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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  January 7, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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>> great trade by the mets, getting lindor >> yes, francisco lindor see, i knew that >> speechless. do you have a trade? >> amd, amd. >> see you more "fast." "mad money" starts right now hey i'm cramer welcome to "mad money" welcome to cra-america people want to make friends i'm trying to make you money my job is not just entertain but educate, teach you, put it all in context call me at 1-800-743-cnbc or tweet me @jimcramer. got a lot to talk about tonight including how can this market hit record highs today after what happened in washington yesterday? with the dow gaining 212 points, s&p jumping 1.48%, and the nasdaq pole vaulting 2.56%, made up a lot of the ground from yesterday. so you got to ask, right
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does wall street like violent confrontation? does it somehow agree with the rioters? stocks pulled back yesterday when the goon squad stormed the capitol but not by that much and then today they came roaring back so what's going on here? simple it's not how the market works. see it's not a referendum on the most disheartening story we've seen in the capitol in years let me tell you a story. it's going to be something i build on 38 years ago, i first sat down on a professional trading desk at goldman sachs the market was warring, just smoking higher i was green as green could be, a real rookie. i turn around to a senior trader one who wog go on to make partner and become a billionaire hedge fund manager i asked him why was the market exploding to the upside? nothing going on nothing i saw that was good. he looked at me, saw my mo ginsburg suit with my pathetic button down collar
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you can only wear straight collars with french cuffs back then and turned away as if i was some sort of vagabond before saying, more buyers than sellers more buyers than sellers i wanted to scream are you kidding me more buyers than sellers that's real helpful. but he already moved on to doing some big six figure trade and left me stewing in my own confusion. you know what? he was dead right. the market roared today because there are more buyers than sellers. so if likely you are horrified by what happened yesterday the question is why aren't there more sellers than buyers that is the question first and foremost the buyers have nowhere else to go and the sellers are extremely reluctant to part with their merchandise at these levels. if you want a decent return right now stocks are the only game in town there are a ton of investors who use index funds as a way to save money and the index crowd is not
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fliting in and out based on daily headlines no matter how horrendous they are. they are in it for the long haul these people contribute to their retirement accounts every month especially a lot at the beginning of the year and it results in automatic index fund buying sometimes they panic but for the most part because these are the only game in town and you make so little on interest rates not enough sellers second, you may be freaked out by the monsters running amok on capitol hill but these days a lot of money is managed by algorithms and run, we call it machines but the machines don't care about barricade storming. they're on auto pilot. because there is a lot of group think on wall street they are usually given the same set of instructions buy industrials and sell tech when it looks like the economy is about to pick up steam which is what they did yesterday they weren't preprogrammed to sell when a mob attacked our legislature. no the machines, it was as cavalier as it sounds, it was just noise.
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none of them were spitting out giant sell orders as they watched tv the machines don't watch tv. instead they bought the classic industrial stocks, caterpillar, honeywell. a lot more machine buyers than machine sellers. they probably bought tech back today those moronic machines third the stock market is not a proxy for the health of american democracy. it is a market of stocks which represent companies. many of the companies in the s&p 500 are big buybacks where they basical basically repurchase their own stocks on auto pilot every day they don't stop because there is turmoil in the capitol this is going to be one of my themes of 2021 especially among the dwindling number of industrials in the s&p 500 there are no similar automatic sells to speak of except tesla and the market loves tesla so sell all it wants. fourth speaking of tesla this thing just keeps roaring it is the greatest umbrella for other stocks in history.
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you can argue it went up today because one more negative analyst finally capitulated. i'd say this is because tesla was recently added to the s&p 500 and there are plenty of index and index like funds that still need to build up their positions. and as it goes higher they got to buy more. more buyers than sellers as tesla goes higher the index funds don't ring the register. they let it ride same goes for speculators who have fallen in love with this one. personally at some point maybe take a little schnitzel off the table but anything else i think is pure greed but when it comes to tesla the gordon greco greed is good philosophy and has worked better than any other i can think of fifth if there is so much more stimulus coming from the government and many people invest in the stock market who are well off like they did in the spring, in other words they don't need the stimulus to put food on the table wouldn't it be
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crazy to sell we that money coming your way? the democrats won two senate races in georgia by promising to send out $2,000 checks investors are coming around to the idea the government can actually play a positive role in our lives. seems like a reason to buy not sell sixth, we see the chaos in washington but many believe storming the capitol will be the high waterthere is no denying h divisive figure. that is by choice. he likese. he always has. two weeks and he's out of a job. if that sounds a little too naive, let me give you point number seven american companies know how to work with political destabilization. see they've been working in emerging market countries for years. they can handle a little chaos even in washington compared to what they've dealt with overseas this is actually small potatoes for them. even if the capitol gets besieged the next two weeks they know biden will be sworn in and then it's over why allow some to them political theatre no matter how sad and
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chilling it is to you to rock you out of your positions? don't get me wrong i am incredibly disturbed by what happened yesterday. as an american it's heart breaking i don't want to -- anyone who lives anywhere it's heart breaking except for one of the countries that is our enemies. i don't want to live in a banana republic neither do the ceos nor the stock markets have problems dealing with banana republics. they are used to it. reason number eight the insanity yesterday obscured the election results but democratic control of the senate is as historicallr infrastructure spending much more than republicans. that's why stocks, aggregate makers of rocks, united rentals, they keep going. with mitch mcconnell out as majority leader the prospects have changed for the much better nine some of the hottest stocks out there the new companies that have become public by merging with special purpose acquisitions they need government subsidies if their businesses are going to catch on
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that goes for nearly all of the electrical vehicle places, hydro gen cell places, alphabet plug doing so well. we'll hear from them later tonight. these companies need the government behind them they need uncle sam granting subsidies or tax credits to companies that buy their products that was the secret behind tesla. of course now it's just r. a lot of these companies are now likely to get subsidies or their customers are going to get subsidies. now the democrats are about to have unified control of congress and the white house. finally, earlier this week i told you that you have to use any weakness as a chance to buy stocks that are part of my ten favorite long term themes. we got that weakness monday and yesterday. many of these stocks got hit incredibly hard. travel, leisure, e-commerce, digitization, 5g, wealth management i hope you took my advice and bought them because they all came roaring back today. which is why i gave you those themes to begin with sure, the first time my goldman sachs mentor told me stocks were rallying hard because we had
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more buyers than sellers i thought it was the dumbest most cavalier kind of circular reasoning but the bottom line is that on days like today, it helps you reframe the action the stock market is not a referendum on the state of the nation maybe you want it to be but it is not when investors see few reasons to sell and many reasons to buy the averages go up regardless of the craziness in the capitol. let's go to michael in texas please michael? >> caller: boo-ya. >> there you go. little kids probably thinking good kids. i like that. what's up? >> caller: jimmy chill my stock is ncno, a fintech company that offers banking operating systems. their clients are b of a, barclay's, suntrust bank, and others you had the ceo on back september 10th when the stock was $80. you recommended it the stock just hit a low
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yesterday of $65.32. are you still recommending the stock? >> no, no, no. i am rerecommending it strongly. i frankly don't understand why this is a $6 billion stock i think that some big organization brokerage house gets behind this thing and you see a major move these guys are for real. don't be confused by the stock action the stock action is wrong. let's go to david my home state of new jersey. david? >> caller: how are you >> i'm good. how are you? >> caller: good. thanks for taking my call. i appreciate all of your thoughts on cnbc, early in the morning. me and my wife. >> you're very kind. i am happy to be able to try to help you let's go to work >> i know it's been downgraded yesterday and i've been holding that for a while and just wanted to know what it looks like for the 2021, for this year.
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>> yeah, here's the problem. the competition is coming all over the place now and even though impossible has some ingredients that maybe some of the people, vegans, vegetarians don't like, they just cut prices again, the second time now the prices were cut 15%. there's just too much competition right now. it looks like that ethan brown as great as he is is proselytizing for an industry a lot of people want so right now they are under pricing pressure and that is causing the stock to go down. now to victoria in california, please, victoria. >> caller: hi, jim. >> hi, victoria. >> caller: when the coronavirus epidemic is over we will look back at companies that became instrumental to our every day lives and how we do business moving forward i look at the transports as planes that have superman kaps on their wings because they came through with our deliveries no matter what the circumstances and even now as they distribute the vaccines we need around the
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world specifically referring to united parcel service a solid company with good dividends yet the stock while it has gone up is still off its highs and even then i'm surprised it isn't closer to the 200s as its rival fedex. can you give me your thoughts on this stock making gains moving forward? >> i gave a talk yesterday for club members and i said that the ceo of united parcel is under estimated here the stock keeps going lower. i am betting this stock is going to be a great buy over the course of the year so i agree with you and encourage you to listen to my talk because i think it is going to be a very big stock all right. look, the market is not a referendum on one of the saddest, most disgusting days in our country's history. it just so happens there are more reasons to buy than to sell on "mad money" i'm sitting down with one of the hottest stocks plug and power
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find out the venture with sk group and what it means. then bed, bath, & beyond is falling today but is the market looking at the earnings all wrong? let's talk to the ceo. it might not come as a surprise but people are drinking more these days at home beer shipments were up 28% in the most recent quarter. i'll sit down with the ceo to find out if the trend can continue so stay with cramer. >> don't miss a second of "mad money. follow @jimcramer on twitter have a question? tweet cramer #madtweets. send jim an e-mail to or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc miss something head to change is all around us.
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alternative energy yesterday after the democrats swept the georgia senate run-offs. anything that helps off fossil fuels suddenly looks a lot more attractive not just tesla including the hydrogen cell fuel plays. the good news keeps coming take cramer fave plug power which already has a rapid growing business making hydrogen cells for fork lifts it is generating real revenue right now. tripling from a few years ago. last year we learned plug power is forming a venture with a giant south korean conglomerate to accelerate the spread of hydrogen power in asia they are investing $1.5 billion in plug power. that is huge it surged 35% today. let's check in with the ceo and president, to get a better read on the joint venture and what it means going forward. welcome back to mad money. >> great to be back, jim >> you came on when the stock was single digits, when it had
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doubled. you continue to say things are going to be great, great, great. dollars all the way. then a great company, sk, decides that you are the one it wants to partner with. why did they select plug power >> well, jim, as you mentioned, sk is this huge conglomerate in the energy space, chemical space, telecommunications space. and they were looking for a solution that would provide somebody to work with who could fill all their needs and when they looked around the world, they saw the plug power could build fueling stations plug power could generate hydrogen plug power could have fuel cells which could back up data centers or generate power and i think all of those attributes, and i think you hit it on the beginning, they also knew plug power was the one company with the real revenue and real experience deploying fuel cell
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and hydrogen and i think that is why they picked us and why we picked them was because korea is going to be a big market >> i think you should talk a little bit more about what korea is doing versus what just happened in the senate in the united states yesterday. korea has a long term hydrogen plan tell me about that because i think it is something that president biden might want to know about. >> absolutely. by the way president biden has a long term hydrogen plan. but korea is targeting the hydrogen market to be over $40 billion in 2040. and they have aggressive plans when i look at the level of hydrogen they are planning to use it is actually about 150 times more than what we use in the u.s. today so it is a big, big, huge opportunity. and, you know, that is -- korea has plans for fuel cells and mobility, fuel cells for
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stationary products. for example with sk we're looking to use their chemical plants, the waste stream from those chemical plants, clean it up, and put hydrogen on the grid to generate hydrogen for vehicles it is really exciting. plug power as i mentioned before is one of the few companies if not the only company in the world that can do all of that for you. >> it reminds me kind of of tesla where people felt their balance sheet is bad they'll never make it. suddenly you've got the best balance sheet in the industry because of a cash raise and also because of sk. i imagine you have a lot of things you can now do not just an expansion of a walmart deal but really look globally and be a real strong partner and not be -- if somebody like bp comes in and says maybe we can help you, you offer more to them than they offer you now >> jim, when we've worked with sk, it was very nice to be in position that we could say to them, there is nowhere else to
6:21 pm
go and it certainly helped in the negotiations and we do have, you know, we're committed to expanding the green hi row general economy -- hydrogen economy not only in north america and asia but i think you'll hear more about our activities in europe very soon. >> you've been at it for a long time you were in the cell phone business when they were the size of batteries now just these great hand held. a lot of people are asking me, jim, why are you behind hydrogen hydrogen is so expensive it can never be economic. i say i'm behind it because andy marsh told me i should be behind it it's happening, right? the price is coming down >> the price is coming down. and look it is really a simple equation green hydrogen is tied to the cost of solar, the cost of wind. you know, as you know where deals are being done if you can generate hydrogen, have electricity at 4 cents a
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kilowatt hour, leveraging el, y can compare with natural gas when i look at the world it's almost like who would ever build a coal plant today when you can use solar? that's where we're going with hydrogen. >> we can't forget the fact walmart continues to be even more committed with you than when we saw you last. >> walmart is very, very committed to us. amazon is very committed to us you know, we're -- we've come out already and said, next year is going to be another year where this business will grow 30% to 35% in revenue. and i can tell you at the moment we have the best book we've ever had. we're looking to even surpass those numbers. >> i try to tell people that when you meet with, are fortunate enough to meet with people from amazon i have and people from walmart and a lot of other companies out west, they are trying to figure out, well walmart bentonville, how to
6:23 pm
lower their carbon footprint and struggling and struggling. and the best way to do it is with plug power. >> the best way to do it is plug power. i think you hit on an important point, jim fuel cells and hydrogen are best today in business to business applications because of energy density and asset utilization. and that's why amazon's so -- plug power is so important to amazon it's why plug power is so important to walmart and other companies. >> last question the senate goes democrat so now i'm trying to figure out if you're andy marsh do you say you know what? we are going to have more customers than we even thought now that we have a unified government does it work like that, sir? >> i will tell you this. there's no better friend to the fuel cell industry over the last 20 years than senator schumer. and, boy he is in charge of what legislation gets to the floor. and i think it's going to be a
6:24 pm
great time for the hydrogen fuel cell industry and being a new york company we couldn't be luckier to have such a great senator. >> well i got to tell you everything you said has come true except for much bigger. people say andy marsh comes on your show and talks a big game no andy marsh delivers a bigger game president and ceo of plug power. plug congratulations, sir >> thank you, jim. bye now. >> good to see you it's for real. "mad money" is back after the break.
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6:28 pm
wall street was looking for about 5% not only did they see a clear slowdown toward the end of the quarter but imagine the guidance for the next quarter was viewed as under whelming. it wasn't all that bad bed bath put up incredible digital numbers up 77% company wide and some positives in the guidance that they said december was solid and the company edged up next year's forecast for earnings before interest, taxes, and depreciation and amortization where the stock is probably the cheapest retail some stuff was confusing bed bath's analyst for next year looked ugly. my view, look. betting against this company's new management team has repeatedly proven to be a mistake. let's take a closer look with the president and ceo of bed bath & beyond. welcome back to "mad money." >> hey, jim. how are you? thanks for having me. >> so, mark, i have to admit i'm a little confused.
6:29 pm
saying below expectations, then wells fargo saying same old bed bath and then for ubs first read disappointing. i mean, i don't know you got a lot of cash. you've done a lot of things right. are you still on plan? >> absolutely. it's definitely the new bed bath and one of the major differences is we've divested stores and divested of concepts there is some confusion in the history here but again second quarter consecutive comp profit and ebitda growth up as you know years of not achieving that. so we're definitely on track and we feel like we built the plan and the muscles and now able to really sustain fantastic growth going forward. >> to me there also may have been a problem in the terminology. when you do a pick up at store it looks like you're almost intentionally keeping your brick and mortar same store sales lower and having your e-comm
6:30 pm
higher but they should kind of come out in the wash. >> they absolutely do. that is when we talk about total comp growth in our business as in many a customer buys online and picks up in store. that is an omni channel experience but recorded as a digital sale that may create some confusion we do know there is a pivot that occurred in november where store traffic is widely reported at retail really did decline. it was a moment in time. people were glued to their tvs with the election but also the fear of covid we believe really affected store traffic so as we said 77% digital up and 90% in our bed bath which was terrific there is no doubt the covid is a short term pain point for most retailers. >> there is also just in terms of the financials which i care about passionately as our viewers do, you've got a situation where you're selling at three times earnings for interest, taxes, depreciation. that is much lower than every
6:31 pm
other retailer i followed that is solvent. >> right. >> you have a 6% to 10% short float. that would presume that your balance sheets deteriorated but your balance sheets improved >> we have an incredibly improved balance sheet we have $1.5 million worth of cash, $2.2 billion of total liquidity, our action plan and funding for the next three years completely mapped. we're generating free cash flow. we are generating better ebitda growth, margin increases this is a well poised company. so we're going to be investing, growing, and building over the next three years as we said on the three-year plan. we are on track. >> at one point i said oh, boy here's 18. at 20 they're buying back stock. we don't want the same old bed bath and beyond when it comes to buying back stocks we want investments in the divisions you think are right to invest in. >> absolutely. that is why we're now able to do that not just are we incredibly liquid we also have as we
6:32 pm
outlined in our investor day a huge map for investment, growth, infrastructure, we've actually reduced debt incredibly over a billion dollars in 2020. sold five companies in a covid period and are reinvesting that money back into our growth that enables at this point to look at an asr in both, primarily the secondary stage and, look, the share value is very ripe at the moment. we're not buying at 60s and 70s like before. we're really investing in a great time so we see this as a very strategic move. >> how about bye-bye baby? i think it is such a good brand but i don't see any acceleration where we expected at this point. >> no, look. we are very comfortable, not comfortable but we are very acknowledging where we are at this point in a year of major transformation we really doubled down on the mother ship which was bed bath and beyond. we built our plans for bye-bye baby we're only 130 doors across
6:33 pm
america. we have room to expand and become even more of an authority. we think this is a jewel in the crown as well. you'll see us invest inside our plans in bye-bye baby, harmon, in 2021 and beyond we are really doubling down. we had a few around q3, already bounced back in december, but we believe in this business incredibly watch this space. >> then why are you going with this flat store number estimate? i mean to me, you're going to get more merchandise in. you just closed two under performing stores. you are doing so much right when it comes to having investment in e-com. to me that seems like a low ball number honestly you're doing better than you say you are. >> we want to make sure we're prudent and we still see some level of covid activity with vaccines, etcetera going into 2021 we want to be sure we're being responsible in our sales plan and yet to be on the conservative side we have plans to try to exceed that of course. we have a lot in our barrel to
6:34 pm
fire away in 2021. so we are saying that we had that plan and yet we'll still exceed those ebitda goals for 2021 we'll see how we open up i think that we have a lot loaded in the chute and we are very excited about t i think you're right we are being prudent in our forecasting. >> one last question i was thrilled i saw 11% comparable store sales gains in your top five destination categories before you i think you had like a top 38 destination categories which means nothing was destination. so you're winning where you want to win, right? >> we've been able to establish our core and that is where you start with any great transformation we are doubling down in those spaces and the great news we're going into 2021 with firing a volley, seeing 11% growth in the key categories they are the categories we'll be doubling down and investing in, 2021 we are excited about what lies
6:35 pm
ahead for that. >> well look you're on plan, i think you're very conservative, which we want because the previous management was very aggressive. we don't want that anymore mark triten president and ceo of bad bath & beyond. thanks. >> thanks. >> 63% sold short. much better balance sheet than the old days i don't know let it come in a little and buy more that might be right. "mad money" is back after the break. cyber attacks are relentlessly advancing.
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to end them, cybereason built a cyber security solution so advanced... it can end attacks today -- on computers, mobile devices, servers and the cloud. and deliver future-ready protection, keeping you sharp for tomorrow. join us, the defenders, in our mission. cybereason. end cyber attacks. from endpoints to everywhere. this morning we got an important quarter from constellation brands the beer, wine company here's the stock that's been on fire the last nine months more than doubling from the march
6:39 pm
lows as wall street realized the stay-at-home economy is also the drink-a-lot economy. this morning's numbers were on another level. the company delivered a monster 67 cent earnings beat off the $2.42 basis. #the% revenue beat fantastic sale scores for the beer business. even better management issued four-year guidance, the forecasts were well above what wall street was looking for. and a $2 billion buy back. remember when people worried about their balance sheet? that is why the stock rallied $5, 2% today and also hit an intraday all time high you know what? i don't think it's done. but don't take it from me. let's dig deep with the president and ceo of constellation brands for more about this incredible quarter and the outlook going forward. welcome back to "mad money." >> thanks, jim good to be here. >> bill i don't think i've ever seen a company fire on more cylinders at a time when people were believing you couldn't do it the bars are almost closed,
6:40 pm
bill but it didn't matter did it >> well, we still had tremendous demand for our brands. as you know, at the end of the day that is really what it's all about. whether you think about our beer brands, corona, or you think about our wine brands, kim crawford, the prisoner, we have brands that are in demand and one of the things people do when buying for home is they stick with things that they know and they stick with things that they trust. we have brands that people trust. >> i was having, knowing this business as you know i do, i know how hard it is right now to get glass in mexico. it's almost impossible, bill and yet there i see you are able to produce -- there is more covid per capita in mexico than almost any place in the world. how are you able to produce so much beer? >> we've done a lot of things really from the start of the covid situation. first of all we hired a chief medical officer and he has been
6:41 pm
very helpful to us in guiding what we need to do to keep our people safe. then you have the leader of our operations in mexico and his team who have done an outstanding job making sure our people are safe. they do temperature checks you can't get into any facilities without temperature checks we've done education it is all about keeping our people safe so we are able to produce at a significant level >> extraordinary amother brand i've always been crazy about. pacifica just ignited >> pacifico is keeping on fire it has a strong, southern california base. it continues to grow it was up 20% in the last quarter in depletions and the iri data is up even greater. it is one of our real opportunities for the future to be the third leg in the stool if you will on top of modelo and corona >> here's one that i think the analysts don't get
6:42 pm
you have a commitment to share holders like almost no company i know but at the same time a brand, hard seltzer brand they can't stop you have this choice, bill you can return shareholder money or, i mean, you could put any amount of money behind this thing and it is doing amazingly well >> we think we can do both we only had one skew this year, jim. one. and yet we did over 10 million cases of corona hard seltzer. >> 10 million cases? >> we did. >> i actually know how much that is that's crazy >> it is for one skew we're introducing a second variety pack at the beginning of the fiscal year and a couple other ideas up our sleeve for later in the fiscal year as well it is a great opportunity, as you know a category that is growing. we're going to take a significant share of it. >> i know you were let's just say low key about cannabis and yet at the same time governor cuomo has announced his plan to legalize it. we had a big election and looks like people want to
6:43 pm
decriminalize. i know you have great formulations we might want down here to drink but you chose not to emphasize on the call even though your stake has grown substantially. just feel like you want to buy time a little on this one? >> this remains a great opportunity as we have talked a number of times. a canopy is well positioned to win. they're winning in canada. they are set up with the opportunity with acreage as you know there is a triggering event when acreage would become part of canopy if and when you get federal legalization they have an investment who also has a strong position. so if in fact the change in the senate that occurred this week actually works to the advantage of the cannabis industry, canopy is well positioned to take advantage of it. >> bill, you always told me if you were to get out with more commodity wines and do premium wines, you completed that, how did you get double digit growth out of a wine?
6:44 pm
>> going back to a couple minutes ago people look for things they know and trust when you think about kim crawford or the prisoner, these are iconic brands. and consumers are slightly less likely to try other things if you will at a time when in many cases they are buying directly from manufacturers or using three tier e-commerce. we invested a lot of money in both sectors to make sure we were ready as the consumer evolved how they purchased >> i always tell people if you want to hear about invest a lot of money your commit to the community your commitment to the hispanic community. your commitment to young people who have got good ideas. to have new drinks how is that going? >> it's going very well. as you know, we made a major investment against women founders and last quarter announced a major fund to support african-american, black, and hispanic owned companies in
6:45 pm
our venture arm. that's going very well we're about to announce and we can talk about that as you like but we are about to announce some of our first investments in those areas. we invested a fair amount of money in supporting our communities around covid we did the same with the wildfires that existed in california we are a big believer in supporting the communities that we serve and those are all examples of how we've done it. >> we are a big believer in supporting ceos who do what you're doing which is why i invite you to bring along maybe just by zoom some of the people who are going to receive money from you because we want to highlight that kind of activity that ceos need to do in this day and age. great to see you and congratulations on a great quarter. >> thank you, jim. >> constellation is a winner the president and ceo is a winner too stz. "mad money" is back after the break.
6:46 pm
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it is time and then the lightning round is over are you ready? lightning round. david in michigan. >> caller: hey cramer. small investor traders. >> thank you man thank you. i was away what i'm doing is helping the small investor maybe that's enough in life. go to work >> caller: i was up over 4% today so thank you. >> oh, that's good glad you came in a lot of people telling you to get out not me what's going on?
6:50 pm
>> caller: i'd like your opinion on auto desk adsk. >> i think that is one of the best run companies in the world. it just doesn't get talked about because the software is enterprise oriented but boy is it ever good i've used it it's a buy let's go to north carolina >> caller: big boo-ya, mr. kr m cramer i want to say thank you to all the cnbc staff you guys make it happen. i'm wondering if you are still bullish on inseego >> i think they're terrific. what you said about the staff is absolutely true. these are very hard times and our staff just are better now than ever. let's go to pat in new york. >> caller: boo-ya, jim long time fan here. >> thank you. >> caller: my question to you tonight will be with an e-commerce platform with the recent pullback over in big
6:51 pm
commerce what are your thoughts on it? >> why are we fooling around with big commerce now that's up 6? buy adobe. buy a share or a fractional share of adobe it's doing great and no one is talking about it anymore jody in california jody jody jody. >> caller: jim i love you. you know what? i've been in love with you since i bought netflix at 23 >> oh, okay. that's what we have. we can build on that >> caller: anyway here is the story. i'm calling about cci crown castle i'm a member of your action alerts and with interest rates rising and everything and it's been down the last couple days i lost a little sleep. >> no, no. don't. j brown is in a battle right now with elliott management but what is really going on is it is a real estate investment and trust and when interest rates go up they go down i think you have to rigs this one is in the grip of the real
6:52 pm
estate investment trust etfs and we are going to make a giant amount of money and for you in crown castle i need to go to joe in new york. joe. >> caller: big boo-ya, jim, from the south shore of long island where we have mad money week days on cnbc >> let's go! >> caller: jim, the stock i'm following is style haven pharmaceuticals. i seen you had the ceo on your show you and my wife saying a game changer, the stock up almost 50% in the last year what is your crystal bell telling us >> i had five when i was on vacation and they saved my life. really bad migraines every day and i popped them and i was able to enjoy my family i don't know why i had five. i shouldn't have because i was having a decent time but migraine doesn't have anything to do with that. biohaven also has a drug that is, people think can help
6:53 pm
against alzheimer's. i almost wish it didn't because that has proven to be an impossible disease but nurtec the best in show one more steve in wyoming >> cole: cram >> caller: thanks for taking my call happy new year >> back to you. >> caller: talking about golden nugget online gaming. >> interesting i have a program that is sponsored by draft kings i think the world of them. i think they're doing a great job. new york by the way did not make it so it is legalized with draft kings or fanduel it is actually going to be like off track betting sadly. and that lays ladies and gentlemen is the conclusion of the lightning round! >> the lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade ♪
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suddenly everyone loves the oil stocks and the electric vehicle stocks and the hydrogen fuel cell stocks but can these three groups co-exist short term yes. sure you can buy one of the better oil plays, chevron, pioneer natural resources or pipeline operator kinder morgan and sleep soundly. i'd avoid the more challenged players but lots of people can't seem to get enough bp or exxon or even occidental
6:57 pm
tesla keeps rock eting higher bigger than all the other auto makers combined. man in the world now is elon musk is that crazy? let me answer that with a question who cares? the shares right now at these levels, then the price is right. finally we are seeing a rush toward the hydrogen fuel cell stocks like plug power whom we talked to earlier and the electric vehicle stocks. better lithium batteries after experiencing some choppiness the last couple weeks this group has caught fire now that we know the democrats will control the senate that means president-elect biden very environmentally friendly will be able to pass parts of that environmental agenda. including generous incentives for companies that reduce carbon emissions. the only way to reduce carbon emissions is by getting rid of fossil fuels what we have now is a classic investor's dilemma on the one hand a biden white house means more restrictions on oil drilling which translates into higher prices doesn't hurt that the saudis have also cut back production.
6:58 pm
remember trump's drill baby drill agenda has pushed down oil prices he wanted to drill in the arctic national preserve for heaven's sake biden is paradoxically better for oil prices because he'll make it harder to drill. given we have a supply glut this industry needs less production so short term this set up favors the oil stocks but longer term, longer term a lot less sanguine. the oil industry doesn't want more restrictions on drilling, they don't want more aggressive climate change regulations to push companies that cut back on carbon emissions or methane. they don't want better electric vehicle technologies that make petroleum increasingly irrelevant a democratic government might accidentally boost the oil industry short term by making it harder to drill but only see fossil fuels as a problem that needs to be solved after the big democratic wins on tuesday i bet money managers are going to sell the oil stocks over the rest of the year as a statement. a way of acknowledging it is time to think more about the planet less about profits and
6:59 pm
please their own investors we saw this under the obama administration when the market completely turned against coal after the epa started cracking down trump wanted to revive the coal industry but by that point there was nothing he could do. as climate change keeps getting worse you have to expect oil and gas will be in the cross hairs this time electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel cells replace them party on if you want to trade the oil stocks now that the crude is back above 50 but remember over time the regulators can crush the demand for oil the same way they crushed the demand for coal. and before that happens, you have to expect money managers will start dumping oil stocks as a statement to show their investors they understand the problem. long term that means we're going from drill baby drill to sell baby sell. in other words, oil is a trade not an investment. it may never be more than that again. i like to say there's always a bull market somewhere. and i promise to try to find it just for you right here on "mad
7:00 pm
money. i'm jim cramer see you tomorrow. here on "mad money. i'm jim cramer see you tomorrow "the news with shepard smith" starts now the president incited the riot now democrats want him out i'm shepard smith. this is the news on cnbc >> a very dangerous person who should not continue in office. >> the growing call to invoke the 25th amendment tonight the fallout and path forward after the deadly attack on our democracy, unprecedented action twitter locks the president's account. facebook and instagram block him


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