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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  December 1, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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>> b.k.? >> i think you buy apple big tech is back >> mr. mcdonnelly. ball cue >> guy >> amd melissa >> thanks for watching "mad mon" with jim cramer starts right now. my mission is simple -- to make you money i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere. and i promise to help you find it "mad money" starts now hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money. welcome to cramerica other people want to make friends. i'm just trying to make you some money. my job isn't just to entertain but to educate and teach you so call me at 1-800-743-cnbc. or tweet me @jimcramer. what do you do what the biggest winner from the stay-at-home economy finally disappoints.
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do you dunk the entire covid cohort or stick with it on a dow when the rose 183% and the nasdaq gained 1.8% the reaction to zoom video communications after it reported a good quarter that wasn't quite good enough for wall street. this company practically sin none mouse with the new normal and look ban on 2020 as the year of zoom so when you see it down 15% it's alarming. you got to wonder what that means for the rest of the stay-at-home stocks. the answer, nothing. just because zoom's insanely high growth is decelerating that doesn't mean the trend is over in fact, i'd argue it never had gone away because this year has shown us millions of jobs can be done better from home. no need for that central office. why go to meetings to negotiate or sign documents when you do everything over the web and save millions, maybe ten, maybe hundreds of millions in travel, hotel, dinners, zoom, i mean
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that's how the $39 billion s&p global ihs market deal was consummated as we heard from doug pederson on "mad money. the truth is people are confused about zoom and that confusion created opportunities all over the place. the immediate pan-action when i was on "squawk on the street" was wrong. let me walk you through what happened starting with what should be obvious. first i hate to break it to you, zoom video reported amazing numbers. did they obliterate the estimates? yes. did they fiercely raise the forecast yes. they didn't reveal gigantic contracts from big corporations that they didn't say they stole huge slots of business from competitors which many people worry the gross margins aren't as great as they used to be handling lots of smaller clients trying to up-sell them instead of going after elephants and whales when you consider how much it's run, you can argue maybe even it was due for a bit of a pullback.
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i mean, i don't know, stock is up 500% going on that's a lot of money. i think the stock got overheated end of story certainly not bad news for the stay-at-home thesis, not when they made a heck of a lot more money than wall street was expecting. are they all teetering we'll go down them i'm tired of hearing the stay-at-home is over first of all, this morning amazon good zoomed incredible buying opportunity as word got out amazon had a fantastic cyber monday something that should come as a surprise to no one covid cases are exploding. see the numbers that dr. gottlieb is talking about. it's an amazon-a-thon and can see the light at the end of the tunnel a bet a lot stay home and order everything they need off the internet because why risk getting sick when you're this close to the finish line i just ordered some kind of
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space suits for outside on amazon i mean what are you going to do? where are you going to get them? at the store but you're seeing amazon and got fedex, upgrade from barclay's. that sure doesn't seem like the end of the stay-at-home thesis another angle and talk about micron it guided up significantly and the stock surged to a 20-year high it wasn't that long ago that ceo sanjay came on this show with the stock at $41 and told us it was way too cheap so micron would buy backhands hands over fist at the time i felt you couldn't go a day without some analyst slashing numbers trashing the stock. well, today's surge of $67 a huge win, sanjay, come back. good work. more importantly micron has a heck of a lot more p.i.n. action and dram goes into hardware you need to set up a home office
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another sign that it remains strong and not what we call a pull-through where it's not going to be any good three months from now. i say that because last night dell technologies told us the story of a fabulous holiday season if your house is your schoolroom and your home entertainment center and office, guess what, you need more than one family pc you need a boatload. that's what's driving the revival of laptops it's far from over after listening to michael dell, i think dell, the stock is a must buy third we got still more evidence that apple is having a merry christmas. we keep hearing about the long lead times and issues with availability which shows you demands is off the charts. this stock has been stuck in the mud. it got it groove back. pin action there sky work solutions and a host of others i like. fourth, after the close we found out salesforce is buying slack technologies listen to what slack said last week, quote, in a normal po
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post-covid-19 environment ceos expect 38% of employees to work from home routinely up from 18% pre-crisis with 94% expecting work from home to remain a durable trend that's extraordinary, people but before the pandemic only 17 of% sios of companies that have more than 20% employees working from home, now, post-covid it'll be 75% you think that's a trend that's going away it's secular it's growing sounds good to me. i like the deal by the way with salesforce you know what, we'll bring marc benioff on later to talk about his great quarter and acquisition. the people who think zoom's supposed slowdown signatures a slowdown in the economy? that's insane. again, zoom is doing great but more important zoom's total disconnect from the broader economy. when you look at the cyclical smokestack, the railroads keep hitting new highs. last night caravana told us it was hot.
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this morning, alcoa said demand is getting stronger. nucor has a stock that is roaring, so is the stock of west rock, the commodity cardboardmaker all the chemical stocks going crazy. you can't believe those runs what else? airbnb is going public $35 billion valuation. when no one was traveling their business suffered but now a pandemic thesis blowing the doors off. people want to travel. they don't trust hotels and would rent out somebody's house and just bring these and wipe it over, okay pi why not, right? finally it's pretty clear we could -- that we donald could get a stimulus deal that will tide people over i prefer bigger relief package than the compromised proposal we're hearing about but half a loaf is better than none zoom for a second and so-called horrific 15% decline it represents the zeitgeist like nothing else in a negative market or even
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neutral market its breakdown could have crushed the whole complex. actually crushed all the averages because we're in a rip start bull market most stocks that got dragged down ended up rebounding, some sharply despite what you heard, vast swaths of our economy remain very strong. that includes the stay-at-home stocks, a good market can shake off discouraging news. a great market can ignore itten ti -- entirely >> caller: boo-yah >> what's up >> hey, so, i'm a blind guy from cleveland. new investor, been listening for two months and talking about how the car companies are moving i'm thinking those cars are eventually going to need new tires. what do you think of goodyear? >> i worry and thank you for calling but i worry the foreign -- they dump china -- everybody dumps tires in our country and shouldn't be allowed to but they do
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that's what crushes the tire business every time it lifts its head so i say stay away and would it kill kareem hunt to get 14 points? zoom does not equal the whole market it remains strong, of course, worried about everybody that has been laid off salesforce is making news. i have marc benioff. as the electric market heats up i'm airing another play via spac and eyeing some of the biggest names in tech to see if they still have bite in this market so stay with cramer. >> announcer: don't miss a second of "mad money." follow @jimcramer on twitter have a question, tweet cramer, #madtweets send jim an email to or give us a call at
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normally i'd be in san francisco for's dream conference but even though they're doing a virtual conference they still managed to start things off with a bang salesforce reported after the close and while they delivered a big top and bottom line beat with robust guidance and incredibly strong close to the quarter with huge free cash flow the real story they're buying slack technologies the collaboration software company doing it for cash and stock. slag was competing with microsoft. do not take it from me
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let's check in with marc benioff from salesforce to get a better read on the quarter and the slack deal congratulations and welcome back to "mad money." >> jim, always great to be with you, thanks for having me against. >> i want to know right now with this acquisition, $27 billion acquisition of slack, i think the key question, are you positioned to take on microsoft as the future of enterprise software >> well, first of all, let me just say, wow, what a quarter we had. i mean you can just see we had a monster q3 it was phenomenal beyond our expectations and now coming in to an incredible year next year from 21-1 to 25.5 next year, incredible but you're right, jim. slack changes everything and makes salesforce a whole new type of company, a company that is truly architected to work from anywhere.
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now, we have already introduce the salesforce from anywhere a couple months ago but now with slack it supercharges our approach and lets all our customers rearchitect their workforce to be from anywhere. >> okay, so, look, i have known -- i know your deal style and been listening to these different analysts and some are saying the deal is too big and some are saying he has to do it because he's out of growth salesforce engagement have to do it, the time something curious, teams have already won this guy says all of the time i hear the deal is too big how are the last two too big deals? >> well, jim, of course, whenever you do an acquisition you get narratives from people who are maybe not even in the software industry and have no idea what's happening with customers. what's happening with customer, customers are rearchitecting how they are working they're building a 360-degree view of their customers, they're building a 360-degree view of
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their employees and want the ability to work from anywhere and to connect to their customers from anywhere. look at the opportunities, incredible number one, selling from anywhere i mean there's never been a more important point in history to have your b2 b sales force to be able to deal direct which with the customer that's how our product was built from the beginning with slack it provides this incredible, incredible window into a collaborative interface onto all of our services and the whole enterprise -- >> can you do three times the slack just reported now? >> well, i have big dreams, jim, you know that and i mean when i was first on this show in 2009 i think it was -- i mean i can't remember what our revenue was, about a billion dollars. >> yes, it was. >> here it was -- >> it was 800 million.
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>> 25 billion we're talking about next year and i have a $00 billion dream which is what i'm shooting for and feel very excited and motivated on everything we need to double the company once again and make that happen we have to architect a complete solution which is selling, service, marketing, you mention our integration, incredible product line with meal soft has performed incredibly well, tableau, you know that company we purchased out about a couple years ago it's far exceeded my expectations and now slack, incredible all of these put together making up the most modern, most complete and most competitive enterprise solution in the world today. >> let's talk about competitive. stuart butterfield and i know his counsel and know what microsoft's been doing and know they've been bundling and made it so it's almost difficult to even try the i regard superior product of slack because they'll give it away if they even think you'll go to slack
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how can you take that company on >> jim, look, i'm not going to address any specific competitor. >> why not >> i'm just going to tell you -- we know exactly how to be successful in the software industry and that is to make our customers successful and look at this quarter we had an incredible transaction with american family insurance if you know the c.o. jack, he's incredible a complete match on our values and salesforce, doing a fabulous job there. when you look at our ability now to take that whole implementation to another level with slack, you know, everyone is excited about what's possible now between the combination of salesforce and slack >> how about zoom? it looks like your new customer win. their quarter was unbelievably fantastic and not amazingly f fantastic but expanding fast and you have a good relationship with -- >> zoom is another huge customer and i love eric.
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he's done a fabulous job and zoom is a tremendous partner of slack and zoom and slack together have incredible integration. you probably have seen slack has all kinds of applications, integration, a whole industry, etaen economy, not just a company, it's a brand. it's so many exciting things and when you bring salesforce and slack together, that's a marriage made in heaven. >> time to do a real alliance, have -- we know we love todd mckinnon from octa why can't you put everybody together and say, listen, this is the new alliance? >> well, jim, what do you think we've been doing i mean, that's what we are -- that's what we do every single day. we help architect our customers' solutions. we have the most successful collb implementations in the world. you can see the numbers. it's incredible and all built on
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a foundation of customer success. another amazing story for the quarter t-mobile mike is doing a fabulous job and he has doubled down on customer 360 and built on the foundation of our communications cloud and talking about that all year with our, you know, at&t win in the first quarter. you can really see the whole industry pivoting. >> this is what the customer wants, a different interface, tired of going toddling to microsoft to you why is it happening? why is it happening? >> it happens, jim, because when you use salesforce your company is just far more successful. the ability to connect with customers and communicate and collaborate deeply with your employees and ultimately to bring those two ideas together employees and customers collaborating together i mean there's never been a solution like this before and, you know, we're already deeply integrated with slack. this is just an upscaling of our existing relationship. they're literally in the building next to us at
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salesforce park. >> tomorrow is it. tomorrow is the keynote. what you talk about being a half a trillion company, is that a little birdie told me that >> jim, i mean, i want to have a -- it has to be a great company, but it has to be a great company that serves customers and it has to be a company with great results look at these numbers. not only great revenue growth but the operating margin growth in the last two quarters, record numbers, that is what is exciting about salesforce. we are deeply connected and deeply committed to our economist mers and making -- >> amazing cash flow which -- a lot of people already got it wrong and didn't understand you did a couple transactions that were positive for shareholders the cash flow was extraordinarily strong >> cash flow, whoa, look at our cash flow, enterprise has never delivered it like we've had. you've had that right all along since we've been talking not just cash flow but pure growth, you know
6:22 pm
market share, profitability, all the kbis you want in a great company and ultimately customer success is the most important thing to me. i have to be honest with you, jim. nothing is more important than the trust i have with all of our customers and one thing i love about slack is how much the customers love them. >> okay, want to mention i have a partnership with marc with a charity. this is ex--prize. and we'll reveal five on thursday all right? >> -- they're building next generations of masks. really exciting. >> congratulations, i hope to have stuart butterfield on soon. he deserves to have his day in court. it's not over. this does not cure what they were doing >> it only accelerating all our work we are here to rearchitect the industry and make customers
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successful like never before and give them the horsepower they need in sales, service, marketing, their communications, their collaborations and this combination of slack and salesforce does just that. >> marc benioff. after a good quarter and giant acquisition, biggest ever, "mad money" is back after a break
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this is the new iphone 12 pro with 5g! and it's on at&t, the fastest nationwide 5g network. now, new and existing customers can get our best deal.
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really?! mom! at&t has the deal for new and existing customers! i will. so what'd she say? wrong person. it's a guy named carl. but he's very excited and on his way. word-of-mouth advertising. it's what they did before commercials. it's not complicated. everyone gets our best deal, like the amazing iphone 12 mini on us. with the dow and nasdaq turning to new record highs again, i told you what's leading the market it's f.a.n.g facebook, amazon, apple, netflix and google last night i told you not to write off the winners especially google they have too much going for them regardless of how the economy is doing this group has languished for the past month seemingly going out of style if money managers flock to small
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stocks, that can deliver monster earnings growth and the world goes back to normal, now, they've seen covid trades frankly and many think that covid trades, yes, their days are numbered with just the market's poor reaction to uber, covid trade zooms blockbuster quarter. f.a.n.g. showing signs of life again as you know if you watched my show last night, my gut says they got a lot more room to run. because it is a crazy moment, you can't go with your gut and take a quantitative empirical less emotional approach to stock picking. soaring covid cases and the vaccine lurking right around the corner, it could be tough to get your bearings. we know the winner will be terrible and know the f.a.n.g. stocks have thrived during the worst parts and know the pandemic is going away next year although we don't know when we'll have enough sakss for herd immunity and it's tough to put together a forecast so why don't we do this let's try something else when fundamentals are unclear, i
6:28 pm
like to default to technical analysis and going off the charts and carolyn broaden and one of my clicks at and take a look at the f.a.n.g. charts and didn't include google a dynamite one and liked what she saw. there's always an element of uncertainty with technicals but if they can hold above their recent lows the fibonacci queen thinks they can go higher. even though they had massive moves she thinks they might have a lot more upside. why don't we check this and daily chart of apple own it, don't trade. peaked in early september, right? and then got clobbered as big tech rolled over and bounced around apple's most recent low came a week ago at 112. get this, at 112.59 and thinks
6:29 pm
that could be a major pivotal low, major turning point, why, comes down to her methodology, past swings and runs them through the prism of fibonacci ratios and it flowers and pinecones, small shells and for some crazy reason definitely in the stock market and found a bunch around 112 this is important. the stock ended up bottoming less than ten cents above the fibonacci floor and used the same tool set and looks at the time, price, time, okay. she spotted a cluster of timing cycles coming due last monday and tuesday, dates when there's a high chance to the stock changes its trajectory and apple bottomed on tuesday. put it all together and she thinks last week's low could be an important one the kind of turning point moment that allows app toll get some
6:30 pm
traction again if that's the case then the low holes and she will see it running to 127, 130, maybe as high as 136. taking out that and if all goes well, it goes to 147 so, you know, those who own apple, you know all these analysts, oh, i did the check. shut up. next up, check out amazon's daily chart. this has a similar story and points out it made a kilo at 2950 and coincided with a bunch of fib snatonacci time tykcycles and she says as long as it holes above 2950 you're good her targets, amazon could spring to 3,461 3,581.
6:31 pm
3,644 and 3$3,037 do i hear she is doing fibonacci, one of her faves. facebook, all right, this one gave you its latest low iii 264. a couple of bucks above fibonacci price levels and nailed this entirely in the bottom and, again, that tells the stock can be ready for more sustained move higher even as it's rebounded to 87 and spectacular session today. broaden says it should be smooth sailing headed for $306 at a minimum. hey, maybe cruising to 318 or 342. finally, netflix reported subpar subscriber growth last time around lately it turned around and it
6:32 pm
doesn't hurt they have a huge hit with "queen's gambit" proving management can turn out terrific new programming like facebook netflix made its most recent low on november 10. they all trade together and all in the same etms and she had a bunch of timing cycles coming due february 9th through -- sorry, november 9th through 12th see these? they all came due. the last time netflix got hit with a big decline july, okay, so take a look at that the stock fell 108 before turning $108 before turning around it fell $109 look at this this is perfect symmetry then it started climbing again i know it seems like a silly thing to focus on but she notes many stock swings showed this kind of symmetry pattern then the move exhausts itself. if that sounds stupid and obvious i agree. the thing is stupid and obvious happens every day in the stock market, make a ton of money. between the symmetry of and
6:33 pm
fibonacci, broaden thinks november 10th was a launching pad for netflix. as long as the stock doesn't fall below $463, the level we don't want it to breach. she predicts a lot more upside says netflix could rally all the way to $603. up nearly 100 bucks from where it is trading. the bottom line, if the f.a.n.g. stocks can stay on the market's good song then they suggest they have a lot more room to run. i think she's right. the point on the calendar when they crowd into the biggest winners to show kleins how smart they are, that means wingers like facebook and amazon and apple and netflix and, of course, you know i think google should keep winning, at least for the next four weeks. stop letting people tell you, you got to be in conoco, all right? there. okay, let's go to james in illinois james. >> caller: hey, boo-yah from the home of superman >> really? i didn't know. i thought he was from like a
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different planet krypton. i thought he was from krypton. >> illinois. >> is that near illinois okay, i thought he was from krypton. >> caller: on october 13th you recommended data dog. >> yeah. >> caller: i believe that was its nearly high. >> data dog, i wish it didn't have the name datadog because there are a lot of companies that would alike to acquire the company. i think you're fine. it is a well-run company i think superman is from the planet krypton and i'm from kirby's fourth world. f.a.n.g. showing signs of life and the chart suggests they got more room to run are you in any of these. so busy owning freeport.
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demand for electric vehicles continues to increase, i'm eyeing one play coming public in the electric vehicle space that could charge higher on the trend and that's right, i might like this one but you don't want to miss my take on -- i'm not telling you many workers need help will they get it speaker pelosi and lawmakers, will they give them a hand to make it across the finish line i care about this and you too. all your calls in "lightning round. so stay with cramer. what's the name again?
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>>it's shiori. what? >>shi - or - i adam, emily and then... s-uh um... >>it's shiori. sh-ori. thank you, that's great. shiori (in japanese) there you go. >>yeah. (in japanese) wow, it looks beautiful! >>(in japanese) really?! i really like it.
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last month the electric
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vehicle stocks caught fire tesla which surged 46% but we saw even bigger moves in the smaller more speculative way more speculative energy electric plays, especially the ones that have recently come public by merging with special purpose acquisition companies. now, this whole group was roaring until yesterday when many of these stocks imploded. and that macdown continued today. while tesla keeps climbing the derivatives got through the meat grinder. the company working on a hydrogen fuel cell truck lost yesterday and had to renegotiate with ford after the stunning fraud accusation by hindenburg, the hedge fund that was short. the more legitimate operators had a bad day.
6:40 pm
fisker, it's kind of cool run by a brilliant car designer but after running up 91% in november it shed more than 6% quantum scapes is developing a better lithium battery up nearly 160% since i recommended it in october. spiked like crazy after completing its merger with a special purpose acquisition vehicle and today it gave back some gains and plummeted 25% if you bought it on my recommendation, i am begging you, i want you to please tomorrow morning take something off the table. nor nobody ever got hurt taking a profit i said it yesterday about plug power and reiterating it's not too late to trach something off the table and love green hydrogen the whole complex from workhorse, the power, you know what they look, they look peaking. the chinese plays got hammered icautioned about neolast night went down after goldman sachs
6:41 pm
recommended the stock, of course, he had to sell all the way out but switches to a hole, thank you. i don't think it's done with profit-taking and telling you there's no chinese teslas, there's just tesla at least for now it has no rivals yet these electric vehicles start-ups keep merging with special purpose acquisition companies to come out without the hassle of an ipo ciig merger complains with a rival, the british electric van developer in a deal that values the company at 5.4 billion a billion here, a billion there. trying to cover the deals so that you know what to avoid. most of them and you see what's a good opportunity like quantum scape. yeah, the electric vehicle stocks pulling back hard after last month's epic run this week is a good time to catch up three of these electric spac mergers that haven't closed. tonight we start with charge point. that's an electric vehicle charging network coming public with a merger with switch back
6:42 pm
merger acquisition in a deal announced this has had an incredible run and pulling back roughly 21% over the last two days as 9 electric auto plays got short-circuited. is switchback worth buying in weakness or does the stock have further to fall? frankly i'm torng. in the end i think it's too risky to bet on switchback because the stock is still way too expensive. feels overhyped. needs to come in more. that said, though, unlike so many of the other ones i've been covering with special purpose acquisition companies, chargepoint is a real business, not a business plan in search of a business but a real business that matters with chargepoint you're not betting on some unproven technology or truck design or n unproven manufacturing xroosty, 13-year-old company built out one of the largest electric
6:43 pm
charging vehicle networks in the world. rather than running their own stations, they sell other companies everything they need to electrify parking spaces. we're talking network charging hardware software subscriptions, maintenance, support, it's all tied together by a mobile app that tells drivers where they can recharge i like this. they've got more than 4,000 customers running a network over 100,000 charging sites i'm not crazy when spac comes in if you think fossil fuels are the past and electric vehicles are the future, then we need to build out a lot more charging infrastructures, something that will be easy with joe biden in the white house. somebody needs to make the technology for these charging stations and, hey, chargepoint's business is already pretty solid. from 2017 through 2019 their sales increase had a 53% compound annual growth rate. great. however, 2020 last been rough thanks to the pandemic and the
6:44 pm
first half their sales came in at leerily 68 million. 9% the new station business was flat but subscription revenue kept soaring, up 38% while they have real sales they' they're not yet profitable that said it's nice to see an electric vehicle play with actual revenue sales, i mean like they do something and then they get paid novel. listen to what chargepoint's ceo told cnbc's phil lebeau after it broke. >> we're different this is an established company it's had a ten-year track record of shipping product, supporting customers, we are in revenue we do not have the risks of a prerevenue company >> i want to you think of this as a virtual circle. more electric cars on the road mean the more demand for new charging stations. more ubiquitous means more can
6:45 pm
driver electric cars if we can get to the point where 3% of north american cars are electric, just 3, chargepoint believes they can do a billion dollars in annual revenue. going to take a long time. you know what, this was pretty compelling but then again as usual, these things, let me give you worries, concerns, first off i am concerned about competition. i think it's very competitive. chargepoint has their own technology but doesn't seem to be anything groundbreaking tesla does the same thing. my fear as it expands many will move in. i can live with thatif the stock were cheaper however, it is very, very expensive. we know from when the deal was announced the switchback/chargepoint combo valued itself at 3 billion and know there will be 272 million shares outstanding once the deal closes that works out to $11 a share which is what switchback thought chargepot was worth a few months
6:46 pm
ago. but with them at 29 in anticipation of the merger, this one is overextended. the bottom line, there's a lot to like about chargepoint, the company, it's less speculative than most of the electric vehicle plays and a real business, real products, real sales but after the massive run-up in all things electric over the past few months, this stock is way too pricey. >> sell, sell, sell. >> i say let's wait for the deal to close and if history is any guide at all the new chargepoint stock will swoon and then we pull the trigger might be worth betting on if you can get it in the teens. not up here though stay with cramer hi, my name is sam davis and i'm going to tell you about exciting plans available to anyone with
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"lightning round" sponsored by td ameritrade. take control with the new "mad money." your own sound board plus special access to "mad money" 101 with rules and techniques to break down the market for all investors >> the red flag that makes me drop a stock immediately -- >> it's everything you need right when you need it the new it is time it's time for "the lightning round. >> sell, sell, sell. >> buy, buy, buy [ buzzer ] >> and then "the lightning round" is over are you ready, skee-daddy. start with david in new york david. >> caller: hi, jim i appreciate you taking my call. i love the show. my question is what you think of
6:51 pm
wells fargo in the long run. >> 26, 25. charlie sharp is a magician. he's going to make this thing work it's cheaper than all the other banks. i bless it but please let it come in a little ed in virginia ed >> boo-yah thank you for all you do this is east virginia, ed. i bought snap at the dip is it time to keep half, sell half and go shopping >> if you bought the dip that me means you have to take out cost basis and let the rest run don't look at it pinterest went up big and snap the alternatives to some of the others i think you're in great shape. bobby in new jersey. bobby. >> caller: boo-yah, jim. gre greetings from south jerry. >> association, my god, really morgy, vintner
6:52 pm
>> caller: may landing >> not bad see you that and raise you cherry hill. what's up. >> caller: your thoughts on kinder morgan. >> i don't like pipeline companies. it's a bad complex i want to you stay away. let's go to jim in texas jim. >> caller: boo-yah >> boo-yah >> caller: i've got row dku i bought at 110. >> it's 285. tomorrow i want you to at least sell -- sell it. sell the common stock. sell the 110 then forget thaw ever owned roku. you'll never get hurt. if it goes higher you'll still make a lot and i and you will sleep better at night which is often what needs to be done. no, no, no phil in new york phil >> caller: boo-yah, jimmy chill, big boo-yah from new york. how is it going? well how about you?
6:53 pm
>> caller: the stock is going up 34% in the last month, in the last 30 days aisle calling about m.u., i pick stocks for a living. di pick a winner. >> you picked a winger, still inexpensive. i'd hold on to that. let's get sanjay back on s sanjay is my hero. eve in wisconsin eve. >> caller: hi, jim thank you for taking my call. >> of course >> caller: hold or sell on nutanix. >> i say no go and that, ladies and gentlemen, the conclusion of "the lightning round." relationship relationship "the lightning round" is sponsored by td ameritrade. it's a thirteen-hour flight, that's not a weekend trip.
6:54 pm
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mnuchin or speaker pelosi or both of them or worse case, neither. in the future people are going to study this particular period, the same way we studied the great depression or the lat late '70s. young student also read bit. and decide who was heroic, who recognized some things are bigger than politics and, look, you want to be on the right side of history, for pelosi and mnuchin, that means they have to save all the small businesses and those who lost the jobs and could do more and put forward a bipartisan group of senators it takes money from the federal reserve and part of the stimulus and throws in a hundred billion and more to ago as insurance for small businesses crushed through the pandemic through no fault of their own not to mention $300 a week extra jobless benefits for the unemployed it's a whole lot better than nothing and maybe we can get the food lines down in this country while the broader economy is doing okay as i outlined there
6:58 pm
is a ton of pain concentrated in the industries directly impacted with new cases exploding, i bet a lot more will lose their job, something we'll see at the beginning. back in march when it felt like the world was ending secretary mnuchin worked hard with democratic leaders to put together a huge stimulus package including the paycheck protection program my partners and i took it from ppp and know firsthand it worked and let us keep them open as long as authorities would let us so well of the restaurant industry is dying here because they can easily become covid hot spots. you can't really run them safely without ripping out a lot of seats and replacing the ventilation system, too expensive for a lot of the smaller ones the mnuchin/pelosi pac kept a lot going. great help from jay powell, federal reserve. what a waste if they let all the small businesses go under right when the finish line is in sight
6:59 pm
thanks to the fantastic vaccines in warp speed and spent 2 trillion to prop up the economy. are we going to let 40% of our enterprises die because the leaders can't make a deal with their anger? lots of companies like restaurants got a rent break and decided to mothball until it spread enough to get herd immunity we can afford to take losses, so many others simply don't have that option. i mean for me it's a hobby, okay this is real life for most people we see all these ads for different credit card companies talking about buying small, patronizing local, helping businesses that might otherwise go under i say go for it but it's not enough some problems are so big only the government can solve them. that's why we need to tide the country over and bail out the small businesses and give people who lost the jobs extra unemployment insurance again, in a few months we'll be vaccinated we're so close to the finish line we just need one last push from mnuchin and pelosi one last compromise and we can get there without devastating
7:00 pm
whole swaths of the economy. there's no time to waste if our leaders want to be on the right side of history they need to make a deal and need to make it fast. i always say there's a bull market somewhere i promise to find it right here for you on "mad money. i'm jim cramer see you tomorrow the news with shepard smith starts now i'm shepard smith on cnbc and this is the news covid has created a crisis >> americans need relief so far congress hasn't brought it but today republicans and democrats at least have a meaningful discussion. >> hang in there the end is in sight. >> the cure, it's coming now the cdc reveals which americans will get a shot in the arm first. >> no fraud to change the election attorney general bill barr cont


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