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tv   Worldwide Exchange  CNBC  January 22, 2021 5:00am-6:00am EST

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it is 5:00 a.m. at cnbc global headquarters, and here is your top five at five. futures, they are trading lower right now as investors look to close out what's been a recording setting week for the stock market r. and a rough run, bitcoin dropping below the 30,000 mark, the all time high it set earlier this month. breaking news as president biden preparing to issue two more executive orders today with a focus on the economy we'll bring you the details of those orders next. under pressure, shares of
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tech giants intel and ibm both trading lower this morning after quarterly results and commentary plus, more bad news from bond fans, one of the most anticipated movies of the year delayed yet again and it's not alone. it's friday, january 22nd, 2021, you are watching "worldwide exchange" right here on cnbc top of the morning, i am dominic chu in for brian sullivan stock futures pointing to some modest losses at the opening bell dow lower by roughly 250 points, the s&p lower by 26, and the nasdaq down by 71 points as well the nasdaq has been an out performer. treasury yields, meanwhile, with
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some slight movement here. you can see benchmark u.s. treasury note yields a hair below 1.1% the two-year note yield slightly higher to 1.25%, and the 30-yearlong bond, 1.86 percent. we have more on the markets in a moment first, we have breaking news from washington, d.c the biden administration saying the president will sign two executive orders today, both focused on the economy the first executive order will deal with food assistance. in part increasing the emergency snap allotments, that's food stamps, for lower income families it will also include items on workers safety, specifically saying that workers have a federally guaranteed right to refuse employment that will jeopardize their own health. the second executive order includes a plan to promote the push for a $15 minimum wage.
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it will direct agencies to review which federal workers are paid less than $15 an hour and develop recommendations to promote a $15 per hour minimum we've got more on those. those are two executive orders there. for more on today's other to do list in washington, d.c., let's turn you to nbc's tracie potts, and tracie, there's a lot going on now let's take us through what else we can expect. >> reporter: well, a number of things, including those executive orders we'll break those down a little bit more for you, and on capitol hill, the senate considering some of joe biden's nominees, his cabinet nominees, including treasury secretary nominee janet yellen >> waiting for action. >> reporter: president biden offering hope. >> help is on the way. >> reporter: and a warning. >> we're still in a dark winter of this pandemic it's going to get worse before it gets better. >> reporter: he's predicting half a million covid deaths by next month
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rolling out two new orders today to provide economic relief one expands food stamps and other government assistance, including direct payments to the neediest americans it pauses debt payments for veterans and underscores the right to turn down jobs that put a person's health at risk. the second order establishes a $15 minimum wage for federal workers. the white house says he's eager to work with republicans >> they are looking for engagement they're looking to have a conversation they're looking to have a dialogue, and that's exactly what he's going to do. >> reporter: but republicans question the president's priorities. >> the president can and should refocus his administration on creating good paying american jobs. >> reporter: and the price tag >> we have to get serious about how we're spending taxpayer dollars. we already have more than $27 trillion in federal debt >> reporter: biden wants millions vaccinated quickly. >> getting 100 million people vaccinated in the first hundred days is quite a reasonable goal.
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>> reporter: but at least a dozen states say they don't have enough vaccine now, here on capitol hill, we know that the senate is looking at pushing president trump's impeachment trial into february, which could give them more time to deal with these cabinet nominations. i mentioned janet yellen, we're expecting others, including retired general lloyd austin who's gotten a waiver that will allow him to serve as the nation's first black defense secretary. he could come up for a final vote today as well. >> a busy day on the washington agenda for sure. tracie potts in washington, d.c. thank you very much for that. now to this morning's top corporate headlines, rahel solomon joins us with those. good friday morning, rahel. >> happy friday to you, dom. good morning shares of ibm, they are trading sharply lower. revenues falling 6 1/2%, missing wall street estimates. this is the fourth quarter of sales declines earnings did top expectations. dom, i know you're going to be talking to an analyst who covers this stock in the next half hour, so more details to come
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there. more insight there also trading down this morning, intel, that was despite better than expected earnings in revenue. down about 4%. an upbeat outlook. investors are talking about comments from the ceo, most will be manufactured internally the company is now investigating a possible hack that may have led to unauthorized access of a graphic in it quarterly results statement. intel says once it heard reports of a hack, it decided to issue results a few minutes before originally scheduled and shares of cnooc dropping, after announcing it will delete the oil giant from indexes added to an economic blacklist by the trump administration last week, and shares are down about 5 1/2% back to you. >> thank you very much rahel solomon we'll see you later in the show. back to the markets, futures are down this morning but stocks have been trading at record highs this week as investors continue to hold on to vaccine and fiscal stimulus hopes while
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navigating the early days of the earnings season. for more now, i am joined by chuck sell, chief investment officer at i sector. thank you very much for joining us this morning, is there anything that shocks you about what's happening with the markets? we know that the economy faces some hurdles, yet stock investors power markets to record highs what gives >> well, it's certainly the market has been discounting that everything is going to go well in the whole vaccine situation, and it's all about the vaccine at this point. we have done analysis that says we have to have 3 to 4 million vaccinations a day in order to get 80% vaccinated by june, and even the biden administration is saying that they're trying to get 1 million a day. they could have about a third of a million a day. we're concerned that people's expectations of how quickly we'll be back to whatever is called normal is going to happen >> this is very much the taylor swift shake it off market, has been for years now at this point. there are a lot of worries out
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there. what's front and center besides the idea that covid could have flare ups and the vaccination process could take longer than normal what else is out there that we should be worrying about >> well, again, once the georgia results were in at the earliest part of this month, then there was a view that there would be tons of stimulus out there and as you've already reported this hour, the question is how much will there be and certainly the 1.9 billion doesn't look like it's going to happen and even at 900 million, how much stimulus is that really for the economy, and will it get us through until we have everyone vaccinated we question that and, again, we think that the market is too exuberant for that. >> so the market's too exuberant. it arguably has been for a while. we've got a situation these days where the markets are at record
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highs, people are getting paid the least amount in terms of yield to hold junk debt that they have on record. what exactly then does power the next leg higher. it seems as though we're running out of positive catalysts. >> and we think that you are running out of positive catalysts. there are some structural things that the market could start focusing on if an infrastructure deal looks like it's going to happen that could be a catalyst for the market also, we would not discount the move to clean energy clean energy is a big part of how the biden administration wants to approach the whole climate change situation, and if clean energy becomes a focus, everything that has to do with clean energy in a number of different sectors will probably be emphasized. >> there's also been a case being made right now that the u.s. markets are elevated, perhaps arguably even over
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valued are there other parts of the world in emerging markets or developing market economies that present better values compared on a relative basis to what we see in the u.s.? >> we have already seen emerging markets do quite well in the 4th quarter through today, and the reason why is that i think there's a view in the marketplace that many of these markets, especially in asia, have been ahead of the u.s. as far as containing the virus. they still look cheap, but the developed market internationally looks very cheap when you look out at price-to-book basis versus the u.s it's almost historically cheap so we think that emphasizing high quality companies and funds in the developed market is going to be not only a winning way to invest this year, but certainly over the next three to five years, those are going to be some of the best markets out
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there. >> chuck self at i sectors, thank you very much. have a nice weekend. >> thank you, dom. clean energy stocks, speaking of jumps this week on expectations of new policies coming out of the biden administration, what investors need to know and should know, that's coming up next. as we head to break, check out some of the biggest premarket movers, spb, up 5%, cf industries, and xlinx, and you'll see ibm, seagate and intel, three of the laggers. stay tuned, a busy hour ahead when "worldwide exchange" returnafr isre s teth bak these folks, they don't have time to go to the post office
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three of the new biden administration, week three of 2021, and clean energy stocks are off to a very strong start reporter, pip pa stevens is here to take us through some of the big winners, and clean energy has been a huge, huge focus for many investors. >> that's right. clean energy coming off a record 2020, both in terms of performance as well as investor interest, and that momentum showing no signs of slowing down falling costs, greater adoption, esg investing among the driving factors here, and then of course president biden on day 1, he reentered the u.s. into the paris climate agreement, really
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setting the stage for clean energy to be a priority throughout his administration. so getting down to some of the specifics and some of the top outperformers, take a look at shares of sun power. the residential solar installer up 35% this week, 69% this year. wind blade manufacturer tpi composites rising 11% this week, 30% this year, and then you can't really talk about the surge in clean energy without touching on the fuel cell stocks so plug power, really quite a volatile stock here. it's been known to swing heavily in either direction, but shares of plug power up nearly 90% this year, as investors bet that hydrogen fuel cells are really the future, dom, even if it's still a few years away at this point. >> pippa, it's a 79% run for plug power on a year-to-date basis. we're three weeks into the year. given how much these types of stocks are up in terms of valuations, how are they
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looking? is there really that muchmore up side ahead, it seems as those the risk/reward tilts more toward downside, right >> yeah, that's a great point, and there's certainly a lot of investors saying after this big run higher, valuations really do look stretched you know, i spoke to one investment manager the other day who said that he foresees a pullback coming, and he mentioned that he didn't expect these stocks to rise more than 200% last year, and he didn't really forecast that type of return for this year that said, he remains optimistic on the space, and there's still plenty of value to be had according to wall street analysts this week, for instance, j.p. morgan reiterated its overweight rating on shares of sunrun, and sunnova, that continue to drive these stocks higher, and morgan stanley issued coverage on solar edge
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the companies makes inverters, which are referred to as thet ig coverage on end stage energy, and joins the s&p 500 earlier in month. it's the first pure play solar name to be added to the bench m mark index, so really a vote of confidence for the company and clean energy truist saying that end phase has a strong leadership position, a premium product in the space that's just taking off. >> catching a lot of investor eyes with returns like that in just a few week's time, and a few month's time pippa stevens thank you very much for joining us. we appreciate it. still to come up on the show, amazon with a pop up vaccine center. and glaxosmithkline getting fda approval for its long acting hiv injection, given to adults once a month
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this is the first approved treatment of its kind. stay tuned, you are watching "worldwide exchange" right here on cnbc. today's big number $26 trillion that's how much the top 20% of u.s. earners hold in public equities and mutual funds, according to the federal reserve, making up about 87% of all publicly traded stocks research it's customized home insurance from liberty mutual! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ what if you could have the perspective to see more? at morgan stanley, a global collective of thought leaders
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♪ you know the beat, right, it's taylor swift it's a live shot of new york city in times square it's very early. not a lot of stuff going on. still the bright lights of the city beaming on this friday. let's check on this morning's other top headlines. frances rivera is in new york with the latest there. good friday morning. >> hey there, we made it to the end of the week. we start with the senate that could confirm the first black defense secretary today. the house and senate overwhelmingly approved a waiver for retired army general lloyd austin to serve as president biden's pentagon chief austin required four years ago, three years short of the seven required by law to take the job without a waiver the full senate vote on his nomination is scheduled for later today. after a fortress of security surrounding our nation's capitol, national guard members will now be leaving d.c.
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15,000 will be sent home within the next ten days. 7,000 will be kept until the end of the month. senator bernie sanders has been a viral social media meme since appearing at the inauguration i'm sure you've seen it all across your feeds. you've got him sitting crossed arms in knit mittens, and a mask and a parka. and the hall of fame museum is getting in on the fun, creating a commemorative bobblehead, the doll costs $25 the best thing about this is there's an app that a grad student made on google maps so you can type in anywhere you can type in cnbc and englewood cliffs, dom, or even your home address, and the bernie meme will pop up right there. it's the coolest thing it's the best thing to come, one of the best things to come out of the inauguration. >> i know full well what it is, because in addition to all the other memes popping up everywhere, even my own social media feeds have been plugged up with people putting bernie sanders and his mittens next to
5:23 am
me in the studio or next to me somewhere in a telestrator, so it's going up everywhere now, and i don't get the allure of it, but still. we'll see what happens. >> it's hysterical, it's marking your time, your place in history in your career, right. >> brands are of course seizing on that opportunity as well. frances rivera, thank you very much, have a nice weekend. >> you too. the white house says president biden will sign two executive orders focusing on the economy today. we'll get the details from our own eamon javers coming up next, and as a reminder, you can watch or listen to us live on the cnbc app. "worldwide exchange" is back in just a moment. these folks, they don't have time to go to the post office they have businesses to grow customers to care for lives to get home to they use print discounted postage for any letter any package any time right from your computer all the services of the post office plus ups only cheaper
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. good morning, red arrows to end the week as stocks look to take a breather from their record high levels president biden preparing to issue two more executive orders today with the focus on the economy. we'll head to washington, d.c. for the details there. and tech trouble, shares of giant's intel and ibm both trading lower this morning an analyst tells us why those stocks are in the red. it's friday, january 22nd, 2021. and you are watching "worldwide exchange" right here on cnbc ♪ ♪ ♪
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get into a friday kind of mood here. welcome back to the show, i'm dom chu in for brian sullivan this morning he's how your investments are looking, halfway into the 5:00 a.m. eastern time pointing to losses at the opening bell, the dow implied lower by roughly 215 points. that's been just about where it's been over the last half our or so. the s&p 500 implied lower by roughly 23 and the nasdaq down by 62 as well. check out what's happening with bitcoin. it's been all over the place, but to the downside over the last few days, the digital currency plunging 15%, just yesterday alone. it went below the $30,000 per token mark of course it has quadrupled in value the past year. bitcoin is, get this, down 30% from its all time high that we hit just earlier this month. 31,109 on the metrics platform
5:28 am
look at what has been developing over the near term over the last three months, a bigger rotation into value oriented sectors energy stocks up 36% in the last three months financials up 20, 21%. meanwhile, communications services has been a laggard on a relative basis remember, those are the big internet media companies check out what's happened over the last week. we have seen a reversal. now, all of a sudden technology stocks and communications services stocks, companies like facebook and netflix, and alphabet have now surged back up to that lead that particular sector is up 5%. technology is up almost 5% meanwhile, you've got a drop of 3% in energy, and a drop of 2% in financials. maybe a little bit more of that rotation coming back towards the favored type stocks that we saw all of last year, and arguably the last five or six years and by the way, look at this on a year-to-date basis google, alphabet, the parent company of it, netflix, apple,
5:29 am
megacap technology, and communication services, those up netflix up 6%, and apple up 2 1/2%, so megacap technology, it worked last year, it's worked for the last five to seven years, perhaps investors taking a little bit more of a look of those types of stocks in these particular weeks heading into 2021 now to washington, d.c. where president biden is set to sign two executive orders focusing on the economy. eamon javers joins us now with those details. we've got two of them out there. they're both about the economy take us through the details. >> yeah, that's right, dom we're going to see the president in the state dining room at about 2:45 this afternoon, going through these two executive orders the first one is focused really specifically on covid. the biden team is worried right now about people who are going hungry in this country as a result of the pandemic, and they want to boost a lot of the programs that help keep people from starvation, so a couple of things to look at. the first one is they're going
5:30 am
to ask the usda to boost what's called the pandemic benefits electronic transfer, a pandemic specific program they say that they're going to need to boost that to more than the current amount, which is $5.70 per child per school day they say that's simply not enough to feed hungry children with good nutritious food. they want to be able to boost that at usda they are going to low states to increase s.n.a.p. allotments and ask treasury to expand and improve the delivery of stimulus checks there are about 8 million people who didn't get stimulus checks last year when those checks were sent out due to a variety of ways of slipping through the cracks they're going to try to boost that process as well, and allow workers to refuse unsafe work and still receive unemployment that's something they say is just a fundamental right that workers ought to be able to have in this pandemic time. the second one is focused on federal workers and contractors.
5:31 am
the second executive order that we'll see assigned today, restores collective bargaining and revokes some of the trump era executive orders on the collective bargaining issue. it promotes a $15 an hour minimum wage for federal workers and contractors. not going to get there because of the bureaucratic process. they're going to start the ball rolling toward making sure the federal contractors and workers are getting the $15 an hour minimum wage that's something the front line workers in particular simply deserve in this pandemic era when they have been working so hard to keep the country going, dom. >> so we have those orders getting signed now i also want to bring up this notion here of this massive fiscal stimulus that we have still in the works right now we are learning here at cnbc that there are some early critics on the republican side with regard to the $1.9 trillio price tag. i am seeing senators lisa murkowski of alaska, and mitt romney of utah, they're the bipartisan type folks and they
5:32 am
want to get things done. they have challenges to the $1.9 trillion price tag. how exactly are these negotiations going right now >> well, first of all, the executive orders you're going to see today are separate from that negotiation, right, i mean, what the white house says is this is just things that they can do immediately to help but it's no substitute for the 1.9 trillion that they want to have passed up on capitol hill. we're going to see brian deitz, the new national economic director, he'll be in the briefing room walking through all of this. i think you're going to hear him speak directly to that, and i think you'll get some of the politics from jen psaki, the white house press secretary, and what psaki has said is the president is savvy about the senate, spent 30 years there himself. they know what comes out of the process is not exactly what the president sent up there, but they're optimistic that all of the things that the president says need to be done are going to be done what psaki said is they didn't
5:33 am
just decide on 1.9 trillion and fill the bucket until they get that number. they went and looked at what they felt they needed to do and ended up with a number of 1.9 trillion and if the congress wants to cut, what are they going to cut basically, dom, what you're looking at here is a negotiation. republicans on the hill saying they think there's too much money here, and the biden white house pushing back and saying, okay, if you want to cut something, tell us what you want to cut and who you want to hurt. so that's the political process that we're going to see play out. at the end of the day, what comes out of this process, whatever it is, is going to be less than what biden asked for the biden white house knows that, and there's going to be a negotiated process here, whether it's south of 1 trillion or north of 1 p.5, that's the question right now, and the republicans saying we're not going there. >> negotiations 101 there, eamon javers with the latest out of washington, d.c. on the executive orders and the $1.9 trillion stimulus plan out there. thank you very much for that well, the biden administration wasting no time
5:34 am
dealing with the coronavirus pandemic as well the president signing executive orders jump starting his strategy including mask mandates now, this comes as amazon is now offering assistance to the administration with the vaccine rollout distribution the tech giant will open a pop up covid vaccine clinic in seattle this sunday with a goal of administering 2,000 vaccines to eligible patients joining me now is nyu school of medicine's associate professor dr. debbie, you know her as dr. debbie we have talked to you so much about what's going on here let's talk a little bit about whether or not the vaccine rollout can be and will be done more efficiently than we have seen in the first couple of months. >> i hope so i mean, i think just generally, with anything new there's going to be a learning curve as we move along, things should get more efficient, and on top of that, we have a more comprehensive plan
5:35 am
the more community resources, amazon is a big giant, biden's plan includes community centers and getting more smaller practices and smaller local resources involved, so i think that that's going to be more efficient and effective as well as things move forward but we are still going to have some hurdles and obstacles, so the issues that i see as we move forward are some of the same things that we have had as we started this process as well i mean, there are issues with actual manufacturing of the vaccine. it's not going to appear just instantaneously, so that's still going to take time in terms of the vaccine right now we have two vaccines, moderna, and pfizer. now, moderna has to be frozen. pfizer has to be ultra cold, which means it's stored at minus 70 degrees celsius, which is extremely difficult to do. only certain centers or hospitals can actually store the vaccine that at level, and in terms of shipping, it has to be contained on dry ice so that also makes it very difficult to transport and store
5:36 am
and then administer, which makes it logistically difficult for patients to be able to get there are some logistical issues in terms of being able to order the vaccine, so that may still be present i mean, for example, i'll just say this comes in viles of 975 units. so if people open it up, they actually have to administer the 975 vaccines at once, within a certain time period. pretty much that same day. so if you don't have 975 people to administer it to, then whatever doesn't get administered will go to waste, which seems like, oh, 975 people should be easy to find, but then you have debate about who actually qualifies to get the vaccine, who's on tier 1 who actually is over 65. who's a health care worker who gets priority, so we have some issues with that as well, which has led to vaccines going to waste and then cause people to actually order less vaccine because they don't want to have
5:37 am
an issue related to either having vaccine going to waste or having to dump the vaccine, right, and then we have uncertainty. lots of forms of uncertainty >> sure. >> so that also has caused issues. >> it sounds ridiculous to say or think that you're throwing away vaccines that could be viably administered to somebody. you're a medical doctor, you work at nyu. you've also got a private practice can you take us through some of your own experiences with regard to the vaccination protocols and practices? are you yourself administering them are you planning to? what exactly are you doing as a doctor in your capacity as a medical professional >> i have received the vaccine through nyu, and then i've actually, through my private practice applied to be a vaccine center, a distribution center so we can give it to our patients, but there are issues with that so in order to become a vaccine center, you first have to get registered now, if you're a primary care office or a pediatrician's office and you already give
5:38 am
vaccines, then you may already be in an immunization registry, but right now, you know, for example, we treat patients with cancer-related pain and other things we don't usually give vaccines, which is true for a lot of the community resources that the biden administration is looking at to help with this process so if you think about it, even with a web site to be able to become a vaccination distribution center, there are technical issues with the web site and what i have noticed is with the city, the help desk, the number that you call is the same number that everyone in the city, whether it's people who are calling about the vaccine or health care providers, it's the same number, so you can get into a big logistical backlog and have issues trying to call for help, so i think in terms of staffing, there are administrative burdens, so some of these issues, you know, can be addressed further, and then there are technical issues in terms of we're still being asked to volunteer elsewhere to help administer the vaccine. >> sure. >> which i think a lot of health
5:39 am
care providers are happy to do but it's a lot easier to actually volunteer in your own setting, in your own health care setting, versus to volunteer in a completely different setting, and the advantage of doing it in your own setting is there are a lot of people who prefer to come to their own doctors' office because they trust their doctor, they know the setting, they might not have to worry about long lines where there might not be as much social distancing, of course, and maybe being exposed to other covid patients, or sickness, whereas if you go to some of these large sites, you might see other people who have the illness as well, and symptoms and you're not sure what you're going to be exposed to i'm not trying to make people worried, but these are things people have concerns about. >> right of course, i mean, there are obviously a lot of issues out there for sure we're working through. dr. devi, we wish you luck in that campaign. come back to us and let us know. thank you very much for coming on the show with us. >> thank you. looking to sell a home right now, you're not alone, but how do you stage it during a
5:40 am
pandemic it could help make or break your outcome for a sale diana olick joins us with the inside scoop coming up next. first, as we head to break, some of your other headlines, google's parent company alphabet shutting down its internet balloon business alone, the goal was to provide a less expensive alternative to cell towers the company says the business was not commercially viable. a federal judge denying a motion from parler to force amazon to resume providing web hosting services for that conservatively oriented social media outlet parler sued the tech giant after it was removed from its servers. and bank of america is planning to pay its employees special bonuses for their work throughout the covid-19 pandemic the lender will give $750 to eligible staff who earn $100,000 or less on an annual basis, while higher paid employees will still receive a stock award.
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stay tuned "worldwide exchange" will return right after this change is all around us. shaped by technology and human ingenuity, we can make it work for you and your business. ♪♪ these folks, they don't have time to go to the post office they have businesses to grow customers to care for lives to get home to they use print discounted postage for any letter any package any time right from your computer all the services of the post office plus ups only cheaper get our special tv offer a 4-week trial plus postage and a digital scale go to and never go to the post office again.
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welcome back, in just a few hour's time, we'll get the latest read on home sales for the month of december, and yesterday we got the numbers on housing starts showing the strongest new starts in over a decade demand is high due to the pandemic, but not every home will sell very easily. buyers want a very specific house these days, and sellers have to change things up,
5:44 am
remarketing, restaging, and even renovating to appeal to those specific buyers. diana olick joins us now to show us how. >> reporter: real estate agent patricia ruiz has been helping sell homes for 15 years. she's starting over, reimagining and remarketing the homes she's listing to a pandemic minded buyer. >> covid has definitely changed how we do our jobs. >> former living rooms, dining rooms and basements now have to be staged as home offices, home classrooms, home gyms. >> because quality of life has changed, people view their homes differently since they're spending so much more time there, that a feature like a home office or a finished basement would have been nice before, but now it's a necessity. >> additional bedrooms or kit kitc kitchenettes, are multigeneration living options
5:45 am
compared to 11% before that, according to the national association of realtors. they found that 56% of homeowners who sold after march were in the suburbs, compared with 48% pre-pandemic. outdoor space is also a premium, and that means more drone shots to feature play areas and pools. empty nester brenda doherty and her husband are about to list their new jersey home for sale they think selling now will actually be easier >> we wanted to jump on this phenomena of selling during a pandemic, simply because under normal circumstances, our house is a little bit less desirable. >> the house has three bedrooms, but one is in the basement, which most buyers don't like now, it and other rooms will be staged differently >> i'm hoping that somebody sees our house, sees it for the potential. >> reporter: now, that potential can now translate into a very big sale price look, the record low supply of homes for sale has buyers out
5:46 am
bidding each other, but only if the home is shown just right with the kind of things that today's buyers want. january is not usually a very hot time for home sales but the pandemic has thrown out all seasonality. for example, last weekend, a home just three blocks from me in d.c. went on the market, and by tuesday it had eight offers on it. it ended up selling for well over asking price, no contingencies and, dom, it went for all cash because it was beautifully staged and it had everything that today's buyers want, especially one bedroom turned into a home office. >> i'm hearing the same kind of thing. i was literally this week, speaking with a very good friend of mine from college she and her family have recently relocated to tennessee she's a realtor there in the nashville area she says houses are coming to market, and it's within days that they are selling for above asking price it's almost like the biggest challenge right now for agents is getting more supply on
5:47 am
market, con vvincing people to u their houses on market i guess my question is this. how much should people spend, how much should i spend if hypothetically, i want to remarket and reimagine my home, and stage it for somebody out there to buy what do i have to spend on that? >> well, look, you don't want to break the bank and a lot of agents right now are doing their staging for free as part of their services some of them have the in-house virtual technology, and it's great to be able to show the house in many different ways virtually because a lot of people are searching online. you don't want to put too much in today's buyers are not looking for a project. they don't want to have workmen in their house, so they want a home that's ready for them to move in, turnkey, they don't have to do anything and that has all the features that you're going to need during a pandemic. when we come out of it, things may change a bit, but for now, that's what they want. >> strong demand, food for thought on the home market diana olick, thank you very much we appreciate it. bond delayed, burger deals
5:48 am
and a high flying wine service rahel solomon is here with more on your top trending stories that's quite the collection, rahel. >> quite the teease. i know good morning, dom. the next james bond film has been delayed for now a third time "no time to die" was set to open on april 2nd mgm has announced that it will push the release date to october. t originally slated for april of 2020 and delayed because of the pandemic now black widow and two fast and furious movies set for may fingers crossed. mcdonald's is throwing back to 1985, throw back deals where every thursday customers can place an order in the app to get items like cheese burgers and shakes for $0.35 or less can't get much these days for $0.35. the prices are a throwback to their finding in 1955. customers do also have to purchase another item of at least $1
5:49 am
the offer goes until february 18th, a week before the chain drops a new crispy chicken sandwich. you can get wine delivered from american airlines that airline has so much leftover wine that they're launching a new wine delivery subscription for $99 a month the company hopes the program will bring in 40 to $50,000 in sales in the first three months of the year, dom >> such sense, right, if people aren't flying, there's all of this inventory that they have. they need the cash these days. i guess my issue is would you buy wine from an airline if you could buy wine from an experienced wine seller anywhere else right. exactly. >> there are two points. first, yes, people aren't flying so they have the leftover wine, but also for those who are flying, a lot of airlines have suspended inflight service to minimize interaction between the agents and flight attendants and customers. if you sign up for the subscription program, you get miles. maybe they're hoping the miles
5:50 am
will incentivize you to join they get the money and you get the wine win-win. >> for sure. rahel solomon thank you very much for those trending stories today. still on deck for the show, ibm and intel are two of the biggest stock losers this morning. we're going to talk to a tech analyst, lisa ellis, to lls y.te u that's coming up next. hi, i'm r and i want your best new smartphone deal. well i'm an existing customer and i'd like your best new smartphone deal. oh do ya? actually it's for both new and existing customers. i feel silly. but i do want the fastest 5g network. oh i want the fastest 5g network. are we actually doing this again? it's not complicated. only at&t gives everyone the same great deal. like the samsung galaxy s21 5g for free when you trade in.
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welcome back to "worldwide exchange." ibm shares falling sharply in the after hours session after the company reports a revenue decline of 6% on a year over year basis, the fourth consecutive quarter of declines for the company. earnings per share did beat analyst consensus estimates. joining us now is lisa fourth quarter of 2019wen sales year over year, but the
5:53 am
trend in sales declines has been in tact. is that the key number that investors are focusing on right now? >> that is that was the really weak spot. they missed consensus by a solid 2 1/2 points on revenues in the quarter. and it was really widespread weakness ibm reports across eleven different sub segments and nine of the eleven were down in the quarter. so not a lot of, you know, bright spots in there. if i had to call out a couple that were particularly weak, their big infrastructure services business, the piece that they're spinning out later this year was down 8% in the quarter. that was a steep deceleration. the last three or four quarters it's been running down about 4, so that doubled, down 8. and then the other one was in the cloud and cognitive services business that's their big software business there was a -- that business was
5:54 am
down about 7% in the quarter and constant currency, and that's a very high margin, high profit business, so that's also particularly painful. >> so this is, you know, relatively new ceo, arvin chrishna taking the helm he does come from the cloud side of the business. what exactly does ibm have to do to get investors excited about the particular company and its portfolio of offerings again, is it more in that push towards cloud? we know how well it's done for other companies like microsoft and of course amazon >> yeah, that is and i mean, arvin is on the right focus areas. he's extremely focused on returning ibm to revenue growth. he's very focused on revitalizing free cash flow because as revenues decline, you know, free cash flow declines often even worse because there's a lot of restructuring involved, and they need that free cash
5:55 am
flow to make these investments, but, yeah, they're very focused now on hybrid cloud, that's with the redhead acquisition they made a couple of years ago they're trying to pivot ibm to being very focused on hybrid cloud, which is this concept for very large enterprises where some of your i.t. is still run in house from your data centers while some of it might be run out on a public cloud, and ibm wants to be that fabric, red hat's got a key product that's that kind of fabric that helps manage and run clouds that are sitting across these different environments, and that's where they're really focused, and look, that segment, i mean, red hat grew about 17% in the quarter. that was a healthy number. it's been very solid the problem is it's just really small. it's a 4, $5 billion inside of all of ibm, which is about 80 billion in revenue >> so what's the most important thing that ibm needs to do in this coming quarter to make sure
5:56 am
that people understand maybe, yes, it takes time to write the revenue side of things, but we're moving in that right direction. what are the key metrics that investors need to watch? >> yeah, so the single most important one is the performance of cloud and cognitive solutions. that's their big software business, and specifically within that segment called cloud and data platforms, which is what houses red hat and all of the rest of ibm's cloud products, that segment helped by red hat is kind of running growth in the low single digits right now around 3%. but that is the best indicator for investors of what that health is of that underlying hybrid cloud business, which ibm is really betting their future on now >> lisa ellis at moffitt nathanson, thank you very much for that we appreciate your thoughts. have a nice weekend. >> terrific. thanks, dom. the dow implied lower by 245
5:57 am
points at this stage, the s&p down by about 27, and the nasdaq down by 75 markets slipping from their record highs we saw just yesterday. that does it for us here on "worldwide exchange. "sawbo pksquk x"ic up the coverage coming up next. have a nice weekend. they have businesses to grow customers to care for lives to get home to they use print discounted postage for any letter any package any time right from your computer all the services of the post office plus ups only cheaper get our special tv offer a 4-week trial plus postage and a digital scale go to and never go to the post office again.
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good morning, the biden administration announcing two new executive orders one on food assistance for struggling americans, the other a push for a $15 minimum wage. we'll take you live to washington tough quarter for tech companies ibm and intel shares are sharply lower. we'll show you why may have something to do with results. and it's been a volatile 24 hours for bitcoin. the cryptocurrency briefly dropping below 30,000.
6:00 am
below 30,000 still pretty high, isn't it. it's friday, january 22nd, 2021, "squawk box" begins right now. good morning, everybody. welcome to "squawk box" here on cnbc happy friday, i'm becky quick along with joe kernen and andrew ross sorkin, and we're watching u.s. equity futures, a little bit of a different picture this morning. you are going to see some pressure at this point dow futures indicated down by about 233 points the nasdaq is off by about 75 and the s&p down by 26 we haven't seen red arrows in a while at this hour yesterday, you did see both the s&p 500 and the nasdaq set new highs once again with new records. the dow was down, but just barely it was only down by about 12 points again, there is considerably mo


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