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tv   The News With Shepard Smith  CNBC  January 14, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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demand for lyon electric and its peers. the younger people will inherit the earth. they want it preserved and when they get it they invest with that goal in mind i like to say there's always a bull market somewhere. and i promise to try to find it just for you right here on "mad money. i'm jim cramer see you tomorrow "the new. president-elect a big announcement just minutes from now. i'm shepard smith. this is the news on cnbc >> we're asking you to report any suspected violence or criminal activity. >> fears rise. the nation on high alert after calls for armed protests and more violence. law enforcement prepares for inauguration day like never before president-elect live at this hour on his plans to vaccinate more americans and rescue the economy but how will impeachment
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impact the new administration's agenda infection every where. >> the covid crisis. winter surge even more dire as we prepare for 100,000 deaths in a single month how quickly can a single dose be delivered. plus unemployment surging, higher than expected why some states are doing much better than others live from cnbc the facts, the truth, the news with shepard smith. >> six days before joe biden takes office as president of the united states, tonight he'll address nation his focus, the number one crisis facing this country the pandemic his speech expected in about 15 minutes from now live on cnbc. in middle of a world altered like covid you sometimes lose sight of he's enormity
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it has overtaken everything that matters. the staggering death toll killing on average 133 americans per day. covid has crushed our once vibrant economy. we mortgaged our financial future trillions spent. trillions more coming to help people survive millions of jobs lost. it's altered our politics. i mean would president trump be coming for a second term without it it up ended our lives and lifestyle and our futures. our response by many measures, the very worst in all the world. so tonight biden is expected to outline his plan for slowing the covid surge. his road map to fix this nightmare by speeding up the vaccine roll out and providing economic relief. the labor department reports another 965,000 americans filed new unemployment claims last week hard to hire or find work with covid restrictions hurting
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businesses on the vaccine front states are working to improve the roll out. sorry doing much better than others today texas governor greg abbott announced his state administered a million doses. it's the first state in all the nation to do that. but many local leaders say they still don't have enough shots. take california, for example that state is now allowing people 65 and older to get vaccinated but the health director in l.a. county say that's impossible right now. she said the county doesn't have enough doses to finish vaccinating the health care workers who need them. cnbc kayla tausche now vaccines top of mind for americans. what do we expect from mr. biden in the way of a proposal tonight? >> reporter: well, he's expected to say a national emergency of this size and scope demand as comprehensive and ambitious plan to both shore up the economy and
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control the pandemic to that end the package that he'll unveil tonight will include $400 billion for the virus alone. that includes $50 billion for testing. $170 billion to help retrofit and re-open schools and colleges across the country and the central pillar establishing a national vaccination plan which the incoming administration says does not currently exist the program they would stand up see mass vaccination sites in urban areas. and make vaccinations free for everyone even the lowest income americans and undocumented immigrants. senior biden administration officials believe such a program could be enacted quickly once underwritten by congress there are shortcomings of the drugs's effort they believe their goal of inoculating americans is within reach.
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to enact this or any other vaccination program the broader relief bill will need bipartisan support and with a crowded and finite calendar that will now see an impeachment of the former president and confirmation hearings for the incoming president's cabinet i asked a biden adviser how this all gets done and he used a phrase used in washington often it's a walk and chew gum moment. >> the president-elect expected to unveil $2 trillion in coronavirus relief the plan is coming tonight for continue the text the first stimulus package passed in march was $2.2 trillion. the aid passed in december totalled $900 billion. mr. biden's plan is a bigger push to qualifying americans details in a moment. that was a point of contention on the hill during the previous push for relief. $2,000 checks passed the house of representatives, remember,
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then died in u.s. senate cnbc is live in washington with new information. tell us about the pitch we'll hear from the president-elect. >> reporter: his central argument is that the health crisis is deeply connected to the economic crisis and that's why half of the package, roughly a trillion dollars goes to more direct relief for workers and families another round of stimulus checks is topping the list this time for $1400, bringing the total amount between the last package and this one to the $2,000 the democrats had promised he wanted to tackle unemployment insurance. increasing the federal boost in benefits from $300 to $400 a week allowing workers to collect payments for longer. there's $30 billion in rental assistance and extension of the moratorium on evictions and f foreclosures
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some of these measures do have republican support one of the more controversial proposals that biden will call for tonight is to raise the minimum wage by $15 an hour. democrats have set this goal many years ago but biden is now framing it as a way to help front line workers especially since a disproportionate of them, 40% are people of color. biden's phrase, let's not praise them let's pay them. this stands a good chance of passing the house but biden has to win over republicans in the senate if he wants to pass this bill through regular order tonight he plans to make his case to both side of the aisle but underscoring the urgency of getting more help to american families now he's hoping this fir bill can be bipartisan >> thank you we got some disturbing covid news from researchers at ohio state today. a new strain of the virus discovered here in america they say it has mutations never before seen.
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they also say they found another strain that is identical to the one from the united kingdom. the researchers say these mutations are likely make the virus more infectious. d dr. scott gottlieb, thanks as always please give us your assessment much these new strains and help us understand what they mean for all of us. >> well look this virus is evolving all the time and these strains we're seeing now particularly the uk variant and the variant in brazil and south africa which is very concerning because they mutated a part of the virus we targeted with our drugs they are not the result of selective pressure in terms of virus trying to make itself more fit although it has become more fit. it emerged in certain patients that had chronic infection and unable to clear it and the variants began to propagate. so this is inevitable this virus
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will mutate and evolve what it underscores right now is the game has checked when it comes to the vaccine roll out and the goal is probably get as much prothe textive immune knit into the population because the vaccine is our only backstop against these vascularant varias they are not prevalent now but they will build quickly and if we can't get more protective up minutity we'll have perpetual infection heading into the spring and summer. >> perpetual infection that means it would continue like we are now at these high horrific numbers into the summer >> i think that's the risk right now there are indications the number of infections are starting to peak it doesn't feel that because we're at the apex of the epidemic right now deaths and hospitalizations will
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continue to build because they are a lagging indicator but the number of infections may be peaking. rate of transfer which is called the rf seems to decline. we may enter a situation as we head into february and the spring-march, infections come down more dramatically in part because we infected a third of the population, in part because we're vaccinating more people. then if these new variants take hold in the spring, right now less than 1% of all infections by march they may be 10% of all infection. if they don't build what could have been a quiet spring and summer ends up being a summer because period have more infections >> we know what we have to do to stop that. doctor, there's more good news on the vaccinate front
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i read this from johnson & johnson out today. great data on how well this works with one shot. are you confident in j and jarch and how big of a break through would that be be >> i'm confident in johnson & johnson's ability to scale the manufacturing. this does look good. early data looking encouraging one of the things we saw in data the antibody response continues to build you see patients of increasing levels of antibodies which suggests the immunity may be enduring, may grow over time. that's very encouraging. this vaccine can be stored in refrigerators so can be delivered in more austere settings can be delivered as a single injection. we need to look at the phase three results to see whether or not older individuals might need a second injection but all in all this looks very encouraging and it's an
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indication we may have another vaccine as early as february on the market >> that would be fantastic one shot vaccine to boost. dr. gottlieb as always, thanks so much. police chiefs across the country are told to be on high alert tonight, briefed by the fbi director himself according to the the reporting of nbc news the director christopher wray told the chiefs to take any threat of violence seriously he outlined the chatter that fbi has been tracking online volumes of it which include threats to the inauguration. threats to state capitols across the threats to the homes of our lawmakers. lawmakers are demanding whether their own colleagues, congress members helped the mob that stormed the capitol. congresswoman sherrill said she
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saw members lead guests as what she described as a reconnaissance mission the day before the assault another claim too one that comes from the office of the massachusetts congresswoman presley. her spokesperson said that panic buttons inside her office were removed when the riot broke out. removed before it. now lawmakers are having to take security into their own hands. republican congressman peter myer is among them he was our guest the other night. he voted for impeaching the president and says now he's taking serious precautions >> many of us are altering our routines working to get body armor which is a reimbursable purchase we can make sad we have to get to that point but our expectation is that somebody may try to kill us. >> the nation's capitol on heightened alert the park service considering whether to close the national mall entirely.
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show us around if you can, what's it like >> reporter: you can hear the hammer behind me they are putting up more barricades around this area, barricades surrounding the u.s. capitol. this one has gone up just within the last hour. there are military trucks just past the barricades at the ready. in front of them there are some of the thousands of armed members of the national guard who have been sent to the district of columbia by the time inauguration day officially comes around we expect at least 20,000 members of the national guard to be here in nation's capital. they have come from six different states as well as the district of columbia all of this hopefully enough to keep anyone who wants to do harm to this building or the people inside of it away. despite all of this the threats online have not stopped. there's talk in far-right
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extremist chat groups telling people to come to d.c., encouraging some to carry weapons. the fbi director said as he was briefing vice president mike pence they are aware of that online chatting and evaluating and figuring out what is online talk and what is serious the they had a warning for anybody trying to do something fbi agents are ready and will hunt down. >> it seems in every crisis there's almost always a hero we found him a group of lawmakers introducing legislation to reward the congressional gold medal to a capitol police officer here's the story during the riot on wednesday, remember this video. officer eugene goodman was able to lead a mob of people to chase him in the opposite direction of the senate chamber come for me. don't go for the legislators at the same time the lawmakers were hiding inside in fear they honor officer goodman for his bravery and quick thinking
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during last week's insurrection. the congressional gold medal is the highest civilian award congress can present past recipients include rosa parkes and nelson mandela. in just a few minutes we're expecting to hear from joe biden. this is a live look in delaware where he'll lay out his $1.9 trillion stimulus plan for the country. vaccinating america. getting more relief to the people biden to address the nation in a few minutes. in dark. underground for more than 24 hours. the race against time to save trapped miners tumultuous final days in office for president trump his party splintering. what's the future for the gop?
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president-elect biden is expected to speak any minute now. he's urging congress to act on both immediately we'll bring you that live when it happens here on cnbc. well now to what michigan's attorney general calls the largest criminal investigation in his state's history, the former governor there rick schneider could face up to a year in prison for his role in the flint water crisis prosecutors are now charging snyder with two counts of willful neglect of duty. a judge arraigned him today over zoom snyder seen sitting in a jail booth next to his lawyer his only word today yes, your honor. here's gabe gutierrez. >> reporter: this saga has been building for years and some flint residents say these charges don't go far enough. today former michigan governor
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rick snyder pleaded not guilty to misdeamnor charges. >> interrupting because the president-elect has come to the microphone >> took her last breath at home under the california sun in santa clara. she was 57 years old a beloved wife mother daughter sister she never knew she had the virus. at the time when most folks never heard about the virus. but just like that she was gone. almost exactly one year later nearly 400,000, 400,000 of our fellow americans have met the same cruel fate. countless families and friends left behind with unrelenting guilt, anger and frustration and the emptiness felt by the loss of life is compounded by the loss of our way of life.
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during this pandemic, millions of americans through no fault of their own have lost the dignity and respect that comes with a job and a paycheck millions of americans never thought they would be out of work many of them never even can envision the idea of facing eviction, waiting for hours in their cars to feed their families as they drive up to a food bank. millions have kept their jobs but have seen their hours and paychecks reduced barely hanging on as well that's happening today in united states of america. just in mitsubishi of a dark winter this pandemic as cases, hospitalizations, and deaths spike at record levels, there is real pain, overwhelming the real economy.
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when our people rely on paychecks not their investments to pay for the bills and the meals and their children's needs. you won't see this pain if your scorecard is how things are going on wall street but you will see it very clearly when you examine what the twin crises of a pandemic and this sinking economy have laid bare the growing divide between those few people at the very top who are doing quite well in this economy, and the rest of america. just since this pandemic began, the wealth, the top 1% of the nation has grown roughly $1.5 trillion since the end of last year four times the amount for the entire bottom 50% of american wage earners
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some 18 million americans are still relying on unemployment insurance. some 400,000 small businesses have permanently closed their doors. and it's not hard to see that we're in the middle of the once in several generations economic crisis with the once in several generations public health crisis the crisis of deep human suffering is in plain sight. there's no time to waste we have to act and we have to act now. this is what economists are telling us more importantly, it's what the values we hold dear in our hearts as americans are telling us a growing chorus of top economists agree that the moment of crisis, in this moment of crisis, historic lows, we cannot afford inaction. it's not just a smart fiscal
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investment including deficit spend is more urgent than ever it's that the return on these investments in jobs, racial equity, will prevent long term economic damage and the benefits will far outsurpass the cost a growing number of top economists of have shown our debt situation will be more stable not less table if we seize this moment with vision and purpose. so tonight i would like to talk to you about our way forward two step plan of rescue and recovery two step plan to build a bridge to the other side of the crisis we face to a better, stronger, more secure america. tonight i'll lay out my first step the american rescue plan it will tackle the pandemic and get direct financial assistance in a relief to americans who need it the most
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next month, my first appearance before a joint session of congress, i will lay out my bill back recovery plan that will make historic investments in infrastructure that build back better plan. infrastructure, manufacturing, innovation, research and development and clean energy investments in a caregiving economy and skills and training needed by our workers to be able to compete and win in the global economy of the coming years. moody's, an independent wall street firm said my approach will create more than 18 million good paying jobs our rescue and recovery plan is a path forward with both seriousness of purpose and a clear plan with transparency and accountability with a call for unity that is equally necessary.
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and unity is not some pie in the sky dream. it's a practical step to getting the things we have to get done as a country, get done together. as i said in past in december, the bipartisan covid-19 relief package was a very important first step and i'm grateful to the democrats and republican and independent members of congress who came together to get it done but i said at the time it's just a down payment we need more action, more bipartisanship and we need to move quickly we need to move fast our rescue plan starts aggressively in order to speed up our national covid-19 response the vaccines offer so much hope. we're grateful to the scientists and researchers and everyone who participated in the clinical trials we're also grateful for trig rows review and testing that has led to millions of people around
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the world already being vaccinated safely. but, the vaccine roll out in the united states has been a dismal failure thus far tomorrow i will lay out our vaccination plan to correct course and meet our goal of 100 million shots at the end of my first 100 days as president. this is one of the most challenging operational efforts we've undertaken as a nation we'll have to move heaven and earth to get more people vaccinated to create more places for them to get vaccinated. to mobilize more medical teams to get shots in people's arms. to increase vaccine supply and get it out the door as fast as possible we'll also do everything we can to keep our educators and students safe. to safely re-open a majority of our k through 8 schools by the end of the first 100 days.
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we can do this if we give the school districts, the schools themselves, the communities, the states, the clear guidance they need as well as the resources they need that they can't afford right now because of the economic dilemma they are in. that means more testing and transportation additional cleaning and sanitizing services in those cools. protective equipment and ventilation systems in those schools. need to make sure that workers who have covid-19 symptoms are quarantined. and those who need to take care of their family members with covid-19 symptoms should be able to stay home from work and still get paid to reduce the spread of the virus and make sure workers get the support they need to maintain their families. but we need about $400 billion in funding from congress to make all of what i just shaped.
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ate great deal but i'm convinced we're ready to get this done the very health of our nation is at stake our rescue plan also includes immediate relief to americans hardest hit and most in need we will finish the job of getting a total of $2,000 in cash relief to people who need it the most. the $600 already appropriated simply not enough. we just have to choose between paying rent and putting food on the table. even for those who have kept their jobs, these checks are really important you see if you're an american worker, making $40,000 a year with less than $400 in savings, maybe you've lost hours or maybe you're doing fewer shifts, driving a truck or caring for the kids or the elderly. you're out there, putting your life on the line to work during this pandemic. and worry every week that you
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get sick, lose your job or worse. $2,000 is going to go a long way to ease that pain. we'll also provide more peace of mine for struggling families by extending unemployment insurance beyond the end of march for millions of workers. that means 18 million americans currently earning unemployment benefits while they look for work can count on these checks continuing to be there plus, there will be a $400 per week supplement to people can make ends meet this gets money quickly into the pockets of millions of americans who will spend it immediately on food and rent and other basic needs. as the economists tells us it helps the whole economy grow it will also tackle the growing hung er "crisis in america" as i speak one in seven
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households in america, more than one in five black and latino households in america report they don't have enough food to eat. this includes 30 million adults and as many as 12 million children it's wrong it's tragic. it's unnecessary it's unacceptable. we're going to extend emergency nutritional assistance for 43 million children and their families enrolled in s.n.a.p. program through the rest of this year it will help hardest hit restaurants prepare meals for the hungry, provide food for families who need it we'll invest $3 billion in make being sure mothers and their young children have the nutrition they need. this will not only meet our moral obligation we have to one another but also spur economic growth, get restaurants and workers back on the job. as we work to keep people from
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going hungry we'll work to keep a roof over their heads, to stem the growing housing crisis and evictions that are looming approximately 14 million americans have fallen behind in rent many at risk of eviction we don't act now there will be a wave of evictions and foreclosures in coming months as the pandemic races on. this will overwhelm emergency shelter, increase covid-19 infections as people have nowhere to go and can't socially distanced. next week we'll take action to extend nationwide restrictions on evictions and foreclosures. this will provide more than 25 million americans greater stability instead of living on intelligent every single month and i'm asking congress to do its part by funding rental assistance for 14 million hard-hit families and tenants.
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we'll also be a bridge economic recovery for countless mom and pop landlords. these crisis is strange the budgets of states and cities and tribal communities that are forced to consider layoff and service restrictions in most need of workers. it means putting lives of people at arriving now at risk of losing their jobs. police officers. firefighters all first responders nurses educators. you know, over the last year alone over 600,000 educators have been lost -- have lost their jobs in our cities and towns. our rescue plan will provide emergency funding to keep these essential workers on the job and maintain the central services. to ensure vaccines are administered and schools can re-open.
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we've been speaking with county official, mayor, governors of both parties on a regular basis. we're ready to work with them, help them get the relief they need our rescue plan will also help small businesses that are the engines of our economic growth, our economy as a whole. the glue that holds communities together as well but they are hurting badly and to realize they account for nearly half of the entire total u.s. workforce our rescue plan will provide flexible grants to help those hardest hit small businesses survive the pandemic and low cost capital that will help entrepreneurs of all background create and maintain jobs plus provide essential goods and services that communities depend upon. last week i laid out how we'll make sure that our emergency small business relief is distributed swiftly and
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equitably unlike the first time around we'll focus on small businesses on main street we'll focus on minority own small business, women-owned small business and have equal access to resources they need to re-open and to rebuild and we ill be responsible with taxpayers dollars, ensuring accountability that reduces the waste and fraud and abuse like we did in the recovery act that i administered in our administration direct cash payments, extended unemployment insurance, rent relief, food assistance, keeping essential front line workers on the job, aid to small businesses these are the key elements to the american rescue plan that will lift 12 million americans out of poverty cut be job poverty in half p.m. that's 5 million children lifted out of poverty our plan would reduce poverty in the black community by 1/3 reduce poverty in hispanic
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community by almost 40%. and includes much more like an increase in the minimum wage to at least $15 an hour. people tell me it's hard to past florida just passed it rest of the country is ready to move as well a national minimum wage of $15 an hour. no one working 40 hours a week should live below the poverty line that's what it means you work for less than $15 an hour and work 40 hours a week you're living in poverty includes access to affordable child care get women back to work i look forward to work with members of congress of both parties to move quickly together to get the american rescue plan to northwestern people and we can move with bipartisanship to my build back better recovery plan that i will call for next
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month to generate even more economy growth american manufacturing was the arsenal in our destroying the world war ii it will be so again. imagine a future, made in america, all made in america and all by americans when these taxpayers dollars to rebuild america will buy american products, supporting millions of american manufacturing jobs and enhance our competitive strength in an increasingly competitive world imagine historic investments in research and development to sharpen america's innovative edge and markets for global leadership is up for grabs l like artificial intelligence it's time to stop talking about
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infrastructure to finally start building infrastructure so we can be more competitive. millions of good paying jobs that put americans to work and building our roads, bridges, our ports to make them more climate resilient, to make them faster, cheaper, cleaner, transport american made goods across our country and around the world that's how we compete. and imagine millions of jobs in a caregiving economy to ease the financial burden of caring for young children and aged loved ones let's make sure our caregivers mostly women, women of color, immigrants have the same pay and dignity that they deserve so we can do these bold practical things now, now. you know, i know what i just described does not come cheaply. failure to do so will cost us
7:38 pm
dearly consensus among leading economists is we simply cannot afford to do what i'm proposing. independent respected institutions from around the world from federal reserve to international monetary fund have underscored the urgency. even wall street firms reinforced the logic if we invest now boldly, smartly, and with unwavering focus on american workerser and families, we'll strength our economy, reduce inequity and put our nation's long term finances on the most sustainable course. we'll make permanent investments, recurring investments, as i said in campaign trail we will pay for it by making sure that everyone pays their fair share. not punishing anybody. we can do without punishing a single person by closing tax loopholes for companies that ship jobs overseas, allow
7:39 pm
american companies 90 of them in the top fortune 500 to pay zero in federal income taxes, asking everyone to pay their fair share at the top so it can make permanent investments to rescue and rebuild america. it's the right thing for our economy. it's the fair thing. it's the decent thing to do. not only have an economic imperative to act now, i believe we have a moral obligation in this pandemic in america we cannot let people go hungry. we cannot let people get evicted. we cannot watch nurses educators lose their jobs when we so badly need them. we must act now and act decisively my fellow americans the decisions we make in the next few weeks and months will determine whether we thrive in a way that benefits all americans. whether we stay stuck in a place where those at the top do great
7:40 pm
or like growth for everybody else is just a spectator sport and american prospects dim not brighten these investments will determine whether we reassert american leadership and out compete our competitors in global economy. we're better equipped to do this than any nation in world or do we watch and catch up and pass us by together i know which path we choose that includes all americans. so we can own the 21st century but even with all these bold steps, it's going to take time to get where we need to be there will be stumbles but i will always be honest with you. about both the progress we're making and what set backs we meet and there will -- here's
7:41 pm
the deal the more people we vaccinate, the faster we do it, the sooner we can save lives and put this pandemic behind us and get back to our lives and our loved ones and the sooner we can rescue and rebuild the american economy the biggest and most rosenstein profitable engid it's been a year that tested us beyond measure all of you have lost someone my heart goes out the you. i know that feeling when i look at an empty chair across the table. all of you have fallen on hard times. i know you can never get back what you lost, but as your president i know that every day matters and every person matters. and the very first to the nearly 400,000 lost american souls and counting to the millions of you just looking for a fighting
7:42 pm
chance in this economy, i promise you we will not forget you. we understand what you're going through. we will never ever give up and we will come back. we will come back together we didn't get into all of this overnight. we won't get out of it overnight. and we can't do it as a separate and divided nation the only way we can do it is to come together,to come together as fellow americans, as neighbors. as a united states of america. when we do, there's nothing beyond our capacity. i said this many times when america acts as one there's never been a single thing we've been unable to do no matter how consequential this year has been out of all the peril of this moment i want to you know i've given the word i see the promise, a promise we've seen clearly what we see
7:43 pm
face now we remain so optimistic about america, as optimistic as i've ever been. we have everything we need, but the will must be demonstrated. so come wednesday we begin a new chapter. we will do our best to meet all the expectations we have for the country and expectations we have for it i'm confident. i'm truly confident together, together we can get this done and come out better off than when we went into this crisis. god bless you all and may god protect our troops >> speaking live from wilmington, delaware tonight with a clear assessment of the awful state of affairs on so many front across our nation the economy in deep trouble. the virus spreading in a way we haven't seen here to fore.
7:44 pm
and the vaccine roll out as he put at it dismal failure ranked very close to, if not the worst in all the world the president-elect with a series of plans to rescue us the american rescue plan at the top of his list, the build back better plan as he put it, and a vaccine roll out plan, a vaccine distribution plan with specifics and tone the likes of which we have not heard since this pandemic began and in the end a nod towards hope getting the vaccine shots in arms, recovering the economy, getting a broad base and widespread infrastructure plan the kind of thing that's been discussed but never acted upon to rebuild our roads and bridges and bring america back up to 21st century standards of course, it will cost a lot of money. and will take time and the
7:45 pm
president-elect has said so and it will not come without division and push back in washington it's the kind of money that many conservatives will say we must be able to do better but for now, clearly, concisely a plan and a process. and a bit of hope. some analysis now. clay tausche with some of the details as laid out by the president-elect tonight. clay >> reporter: the deal with all of those competing crises the president-elect laid out plans in a proposal for the second largest spending package in american history second only to the c.a.r.e.s. act passed this last spring. he wants to pass it in weeks not the seven plus months that last bipartisan package half its size took it's a herculean effort and the right now with a global pandemic under way and an impeachment trial set to begin on capitol hill what we saw was a different style of governance and deal
7:46 pm
making on display tonight. the president-elect taking his pitch directly to the american people trying to shore up their support in court of public opinion before sitting down at the table and hopefully these constituents will call-up their representatives i like what i heard and i want you to vote for it this is what you expect to hear from the president-elect as he pitches this plan and one of a larger scope and larger price tag down the line. we'll see fit works and see how much support he can get. >> thanks so much. $1.9 trillion and the president-elect called it but a down payment let's look at the economics of this c cnbc's chief economics chief steve liesman is with us now >> it's a lot of money i'm not sure all of it is
7:47 pm
needed this is some new cutting-edge economics drawn especially by the democrats. you heard what kayla said. the idea that they did not spend enough money in '08 and '09 leading to bad results over the course of the rest of the obama presidency, something that haupted democrats for a long time so the idea is to throw as much money as you can at it maybe it's not all need. but because interest rates are solo it won't matter that much two thoughts behind. this which is new thinking in economics. it didn't sound like biden is giving an economics lesson first he's saying you know what the government can brother at zero and every dollar we get, every bit of growth we get is payback. it pays for itself the other thing is if you don't do it you end up costing the government more. that is if you end up being cheap about putting stimulus in the economy, that you end up
7:48 pm
having tax revenue worse one more thing he said every day matters. i think that as an economist, economics reporter when people lose their work, they can't get that day that month that year back in their lives. the idea of getting people back to work as quickly as possible is really good economics >> steve liesman on economics for us tonight steve, thanks so much. we shall see the level of resistance which this is met and see how it plays across america in days ahead. but if nothing else, from the highest office in land, a plan and some empathy a new day starts on wednesday. first tonight a new nbc news poll finds 8% of republican voters believe that joe biden should be the next or i should say believe that president trump should be impeached. just 8%. senators are now weighing in on
7:49 pm
whether they convict him some breaking from the republican party so what is the path forward look like plus, no checked guns. no booze on board at all with in flight violence on the rise how major airlines are rolling out new rules as the news continues right after this.
7:50 pm
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delegating? oh, good one. move your xfinity services without breaking a sweat. now that's simple, easy, awesome. xfinity makes moving easy. go online to transfer your services in about a minute. get started today. president trump's second impeachment trial in u.s. senate could start next week. the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said january 19th is the earliest it would begin. 17 republican votes would be needed to convict the president. senator lisa murkowski of alaska the latest to give her view today writing in a statement the house responded swiftly and i believe appropriately with impeachment. she goes on i will listen carefully and consider the arguments of both sides and will then announce how i'll vote. republican voters largely side with the president
7:52 pm
see this a new nbc news poll shows 8% of republicans say that the president should be impeached and removed from office. another poll from axios shows 41% of traditional gop voters say they think president trump should be the 2024 republican candidate. mike murphy now, nbc news analyst, republican strategist to advise jeb bush, mitt romney and john mccain. he's been a vocal critic of president trump. you heard the plan about building back and bringing us a recovery your top line thoughts in what he just said, if you would >> vintage joe biden got a meat and potatoes democratic policy. and empathy. he feels the pain. that's always been his political trademark. in think he's trying to set the agenda for his term fast i thought it was effective move for him to do that he'll get some head wind on capitol hill because the republicans are going rediscover their fiscal conservatives
7:53 pm
they put that to rest during the trump years. biden is making a big move which smart. we know about covid-19 politics, the rhetoric gets you a little it's action and results that will move the numbers. so he said it's not going to be easy if he can get the country quickly vaccinated, you will have a big economic come back and that will work very well for him. but it's not easy. >> on the push back that you mentioned, republicans have largely been for infrastructure improvement, president trump had many, many infrastructure weeks, those we never had anything ever came of them maybe not too much push back there. specifically if you could where do you believe the president will see this, these headwinds in what lanes? >> pretty much the price tag there's a bit of an argument between size of the checks versus extending unemployment benefits
7:54 pm
so a lot of people on the right argue the money ought to go to o unemployed people not employed people so maybe $600 check is more appropriate marco and others have been out saying the larger checks it's the global price tag of $1.9 trillion at a time when we have record deficits on the other hand steve is right your economic expert that almost every expert right and left says in one much these situations, faster money is better than later money because you get to hold the cost more to dig out of so i think he doesn't need that many republicans he's got the appropriators in the house with speaker pelosi and a narrow majority, one of his political problems is some people on his left in the senate, you know, in that 51 vote universe that will say not enough then he's going to have republicans not so much. but i think he can find his 51, 52, 53 votes to get two-thirds,
7:55 pm
three quarters of what he wants. >> i'm out of time but real quickly the people who are still so upset that the president is leaving office, will they be able to say at least i like the tone or is that too much >> no. i think so i think biden is the anti-trump in that way. i know there's polling going on quickly. i saw that axios poll and polls are always the rear view mirror. that poll says six out of ten republicans are done with trump and ready to move on that's a big number. i think the president is starting to melt here and, you know, just take time to do >> two days ahead. thanks so much appreciate the time. faa tells cnbc it's been a disturbing increase that it has seen now in passenger disruptions on flights serious ones some of them related to mask poims but others related to last
7:56 pm
week's riot at the capitol the agency's zero tolerance policy is in effect and many airlines are adding their own rules ahead of the inauguration. here's phil lebeau >> reporter: aviation security crackdown with airlines beefing up plans to handle unruly passengers >> we've increased the amount of security both in airports and in the skies, seen and unseen and we're going to be taking some additional measures here in coming days as we look to the week ahead >> reporter: delta will no longer let passengers check firearms on flights to washington and banned people who heckle senator mitt romney as he waited to board a delta flight >> you're a joke absolute joke. disgusting shame >> reporter: overall airlines are telling more people you got out of hand you won't fly us again. united putting 60 on its no-fly listing the last week. alaska banning 16 unruly
7:57 pm
passengers who acted up on a flight to washington the airline now limiting tickets to the nation's capital. while americans flights to the d.c. area will stop serving alcohol. for steve dixon who runs the faa enough is enough >> this is about flight safety and any time i see, any time we see a trend like this we need to take action because traveling on a commercial airline in united states is the safest form of travel in human history. i want to make sure it stays that way >> reporter: three airlines are now forbidding passengers from check firearms if they are on a flight to washington, d.c. meanwhile kaye airlines has set up a command center. that command center will monitor the entire process from the gate to getting on board to getting to washington of every single flight that way if there's an incident they will call the authorities immediately. phil lebeau, thanks very
7:58 pm
much 55 second left on a race to the finish biden just laid out his covid relief plan live on c nbc. he's calling for another round of stimulus checks as part of his $1.9 trillion spending package. and the former fda commissioner dr. scott gottlieb in this news hour warned that if the united states doesn't get vaccines into arms soon we could face what he calls perpetual infections because of virus mutations. now you know the news of this thursday, january the 14th, 2021 i'm shepard smith. follow us on twitter at the news on cnbc. on cnbc. "shark tank" next. woo
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