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tv   The News With Shepard Smith  CNBC  December 11, 2020 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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that way we won't repeat the mistake. i promise to find it just for you right here on "mad money." i am jim cramer and i will see you monday, the news with shepard smith starts right now i'm shepard smith on cnbc, and this is the news >> we could see vaccinations as early as monday or tuesday >> vaccines imminent then the race for shipping and storage and giving the shots tonight an advanced look at how hospitals are preparing to give doses. >> we start the final phase in the battle against the coronavirus. >> the trust factor. vaccine safety a big concern for millions of americans. steve kornacki breaks down who
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needs convincing first-time homebuyers are already up against investors >> priced to sell but hard to buy. homes going to people with the most money in their pockets. why cash is king in this housing market we've got winter weather advisories, winter watches and warnings >> plus rain, wind and snow, cross-country storms set to impact millions of people. >> announcer: live from cnbc global headquarters, the facts, the truth, the news with shepard smith. good evening america waits. at any moment now, the fda could give emergency authorization for pfizer's covid vaccine and hundreds of thousands of lifesaving doses will ship out across the nation. the first americans could be vaccinated in just days. this all comes after the deadliest week yet of the pandemic in the united states. the head of the cdc now warns the virus will likely kill more
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americans every single day than died in the attacks of 9/11 or in the attack on pearl harbor for the next two three months. cnbc's meg tirrell now tracking the big decision meg? >> reporter: these last hours for the u.s. race for a vaccine did not come without drama earlier today the fda issued an unusual statement all but promising a coming authorization, saying after last night's positive advisory committee meeting that it's working rapidly toward finalization and issuance of an emergency use authorization. later the "washington post" reported white house chief of staff mark meadows threatened fda commissioner dr. steven hahn authorize the vaccine today or resign the report came after president trump tweeted directly at the commissioner, calling the agency, quote, a big, old, slow turtle when it comes to the vaccines now, hahn disputed the story saying the fda was, quote,
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encouraged to continue working expeditiously. the back and forth continued raising questions about political pressure after a process frought with it. they said at the advisory meeting yesterday that this won't change much. >> i think aiit's a lot of posturing. the fact is the fda advisory committee approved overwhelming on this vaccine. that's fwhwhat the fda wants too i don't think mark meadows mad them do something they weren't going to do, anyway. bay -- bahrain, the u.k. and canada okayed before the u.s the news comes, of course, amid concerns that would be a dropoff in vaccine supply in the u.s. around april or may of next year after reports that pfizer had
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offered its second quarter to the u.s. and was rebuffed before selling it elsewhere that brings the u.s. total to 300 million doses. that's enough for 150,000 americans. pfizer set to deliver millions of doses shortly after the fda giflz tlz gives the gret the vaccine is stored in michigan, a small town with a huge responsibility. from here the doses begin the complicated journey to distribution sites all across the country. gabe gutierrez is live outside that pfizer facility now gabe, are they ready >> reporter: pfizer says it is, but now it's a case of hurry up and wait as you mentioned, this manufacturing facility is pfizer's largest, and once the fda approves, we understand, within 24 hours, the vaccine doses will begin rolling out of here as you mentioned, it's a
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complicated process heading to distribution points across the united states, hospitals, pharmacies, some of the shipments under police escorts a u.s. marshal service will also be involved. it's a challendifficult, logist challenge. we spoke to one company here in michigan who said suddenly dry ice is very hot. >> that's the uncertainty right now. we've got calls from the tri-state area, people waiting for shipments. they don't know exactly what day they're going to get it. >> reporter: again, that fda approval could come at any point, either later tonight, potentially tomorrow hospitals across the country now expecting some of these doses as early as monday with some of the first people inoculated either monday or tuesday, according to the hhs secretary, shep. >> gabe, thank you hospitals across the country are preparing to receive and administer the vaccine they face challenges and lots of unknowns some don't even know how many
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doses they'll get but are still putting plans in place university nohospital in newark new jersey among them ready to give shots as early as monday. cnbc's frank holland with an inside look at their process >> it's very similar to an assembly line where you have a lot of people going through the same process >> reporter: months of planning led to this, a carefully orchestrated plan to emit some of the first covid-19 vaccines first, registration. then a shot in the arm monitoring each person for about 15 minutes then a shot needs to be given a month later. the stakes could not be higher >> everybody is moving fast to get it here. it's our responsibility to vaccine as many people as possible fast, but also learn through that process and communicate that learning to everybody we can >> reporter: preparations have been made to vaccinate up to 600 people a day >> we'll be one of the sites
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that test the logistical assets of this vaccine. they need to be in 94 degrees celsius freezers and refrigerato refrigerators. >> the hospital's workers have the option of getting the vaccine in this pilot program. hypothetically, it would only take two days, but not everyone is on board. >> we did a survey that said only 50% of our employees were willing to take it as soon as it came about 25% wanted to learn more about the side effects, and the others were pretty convinced they were not going to take it on this first allocation we have tou do our work to make sure they get it >> reporter: convincing health care workers it's safe and effective is the first step toward getting us all to the new normal so many of us want. shep >> so who gets the vaccine very first? it depends on where you live the feds have left that decision to the states. california, for example, is
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giving priority to the health care workers on the front lines. that state splitting up 327,000 doses across six california regions. cnbc's kate rogers is in san francisco this afternoon outside a hospital that will get the vaccine. what's the plan there, kate? >> reporter: hey, shep, good evening. well, here at ucsf, just under 100,000 doses of that pfizer vaccine are expected in the initial arrival here, and prioritization will roll out in line with the state's guidance so in phase 1 of this rollout plan, the state recommends vaccinations for high-risk care workers, those who are in direct or long-term care settings, as well as nursing home residents or assisted living facilities for workers and residents. there are over 200,000 workers in that state alone. hospitals will have to prioritize their own front line workers as well. some vaccinations can be done
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during shifts, others on off days the most vulnerable are those working directly with covid patients and those with compromised immune systems will go first until the vaccine is widely available >> it has been a long and dark tunnel for those working in hospitals. our nurses, doctors, therapists who have been at this for almost a year, they are exhausted this is an extraordinary circumstance the number of cases is rising at an astronomical rate this vaccine is the first step to really begin to help us mitigate and slow that pace down >> reporter: the vaccines will be sent to 30 locations statewide, including 18 hospitals, according to the california hospital association. local public health departments will administer and allocate the vaccine. these initial doses, shep, could not come at a more important time the california economy has taken an outside hit due to covid covid because it relies so much on tourism remember, we are on yet another
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round of restrictions here about 800,000 californians are living under some type of restricted tifractivity a step in the right direction in the rollout. >> are people going to be able to get it when it's available? steve kornacki is working on that, but his board thing is broken, so when he gets it fixed, we'll come back to him. the trump gop lawsuit brought by the texas attorney general was denied the purpose of that lawsuit was to overturn four key battleground states won by president-elect joe biden. the state refused to hear the case saying texas has not come up with a lack of evidence, unquote. it's over in the polls and now
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it's over in the courts for president trump. the senate passed a $740 billion defense bill today the national defense authorization act directs funding for just about everything at the pentagon it's a bill that usually passes every year with overwhelmingly bipartisan support, and it did again, 84-13 in the united states senate. but this year, president trump has repeatedly threatened to veto the bill. he wants it to include language repealing protections for social media companies. as it stands, the bill does not call for that. the president also wanted to throw out a plan to rename military installations bearing the names of confederate soldiers even if the president does issue a veto, the senate has a big enough majority to override him. whether republicans in the senate will do so is uncertain the wait for covid disaster relief drags on. 259 days since congress last created legislation to assist americans in need.
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so far they're all talk and no action, and they're failing the people either they don't feel the pain of everyday citizens whose bank accounts are drained and whose pantries are bare, or they don't care how bad is it? washington knows they know that renters owe an estimated $70 billion in back rent they know if they don't act, 30 million to 40 million americans could lose their homes in the new year they know americans are hungry 26 million people in the richest nation on earth say they don't have enough to eat they know two-thirds of our fellow americans have been li g living paycheck to paycheck since covid struck and that millions more have no paycheck at all they know. and rather than act, they dither and deflect and turn a cold shoulder to the suffering masses they cling to the power that came to them through the people who they abandoned and dismissed
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summarily. there is a bipartisan plan that will help in some ways, but it's getting nowhere in the dysfunction of the capitol mitch mcconnell says he will not give it a vote in the broken political system that awards the elected ones for fighting with each other rather than making compromise to serve the people many there bow to the special interests and the corporations and dismiss the millions of hungry americans on the cliff of financial ruin they leave the victims of covid's destruction to fend for themselves and they show no shame doing it that's washington. of, by and for the people in 2020 dysfunction and failure amid crisis and fear. i rent my car out on an app called turo. >> reporte >> doing what it takes how actors on broadway are making ends meet the vote back at it in
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georgia. early voting kicks off on monday i wanted the psi, but hard to get >> reporter: hard to get inside the growing byba boom. >> announcer: the fox, the truth, the news with shepard smith. back in 60 seconds business. lding a black-owned businesses are an integral part of america's foundation. they lay the groundwork for other black businesses like mine - that turns concrete into something beautiful. i'm kimberley robles, and i'm the owner and founder of robles concrete design. the citi foundation is helping our community partners facilitate more loans to black-owned businesses. (betsy)) quarter mile of tinsel. of lights. (harold) and real snow all the way from switzerland. (betsy) hmmhm... gonna be tough to top.
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well played. (vo) add some thrill to your wish list. at the season of audi sales event. get exceptional offers now. the cast of "jagged little pill," the rock musical led the tony nominations with 15 nods. their performance part of nbc's one night only "the best of broadway." the special aired last night led by the one and only tina fey, a benefit by a community so hard hit by the pandemic, all 31 theaters are still closed. nearly 100,000 jobs are gone, according to the broadway
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league out-of-work actors have scrounged to pay the bills some of them have been pretty creati creative, because as we learned, you can turn off the lights in times square but you can't turn off the hustle broadway actor mike doyle is tied tie rope ao a rope and atta drls dresser to he doesn't fall out the window he used to make six figures on broadway tonight he's singing at a hotel to the bresler restaurant down below. the gig pays $600. >> without the industry, i have no other way to stay afloat. >> reporter: meaning he had to hustle charging $40 a pop to shoot videos like this one ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ happy birthday to you. >> it's kind of like a singing
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telegram, only digital he's also playing video games on twitch, where gamers pay $5 a month to watch him take out the bad guys he's even monetizing his car >> i rent my car out on an app called turo right now. >> this actress that be hustling all year, virtual concerts like this one to help pay the bills >> i don't know what my finances are at the end of this year, but it would probably be less than half of what i made last year. >> reporter: ally ewaltz made lots of money as the leading actress on broadway. she's showing "phantom." >> people watch from their cars, part of an experience i had never felt before. >> what did i make the last year for me i opened up a flower
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shop >> he was one of the stars of "cats. he's now selling flowers out of his apartment. he's hired four other performers just to keep up. four actors looking forward to no more pandemic >> if you want to beat this, wear a mask. early voting set to kick off monday for georgia's runoff which will decide who controls the u.s. senate. president-elect biden hitting the campaign trail there on tuesday. the stakes are high for his presidency and his agenda. either he'll face a divided congress or democrats will control the house, the senate and the white house. it will be mr. biden's first trip back to georgia since he flipped the long-time red state back in november meanwhile georgia's incumbent gop senators getting support from sarah palin nbc's shaquille brewster is live
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in atlanta after following the public campaign's stops today. shaq >> intensity on the ground here in georgia continues to grow just days away from the start of in-person early voting and the message from republicans whov who have been chris-crossing the state campaigning has been somewhat twofold on one hand you hear them say this is the last line of defense against democratic control in what they call extreme policies. you heard kelly loeffler on the campaign trail using the word "firewall. on the other hand, many of them are still disputing the presidential election results that have been certified in this state, or raising conspiracy theories that have been debunked from public officials in this state or flatly saying the election is rigged, and that's what you heard from florida governor sarah palin meanwhile, democrats are hitting the campaign trail aggressively. this weekend they're playing a bit of catch-up with some virtual fundraisers and bringing
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out big names. nancy pelosi, elizabeth warren, the cast of "elf" and even a holiday celebration with the cast of "hamilton. you said president-elect biden will be making a trip to jornl geor -- georgia on tuesday they're really trying to build that support here in georgia we also know that they hope his trip here excites the base and excites turnout early next week. a robot gets to work cleaning a school and a car wreck leads to chaos on a busy highway on a cnbc trip coast to coast. tennessee. police in nashville releasing body cam video of a fiery crash. witnesses say the driver hit a guardrail, then spun out of control before the car burst into flames. cops say he was pinned behind the wheel.
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several people freed him from the inferno. a passenger thrown from the caron to the sica car onto the side of the road. texas. meet leo it scrubs the floor at a catholic school in plano so a janitor can concentrate on covid cleaning students curious how to works, now learning how to program the robot. new york it's almost impossible to get a seat at reo's, the 24-year-old restaurant in east harlem. for the first time reo's is offering delivery, working out of a ghost kitchen downtown for the next two weeks it's part of a program where chefs and restaurants will offer up their favorite meals in the next few months. pennsylvania i pittsburgh hospital wrapping up 2020 with some precious gifts. newborns wearing handmade
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swaddles, oversized bows and hats to match, turning the babies into little presents. one of the nurses crocheted the outfits. a good way to spread holiday cheer on this cnbc trip coast to coast. weather alert. a strong storm moving from the southwest to the northeast, as they do. forecasters say some areas could see some heavy snowfall. al roker is up late with us tonight. it's december. this is shocking >> yeah, hard to believe, shep, we're talking about a winter storm. this is just the first of a few we're going to be looking at but we start off right now from michigan all the way to nebraska where we got winter weather alerts and watches and warnings. we see snow now firing up from kansas, oklahoma, on into nebraska and iowa just into southern wisconsin as well strong storms will be firing up along this front as it moves to the east, look for snow in the plains and upper midwest tonight. then tomorrow that pushes into
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the east, changes over to rain ask wind for the midwest the showers move on into the east coast, and on sunday the front pushes off the coast we'll have a few northern showers in northern new england and snow showers, and that will be that. we're talking 1 to 3 inches of rain through the southeast into the lower gulf could be 3 inches or 4 inches in the upper midwest. almost 6 inches of snow in central michigan, and anywhere from 2 to 4 inches of snow always you get into ottawa winds will be kind of gusty, too, from minneapolis to boston all the way down to nashville. shep, all of a sudden watching next week tuesday into wednesday, a coastal low develops we could be talking about a potential nor'easter with snow from d.c. to rochester and pittsburgh we will continue to track it i have a feeling i'm going to be
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back next week >> maybe next time you won't sound like the teacher on "charlie brown." with the vaccination, there are still a lot of questions how will you actually get your dose where will you have to go? are the doctors concerned? we went on a test run to find out. and the fda advisory panel recommended the pfizer vaccine but four of them said no that was their vote. we'll speak to one of them and ask why. air wick
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raiders of the lost arc. that's when indiana jones showed us all how to find buried treasure, beat the nazis and be terrified of snakes. now he's throwing on a fedora for a fifth and final adventure. harrison ford, that is indiana jones is not a real person, it says here steven spielberg is not directing. james mangold will take the helm on this one, but you'll have to wait it's set for release in july of 2022, hopefully in movie theaters if those are still a thing. fortune and glory, kid fortune and glory. it's a streaming world, after all, and disney is starting to dominate that's what's topping cnbc's "on the money. shares of disney broke 13% today for a record high.
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this after they reported blockbuster numbers for its streaming services the company is planning to release 100 new titles a year for disney+, with "star wars" and "national geographic." one in four americans plan to spend less this holiday season 29% says due to lost wages, 19% due to the pandemic, 17% due to the poor economy wayne gretsky setting a record off the ice he sold his new hockey record. last night it sold for $1.3 million. it's the first hockey card ever to top a million bucks on wall street, the dow up 47, the s&p down 5, and the nasdaq down 28
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i'm shepard smith on cnbc. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news the fda is very close to approving a covid vaccine, but the war against the virus is far from over. nationwide, more people than ever before are hospitalized with covid more than 107,000 just today that's from the covid tracking project. for context, that's the full capacity of michigan stadium, the largest stadium in america with vaccine doses coming just days from now, there are lots of questions. what's it likely -- who is likely to first get it, and what's it like to get it how long will you have to be there? and what's the biggest obstacle that doctors face? nbc's josh letterman went on a test run in pennsylvania to find out. >> the injections in arms were fake, but the process was very real in the coming months, tens of
7:30 pm
millions of americans will go through it at this site first they take your information, and then tell you what you need to know to schedule your second dose three weeks later. then they explain the vaccine, what it does and what side effects to watch out for then it's like a flu shot, a quick pinch in the upper arm where you're watched by a paramedic for 15 minutes you're supposed to honk the horn three times if you're not feeling well the doctors on-site say the biggest thing so far, skepticism about the vaccine. >> many people are concerned they want to know why this vaccine is good, why it can cause complications. so we're going to spend some time on patient education in different areas of the process, and try to tell them that it's okay to get the vaccine. it's not going to give you covid. >> reporter: they have to get the system down to a well-oiled machine, because once they take those vials of pfizer vaccine out of the deep freezer, they
7:31 pm
only have five days to use them before the vaccine goes bad. a huge challenge to get the covid vaccine into arms safely as quickly as possible shep >> thanks, josh. why the no vote? the group of independent scientific experts voted 17 in favor and four no's for authorizing the vaccine for people 16 years and older. one person actually abstained as well dr. chattergy was a no vote. she's the dean of chicago medical school doctor, thanks for being here. why the no vote? >> thank you, shepard. i want to make it very clear that i am fully in support of the authorization through this emergency use authorization process of the pfizer-biontech vaccine, coronavirus vaccine for
7:32 pm
use in adults 18 years of age and older. the no vote from me came because there was not the opportunity to vote on that question. the question placed before our committee was to include 16 and 17-year-olds in the clinical trials that were conducted, based upon which we were asked to make that determination, the 16 and 17-year-olds that were included were in very small numbers of the total number of participants, and so the amount of data that we had on these younger participants was very small, and i felt that it was inadequate to make a determination that it was safe and effective in this participant population this is a population that's not high priority in terms of high risk and will probably not be receiving the vaccine early on after it is released for use and they're also minors, so they don't make their own
7:33 pm
determination about whether they should participate in a vaccination program or not >> excuse me, my time is really limited. if you're a parent with a 16-year-old, get him the shot or not? >> according to my vote, i would say we wait. the participants are in the trial. we have time to get more data, and i'd like to see those data before we make a determination for these younger participants >> what are we going to do about pregnant women >> there were restrictions on the participation of pregnant women in the trial there were very few women who actually were found to be pregnant they tried to screen and not involve women who were pregnant, but there's a small number, i believe, 23 or so women. and at the moment the recommendation, i believe, will be to not include women who are pregnant or likely to become pregnant during the time that they will be vaccinated. >> let's say you're top of the
7:34 pm
list would you be the first to get this shot or no? >> i absolutely would. if it was my priority risk group's turn, i would be first in line. >> there are many people afraid of this. what would your message for those people be? >> my message would be that based on our review of the data that was submitted by pfizer-biontech, this is a safe and effective vaccine. the efficacy was 95% overall, and that is a very high efficacy that we were not expecting to see. there were no major safety signals that would give us pause to not recommend this vaccine for authorization, so i would say the vaccine is safe and effective and will be one of the mechanisms through which we will get out of this deadly pandemic. >> dr. chatterjee, thank you so much for your time it looks like a vaccine may be approved by the fda pretty darn soon. could be any minute.
7:35 pm
but are people actually going to get vaccinated when it's available? they fix kornacki's board, so he's here. what does data tell us, steve? >> it's interesting, that target there, you get maybe 70, 75% of the people saying they'll do it. this is the most recent data we have on 60%. it's a majority but you're not quite at that level that folks like anthony fauci say we need to be at but 60% said they definitely would probably get it if they could today. 40% said they wouldn't that's also an increase. if you looked a couple months ago, start of the fall, it was barely 60% who said they would definitely get it. although, back in the early days of this pandemic, back in may, 72% back then said they would definitely or probably get it. you were just talking about one of the things maybe giving people a pause here, even those who say they want to get it, would they be comfortable to be among the first to get it. only 7% say they would like to be among the first to do it.
7:36 pm
a lot of people saying in the polling they would like to see other people go first, then they would warm up to it. >> not me, i'll go first what about ages? are there differences in the demographics >> that's the interesting thing, too. you talked last night, i know, on the show, about racially black americans say they're less likely to get it at this point here's another divide, it's age. 69-plus senior citizens. this is the highest concentration by age of folks r said they would get it but take a look at the other age groups here, and you see it's not quite as enthusiastic. it's actually 39 to 49-year-olds that's the smallest number you get there. 53% of 39 and 49-year-olds say they would definitely get it it's the elderly hardest hit by this, and they pretty much say they would get it right away >> steve, thanks >> thanks. for 51 years, this one remained unsolved.
7:37 pm
the zodiac killers 340 code. it stopped millions. a team of code breakers has now cracked it so we can show you the message from the zodiac killer plus a texas high school player now playing for their first state championship in school history, and everyone from the players to the coaches deaf or hard of hearing. to them it's not an obstacle, but getting a full roster in the middle of a pandemic, well, that's another story and saturn's rings on full display. look at this that's not the biggest story of our solar system the upcoming event that we haven't seen since 1623. ut t nouncer: the facts, the trh,heews with shepard smith. back in 90 seconds i see you found the snacks. mmm, delicious! i need this recipe.
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or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. be there for you and them. ask your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, remission is possible. a woman shelters thousands of dogs in a war-torn country and pollution creates a toxic gray haze as we go around the world in 80 seconds. india. major cities laird in thick blankets of smog, critically polluted air, they call it you can barely see this man on a bike or this train normally the government would encourage people to use clean energy buses, but this year they're at limited capacity because of covid ukraine. a layer of ice creating treacherous conditions in the capital. people losing their footing and sliding down sidewalks police report more than 100 car
7:40 pm
crashes. the government deploying more than 4,000 sweepers to scrape up the ice. japan. a holiday show making spirits bright the kingdom of light event in nagasaki boasting 13 million l.e.d. bulbs visitors can enjoy this colorful spec tackle through early may. syria. an animal lover caring for more than 3,000 dogs in damascus. annie orphelia sheltering and feeding them with money she saved from selling her house a labor of love as we go around the world in 80 seconds. our d.c. station's chopper caught a stunning view in the night sky last night hey, what's up, saturn look, you can even see the rings. isn't that incredible? there's more to come on this and
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the view is going to be so much better over the next ten days, jupiter will slide on up next to saturn -- that's the technical term two planets will be closer together than they've been since the year 1623. actually, cramer was around for that one and said he found a bull market there. but as for this new round, stargazer types are calling it the great conjunction of 2020. here's the kicker. on the winter solstice december 21st, they'll be so close together, to the naked eye they'll look like one giant star is celestial mechanics are so lit editors at "time" magazine decided the vice president-elect and president-elect had the most influence over the last 12 months in 2016, president trump was person of the year
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president obama and president bush during his presidency tomorrow 20 years ago, they ended the recount between bush and gore that win came down to one state. an original margin of 1784 votes, and of course, there were issues with defective ballots. those dreaded hanging chads. this 2020 race is not that joe biden's margins in several states are significant even a state that did do a recount or two, georgia, found the end result unchanged president trump undeterred, continuing a hail mary event to overturn the people. 18 states he won according to the attorney general pushed states to intervene.
7:43 pm
100 republicans signed on to that, but the supreme court summarily rejected it. emotions ran high during that legal fight, and it was chaotic. but in the end there was acceptance mutual respect for our democracy, a civil passage of power which sounded like this. >> i offer my concession i also accept my responsibility, which i will discharge unconditionally to honor the new president-elect and do everything possible to help him bring americans together i call on all americans. i particularly urge all who stood with us to unite behind our next president >> i understand how difficult this moment must be for vice president gore and his family. he has a distinguished record of service to our country as a congressman, a senator, and a vice president this evening i received a gracious call from the vice president. we agreed to meet early next
7:44 pm
week in washington, and we agreed to do our best to heal our country after this heartfelt contest. >> the peaceful transfer america. while we may never hear a concession in this election, on monday the electoral college representatives will meet to formally cast their votes. there should be no suspense. president-elect joe biden will have more votes, 306 to president trump's 232, and will be on his way to becoming the 46th president of the united states house rich, cash poor. a hot housing market made even more competitive with all cash offers flowing in. how to stay in the game even without a pocket full of dough and you know what else is hot right now? gaming systems that's what's hot. did the bots beat you to the new xbox or ps5?
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the zodiac killer's most famous unsolvable cipher finally cracked. it's been 51 years since they sebt r sent this code to the chronicle. many failed until now. what does it say part of it here, i hope you're having lots of fun in trying to catch me i'm ant fraynot afraid of the g chamber because it will send me to paradise all the sooner he misspelled "paradise. so who cracked the code? an international three-person team using special software running 650,000 simulations. they say it finally happened when they read the characters die aagonall diagonally the fbi called it solved but said the zodiac case remains open and the killer unknown.
7:49 pm
are you house hunting this weekend? better stop at the atm first all cash offers are all the rage in the seller's market for buyers who don't have a suitcase full of dough, that's a problem. so how do you compete? dianna with numbers that may be able to compete. what's the right strategy? >> reporter: shep, if you have a ton of cash, fantastic, but most of us don't so it pays to know where and what cash point you'll see most competition from all-cash buyers. we asked redfin to help us out a little more than 36% made all cash, but there has been a change in certain locations and certain price points let's start with where you're looking. all-cash sales are way up in the northeast and west, but steady elsewhere. buyers in nassau county, new
7:50 pm
york that's in long island just outside the city, made mostly cash deals, nearly half of all sales. the next six markets for cash were all in florida, then atlanta and tucson they also saw a lot of cash buyers if you're looking in one of these places, know the chance of someone else offering all cash is going to be pretty good on the flip side, a lot less buyers use cash right here in washington, d.c., only 18 paerlpaerl18%. we saw similar low numbers in denver, observi and oakland, caa all cash prices jumped on the cheapest houses and the second cheapest houses. the mid-price ranges aren't seeing much this year, but go over a million dollars, and cash is seriously king. more cash buyers at the top this year probably because of the boom in the stock market the richer you are, the more likely you are to own stock. a note for first-time homebuyers people who buy homes just for investments have always loved
7:51 pm
cash but they love it more this year, and they're usually buying it on the low end of the market which makes it harder for first t-tim buyers to get their foot in the door shep looking for an xbox series or ps5 video game players are up 5% if you're still in the hunt, how can you make it happen there's a way. here's nbc's liz mclaughlin. >> reporter: the last console releases in 2013 had gamers flocking to stores now it's a race online to get the xbox series x and playstation 5. >> anytime anyone has had any in stock for even a minute, they sold out immediately >> reporter: hard to get because of record demand for an upgrade after seven years.
7:52 pm
and more americans passing time at home due to the pandemic now classify themselves as gamers. >> at first i wanted the ps5, bout of luck >> reporter: some have had luck following retailers on social media to get restock updates >> it's pretty hit or miss i would say more miss than hit is what it feels like to me. >> reporter: retailers are battling bots to post on retail sites, which is one way to get your hands on a new console. >> i don't think a lot of folks are particularly interested in spending $1,000 on a new playstation. >> reporter: manufacturers anticipate more stock by spring. meanwhile, shoppers need to consider alternatives. a gaming laptop could make it possible to play games without the newest console or the nintendo switch from three years ago now back in stock at major retailers mobile subscription services such as apple and cade are another option >> it's sort of like netflix where if you pay a couple
7:53 pm
dollars a month, you have access to a library of games. >> reporter: ways for gamers to avoid potential holiday disappointment for the news, i'm liz mclaughlin playi place for a piece of history. right now a texas high school is working on a championship. the deaf and hearing impaired making sure they don't miss a beat you'll make a plan that can adjust as your life changes, with access to tax-smart investing strategies that help you keep more of what you earn. and with brokerage accounts, you see what you'll pay before you trade. personalized advice. unmatched value. at fidelity, you can have both. ♪ more than this
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the nba officially stepping out of its covid bubble. the games just started moments ago three months after they won the title. they will be flying private to away games players, coaches and refs taking daily covid tests as part of safety protocols the most recent testing showed eight players were positive which is down from 48 positive cases the week before. history on the line in waco under the bright silent lights a high school football team playing for its first state title tonight, the entire roster deaf or hard of hearing, but their drive to win everybody can hear here is nbc's morgan chesky.
7:57 pm
>> reporter: huddled up and ready to roll. the tsc rangers hoping practice makes perfect for tonight's state title game the practice in near complete silence. no whistles, no yelling, just football that's because everyone on the field, frlt playeom the players coaches, is deaf or hard of hearing. >> is everybody here ready to play in a state championship >> for me, i'm just happy. i think it's a great experience for us we've worked for it and we've arrived. >> reporter: the texas school for the deaf one win from making history in a season almost sacked by a pandemic >> it's just amazing, because i seriously considered cancelling the whole football program this year >> reporter: superintendent clair bugen said the team faced two foes, covid-19 and a depl e
7:58 pm
depleted roster without enough playe players. the solution drop the rules and have 6-player football >> everything is new it's not even 100 yards. we changed down to 80 yards so that changes the whole game. >> reporter: changes the team took in stride >> it doesn't matter we're 6 on 6 we'll take it. >> reporter: meeting students all over football-obsessed texas and introducing opponents to their trademark sideline draw. >> they came up with a bat, a drum and a beat count. but while you can't hear it, you can certainly feel it. >> oh, yeah. everybody can feel it. all of us. the referees hate it because the drum is right behind the referee, and you see it just eats time. you see them flinch. maybe we need to have deaf referees
7:59 pm
>> reporter: now with football immortality on the line, captains ready >> we need to make sure we don't lose that momentum we need to keep the fire burning for the game >> reporter: for the news, i'm morgan chesky. >> they're on the right track. tsd rangers are winning 20-13 in the second quarter one minute left on the race to the finish. we're still waiting for the fda to give pfizer vaccine the green light. when that does happen, likely around midnight, the first round of doses can ship. the supreme court will not hear a texas lawsuit in overturning the election it's a massive blow against president trump's legal blitz against president-elect biden's victory. it's been 259 days since congress passed any covid relief millions of americans are at risk of eviction and losing their unemployment benefits. if lawmakers don't act and act soon and now you know the news.
8:00 pm
for this friday, december 11, 2020, i'm shepard smith. thanks for having us into your home tonight we hope you have a safe and happy weekend, and remember to with opportunity. c twittetwitter @thenewso twitter @thenewsoncnbc what's next? you know what's next power, fame. amid the glitz and greed, five titans seized their moment. by the mid 80s, they'd figured out that to get what they wanted, they just had to go to the media. and the media was more than happy to oblige. a wall street magician was basking in the spotlight. [ivan boesky] i predict that this is just the beginning. even as his crimes grew more and more brazen.


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