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tv   Worldwide Exchange  CNBC  December 16, 2020 5:00am-6:00am EST

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relief and still no action time is running out before millions of americans lose their unemployment benefits. benefits. and now you know the news. for this tuesday, december the and now you know the news. for this tuesday, december the 15th, 2020, i'm shepard smith. following us on twitter @thenewsoncnbc we'll see you back here tomorrow it is 5:00 a.m here is your top 5 at 5:00 stocks putting a skid to -- the recent skid with the three major indices surging more than 1% and the dow getting above the 30,000 level. and that boost coming as congressional leaders appear to be making some real progress on the aid package. and the head of health and human services putting a new time stamp on mass covid-19 vaccinations in this country when he says the most americans
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will get the treatment and break out the shovels and salt, the east coast is bracing for its first major winter storm of the season with up to a foot of snow or more in some parts of the northeast. and the mad dash to get all that holiday shopping done and the gifts in on time, the big challenges shipping companies are facing amid the surging demand this year it is wednesday, december 16, 2020, and you are watching "worldwide exchange" here on cn cnbc ♪ i'm dominic chu in for brian sullivan here is how your money is setting the day up futures indicating an extension of yesterday's gains you can see tdow jones higher b 60, s&p by roughly 8 and the nasdaq implied higher by roughly 37 points.
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this is after the major averages snapped their recent losing streak yesterday all three climbing more than #% 1% more on that in a moment the nasdaq close being at a new record high, up more than 40% for the year so far. still one of the biggest gainers here in the u.s. markets investors will also be watching the federal reserve as it wraps up its final two day policy meeting of 2020, the central bank releasing its decision at 2:00 p.m. with jay powell set to speak at 2:30 p.m. eastern cnbc will have complete coverage as always and taking a look at the bond market, ten year tick being slightly lower, 92 basis points. two year, just about 2%.
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and let's now go worldwide joumanna bercetche is in london with a look at the early trade >> good morning. and the theme of the european session today has been one of stronger pmi numbers activity data has been pretty strong so that is one of the reasons why we're seeing trade nicely in the green. xetra dax up 1.6%. and there the manufacturing sector continues to hold up pretty strongly. but the big surprise was in france, very strong services pmi numbers, a bjump from november coming in at 49.6. so really strong rebound about there in services. ftse 100, again, very strong rebound in the services numbers as well. but there all eyes will be on brexit discussions there are reports that uk mps have been told to be on standby for a potential brexit
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agreement. so today may be the day. that will be the big headline to watch later today. and the pound trading through 1.35, going back to that brexit new, we may finally get a resolution today and then the euro up at 1.22, so we talked about the big rebound in services data coming out of france you have to question though whether or not the good data is bad news for the ecb >> joumanna bercetche, thank you very much. to the top stories now, including the latest on the push to get a deal or more coronavirus aid to americans house speaker nancy pelosi, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, senate minority leader chuck schumer and house minority leader kevin mccarthy meeting yesterday to getting a relief package and government funding bill done before the friday deadline. while leaving the capital late
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last night, mcconnell and shumer telling reporters that the group is making progress and they think that they can get a deal done soon. if not reached, remember, funding will expire saturday and 12 million people will lose unemployment benefits the day after christmas. meanwhile, health and human services sect services secretary aleck alex azar, here is what he said last night. >> i believe that by the end of february, into march, of course depending on the decisions by our governors, but i believe that we'll have enough supply out there to be reaching out into the general public on your cvs, walgreens, krogers, so end of february into large >> and secretary azar says vaccinating the general public could be even earlier if the approval of astrazeneca and
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johnson & johnson vaccines comes soon and also united airlines will be shipping vaccine doses united flew five cargo only flight delivering it from brussels to chicago earlier this month. and back to the markets, the major averages breaking a multiday losing streak, but once again it was the small caps outpacing the big boys and that rising 2.5% to close at a record high. the index more than doubled from its 52 week low in march and joining me now, mark, encouraging to see the small caps play such a huge leadership role >> yes, it represents a broadening out of the market and that is based on the reopen
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trade return to moreoriented ecy so very healthy for a bull market to not have such narrow pleer leadership and the small caps sector, a lot of financials are in there and we expect financials to rally next year. there are a lot of head winds for the financial sector from investor standpoint, they look very attractive right now. >> so if there is a broadening out of the overall rally, that implies that it is a good thing, it is constructive for 2021. what is the outlook given the fact that we have multiple indices in the u.s. either at or near record highs? >> so valuations are a concern and everybody is saying hey, we may get froth here and the ipos this week indicate a lot of frenzy which is typical of a risk posture that people should be aware of. but when you look at 2021, and
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you look at the fed continuing to be accommodative, what we are calling the roaring 2020s, will people will eat and play and shop and travel and go to vegas, and spend money, and you couple that with fed stimulus, programs a split washington, d.c., favoritable earnings comps, you have so many factor, we'll have an m&a frenzy next year. there will be a shakeout from the covid economy and companies will look to partner up, you are starting to see it even if we have a bumpy ride for the next few weeks as the market shakes out some of the huge gains. >> and you mentioned that your broad plays are financials which you think will be big into next year and as well as the small caps we've talked so much about this notion that technology makes been a massive leader, tech and
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communication services so far in 2020, especially since the pandemic lows, our own jim cramer says he thinks the work from home trade is coming back >> and we're not the abandoning track. we're reducing the significance overweight that we had which was a smart trade for our investors. technology is here to stay whether we're in the home or not. flex time is here to stay. this all or nothing approach that once we get a vaccine, everything we've been doing for the past nine months goes away, that won't happen. the commercial real estate folks that i talk about -- talk to say there is a permanent shift in the way people work. and the way companies will pay for overhead and real estate expense. and they will bring down the occupancy costs. they almost have to. so it will be one of the competitive advantages business
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have if they can reduce their footprint. so we'll look at the work from home and technology being implemented across the board and businesses bringing it in-house as a permanent state so when i say we're broadening out, it simply means that we're more or less equal weighting tech because tech is not going anywhere >> all right, mark, thank you very much. and when we come back, the show won't go on. the executive director of the american ballet theatre explains the very tough decision making really them scrap their entire 2021 performance schedule. and then later on, more progress in the fight against covid-19 at fda gives the green light to one at home test a busine busy hour still ahead. every year, we set out to do one thing
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help the world believe in holiday magic. and this year was harder than ever. and yet, somehow, you all found a way to pull it off. it's not about the toys or the ornaments but about coming together. santa, santa, you're on mute! just wanted to say thanks. thanks for believing.
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welcome back a live shot of new york city, times square the streets are clear. but we have a big snowstorm coming, so the city already in preparation mode now for the storm ahead. and not too far from there, if theaters around the world, december means the nuts cranutsr season of course, but this year performances have a different look to them.cracker season of course, but this year performances have a different look to them
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there will be a virtual version in times square. and after a year of postponing performances and pivoting to digital release, american ballet theatre announced that it will cancel its 2021 season at the met due to covid concerns. joining us now is the executive director of the american ballet theatre. thank you very much for joining us how important and significant is this move here and why did you take it? it seems so drastic with a covid vaccine in the offing. >> thanks for having me. avt is america's national ballet company, but new york is our home and we eagerly anticipate every spring returning to the metropolitan opera house to perform for our loyal fans it is a tradition that abt has had since 1976
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so to have to cancel for a second year in a row due to the going "pandemic to protect the health and safety of our artists, our staff, our crew and of course our audiences, it is truly devastating. at the same time we know that we will be back soon hopefully in live performances in new york in the fall and in the meantime delivering our artistry to audiences around the country and our fans in new york city via digital and hopefully some live outdoor socially distanced performances as the spring and summer arrive. it is just too hard to get enough people together behind the scenes to safely rehearse. we need close physical contact not only to perform, but also to bring people together to rehearse these epic balancing la ballets. >> so fair to say that many of our audience are patrons of the
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arts financially speaking, how exactly will this impact the abt, your performers and all the other people associated with the entire company this is huge because it means that season is perhaps not -- i mean physically not there, but what exactly does that mean for your health financially speaking going down the line? >> no touring fees now for two years in a row and the lion's share of the earned revenue is now gone for 2021 at the same time, we continue to provide exceptional education programs and to jen the rate some earned revenue that way as well as to train the next generation of artists. and we have managed to
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philanthropists who want to assume osupport us so that will continue to sustain us until we can return to robust ticket sales at theaters around the world. >> and this is a big one and i know because i love seeing live performances as well do people come back to live events, the ballet, in the coming years because we're other the vaccine process and into this recovery phase for the u.s. and world economy? >> i think people will come rushing back once it is safe to do so. we don't only miss the hugs, the hand shakes, the family gatherings, i think that we miss the commune al experience, the power of sharing live performing arts and i look forward to the day when our theaters are once again
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packed and in the meantime i think that we're developing a lot of new skills, a lot of new story telling techniques on new platforms. and so i think that we will continue to reach the widest possible audience and to make the art form and all of the performing arts more accessible on digital and hopefully in outdoor venues so that it is not only who can make it into the red velvet seats of the opera house, but also fans and aspiring artists around the country who can have access to companies like abt and our programs >> all right cara, thank you very much. and good luck and keep us posted on the progress for your particular group >> thanks so many, dom and still on deck, facebook partially pulls its temporary ban on election ads ahead of key contests to determine control of the senate today's big number
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headlines. a new york judge has ruled that the trump organization must turnoff developments to the new york attorney general part of the investigation of whether president trump altered the value of assets for financial gain president-elect joe biden is nominating a former campaign rival for a top cabinet position mr. biden has tapped pete buttigieg to lead the transportation department. he would play a krit called role in carrying out mr. brooiniden's effort in infrastructure he would be the first openly gay cabinet secretary. and tom cruise is on a mission to ensure covid safety protocols are followed onset two sources told variety that the star tore into crew members on the set of a mission impossible 7 for failing to follow coronavirus guide lines audio revealed that cruise was especially upset that the crew would break the rules when the film industry has been hit so hard by the pandemic
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reportedly telling them if it happens again, they are gone nbc news has not independent independently verified the authenticity or date of that audiotape. but sounds like tom cruise is not playing around >> it will be mission impossible for a lot ft of theater goers thank you very much, phillip and still on deck, investors looking to carry the stellar gains in to the new year and the key themes that investors need to watch in the year ahead and join cnbc for a very special edition of the healthy returns live stream today with dr. fau economy oig and "operation warp spee speed", meg terrill will lead that discussion. every year, we set out to do one thing
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help the world believe in holiday magic. and this year was harder than ever. and yet, somehow, you all found a way to pull it off. it's not about the toys or the ornaments but about coming together. santa, santa, you're on mute! just wanted to say thanks. thanks for believing.
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good morning developing story out of washington, d.c., top congressional leaders signaling progress in talks over a covid relief bill. investors are following that progress very closely, futures are mixed at this hour slightly green, a live report from the nation's capital, that is coming up plus bracing for a very serious storm, snow and ice as you see there, expected to hit a large part of the east coast later on today
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it is wednesday, december 16, 2020, you are watching worldwide with exchange right here on cnbc welcome back i'm dominic chu in for brian sullivan and here is how your money and investments are looking right now. stock futures are pointing to some modest gains at the opening bell with the dow implied higher by roughly 75 points, s&p by about 10 and the nasdaq up by about 40 if these futures moves hold. now, the nasdaq is coming off another record close just yesterday. and don't forget the small cap stocks the russell 2000 also setting another record high as well, it is up about 100% yes, a doubling from its 52 week low that we hit back on march 18 we're also watching energy
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prices still very much in bear market territory, more than 27% off its recent 52 week high that we hit back in early january. and an analyst call to watch this morning, twitter is upgraded to overweight from neutral over at jp more are began with a $65 price target. analysts citing a bullish o outlook online advertising in 2021 and if you want to see more about that, go to my twitter feed, i've put out more of that thesis in corporate news, the fda is a proving the first at home rapid covid test that does not require a prescription the test is made by an australian manufacturer which will cost about $30 and be available at drug stores and online users will swab their own noses and then use the chemical solution and testing strip enclosed in the kit.
5:29 am
the test connects to a smartphone app which will display the ruts in as little as 20 minutes amazon is urging all frontline workers in california to get weekly covid tests, this includes warehouse employees and whole foods employees as well. earlier this month, california issued new rules on covid workplace safety measures which included testing and facebook is lifting the temporary post-election political ad ban in georgia. the move comes as the state prepares for a runoff election on january 5 with two key senate seats up for grabs the tech giant has issued the temporary pause in an attempt to stop confusion or abuse on the platform and now to that big developing story out of washington, d.c., investors want to know if there is a chance a stimulus deal can be reached elylan mui is joiningus. >> and they did keep talking
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until late last night as lawmakers try to hammer out the deal before the end of the week because that is when the government runs out of money and lawmakers are hoping to pass a comprehensive funding bill alongside a new covid relief package. republicans and democrats sounded pretty upbeat after several rounds of in-person negotiations on capitol hill yesterday with the treasury secretary steven mnuchin dialing in over the phone, mitch mcconnell said that they are making progress and that he is optimistic that lawmakers will come to a complete understanding sometime soon. one thing that they already do agree on, nobody is leaving town until this job gets done here is mitch mcconnell. >> we're in the leaving here without a covid package. we'll stay here until we get a covid package.
5:31 am
>> we do expect the talks to continue today and if they come to an agreement, thursday is the day for a target vote in the house on both the combined funding bill and covid relief package. >> so i have a question here, i mean, what is the actual risk that the government shuts down if lawmakers don't get a deal done >> the closer we get, the more agreement that you need to keep the ball moving forward. so because the time frame is compress compressed, any one senator could hold up the process. last week when we faced a similar deadline, would he se s
5:32 am
rattling but they are working under a tight deadline so everybody will need to get on board >> ylan mui, thank you very much back to the markets now and your next guest says as vest informations gear up for 2021, the key themes will continue to influence stocks kat cakatherincath ring thomkatheri us whether or not this market investors can still feel comfortable being vested in given the record high levels we've seen >> one of the things that you have to look at, what are the themes from last year that will carry into this next year. and when we focus on some of the industrial construction names, housing will continue to be the big theme. last year it was all about i'm stuck in my house, i'll do outdoor projects, and now it is much bigger, it is more i'll move from the northeast to the
5:33 am
southeast and southwest or i'm going to do that bigger home addition because i realize i don't have enough space. so that sis a theme that you wil hear and one name we've focused on is a company called ferguson because they went both on the hvac, the air flow management and commercial side, but also they have got massive residential side which will continue to benefit throughout 2021 and beyond >> so if you take a look at some of the sectors that will be quickly sensitive, you mentioned one, are there other specific industry parts of the economy that you are looking at and specific he companies that would benefit in that kind of environment in 2021 where those themes continue to play out? >> one theme that is in vogue is to say commercial is dead. no one is going back to an
5:34 am
office building and, you know, anything that touches commercial is goiing to underperform. but as you have masses of peo e people, with a residential buildout, typically you have about 10 to 18 months later commercial buildout, plus a lot more satellite offices so against that back drop, there are names that have been really beaten up that could see some up side even though the current environment is not great and the interesting thing with armstrong, they have come out with a product that could help mitigate the spread of ash born illnesses including covid. and then finally,born illnesses including covid. and then finally, a materials producer will benefit and also with any type of strzok bill or
5:35 am
stimulus bill, they will also benefit. >> so you are talking about companies in construction aggregates companies like vulcan, mayor continue m martin marietta. so is this just on an infrastructure deal, are there other ways that they benefit other than just mass spend by the government on bridges, tunnel, roads? >> yeah, if you look at those company, typically half of the revenues are to the private sector. and also they will benefit because not only are you pouring a slab for a home, but you are also building the sidewalks and
5:36 am
roads in to recent deny shsiden. s. so not just on the infrastructure side, but you need it for any major new construction >> and within the last 24 hours or so, more headlines with regards to biden administration and also the virn amount czar, epa, that sort of thing. and green investing may be a big theme in 2021 given more of that perceived tilt towards environmentally friendly type investing. anything on that front that could play out >> sure, kind of the world that we play in, owens corning will be a big player in terms of they come insulatioid do insulation, company that is focused on not just being carbon neutral is
5:37 am
interface, they are also going to be a beneficiary in that whole green move and then finally, it is a little bit of a play and theme on the green, but it plays into greater regulation overall and api group also >> all right katherine thompson, thank you very much for joining us and the other story everyone will be talking about on the east coast especially today is the weather. a major winter storm is forecast to hit the region later today. bill karins is joining us with the latest is this going to be as bad as all the predictions are making right now? >> not bad as far as damage and cars getting stuck on the roads. a lot of it will hit during the overnight, so the timing of the
5:38 am
storm is actually pretty good. we won't have a lot of power outages, but we will see a ton of snow. and no doubt about that. some areas will get more snow than they did all last winter combined so right now, the blue shows you the snow already breaking out from st. louis, a little bit through the ohio valley, rain and thunderstorms along the gulf coast. so those two storms will combine into one and tha nor'easter so 70 million people are under winter weather advisories or warnings so from virginia all the way through central portions of new england. and here is the snowfall map the pink is 18 inches of snow forecast central p.a. through scranton through the catskills, even a few spots outside of boston and the time to be off the roads is this afternoon. you do not want to be on the roads this afternoon in areas from northern west virginia, pennsylvania, the new york city area, snow will be hard by about
5:39 am
6:00 to 8:00 p.m and southern new england after about 8:00 p.m. to midnight. and at times, it will be near blizzard conditions. but i don't think that the winds will be strong enough to be classified as a blizzard unfortunately for you in d.c., just too warm, it looks like a little bit of snow and then sleet and then philadelphia, you will go snow to a period of street, and then many a little snow on the echd you can see where the bull's-eye areas are. and even new york city has a chance for a foot of snow in central park, boston, 12 to 81 in -- 18 inches. so a big snowstorm >> are there any other storms that could possibly have any issue here going into the holiday season we know transportation, travel, all of those things possibly in play not a lot of massive traveling given covid, but still there are transportation needs that will be affected. how exactly will that play out
5:40 am
>> this storm thankfully will be in and out in a hurry. we'll be done with it by thursday afternoon and i was looking at the extended forecast, there are no other big winter storms forecasted for the eastern seaboard now to christmas. but here is the one caveat it looks like we'll have very cold conditions arrivinging in the eastern half of the country for christmas. so anyone with outdoor plans on christmas, it may be difficult it will be the cold eest air of the season so be prepared for a bitter blast. >> we'll so we'll bundle up thank you very much. and coming up, a live report from the u.p.s. world facility in kentucky where many holiday shipments are being processed as we speak right now but first, some of your other morning headlines, wish is set to start trading on the nasdaq after pricing its ipo at the top
5:41 am
end of the expected range. the company raising about $1.1 billion to give it an i believe appli implied market value of more than $14 billion and google reports a significant number of g-mail users had service problems yesterday afternoon. the issues were resolved shortly before 7:00 p.m. eastern time. and twitter announcing that it will shut down live video streaming app periscope by march. it bought it for a reported $100 million, but twitter says usage has been declining and it is too costly to maintain on the twitter platform
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the most wonderful time of the year and one of the most heartwarming sights, that is a live look at 30 rock and the christmas tree is not lit up just yet, but still a lot of stuff going on here it goes on at 6:00 a.m andy williams may have called it the most wonderful time of the year, but for the biggest shippers, it is also the most stressful time of the year frank holland is joining us from the u.p.s. world port facility
5:45 am
in kentucky. you have to imagine that it is a lot of stuff going on there right now, a lot of stress for sure >> absolutely right. definitely stressful and a lot of work going on here. an interesting number, 6,000 packages per minute can be sorted here at this facility behind me. this is the u.p.s. world port hub. and they need that speed as ecommerce just surges during this holiday season. so in the month of november, it actually spiked 27% higher year over year with u.p.s. handling the most volume, 450 million packages u.p.s. and fedex are also hanging vaccine deliveries both the super put shave put sun those with high volumes. and kate gut man says it was about maximizing revenues and trying to ensure on "time"
5:46 am
deliv delivery >> we had to really collaborate on the plans by bay, by origin, and what we could pull into the network. and there is a higher value when you run a system that is fully utilized but you also want to ensure that you don't overutilize that network or your service levels will decrease and everyone is disappointed >> on time delivery for u.p.s. and fedex both topped 95% for the week of thanksgiving and cyber week and anything over 95% is considered pretty good technically the deadline for guaranteed delivery for ground was yesterday. but u.p.s. and fedex both say that really only applies to full coast to coast deliveries. as far as the real deadline, it depends on your geography. there are tools where you can calculate how long your delivery will take. so the good news here, if you are a procrastinator like me,
5:47 am
you can still have time to get that by christmas. >> and it might be on the plane that just went overhead. and of course the vaccine rollout across the country, also holiday gifts. are fedex and ums oig saying anything about the big storm headed for the east coast? >> you know, absolutely, we did ask about that, and u.p.s. and fedex have a team of meteorologists and they do have contingency plans in place should we experience severe weather. both say that their number one priority is keeping their team members safe, but they do expect to be able to continue to deliver holiday gifts and vaccines >> frank holland, thank you very much on deck, an optimistic market call could be ahead for 2021 and remember, "worldwide exchange" is now a podcast it is another way to get the essential actionable foor that
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with dq cough and congestion. it's max strength formula coats your throat and provides powerful relief. new dayquil cough and congestion. the maxcoat daytime power through your cough medicine. some of the biggest pre-market gainers so far, goldman sachs, visa, walt disney, boeing and apple all up. as for the broader s&p 500, you can see some of the moves there in the big pre-market gains, twitter, hp, otis, d xhchxc and corp futures right now are moiptding to mmoiptd i ing to modest gains. s&p would be higher by about 12
5:51 am
and nasdaq by roughly 40 or so and your next guest says it is possible that we could see a pull back in the markets in the near term as a few risks still linger into the new year but there are plenty of reasons for optimism as the calendar flips to 2021. let's bring in the number 11 financial adviser among the top ones in philadelphia and pennsylvania rather by this year's barons. thank you very much, greg, for being here so near term pull back, does that mean that i should wait to buy more stocks? >> good morning, thanks for having me back no, we don't believe trying to time the market. that would be a very difficult thing to do. what we're suggesting is over the next 4 to 6 weeks, investors may see some bumps, some hiccups given the recent spike in cases, recent shutdowns on both coasts. are there more shutdowns coming.
5:52 am
we won't see that evidenced in economic data, probably for another four or five weeks and of course you have the all-important january 5th senate race and the market is kouchbtsing onkouchbts i counting on a divided government that being said, i think investors need to step back and look not just the four or five weeks, but the next four or five months because i think that there are some positive catalysts. >> so you are a financial adviser. you have to talk to clients and rework their portfolios as part of your job. what was the biggest thing that you had to do for the bulk of your clients in 2020 >> and it is making sure people were rebalancing because emotion can have a
5:53 am
detrimental impact on one's financial plan if not made with the fundamentals of a sound investment policy statement upon which investment decisions are made so having people go backwards over the last six or nine month, rebalancing back to their target, whatever their stated weightings were, i think that that is really important now if you look at the winner of the last three years, they may not be the winners of the next three years. making sure that you are not overweighted, but looking at areas like value, differenviden stocks, and so absolutely rebalancing is a timeless discipline hugely important >> so does that mean that you are a true believer in the broader rotation that people talk about, the notion that
5:54 am
we'll be seeing a reversion to the mean for some of the value oriented type sector, the ones beaten up so much during the pandemic should we not be as focused on the mega cap technology trade? >> let's keep it in perspective. we're not suggesting that the large growth tech names are falling out, that they will see a huge depreciation. but their growth rates going forward may be more normalized especially given the runs that they have had the last three years. and if you follow this reopening theme, and the delivery of vaccines and whatever a new normal looks like, we should see people going back to spending money, traveling, going out, which would lend itself to, yes, these dividends names which have come back over the last quarter really resuming some sleerp over the next several quarters. and especially for investors looking for yields, with rates
5:55 am
as low as they are, differ dend paying stocks are a great place to generate income >> are there specific parts of the market that you are focused on specifically, companies or industry groups that you think are more attractive versus others >> yeah, we believe that the financials are well positioned we believe health care stocks again, this trend towards vaccine and delivery of new drugs towards therapeutics is not going to be going away we're also believers that people should be getting more money overseas we believe this new administration will have a less hawkish policy towards china and the surrounding countries. and like value stocks emerging market stocks that woefully underperformed the u.s. markets over the last three to five years and really made nice comeback here recently so that is another area where we want to make sure clients are not underweighted. >> and what keeps your clients up at night the most what is the biggest worry that
5:56 am
they have right now? >> you know, we're talking to clients about the debt issue we agree with you, third stimulus plan is needed. we have to get money into the hands of those most affectioned by the pandemic. and that being said, we're over 100% debt to gdp as a country, over $30 trillion in debt. you are seeing the bottom 20% of the workforce taking on more loan, consumer debt, student lobes. a so that is what we think about looking out. >> all right greg, thank you. and we want to send a big congratulations to our "worldwide exchange" colleague evan faulk they just welcomed their new
5:57 am
baby mom and baby are coming fantastic. big congrats the to her big sisters. that does it here for us quk x"s mi unext he to her big sisters. that does it here for us "squawk box" is coming up next eg sisters. that does it here for us "squawk box" is coming up next sisters. that does it here for us "squawk box" is coming up next ts that does it here for us "squawk box" is coming up next every year, we set out to do one thing help the world believe in holiday magic. and this year was harder than ever. and yet, somehow, you all found a way to pull it off.
5:58 am
it's not about the toys or the ornaments but about coming together. santa, santa, you're on mute! just wanted to say thanks. thanks for believing.
5:59 am
new hope for stimulus. the top four congressional leaders making progress towards funding the government and passing another round of relief. we'll take you live to washington new signs of concern though, national security adviser cutting an international trip short to address the hack. and jpmorgan just out with a big call on the airlines
6:00 am
double downgrade for three major carriers details straight ahead quake box begins right now good morning, happy humpday. welcome to "squawk box." i'm becky quick along with joe kernen and andrew ross sorkin. and right now there are some green arrows dow closed up by over 300 points, a lot of it because there is hope that we could sigh an additional stimulus package coming.sigh an additional stimulus package coming we'll talk more about it in a moment and it did seem like they made some progress. dow indicated up by abou


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