders
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serving up a heaping helping of the favorite food and the names they leave as left overs we begin with what else you knew it was coming. you hear the music you see the clock. that time of year again, yes it's the countdown to christmas, just 27 days, 6 hours, 59 minutes, to get all the shopping done but as we head. >> favorite time of year so is guy's. >> as we head full steam in the retail rush, one name has all of our heads scratching it's amazon, the stock seems stuck, lagging peer this is year down 11% from the the 52-week high as gear up for the most important time of the year for retail is amazon leechgt investor was a giant lump of coal, guy. >> fifrm i love the gwen stephanie song it puts you in the holiday mood. ♪ i tell you people at home don't see it but i get the nastiest looks from dan.
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>> they can imagine it. >> doesn't take much to imagine that. >> it's hump day and gobble, gobble my favorite thing ever. >> best day of the year. >> what's the problem with amazon technically major double tops at 2050 we talked about that last earnings period, the fact that it's trading and fail. that's what happened if you remember the day of earnings it traded down to 1650 or there abouts and made a comment that -- it looks scary process. that's the 50% retracement of the 1,300 low and the recent high that held up as well but to your point, the stock has sort of meandered on a good tape what's hold going back maybe the money flowing into target and the move in target is spectacular. maybe that's flowing out of amazon maybe a lot of the retailers is caught up on the e-commerce side and that's taking market share with that said, the 1650 level did hold the stock hasn't traded well but i think it looks okay at the levels. >> we were talking about the
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death of retailers, the big box stores because of amazon here we are target and wal-mart heroes of the year. >> target is obviously trading up 70, 80% of the year a a lot of it with the omni channel strategy growing online sales for the last couple of quarters. when you think about amazon they are doing $250 billion in north american retail sales. when you think of the total pie what that looks like we have $5 trillion in the u.s. less than 10% of the sales are online. so to me i think that stuck in the mud over the last few months i think it's important that it has underperformed the maga complex in general think about that, apple up 70% of the year pop 1.2 trillion in market cap this is left in the dust but why, they went for the increased spending for the one-day shipping. >> and he said it was going to be an investment cycle. >> thn and this pause gives you the tune reload. >> aws is deaccelerating.
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>> right. >> you have extra spending aws is the crown jewel and microsoft and google eat away at aws. so i don't think it's viable right now. i think there is more selloffs to come. >> it's competition and all the segments that's what we are talking about here, as grasso mentioned we have aws, also the direct to consumer phenomenon, dan mentioned target, how they now go omni channel. every one of the growth areas is starting to be eaten away. if you want to say where do they actually start to make up? and where they head ahead it's on the physical stores or even on amazon go cashierless stores next year. that's the narrative you grab onto saying there is growth. the market hasn't grabbed it yet and you got a decent place to get in. >> now you are thinking. >> the physical store? >> the bricks appear mortar. >> the ability. >> no kits it's the casherless.
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>> he to turn on the spickets of whaefr he wants. the other thing is aws, the growth engine. if that deaccelerates then you are looking at massive sell off potential. >> that's why it's been stuck in the mud. >> it's out the cashless for the book store. >> i'm saying that's the growth. you don't understand. >> i don't. >> at one point in point there was no such thing as aws they're a retailer how could they do something with web services. >> auchlds it's the growth engine the next growth engine is cashless retailers i'm saying if that that's what wall street bites on to and says that's where the growth comes from then you have a good story here >> no but b.k., i hate -- you know sort of analogy -- i hate most of them but what b.k. is doing here and he went to school.
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>> is not making sense. >> he is skating to where the puck was, to where the puck was. >> i mean the investment cycle is that skating to where the puck is going to be. amazon has always been on the forefront in terms of investment cycles. >> the next big way to deliver your goods. >> but target has the next big we have. wal-mart has the next big wave you know and i think. >> see. >> i really think you're looking backward was the amazon story. this is something that was a growth real engine and i think they're losing a lot of steam where people are putting money for aws. >> you sound like you write it off. >> well i have been. once he said it was an investment cycle i said you have to -- if bezos tells you it's an investment cycle then you have to get out of the name. this thing is -- i get what guy is saying. it's bounced around these levels it could pop from here but i think to take the ceo advice and leave what he tells. >> you on the conside don't
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discount when nike said we're done with amazon that was an interesting first salvo. maybe -- i don't think they're the last maybe the first of many. that was an interesting shot. >> i know you like dick's up 19% yesterday after that earnings report and what did they say? they said that they expect to see a benefit of nike leaving that store on amazon nike listen is doing amazoning on direct to consumer. that's the theme you are talking about. but the fact that dick's mentioned that was interesting when they announced the deal two years ago. they wanted to drive third party sellers off amazon that's a high margin business for amazon if amazon can correct those sales gwen, that might be a way to compete with the retailers. >> but you're talking about a better job then you have to show in all bird's, the shoes if you're worried about them knocking off other products,
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that scaring away a lot more people putting in re stuff on amazon even incrementally i think it's something to think about >> let's stick with amazon here there may be more problems in store for the e-commerce giant dedra bosa is in san francisco with blower on this. >> melissa, perfect segue you guys are getting at this the competition in core e-commerce directly fromly the etc brands and getting safier and getting more help in competing against the amazon machine calling it the dte ecosystem it's a way to compete for brands that may be wary of weather with amazon which is is producing it's private label products looking strieng beingly similar to dtc like the all-bird like sneakers including stripe for payments affirm for credit. return leave for returns ship b.o.t. for warehousing and dark store for sam same day
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delivery they work with some of the biggest brands like washy parker ebber lain casper and increasing le going main are maritimes. affirm is pointing with wal-mart on point of sale stripe works with target and underarmor shopify delivering nike shoes. nike as guy mentioned severed the relationship with amazon should other brands follow in nike the dtc makes it it's only disruptive to do so. instead a knockout below it could be a death by a thousand cuts another benefit of controlling the process instead of using fulfillment by amazon is a companies can maintain the brand strength by offering greater personalization and more control over quality remember, that counterfeits are problem for the amazon plarmt. i checked the weblts rebates of glossy and washy parker not a black friday or cybermonday deal to be found.
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it comes as amazon's core retail business is slowing. >> thank you, dedra. this reminds when brands started questioning kwie why they needed to be in the department stores amazon is the new age department store. you can find everything on the plarmt, any brand and brands question that. >> no question and i think to brian's point -- we laughed about it. but i think he makes sense imif people go to a store, that's the next iteration of what the department store was ten or 15 years ago. maybe amazon has it right. i understand the books a lot of reasons to be bearish valuation on the top of the list, the fact that you have the major double tops, the fact that nike is moving away from amazon. but if you look at it as horribly as it traded the last couple weeks, it absolutely held the 50% retracement, back over 1,800 now. and one quarter away from saying amazing things which they have done before and stock making a
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new high. >> dan. >> when you think about bezos had the high profile divorce people were worried about that we were talk about is this a distraction? i don't think it has been, the dod contract, the cloud contract was interesting. they had been in the cat bird seat to win those things a lot of news all came together and bezos is the guy don't forgets the hq 2 this was the worst news year for amazon in a long time and the stock still up 21%, 860 billion-dollar market cap. i think steve's correct, if there was a swoosh below 170 oh back to 1500 that would be a level people would be releading for years to come, you know, because they will see all this stuff pay off. and even with aws deaccelerates it's massive. >> but you see microsoft and google increasing in that cloud space. i was extremely bullish on amazon i think they are running out of gas. and the aws story waentd
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understand stood when amazon traded at 400, 500, 60 but once you see the deacceleration you have to be wary going forward. >> the aws story was not understood similar to how the cashless store is not understood at these levels. that's the reason -- i'm telling you right now, it's the kay day before thanksgiving producers in inglewood mark this day when we talk about the cashierless store don't come drying to b.k. and say you never heard of it before you heard it here first. >> happy hump day. the people on the twitter they're ha ha funny people how did you think it was gwen stephanie. i want the great jennifer lopez mo is a fantastic singer and dancer >> all right coming up, bulls rejoice because the market headed for record highs. that's what the professor jeremy siegel is saying you won't believe how much higher he thinks stocks go plus the rush op millions taking to the skies
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this weekend that could mean big things for the airlines. phil lebeau live at one of the busy airports with the sky high expectations hey, phil. >> good news here at o'hare. this hasn't been a horrifically bad day in terms of travel yeah, crowded but frankly this is pretty good for the wednesday before thanksgiving. rles tat's good news forhe aiin when "fast money" returns. does your broker offer more than just free trades? fidelity has zero commissions for online u.s. equity trades and etfs, plus zero minimums to open a brokerage account. with value like this,
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♪ on the road again. welcome back to "fast money" millions of americans taking to the skies heading to the busiest travel week of the year. and the packed airports could be welcome to the airline stocks. phil lebeau in the front lines at chicago o'hare airport. >> you talk to anyone in the airline business and they say the same thing give me a clean holiday season and we'll be smiling so far they're off to what should be a relatively clean thanksgiving travel season clean meaning not a whole lot of cancellations. 2.98 million people expected to fly today. second busiest travel day of the year, the busiest happening on sunday and so far, yes cancellations because of the storms around the country but not a lot. just over 600 so far the cancellations impacting airports in the upper midwest
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also in the northeast. minneapolis is a good example. we have seen cancellations there today. saw the same thing in tfr yesterday. as you look at three airlines in particular, united, american and southwest, the reason we show you these they're impacted by the 737 max. they don't have about 70 of the maxs that they originally planned on having. frank willy they planned on having more, more like 110 or 120 altogether if they took delivery this year as you look at the stocks, keep in mind the boeing focus turns to next we can, the beginning of the month. as we talked about yesterday, melissa, december is a critical month for boeing as they target december as the month they get reset attention of the 737 max guy haves a happy thanksgiving. >> phil with the planes out there is pricing firmer? >> it's -- it's hard to call it firmer when you look at the average domestic air fare still
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down close to historic lows. we're talking multi-year lows. they continue to fall lower in part because you have the low cost carriers adding flits on the bottom of the mechanic that's bringing the average down so while there has been some firming it's in the like we are -- you see a lot of the airline executives saying we have all the pricing power we want >> all right happy turkey day, phil. >> oh. >> just to tweak me phil doesn't say that he is too smart to see happy turkey guy. >> if phil wanted to annoy guy he he would say that thank you, phil. airline stocks, where do you get. >> jet blue earlier this year. remember they announced flying trans-atlantic there is a stock trading eight times earnings or expected to grow earnings 20% plus nextier upon a sales growth of 7%. that seems cheap with kind of -- i think a catalyst as we get into 2020.
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i think it's something that maybe analysts think about a bit. that seems interesting to me. >> you know, the airline index itself is up about 17% that is all coming since august basically. so all of these look fairly good and all look like they want to break out. if i had to pick one in the group i'd buy across the board but delta airlines dal i like the zbeft. >> i went for the laggard spirit ticker symbol down 32% 10% from the bottom i'm long it i think the group rallies, the laggard outperform the leader save is the name i play. >> ubs initiated jet blue with a buy. with the only buy on the list. dan might be on to something american airlines phil mentioned, trading 5.5 times nextier. a ridiculous valuation you mentioned jet blue at 8 american at 5. 62.5% did that in my head. the stock made a series of lower lows appear lower highs.
5:20 pm
technically looks like a disaster and ubs initiated that a well with a sell and the $27 price target despite the valuation i think that goes lower. >> we didn't talk about boeing at all in this segment should we. >> we mentioned boeing. >> we didn't do it it's amazing how the stocks still hangs in sitting above the 200-day moving average this is one you threw everything at you want to talk about dap said it was a bad year for headlines for amazon talk about bad year for boeing the stock stuck in fl. >> you can read more about the winners and losers on our website. here is what else is coming up on fast. >> announcer: deere caught in the headlights of the trade war. what the company said about the future that sent the stock tumbling and later we're talking turkey the traders tell us what stocks they're gobbling up in thanksgiving stick with us. we have much more "fast money" right after this
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welcome back to "fast money. stocks locking in another round of fresh all-time highs ahead of thanksgiving but beneath the surface of the record run there is one stock that could be shooting off warning flaer flairs deere tumbling today after citing lingering trade tensions. is deere telling the true story what's going on in the market. >> we've been watching the industrials, knowing that as investors have gotten more excited about the potential for a phase 1 trade deal there was the rotation into cyclicals. but the stocks had run into it i think it's important when you think about what is the sort of forward visibility of the companies. and they don't have much i would tell that you any of the industrial companies who get sales overseas who test tell you
5:24 pm
otherwise are not being honest about it so, you know, i think to take in move seriously that was down 5%, a big industrial stock a nice missouri move but you want to keep that sort of lack of visibility in the investment framework as you think about how things play out into 2020. >> yeah, i think it's a cautionary tale. there was a lot of optimism built in the market at this point. and deere shows you what happens when auchlds the floor drps out on it. as we go into 2020, you know, you talk about can we get the tariffs off? is the trade deal coming in? are we getting the reacceleration in global growth? that's what the market is pricing in in today. hey, listen it could be right. but if it's not then you're in for tough sledding the one place i look into 020, look at high-yield bond market that's not confirmed the new highs. that's a concern. >> is there a shot that this was a kitchen sink sort of quarter let's throw in trade tensions, throw in weather all of these
5:25 pm
things. >> the one that set the target spot is a company that addresses the whole ag end of this and that's in flux when you talk about the trade wlits phase 1, 2 or 3. but it's hard to sell the market when you know that there is multiple phases that are coming or possibly coming, correct? >> so. >> all right let's stick with trade and look at how things are stacking up in the trade war this is all the recent from u.s. and china. you can see the u.s. economy holding subpoenaing strong backed by the sol itd labor market china handed in a weak batch of economic data. our next guest says trade is one factor that could add fuel to wall street's record rally let's bring in warden finance professor jeremy siegel. great to have you on the show. >> good evening. >> i want to start off with the bold prediction of 30,000 on the dow. we like round numbers. you do too what kind of time frame are you talking about? >> well don't forget 30,000 is only around 6% in which. that's less than.
5:26 pm
>> next jeer. >> half of what we had this year i think wave been talking about what happened, deere the uncertainty on trade trade is the major issue facing the market if we get to a phase 1 deal, if trump normalizes with europe signed on the canada, mexico agreement, 6% seems to be maybe even modest in that case but, you know, if we get those, you know, we're not cheap. we all know that it's go 19, another 6% that's 20 times earnings we would have to see a good economy next year for us to get much more than that. so i see a pop with phase 1 deal, getting to 30 k, then it's laboring a bit higher after that. >> sfoo what's a good kme in your view, an economy better than this year i'm just trying it -- i'm trying to gauge this because, you know, if you are banking on a good economy, do you think that it's the trade deal -- that will make
5:27 pm
this economy good? >> yeah, well don't forget it's not just our economy it's also the foreign economies. europe is beginning to look a little bit better in the turn around in the u.s. i was comforted by the data on dushl goods, particularly jobless claims, which got me worried last time we have seen the pmis turn around the scare we had a month or two ago is easing. also easing in europe because of germany. people are saying we may have passed the dip don't look like a recession. if europe gets better next year, emerging markets improve next year with the s&p 40% plus of the profits come from foreign sales. you just can't look at the u.s you have to look there i think that's what the market is actually looking at good trends there. a deal on trade with -- with a
5:28 pm
10-year staying at 1.70 what's there not to like about equities. >> just to play devils advocate. the warren buffett, the 140 something% he has 122 billion in cash sitting around. the s&p 500 market cap over dwpd is roughly 148% levels that we last saw, i don't know, 19 years ago. are they concerning at all in. >> well, i've always questioned -- i love warren. but i've questioned that indicator relative to gdp, because as i just mentioned, 40% of the profits are from foreign sales. so 40% of the value is world gdp, not just u.s. gdp so when you go back in history, back in 1950, 1960 it was 100%, 95%. today it's 60% so my feeling is that that is not a good long-term indicator
5:29 pm
to talk about the valuation of the market >> professor siegel it's brian kelly. i'm curious. >> yes. >> is there a beardo period where it's taken too long to get the trade deal done? let's say. >> q3 nextier and still talking phase 1. when is it too far and damage already done and irreversible. >> first thing we can't get the 25% tariffs. i mean if we move there it's bad for the market and bad for the economy. no -- no phase 1 is a kind of muddle through in other words a stand still and if we don't get it with that stand still with that threat of an increase later, it's going to be hard. i think to get much of a in the market. because, again, we're not selling at a cheap ratio so, yeah, muddle, no agreement, muddling through at this level, i think progress is going to be really hard from this level. >> all right, professor siegel great speaking with you happy
5:30 pm
thanksgiving. >> thank you very much you too. >> professor warren is sighing of the warren school. >> do we have 6% on the dow jones after phase 1. >> of course if you have phase one because then you know other phases are likely then we definitely have that everyone said it's not getting done everyone said china can wait us out. they have a vested interest in not waiting out. but it's about perception. we thought there was an earnings recession this time around going into the first quarter of 2020 where is the benchmark? where are estimates in what's the perception if we leap over them we go higher if we fall short go lower. >> i push back about the phase one opening the door for 2 and 3. i think the chinese obviously have an incentive right now to negotiate a phase 1 with as little concession as possible on the bigger issues as it relates to baying soybeans or whatever anne they. >> did they? i'm saying did they. and my point is i think you see
5:31 pm
a deal in thes next few i don't know weeks months or something like that for phase one and may not see another until after the election. >> that's fine but it keeps the bears sort of in the corner because they could come at any moment because no one thought phase one was come. >> it's only final steve if they turn back the existing tariffs but some existing tariffs. >> we're at all-time highs right now. a phase one happens. >> everyone thinks phase one is happening. that's why we are at record levels. >> let's go back a couple weeks there was -- there was -- there was no way you could say that every -- there is no way that anyone was on the devg saying we thought phase one was getting done that was not a unanimous consensus. >> hold on steve there was no phases it was a trade deal. then they hacked it. >> change it to phase one. did you think phase one. >> it's not new tariffs. that's all it is and buying soybeans. >> china came out said they were more positive notifying forward appear ip is being discussed this is not justing a anymore. >> let's let's see if ip.
5:32 pm
>> everyone said it wasn't getting done everyone said phase one wasn't getting done. >> it's still not done. >> okay. and short the market and we're at all-time highs that's what happens. >> got split up. >> no, no, no. >> hold on hold on you have different views of this but do you both agree there is a melt up in the market that will continue. >> i think it's. >> yes. >> yarn of '18. >> they can't short the market though you can't short the market with this overhanging if it comes occupant china says we are not doing any deal, permanent, then it's a short but until then, you're going to keep on your heels and the bears get run over. >> biotech off and on a tare this year but with a potential threat loom that could hit the drug makers. we tell you. plus the latest tweeft from elon neoo asking if he has go t far again. the details when "fast money" returns. i consulted with your grandmother's doctor.
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5:36 pm
story. >> high drug prices what the industry gets the flak for it's the opposite situation causing a simering problem for the health care system many life saving drugs older and cheaply priced in shortage we spoke with karen high on top of a diagnosis with bladder cancer was told the best drug for her wasn't available >> this thing works but it's very difficult for anybody to make money off of it but if we don't have enough of it people suffer and die >> the drug is called bcg. decades old and cheap for aens kaer drug. $157 a vile. also extremely complex to manufacture. and after santa fe had quality issues it dropped out of the market in 2016 no merck is the only supply are. who while it's doubled output the shortage persist we asked the ceo about it back in june. >> when the provides of drugs get too low, particularly drugs generic drugs then you don't have a market incentive for people toput the capital up to build facilities like we need more additional amounts of the
5:37 pm
bcg drug. >> so why not raise the price to support more manufacturing well merck said it wouldn't be the responsible thing to do. doctors like ben davys say merck has a moral responsibility to ensure the supply. >> they actively harmed bladder cancer patients by not you had providing the drug in sufficient quantity they can spin it however they want they've done a great pr job but it's a tragedy. >> and now merck is far from alone on pfizer has more than 40 products in shortage according to the fda back to you. >> so, meg, it's interesting because the doctor mentioned something very important, that's the pr issue so the drug companies are getting bad pr because any raise the pricing are price of drugs too much and on the back end of it they're getting bad pr because the drugs are too cheap and they're hard to maf at that price point. >> seem they can't win in either situation. about but if you look at the bad pr the industry got it's been the lions share on the high drug
5:38 pm
price side, the epipen you don't hear as much about the drug shortages for cheap medicines. you hear about them occasionally there was a children cans cancer drugs recently but they haven't gotten attention and doctors like ben davys is trying call attention to it. >> is merck planning on spending more to build out capacity or production for the drug. >> as of now they are saying they are doing all they can. and doctors agree that other companies should be responsible for replying the market as well. but it's not a good business to be in cheap drug, doesn't make much key trueda brings in 7 billion a year. >> meg tyrell you can read it on this is very interesting we have seen it happen time and time again with cheap drugs, particularly when it comes to antibiotics. >> when i was in college many years ago. keep your mouth shut, dan i had
5:39 pm
to take a class called business ethics this falls in the cross hairs of that. when you bring that into trading and vechg it's extraordinarily difficult. you read about esg, i understand it's hard for the companies. what is the responsibilities in the shareholders are the patients i don't want to get in the middle of that but many stocks have been inbelievable amgen making new highs on everyday basis. people figuring out the valuation it's cheap biogen had the great move off the low we talked about. surpta off the map as well the stories make sense meg's report something fantastic. but when you try to marry it with trading and investing it makes what what's extraordinarily difficult more difficult. >> you talk about the top holdings of the ibbp if you want to play it with biotech and talking about pharma stocks as well maybe the target is off their back as of late from d.c we have been so myopic and
5:40 pm
impeachment nothing is getting done, no drug pricing issues getting done maybe the run up lately has been because everyone is taking their eye off the ball on drug pricing and it's not a focal point in d.c. >> coming up, tesla keeps on trucking as elon musk says the you orders are coming up options traders betting on retail pain heading to black friday thdeilwh "ston" e tas enfa mey returns. remember,e on medicare, the annual enrollment period is here. the time to choose your medicare coverage... begins october 15th and ends december 7th. so call unitedhealthcare and take advantage of a wide range of plans with a variety of benefits... including an aarp medicare advantage plan from unitedhealthcare. it can combine medicare parts a and b, which is your hospital and doctor coverage... with part d prescription drug coverage, and more, all in one simple plan... for a low monthly premium or in some areas,
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money," tesla cyber truck buzz is still red hot and elon musk wants to you know all about tp process the tesla ceo tweeting 250 k raft night suggesting that many orders for the cybertruck but has all the hype gone too far? remember these are refundable deposits of $100. >> i thought about ordering one because of what you just said. it's $100. you figure you don't let me keep my place it's $100 refundable i think it looks cool. but there is no say going looks like this. it might look drastically different from this. i'm not concerned with the glass breaking i mean when you have bullet proof glass is spiders out i'm upset it went through.
5:44 pm
that's not supposed to happen. but does anyone need bullet proof glass at this point. >> not that i know of. >> i hope not. >> maybe in the future. >> it's about the balance sheet. so if now if the worries are not about the balance sheet and they're about the products and about delivery and about the innovation, that's a win for tesla. that keeps shorts wanting to cover versus letting them out. >> you know what else is the amount of win. are, the amount of puckty for all that it's a silly looking truck. look at the thing. it's a silly looking but the point is he is a marketing genius in this he also -- he can use the deposits as cash flow as long as the balance sheet is okay. you know, i think they do all right here i think you could get the short covering squeeze >> i feel like when they took the 1 oh oh thousand deposit
5:45 pm
process, $400.00 interest loan for the model 3 i think that is genius i don't think this is. it's goofy and the truck as it looks right here i don't think it's getting made what are you the distracting from i find it nauseating we're talking about. >> you think they're hiding something. >> i don't know why he breaks the twitter ban and doing the science fiction car thing ma jiggy. >> so we all talk about tesla. >> there you go. >> we did it. >> that's a good point in terms of using twitter to promote this of all things like if you are risk your hide with the s.e.c. is this what you risk your hide for? i mean is that worth it. >> quickly because i know we need to go to the break. >> we go to the khouw's nest. >> i love the khouw's nest late spring, dan nathan when the stock traded about 185 or so said the sentiment was so bad that this is a tradeable opportunity. and he was probably a week away from netting it on the screws.
5:46 pm
the stock has doubled since then doubled since then right. and the story although change i don't think has fundamentally changed. so i think the negative press that we saw in june now you are matching the euphoria now, again, it's a amazing how people get so exercised over this stock on the twitter i've never seen anything like it i think it's better here from the shortside than the longside. i've been wrong the last $50 but if i played would you rather. >> i wasn't but go ahead. >> i'd rather sell it here than buy it here. >> from cybertruck to cybermonday we're in the middle of the retail renaissance as as the holiday season heats up .xrt etf tracking the space up 1717%. doubling up the s&p 500 in the back half of the year. but as retail's biggest season comes in focus options trader bet it there will not thrive mike klohe in the khouw's nest in san francisco. >> on what would otherwise be a fairly late volume option trading day, xrt saw three times
5:47 pm
average daily put vom. puts outpacing calls by more than 20 to 1 today because obviously the other options weren't trading heavily. and the most actively opened options were the january 43 puts over 7,000 bought for just over is 60 cents. and buyers of the putting ob lv bet the xrt falls below the strike price by the premium spent. representing a 6% decline to the break-even point between now and january expiration but i would point out that this trader already had a bearish trade on they were pushing out a bearish bet they had hon the december 43 strike out to january on the 43s and 44s. maybe they are seeing obeyish things ahead but think going might take longer to see it happen. >> you don't like retail do you. >> we were talk about xrt and only up 10%. the big box guys are doing heavy lifting. home depot, lowes. everything else not trading weapon
5:48 pm
this is a promotional who will say are day season you could have inventory issues. and then who knows about the tariffs. to me i like the trade i think xrt sees 40 bucks again sometimes in the first two months of next year. >> coming up, feast or fast. get ready to loosen the belt buckle but the traders serving up the favorite food stocks in the names they leave at thanksgiving leftovers. much more "fast money" still ahead. ♪ >> announcer: "options action" is sponsored by think or swim by td ameritrade. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ i love that. >> that's fantastic. >> just to watch guy's reaction. priceless. tomorrows families across america gather around the dinner table to celebrate thanksgiving. with food on our minds we thought it would be a perfect time to introduce the new game we call feast or fast. >> love it. >> food related stocks which names are the traeder gobbling up and which name leaves leaving for leftovers. >> pretty straightforward. >> simple rules so you guys can understand them because you
5:52 pm
generally don't understand rules. if the trader likes the stock they say fees you will see and hear this. >> i like that. >> the gobble, gobble. >> if the trader does not like the stock any will say fast. and you'll see and hear this we kick it off with the first food stock that would be mcdonald's it's up nearly 11% for the year. grasso it's on you play the game right. i wish you well. >> feast i'm coming right out of the blocks and say fees. okay >>. >> look at that. >> the stock was spooked for a number of reasons. the value bla, the safety pray when the mechanic was in flux as it still is. but then steve easter brook the ceo depart he put a lot of changes in place. i think he was pivotal in the letteredship this will come back in vogue higher prices going forward. feast is where i stay on mcd. >> you know it's crazy i think that cross the board you guys all would feast. >> that's what i was looking at.
5:53 pm
>> we fested. >> it's a rather rare consensus call. >> and we don't even talk to each other. >> individually. >> dan i'll start with you because you tend to not like things in general. >> are you segueing to mo. >> no, thoughts on mcdonald's. >> it's similar to where we are getting to in starbucks. i may do it together. >> let's do the setup for starbucks and combine the two. >> way to go, dan. >> starbucks up 33 process%. to $so dan feast or famine it's a similar situation both stocks topped out some point in the summer and had nearly 15, 20 peak to trough declines and they were much loved stories trading at premium to many pierce and the market and i think for whatever reason investors cooled on the stories still doing well found the bottom the last couple weeks. i feel the same as mcdonald's as about starbucks and especially if you think that not only do we close -- yes, feast on it. if we close near highs of the year and momentum in the new year you see people come back to starbucks and mcdonald's.
5:54 pm
>> i think i'm making that sound my ring tone >> i'm not calling you ever again. maybe that is thaeps why you do it. >> you don't have to hear the ring tone. >> you don't >> no. >> that's how it works. >> starbucks, mcdonald's. >> i like mcdonald's, the -- i think the selloff has been the opportunity to buy in terms of valuation it got ahead of itself. huge move to the upside. steve talked about domino asway a technology play. -- let me ask you a question, why are there little you see that's a turkey >> have you ever stamped anything when you put it on the pad and the i think doesn't cover everything. >> we can't afford the i think for the entire thing "fast money" 2.0. >> it's genuine. >> i'd like to see to say the somebody better be fasting. >> that's true let's get to the next one see if anybody fasts. >> hopefully. >> beyond meat ripping higher more than 225%
5:55 pm
b.k., feast or fast. >> i'm fasting on that one. >> ata boy. >> as much pass i like the -- the plant based meats i think the impossible burger is way better than beyond meat. but up 234%. the froth in this is unbelievable all the good news i think is in this stock so you fast, in other words don't eat it it don't mean speed you don't eat it. >> i would be fasting this as well it's not about health consciousness. it's about social reason why people are looking towards beyond this is up much more unhealthiy than red meat. i know people like to debate me on that. but eisen up 68% year to date and beyond is down 66% from the peak a couple of months ago. >> last but mot least grub hub down 44% this year guy, feast or fast >> no i fast that sucker as well and there is one word that comes to mind when i think of the grub hub. >> what. >> and it's -- that's funny hear
5:56 pm
that sound i know we got to break np play it again, jonesy play it quickly again, because that's the sound my stomach made about five minutes after i had that -- that beyond meat burger. and i won't tell you what happened 30 minutes after. >> are you going to tell us about grub hub. >> it's a family show. >> grub hub. >> competition look at -- i mean people initiating stocks. cowan downgraded to market perform. neutral at we had bush valuation -- nothing makes sense. competition is coming. they don't make money. that's what you need to know in a nut shl. it's lower from here and we said that a while, mel. fast falras nt. comes easily. that's what happens in golf and in life. i'm very fortunate i can lean on people, and that for me is what teamwork is all about. you can't do everything yourself. you need someone to guide you and help you make those tough decisions, that's morgan stanley. they're industry leaders, but the most important thing is they want to do it the right way.
5:57 pm
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an average of 67 cents stays in the community. join me and american express on small business saturday, november 30th, and see how shopping small adds up. >> announcer: if a car should be rewarding for snapping up other companies that tells me the stocks may be cheaper than you think and many may be cheaper once i see the action other businesses are encourage to make deals. you can expect more mergers going forward. it's axiomatic, people final trade time, steve grasso. >> aurora cannabis looking for the bounce at acb the ticker >> green wednesday by the way. >> happy thanksgiving. >> gobble, gobble, happy hump day. amazon don't count out the amazon go cashless stores. >> dan long-term friend of the the show here. >> right on. not mine i can't credit he is amazing. ea i think it breaks out you. >> i can make cars out of legos. >> yeah. >> what else can you do?
6:00 pm
>> i mean this is -- we got 20 seconds. >> help you with the final trade. >> the overhundred gobble gobble i'm not happy. cmg for all you folks on friday. >> i'm happy. >> have a great thanksgiving see you friday "mad money" up next. my mission is simple to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors there is all a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now hey, cramer. welcome to "mad money. welcome to cramerica ear people want to make trends i'm trying to make you money my job is not just to entertain but educate you call me at 1-800-743-cnbc or tweet me @jim cranium are. i'm tell you that discipline trumps conviction i say it over and over and over again. in other words no matter


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