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tv   The News With Shepard Smith  CNBC  January 22, 2021 4:00am-5:00am EST

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it just is. that's all for now. i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbc news, thanks for watching. a stunning admission from dr. anthony fauci about truth and liberation i'm shepard smith. this is the news on cnbc >> we will defeat this pandemic. >> president biden's first full day, packed with an ambitious agenda priority one, fighting the virus. america's first covid case confirmed one year ago today the lessons learned and the rule scientists played in getting us this far he has an agenda that's a mile long. >> the new administration
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inherits one of the worst job markets in modern history. tonight the plan to get the country back on track. plus, losing faith and doubts growing among die hard conspiracy theorists. the future of qanon in a post-trump world >> live from cnbc. the facts. the truth. the news from step ard smith. >> good evening, on his first full day in office, president biden promised a full-scale war-time effort to combat the pandemic it comes exactly one year to the day after the united states confirmed its first case of the virus. and since then, covid has infected at least 24 million americans and killed more than 408,000 of us. today, president biden outlined his ambitious 198 plan covid
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response he offered a somber assessment of the biden plan and admitted things will get worse, before they get better. >> the death toll will likely top 500,000 next month the cases will continue to mount. we didn't get into this mess overnight. it's going to take months for us to turn things around. but let me be equally clear, we will get through this. we will defeat this pandemic and to a nation waiting for action, let me be the clearest on this point, help is on the way. >> president biden signed ten more executive actions aimed at beating back the pandemic. the orders include the use of the defense production act, to force companies to manufacture a product that will help speed up vaccine production mr. biden says he hopes the move will shore up the supply chain another order directs the department of education and health and human services to get schools the resources they desperately need to reopen and one order requires travelers
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outside the country to get a covid test before flying into the u.s. and demands they quarantine once they get here. >> i know these bold practical steps will not come cheaply, but failing to do so will cost us so much more dearly i look forward to working with members of both parties in the congress we're in a national emergency. it's time we treat it like one >> mr. biden says his plan is based on science, not on politics, untruth, not denial. he also pledged to be honest and transparent about both the good news and the bad cnbc's, kayla tausche. what can you tell us >> reporter: they want to reimburse national equipment and manufacturing and critical
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supplies in medicine they feel are needed to end the pandemic today president biden is asking government agencies to take immediate inventory and jump to the front of private sector lines using the defense production act enacted at the beginning of the korean war. >> 400,000 americans have died that's more than that have died in all of world war ii 400,000. this is a war-time undertaking >> the supply chain order gives the department of health and human services 180 days to identify shortfalls. the biden white house has suggested it may look at supplies like glass vials, stoppers, refrigeration, transportation and storage to plug in vaccine delivery the trump administration invoked the dpa several times since march to spur more than a dozen companies, including general motors, general electric and 3m
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to make ventilators and protective equipment for healthcare workers tonight they say many of the member companies participated but their efforts only went so far, because the previous administration failed to adequately use the dpa to enact a coordinated response to the pandemic going on to say, i know american workers and manufacturers are ready to step up to the plate. the biden strategy attempts to centralized regulation and decision-making at the national level. even president bind said today, shepp, we won't know for months how much it works. >> are there any companies that have already been contacted about the defense production act? >> reporter: well, tonight the press secretary was asked specifically where the government stand in the invocation of the dpa, itself. she says she wasn't sure but when you look at the executive order, it says it lays out this time frame for all of these agencies to look at the inventory at the stockpiles before going to ink these
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company's contracts. for one reference point, back in the spring of this year, the trump administration decided to invoke the dpa at the end of march. but it was about two weeks until they actually had hard contracts with companies for specific items that they needed >> cnbc's kayla tausche. dr. fauci spoke today at his first white house briefing since president biden took office. he says he feels free to talk about the virus under the new administration >> the idea that you can get up here and talk about what you know, what evidence, what the science is and know that's it. let the science speak. it is somewhat of a liberating feeling. >> think of that the top scientist says that he can now tell the whole truth, that it's new, and it's liberating dr. fauci also addressed the new covid strain spreading all around the world he says there are plans in
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place, if vaccines need to be modified, but he says, new report out today show the vaccines do, indeed, appear to be effective against all of these new strains. mitch mcconnell. he wants a delay on impeachment. the senate minority leader proposing a mid-february start date for the former president's trial. no word from the democrats yet on whether they'll agree to that that's just one road block and president biden's push for bipartisanship kevin mccarthy slamming the administration on his day one orders >> within hours of assuming office, the new administration was more interested in helping illegal immigrants than helping our own citizens more interested in virtue signals to the climate activists in supporting the union workers who were building the keystone pipeline and more interested in appeasing the w.h.o. than getting to the bottom of how china released this virus to the world in the first place
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>> well, reporters also pressed the house speaker nancy pelosi on whether moving forward with former president trump's impeachment trial, achieves that unity. >> the president of the united states committed an act of incitement of insurrection i don't think it's very unifying to say, oh, let's just forget it and move on. that's not how you unify >> speaker pelosi told reporters today, she's planning to send the articles to the senate soon. cnbc elon moy in montgomery u washington tonight it sound like the same old fight. how is congress going to work together and get something done especially with impeachment hanging over the whole thing. >> reporter: shepp, mcconnell lined out that process one week from today and give those sides two weeks to prepare before the actual trial begins in mid-february senate majority leader chuck schumer said he is reviewing the plan and could give them more
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time to push for more covid relief and get cabinet in place. there are 16 senators involved, including many who helped push and break through the log jam last time. there are eight republicans, susan collins, rob portman and bill cassidy is involved, he's a doctor and eight democrats, i am told they will have a phone call this weekend with white house economic adviser over what the package could look like and the potential for bipartisan support. but some democrats are warning they don't want to spend months haggling over this this afternoon, i asked sherrod brown if he would compromise on the size and scope of the package if it meant getting republicans on board here's what he told me. >> i am hopeful republicans will want to go big, too. that's what the election was all about. that's why president biden wants to go big. i am there to do the same thing. >> reporter: so, shepp, no one
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is expecting a kumbaya moment, everyone expects to get along for now. >> where are they in confirming the president's cabinet nominees >> reporter: well, shepp, the senate voted tonight to grant a waiver to general lloyd austin to serve as defense secretary even though he retired from the military four years ago. this passes with overwhelming support from both republicans and democrats and sets up a final confirmation vote tomorrow also tomorrow, janet yellen will get a committee vote on her nomination as treasury secretary and a full vote on the senate floor could happen after that. these are signs the senate can function in a bipartisan way there is still no agreement between the republicans and democrats on how to share power in what is now an evenly divided senate. >> cnbc's elon moy thanks,. president biden's next big task will be to fix an economy ravaged by this pandemic look at these numbers.
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according to department of labor, 900,000 filled unemployment benefits just last weak already, 16 million people receive some form of unemployment assistance. that's on top of recent data that shows about 4 million businesses, mostly restaurants and gyms closed because of the pandemic cnbc's senior economic correspondent steve leishman how can president biden navigate this >> it's clear, shepp, that he has two-pronged approach the first is to address the pandemic i think he knows it's clear that there is no return to normal no ending of those terrific numbers that you just put up there, without reducing the infections without attacking the pandemic and, of course, getting the vaccine out to millions and millions of americans. that's why you get to the second part, throwing a lot of money at it, sending miami checks, extending unemployment benefits. there is no return to normal just a little context, if you don't mind biden comes into office with a
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worse growth rate than he had when he came into office in the financial crisis estimates are going to be down 3% in the 2020 but there is a big -- the one optimism for this year and those numbers you see there, they have gone up in recent days and weeks since biden proposeed that $1.9 billion stimulus plan. so a big hole to come out of hopes are high we do get out of it this year >> well, steve, assuming that the pandemic is brought under control, what is the rest of the biden economic agenda look like? >> it's pretty ambitious he has a healthcare that he'd like to tackle he has immigration he'd like to tackle and inequality is really built into all of this along with climate change. a lot of what he is thinking about economically he remind me a bit of president obama who came in with a huge agenda, but the first thing he had to do before he gets to any of that was to save the banks, which was one of the last things he wanted to do.
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>> yeah, steve leishman, live, tonight, thank you. president biden revealed new details of his immigration bill today. if passed, it will undo policies left from the previous administration the bill offers protection for children migrating from central america. meaning they can apply for reasonable or asylum status in the u.s. from their home countries. it includes hiring more immigration judges to handle asylum cases, offering humane alternatives to detention centers and changing the word alien to non-citizen in immigration laws new jersey senator robert menendez says passing this bill will be a herculean task president biden putting his personal stampl on the white house. there is cesar chavez, it's right next to several biden family photos. dr. martin luther king, jr.,
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rosa parks all prominently featured there now there is a portrait of benjamin franklin it replaces a controversial one of andrew jacksoninstalled by the former president. confused and angry, the conspiracy theorists take to social media to express their disappointment over their failed predictions. >> freedom freedom! >> doubts grow for qanon believers after president biden's peaceful inauguration. is the movement dead or just dormant? >> the support of the people how are americans feeling about their new president? steve kornacki here to talk us through the numbers. >> our system is failing it is happening now! >> plus life on the front lines. an icu nurse shares his emotional video diary for the first time >> the facts the trh.
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president biden keeping fbi director christopher wray on the job now. they made that clear after some confusion at her first briefing last night when asked, she did not confirm whether president bind had confidence in director wray. today she tweeted her response, quote, caused an unintentional ripple in that she wants to say very clearly, director wray will stay on the job. he is 3.5 years into a ten-year term followers of the pro-trump conspiracy troop qanon to them, it was never going to happen instead, qanon supporters said they believed there would be a coup on inauguration day donald trump would declare marshall law there would be milliontary tri tribunals and mass execution of
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his enemies. the former president was supposed to be in power forever. now the qanoneers are disillusioned, baffled, some giving one when mr. biden sworn in, i don't think this was supposed to happen how long does it take the feds to run up the stairs and arrest him. another wrote, it's like a kid seeing the big gift under the tree only to realize it was a lump of coal the whole time. nbc news' investigative reporter is with us now follows qanon. brandy, the whole big cult-like lie is splintering now where are the pieces following >> yeah, like you said for qanon, they didn't get mass execution. all they got was an ugly inauguration so they sort of devolved somewhere de1307bd ent like the tweets just showed they fell into three buckets one, they are staking with q
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people rallied around the wreckage and are building, moving the goal post, building a new judgment day so it's going to be in seven days or 30 days or a year. they'll keep doing that and be with q forever there are some groups recruited into more extreme groups like the supremacist channels are actively recruiting people and people are fed up and looking for an off-ramp here you can tell, hey, i spent so much time, at least with my family on this i'm over it. so >> randy, is there a top line on how all these people got caught up in this load of nothingness >> the story of qanon, is really a story with lots of chapters. so for a lot of people got involved in 2018 because it was like a sort of game on the internet, where they got to decode clues then you had people that got involved around the time of the pandemic when they started getting involved in lockdown protests and that way.
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then you had a whole new group of people that came if during stop the steal and during the idea touted by the president that the election had been stolen from him. that narrative was actually pushed by qanon largest influencer, who now has given up, actually he was the guy that ran the qanon board, yesterday, he threw in the towel. >> does anything change now that the former president is the former president >> absolutely. you know, i this i that last august we had donald trump say from the white house that qanon people, he didn't know much about them this was after they had committed major e is going to root out these conspiracy
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theories we have biden's new national intelligence say that they could play a critical role in the u.s. intelligence response to qanon and other right-wing threats you can tell after what happened at the capitol, people are taking this seriously in the biden administration >> clearly brandy, it's about time someone did. thank you. president biden's inauguration was front-page news all over the world this morning. canada's toronto star quoted mr. biden's call to end this uncivil war. frances la mond described it as hos title. italy ran the headline, welcome back, america. the west australian bid farewell to our former president with the headline, don't let the door hit you on the way out in the wake of the inauguration, china reminded president bind of the international tensions he'll have to deal with. here's nbc's keir simmons. >> congratulations,
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mr. president. >> reporter: today president biden was sworn in china ump administration offici including outgoing secretary of state mike pompeo, and two outgoing national security advisers all effectively banned from china and from doing business with china beijing asserting itself, one commentate roar with close links to the chinese government to during the election. >> this is a guy who was a thug. >> reporter: america's friends, tweeting congratulations many world leaders expressing relief. >> after four, long years, europe has a friend in the white house. >> i think everybody is excited.
4:22 am
>> reporter: the patricia ambassador to washington telling nbc news xichlt welcomed biden's new focus on alliances >> you can do things collectively together in the spirit of cooperation. >> reporter: but president biden inherits a world where america's reputation is badly bruised. from the middle east >> more peace and less confrontation, this will be good. >> reporter: to munich >> you can't just act like nothing happened just because someone else has been elected. i think it's a change for the better. >> reporter: to moscow. >> it's a very terrible situations in the united states. >> reporter: president biden has vowed to address a suspected massive russian hack of federal agencies >> i promise you, there will be a response. >> reporter: but a deadline fo lose, just four weeks away another diplomatic priority, president biden's promise to re-enter into the iran nuclear
4:23 am
deal that the white house aba abandoned. the press secretary saying iran will be a critical topic when he phones downing street. the british say they want to work with america to challenge china. shepp. >> keir, thank you a rare copy of a da vinci painting found and a devastating attack on a busy market as we go around the world in 80 seconds ♪♪ >> iraq, at least 32 people killed after twin suicide bombings ripped through a crowded market in baghdad. the attack comes as political tensions rise over early elections and a severe economic crisis no one immediately claiming responsibility but iraqi military officials blame isis. guatamala, security forces breaking up a large group of hon
4:24 am
durans they set more than 23 people back to honduras many said they left their country because the pandemic shattered their economy and the two major hurricanes and gang violence have made it all worse. a few smaller groups did manage to press on towards the mexican border, italy, police say they've recovered a priceless piece of art believed to be a contemporary copy of leonardo da vinci's savior of the world the original sold in 2015 for $450 million. based off a note on the back of the canvass, experts say it appears one of da vinci's students painted this copy in the early 16th century they found it in an apartment and he told them he bought it at a flea market. a priceless find on our trip around the world in 80 seconds. a game-changing discovery in the fight against covid, meant to be a bridge to the vaccine,
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but a study now shows an anti-body drug reduces the risk of actually getting the virus. plus a shortage of doses, shots in the arm cancelled. where we stand on the vaccine supply, an
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so join the carrier rated #1 in customer satisfaction. and get a new samsung galaxy starting at $17 a month. learn more at or visit your local xfinity store today. the former president's future on facebook is up in the air. that's what's stopping cnbc on the money. facebook reports a new
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independent oversight board will review its decision to suspend his account indefinitely the company took it offline after the insurrection at the u.s. capitol the board is charged with deciding whether to reinstate thek the decision can't be binding, meaning the ceo mark zuckerberg would be able overturn it. they will begin accepting public comments on this case next week. american outfitters is looking to close 250 stores. most of them in malls. the chief financial officer said the closures will happen over the next two-to-three years. he says the focus is growing into lingerie and active wear brand aerie. shares of american eagle up during mid-day trading. and united airlines reports it lost nearly $2 billion in the fourth quarter alone its revenue down 69% concern about the pandemic kept
4:29 am
most people grounded the ceo says united has enough cash on hand to get through the slow recovery but that the vaccine rollout will determine the future of the entire airline industry on wall street, the dow down 12 the s&p up 1 the nasdaq up 74, pushed higher by amazon and apple. i'm shepard smith on cnpc. it's the bottom of the hour. it's time for the top of the news president biden promising to accelerate vaccine production using his defense production act. he says it will help fix the issue with supply chains like a shortage his team has been critical how the previous administration handled the rollout. the new cdc director casting doubt today on the promise of having vaccines in every pharmacy by february >> i don't think late february
4:30 am
we will have it in every country. we said 100 million in the first 100 days and we're going to stick to that plan but i also want to be very cognizant of the fact after 100 days, there are still a lot of americans who need vaccines. >> the help can't come soon enough some students reporting they're rung out of vaccines san francisco and new york both warn they could be completely out. this week. nbc news' gabe gutierrez is out. >> i hope you are right. new york city is running out of the coronavirus vaccine. this is one of 50 sachs nation sites forced to temporarily close. some first responders are now having to suspend their first doses and the mayor of new york city says that at least 23,000 vaccination appointments will need to be resoulard >> how frustrating has this progress been?
4:31 am
>> it's painful is the word i want to use. frustrating and painful that 23,000 people couldn't get a vaccination because the supply didn't arrive. >> how soon before new york city runs out of vaccine? >> this week this week. >> what's been the biggest issue over the last several days that's caused these appointments to be cancelled? >> just sheer lack of supply we, we believe the supply would increase over time as more and more production was ramped up. what we found it levelled off just when we were able to to more vaccinations this is why i believe it begins and ends the supply should have increased every single week. and we found that we hit a wall quickly as we got more and more vaccination sites up >> at least 12 states are reporting shortages. some are rolling back
4:32 am
eligibility requirements the governors of ohio, iowa and wisconsin, for example, are asking for federal help, today florida even issued a public health advisory limiting the doses to florida residents as for new york, the governor says the supply could run out by tomorrow they are awaiting shipments any day. the mayor says it could take weeks, not days to clear up the backlog. >> thank you a potential new weapon in the fight against covid. they show eli lilly's drug can reduce getting covid in nursing homes. so far the drug is only authorized for people who already contracted the virus eli lilly now reports it can be used as a preventative measure nursing homes, of course, the hardest hit. less than 1% lives in a long-term care facility. yet this tiny fraction of the
4:33 am
count accounts for nearly 40% of the des. what's the data show us about this drug? >> well, these results are being called remarkable when given as a preventative drug to residents of nursing homes, it was shown to reduce getting the disease by as much as 80% lily tested in this setting because of the devastating burden on nursing homes through this pandemic. they had to get creative and used mobile vans to bring it to facilities how do you use a drug that prevents covid when you try to rule out vaccine lily says it can be used in a targeted way immediately administer anti-bodies to protect people from getting sick. it would replace vaccination remember, these drugs were due as a bridge to the vaccine they were cleared for market in november
4:34 am
for high risk at being hospitalize because of their age or underlying health conditions. with this class of drug that was used to treat president trump when he got covid. that was another medicine from regeneron. now, the trump administration purchased millions of dose as a key part of the covid response it's been hard for people to access them. these drugs are given by iv fusion you have to get them within days of first getting sick. the biden administration doesn't appear to be supplying them. >> i think if you're well resourced and networked and you needed to get a monochromal. i was able to get some for a colleague in l.a. today. but i know how to do that. right. so is this the answer to this pock i worry that it's not. >> but we haven't heard them weigh in on these new results. >> meg terrell, hope's ahead,
4:35 am
thank you. pfizers says it's willing to sell its vaccines directly to the states if the federal government approves the move the biden administration said they don't want states competing with each other. dr. mortgage maccholesterol land w -- mcclelland. when will this no longer be an issue? do we no e >> sheppard, that supply will be increasing not probably enough to keep up with the large number of americans who really want to get vaccinated now you remember just a week ago, there was a big gap between the vaccines that have been produced and distributed to states and the number of shots in arms. what has been really remarkable is how many states have been able to catch up and reduce that gap. but now, we're seeing that with more science and a vaccine opening up, some excess demand
4:36 am
kicking in, and i do think the new administration will set a goal of a million doses per day, we have been at that level the last couple days i think people will expect a higher level of vaccine distribution and administration. it will be challenging i think the supply will be there to vaccinate even more than 100 million americans. >> i hope you are right. you are on the board, of course, of j&j as i mentioned. dr. fauci says its vaccine approval is likely weeks away. it's only one shot but there have been reports it's behind schedule production what should the expectation be for how the j&j will help the rollout? >> sheppard, the most vornt vaccine is that the clinical trial that's going on, very large scale right now to see just how effective the vaccine is, to make sure it's safe and the independent scientists
4:37 am
overseeing that study should be seeing a close look in the very near future based on those results. we'll see how that vaccine could go forward i do know that j&j is making a very large supply on going all out with its production, both here in the u.s. and elsewhere around the world with the goal of having perhaps enough vaccines for 100 million americans by spring. by this april or so. so that will make a big difference in supply availability over the coming weeks and months, if the clinical trial does work out >> dr. mcclelland, i hope so nice to see you. thank you for your time. you know, the nba pulled off a successful season that ended with the lakers championship championship the cancellations racking up as the league struggles to keep players on the court. when president obama entered office, democrats controlled the house and the senate, similar story for president biden now.
4:38 am
but the margins are much tighter. coming up, robert gibs former press secretary to president obama on walking the line, plus three national guard members killed in a helicopter crash what people heard nearby on
4:39 am
. three troops killed in a chopper crash andrieioters target a political office. on a cnbc trip coast-to-coast.
4:40 am
new york a helicopter crash kills three members of the new york national guard. it happened last night near rochester chester. authorities say the soldiers were flying a blackhawk medical evacuation chopper they were reportedly on a routine training mission when something went wrong people who live near a crash site say they went sputtering before the chopper went down oregon, eight people arrested during anti-government demonstrations in portland cops say the charges include everything from rioting to reckless burning at least 100 miami, mostly dressed in black marched through the streets hours after president biden's nothing racing they carried banners that read, we are ungovernable and a new world from the ashes police say they vandalized the i.c.e. building and the headquarters of the state democratic party north carolina, gold star families getting priority access
4:41 am
to this newly-renovated ocean-front lodge. it's just steps from a beach near camp le jeune this suite has two bedrooms, who bathrooms, incredible views, it used to be for senior enlisted marines. now relatives of service members killed in combat get the first choice a. gesture of thanks for their sacrifice on this cnbc trip coast to coast. the nba is struggling to keep games on the schedule because of covid today they postponed the memphis grizzlies next three games they are calling them off because contact tracing and unavailable players on the roster the wizards not doing much better they had their friday game postponed for similar problems that team hasn't played in the last ten days. the league's already postponed 20 games less than a month into the season meantime, the miami heat announced plans to allow a
4:42 am
limited number of fans starting next week. the arena includes safety measures that include a mandatory mask rule and to dogs that are our-legged covid detectors. california health officials are questioning the use of a moderna vaccine. they told medical providers on sunday not to use doses from that batch because some people had allergic reaction. the health officials launched a safety review. now they say the batch is, indeed, safe and can be used immediately. huge news, because that decision frees up more than 300,000 vaccine doses. president biden entering office with a plan and a purpose. unite this nation. but is the public really ready to give him a chance steve kornacki has the numbers and he was the man behind the microphone for part of president obama's first term in effect the former press secretary robert gibbs on taking
4:43 am
advantage of the oni
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president biden comes into office with the promise of uniting the country and easing the pandemic those among the issues on which he'll be judged in the coming weeks. right now, it's too early for job approval ratings, but there is some insight on where the president stand with the american public. steve kornacki at the big board with all the numbers. >> yeah, you are right no job approval ratings for joe biden. what we do have, this is interesting, his handling of the transition to the presidency so since the november election basically until yesterday, he's a poll out this week asking how do you approve of joe biden's handling of the transition period 67% of americans, that's a pretty broad majority there say they do approve of how biden handled the transition i think it's notable you go back four years in time
4:46 am
donald trump during his transition period. the approval rating for him was only 40% so this is significantly higher bind compared to trump. if you look at all of the other modern presidents here this was their transition rating a. question asked over the years here you see the biden number is a tick lower than we've seen with past presidents, but it's significantly above that trump number as well >> hey, this is typically the honeymoon period or that's what we've always called it for incoming presidents. how long does it usually last? >> what a great question we will find out, when you say houstonmoon period, this is the high water mark for recent presidents look at that, jimmy carter up at 75%. all of them were very popular. then along came donald trump this was his high watermark. totally different, only 46% for trump. that was his houstonmoon it never got better. he never got above 50% his
4:47 am
entire four years inoffice we will wait to see to get numbers on biden but is he getting that houstonmoon we've seen with previous presidents, or what happened with donald trump in that polarization that took hold, is that going to rear its head with biden as well. we will look closely when we get those approval numbers for biden. >> steve kornacki, thank you, sir. for now to robert gibbsch he knows a thing or two about the honeymoon phase, former press secretary for president obama. robert, thank you. it's great to see you. >> thank you. >> in these early days what's the most important thing the president needs to do, to keep his agenda on the rails >> well, i think you are seeing it one is the prioritization of those issues, really tackling what congress is worried about and what the american people are worried about, doing it in an outreach in a bipartisan fashion i think is important as well, keeping congress inform. i think joe biden is a creature of the senate. he understands what that good outreach looks like and they
4:48 am
want to be kept in touch with. they want to have an impact on what's going on. so i think all of those things will speak to the success that joe biden can have over the next 100 days >> he needs republicans to get some things done but he's also feeling the push now from his left, from the progressives in his own party, threading that needle will be hard where do you start >> well, i think, good marks for the outreach and the selection around personnel the progressive part of the party felt like they were listened to, if even if he didn't pick every person that they wanted. but personnel was really important to them and that was impactful in making a strong impression i think you see day one sending an immigration bill to congress. the entering the paris climate accords again and making climate change such a big and impactful thing. all of those big markers for the
4:49 am
progressive left and something again, in order to keep everybody on board, there is no ma gin for error you can't lose in reaching out to republicans you also can't lose in keeping your party involved. >> but heard kevin mccarthy ticking off all those things like they came from satan there. if you look across the republican landscape, is there a place? are there a group of people? are there people that have certain issues they are into on the republican side with president biden's, all of his ties over the many decade, who he might be able to say, c'mon, let's do this? >> i think we heard it called the coalition of the willing do i think there are, particularly in the senate, a group like lisa murcowski, the senator from alaska or susan collins from maine that i think they've got an lot of outreach i think they'll continue to get it i think it's smart to watch biden talk about an issue say like vaccine distribution. it's something that isn't a partisan issue everybody wants to see that
4:50 am
vaccine rolled out as quickly as possible we're all hearing from friends and relatives that want to get it that unites the country in a common cause, to make good progress and legislators, quite frankly, want to be a part of that >> on the impeachment trial, robert, how much trouble is that going to be for the president getting outreach to republicans? and do you think there may be a bit of a delay here? despite what leader schumer says >> well, there certainly could be i think that will be an interesting thing to watch as they organize the senate and as they organize this trial, and through impeachment, i do think it's been interesting. the white house has been pretty dead set that they're not going to get involved in what the senate should do in terms of a penalty and you will see whether or not they can continue to walk that tight rope and push that question off particularly in the briefing room because i do think they want to make sure that they've focused on the issue agenda and that outreach >> president obama had bigger
4:51 am
numbers while controlling the house and the senate are there lessons from that period he got some things accomplished. he failed on other things. there are some lessons from that, that this biden administration can take? >> absolutely. i think so look, the numbers create certain strategies and i think given how really small that margin is, there isn't a lot that biden and his team can do understanding a senate that's 50-50 with ties broken by the vice president i think you will see again as a cree closurature of that body o senate, understanding the outreach that's necessary to get people on board. the things they want to hear the types of things they want to be involved in, watch again how they prioritize those issues in addition to vaccines things like infrastructure that unite democrats and republicans. >> robert gibbs, rocking a beard and just about everything you need, it would appear, for a
4:52 am
great room rater score good to see you again, thank you. >> thank you texas has now recorded sad to report tonight more than 2 million covid cases since the pandemic started yesterday alone, in texas alone, 25,000 new cases we go inside one of that state's hospitals, where an icu nurse tells us what's happening there would bring a grown man to his
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