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tv   The Exchange  CNBC  June 17, 2021 1:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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stay it has a huge amount of momentum, parks are reopening, police me plus are moving. my three girls had mini mouse on all day today. disney will be all right >> steve weiss >> fedex the fundamentals couldn't be better. >> farmer jim, quick. >> alaska airlines >> all right another call on that one today does it for us "the exchange" is right now. >> thank you, scott. hi, everybody here's what's ahead. the inflation trades are collapsing today the fed getting a little more aggressive we will tell you what moves to make and why it is happening. a lot of people have been piling into esg stocks what is an esg. plus, a rapid fire, jessica alba's stock slide, and a soda snub let's check on the markets turning into quite the
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afternoon. dom is here. >> slowing momentum. i am not moving coca-cola bottles aside, how the markets slowed down. we have moved towards the low of the session. the dow is down only 245 points. the s&pdown about eight points, the nasdaq is a big focus for a lot of traders today it has been outperforming all day, up more than 1% at one point here right now giving up about half of those gains still, though, 14,112 the last trade there. one of the propellants of that nasdaq trade has to did with the semiconductor trade. it is slightly ahead of the overall market however, there have been a couple of names driving this whole thing. it has been amd. it has been xilinx, and nvidia these three stocks are helping propel the gains in the semiconductors
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up today watch those. then the stock of the day is so far, jp morgan, bank of america, region's financial, and zions bancorp. banks are sensitive to interest rates. interest rates are pulling back. and tightening with regard to the overall shape. they are down in today's trade a. hangover from yesterday's fed meeting. >> at the same time, doc echoed what david tepper said this morning, his whole point should be the fed should start tapering later this year. and it should help the banks more than it hurts this is the trading pattern that prevails tie the nasdaq outamount offence, chips or otherwise to the whole trade in the market. it is a little bit the deflation
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trade. when growths gets scarce, nasdaq stocks get more attractive more of the stay-at-home trade from last year. >> straight up interest concerns during the rise that we saw earlier this year we saw many of the growth toxi, technology and communication services media stocks lose steam. when it comes to higher interest rates it changes the assumption how you value the stocks going forward and what their present value is today higher interest rates mean lower valuation. now that interest rates have backed off maybe that's a factor driving the valuation trade back to the upside >> well put. we have talked about the link between tesla and the ten-year as a perfect example. let's check on bond market which is becoming the story of the afternoon with the ten-year yield going back to where it was before the fed meeting yesterday. there it is at 1.48%
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it spiked above 1.5 before the decision it is back to where we began rick santelli has more what do you make it of >> it doesn't surprise me. yesterday' knee jerk reaction to the up side or how the equities reacted makes sense. there was issues with the dot plots that might have surprised investors that we pulled some of this forward in the really big picture i think most real fixed income portfolio managers and large institutions understand the notion of really believing that rate hikes around coming to 2024 or 2023 pulling them forward it is about outcomes w. the heated economy, it is 7% gdp most likely you are going to see many of these issues come towards the front much sooner in a time frame but today in particular, the dollar index being so strong, this put down ward pressure on commodities. if you were to put a crp index or lumber prices or gold prices
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next to the ten-year treasuries you will see some of the correlation there. as we see inflation issues mod rating, it is having a soothing effect on into rates but that does not mean there isn't going to be some bite, residual bite the inflation down the road we don't know. but what we do know is commodities, whether it is china or the strong dollar which of course leads to the softer commodity prices -- we are not exactly sure what the catalyst is, but the relationship between watching the commodity tries come down, strong dollar and low interest rate is something to pay attention to i believe getting back above 1.60 is going to be very difficult. if many of the listeners and viewers use that as a pivot as we have been talking about the last eight weeks it keeps you on the right side of the ten-year. >> rick, let me follow up with this here's what's so different about this environment we have been spending all year basically so far talking about the risk of the taper tantrum,
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right in back when bernanke first talked about the taper happening within a few meetings we saw the ten-year almost double that was back in 2014. powell was not close to that yesterday, but it is obvious will he a hawkish take that the market has walked away from this meeting with why is that sending the ten-year lower and not higher in other words, what is it about the feds's hawkishness yesterday that's sending bond yields lower as opposed to the hawkishness that won send bond yields up. >> first of all the entire question is predicated that we should put significance to when we look at a screen and see a 1.57 yield or 1.48 yield i will continue to contend that looking at a ten-year under 1.50 or a ten-year at 1.67 -- all of those are distorted views. and the dynamics and logistics of who is buying, who is selling, and how the yield curve -- in other words, that
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five-year kneeled that mike santoli has been talking about has been very firm long dated is more appealing to some of the buyers, especially global buyers. i think you will continue see this dynamic matter of fact i think some of the worst curve steepening might be in the rearview mirror. >> rick, appreciate it with stocks pulling back after the fed raised its inflation forecast for the year and moved up its time lion on hiking rates my next guest says there are stocks you can buy in this environment before i ask you which stocks, let me ask you what kind of an environment, are we picking stocks for an inflationary environment or deflationary environment in what paradigm are we in post this decision >> yes that's my very short answer. i think you want more than thatning the short-term we do have inflationary factors. i think the fed was really explicit in trying to tell us
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that this is a reopening sort of phenomenon and guess what the u.s. is first in reopening we are going to go around the world. and each region is probably going to have their own version of the reopening trade, which includes some inflation as well. so, you know, that's just a heads up there i think the longer term, and you know, since i have been in this business, which is 1999, it has been disinflationary and the two elements that are driving this disinflation worldwide environment are this -- technology which we know i love, and that was my first career and secondly, globalization. we can't get rid of either one of these we can't unwind that so we are stuck in this temporary inflation environment. but the underlayment is disinflationary. >> okay. so that all said, let's boil it
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down to some stock picks that you think will do well what names come to mine? >> sure. well, if you are afraid of inflation look for names that have good brand recognition that they can pass along increasing costs to their buyers. to me that says consumer discretionary, especially since we are all pretty much tired of clothing that we have had probably since 2019 and we didn't buy anything for a while. so i am looking at companies like vf corp, which has advance, the north face, and timberland as some of their hallmark brands and they are very well thought of and people want to wear them. so that gives them some power. >> fair enough, that's vf corp you also have micron and xilinx. >> yes. >> explain that. i man -- maybe that's the same kind of idea but very different part of the market. >> well, it is but it is the nerd tech market,
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right? and specifically, it's 5g. we really believe that 5g is in its implementation fiz and that going to last for years. we like playing the whole idea of a theme for years, not just months that why we love 5g. xilinx in particular especially -- it locks like it is going to be bought by amd they got the big thumbs-up there today. that's good. but they create products that enable, you know a hard wire to connect to a cell tower. >> yes. >> that is just going to be used tremendously i think amd did well in buying that company. >> if thinking about inflation and deflation makes your head hurt, just think about 5g and the winners there today. kim forest with boko capital partners. lordstown down by almost two
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thirds since peaking in february look at thatdecline. axios calling lordstown the quintessential business fee yasco after cancellations of business orderers and this week's departure of the cfo and ceo. dan, i thought you made interesting points about the merits of the spac model versus an ipo would an ipo have caught some of these issues before they hit the market >> maybe in general, yes. one of the reasons people like to go public via spac is because they can give forward looking projections out three, four, five years without liability if you are going out via traditional ipo you have to go out two years and if you are wrong you can get sued about it. the other piece of lordstown, its executives past and present keep misstating the facts about what is happening in the
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business. >> dan, the new leadership says we can do september. we are going to show you what we have got if we are going to run out of cash we might as well pull out all the stops and make the most of what we have got had the meantime what do you make of that approach >> that's what they said on tuesday. they have already walked back other things they said on tuesday having binding orders for their trucks they are not actually binding orders the way we all think of binding orders it is hard for me to understand this company you either have an order or you don't have an order. it is a simple thing i think most businesses can understand it. lordstown motors can't seem to do it. the old ceo and cfo got booted because they misstated stuff about preorders. now a new group just in the last two days screwed up already. >> what happens now for lordstown, this was a company we kind of pinned a whole narrative on it was taking over the shuttered gm plant in the midwest. it was going object the rise of
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evs coming to the rescue of this industry now gm is doing pretty good, right. >> yeah, and as you say, this is a company that lot of people had a lot invested in, literally and figuratively honestly, right now it is september. can they actually roll trucks off the assembly line in september? do they have enough cash to do it they first said we don't have enough money to get there. then they said we do have enough money to get there over the past week or so, the company hasn't had anybody come in to give them money given the lack of confidence really i think we are in a wait and see. if he can pull this off in september, great if they can't, this is a company on the edge of not existing him in and having the facility shuttered. >> does the s.e.c. need to change the safe harbor issues so that companies have to be more transparent when they are going public the spac way? >> yeah, they should i don't think there is even much disagreement on that
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the problem is timing. the s.e.c. came out last week with kinds of its calendar when it was going make changes to vary rouse things. on spacs they said they would come out with a proposed rule next april you know when you come out with a rule when you are the s.e.c. it takes a couple of months to leave for comments, and then they get it through. pacifically, they said you have got the next year whatever you want to make public. a free for all the next queer. >> while we are working on this you can more or less party on. maybe it is up to investors to be more discerning dan good to have you. coming up, specifying ford gm, their multibillion dollar investments in the ev space are really adding up we will bring you the eye popping numbers and why investors aren't getting spooks. it is not easy grading green w. the increased focus on environmental, social, and corporate governance issues why are their still no standards on
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welcome back to the exchange, everybody. gragd companies on their esg performance is not as straightforward as you might think.
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christi partsinevelos is here. >> money pours into these stocks that get excellent grades. but the ratings used for esg indexes are almost comically varied these charts compared the ratings between six well-known esg ratings providers. in governance, the correlation is pralk practically nil among these priors in other words one rater's opinion is of no guidance at all for what another's will be walmart is high at .72 with one. another gives it .25, 1. being the top score.
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many passive fund managers as well as researchers argue esg stocks outperform the market but scientific data researchers argue the added value is inflated and that these companies outperform not because of esg ratings but because the companies are more transparent and have stronger balance sheets all this research shows two things one, ratings can lead to inconsistent stock performance and passive investing may not be the best way to encourage good behavior gist yet. but a crackdown could be coming as both s.e.c. and uk government said they are looking into better defining green investing and creating industry standards. how long will that take? who knows? how many other countries will follow suit? who knows. >> it is critically important because they have been debating whether to put esg funds into 401ks. before anybody puts their life savings into anything that has no standard -- what you are saying is there is no standard
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of performance can you can't measure that standard of performance. first, pell don't know the fees thatter with paying for it you don't know what to measure it against and you don't know the metric of performance. environmental and social and corporate governance might not have something to do with one another. if a company has a good rating on e but not on g, is it an esg stock or not >> if two companies get at score of .7 that sounds great. bun company may do well at lowering greenhouse gas emissions but is deplorable when it comes to social aspect. maybe they are hiring child labor or something like that versus another company that focuses on improving corporate governance, they have a great board, and the government pace low. but they are polluting the world. yet they have the exact same score. people looking into it have to
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take of the one step further look at the subcategories to see which ones align with your goals. even that, the methodologies are not the same for those scores. it is a really tricky industry we were trying to narrow it down i am not an esg expert or anything but they are trying to narrow it down and it is still a process. hopefully government will help to create quigs. it is tough. >> i take this as a good sign that there will be true standards that come out of this. there is companies like exxon that qualify and should a company like facebook belong is this so many questions that should be answered by all of this. the clean energy stocks are some of the most popular strads going into this year they haven't done that well. the clean energy etfs have crashed down from their highs. the first trust nasdaq green edge green energy fund, how about lower boy 8% in the year of the shortage, the economist is warning of green
1:22 pm
bottlenecks and how they could threaten the clean energy business let's bring in a guest from the economist. is part of the problem that we are trying to transfer the world the clean energy faster thanwe can successfully pull that off. >> yes, there is a bottleneck problem. it is not the one you times hear in order get the clean energy supply moving faster we are going to have four or five or more times the level of investment in various renewables electric vehicles and other technologies what we are running up against is good problem in a certain sense. scaling. shortages of battery metals. the metal for wind middle and other things needed for distributed energy
1:23 pm
bottle necks there is plenty of esg money but it is a question of finding enough targets and scaling up fast enough. >> all of that said, there is a line here that says the overwhelming priority must be to catalyst a bigger surge in primary investment explain that. >> there is no problem of market failure here in my opinion some people think, you know, there is a problem with the market and clean energy. this is really a question where if we had regulations that allowed sensible faster approvals for example, for transmission lines, for citing of clean energy products -- at the moment it can take ten years, transmission lines require sometimes county by county approvals you get a lot of him inbyism and local interests and activism clogging it out. we don't have a federal approach like the highway system that we were able to build we need to get our ducks in a row in terms of dealing with the
1:24 pm
red tape that gets in the way of some of the transmission and clean energy citing. if we were to get a regulatory framework and also a clear policy central that investments in clean energy would work in the marketplace the margaret would solve this problem a carbon tax congress is probably to the going to pass one, certainly not this year, but some form of clear long term signal that carbon prices matter it can some in some other way than a carbon tax, that would give the mardi gras more confidence that the investments are going to pay off. >> it is a worthy read a reminder in a lot of ways a lot of goals that have been conservative goals on the regulatory problem are being married with the goals on the left i would say the general public wants to go green or go clean. there are a lot of strange alliances being made in pursuit of these goals vee vey, good to speak with you. from the kms. coming up, from search
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engine to store front, google is opening its first brick and mortar store today we will take you inside. plus this stock is tanking after reporting its first quarterly results as a public company. it's down 30% from its recent ipo. can its celebrity founder turn it around? coming up. hey lily, i need a new wireless plan for my business, but all my employees need something different. oh, we can help with that. okay, imagine this... your mover, rob, he's on the scene and needs a plan with a mobile hotspot. we cut to downtown, your sales rep lisa has to send some files, asap! so basically i can pick the right plan for each employee... yeah i should've just led with that... with at&t business... you can pick the best plan for each employee and only pay for the features they need.
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welcome back to the exchange i'm re hall solomon. here is yourself cnbc news update the senate's top republican is rejecting a voting rights compromise proposal senator mcconnell says a plan supported by senator manchin sill retains the quote rot encore of a voting rights bill. and on the news tonight, election laws and infrastructure spending. a new study suggests that the covid death rate among black patients would have been lower if they had access to the same hospitals as their white peers researchers looked at data from 44,000 medicare patients and found that if black patients wereadmitted to the same hospitals ads white patients their outcomes would have been about equal. a reopening pullback new federal highway data shows americans drive 5% fewer miles in april than they did in march. it is still up 55% from a year ago figure. >> thank you so much.
1:29 pm
lock at what's going on in the markets right now. the dow is down 407 at the lows. but we have come well off that we are down just under 200 points at the moment and the s&p 500 just turned positive are they all listening to david tepper who said the stock market is going to be just fine the the nasdaq is leading the way with .8% gain. individual movers. roblox is trying to stage a comeback after yesterday's 8% decline after they reported a decline in number of users arc invests ceo kathy woods is buying the dip, scooping up $11 million worth of woe blocks shares yesterday read more about her moves on shares of amc are moving higher, they are nearing their all-time closing high from two weeks ago. tonight, opportunity into a very
1:30 pm
special edition of fast mop as they look at what's driving the price action on amc and talk to some of the bigst players in the trade. lets tonight at 5:00 eastern on "fast money." google's retail play, oil, but make it fashion, and oil fizzes on coke it is all coming up on rapid fire we are back in a moment.
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welcome back, everybody. lets catch you up on stories that should be on your radar it is time for rapid fire. injog me, deirdre bosa, rahel solomon and bob pisani google is aiming to create a space where consumers can buy pixel phones fit bits and so forth. you can get help with software products like chrome or gmail. still this company gets 80% of its revenue from online ads. dei deirdre, what is this really about? >> experimentation this is just the latest big tech company to experiment with brick and mortar this is one store. the company can't even say if more are under way 80% of revenue is advertising. it is moving deeper into the hardware space
1:34 pm
we have seen a similar move by amazon, pop-ups and experimenting with retail stores that's my read it is an experiment. it is across the street from an apple store in chelsea we will see who gets more foot traffic. >> rahel >> it is experiential, but also we are seeing retailers diving into helping consumers experience their products. we saw it with lulu opening the massive store in chicago i believe it was i think it is interesting, it is a way, really for consumers, even though google doesn't make a ton of money off of hardware it is a way for consumers to get in there and really experience how their products work. i think it is a cool concept >> we are all google people whether we like it or not. gmail, maps -- i agree with you, i don't know what i am going in there before but i would love to go in, i think it would be interesting to check it out.
1:35 pm
bob, maybe they got a break on rent. >> i think there is less than meets the eye. they sell digital ads. that's what they do and they are opening a physical store what is happening in the store you are going the look out, here is our google phone, our thermostats, what are they going to do with this information in they are going to digitize it and you are going to get pop-ups on digital ads based on what you see in the store and they are going sell your information. it is the same basic idea, now they have got a physical person to go around and help gather the digital information. >> all that said, i was thinking it over whether i was going to opt out of the apple thing with the ios upgrade. i opted out of every app that asked me if i wanted to be tracked across other apps. how could you let it happen? >> maybe you like the ads. i like bob's take. it is cynical but i like it.
1:36 pm
they have to open up stores everywhere to make up for the privacy changes. >> last word, bob pisani >> me cynical? oh, dear re contract. >> rapid fire is only getting started. >> no, no. >> let's talk about the honest company. it is having a bad day right now. in its first quarterly report since going public last month jessica alba's company reported a smaller than expected loss they beat wretch expectations but reported a operating loss of $1.4 million compared with an operating income of $700,000 the previous year. they attributed this performance to increased sales of disinfecting products last krer. a hangover effect today. shares are down 8.5 fundraise. they have slid about 30% since their debut. it has been a rapid fire topic before people say jessica alba has enough star power that she could move the company to the next level just by using the
1:37 pm
production on social media and creating a -- is that possible >> i think the company is based off of clean ingredients, sustain. i think those are topics that are envogue. i think the stocks reaction today might be an overreaction there is only one sell -- or even hold rating on the stock. that's not about the fundamentals it is about a lack of catalysts moving forward i think jessica alba is a great ambassador for the brand embodies the clean look. but i think it is what skin care brands are trying to employ more of consumers are looking for more clean more natural looks with makeup we hear it across retailers n the ulta call. i think they tapped into what consumers want right now >> we often see a company goes public, excitement, a narrative, shares go higher and then there is a hngover especially after
1:38 pm
the first report and then it almost tells like the real starting point for how the stock is going to do. >> i agree i am going to shock deirdre and be sentimental i think jessica alba should pause. i think her team has done a fabulous job of execute asking getting to this point. this was their first public report the stock is down. i don't think it is that important the stock reaction she has sflly created a bran age. the brand is let's have children exposed to less toxic products that is a noble idea i certainly support the idea and she's been able to execute okay, they are losing money this year they have a shot at break even next year. it's only $16. this company compared to some companies we talk about is a model of corporate propriety i think it is time to stop, take a bow, good job, jessica alba, and your whole team. >> bob pisani! deirdre? were you listening deirdre >> i love this warmer side of
1:39 pm
bob pisani now i will play bob pisani and look at the cool hard numbers. diversification. the honest company has done a really good job with this. nappies, diapers and wipe, that segment made up 70% of revenue in q1 of last year this quarter just 61%. that is progress they are getting more into makeup and household and wellness i think when you look at those numbers that is a right spot. >> a mention here of boot barn fit this one in and then we will talk about what's going on with coca-cola. boot barn is getting a buy rating today on rising oil prices here's one way i guess in which higher oil prices can be a good thing. citi talking about the correlation wean high prices and demand for work clothing for oil work workers boot barn trading half a% higher it has more than tripled from its ipo last year alongside the oil price move i don't know, bob, if there is too much to say about this beyond the fact that, you know,
1:40 pm
there is always a basket of stocks that woe say do well -- they are always texas-based companies. it was the line on nordstrom for years. i guess it still holds. >> i would be -- look, they make great boots. i have been in their stores. i would be very cautious about throwing a lot of money at a company primarily tied to the oil and gas industry i mean, 50% of sales are cowboy boots very much tied to that particular industry. that's a great product, but it is a fairly narrow niche i am not saying anything nasty about company. i am just stating a fact. >> rahel, go ahead. >> bob, to present a different side of that, cowboy boots -- this is also not my thing, but cowboy boots are making a comeback you see that from one of the analysts, texas rodeo season is coming back. the new york post had a story
1:41 pm
about celebrities wearing cowboy boots with swimming suits so they are coming back you heard it, not here first, but it is coming. >> trend sitter jish lipton has been wearing cowboy boots for years. i don't think they are from boot barn i think he has upscale ones. they are making a comeback if he is someone to go on. and i never heard of boot barn, i did an instagram search for #boot barn i the not see a oil or gas worker i saw 44,000 posts by influencers at a lot of bachelorette parties. >> i think you could make it work with suit just saying. >> with the bathing suit or with the suit i am wearing now? >> no! >> i think i will stick to mycole hans. >> we will move along to topic four soccer star christiano ronaldo is causing a stir off the pitch. at a post game news conference
1:42 pm
he moved the soda bottles away from the podium and grabbed for a water bottle and tom brady tweeted almost like the veterans know what they are doing. >> coke said players are offered wart alongside coke and coke zero sugar on arrival of our press conferences. it is surprising that the stock would move on this it can be news to anybody that two of the fittest athletes on the the planet are not chugging the stuff. >> i agree i think the stock was down 5% after he did that. i don't think it is a huge surprise but i wondered when the news came out if he was making a very -- you know, he was making a statement about it >> sure. >> i was wondering does he have a beef with coke not surprise and tom brady, the way he eats and takes care of his body well
1:43 pm
document not a huge surprise. but the way he did it felt dramatic i wondered if there was something there. >> i wonder if he will have to walk it back, bob. >> here's an interesting question on the one hand this is much ado about nothing. you can say the guy went off the reservation a little bit on corporate endorsements on the other hand, he didn't sign an agreement with coca-cola to do global advertising he is not under a contractual obligation to cave coke in front of anybody's hands however, there may be a non-disrargement clause in his contract i don't think coca-cola will pursue that. >> deirdre, the last word on coca-cola, cole hans and anything else that happened in rapid fire today. >> and josh lipton's boots on the ronaldo story, as parent i was happy to see this move
1:44 pm
my 5-year-old is starting to watch soccer, football, and to see one of the biggest stars push away a sugar-filled drink is impactful for a younger generation growing up and getting to know the products that could be damaging. >> guys thank you all today. really fun deirdre bosa, rahel solomon and bob pisani. william's health company organize none shares are down 70%. the company just closed its first acquisition and with the women's health market expected to grow, we are going to speak with the ceo about where he sees the next opportunity down 7% since that spin-off. back in a moment
1:45 pm
1:46 pm
welcome back women's health is often overlooked by the pharmaceutical industry, but it has recently garnered more interest in investment the global women's health market is projected to reach over $41
1:47 pm
billion by 2027. organon a women's health company spun off from merck is joining in the trend we have kevin ali, the ceo >> kevin, thank you for joining us your first time with us. of course having just spun off from merck june 3rd. tell bus the combination of assets that you took from merck. you have got women's health, biosimilars and something you are calling established brands, sort of older medicines that didn't make sense for merck. tell us why they make sense together for roganon. >> great to be with you. on behalf of the 9,000 founders of organon, we are celebrating two weeks since our bell ringing ceremony at the new york stock exchange worry going hit the ground running. it is a women's health focused company. they are significant needs out there. we have a vibrant reproductive health business and contraceptives and fertility
1:48 pm
we have an opportunity to be an advocate for women's health assets yesterday we closed on our first deal, the lydia health acquisition to solve the issues around post partum hemorrhage one of the leading causes of death in women following child birth. we have biosimilars business custom is a growth component and our established brands business, which is a stable group of products we will continue to provide oxygen to the system so we can ultimately do business development and mature the product line >> tell us about the reception from wall street it has been two weeks. is stock is down it diverged from where you have seen merck trading since the spin-off is this a story, women's health, in the importance area and growth area is that a story that's hard to sell on wall street >> in all of our conversations with investors out there, as
1:49 pm
well as analyst, i think everybody believes in the fact there is a clear night a time for women's health company to be born in the world today to address needs. let's talk about a few of them uterine phi rhoids only 20% of those cases are diagnosed and treated effectuallily. menop menopausal ymptoms, for which there is no treatment. we can be an aggregator of some of those assets. i truly believe as we start to deliver on our guidance quarter after quarter and action on some of the business development opportunities we have, people will start to see, investors will start to understand the value in this business going forward. and we believe that the time is right for a company like organon to be given birth to. >> a lot of folks on wall street focused on your largest product
1:50 pm
in women's health which i believe is the contraceptive device sales dropped during the pandemic what are you expecting in terms of that rebound? >> you know, when you look at unintended pregnancy rates in the united states it is hovering around north of 40%. it's screaming for innovation in the space of long term contraceptives this is a product growing double digits prior to the pandemic we see more women coming back boo the clinic tonight wanting access to long acting reversal contraceptive. there's an opportunity to extend in the united states it is growing. we feel there's really a lot of momentum behind this innovative opportunity to essentially get your unintended pregnancy rate down with innovation
1:51 pm
>> another thing we hear from investors is to see major m&a from you guys to kick start gr growth. >> we have done a lot of benchmarking to understand what's out there we see about 140 assets in various stages of development right now. this is fertile ground for our company to be an aggregator of those assets one we acted on and very, very bullish alidia we believe that's understood represented in terms of what we can do to pull it into the organization in the u.s. and then throughout the world and making a product available to the rest of the world, to women that need this but also, when you start to think about the other assets out there, listen, peak sales of $300 million, $400 million may not move the needed but it does for organon.
1:52 pm
but ultimately we are a purpose driven company we put women at the center of everything we do, listen to the issues and agnostic of a therapeutic or a device. we will solve the significant unmet needs that have long gone unmet. >> we appreciate you being with us thank you. >> a pleasure. thank you. >> thanks to you. still ahead, investors are buying in on electric vehicles when will the massive enngspdi stop being a positive? we'll explore that after this.
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watch out, tesla nearly every automaker has plans to make battery plants and making electric vehicles phil lebeau has the numbers. phil >> they come to us from alex partners a firm tracking not only ev investments in the u.s. and around the world listen to this through 2025, the auto industry is planning to spend $330
1:56 pm
billion with a "b" on ev infrastructure component architecture now 330 billion up 41% here's the reason why we're seeing this money pouring into building new assembly lines, equipment into the plants that will cost billions of dollars. because the ev sales will be surging over the decade. it really ramps up '26 to '30. when you look at u.s. ev sales you are looking at 25 million vehicles most believe you look at at least 24% to 25% of the auto sales being ev worldwide and models for sale that will be electric is ramping up from
1:57 pm
here today the automaker canoe which has yet to start building the vehicles that it plans to sell over the next several years said it's going to put a plant in prior, oklahoma, just outside of tulsa. shares of ford have been moving a little be the after the company said q2 it will be better than many people expecting but remember they're going to be cutting the production in half for the quarter. kelly? >> absolutely right. a good summary of where the spending is going. that does it for "the exchange" today. coming up, is there a dotcom bust coming at us? we'll look at the similarities to 2000 and the names that could be the next amazon or the next that's next after this
1:58 pm
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