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tv   The News With Shepard Smith  CNBC  January 12, 2021 4:00am-5:00am EST

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whether it was the murderer who was doing the mass murder in new the namesake he never got to meet. zealand, broadcasting over social media, whether it was that's all for this edition of "dateline." what happened in myanmar, in i'm craig melvin. india. it's proof after proof after thank you for watching. proof that digital jumps off to [theme music] anal analog at some point, and it was going to happen in this country the news with shepard smith starts now and did. >> cara swisher, many thanks, chaos in washington. all the best and now word of demonstrations more fallout, and this time planned in all 50 states i'm shepard smith. it involves officers as new images from inside the crowd give investigators more i'm shepar this is the news on cnbc >> this is a dangerous man evidence more sinister, organized and occupying the oval office. >> no more talk. democrats take action. frightening than we originally congress officially introduces an article of impeachment. thought. herd immunity, scientists the all out effort to remove the president from office is now forecasting just how many people under way. corporations pulling the plug on need a shot in the arm to loosen political contributions. the virus's grip on america. plus, the next covid relief the president silenced by social media. as the political and business bill, how much money is coming, fallout intensifies for the and when can struggling trump organization, mass americans expect it?
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vaccination sites opening across >> the facts, the truth, the the country hoping more americans get the shot news with shepard smith, back in 60 seconds my windshield cracked. as the united states struggles to contain the raging pandemic. >> that is a code blue. the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me... >> plus one nurse on the front lines. with service i could trust. >> absolute worse is when they right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ say, hey, i'm not going to make it, am i >> emotional and exhausted tonight is icu video diary. icu >> announcer: live from cnbc global headquarters, the facts, the truth, "the news with shepard smith." >> good evening. the house of representatives is now on the verge of impeaching president trump for an unprecedented second time. the house introduce in articles of impeachment accusing the president of inciting insurrection mob that stormed the capitol last week leaving five people dead including a
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police officer new tonight, sources say the top republican in the house, the minority leader kevin mccarthy, china reported its first told house republicans in a covid death exactly one year ago conference call that president today. and since then, the virus has trump does bear some killed more than 1.9 million responsibility for that deadly riot people around the world, it comes as gop lawmakers including 375,000 americans. discuss how to proceed and hold the president accountable. that's from johns hopkins. still, there's hope. dozens of countries are now cnbc's kayla tausche on cnbc's working to vaccinate their populations in an effort to end top story tonight. the global pandemic. today, president-elect joe biden kayla. >> reporter: shep, house received his second dose of democrats are expected to vote on that article of impeachment pfizer's vaccine he also told reporters he's at 9:00 a.m. on wednesday. that article was introduced in a confident his medical team will speed up the vaccination effort. pro forma or incomplete session earlier today, and it's expected >> my number one priority is to win support from democrats and even a handful of republicans, too, with some getting vaccines in people's voicing their support today even arms like we just did today, as as the top house republican rapidly as we can, and we're working on that program now. kevin mccarthy laid out >> the rollout already appears alternative options, including to be picking up the pace just a bit. the cdc reports more than 2
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assemblying a bipartisan million americans were vaccinated over the past three commission, and censuring athe days that's an increase of 27% over the previous three days. president and saying the as of this morning, states have president did express received more than 25 million responsibility for the events of last week. doses. but only about a third of those democrats on the other hand, want not only to impeach but to have actually been administered. do it quickly. a senior democratic aide said state and local health officials are trying to get shots into top democrat chuck schumer is more arms, but many say they exploring using a somewhat aren't getting enough help from obscure emergency authority that would allow the two leaders of the feds, so there's a lot of the senate to reconvene the work yet to be done, and the delays could cost lives. entire senate in a very quick fashion to begin an impeachment cnbc's meg tirrell covers science and medicine for us. trial as soon as this week meg, some studies suggest the no word on whether mcconnell u.s. needs to vaccinate around would go along with that plan. 80% of the total population to reach herd immunity. the senate majority leader how long might that take he has previously said in a memo that the soonest he could receive the article of >> well, shep, president-elect impeachment from the house would joe biden has set a goal of a be january 19th, the date before president-elect biden's hundred shots in arms in his first hundred days inauguration biden was asked by reporters that's a million shots per day today about that timing. at that pace, it would take us he was receiving his second about 390 days to get 80% of covid vaccine, and he was asked american adults vaccinated with about the possibility that impeachment could be on a collision course with the these two shot vaccines that we senate's consideration of his have right now in other words, we would get
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nominees, specifically his there around february 5th, 2022. nominee for secretary of defense. biden said he'd asked the senate now, that is expected to go faster, we are awaiting parliamentarian whether the schedule could be bifurcated, a information on johnson & johnson half day for impeachment, a half vaccine f it works it could be on the market in february and day to consider his nominees speed all of this up he says he's still awaiting we're starting to see the pace of vaccinations pick up, as you clarity on that front. said we're now about 3/4 away to a if impeachment supersedes those million shots per day. hearings, biden runs the risk of giant pharmacy chains like cvs having donald trump overshadow not only the early days and and walgreens will come on over messaging of his presidency but increases the likelihood that over the next weeks and months, and cvs has the capacity to do biden would take office with not 20 to 25 million covid shots per a single cabinet member month. that's the good news the bad is vaccine hesitancy is confirmed. >> kayla, thanks vice president pence arrived at real, and we might not make it the white house amid reports to 80% of americans deciding to get the shots. that he and the president had health officials say they are not spoken since the siege on aiming as high as possible for the capitol. you can see mr. pence leaving vaccination rates because they don't know quite what's required his car outside the west wing, and new tonight, nbc news to meet herd immunity. >> there's a new study that confirms the two men did, in fact, meet found more kids are getting covid and ending up in according to our sources, vice hospitals.
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president pence was very upset >> we often think kids aren't that president trump didn't do more to defer the mob or contact affected as much by covid. the vice president himself while they can still get sick. he was in lock down during the new research in the jama assault or after some of the attackers called for pediatrics looked at covid rates the vice president's execution in 26 states between may and november of last year. nbc news senior washington what they found was there was a correspondent hallie jackson major increase in that rate over those six months from 2 out of $100,000 kids in the beginning calling for the latest out of the white house. what can you tell us about the to neurosurgeon 17 n -- more than 17. meeting? >> that i wish i were a fly on data from the american academy of pediatrics suggests they have the wall all i have been hearing from my likely gotten worse since november as cases in kids have sources around the vice president's orbit, how upset he surged and of course in adults too. a total of 2.3 million cases was about frankly the lack of have been reported this kids since the pandemic began, and contact, as the vice president and his family huddled in a between 0.2 and 3.1% of those secure room in the capitol, and have resulted in frankly, until tonight i can't characterize the hospitalization. shep. conversation beyond what i'm >> meg tirrell, thank you very much. after a slow start, states hearing from a senior across the country ramping up administration official that it was a good administration. efforts to get shots into as you have to understand the many arms as possible. undertones of awkwardness were california turned dodger stadium into a massive vaccination site. there. formally we're told they talked officials say they hope to about the week ahead, reflected
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inoculate 12,000 people in each on the last four years of the day. in texas, they have opened their administration's own mega vaccinatiks clinic. accomplishments, reiterating that the people who broke the law do not represent the america first movement that the and new york city opened five president represents, pledging vaccine hubs ahead of its next to continue their work on behalf phase of the rollout of the country i will tell you there's real seniors over the age of 75 and essential workers are now anger on the allies of the vice eligible to get the shot president, in the way he was treated by president trump in and arizona governor doug ducey their view, and the vice opened a 24/7 vaccination site president himself said to a republican senator that he was furious after all he's done, was in state farm stadium, home to sort of the idea from pence. the arizona cardinals. remember, this is somebody who the move comes as post holiday has been the president's most surge pushes hospitals to the loyal soldier, through it all, brink. corey kaufman has that story. thick and thin, the vice president has been there, and when the chants of hang mike >> reporter: the highest infection rate and deaths of 46% pence came up from the rioters who stormed the capitol, the the state has begun a mass president did not personally vaccination effort at the site condemn those chants, did not personally condemn the threats, where the cardinals play you hear them here, against mike football lines snake this massive parking pence. instead, the administration via lot as the first shots get in a spokesperson put out a the arm today. statement that says we condemn law enforcement have been reserved for getting the vaccine today, and rest of the rollout
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violent threats against anybody, happens with those over 75 including members of the some teachers and other administration very notable that the two talked essential workers. there was some confusion earlier today. i don't know about you, you work today and some frustration as people showed up with somebody, eventually you're part of that group ready to get going to have to talk. their vaccine and were turned away because it is just law enforcement today. there was a chance it could have it appears that the vaccination gone ten more days. effort in this state is full the acting homeland security speed ahead. secretary chad wolf we signed. shep. >> covid hospital sagizations d what can you tell us about that. for a fourth day in a how. >> acting secretary of wolf did across the country, hospitals are struggling to stay ahead of not cite the riots of the capitol as we have seen happen in other resignations over the the post holiday surge, and it's taking a toll on health care past week. workers. for example, like the education 23,000 americans are in icus secretary betsy devos. sick with covid, and one out of every five is in california. wolf said he felt like he could a nurse in los angeles gives us an inside look at an icu that he no longer serve because of his temporary title. he is the acting secretary there has been a lot of questions about him being acting says is stretched far beyond capacity local coverage now from nbc 4 and not formally in that role. there has been litigation surrounding that wolf stepped away. los angeles, and kim tobin. it came just a few days after >> reporter: as the sun wolf said in a letter that he would stay on until the end of disappears, the graveyard shift the administration's term, shep. begins at providence holy
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hospital in mission hills. >> hallie, one more thing, what critical care nurse, christian are your sources saying about shows us around the covid unit the tension or what it's like and as he starts filming, he inside the white house now in these waning days? hears the sound that sends his >> reporter: uncomfortable i fellow nurses in. think is a word that could sum >> that's code blue, a patient it up. the president is by all accounts is in pulmonary arrest feeling very defiant you know, there's this talk, >> attention, attention, code shep, that he will resign and step down, rather than face what blue room 1330 with precautions you and kayla were just talking >> reporter: this was a patient who had already hit code blue about, the prospect of a second earlier in the day impeachment. based on the reporting i have >> this patient now has had done, it is very difficult if not almost impossible to see how their heart stopped five or six that would happen. times. we have resuscitated this the president feels aggrieved patient each and every time but he is isolated in the west wing. he has the small inner circle giving emergency medication. >> unfortunately that person did around him not make it. you have staffers who are feeling concerned who are upset about what went down on and it's hard. wednesday and the response to you know. >> reporter: and christian talks it and the way that that has been to his fellow nurses afterward handled. it is a very sort of tense and >> in the last eight to ten awkward ending to an months, how many codes have you been involved with >> countless
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administration that has had its share, i think it's fair to say of tense and awkward moments almost like two to three a nothing like this before now the president is leaving office with the shadow of a shift, seems like. >> reporter: he says one of the second impeachment hanging over hardest parts of the job is his head multiple top officials resigning seeing members of the same family fighting the virus, and in protest, shep sometimes they have to prepare it is certainly one for the before they go in. history books. >> and busy days ahead >> before we go into this room, his wife was on another floor, and she didn't make it a couple of days ago. hallie jackson. the national guard reports she just passed away, so remember, don't say anything it will increase presence in the about that district don't tell him anything because at least 10,000 troops to be he doesn't know that his wife mobilized. and the washington monument died yet. >> reporter: he says it's even temporarily closed now because harder when patients realize of what authorities call they may not pull through. credible threats to visitors and >> the absolute worst is when staff. all of this as an fbi memo warns they verbalize it, when they say, hey, i'm not going to make of possible armed protests on capitol hill and at all 50 state it, am i you know, what do you say to capitol buildings in the days that >> reporter: an emotional and leading up to the inauguration exhausting time for everyone in the covid unit, and they don't nbc's investigative reporter tom winter has that story. see it letting up anytime soon >> shep, good evening, the fbi they'll be back for their next sending a memorandum out to law enforcement agencies across the shift to try to thhelp more country today looking at a whole patients move through. >> the nurses are tired and
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host of information they have working so hard, and they come received from their law in and work extra, you know, enforcement partners like the because they want to help. they want to help each other doa, and getting into what people are talking about online out, you know. through open source, and letting states know that there's a it's hard. couple of different concerns >> kim tobin reporting from los that are coming up that they angeles. well, reports of capitol want them to be aware about. the first one is this idea that hill police officers suspended there could be armed protests at following last week's riot state capitols across the country, by the end of the week, around the 16th or 17th to investigations underway into others this is new video of the chaotic dispute and protest the results of the election. the second thing they're taking a look at is this idea of an and deadly scene emerges. and a freshman lawmaker armed uprising that people are offers disturbing insight into talking about starting around why one of his colleagues the 16th of january in objected to the electoral vote washington, d.c., perhaps at the capitol again, if somehow even after the mob overtook the capitol. the bottom of the hour, top of congress invokes the 25th the news, coming up. amendment. as we know, congress can't invoke the 25th amendment. there's probably no likelihood of that coming up. i think the important thing here is that the fbi and other law enforcement agencies are acutely aware of what people are saying online, saying on social media, what people are telling them and focused on the potential threats
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long-term. some threats are being investigated the boston division of the fbi, we don't have any sense there's going to be armed protests at state capitols in the states they cover rhode island, massachusetts, new hampshire, and maine do you have a life insurance as we look towards the broader policy you no longer need? now you can sell your policy, even a term policy, for an immediate inaugural on january 020th, we cash payment. call coventry know law enforcement is stepping direct to learn more. we thought up, security plans putting him we had planned carefully for our into place earlier retirement. but we quickly nypd is sending 200 officers to realized that we needed a way to d.c. as an example to help supplement our income. our friends sold their policy to supplement law enforcement help pay for their medical bills efforts down there overall, shep, a very different and that got me thinking. maybe selling our policy could help security picture both at states with our retirement. i'm as well as at the inaugural in skeptical, so i did some d.c. as we come up on the 20th. research and called coventry >> tom winter, thank you. direct. they explained life insurance is a valuable asset in the after math of the capitol hill riots, all signs that can be sold. we learned indicate it was a coordinated that we can sell all of our policy or keep part of it with no future payments, who knew? we assault that was organized sold our policy. now we can online they discussed on social media relax and enjoy our retirement how to enter the building, what as we had planned. if you have weapons to bring, and live one hundred thousand dollars or streamed it all, largely in more of life insurance you may qualify to sell your policy. plain view of law enforcement. now tech companies are trying to don't cancel or let your policy lapse without finding out what take some responsibility working it's worth. visit to purge from their platforms
4:12 am to find out if you policy qualifies. or call anything that promotes such the number on your screen. violence some decided that means coventry direct, redefining silencing the president. insurance. twitter and facebook both it's moving day. and while her friends announced bans on president trump's accounts last week now that's grown to at least 12 platforms that have banned or restricted president trump cnbc's julia boorstin is with us now. where are the trump supporters moving now that he's been banned from so many of these platforms? >> reporter: well, shep, for a couple of days, they moved to parler, with twitter banning trump permanently, and facebook indefinitely, the platform parler, which draws question of facts, saw a surge in downloads, are doing the heavy lifting, rising to number one in apple's jess is busy moving her app store. google and apple quickly xfinity internet and tv services. suspended the service saying it only takes about a minute. parler has not taken adequate wait, a minute? measures to address threats of but what have you been doing for the last two hours? violence and illegal activity. then this morning, parler went delegating? dark after losing access to oh, good one. amazon's web services which hosts the content. move your xfinity services
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without breaking a sweat. now that's simple, easy, awesome. before the site went dark, a group of hackers downloaded xfinity makes moving easy. go online to transfer your services in about a minute. everything on parler before last get started today. week's attack at the capitol it will be shared online where law enforcement groups will be able to access it. >> carnival warns it could lose billions and that's topping cnbc facebook has drawn criticism for enabling extremist groups to organize chief operating officer sheryl on the money sandberg defending the decision the cruise line operator with a to ban the president in an interview with reuters >> we did go to an indefinite $2.2 billion loss. business at a standstill because ban, and that is a really big step, so why did we do it? of the pandemic. that's the bad news. there's good news. we have clearly established principles that say you cannot carnival's chief financial officer says it has plenty of call for violence in this cash until the end of the year people are eager to book trips moment we took down posts we thought might be calling for violence or and demand for 2022 is picking up. chipotle on a hiring spree, were calling for violence immediately, but in this moment, the risk to our democracy was hosting its first nationwide job too big, we felt we had to take spree on thursday. the unprecedented step of what a chipotle executive says the is an indefinite ban, and i'm company will offer training and benefits. and a new treat for your glad we did. >> reporter: facebook also dog. announcing today that it's now ben & jerry's introducing frozen
4:14 am
removing any content that contains the phrase stop the doggy desserts so far, the line has two steal. flavors, pumpkin with cookies, that is the phrase used by the rioters in washington, d.c and peanut butter with pretzels. facebook has this indefinite this is ben & jerry's first move ban. twitter, a permanent ban into the lucrative pet market. these are moves that have drawn nearly $96 billion spent on pets applause from some others have in the u.s. in 2019. that's according to the american criticized companies for pet products association limiting speech, and others have said this crack down comes too the doggy desserts hit grocery late shep. >> julia, thank you very much. shelves and pet stores later this month. let's turn to cara swisher, "new on wall street, the dow down 89 s&p off 25, but tech stocks led york times" contributor on the opinion writer the retreat. you called social media platforms digital arms dealers the nasdaq down 166. of the modern age. has what's happened in the last week changed your opinion at i'm shepard smith on cnbc. all? >> you know, i said that two years ago when i was talking it's the bottom of the hour. about what would happen here if they continued to allow time for the top of the news misinformation and disinformation to flow across two capitol police officers suspended today for their their platforms unfettered and here we are. behavior during the assault on it's been a building situation that's been going on here, which the u.s. capitol that's according to congressman is a complete lack of control tim ryan over their platforms or interest he says one of the officers took and control over their platforms a selfie, the other put a maga hat on, and was directing people so, no, they're still doing the same thing around suspects still being tracked
4:15 am
i think they're taking these down investigators say they have arrested two men seeing prowling steps now at the end of the the senate chamber with plastic trump administration after years of violation zip ties that could be used to restrain people. i was never a proponent of federal counter terrorism pulling him off. prosecutors are handling their face, he violated so egregiously cases, distributing videos have over the past couple of months, been -- i'm sorry, disturbing videos have been emerging of the it's obvious why wouldn't you game a whole vicious assault on capitol system if they let you do it, police officers who were and especially if you have bad desperately trying to hold back the pro trump mob. intent, and so, no, i think they they're giving us a clearer continue to do that and they image of what happened inside all the chaos. have not done enough to stop here's nbc's gabe gutierrez. this until recently. >> it looks like a line in the sand has been drawn now. does this change these company's business models? >> you know, one of the things i >> hang mike pence, hang mike think is you can't make engagement your business model pence. to get engagement. stop the steal, stop the steal. engagement becomes enragement. they need to focus on business >> reporter: the police had no models that work a little better, that do not -- that partisanship, and anger and hate chance is not a business model. i don't think they want it to be >> help. that way
4:16 am
it does work best on these platforms. they had in president trump >> usa, usa. someone who took advantage of this and showed the way it could be there's lots of great things fo >> back up, back up. hey. >> reporter: the mob marching loudly through the hallowed halls of congress. with a message >> we want trump, we want trump, we want trump. >> this is 2021, you all this is insanity >> reporter: some broke into the senate chamber >> everybody stay down get down >> reporter: while others forced a standoff outside the speaker's lobby, a camera focuses on a gun drawn. seconds later, a woman is shot
4:17 am
dead for the news, i'm gabe gutierrez in washington. >> one of the lawmakers struck inside the capitol was republican congressman peter meijer of michigan, he's a freshman, just four days into his new term he recorded video the next day. >> for the first time in over 200 years, we lost control of the capitol yesterday. we got to this point because a number of folks, a number of politicians, a number of my fellow republicans told things they knew were lies. >> congre >> the congressman joins us now. thank you, you said the republican party needs to own up to the lies and deception. specifically what do you think, how did they do that. >> the lie that this was a landslide victory for donald trump that was stolen on november 3rd and thereafter. that falsehood has been fed to many folks who voted republican. they have been misled by folks
4:18 am
that they trusted, and instead of telling the people of america and their supporters when they need to hear, we have had too many politicians telling them what they want to hear, and that type of reactive leadership is not going to make the republican party ever be a party that has trusted to govern in this country again. and we need to fix it. >> congressman meijer, in an op-ed you wrote that a fellow lawmaker of yours objected to mr. biden's win only because that fellow lawmaker was afraid the president's supporters would come of their family can you tell us a little more about that, and will members of your party still be making votes with the president in mind even after he's out of office >> it's there. the supporters, the folks who have been duped, who have been, you know, told things by people that they trusted, that weighs heavily on all of us i mean, that is something that i'm extremely concerned about. and again, i realize, you know, i was one of nine freshmen who
4:19 am
voted to uphold the election and not to vote to overturn. my colleagues have been harassed on the street. they have had mobs swarm them at airports some of them have had death threats and are under armed protection we realized that was a vote we cast that put our safety at risk, and going forward, you know, i am expecting there will likely be more political violence, and so, you know, my expectation and the expectation of some folks i'm talking to who are trying to vote our conscience on this is there will be folks that try to kill us and that's something we have to grapple with every day >> are you getting extra protection or are some of your colleagues getting extra protection and are you telling us that some of your colleagues voted against because they believed that their lives would be in jeopardy if they didn't? >> that was what weighed on the colleague in mind's conscience and the last thing that that individual said to me, concern about the safety of that
4:20 am
individual's family, if that individual voted to certify the election that is where the rhetoric has brought us that is the degree of fear that's been created. and what's more, i've heard objections to the impeachment based on what reaction it might cause. i don't believe in giving rioters, hecklers, insurrectionists, i don't believe in giving them a veto. we need to make what the right decision is. the consequences will be something we have to deal with, but at the end of the day, we can't let ourselves be held hostage because some are threatening virus. >> congress if it comes to a vote, will you support impeaching the president >> right now, that is something i'm strongly considering again, i have had colleagues who are objecting and raising concerns on the timing, raising concerns on the process, raising concerns on the reception, i have not heard anybody raising concerns on the mer the its, ani believe the president's actions last wednesday are disqualifying, and leave him
4:21 am
unfit for office >> inciting an insurgency, you believe the charge as leveled is fair and accurate? >> insurrection. >> insurrection, that's what i mean we're looking into what that legal charge is. i would prefer we have time for a criminal investigation and get a better handle on the events that occurred. right now, all i know about what happened on january 6th i either saw with my own eyes or read about on twitter we're in a leadership vacuum more broadly i wish we have something from the fbi director i wish we had something more from the department of justice but right now, i believe the president's actions disqualified him from further office. >> congressman peter meijer live from capitol hill. thank you. a shooting rampage in and around chicago, three people are dead police say they believe the victims were chosen at random. now, social media is offering insight on the suspect and families waiting for
4:22 am
information after another deadly crash involving a boeing jet what we're learning about plane that went down, and how the company is responding. >> man: what's my safelite story? my my livelihood. so when my windshield cracked... the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me...
4:23 am
with service i could trust. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ divorce teams are close to recovering black boxes from a jet that dive teams are close to recovering the black boxes, 62 people on board killed when the plane went down in the java sea on saturday. investigators say the boxes hold critical data, and voice
4:24 am
recordings that could explain what happened. all we know so far is that four minutes after they took off from jakarta, the plane dropped 10,000 feet, then dropped off radar. divers still recovering bodies and debris officials say they have identified at least one victim, a 29-year-old flight attendant now, this jet was not a 737 max. that model crashed twice in two years and just recently got a safety overhaul. cnbc's phil lebeau live in chicago. what more do we know about this plane that crashed, phil >> shep, this was a 26-year-old boeing 737 500 a second generation, 737, what they call the classic 737. it had a solid safety record these were two veteran pilots who were in the cockpit. they did not issue a distress call, and the fact that you didn't have a distress call, there's not a whole lot to go on right now except for the fact that this plane did not break up in flight. it was in tact when it hit the
4:25 am
water. that's why the black box as well as the cockpit voice recorder so critical to giving people some sense of what happened >> hey, phil, this is another problem for boeing obviously, and any word from the companies today? >> aside from the fact that they are assisting the investigators in indonesia, nothing else at this point from boeing's perspective, they really need to see the data recorder as well as the cockpit voice recorder, otherwise, you know, this is one of those where you don't have much to go on typically, shep, if you see an accident, and you see a wide debris field, you can say, okay, well, it broke up in flight. there was something that either a bomb went off or it was hit by a missile, something like that you don't have that in this case, and that's why at this point, you know, and i know it sounds cliche, there are truly more questions than answers. >> phil lebeau in chicago. thank you. a kabob joint learns a history lesson, and protesters seek a king. as we go around the world in 80
4:26 am
seconds. >> nepal, riot police confronting thousands of protesters they're demanding a return of the monarchy, and the restoration of a hindu state police blocking roads and beating protesters with batons demonstrators responding, throwing rocks and sticks. the protesters accusing the government of corruption and using force against peaceful rally. brazil, it looks like a scene from before covid. but it's not thousands of people clearly not social distancing or wearing masks packed on to the sand at rio de janeiro's famous beach. they're swimming, drinking and is facing the world's second deadliest outbreak the united states is the worst russia, a shop in moscow closed one day after it opened, following outcry after its stalin themed branding, a
4:27 am
portrait of the communist leader, and inside, a man dressed in the stalin area security uniform served meat wraps named after soviet leaders. millions died during stalin's brutal reign the owner said massive pressure from local authorities caused him to shut down completely. a big brand blunder as we go around the world in 80 seconds pope francis still not allowing women to be priests, instead he's allowing them to take on certain roles during mass they can now read scripture, serve on the alter and help the priest give communion. women have been doing that for a while now, actually, but the pope made it official but updating the church law. the pope says he wants to recognize's women's, as he put it, precious contribution to the faith. he also created a second commission to study whether women can become doorweacons. armed, dangerous, and on the loose, six california inmates escaped from jail, how they got out and the search to find them.
4:28 am
plus, president-elect biden preparing to rollout his plan for the next phase of covid relief what he wants done, and all the road blocks he's already facing.
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police say the gunman who went on a deadly shooting spree in the chicago area, posted videos of himself ranting on facebook in the days and hours leading up to that rampage investigators say it appears 32-year-old jason nightengale picked his victims at random, killing at least three people and wounding four others on saturday among the victims, a college student from china dead. a 15-year-old girl riding her bike and a 77-year-old woman getting her mail, both critical tonight. in one of the facebook videos posted before the shootings, the associated press reports nightengale said he was going to blow up the whole community. police say officers confronted and killed the man in a shootout after he shot a woman in the
4:31 am
neck at an ihop restaurant. investigators in california searching for six inmates who escaped from jail. they scaled down a 20 foot wall using a rope made of braided sheets it happened in merced county 75 miles east of san jose it wasn't until a sunday morning head count when guards noticed the inmates were missing the sheriff says he's not happy about that time line and that he's investigating all should be considered armed and dangerous, they tell us, according to the sheriff's office five of the six inmates have been charged with violent felony, including murder. president-elect joe biden has announced his pick for cia director, william burns is a career diplomat who served as deputy secretary of state during the obama administration and was ambassador to russia and jordan. he speaks russian and arabic, and helped negotiate the iran nuclear deal mr. biden says burns has decades of experience, keeping our people and our country safe and
4:32 am
secure and that the american people will sleep soundly with burns as cia director. top of the list for president-elect joe biden, another round of coronavirus disaster relief. it will be one of his first major pieces of legislation, and he says he's already putting together a package in the multitrillions, among the priorities, boost stimulus checks to $2,000, instead of the current 600, extend unemployment insurance, and send crucial funding to state and local governments. he says the plan will be unveiled on thursday cnbc's ylan mui live in washington now the last time passing covid relief took months and months, what can we expect this time around >> reporter: shep, the priorities you laid out are those of president-elect biden he is going to have to get this package through congress, and democrats on capitol hill have their own ideas about what this new bill should look like, moderate democratic senator joe
4:33 am
manchin is calling $2,000 stimulus checks, says they can't be a carte blanche, but vermont senator bernie sanders says that they are a promise that must be kept unemployment benefits may not be an easy swing either the incoming chairman of the senate finance committee ron wyden is planning to boost the benefits all the way through october. that might be too much and too long for some democrats. there were 18 house democrats who voted against the $2 trillion aid package back in october. many of those seats are now held by republicans, which means that the margin of error for democrats in the house is even smaller. meanwhile, progressives have their own wish list too, including cancelling up to $50,000 in student debt compared to the $10,000 that biden has proposed we want to strengthen worker safety protections, raise the minimum wage and create 600,000 jobs to care for children and for the elderly. and complicating all of this is the calendar it is not clear how much if
4:34 am
anything, the senate could get done if it is also conducting an impeachment trial of president trump at the same time biden told reporters that he has been talking to senators about whether it's possible to do both, but shep, he said that he is still waiting on an answer from the chamber's parliamentarian. >> thank you so much firefighters helped save an american symbol and a covid patient provides hope after beating the virus on a cnbc trip coast to coast >> louisiana, not a dry eye in the house, as terry roberson finally leaves the hospital. he spent 99 days fighting covid at the willis knight medical center in shreveport he was on a special breathing machine for 73 days. now he's heading to a rehab facility for occupational and physical therapy. maryland, meet sydney barber, she's breaking barriers at the u.s. naval academy. barber is the first black woman
4:35 am
in the school's 175 year history to serve as brigade commander. the 21-year-old is a senior at the academy, studying mechanical engineering. now she'll lead 4,500 mip shd shipmen. when she graduates in may, she'll trade her stripes for marine corps blues. florida, firefighters helped rescue a badly hurt bald eagle they say two kids brought it to rescue station 21 in hudson, about 50 miles north of tampa. the bird had a fishing hook lodged in its beak, and a fishing line wrapped around its wing firefighters called owl's nest sanctuary. a volunteer picked up the bald eagle brought it back for treatment. vets removed the hook and fishing line, and a good they think because they say the bird couldn't eat or fly. he was under weight and dehydrated once he's stable, he'll go to bush gardens and then be released the road to recovery for our national bird on this cnbc trip
4:36 am
coast to coast. president trump may be in office only nine more days, but the administration is not wasting any of that time to push through some brand new policies. we'll get to those and the separation of politics and big business donations halted events cancelled as companies part way with the president and political parties. >> man: what's my safelite story? my my livelihood. so when my windshield cracked... the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me...
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with service i could trust. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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in the final days of the trump administration, officials
4:39 am
have pushed forward a flurry of policy items that could have lasting consequences today the treasury department announced sanctions on ukrainians linked to interfering with the 2020 election seven people and four media companies were associated with a pro russian, ukrainian lawmaker who tried to dig up dirt on joe biden and his son. secretary of state mike pompeo made an 11th hour move adding cuba to a list of state sponsors of terrorism that reverses a signature policy from the obama administration and makes it difficult for cuba to trade with other countries. patriots head coach bill belichick says he will not receive the presidential medal of freedom from president trump later this week n. a statement just released, the future hall of fame coach says the decision has been made not to move cite last week and adds, above all, i am an american citizen with greathe assault on the capitol intensifying tonight major companies halting
4:40 am
donations to lawmakers who voted against biden's certification. others cutting political contributions to all parties the pga also taking action, pulling the 2022 championship from president trump's bedminster golf club golf legend jack nicholas said i think trump loves the game of golf more than he loves money. >> it's become clear that conducting the pga championship at bedminster would be detrimental to the pga brand. >> the trump organization firing back saying it's invested millions in the championship, and this is a breach of a binding contract, and they have no right to terminate this agreement. similar backlash across the pond as the organizers of the british open saying they won't hold any events at trump's turnberry course in scotland for the foreseeable future the trump organization has been trying for over a year to sell its hotel in washington, d.c the company that was marketing that property, jll now saying
4:41 am
it's out and is not going to be involved in selling that hotel and shopify, which hosted the trump organization's online store and generated about $1 million in annual sales announcing the president is in violation of its acceptable use policy and shut it down. and the pressure on companies will only grow the lincoln project, an anti-trump group, launch ago multimillion dollar ad campaign targeting companies that made political donations to republicans who opposed certifying the election results. the group saying we have a long list it's best to stay off it 60 seconds left on a race to the finish the house moving fast on impeachment, house democrats say they're planning to vote wednesday to impeach president trump, to hold him accountable for the deadly riot at the capitol. the fbi sending a warning to law enforcement agencies across the country, that there could be
4:42 am
armed demonstrations in washington, d.c. and at all 50 state capitols, starting on saturday to protect the results of the election. and covid vaccinations are speeding up after a sluggish rollout in the united states the cdc reports more than 2 million americans received a shot in the past three days. and now, you know the news of this monday, january 11th, 2020, i'm shepherd smith, follow us on twitter at the news on cnbc and i'll see you right back here tomorrow night.
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it is 5:00 a.m. at cnbc global headquarters. here with your top five at five. we begin with rally risks, stocks facing a slide as tech giants fall, and that weighs on the overall markets, but today, futures they are slightly higher. and president trump entering his final week as commander in chief once again finding himself at the center of impeachment proceedings. we're going to bring you the very latest from washington. and big tech under pressure over its crack down on the president as questions of potential new regulations they surface once again. and walmart looking to get
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