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tv   The News With Shepard Smith  CNBC  January 8, 2021 12:00am-1:00am EST

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i take it back. that was a good deal. he should've never gone for that deal, but i'm happy to do it. that was good. i feel invigorated. see you tomorrow. here on "mad money. i'm jim cramer see you tomorrow "the news with shepard smith" starts now the president incited the riot now democrats want him out i'm shepard smith. this is the news on cnbc >> a very dangerous person who should not continue in office. >> the growing call to invoke the 25th amendment tonight the fallout and path forward after the deadly attack on our democracy, unprecedented action twitter locks the president's account. facebook and instagram block him for the rest of his presidency
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13 days until joe biden is sworn in plus a list tore cal and emotional look back. >> the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. >> a proud reminder of what makes this building the greatest symbol of democracy on the planet >> announcer: live from cnbc global headquarters, the facts, the truth, "the news with shepard smith. >> good evening, some of the president's closest ails are saying they've had enough and calls growing louder for his immediate removal from office after the president incited a violent mob of his supporters to storm the u.s. katrina capitol. police say four people are now dead democratic leaders in the house and the senate are making it perfectly clear if vice
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president pence and the cabinet don't act now and use their constitutional power, they may >> in calming for this seditious act he has committed this act on our people i call on the vice president to remove this president by immediately invoking the 25th amendment. if the vice president and cabinet do not act, the congress may be prepared to move forward with impeachment. >> not just the democrats calling for it here's adam kinzinger this morning on msnbc >> i think yesterday it became clear that the president is un-moored from reality and from his oath and i think the vice president taking over and ensuring that the next couple weeks are a peaceful transfer is essential right now to the
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continuation of this strong union. >> a growing number of top trump officials resigning today. the transportation secretary elaine chao became the first cabinet member to do so. she says the assault on the capitol deeply troubled her in a way she cannot set aside the former attorney general bill barr who was once one of his staunchest defenders said this, orchestrating a mob to pressure congress is inexcusable. the president's conduct yesterday was a betrayal of his office and supporters. and john kelly, longtime chief of staff told jake tapper from cnn were he still in the cabinet he'd support invoking the 25th >> if you were in the cabinet right now, would you vote to remove him from office >> um, yes, i would. he's enraged because he's lost an election.
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he's a laughingstock now and he's striking out. >> kelly told tapper what happened on capitol hill yesterday is a direct result of mr. trump poisoning the minds of people with the lies and the frauds now keep in mind president trump has less than two weeks left in office but speaker pelosi says we're living an emergency of the highest magnitude and any day could be a horror show for america. our reporting begins with nbc's josh lederman there at the capitol during the attack. josh, is all this just talk and if it's real, how would it even work with such little time left? >> reporter: well, congress would have to move with unprecedented speed in order to be able to remove president trump from office with such little time left if you think back, shep, to the last time president trump was impeached in 2019 it took the house months to go through their impeachment inquiry and then the
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senate, another 2 1/2 weeks to put the president on trial and ultimately acquit him. at this point in time congress isn't even here. they've gone home with the house not scheduled to be back in session until right around inauguration so it would have to happen, first they would have to bring both chambers back to washington and then instead of going through the normal process and committee in the house, according to house judiciary committee chairman jerry nadler they would put the articles directly on the floor of the house and vote on them but then again it would still have to go over to the senate for a trial where it's unclear whether there would be enough support for that to pass with republicans like lindsey graham saying the president would have to do something else to cross the line before he would consider putting all options on the table and mitt romney, the senate republican, saying that the president despite all of this, it's unlikely they have enough time to be able to do this and simply need to hold our breath until president-elect joe biden
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is inaugurated on january 20th that's why democratic leaders, both in the house and senate are pushing what they describe as plan a and the fastest way to get president trump out of office before january 20th, that according to them would be convincing vice president mike pence and members of president trump's cabinet to invoke the 25th amendment shep >> josh, thanks. president trump nothing from him today. he's not appeared in public since his supporters ransacked the capitol. the white house press secretary kayleigh mcenany did come to the briefing room for a short statement, said it was a press conference it was not she took no questions from reporters. >> we are one american people under god. thank you very much. >> where is the president? >> put out a statement early this morning around 4:00 that said president trump has agreed to an orderly transition on january 20th
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cnbc's kayla tausche new reporting on this talk of invoking the 25th. what can you tell us >> reporter: well, shep, according to three sources familiar with the matter, secretary of state mike pompeo and treasury secretary steven mnuchin are among the cabinet seconds who last night held informal conversations with their staff about the possibility of invoking the 25th amendment. among the conclusions reached in these conversation as cording to my sources that the process could take longer than a week to play out diluting its impact that it's not clear which secretary could vote on such a move and that pulling such a lever for the first time in history could further stoke tensions among trump's base doing more harm over time than good in the short term and i'm told by these sources that the plan as of now is to let the clock run out. earlier today the secretary of agriculture sonny perdue was asked if he had been contacted by other cabinet members about the 25th, he said he had not and he did not expect to and just this evening there were reports
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that vice president mike pence also does not support invoking the 25th amendment and should note a state department official denied these conversations took place and secretary mnuchin declined to comment. but in the wake of yesterday's capitol siege the number of resignations is growing. the deputy national security adviser matt pottinger is leaving his post also tyler goodspeed and mick mulvaney said he would be leaving his part-time diplomatic post. >> i can't stay here not after yesterday. we can't look at that and think i want to be a part of that in any way, shape or form >> reporter: but not everyone is leaving, chrisl liddle is stayig for now and elaine chao is not departing until monday, i'm told by a source because she's slated to meet with the incoming administration's transportation team including the secretary
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designate pete buttigieg and that is expected to happen tomorrow but, shep, the mood inside the white house according to aides, they say staffers are appalled, d disgusted and shocked in these final days, although there is a faction still in the white house including many of the president's hard-line advisers who are still saying that the media exaggerated the images from yesterday shep >> and, kayla, "the new york times" is reporting that the president has been discussing pardoning himself. what can you tell us >> reporter: well, "the new york times" reports that those conversations have happened in the weeks after the election but it's not clear whether the president has reupped that topic with some of his closest confidants and advisers since yesterday's events, certainly it would be a move without precedent. it would be an extraordinary use of the presidential power of clemency, self-clemency has never been done and "the new york times" reports if it he does it it could be in the final days of his presidency, shep
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>> kayla, thanks so much. the first federal charges now filed in connection with the siege on the capitol and the top federal prosecutor in washington says there are more to come. nothing he said is off the table including the possibility of charging people with sedition, the act of inciting revolt against the federal government as prosecutors search for more of those responsible, lawmakers on capitol hill are demanding action the house speaker nancy pelosi calling for the capitol police chief to resign and in more than an hour ago he did the anger partly in response to scenes like this outside the capitol yesterday like what happened here? we don't know the full context it does appear to show police opening the gates for the protesters another video even shows a man taking a selfie with a police officer. that is undeniable the capitol police chief defended the department's response in a statement he says, the actions of the uscp officers were heroic given the situation they faced
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according to the d.c. and capitol police dozens of officers were injured yesterday. as of this morning, the washington metro pd arrested nearly 70 people and the justice department says an investigation will lead to further charges. cnbc's eamon javers. what are congressional leaders saying about this major breach in security? >> reporter: yeah, shep, what we saw today is the chief of the capitol police and house sergeant of arms resigning amid these recriminations about the rampage. we saw house speaker nancy pelosi complaining about a lack of information from capitol police chief >> there was a failure of leadership at the top of the capitol police and i think mr. sund -- he hasn't even called us since this happened. >> reporter: incoming democratic majority leader chuck schumer called for the firing of the sergeant-at-arms there, that call was joined by lindsey graham on the republican side.
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>> it was appalling how ill prepared the congress was for these attacks, which were known about in advance i will dismiss the sergeant-at-arms. >> anyone in charge of defending the capitol failed in their duties if they would have been in the military they would have been relieved of their commands >> reporter: meanwhile, a security, pert said that the police simply didn't follow basic procedures and policies. >> why wasn't there greater preparation? why were there not greater perimeter security set up to prevent the breaching of the congress, therefore i know the capitol police did their level best to try to deal with the situation as it was unfolding. >> at the fbi officials were trying to identify the people who ransacked the capital releasing these photos of people of interest from pictures that
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were taken during the attack meanwhile as federal prosecutors filed their first criminal charges in the wake of the rampage the capitol police released a statement praising the courage of the frontline capitol police officers but also saying they're going to begin an investigation into what went wrong, shep. >> eamon, thank you. president-elect biden set to take the oath in 13 days but concerns surrounding security for the inauguration are growing now. speaker pelosi called for d.c. and the capitol to be a designated special national event or national security event. from now through inauguration day, meaning high-level security across the region. the pentagon does plan to beef up more than 5,000 national guard troops to be deployed ahead of the event cnbc's contessa brewer on the risks surrounding the presidential inauguration. >> reporter: the chaos creating real questions about safety and security at joe biden's inauguration >> this is actually not that
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hard we do this regularly we plan and i was responsible for this four years ago for the inauguration. >> reporter: and the inauguration of president trump was secure as was that of president obama despite an onslaught of death threats obama's secretary of homeland security says one crucial difference between yesterday's protests and the inauguration is that law enforcement will secure the perimeter of the u.s. capitol grounds. this time with a secret service coordinating in advance the effort with multiple agencies. >> i would state in security on the mall around the capitol at the inauguration will probably reach an unprecedented level. >> reporter: joshua skule is a risk adviser at allied universal security and says after capitol clashes, investigators will watch for the catalysts that create chaos protests and counterprotests mingling and inflaming passion
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foreign entities, or others manipulating emotions through twitter, facebook or tiktok. >> social media adds to this the ability to communicate very, very quickly across a wide spectrum and potentially incite violence >> reporter: and that risk for violence is not just on inauguration day, nor just in washington, d.c. we're told law enforcement agencies are bracing for protests and potentially more between now and january 20th and as we saw yesterday and today, that would happen in states and cities across the nation, shep >> contessa, thank you. president-elect biden laid into president trump today his strong words for the sitting president for inciting the capitol riot, plus covid watch and this new strain here in the united states, and spreading a must in your medicine cabinet! less sick days! cold coming on?
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president-elect biden now said today that the president has released an attack on our institutions and that yesterday's violence and mayhem at the u.s. capitol were a culmination of that attack. >> what we witnessed yesterday was not dissent, it was not disorder, it was not protest it was chaos >> after a day that saw the rule of law questioned, mr. biden introduced merrick garland for his pick as attorney general, former president obama tapped him for the united states supreme court back in 2016 republicans, of course, blocked that and the senate never voted on his nomination. today merrick garland reflected on the position he hopes to assume in light of what happened at capitol hill. >> as everyone who watched yesterday's events in washington now understands, if they did not understand before, the rule of
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law is not just some lawyer's turn of phrase it is the very foundation of our democracy. >> mr. biden's doj will be tasked with prosecuting any rioters who face charges for storming the congress. mike memoli is in wilmington mike, we'll get to merrick garland. but first how is the president-elect handling his calls for the sitting president to be removed? >> reporter: well, shep when, we asked the biden transition team to address it on impeachment or invoking the 25th amendment they responded with a position classic joe biden from what we've seen in the transition so far staying above the fray and leaving these questions to either the cabinet or to the congress let me read a statement from the transition spokesman saying president-elect biden and vice president-elect harris are focused on their duty preparing to take office on january 20th and will leave it to vice president pence, the cabinet and the congress to act as they see
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fit. shep, the view of biden world is that if there already is any momentum within the cabinet towards invoking the 25th amendment and there's little evidence of that at this point, that biden weighing in as forcefully as some might want would only lead them in the opposite direction if they're going to get there biden needs the space for them to get there on their own. >> if confirmed he would take over a justice department through so much in the last four years. what are the priorities for him? has he said? >> reporter: well, as we've been speaking to the biden team about the attorney general position, the last big position he had to nominate really they've been pretty clear all along about what biden is looking for in his justice department and that is an attorney general and a team around him that will be independent-minded and not the people's -- the people's lawyer, not the president's lawyer as joe biden himself as said. ta take a listen to biden >> you won't work for me
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you are not the president or the vice president's lawyer. your loyalty is thought to me. it's to the law. >> reporter: now five years ago when former president obama had a vacancy on the supreme court to fill, it was joe biden as much as anyone pushing him to select merrick garland now, biden advisers say that unlike five years ago, they expect that this nomination will get a confirmation, shep >> mike memoli, thanks so much. just in to cnbc tonight, the president has not spoken all day. we've seen nothing of him. he had one event but it was closed to the press. he's banned from twitter he's banned from facebook. but now he's back and he's just released a video not inciting any violence, not calling on his supporters about a stolen election, but calling for a smooth transition of power let's listen >> i would like to begin by
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addressing the heinous attack on the united states capitol. like all americans, i am outraged by the violence, lawlessness and mayhem i immediately deployed the national guard and federal law enforcement to secure the building and expel the intruders. america is and must always be a nation of law and order. the demonstrators who infiltrated the capitol have defiled the seat of american democracy. to those who engaged in the acts of violence and destruction, you do not represent our country and to those who broke the law, you will pay we have just been through an intense election and emotions are high but now tempers must be cooled and calm restored we must get on with the business of america my campaign vigorously pursued every legal avenue to contest
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the election results my only goal was to ensure the integrity of the vote. in so doing i was fighting to defend american democracy. i can continue to strongly believe that we must reform our election laws to verify the identity and eligibility of all voters and to ensure faith and confidence in all future elections. now congress has certified the results. a new administration will be inaugurated on january 20th. my focus now turns to ensuring a smooth, orderly and seamless transition of power. this moment calls for healing and reconciliation 2020 has been a challenging time for our people a menacing pandemic has up ended the lives of our citizens. isolated millions in their homes, damaged our economy and claimed countless lives. defeating this pandemic and rebuilding the greatest economy on earth will require all of us
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working together it will require a renewed emphasis on the civic values of patriotism, faith, charity, community and family we must revitalize the sacred bonds of love and loyalty that bind us together as one national family to the citizens of our country serving as your president has been the honor of my lifetime and to all of my wonderful supporters, i know you are disappointed but i also want you to know that our incredible journey is only just beginning thank you, god bless you and god bless america. >> the president a short time ago in a statement released on twitter, a number of things to go through here. it seems to me the headline is for the first time he's acknowledging that there will be a new administration coming up on january 20th potentially the last person to make such an
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acknowledgement. hans nickles is with us, an axios political reporter it comes to mind it he had this tone you wonder if the republicans would have lost the senate >> well, that's an interesting hypothetical and i'm not really qualified to answer that what we heard, shep, was a concession speech. that was the concession speech and it's two months after the election but that was donald trump finally for the first time conceding. he said he's going to play and have orderly transition so we're going to having a seamless transition he acknowledges, you said, there's going to be a new administration on january 20th so it was a concession speech but also there at the very end also the kickoff of 2024 when he said my journey, our journey talking directly to his suppo supporters is only just beginning. but to me this is the most significant thing we have heard from the president since the end of the election and that is that he is conceding, he's planning to run again but we've heard
12:25 am
from the president and he's accepted reality at this point, shep >> we've been hearing that it was chaotic, multiple source, hans, i know you have too that he was chaotic, oppo mechanic tick, looking for revenge, those were the descriptions we got yesterday and into the night and now this turn. anything from behind the scenes on how this happened >> reporter: well, we know what's going on publicly and that is publicly there's a great deal of pressure, there are cabinet officials that are resigning. there are calls for his impeachment on capitol hill. there's open talk among congressional -- republican officials about the 25th amendment and as kayla reported it was discussed at the highest levels of certain departments so there is public pressure i don't know whether this is the president sort of conceding to that public pressure or at least acknowledging it but he is talking about a responsible transition to the next government which would be joe biden's administration now, there was a little throat
12:26 am
clearing there he claimed he immediately called up the national guard yesterday and immediately deployed them. facts don't really bear that out but the broader point here, shep, on what is it january 7th sometime in the 7:00 p.m. hour donald trump has finally conceded and hinting he is going to run again but conceded and he's apparently willing to turn the page >> that is the headline. the reporting of nbc news is that he did not call up the national guard the reporting of nbc news is that it was mike pence who called up the national guard and i'm not going to just let go his words on yesterday's chaos he sounded almost like the arsonist who calls the fire department and then later when the news crews get there says to the reporter, this is the most awful thick i've ever seen i hope whoever sets this gets thrown in jail >> look, donald trump's always been able to broadcast on different frequencies. that's how he won the republican primary. that's how he won the general
12:27 am
election in 2016 eventually it caught up with him and he wasn't able to broadcast and say one thing to one group of people and another to another and able to catch the presidency again. you saw that in the collapse of his support within the suburbs while he was trying to talk to rural america. so successful for a time but that time is now over and i think one of the other significant things almost psychological, shep, we heard from the president he said serving as your president has been the greatest honor of my lifetime and it's in the present tense, it is is the greatest honor of my lifetime so to me that was the president exceeding reality willing to turn the page and we'll have to see to what extent he follows through and whether or not briefings start at the pentagon. information is being shared through all the relevant agencies as these agency review teams from the biden transition come in and prepare to govern. so we know what the president said he's spoken directly to his
12:28 am
supporters he was critical of some of them saying these are heinous acts and now we have to see whether or not there's any back sliding and whether or not he will continue with this message but that's president donald trump throwing in the towel and i think that's the headline. >> for sure. thanks so much always appreciate your time and we'll have much more on this throughout the hour. we're going to go to kayla tausche working to get -- she's doing reporting behind the scenes for us as she has been throughout the day because think of what's happened the rhetoric has been consistent i will not, i will not as recently as yesterday morning 11:00 in washington, i will never concede. i will never concede we will fight. we will march to the capitol then the events of yesterday the explosion, the calls for his -- invocation of the 25th amendment. our reporting from behind the scenes that the president was very concerned that he might lose the immunity that's coming.
12:29 am
our reporting from nbc news and from inside cnbc that there was consideration of invoking the 25th amendment kayla tausche's reporting that there had been discussions within the administration with some of his closest aides and family about whether he would or even should pardon himself constituti constitutionally dicey at very minimum. something that's never been done, something we don't even know if it would pass constitutional muster. the president has been consistent throughout his life, there is never a concession. upon defeat, he declares victory and moves on this is brand new. kayla tausche is with us live now. kayla, any behind-the-scenes reporting on who was it or was it a group of people or how did -- lawyers or how did he come to this decision and what's behind this video? >> reporter: well, certainly there was a hope over the last 24 hours or so that some people
12:30 am
that the presidenttrusts most notably his family members would serve as his better angels and would tell him that he needs to roll out this message of unity and that only by delivering a message like this could he convince his supporters to stand down and essentially quiet the calls for him to leave office. when i was reporting at the story i brought to you earlier about some of the conversations happening among cabinet members and notably some of his closest and most loyal allies within his cabinet, that there was a hope that perhaps when they talked to him about perhaps pursuing a calmer and more peaceful messaging over the next few days that they would be able to have this sort of period of calm and that the next 12 hours and is it days rather and a few hours that they could make it through that and that they would not have to pull any of these more dramatic
12:31 am
levers like the 25th amendment or a process of impeachment over on capitol hill. so certainly there had been a hope among many of the president's top advisers and officials that someone could convince him to deliver a message like this but, of course, until it is actually posted, until it is actually delivered to the people on public, shep, there is always the possibility that it does not come to fruition but it did this evening. >> and edited -- an edited taped event. you know it was edited because the camera changes and that sort of thing and completely out of character, historically at least, since the television age began a president would come to a camera in the east room or even in the briefing room as he has in the past, this edited down controlled version is -- it's fairly new to us but i guess it serves their purposes tonight. i must say it's striking to hear
12:32 am
a concession a man who, what, 30 hours ago said he would never concede, never. it's a testament to the severity of yesterday's events, historical severity. >> reporter: it is a testament to that, shep, and it is notable, you point out it is edited one moment where it is edited is right before where president trump says there will be a new administration coming into office, so you have to wonder what was said immediately before that cut and whether the president took a pause to try to gather his thoughts and his composure before uttering that line that he has not uttered since the election so many weeks ago. but this is a message that people had hoped he would deliver. far before this day but i think given where the cabinet discussions were and given where the growing chorus on capitol hill calling for his removal had gotten there is, i would say, probably a sigh of relief that
12:33 am
it's better late than never at this very point. >> yeah, late certainly and not never thankfully kayla tausche with us live tonight, kayla, thanks so much the headline, the president of the united states has conceded and acknowledged that joe biden will be the next president of the united states or at least in his words that another administration will take over. he promised a smooth transition of power on the heels of yesterday's incredible disaster on capitol hill where we now know 56 officers were injured. according to authorities in washington, the chief of the capitol police resigned late today. that security was woefully inadequate without question, the reason for that still unclear. one thing is certain, it's tighter now and for the near future, nbc's ali velshi is there. big change, huh? >> reporter: huge changes, first of all right around us, there's nothing but police and military
12:34 am
presence there are -- there are capitol police, metropolitan washington police, there are state police from new jersey, from maryland, from pennsylvania, from virginia and then there's national guard. but even within the confines of the capitol we've had the resignation of the sergeant-at-arms and the resignation of the chief of the capitol police now, that had been called for by nancy pelosi she didn't get a call back from him. she didn't get a response from the chief of the capitol police. the head of the union also implied that the leadership of the capitol police had failed. when you look at some of the video from yesterday that are emerging, some of the different angles you can see what seems to be a woefully unprepared group of police dealing with these crowds coming in, crowds that had been, you know, talked about for several days, we knew they were coming in we knew they had come into washington so woefully unprepared on that side. there are as you said at least 56 injuries among members of the capitol police, we are trying to get updates on the condition of
12:35 am
those officers but the bottom line, they've now put up a perimeter. you can't see it from here, basically where you see a truck moving over there, there's now a seven-foot fence that's been erected all around and nothing but police presence all over the place, a lot of police movement around washington and the capitol enclave and the mall so the bottom line is until they get to the bottom of this, you are going to see a much stricter police presence, you are going to see much stricter rules on the people who were allowed in the capitol and an investigation into how this all happened, shep >> ali velshi, thank you so much. police response to yesterday's siege on the u.s. capitol under growing fire tonight. critics including the president-elect calling treatment of rioters a double standard >> no one can tell me that if that had been a group of black lives matter protesting yesterday they wouldn't have been treated very, very differently than the mob of thugs that stormed the capitol
12:36 am
we all know that's true. and it is unacceptable, totally unacceptable >> the left after rioters overtook the steps of the capitol yesterday and on the right when police blocked black lives matter protesters from the steps of the lincoln memorial. it is striking trump supporters breaking into the capitol building on the left here, on the right the day police fired rubber bullets and used tear gas to clear protesters from lafayette park on the left here rioters roaming free in the senate chamber, on the right 2017 when capitol police removed a protester in a wheelchair advocating for disability rights. incredible, right? errol suthers is here with us. sir, thank you the former first lady, michelle obama, for one wrote yesterday that it made it painfully clear
12:37 am
that certain americans are, in fact, allowed to denigrate the flag and symbols of our nation they've just got to look the right way. she has a point, doesn't she >> she certainly does, and, shep, thank you for having me on those are certainly words and images you showed clearly articulate the difference in police preparation, response and if you will operation when things happen. needless to say yesterday's events could have been significantly mitigated given the intelligence, the media, the calls from the executive office itself with regards to what might happen and as recent as the rally just prior to these -- this assault happening being told that we will never concede. so this was all but predictable
12:38 am
and very tragic and did not need to happen. >> you saw some of those images that we showed earlier, the selfie with the police officer, what appeared to be we don't know know the context but certainly a barrier was removed, in through they walked they weren't clad in the same way they were for a blm gathering, i mean, it couldn't be more stark. >> no, it couldn't it invokes for me memories back to 2017 and charlottesville when one of the persons part of the unite the right movement discharged a firearm and walked past the police. it brings back images of kenosha after that individual killed two people and slung his ar-15 over his shoulder and walked by the police officers who sat him down and got him some water it's very clear what's going on here and i would remind people that in 2006, the fbi produced a
12:39 am
report talking about the infiltration of local law enforcement by white nationalists heavily redacted but very specific with regards to that being a concern. it's raised its ugly head again someone unredacted and confirmed what we thought 15 years is even worse. >> domestic terrorism. we have more trouble with internal problems in the united states than we do with anything external it is very well documented and the statistics are perfectly clear that it is not people of color from another place that are causing the most problems in the united states, it's people who look like me >> you're absolutely correct and the data from over the last decade has clearly articulated that the threat is from the right. in october the fbi assessment said the same thing, the department of homeland security's assessment in the same month said the same thing i think back to 1995, do we have
12:40 am
to have buildings come down as they did in oklahoma city for us to get the message and yesterday thank god the building did not come down although two devices were placed in the capitol at the office of the dnc and the rnc. i've been in the capitol as you probably have. it's a maze. the fact they would know where those offices were, this investigation of the capitol police has to be very thorough with regards to what happened, how it happened, who inside may have been connected and how do we take care of this and root those folks out. >> erroll south eers. a covid watch. nearly 4,000 people died just yesterday from the virus, 4,000 in one day as the virus spreads, the biden administration prepares to take over the vaccine effort. ♪ ♪
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12:43 am
georgia, florida, colorado, california, texas and pennsylvania and connecticut health experts now say this new strain is likely in many other states and likely spreading rapidly because we don't do genome tracking and the vaccine rollout is lagging but appears to be picking up speed states administered 600,000 shots yesterday up from 500,000 the day before let's turn to a surgeon, harvard professor who sits on president-elect biden's covid advisory board thank you for your time. surging covid and transitioning government from your perspective does that transition part hurt or might it even help? >> i think it helps. you know, look at where we are yesterday in the midst of all the terrible events on the capitol, we had the worst day in deaths we are now on a path where almost -- where half a million thousand deaths are baked in and this is getting worse.
12:44 am
we have not had a president committed to communicating to the country a consistent strategy and set of messages about what we all need to do together this isn't turning around without that change in power we haven't heard from the current president anything about what he is doing to take this seriously. >> you mentioned the lack of messaging but it is abundantly clear now that there's also a lack of a federal strategy the president-elect has said 100 million shots in the arms in the first 100 days is the goal but is it a realistic goal and exactly how can that happen? >> well, i do think it's a realistic goal >> i meant 100 million >> that's right, 100 million shots in arms by 100 days. that means needing to average over a million shots a day you know, we're climbing gradual gradually. the most critical parts here are being transparent about where the barriers are, it's been
12:45 am
consistently overpromising and then underdelivering there are multiple breakdowns from failure to start planning six months ago, resources not being driven to the states, lack of staffing in vaccination centers, et cetera all of that can be whittled away step by step we will get past 1 million per day and i think be well on course to be able to meet the 100 million target but it's going to happen gradually. part of the process is simply being transparent. here are the five, six, seven blockers and then the strategies that are going to be tried and seeing every day that those numbers keep getting pushed upward i think we're unleashing the energy of a lot of people who want to solve this problem and just need guidance from our country. >> atul gawande, all the best and we're all hopeful out here
12:46 am
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right now the president of the united states can deploy the united states military he can launch nuclear missiles but he cannot post on facebook or instagram not until the end of his term in the office that announcement from the facebook ceo mark zuckerberg today after the incitement of yesterday's attack on the capitol. zuckerberg says the risk of allowing the president to continue to use the service during this period are simply too great. twitter, of course, placed a similar lock on the president's account for 12 hours yesterday that has now been lifted as evidenced by the video message we showed you a short time earlier. a twitter spokesperson says they're still evaluating further
12:49 am
action cnbc's julia bore sorstiboorstin what else are we seeing? >> reporter: unprecedented moves. facebook banning trump indefinitely and twitter suspending him temporarily he did, of course, load delete the offending tweets and had a lockout period which you just mentioned expired before he tweeted that video now, we've seen those moves by twitter and facebook echoed by other social platforms snap which stopped promoting trump's account for inciting violence back in june blocked the account indefinitely twitch disabled president trump's account as well. while youtube says it's accelerating enforcement of voter fraud claims pulling down videos from trump and others and reddit is taking action on reported violation of its content policies which prohibit the incitement of violence, tiktok also banning videos of trump speeches from yesterday as well as hashtags such as storm the capitol. former facebook security chief
12:50 am
alex stamos says standards though have not been entirely clear. >> one of the problems has been that the companies have not publicly announced the red lines of that -- if somebody crossed them such as the president that they would enforce and i think that's something that is going to have to change because the fact that they are making these decisions in reaction to the president's activity and to people on the other political side means that they're going to be a constant political football >> reporter: and now social platforms are drawing growing scrutiny for their role for fomenting violence and planning events such as yesterday's riot. a group on facebook called red state secession told us 8,000 members to be prepared to use force. facebook's been criticized for not shutting it down sooner. senator warner saying of these efforts to silence the president, quote, these platforms have served as core organizing infrastructure for violent far right groups and militia movements for several
12:51 am
ye years now and michelle obama posting now is the time for silicon valley companies to stop enabling this monstrous behavior and joins the chorus of investors who criticized the company for not taking action sooner shep. >> julia, thanks very much. a live look at the place where call the people's house. it is divided people right now we'll talk next with dan rhe as a barber, nothing's gonna beat my shave. especially for guys who tend to get razor bumps with ordinary razors. but now there's gillette skinguard. it flattens the skin and lifts the blades for a shave that's close, but not too close for comfort. ♪ plant-powered creative roots gives kids the hydration they need, with the fruit flavors they love. and one gram of sugar. find creative roots in the kids' juice aisle. and one gram of sugar. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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a new administration will be inaugurated on january 20th. my focus now turns to ensuring a smooth, orderly and seamless transition of power. >> the president with a new tone tonight, during the day calls for his resignation but mostly calls for him to be ousted invoking of the 25th amendment and on and on and now after all the pressure after the riots, after the assault on the capitol that he no doubt incited, the president appears to have turned the page dan rather is with us now. he's the author of the book "what unites us," reflections on patriotism dan, we need some uniting. i don't know about you, old friend, but that was a relief, do you feel it >> absolutely was a relief now the question is how long does it last because we know how
12:55 am
volatile president trump has been in the past about saying one thing, one hour and another thing the other hour but let's take good news when we can find it and hold on to it, hold on to it dearly. this is definitely a change in tone no question that all of the talk and it's serious talk about possibly invoking the 25th amendment to remove him from office now just -- don't wait for 12 days ought to have impeachment removed. but this was, look, in a time when we were looking for good news let's seize this for what it is, he says he's interested and he wants to have a peaceful transfer of power. let's hope that he means it. let's hope he doesn't change his mind i will say, shepard, you and i have been around long enough to know in these perilous times we have to say, steady, steady, steady and be prepared for anything who would have thought we would
12:56 am
saw what we saw yesterday until we actually saw it so there's still a long way to go between here and inauguration day in many ways. >> without question, but when you look at the reality of things, it seems fairly simple on one level, the democrats have won the white house, the democrats have won the house the democrats have won the senate no matter how slim, they're not looking for a fight. they're looking for a tone down and maybe if the president delivers that, the democrats will tone down as well that's what i would anticipate, you? >> i would anticipate the same thing. particularly given not just what president-elect biden has been saying, but the whole -- his whole nature, his whole way of operating, i think at least in the very beginning of his new administration and what's left of his time as president-elect that he's going to be looking to make peace, not to make war and did you notice, shep, i'm sure
12:57 am
you did that he's indicated he wants to appoint judge garland as the new attorney general for the incoming administration. that's a definite move toward the middle it is a definite move toward saying to the republicans, i'm not on a point -- independent, very respected judge to be the attorney general that too is a step in the right direction so we can say tonight that there are two or three things that give us some outlook for optimism but, again, we have to be realistic and say that we have not been all that united for awhile, it's going to take some real hard work to pull ourselves back together. >> it certainly will and statements like that aren't going to bring back the extremes of either side of this argument. but there are so many challenges ahead of us, not the least of which is cleaning up from last night. mentally and otherwise have you ever seen anything like that >> no, i've never seen anything like it.
12:58 am
i would like to say, shepard, over a lifetime as a reporter and been very lucky to live a long time and have my health i've seen ropings and shots and a lot of tragedy but i've never seen anything like that yesterday. i never expected to see it you can say, well, it was very predictable but i found myself saying yesterday with just about every other american i never thought i'd live to see a day such like this and i hope i never see one again. >> i certainly do too. dan rather, the breaking news of the evening took much of our time thank you so much for yours, we appreciate it. to our viewers, hopefully we have turned a page, hopefully calm returns
12:59 am
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