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tv   The News With Shepard Smith  CNBC  January 14, 2021 12:00am-1:01am EST

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know, we're so excited we got a deal. i' and i'm jim cramer, and the news with shepard smith starts right now. presiden president trump impeached again. tonight his response i'm shepard smith. this is the news on cnbc >> he is a clear and present danger >> it's always been about getting the president, no matter what >> i care about this democracy and this country the left in america has incited far more political violence. >> emotional debate. donald trump now the first u.s. president to be impeached twice. tonight, the next steps and how the country moves forward. >> we're going to be prepared.
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>> unprecedented security. 20,000 troops activated in d.c. ahead of the inauguration. polling the people steve kornacki breaks down how we're all feeling about this moment in history. plus, covid and the race to vaccinate americans. what's slowing down operation warp speed live from cnbc, the facts, the truth, the news with shepard smith. >> good evening. president donald j. trump is now alone in america's 244 year history as the only president to be impeached twice a stain on his presidency that will last forever. the charge leveled just seven days before his term ends. >> the ayes are 232. the nays are 197 the resolution is adopted
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without objection. the resolution is laid upon the table. >> at 4:36 this afternoon, the house voted to impeach the president for incitement of insurrection after a mob of his supporters stormed the capitol, leaving five people dead, including a police officer it reads donald john trump engaged in high crimes and misdemeanors by inciting violence against the governoment of the united states and that donald john trump thus warrants impeachment and trial, removal from office and disqualification to hold and enjoy any office of honor, trust or ploftrofit under the united states >> the president must be impeached and i believe the president must be convicted by the senate, a constitutional
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remedy that will ensure that the republic will be safe from this man who is so resolutely determined to tear down the things that we hold dear and that hold us together. it gives me no pleasure to say this it breaks my heart >> many of president trump's most loyal supporters stood by him, claiming he did nothing wrong and that democrats are playing politics >> it's always been about getting the president no matter what it's an obsession. an obsession that has now broadened. it's not just about impeachment anymore. it's about canceling the president and anyone who disagrees with them. >> but the republican dam had some hole this is time ten house republicans broke from the party and voted to impeach liz cheney and dan newhouse. >> these articles of impeachment
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are flawed, but i won't use process as an excuse there's no excuse for president trump's actions. last week there was a domestic threat at the door of the capitol, and he did nothing to stop it. that is why with a heavy heart and clear resolve, i will vote yes on these articles of impeachment. >> the president's fate now lies with the u.s. senate the upper chamber set to reconvene next tusesday, the day before the inauguration. mitch mcconnell announced the process will start then and only then, january 19th that guarantees the trial will take place after the president is out of office and during the first days of president biden's term i'll speak with with ylan.
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>> what a difference from when president trump was impeached the first time, today democrats are in lock step in the need to remove president trump from office and this time it was the republicans doing soul searching. gop members were told to vote their conscience, and the debate got personal kevin mccarthy spoke about the death of capitol police officers, calling it tragic and heartbreaking and said impeachment would only divide the country even more and that the president should be censured instead. >> that doesn't mean the president is free from fault the president bears responsibility for wednesday's attack on congress by mob rioters. he should have immediately denounced the mob when he saw what was unfolding >> but ultimately, ten republicans did vote with democrats, a record number from the president's own party, representative dan newhouse says he made that decision with a heavy heart. peter meyer said this isn't a victory for anybody. and jamie herrera butler said
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she would not let injustice prevail. >> my vote to impeach our sitting president is not a fear-based decision. i'm choosing truth, the only way to defeat fear >> the article impeachment has been formally engrossed. the next step will be to formally walk it over to the senate mitch mcconnell said the trial would begin at the first regular meeting after it is received >> and he's also saying at the home he's undecided on impeachment, right >> that's right. he said he wants to listen to the legal arguments and that he has not made a final decision. that's hardly a ringing endorsement of the president mcconnell is an institutionalist and says there hasn't been enough time to hold a fair trial before trump leaves office next week so far only two senators have said he should step down, pat toomey and lisa murkowski, but
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others have been silent on how they plan to vote. it would take 67 senators. and chuck schumer said if that happens, the chamber will vote to bar trump from everyb holding office again kevin cramer joins us from north dakota impeachment now a matter for the senate will you vote to convict, and why? >> first of all, shepard, thanks for the opportunity. i've read my constitution many times, you are afforded due process, i guess unless you're donald trump i don't default to guilty. that would go against everything the constitution stands for and certainly due process. i hear the legal arguments the unfortunate thing is if there are legal arguments, we haven't heard them yet the house rushed to judgment, rushed to impeachment without hearing a single witness or
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testimony. so it's hard to take what the house is doing seriously it was hard to take it seriously a year ago when there was almost no due process there's much less today. i don't default to guilty. i don't care who the person is or what the crime is they've been accused of. >> you think there's some ambiguity after the president held the rally, told his supporters to go down to the capitol, they broke into the capitol, frightened those inside, threatened to hang vice president pence. you think after all that, there's some degree of ambiguity, and you're undecided at this point? >> there's no ambiguity about the people who perpetrated the crime in my mind now even they are entitled to due process, regardless of what they've done or been accused of. but there's no ambiguity that they walked into the capitol and did lots of things and had evil intentions what is less clear is that the president's rhetoric, while
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reckless, at some level could be accused of inciting anger and some bad behavior, the exact words he used do not rise to in my mind, a criminal level of incitement as we would have to consider in my view n in this process as political as it is. >> the majority leader, mitch mcconnell says he's undecided. he seems to have all the power, as he often does so mitch mcconnell does, so goes the senate do you believe? if he votes to convict will senators follow him? >> mitch mcconnell has a lot of influence. i don't know that he has a lot of power he has a lot of power over the process and the schedule this would be a vote of conscience for sure. hopefully, it would be a vote based on facts and evidence that might be presented, although
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again, there's not been a true trial with facts and evidence presented. the house is a much more political body than is the senate their responsibility is more political than the senate's. it seems unlikely to me that 67 people would vote to impeach it's even nin my view, it seemsa little iffy if we have the jurisdiction after the president's no longer the president, because the plain language of the constitution talks about current presidents, not former presidents. i'm not sure there's a constitutional issue it has to be answered first. >> the answer that mitch mcconnell is pleased at this point and that he would like to purge donald trump of the party, do you agree >> the president and his recent actions are two different things sometimes. for four years i've stood beside president trump, not because i love him personally, though i
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do but he's been very good for our country, for my state of north dakota we have enjoyed peace and prosperity like never before, up until this last year when covid-19 came to the united states so i'm a strong supporter of the president and think his place in history is going to be overshadowed, largely, by the recent events. i think that's unfortunate i, as you probably know, did not vote to object to any of the electors i think a clear reading of the constitution says i don't have that authority so i did part with him on a few things, but by and large, i'm grateful for his service, but i have to admit that i've spent the last two days now interviewing five biden nominees to the cabinet, and i want to get to the serious business of legislating and forming a new administration we can work with, not continue to work against, which is what i'm afraid is going to happen if we continue with these theatrical impeachments that nancy pelosi seems to be bent on. >> i was going to finish there,
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but after the president held the speech and incited the rioters to go to the capitol, you're calling that political and theatrical did you see what happened inside did you hear them calling for the death of the vice president? and did you hear the president push them with violent rhetoric toward that point? or did you miss that >> shepard a, i watched the ente speech on tv and i was very unimpressed. i thought it was reckless, tit particularly when he spoke about his vice president who stood by him ever step of the way and validated him with large swaths of constituents. i that i was very poor taste and unfair and thought his rhetoric was reckless, but i don't want to take the people who pe perpetrated these people off the hook but he called for them to
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peacefully protest and represent the view that he was robbed of this election. that's not calling on people to commit crimes. and i think it's unfair to suggest that it was. >> we both know he was not robbed of this election. that was a lie along with the thousands of others that he told. we'll leave it there for now senator cramer of north dakota, thank you for your time. while the vote to impeach was unfolding, the president was giving the national arts award to ricky skaggs and toby keith he tracked the proceedings from the administrative office, according to an official, and unlike the last impeachment, there were no treats from the president himself because of course he remains banned from that platform, unable to use his megaphone of choice but did release a video statement through the white house account. he did not mention impeachment
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but did address the threats of violence, speaking directly to his supporters >> no true supporter of mine could ever endorse political violence no true supporter of mine could ever disrespect law enforcement or our great american flag no true supporter of mine could ever threaten or harass their fellow americans if you do any of these things, you are not supporting our movement you are attacking it and you are attacking our country. we cannot tolerate it. >> to be clear, it was the president's supporters who assaulted the capitol, and while they were doing so he called them great patriots. and said he loved them nbc's chief white house correspondent, peter alexander, this is a statement many have been calling for >> yes, shep, i think that's exactly right. certainly the most forceful condemnation by the president of the law breaking and vandalism
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that we saw a week ago, also a call for unity compare it to the president's own remarks one week ago after the riots. as they were taking place he referred to those individuals as great patriots, as you know, but he also said "we love you. you're v you're very special. the president did not make comments on impeachment, but it does appear clear that it was a message to one, mitch mcconnell, he has yet to say what he will do, whether he will vote to convict the president, and that does open the door for other republican senators to consider potentially voting to convict president trump. shep >> we heard the scripted statement from the president, peter, but do you have an idea in sources about what the mood is like in the biddinuilding ri now? >> reporter: a lot of them appeared stricken after what occurred right now they're resigned to the way this
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is going to end the president's time in office but those in contact with him describe him as sullen and defiant right now, and it's clear by some of his comments he's also very angry at this point. you talk about the event he was participating in this evening, giving out the national medal of arts to a series of country singers and bluegrass singers. he's also focussed on delivering some speeches that may be more on their desired message, focussing on his accomplishments, but obviously, everything's overshadowed by what happened last week and the second impeachment >> peter alexander, live at the white house, thank you outside the house chamber today, a rare and truly stunning site national guard members sleeping on the marble floors overnight, stationed there to protect the building the last time troops slept inside the capitol was during the riots of 1968. and before that, during world
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war ii defense officials say they're boosting security ahead of the inauguration next week, authorizing more than 20,000 national guard troops to be in and around the district. that's more than the total number of soldiers currently deployed in iraq and afghanistan combined nbc 4's shamaury stone outside the capitol. how sttight is security? >> reporter: i've covered at least three inaugurations, and i have never seen anything like this leading up to inauguration with at least a week before. take a look. i'm 6'2", shep, look at this fence right here this is the unscalable seven-foot fence, and my photographer can come down here. each fence is interlocked right here there's a bolt and up at the top another bolt and on the other side of the fence, come right over here, you can see these national guard troops, they are standing here, making sure that no one jumps
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over this fence. they are working around the clock. due to the security out here, because of what happened wednesday. let's roll video crews finished the last section of the fence at the u.s. capitol. troops are authorized to be armed on the grounds as of 6:00 tonight. packed buses continue to bring them to the capitol, and as you stated, around 20,000 are expected here in d.c. to help protect the capitol, federal buildings and to support law enforcement with the january 20th inauguration. this comes after the angry mob of insurrectionists stormed the capitol last wednesday back out here live, you can see these gentleman are right here on the other side of the unscalable fence house speaker nancy pelosi says president trump is a clear and present danger to the nation now it's worth mentioning that virginia governor ralph northam, muriel bowser, all of them are telling people not to come to
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the inauguration it's worth mentioning that airbnb has canceled reservations let's show you a graphic of what i'm talking about. according to airbnb, they want to make sure that people are not allowed to come to the inauguration in a written statement, they say we are announcing airbnb will ca ca cancel reservations during inauguration week. you can see there are national guard troops here, and they will continue to be here up until the inauguration back to you. >> there was a full screen shamari stone, thank you the house moved swiftly to impeach the president, the single article introduced on mo monday a vote two days later. >> i believe impeaching the president in such a short time frame would be a mistake no investigations have been
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completed. no hearings have been held >> the u.s. house of representatives has every right to impeach the president of the united states. but what we're doing today, rushing this impeachment in an hour or two hour-long doebate on the floor of this chamber, bypassing judiciary poses great questions about the constitutionality of this process. >> democrats counter that the moment was too grave to prolong with committee hearings and witnesses. the evidence, they say, was perfectly clear. edward foley now he's a law professor at ohio state university republicans say this process is moving too quickly jonathan turley says it was to be a deliberate decision, not a snap judgment. are the circumstances so in your face that he's wrong >> well, impeachment is really a two-part process
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what happened today is just part one in the house and it serves up what is in essence an indictment, and the trial is in the senate so that's where due process will occur, in the trial. and it sounds like the senate is going to proceed with deliberate speed to make sure it's a fair trial. >> you've heard the senator just a moment ago from north dakota maybe say that the president can't be tried after he leaves office, or that it's up in the air. but senator mcconnell is forging ahead. is the constitution specific on this >> no. the text of the stooupgs doesn't speak to that point one way or the other, and there is some scholarly disagreement on that point. but i think the prevailing view among scholars, including myself, is that it's permissible to hold a trial after somebody leaves office, like president trump. >> you know, one of the goals for the democrats, and they've said this, is to make sure that the president can't run for office again if the senate has that power, if
12:22 am
it convicts, but if it fails to con convict, are there any other remedies? >> well, this gets complicated there are, there could be a conventional criminal prosecution with a conventional injure of 12 citizens, including the incitement charge. there's also a separate provision of the constitution in the 14th amendment that has gotten some attention recently that's untested, but it talks about disqualifying people from office for participating in an insurrection so if what happened last week was an insurrection, president trump wa at. >> by the dictionary definition, it seemss considered a parti parti participant, that could be
12:23 am
he was charged with inciting the insurrection the relevant part talks about participation itself >> professor foley, anybody who thinks this is going away quickly is not paying a lot of attention. thanks very much of course the anxiety is sky high in the nation's capital airlines are beefing up security ahead of inauguration day. details on that coming up.
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>> covid watch now. the pandemic is spreading out of control across the . covid watch now, the pandemic out of control across the nation the numbers are chilling more than 4400 americans recorded dead yesterday. the deadliest day since the pandemic began according to johns hopkins, and texas became the second state to top 2 million covid cases. california passed that grim milestone just last month. but there is some progress on the vaccine front. johnson & johnson reports now, positive results from its one-shot covid vaccine trials, but it has hit production delays it originally pledged 12 million doses by the end of next month what can you tell us about the vaccine? >> let's start with the good news, reassuring results from an
12:27 am
early stage clinical trial may bode well for how effective the j&j vaccine is at preventing disease. they looked at neutralizing anti-bodies. they found that a single shot induced those anti-bodies at levels similar to ha we saw with the vaccines from moderna and pfizer we don't know if that will drans l translate to similar 95% efficacy but if aichbts bodies are the driver, we should see a high level of efficacy. another doctor cautions that we don't yet know what it is about the immune response that leads to protection against covid. luckily, we don't have to wait long for the results they're expected by the end of january. and beyond being just one shot,
12:28 am
it's easier to handle than the mrna vaccines. they can be sdtored at fridge temperatures for three months. and now the bad news the production time. it's as much as two months behind its original production schedule j&j t j&j telling us it's premature to get into the specifics of the supply operation warp speed saying yesterday they're expecting fewer than 10 million doses by february the production goal has been 1 billion doses by the end of this year if the single shot works, that's enough for a billion people, shep >> meg, thanks google has a message for its advertisers, and that's what's topping cnbc's "on the money." the search giant pausing all
12:29 am
political ads. the policy being kept in place through the inauguration the decision follows an assault on the capitol and comes one day after google sus sppded president trump's youtube account. apple spending $100 million to help close the racial divide it includes three main parts, an education hub for historically black colleges and universities, a developer coding academy based in die troit and venture capitol funding for entrepreneurs. tim cook said we are all accountable to the urgent work of building a more just, more equitable world. and a new survey shows just how inequitable things are in some areas. black and hispanic americans pay twice as much in bank fees as white people according to bank rate black adults report spending $12
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a month on average, and those compared to $5 for white checking account holders on wall street, the dow down eight points, the s&p up nine and the nasdaq u i'm p 57 i'm shepard smith on cnbc. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news the house of representatives has impeached the president for an unpress unprecedented second time. no word on when it will be sent to the senate, but mitch mcconnell has already said the trial will not happen before president-elect biden's inauguration that could throw a wrench into biden's administration it means uncertain at tty for te br biden cabinet.
12:31 am
what's the biden camp thinking on impeachment right now >> reporter: well, shep, the last time president trump was impeached, and yes, it's a remarkable thing to put it in those terms, joe biden was candidate biden in iowa and new hampshire. he said then his focus was not on any senate trial but on beating donald trump at the ballot box today he is the president-elect and we still have not heard any reaction from biden or the biden team on the action the house took but his focus has been on forming his own administration he will deliver remarks in prime time in wilmington tomorrow night announcing his plan to vaccinate millions of americans and get the economy back on track. there is concern, and biden has been talking to officials about what a senate trial would mean towards his nominees, getting some of those cabinet officials
12:32 am
confirmed as soon as inauguration day we learned today the senate intelligence committee is one of the hearings it will take place on friday unclear at this stage what it will mean form confirmation votes that usually take place as soon as the new president is sworn in we also learned today that the president-elect received a briefing from senior fbi officials, the u.s. secret service and his own national security team about the security threat environment ahead of his inauguration next week there's no indication that any of this is affecting plans for his inauguration, but the biden team indicating they will be getting daily updates from law enforcement officials going forward. this as the biden inaugural committee announced plans for next week, a prime time celebration of america will be narrated by tom hanks and feature bon jovi and justin
12:33 am
timberlake here timsometimes it feels like we're on earth, too. the fbi is on the hunt to arrest more capitol hill rioters. today federal prosecutors charged former olympic gold medal swimmer cleat keller video shows him in the capitol his usa jacket gave him away yesterday will pepe was arrested, a transit worker from new york his bosses say he called out sick to attend the riot. the company says it has suspended him without pay. another guy from new york, edward floria, busted in queens. he's a member of the proud boys. cops say floria was not at the siege, but that afterwards he went online and threatened to organize an armed caravan to washington in philly, seven police officers with septa under investigation
12:34 am
they attended the pro-trump rally, but it's unclear if they did anything illegal >> if members of the transit police were a part of that we don't want them a part of our organization >> he gave their photos to the fbi. in other charges, the types of people arrested not only wide ranging but so were the weapons confiscated. stun guns, molotov cocktails, thousands of rounds of ammunition, even a cross bow taken before and after the riots at the capitol carl racine is the attorney general of the district of columbia and live with us. those weapons were only from a small slice of the rioters who were actually arrested on the day of the riot. how big of a failure was this by the d.c. police and specifically, the capitol police what happened could have been a lot worse.
12:35 am
>> well, i think we've got to make distinctions here the metropolitan police department is charged with policing d.c. streets. and while it's certainly has authority to police the capitol grounds to get onto the capitol itself they've got to be invited. and, indeed, they were invited after the fact, after the capitol was overtaken and the metropolitan police department helped clear the invaders out of the capitol. i think the capitol police have frankly, much more questions to answer but we've also got to withhold judgment here until there's a full investigation we saw police officers fighting for their lives. fighting to defend congress men and women and senators and so i think we can't paint with a broad brush we've got to be careful and conduct a thurorough investigation. >> you said you're looking at whether to charge donald trump jr., rudy giuliani and others
12:36 am
with inciting violence when could you expect to have a decision on that their comments were out in the open is there that much to investigate? >> i think there is that much to investigate. obviously, there is a first a amendment right to speech which we cherish in this country there's also the rule of law and accountability which we also cherish. so we've got to balance the review of all those important american values. it's not as simple as looking at the words. the context is really important. the timing is really important as well as the crowd who you're speaking to. and we know that many members of the crowd were armed, dangerous, as the pictures you showed, and were intent on violence. those are factors that we're considering. we'll make a decision when we have finalized our investigation. >> attorney general racine, what's your confidence level on the security and safety of the
12:37 am
capitol for the inauguration next week? >> well, i think the fbi has properly warned not only washington, d.c., but all the capitals in all of our 50 states that they could be subject to vigilante mob violence, and so we all have to be on alert importantly, i think it's really important that folks choose to not, frankly, attend the inauguration we are in the midst of a pandemic and there's been violence, and i think to be safe, i would advise people to stay away. watch it on tv or your computer. i do believe law enforcement is well organized and collaborating at a much higher level now i think there will be other assets here, and i think we'll have a safe inauguration >> karl racine, district attorney in the district appreciate your time, and all the best a week ago the capitol was seized a week from now, a new president
12:38 am
is to be sworn in. how will history remember this month? and how will it remember this moment the first president to be twice impeached. we'll hear from wal tar isaacson plus air marshals are ready and airbnb is canceling rooms. the news with shepard smith back in 90 seconds ...with rinvoq. rinvoq a once-daily pill can dramatically improve symptoms... rinvoq helps tame pain, stiffness, swelling. and for some rinvoq can even significantly reduce ra fatigue. that's rinvoq relief. with ra, your overactive immune system attacks your joints. rinvoq regulates it to help stop the attack. rinvoq can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious infections and blood clots,
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navy divers have found one of two black navy divers have found one of two black boxes from a jet that crashed in indonesia. the box has data aboutpressure airspeed and altitude, all crucial to understanding why that plane suddenly crashed into the java sea four minutes after takeoff. divers say they're confident they'll find the second black box with the voice recorders this morning they brought debris and remains of the victims onto shore in body bags officials have identified four people so far. the world's smallest country taking steps to fight covid, and a show of force in the middle east as we go around the world in 80 seconds. iran the country's navy revealing a new helicopter carrier and missile launching warship, during a drill in the sea of oman
12:41 am
the warship supplied with advanced automatic missiles and artillery. the chief of staff of iran's armed forces inspected the chopper carrier. it's the latest show of force. india. the supreme court temporarily suspending new farming laws. they've been at the center of massive protests demonstrators are demanding a repeal of the new measures they argue the farming rules leave them at the whim of corporations the government has ruled out withdrawing the laws, but politicians say they could make some amendments. the two sides are expected to meet again on friday vatican city, the world's smallest country starting its ambitious covid-19 vaccination program. the first doses given to doctors and other members. pope francis said everybody should get the vaccine and called it an ethical option,
12:42 am
because you're either playing with your own health and life or that of others no word on whether the pope received his shot yet. shots in the arm as we go around the world in 80 seconds. the faa is cracking down now ahead of the inauguration, issuing a zero tolerance order for disruptive passengers. that means no more warnings, and fines up to $35,000. as we reported earlier here, airbnb canceled all d.c. area reservations during inauguration week that company revealing it has identified numerous individuals who were either associated with known hate groups or otherwise involved in the criminal activity at the capitol and have been banned. those rioters could also be added to the government's no-fly list the fbi confirms they're looking into it. the bureau compiles that list, not the airlines or airports, but across the travel industry, they are bracing for the week ahead. here's cnbc's phil lebeau.
12:43 am
>> reporter: security has been beefed up at airports around the nation's capitol the tsa on high alert, while the head of the faa warns, passengers who assault others on a flight could go to jail. the concern, unruly travelers like those ofn cell phone footae heckling lindsey graham as he waited to board a plane. for the person who confronted mitt romney. >> you're a joke, absolute joke, disgusting shame >> the challenge for airlines and law enforcement is determining which passengers flying into washington, d.c. will act up. if they do, flight crews, local police and federal air marshals are ready to respond >> those in charge of ensuring the safety of airplanes and airports are not saying exactly what they're doing to increase
12:44 am
security, however, you can expect this to continue all the way through inauguration day if not longer the flight attendants union wants the airlines to do a better job of sharing passenger data so they'll have a better idea if there are troublemakers. amtrak's largest union wants people on the no-fly list to be banned from buying train tickets. >> we see all these members of congress being heckled they're in the airports and elsewhere. are they going to get extra security >> if they want it, they can have it. and that can happen in a number of ways. they can say, look, i want an air marshal on my might have that sometimes happens sometimes they have their own security detail and those people are with them. but you will see this more often, shep, i'm sure over the next six months. be assured of this the airplanes and airports know when someone from congress is in
12:45 am
that airport or is flying. there have been four impeachments in history, two are now of donald trump. next, the polling on what americans think. from steve kornacki, has public support changed over the past year nationwide. bring 5g and now that sprint is a part of t-mobile we're turning up the speed. upgrading over a thousand towers a month with ultra capacity 5g. to bring speeds as fast as wifi to cities and towns across america. and we're adding more every week. coverage and speed. who says you can't have it all?
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it's been 392 days since the house impeached president trump the first time so how do americans feel about impeachment this time around and how do the numbers compare to the previous proceedings? steve kornacki breaking down the numbers tonight. what are you seeing? >> there has been some movement here here is the latest numbers from morning consult. what you see is a majority here, 53% say yes the president should be impeached only 40% saying no that is movement from a year or so ago these are the poll averages. this is december 2019 when the
12:48 am
house was impeaching trump for the first time, 49% on average supported it then. 44% opposed. and then this is february of 2020 when the senate had its trial, and it was basically split right down the middle. about 48% and 48% on whether to support or oppose removing him it is now over 50, that's an uptick of several points there is still just a dramatic partisan divide on this. only 13% of republicans say they think the president should be impeached, and that probably goes a long way to explaining why there were some republican votes for impeachment in the house today. the vast majority of republican members did stand with the president in that vote today >> no doubt. absolutely and what about his approval ratings? has there been a lot of movement >> this is interesting, because there has been, by trump standards a lot of movement. this was right after the election his approval rating on average was 46.1%. here's what it is right now. in the average, it's down to
12:49 am
barely 40% 40.1%. two things about this quickly. number one, it's been dropping every day we've checked for the last week. it's been dropping it may go lower than that. also, trump's approval rating has been in such a narrow range, it really hasn't gotten much lower than this over the last four years this might be something to watch over the next couple days. >> steve kornacki, thanks as always let's turn to walter isaacson for context. cnbc contributor, professor at tulane this obviously a historic moment like so many we've been through of late. no one's ever been impeached twice, no president anyway where do you see this as standing in american history >> this is almost unprecedented. we can remember, you know, the 1960s with the assassinations, vietnam protests, civil rights
12:50 am
protests but this you have to hearken all the way back to the civil war where people are actually fomenting an armed rebellion, sending people to the capitol, and a very, you know, substantial membership of the republican party voted to overturn what was clearly a duly constituted election so i think we're really in uncharted territories now, shep. >> and at least the optics seem to be getting worse. we've never seen the capitol with this kind of security we know we're coming up on a trial in the senate, which has to be divisive and partisan. is there anything in history that might give a nod to how we figure out how to move forward past this eventually >> well, albert einstein, when he and a lot of his colleagues were being attacked by senator joe mccarthy during the red scare, wrote to his son hans albert and said, i know what this is like i've been through it before.
12:51 am
i was there in germany in the early 1930s and saw the rise of communism. then a few years later, a lot of moderate republicans led by dwight eisenhower and people in the army, the press with edward r. murrah, he wrote to his son again and says america has a gyro scope, but it knows how to right itself i do think we're about to enter a new administration, and perhaps joe biden is the right person for the time, because he's a calming presence. he's a very empathetic person. he's not trying to drive an ideological war, so perhaps that will bring us to a new place the other possibility is we very rarely see realignments of the party, but i'm not sure how the republican party holds together when it's got people who are
12:52 am
qanon supporters who think that there's some child molestation conspiracy going on and then economic conservatives and centrist conservatives like paul ryans or mitt romneys. it's just a party that i think is ripe for realignment. >> yeah, it does feel that way walter, while you're here, you wrote the "time" magazine cover story this week about new vaccine technology and the race to find a vaccine for covid. how could this mrna technology change medicine, the big picture? >> it's huge for 200 years we haven't really changed the fundamental concept of vaccine, which you expose somebody to a facsimile of the virus you're trying to control and the immune system kicks in these are genetic vaccines they use either rna or dna or a spliced-in gene so that your own cells are creating components of
12:53 am
the virus so that your immune system will kick in and do it. so it could be used also against cancer cells it allows us to determine whatever protein we want for our body cells to create and it's also connected to what's called crisper, which is also an rna-guided technology which will allow us to edit the genes of our children. so we're in a great new era of biotechnology. in which we can use things like messenger rna to build proteins that we want, which will cause us to create immunity to any pathogen or virus that comes along or cancer cells. >> exciting times ahead. if only we can get our stuff together and enjoy it later. >> good news on the horizon, yeah >> walter isaacson, always a pleasure thanks for your time man, you look at the last seven days, what a week we have just
12:54 am
endured. a deadly riot at the capitol the second impeachment of the president. how did we get here? that conversation when the news returns. ♪ ♪ ♪ a must in your medicine cabinet! less sick days! cold coming on? zicam® is clinically proven to shorten colds!
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you know, so much has happened over the past seven days, from the assault on the capitol, the house voting to impeach the president again. cnbc's kayla touchy is here to help us slow down a moment and take stock of what the country
12:57 am
has just been through. >> it's been one week since that pro-trump mob terrorized people at the capitol leaving five dead and making history for the 45th president, now the only to be impeached twice. tonight a call for peace to protect a legacy >> now i am asking everyone who has ever believed in our agenda to be thinking of ways to ease tensions, calm tempers and help to promote peace in our country. >> a dramatic departure from the rallying cry last wednesday that led to five hours of mutiny. >> we will never give up we will never concede. >> and fallout for the president in his final days that has been swift and potentially permanent. businesses cut off by banks, sponsors and contractual
12:58 am
partners relationships years in the making now colored by anger and abdication silenced on twitter, facebook, instagram and youtube. there is so much more to the story that will be written over the next several years as the republican party pieces together before a president who vowed his term would be defined by an end to american carnage, there has been quite a bit of destruction in the last seven days >> no doubt about that thanks so much and now you know the news of this wednesday, january 13th, 2021 i'm shepard smith. follow us on twitter at the news on cnbc. ♪ ♪ be right back. with moderate to severe crohn's disease, i was there, just not always where i needed to be. is she alright? i hope so. so i talked to my doctor about humira. i learned humira is for people who still have symptoms
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