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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  March 23, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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sessions what are you seeing and do you believe that gold, bitcoin and other assets may be a place to park some money right now? >> yeah, hey, that's exactly right, there was some silver lining out there today i know people focused on the stock market and see it down 3% and market that's the most important thing. you had diana on talking about the chain effect of having rising rates and having a dysfunctioning fixed income market what the fed did today was essential to stop that problem so that's step one bonds went up. that's great news. yeah, they're going to be printing a lot of money, they're going to be borrowing a lot of money. investors can protect themselves by having a fixed supply, which is gold, bitcoin, stuff like that those went up. the market started to react like it, quote-unquote, is supposed to react today which pleenz someans forced liqn is the way it's supposed to be
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done >> b.k., sit tight for one second obviously it's 6:00 eastern time most of our audience is tuning in for jim cramer and "mad money. jim and "mad" will come up they will begin at bottom of the hour 6:30 eastern time for jim and "mad money." a big lineup including the c.e.o.s of teledoc and ventas. we are expecting or were expecting this white house press conference, which could begin at any moment for those of you tuning in who tune in, love jim, love to watch "mad," but it's 6:30 eastern time b.k., thank you for that pause wanted to make sure our viewers understood why we are still on and not jim. what do you want to see the market the next couple sessions that might confirm some of the things you're talking about? >> yeah, so, what i'm really looking for is how the equity markets react to this stimulus bill it looked like today when we're getting close to a vote, the equity market tried to rally then the vote failed
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equity markets sold off. to me that's the real key here we have a couple pieces of the puzzle which we have the bond market we have the forced liquidation ending now if we can get the equity markets react to the stimulus, then i think you might have, you know, a tradable bottom, a short squeeze coming, whatever you want to call it. i think we see some stabilization in asset prices. >> what's your concern point we tried to be able to find some pockets of optimism all show long is there something you're still watching that has you a little bit worried still, b.k.? >> the currency markets. we've seen tremendous volatility in the currency markets and tremendous volatility in fixed income in particular i'm watching japan. we all know every single government out there is going to have to raise a lot of money what's happening in japan is very concerning because you're starting to see the yen weaken for the wrong reasons. you're seeing their credit default swaps. bringing back all those three-letter names from the 2008 crisis this basically shows you, do
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people believe japan is going to default? and those prices are going up. so there is an issue there, and if you're an investor you need to keep a close eye on what's going on in japan. >> by the way, according to our great data team, u.s. index futures opened for trading a couple minutes ago they are higher. it's early now, but the dow's implied open is a gain of 245 points that would be less than half what we lost today how representative, b.k., do you think the futures markets, asia markets or has the u.s. market been leading the world we don't know what's going to happen until trading begins? >> it's one of those things where, ask me in ten minutes, you know what i mean you look this morning when the fed came in, and the market had swung a thousand dow points. it's really difficult to get a feel and a read on this market much longer than a couple hours these days
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again, i'll go back to if the u.s. government can pass this stimulus, i think that should be relatively positive for equities >> yeah, and we look at these equity markets and we think, okay, we're down 37% since the highs of a month ago all the superlatives our viewers now know the fastest steepest descent down that far. we haven't fallen as much as 2001 and 2008. do you think we have to test that, guy adami said it earlier, 1700 on the s&p 500, as painful as those levels sound, do you believe we're going to get there? >> yeah, listen, we could. we could and i know that sounds painful but i'll tell you what, that's when investors really want to have some cash on hand if you look at some of the biggest rallies we've had, they all occurred in the bear market. there are a lot of stories today, this is the worst market since the 1930s. even in the 1930s you had an
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initial 30% drop from 29 to 30, and then the market rallied 50% off the lows so if you're looking for a point to get in here, that might be the place and you could have a massive rally and we likely will even if it remains a bear market >> yeah, and that's exactly what dan nathan was saying earlier. he said do not be surprised -- by the way, we had last week and the week before, to see a violent rally to the up side but it sounds like if and when we get that, you would be a seller into that >> yeah, but i would let it run for a couple weeks dan's probably right you've got some time here that the shorts are going to cover. hopefully we get some better news about this virus as we kind of move out in time. but, yeah, if we got a 50% rally off the lows, i would absolutely be a seller of that. >> what's the next most important data point, b.k., that you might be watching for? i would assume -- maybe i'm wrong -- that economic data is
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completely worthless at this point. >> yeah, yeah, it pretty much is we know it's going to be bad, know >> it's going to be backward looking. i mean, come on, all we care about is what's going to happen. >> the market's already priced it in, right, right. really, listen, all that matters -- what we saw in italy today is some good news on the virus. we need good news on the virus that's what's going to change things >> viewers don't know what you're talking about >> it's the second day in a row where the number of new cases decline. still a lot -- not minimizing that in any way, b.k., but what you're pointing to is the number of new cases ticked down two days in a row. >> yeah, yeah. and this is what markets look at this is not to minimize the health crisis. what we're supposed to do is look at the markets and help people invest in that. what the market is looking for is changes in the data those two days in a row, that's a data point i can look at and say, okay, it may be, maybe this
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is the peak in italy and i can extrapolate and say that's coming a couple weeks here the problem people have had -- you talked about it all day and on the show tonight -- you don't know how long this is going to last you don't know what your earnings are going to be, what hit you're going to take if you can put clarity around that, people can start investing. >> by the way, other people can get the numbers. i bring this from a markets perspective. i look at the johns hopkins -- by the way, shout out to them, great work by their team i'm sure they're working tirelessly every night about 5:00 i look at the numbers and i mark it down 5:00 on friday there were 16,600 known u.s. cases right now there are 42,,000 -- 16,000 to 42,000 from friday to monday when -- not if, but when that u.s. number also begins to rollover for a couple of days' time, what kind of a mood do you think we're going to start to
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feel in this market? >> i think we're going to feel a lot etter. we're going to feel an awful lot better it's probably two or three weeks away, but i think then people are going to start saying, okay, i can model out when this is going to peak, when we might be out of a quarantine, and when people can start getting back to work now i know how many -- how much earnings people have lost and now i can start to put some valuations on stock. but to your point about economic data being worthless, i don't -- i just don't know right now. so how do i put any type of valuation framework in when the most important thing is an uncertainty about earnings >> is there any company you're going to listen to more than any company going forward here, b.k. >> well, i mean, certainly -- you know, i want to see how the freight companies do and i'm not just talking about fedex. but i'm talking about some of the railroads. certainly the airlines how fast do they get back up and running? because that's the other key when we get to the other side of
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this, are we going to have a fast recovery? are we going to go out there and jump on the planes i want to watch of the railroads and transports outside of fedex and u.p.s. they're probably going to be doing very well because of delivering i can't get my amazon fresh order for another week >> i know. listen, there is a long wait time as well these delivery folks have been out there pretty much all morning long, all night long in bad weather today. the weather was absolutely terrible so a shout out to them as well by the way, if our viewers are just joining us and they wonder where jim and "mad money" is, jim will be planning to come along at 6:30 p.m. eastern time tonight. we expected that press conference that you see glimmers of and you can see a.g. william barr is on stage right now to begin about 5:30 p.m. eastern. that's the guidance we were given anyway obviously did not occur. it is now 6:10, 40 minutes past the start time looks like they are getting started. once they do, we will take that
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to you live. if you are just joining us, you've been working hard, a lot of you have, at home, working, dealing with the families as well, the dow fell 582 points today. that was a 3% drop the nasdaq may be a bright spot. the nasdaq falling just .3%. so technology, parts of it anywhere, twitter, they held on a little bit longer. the dollar index fell .3%. although this london shutdown, certainly watch the currency markets. london is a hub of capital, but foreign exchange trading in particular, obviously a lot of people are still going to be allowed to go to work at the banks, but it is possible fx trading, which powers so much around the world, could see some dislocations as well the ten-year yield at .79% b.k.'s favorite bitcoin rising nearly 3% today. crude oil actually catching a bit of a bid, too. so there is kind of your run down of where the markets were today. b.k., i believe you are still there. by the way, this is the most
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time you've ever been given on "fast money," so you're welcome, by the way, on that. i look at oil. i look at bitcoin. i'm trying to see a pattern. i don't necessarily see one forming yet. have you been able to spot any patterns in this market that may start to be forming? >> well, i can tell you from the seat i'm on we run a cryptocurrency hedge fund. we've seen a tremendous amount of institutional interest in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies so i'm starting to see that pattern first. and that certainly makes sense in this environment. this is the exact environment that bitcoin was created for it was created in twi2009 durin that chris -- >> b.k., i have to jump in let's go to the white house and president trump. >> thank you very much, and i see we have fewer people because of the virus problem and we
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appreciate you being here. this is getting to be more and more social distancing and that's fine. the way it should be too bad, we extend our best wishes to the person affected and we feel sure that he or she will be better very soon thank you for being here america continues to -- every segment of our society, to turn the tied in the battle against the virus. i want americans to know that we will get through this challenge, the hardship will end. it will end soon normal life will return and our economy will rebound very, very strongly but right now in the midst of this great national trial, americans must remain united in purpose and focused on victory to every single american, please know that the sacrifice you are
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making at this time is saving lives, many, many lives. it's very important that we totally protect our asian american community in the united states and all around the world. they're amazing people and the spreading of the virus is not their fault in any way, shape or form they're working closely with us to get rid of it we will prevail together it's very important. from the beginning we have been working closely with our nation's best scientists and medical professionals and we will continue to do so until we have defeated the virus. our public health experts, who are terrific, are studying the variation and the disease across the country and we will be using data to recommend new protocols to allow local economies to cautiously resume their activity at the appropriate time. we also have a large team working on what the next steps will be once the medical
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community gives the region the okay meaning the okay to get going, to get back. let's go to work our country wasn't built to be shutdown this is not a country that was built for this it was not built to be shutdown. my administration continues to work with democrats and republicans to reach an agreement on an urgent relief bill for the millions of american workers and small businesses and large businesses that were badly affected by the medical difficulty that we've had. if you had a viable business in january, we are committed to ensuring the same is true in the coming weeks in fact, we want to make it even better than it was before, and we are doing things to help in that regard. america will again and soon be open for business, very soon a lot sooner than three or four months that somebody was suggesting lot sooner
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we cannot let the cure be worse than the problem itself. we're not going to let the cure be worse than the problem. at the end of the 15-day period, we'll make a decision as to which way we want to go, where we want to go, the timing, and essentially we're referring to the timing of the opening, essentially the opening of our country, because we have it pretty well shutdown in order to get rid of this invisible enemy. two weeks ago we moved at record speed to pass paid sick leave and paid family medical leave and approved $8 billion including money for the development of treatments and vaccines and we're doing tremendous work on both fronts the vaccine is coming along very quickly. now congress must demonstrate the same bipartisan ship again and join together to pass the senate bill as written and not play any more partisan games and
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stop with the partisan politics and i think that's happening i got a call a little while ago. i guess they're getting closer should go quickly. must go quickly. it's not really a choice they don't have a choice they have to make a deal they should not be a time for political agendas, but rather one for focusing solely and squarely on the needs of the american people. we are going to save american workers and we're going to save them quickly and we're going to save our great american companies, both small and large. this was a medical problem we are not going to let it turn into a long-lasting financial problem. started out as a purely medical problem, and it's not going to go beyond that we're just not going to allow that to happen our country was at its strongest financial point. we've never had an economy like we had just a few weeks ago, and
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then it got hit with something that nobody could have ever thought possible and we are fixing it we're fixing it quickly. and i want to just thank the american people for what they've been through and what they're doing. our country will be stronger than ever before and we fully anticipate that and it won't be that long. let me provide you with an update on critical supplies. fema is distributing 8 million n-95 respirator masks and 13.3 million surgical masks across the country right now focusing on the areas with the greatest need, we shipped 73 pallets of personal protective equipment to new york city and 36 pallets to the state of washington in the past 96 hours, fema has also received donations of approximately 6.5 million masks. we're having millions and millions of masks made as we speak. and other personal protective
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equipment which we will be distributing to medical hot spots. we're focused on some of the hot spo spots. across the nation we are seeing an outpouring of creativity and ideas widely shared between the governors and mayors between members of the private sector, really working together. everybody is working together. i'm pleased to report that clinical trials in new york will begin existing -- for existing drugs that may prove effective against the virus. at my direction the federal government is working to help obtain large quantities chloroquin and you can look from any standpoint tomorrow in new york. we think tomorrow pretty early, the hydroxychloroquine and the z-pack i think as a combination
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is looking very good it's going to be distributed we have 10,000 units going and it will be distributed tomorrow. it will be available and is now -- they already have it. they're going to distribute it tomorrow morning to a lot of people in new york city and new york we're studying it very closely, watching it very closely you probably saw a couple articles today came out where a gentleman, they thought he was not going to make it he said good-bye to his family they had given him the drug just a little while before, but he thought it was over. his family thought he was going to die and a number of hours later he woke up, felt good, then he woke up again and he felt really good he's in good shape and he's very happy for this particular drug that we got approved in record-setting time. there's never been anything even
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close to it. and i want to thank the fda which has been incredible and dr. hahn, highly respected man they're doing everything to increase production and available supply of these drugs. not only this drug, but also others that are coming rendesavir is coming from regeneron. others are under study the one we're excited about is the one i just mentioned there is a real chance -- i mean, again, we don't know, but there is a real chance it could have a tremendous impact it would be a gift from god if that worked. it would be a big game changer, so we'll see but distribution starts tomorrow morning early in new york and i think a lot of people are going to be -- hopefully they're going to be very happy with the result, but we're all going to be watching closely. it's something we have to try. it's been very, very successful
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on malaria, very, very successful and countries with malaria have had a interesting thing happen they take this particular drug it's a very powerful drug. and there is very little semblance of the virus in those countries. and there are those that say because this drug is very prevalent, because of the malaria. so we'll see what happens. i'm also announcing that we're postponing the deadline for compliance with real id requirements at a time we're asking americans maintain social distancing, we do want to require people to go with their local dmv. we will be announcing the new deadline very soon it's going to be announced in a very short moment. overnight we successfully brought home 103 american citizens after they had been stranded for ten days in brazil
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following a cruise we want to thank the brazilian government and their great president. most of those returned were senior citizens. my administration in cooperation with governor greg abbott of texas and the private sector coordinated their safe return to the united states. so thank you to governor abbott. terrific governor, terrific man. earlier today, i signed an executive order invoking presidential authority under section 4512 of the defense production act to prohibit the hoarding of vital medical equipment and supplies such as hand sanitizers, face masks and personal protective equipment. we have a lot of face masks, a lot of equipment that's coming in, and we have some people hoarding and attorney general barr is going to be speaking about that in a second. we want be to prevent price gouging and critical health and medical resources are going to be protected in every form
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under this directive, the sel secretary of health and human services is designated certain supplies as scarce he'll designate supplies and elements as scarce, and that means it will be a crime to stockpile these items in excessive quantities, which is happening to a relatively small degree, we think, but nevertheless it's happening. we can't let it happen and we can't let them re-sell them at excessive prices, which some people are doing. very simply, we'll not allow anyone to exploit the suffering of american citizens for their own profit so we're going to be watching that with our great attorney general very closely the department of justice will be aggressively prosecuting fraudulent schemes related to the pandemic yesterday federal prosecutors took action in their first case, shutting down a website selling
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a totally fake vaccine, if you can believe that one as president, i will always fight to protect americans from being exploited. thankfully, all throughout the country, we are witnessing extraordinary acts of compassion, benevolence and unity. construction companies are donating masks by the hundreds of thousands manufacturing workers are transforming their assembly lines. citizens are volunteering to deliver food and medicine to the elderly. we're seeing america at its best we're seeing things people never thought even could happen. frankly, we never thought this could happen, but the way most americans are working toward getting it solved and just doing what they have to do to make this go away has been incredible it's been incredible i want to take a moment to thank the everyday hearers are who are
6:25 pm
making the vest against the virus possible and the workers and first responders, these are very brave people thanks also to the hard working men and women of federal express, u.p.s., united states postal service, and the truckers who are maintaining our supply chains and supply lines. we thank you very much great job. we also want to give our regards and thanks to everyone at our grocery stores working the night shift so that shelves can be re-stocked and the restaurant workers and delivery drivers keeping our families fed so many of these restaurants, it's incredible. they're doing service where people come and they pick it up, delivery -- it's been incredible what they've been doing. totally different business than they were in other than they cook food. other than that, it's like a totally different business most of all, i want to thank the american people for rising to the challenge and showing
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incredible courage, determination, patience, grace and grit from new york to seattle and everywhere in between, your acts of selflessness and sacrifice and ingenuity are powerful testament to the american character. it's really being shown. it's showing up at a level that people are really respecting all over the world, they're respecting the world has problems 148 countries now -- 148 countries are affected by the invisible scourge. and all of the uplifting reflections of the american spirit are out there for everyone to see. together we will care for our fellow citizens and we will win this war, and we'll win it much sooner than people think, and we'll be back in business as a country pretty soon. you'll be hearing about that also pretty soon now i'd like to ask attorney
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general bill barr to say a few words, and we'll take questions in a little while. thank you. >> let me start by thanking you, mr. president, mr. vice president, for your decisive leadership in this unprecedented battle to save american lives. the department of justice, we're working hard to protect the health and safety of our personnel while at the same time keeping our enforcement efforts at full throttle so i'd like to thank all of my colleagues in law enforcement. not just those at the federal level, but of all our state and local partners the police officers, the sheriff's deputies who are protecting and serving their communities. often at great risk to themselves what i'd like to do here is
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start with a few remarks about the order that the president mentioned to ensure the availability of critical medical and health supplies from hoarding and price gouging on march 18th, the president issued executive order 13909 invoking the defense production act with respect to the health and medical resources needed to respond to the spread of covid-19, including ppe and ventilators. we have started to see some evidence of potential hoarding and price gouging, and so earlier today the president signed a second executive order providing the authority to address, if it becomes necessary, hoarding that threatens the supply of those necessary health and medical resources. under section 102 of the defense production act, the president is
6:29 pm
authorized to prohibit the needed resources by designating those materials as scarce or as materials whose supply would be threatened by persons accumulating excessive amounts >> we're going to break in now the president saying we must restart the economy soon and it will be reopened earlier than three to four months from now. for full coverage of the president's briefing tune into our special tonight, 7:00 p.m., "mad money" with jim cramer begins right now we'll see you tomorrow night >> this will all end, but it's not going to end at once it ends when we get all the ventilators we need. it ends when we get gloves and masks and spare icu beds it ends when we can test everyone sick. it ends when we can feel safe going outside again. right now congress is quibbling
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over what to put in the stimulus package. one way or another it's going to happen 2 trillion to tied overworkers getting laid off save small businesses from going under. remember, nobody in washington wants the economy crash and burn the election year. legislation isn't enough you know what we need? we need demand demand from real people. and the thing about humans is they need to be alive and health i enough to shop and eat and go out too big events, something we excel at as americans. the problem, that can't happen until we have enough ventilators for the population what makes it so dangerous and dire, the patient can die and health care providers can get sick the real risk is our health care system gets overwhelm. people have dying of otherwise preventable things bough because we don't have the capacity to treat them we need to get this done by any means necessary. hundreds of thousands of lives are on the line, maybe even millions i know there's a lot of doom and gloom out there. the highest-ranking new jersey health official just this
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weekend said we're all going to get it thanks for that. i think our goal should be to not get it but failing that, you want to postpone getting it until our health care system has enough ventilator capacity and hospital beds instead of being overrun as much of the northeast already is i hear people saying this could last till late summer, maybe even the fall. but that's on us if we can scale up testing, they tell me they're shipping 2 million test kits this week. going to 5 million a week in april. we'll be able to ease the lockdown sooner. worst nay saying of all, i hear that the people's republic of china was only able to stop this thing because they're an authoritarian dictatorship with no regard for individual freedom. democracy, we're told, has no defense against this scourge since humans have no immunity whatsoever from covid, they tell us our freedom will be our downfall wrong! just flat-out wrong. the best response to this pandemic have come from democracies.
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south korea had it almost perfectly. democracy. slovakia has it under control. democracy. you don't need to be a dictator to beat this disease you have to act together we're americans. we can get through this, right we have to do the work enforce social distancing. in brooklyn, prospect park, brooklyn bridge beach, it's crazy. they're going around like there's nothing wrong. we wonder why it's become the new epicenter of the new outbreak here's what i want to do, set a date, a realistic date, june 6, d-day when we reopen for business in this country before we declare victory, we need to win. how do we win? first we quarantine everyone over 65. they can't go out. they're too high risk. they should have everything they need brought to them if there is a deadline hopefully wreck start manufacturing ventilators and masks with more urgency. have the president go to where they're making them, give us some hope. not just a press conference or
6:33 pm
two. set up convenient testing, parks, vacant shopping malls we had ours in an empty school parking lot. every suburb has one of those. if you test negative, you should get a badge. it lasts one week. get tested again if you test positive, you go home and stay home maybe take a course of some of the drugs that seem to be working and throw in an online course to keep you from going insane from boredom. if you get worse, go to the hospital once you get better for long enough that you're no longer contagious, you get your badge and you can go outside again we've just got to do what south korea's been doing test, test, test and test. hey, we inspect cars why not inspect people once you get your badge, get some gloves, surgical mask, go out and spend some money once they pass the bail out bill, businesses and individuals will have cash wouldn't it be better to have customers? we need masks and tests and
6:34 pm
ventilators. you have to be safe if you go shopping restaurants are harder we can practice table social distancing, though unless you do take-out which puts money in the hands of the business that keeps them employing people there are nine customers at my hole in the wall tavern. we're paying people anyway what our beleaguered nation needs is a sense of hope a realistic date would at least give us something to look forward to however, it's not realistic until the government goes on a war footing and bends over backward to make more ventilators, more masks and test stations if we want a second d-day, we need to work together. congress, doctors. heck, why not put 25,000 medical professionals from the military. they have 125,000 of them. let's get this second operation overlord on the road okay "mad money" tonight, my exclusive with the only publicly trade on telemedicine, teledoc
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that stock is going crazy. i'm talking with the c.e.o. of ventas they own senior housing centers. that's going crazy, too, but the wrong way. you don't want to miss it. stick with cramer. >> announcer: don't miss a second of "mad money." follow at jim cramer on twitter. have a question? tweet cramer #mad tweets. send jim an email to or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc miss something head to (upbeat music)
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there has never been to have a favorite food. with new grubhub plus you get unlimited free delivery and cashback rewards for ordering noodles, and noodles... and noodles... and noodles. grubhub plus. free delivery, cash back, and noodles. we know the pandemic is absolutely racked the stock market there are a few silver linings stocks are soaring because they thrive in the new economy. take teledoc it's the perfect way to handle the coronavirus. teledoc announced a 50% week over week in visits.
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dema i'm betting demand has gotten stronger since we spoke with the c.e.o. in february monster 18% gain can this keep climbing let's check in with the c.e.o. of teledoc to get a better sense of how they're helping people get well and stay well during this incredible time. welcome back to "mad money." >> thank you, jim, for having me on >> last week after the president spoke i got an email that said medicare now covers telemedicine my first thought was, holy cow, millions of us most have gotten that so millions must have said let's call teledoc did that happen as a chain reaction after that email? >> well, nothing happens quite that quickly, jim, as you know we're certainly seeing a significant increase in volume and i didn't exactly expect the president to be talking in a white house press briefing about telehealth
6:40 pm
if you'd asked me that a few months ago, i would have said that's pretty unlikely it's fortunate we're able to be here for the american people during this crisis >> that does bring up the issue of the surge in demand you have a fantastic network, but almost knowing we're going to hit that level of demand, can't it >> the whole system is definitely under strain and we are happy to work with our hospital system clients, health plans and others to try to meet the incredible increase in demand we're really helping in probably three ways one is to stand up virtual covid clinics for our virtual clients so they can safely treat members in their local communities two is to bring technology to them so that when someone shows up in the hospital, they can effectively treat them without exposing the health care workers. and three, of course, is to provide hundreds of thousands of
6:41 pm
visits to our millions of members here in the u.s. and around the world >> you can imagine you go on twitter, things people say about me and twitter are terrible. i had to adapt a new moniker you said, i understand the unprecedented demand we are at eight hours of waiting with no idea how much longer it will be. you need to do a better job of setting waiting experience expectations in your waiting room that's twitter from over the weekend. is that just an odd ball or is that something you're concerned about? >> well, we have people working literally around the clock teledoc health employees have been working around the clock to activate more physicians, literally thousands of additional physicians to meet the demand eight hours is certainly an anomaly. we expect to be able to deliver care in minutes, not hours that's what happens in normal times. unfortunately these are not normal times what we're finding is that we
6:42 pm
are able to get back to people it may be a couple of hours rather than a few minutes, but actually i was just looking at data that says our net promoter scores are going up in this circumstance because people are still appreciative of having a doctor to turn to. >> i know how important that is. it is very hard to have that kind of move and that's unprecedented. now, i did want to ask you, hcq, the president has spoken about it pretty much as a wonder drug. i check in with my doctor. doctor says, by the way, you can have dangerous arrhythmias what happens with someone who says i just saw the president, i want this drug do your doctors say, you know what, look, there are some side effects? >> yeah, so, you know, our role in the system is to identify people who are demonstrating symptoms and have a likelihood of having been exposed to the condition, and then get them in for testing. once they're in for testing, then the local provider who is providing that testing is doing
6:43 pm
the prescribing of medication if they are confirmed for the coronavirus. >> oh, okay. >> so for us, we are stopping short of trying to make prognostications we leave it for the efforts running clinical trials about what the right treatment is. >> great i do think there are people wanting to take this drug thinking it's like taking aspirin. let me ask you something you have a mental health, a therapist thing. now, all of us are experiencing -- it's not just cabin fever. we're feeling a sense of loneliness, okay many of us have sent our families packing many of us are separated from our kids, our parents. elderly parents, you're saying please don't come near me. how -- can you get a therapist >> yeah, absolutely. we're seeing an increase in demand for our remote virtual counseling services. you know, everybody is feeling sort of unprecedented anxiety
6:44 pm
and that gets heightened in these situations so we are there for people with virtual counseling where you can remotely connect with a provider we have therapists who are waiting and available and, you know, that goes along with this what is likely to be an extended period of uncertainty. so definitely an appropriate time to be availing oneself of those services >> that's terrific you have that a lot of us are concerned about mental health to the point of suicide, and that is just so valuable that you do that. now, meantime, you do have an office in shanghai which has gone from being a place that people were scared to death to a place where they want disney to open up shanghai disneyland again. tell us about what that's like is it back to normal >> so, we're really, really happy to hear from our team in shanghai that they are returning
6:45 pm
to work. they give us a little bit of insight into what's to come. and we're also in touch on a daily basis with our teams in barcelona, in the u.k., and lisbon, and we're really understanding how this unfolds the team in china is, in fact, heading back to work they are saying that things are returning to normal and they are giving us a glimmer of hope for what we can expect in the not too distant future >> that's what we have to hope i want to gauge something. in a doctor's office, if one person has covid and there are many people closely connected and together, would you expect that some of the other people will get the disease >> you know, certainly close exposure is a risk, and that's why everyone is recommending at least 6 feet of distance and social distancing. in fact, for us over 90% of our worldwide employees are working
6:46 pm
from home at this point. it's only absolutely essential services in some of our countries that were reporting into the office. so we are practicing that. i was just looking at a case from a thank you note from a mom of a 7-year-old girl who was throwing up in the middle of the night and didn't want to go into the emergency room, but didn't know what else to do and she was thanking us for being there and avoiding the exposure to what is likely in many emergency rooms and urgent care centers around the country. >> i keep getting the same thing. finally, has the chinese government helped you at all in trying to figure out what to do? i know that people, for instance, at alibaba are helping us they're helping us with excess masks and gowns. has the chinese government given you any tips, are things good with that now? >> we've been working more with the world health organization, with the cdc and with our insurance clients in china than
6:47 pm
with the chinese government. and we're fortune to have an international network of medical directors who can collaborate on these issues >> all right >> we haven't been working as much with the chinese government, but, you know, i think the demand has shifted forever on virtual care and we are on the verge of a new era for virtual care in the health care system. >> i agree it's never going back, which is why it's a parabolic move in the stock. you guys are here to stay. that's jason gorvic, the c.e.o. of teledoc thank you for being there, sir >> thanks, jim >> this and zoo, they have redefined this year. "mad money" is back. awesome internet.
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not long ago america's aging population was a great secular growth story baby boomers, big cohort, you get it that's why i spent years recommending ventas, a real estate investment trust that has senior facilities, and r&d centers. the virus takes a terrible toll on the elderly and a lot of people worry nursing homes, which by the way, might not be the safest place during this pandemic ventas stock got obliterated plunging $50 in mid january. the market was clearly
6:51 pm
overreacting and ventas has now bounced back to 23 as of today if that dividend can be maintained this stock can be an incredible bargain is it safe lets archipela let's take a close look with the chairman and c.e.o. of ventas. welcome back to "mad money." >> jim, thanks so much for having me. >> i know you as a winner. just someone who consistently year after year after year generates a great return this year it has been an unfortunate time for you 63, down to 14, bounce back. i want you to give us the narrative of what you think happened here. >> well, jim, you really -- you nailed it really our businesses all got off to a great start this year. we're in five different businesses, all in health care, all in seniors housing we started off incredibly well now all the businesses in the country, including ours, are
6:52 pm
faced with the covid pandemic and the related financial stresses and economic consequences of the pandemic and so we are really doing our best to focus on the health and well-being of our residents in senior housing and our employees, and we believe we're doing a great job at that. but at the current time, you know, there's a lot of fear as you know in the market and amongst our population in general. >> okay. so in february you announced that you would do a certain number -- this was february 20th >> yes >> and march 17th you withdrew that guidance. >> yes >> which really did worry people how do you assuage people? who the heck knows what's going to happen? >> yes, i think you're right one thing that i continually point out to others is that we have a very experienced management team, one that has managed and navigated through
6:53 pm
incredible cycles and disruption before whether it was 9/11 or the great financial crisis and we've always come out very strong we have an incredible balance sheet and lots of strength and stability at ventas. and we are -- that is a factor that obviously is among the most important things to be able to manage successfully through unprecedented times like we're in now and we're using all the strength that we have in our great team and our great operating partners to make sure we are focused on havi havi having seen seniors come out in the best possible way they can >> let's say i was with you. you have a person you like very much come in deb, why don't we take a break we don't know what the spread is going to be. maybe it's going to spread like
6:54 pm
wildfire let's suspend our distribution for now and come back when things are better. it's $1.2 billion. that's not an unreasonable thing to do. i dealt with two reits this weekend. they were horrified by what happened what else can we do, jim how do you say to people, i'm going to pay it, when some people feel you should suspend it >> as i mention, we're in a strong and stable financial condition. our board just declared our normal quarterly dividend last week i think we want to understand the full range of potential consequence here and there could, as you know, be an upside surprise in terms of duration, a scientific cure. f there's lots of financial support that's being provided by policy makers. and so i think there is a lot we don't know yet because we're in
6:55 pm
a strong financial condition and we understand the dividend's important. our board made a decision to declare the normal dividend and we will continue to be responsible to all of our stakeholders >> deb, why did the glut never end? i mean, i thought that you and i talked, there had to be a certain point where there would just be not too many beds, but not enough beds. but it never happened. >> yes yes, well, as i mentioned, our businesses were all off to a very good start this year. we were very optimistic. we saw some of the highest demand in senior housing that we had ever seen. we know the population is growing and the growth rates really start to kick in in '21 and '22. and as we talk, the supply was delivered in advance of that so we really believe that the -- that the absorption and the demand for senior housing would,
6:56 pm
over time, really go in our favor. >> right >> and now we're really faced with this unprecedented pandemic, and that's really what we're focusing on. >> do people go visit their parents? you know, dr. fauci has been saying it's somewhat ill-advised to do. and all i can think of is all these poor nice people in sunrise and dr. fauci says, maybe you shouldn't visit them because you could injure them or, know, fatally. >> yes that's a very good point because our seniors are most important asset in our communities we own over 700 senior living communities that the likes of brook dale and sunrise and atria and qualified care owners operate. most have adopted best practices and/or are required by government authorities to limit visitation right now to only
6:57 pm
essential visitors >> wow >> and in most cases, those are really employees who are being screened daily before they enter the premises, and most family visits in many cases are significantly constrained. again, all in the interest of protecting our senior population >> what did you think when you read what happened, that terrible incident in washington state where so many people passed away? >> yes, i mean, every death of a senior, every death of any individual in this terrible pandemic is a tragedy. and we -- our hearts go out to them and their families. sadly, seniors are susceptible to this, and all i can say is every effort of our team at ventas and every effort of all of our partners who are the care providers is really dedicated toward the health and safety of those seniors. >> okay.
6:58 pm
anyway, deb, i wish it were better times thank you, of course, for not dodging us and coming right on that's deb cafaro. >> i appreciate it, jim. thank you for having us and stay well >> absolutely. that's deb cafaro, chair and c.e.o. of ventas who comes on in tough times. "markets in turmoil" starts right now. apps are used everywhere... except work. why is that? is it because people love filling out forms? maybe they like checking with their supervisor to see how much vacation time they have.
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good evening i'm scott wapner on day 85 of the coronavirus crisis president trump speaking tonight about reopening the american economy, as wall street waits for a big move from washington stocks are falling as the senate fails yet again to advance its virus aid bill >> announcer: waiting on washington >> why are the american people still waiting? it's a good question to ask. >> announcer: as the markets and america teeter on the brink, senate leaders battle it out over the stimulus. >> we're very close to reaching a deal


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