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tv   The News With Shepard Smith  CNBC  July 1, 2021 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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how much is this again-- a million bucks? you know, maybe i'll just buy one of these. everybody's going to die. (sharks laugh) see you next time. "the news with shepard smith" starts now test. new tonight, the bodies of two children pulled from the collapse in florida. i'm shepard smith. this is the news on cnbc >> this is a hot verdict for us. >> bill cosby set free the disgraced former tv icon released from prison after the pennsylvania supreme court vacates his conviction for aggravated indecent assault families hurting, rescue workers still searching for survivors. >> we continue our search and
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rescue efforts, 24/7 without stop >> the growing legal push to uncover what caused the collapse, as more bodies are pulled from the rubble criminal charges expected against the trump organization what the company faces, and why more indictments may be coming donald rumsfeld, dead at 88. the former defense secretary and original architect of the war or terror the heat wave turns deadly new documents in britney spears' court battle and toasting pride, with queer beer live from cnbc, the facts. the truth, the news with shepard smith. >> good evening. bill cosby walked free today after the supreme court of pennsylvania overturned his assault conviction, leaving his accusers stunned cameras captured cosby returning
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to his home outside philadelphia, just hours after the ruling came out. the judges pointing to a vast violation of cosby's due process rights in the decision so what happened well, more than a decade ago, a prosecutor decided not to charge the actor. cosby agreed to testify in a civil case. and during that admitted giving quaaludes to a woman he was pursuing. that became key evidence in the subsequent criminal trial. the judges ruling that should not have been used, writing he must be discharged and any future prosecution on these particular charges must be barred we do not dispute that the remedy is both severe and rare, but it is warranted here, indeed compelled. they say he cannot be re-tried on these same charges. his attorneys said today he never should have been charged in the first place of the bill cosby came out of his house with his lawyers today, who talked to reporters there. cosby was silent but later gave an interview to a radio station.
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>> this is for all the people who have been imprisoned wrongfully, regardless of race, color or creed >> mm-hm >> because i met them in there people who talked about what happened and what they did, and i know there are many liars out there. >> his accuser in this case, andrea constand said she is disappointed and hope it is does not discourage other women from coming forward in 2018, a jury convicted cosby of three counts of aggravated indecent assault against constand constand accused him of drugging and sexually assaulting her in his home in 2004 bill cosby has denied all accusations of wrongdoing and said his contact with constand was consensual he served three years of his three to ten-year sentence more than 60 women have accused of sexual assault.
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and at the time the cosby conviction was considered the first major win for the #metoo movement david, where does this case go from here if anywhere? >> shep, i think the basic answer is nowhere. in theory, it could be appealed to the united states supreme court, but the supreme court's very unlikely to take this case up because it largely circles around state law so i think this is it. bill cosby's not going to face prosecution. >> likely shocking for many in the public to read on social media, it was. were you surprised >> i am surprised, because basically, the court carved out a new rule which means that when a prosecutor make as public statement that he's not going to prosecute an individual that is correct is correct, that is equivalent for a deal for immunity.
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they didn't say bill cosby's innocent, and they clarify, this prosecutor made a deal under the table not to prosecute him because he has been sued in civil court. this is an instance where two wrongs don't make a right. >> was this a strong case for reversal, david? >> i don't think there was a strong case for reversal, shep, because i've never seen a court do this before it's legal for detectives to lie to suspects. prosecutors make misrepresentations on a regular basis trying to get convictions. i'm not saying it's right, but the time they chose to clamp down is on a victim of sexual assault. >> how rare is this for a vacated decision >> i can't think of another example quite like this off the top of my head what's important to point out is the supreme court said they had a problem with the way the evidence was used after bill cosby gave a deposition in a civil case what they could have done was said it was wrong to use that
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evidence, so we're sending this back down for a new trial without admitting that evidence during the course of the trial that's what's surprising that it didn't happen. >> david henderson, thank you. some of bill cosby's other accusers are reacting today the rosemary connors now, she covers the trial for nbc 10 philadelphia what are the other women saying? >> well, shep, i was in that courtroom for both of cosby's trials and listened to the testimony of the accusers. it was raw the emotion was palpable and tonight many of them are sharing disappointment but making clear today's decision was not about cosby's guilt or innocence one accused cosby of drugging her when she was 19 years old and said it was a miscarriage of justice. this is about procedure, not about the truth of the women another accuser told the "new york times" she had been preparing for this possibility but was still stunned, saying,
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quote, i'm feeling sad because this was absolutely a perceived loss on my part. many were in court avevery day, and so was gloria allred earlier today, she held a news conference slam ng >> because hming theot decision >> because he is not in jeopardy of being criminally prosecuted, he will not be able to invoke his fifth amendment privilege against self-incrimination in our case so he will be compelled to answer questions under oath in our case >> as mentioned, shep, cosby's conviction came at the height of the #metoo movement and was card major win for that movement. they say it is proof that they still have a lot of work to do
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and that the reckoning has not gone far enough. the death toll continues to climb in surfside, florida officials have just confirmed search teams pulled two more bodies from the wreckage today, one week after the condo building came crashing down. a total of 18 people now confirmed dead the mayor of miami-dade county just revealed that the two victims are children, ages 4 and 10 147 people are still unaccounted for, and the painstaking search for possible survivors does still continue take a look at this. the concrete so pulverized searchers are using shovels to dig into the massive pile as if they're shoveling dirt or sand the fire chief says giant concrete slabs are crumbling as they try to move them with heavy machinery. crews have been working tireless think throughout the day and the night, in the dark, with headlamps in 24-hour shifts.
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and to make matters worse, it's hurricane season now, and a tropical storm is brewing in the atlantic officials are still calling it a search and rescue operation. the mayor of the town of surfside says families have been asking whether it will turn into a recovery operation he says they told them they're not leaving anyone behind. let's bring in a rescue specialist with florida's elite special team has your team come across any large void spaces or anything that might lead you to further hope we heard something of tunnel this is morning. >> good evening. we have found some void spaces that are ranging from inches to possibly a foot, maybe a foot and a half, but unfortunately, we have not found any void spo spaces that contain live victims. >> the video up close there, it looks like there's just no
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space. it looks like sand and rocks not like, you can't even make out that there are large pieces of concrete in some of the video, i mean, look at this,'s incredible, really >> it's true, yes. it's been very difficult there are some large pieces that we've been able to remove with heavy machinery, but the bulk of the rubble pile is crumbled. it was, as everyone's been listening, a pancake collapse, which technically means that there's floor over ceiling over floor over ceiling, and the interior walls tend to just pulverize, making it very difficult to search in the rubble >> your business is communication through the department, and i know the last thing you want to do is miscommunicate or communicate inaccurately, how do you manage the thought process on the messaging for these families now? >> we do it by just considering the families first and foremost. this is what we're here to do, even the rescuers.
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our mission here is to try to bring some peace and some closure to these families. so everything we do is with them in the forefront of our thoughts, because any one of us could easily picture ourselves being the ones involved and exactly how we would want tois e we all work. and it's bee be rt wrenching. >> maggie, i know you are trying treat ♪ h tr treated is how we want to be treated. >> things you are finding came out of the apartments. can you give us an idea about what you have been able to deliver in the way of mementos >> i'm not 100% sure that we've been able to deliver anything to the families yet, but we are finding a lot of personal effects such as pictures, identifications, passports we've unfortunately also found a lot of toys, car seats everything that the team finds on the rubble we immediately mark with gps.
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we then proceed to give that to the police department. they have an evidence storage unit where they are saving all these precious items so at some point we can make sure that every family member gets all of these precious memories back to them >> maggie castro, to those who toil in and around the pile, thank you, thank you so much >> thank you in less than 24 hour, criminal charges are expected to hit the trump organization the impact on the former president's business and what you could see tomorrow the house votes to create a special select committee to investigate the january 6 attack on the capitol the two republicans who joined democrats in the vote to jump start the investigation. and, as the wildfire season officially begins, president biden moves to give federal firefighters a pay raise the facts, the truth, the news with shepard smith, back in 60 seconds
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prosecutor prosecutors set to file tax-related criminal charges against the trump organization tomorrow that's what two representatives of the trump organization tell nbc news the "wall street journal" reports the company's chief financial officer, alan weisselberg will also be charged. cnbc has not confirmed that reporting. the manhattan district attorney's office has been investigating the trump organization for more than two years. recently, it's been looking into specifically whether alan weisselberg and his son who also works for the company avoided paying taxes on things like cars and apartments a lawyer said the charges are absolutely outrageous and politically motivated. the lawyer also said former president trump will not be charged tomorrow the former president has denounced the investigation as a
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witch hunt and called cy vance rude and nasty what is the company facing here? >> when you charge ha coa compa, you're not going to show up on fifth avenue and put handcuffs around one of his buildings or businesses what happens with respect to his relationship with banks and vendors and employees. do employees want to work in an organization that has been criminally charged by the manhattan district attorney. those are key questions going forward, as we know, this is an ongoing investigation as to whether there's bank fraud involved in this by the trump organization so i think the question's going to be is if there was bank fraud, and if that's something that is eventually charged
12:16 am
it remains to be seen, chshep >> the charges do not mean the investigation is over, right far from it. >> that's exactly correct. three or four months ago if you had told me they are charging the trump organization, i would have said that's probably going to be the end of the investigation, it appears that that calculus has changed. now they're going strictly for the trump organization and alan weisselberg they're trying to put pressure on weisselberg and the trump organization first there's a whole trove of documents here that we have no idea what they say, that's trump's tax returns and more importantly the underlying documents that support them. i think this investigation, given the volume of paperwork involved with t git, is far fro over >> tom winter, thank you the house of representatives voted today to form a special
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committee to investigate the january 6 attack on the capitol. the vote was 222-190 all democrats voted in favor and joining them, just two republicans. representatives liz cheney and adam kinzinger they will have subpoena power and making recommendations on how to prevent any future attack speaker pelosi moved forward after an effort to create an independent bipartisan committee failed in the senate last month. this special select committee will have 13 members, eight chosen by the house speaker, five by the republican leader kevin mccarthy, though speaker pelosi will have veto power. the big question now is who they'll choose that will have significant influence over the direction of the committee. speaker pelosi has remained open to appointing republicans, she said and has not ruled out we're told naming someone like liz
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out of oregon, as the blistering heat wave turns deadly in the pacific northwest. officials there just announcing they suspect at least 63 deaths are heat-related in oregon alone. a medical examiner says many of the victims were found alone without air conditioning or even a fan. a similar story in neighboring washington, where officials report at least nine deaths. the sweltering heat expected to continue through the weekend, at or near triple digits, forecasts for spokane and above 100 in boise, idaho the heat wave also battering the northeast. today feels-like temperatures hit 1202 in new york cooler with rain forecast throughout the holiday weekend not so in the west bone dry there with the official start of the wildfire season, and president biden is hiking wages for federal firefighters
12:22 am
they'll now be paid $15 an hour through bonuses he says, up from $13. in addition, firefighter whose stay on the job can get a 10% retention bonus. the president also announced all this during a virtual meeting today with governors from western states he says the country needs firefighters now more than ever. >> these courageous women and men take an incredible risk of running toward the fire, and they deserved to be paid and paid good wages. we can't cut corners when it comes to managing our wildfires and supporting our firefighters. >> it comes as firefighters battle growing fires near the battle with oregon they call it the lava fire more than 10,000 people have been evacuated so far it's been less than 20% contained. donald rumsfeld died today, he was 88. he was the architect of the iraq war that he justified saying
12:23 am
that saddam hussein had stockpiles of nuclear and ideological weapons. upon learning of his death, president george w. bush said in part, rumsfeld was a faithful steward of our armed forces and the united states of america is safer and better off for his service. on his life and legacy, here's peter alexander. >> reporter: as secretary of defense, donald rumsfeld launched america's wars in iraq and afghanistan. he prepared for it his entire life, a navy pilot and instructor, rumsfeld plunged into politics in 1962, elected to congress four times from illinois >> i, donald rumsfeld. >> reporter: he was recruited by the nixon white house where he earned the reputation as ambitious and skillful infighter. even president nixon called him ruthless he later became president ford's chief of staff, and in 1975 at
12:24 am
43, the youngest secretary of defense in history 16 years later, rumsfeld returned to the pentagon under president george w. bush as the oldest secretary of defense. on 9/11, rumsfeld was at his desk when al qaeda attacked. laun launching airstrikes in ach afghanistan in less than 30 days, but u.s. claims that saddam hussein had weapons of mass destruction were false. >> there are known knowns. there are things we know we know we also know there are known unknowns but there are also unknown
12:25 am
unknowns the ones we don't know we don't know it is the latter category that tend to be the difficult ones. >> as the war dragged on, rumsfeld himself came under fire, but president bush stood firmly behind him. >> i'm never disappointed in my secretary of defense he's doing a fabulous job. >> reporter: still, he started to lose confidence of the troops >> as you know, you go to war with the army you have not the army you might want or wish to have at a later time >> reporter: ultimately, rumsfeld was forced to resign in november 2006 but remained steadfast to the end >> it may well be comforting to some to consider graceful exits from the agonies and indeed the ugliness of combat but the enemy thinks differently. >> reporter: but rumsfeld refused to quit. he and his wife joyce started a foundation to promote leadership
12:26 am
and public service at home, and political systems in places like afghanistan. for the news, i'm peter alexander. as the investigation into the condo collapse in florida grows, a new video from a woman who lived in the building who says her concerns went unheard and this video taken three years ago. the covid delta variant raising questions about masks and vaccines other countries more concerned should we expect the same here i'll ask the u.s. surgeon general that as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news on cnbc. 1,200 guests and all their devices. or it could be the day there's a cyberthreat. get ready for it all with an advanced network and managed services from comcast business. and get cybersecurity solutions that let you see everything on your network. plus an expert team looking ahead 24/7
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lumber futures taking a massive nosedive, dropping 42% this month alone, now on pace for the worst month since 1978. cnbc notes that with the massive drop over the month lumber is still twice as expensive as it was before the pandemic. and virgin orbit completing the second successful rocket launch and first commercial mission, sending seven cosmic g off this morning carrying tha satellites from three country noosecountrys the rocket was released over the pacific, then it fired its engine and headed into space virgin now joins spacex in the satellite-launching rocket business on wall street, the dow up 210. the s&p up 6, the nasdaq down
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24 i'm shepard smith on cnbc. it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news today's big deadline for every major phone company to roll out new technology that cuts back on those annoying spam calls. how it works and what to expect. manhunt over the tour de france fan who allegedly caused that massive crash now in police custody. and the cdc reaffirms fully-vaccinated americans do not need to wear masks >> that announcement as officials in los angeles county are strongly urging people to wear face coverings. vaccinated or not. some health experts are now reconsidering mask guidance as the variants spread. right now the delta variant accounts for roughly one quarter of all new cases in america from the cdc. but the situations in other countries are much worse
12:31 am
especially in ones with very low vaccination rates. australia, south africa and germany have reimposed lockdowns and safety measures and japan is considering doing the same ahead of the summer olympics in tokyo. in a moment, meg tirs variant.r, but first to dr. murthy. there's a lot of confusion over this delta variant and the spread in this country you said you're concerned about it when it comes to the unvaccinated, but what about people who are vaccinated? >> well, shep, it's a great question, and i'm concerned about the delta variant. it has proven to be far more transmissible. the good news is that if you are vaccinated, you have a high degree of protection, particularly against hospitalizations and deaths. that's the good news the bad news is if you are not
12:32 am
vaccinated you are at significant risk so that is why i am urging people to get vaccinated as quickly as you can it's the safest way to keep yourself, your family and your community safe from this virus >> the mrna tests have come back very good against the delta variant. what do we know about those who've taken johnson & johnson shots? should they continue to wear masks with delta spreading >> what we know, shep, yes, the mrna vaccine has demonstrated that it has a high degree of efficacy, about 88% in protecting people against covid-19 if they get both doses. in the study they found that people who only got one dose had a markedly lower level of protection as far as johnson & johnson, we're still awaiting direct studies. we have reason to be hopeful the j&j vaccine has proven to be quite effective against preventing hospitalizations and deaths but all the variants we've seen
12:33 am
to date. the astrazeneca vaccine, can you think of it as a cousin. it's quite effective at preventing hospitalizations and death against the delta variant. more data to come but reason to be hopeful that you are well-protected if you've had the j&j vaccine. officials at the world health organization and some in the united states are asking the vaccinated to wear maxsks indoors. should they? >> here's what the science tells us if you are fully vaccinated, your chances of getting sick with covid or transmitting it to others is low. it's a low risk. now, it's, nothing is zero risk. and there are some people who may decide they're in an area that has a high degree of viral transmission, or if they are living at home with someone unvaccinated that they may want to wear a mask, that's okay. the cdc and guidance is giving
12:34 am
people flexibility and choice but wanted people to know if you are fully vaccinated your risk of getting this virus or passing it on is low, which is why it's said masks are not required indoors or outdoors if you're fully vaccinated >> doctor, thank you so much for your time and for your service >> thank you so much, shep, take care and stay safe >> thank you covid cases in tokyo are rising yet again much less than a month before the city is set to host the olympics tokyo reported more than 700 new cases just today that's the highest single-day increase there in five weeks so far, only about 12% o govern that they're imposing tougher rules on, both, athletes and staff traveling from countries where the delta variant is spreading. but that's not the only way organizers are planning to try to keep the games safe here is cnbc senior health and science correspondent, meg
12:35 am
terrel tirrell. >> reporter: since 1896, the olympic games have been a symbol of the world coming together, now as tokyo prepares to welcome athletes from 200 countries they serve as a test of preparedness against a virus that shut the world and the games down >> we are getting this virus under control. the games will be a good beacon that that can happen >> dr. mccloskey leads a committee on covid safety. with warnings mounting about the risk the games pose to japan and the world, he detailed what measures will be in place. for athletes, extensive testing, twice before they leave their home countries, then upon arrival at the airport in tokyo. when they arrive at the olympic village and every day until they go home. >> that level of testing is what we think will raise substantially reduce the risk of
12:36 am
a superspreader event during the game >> he acknowledges there will be cases and contract tracing will be done. as for spectators, they'll only be from japan and limited to 50% of a venue's capacity, still, some doctors say more should be done, like banning spectators completely, testing everyone on site three time as day and updating ventilation systems to address the spread through the air. >> we are concerned this could be a superspreading event or a mega spreading event, and we could see the variants mixing to create new variants that are then taken home to every single country, to more than 200 countries to unvaccinated, unprotected populations. if we wanted to create a kind of passive biological weapon, this is how you would do it >> dr. mccloskey tells us they have upgraded some ventilation
12:37 am
systems. you may be wondering how vaccines play a role here. he tells us they didn't make vaccines a key part of the plan, because they knew they wouldn't be available equally around the world. nonetheless, pfizer and biontech donated vaccines for the participants it is offered to all volunteers. >> for more on what to expect, our olympic's daytime anchor these games are going to be really different how are the athletes preparing for both covid protocolsand th competition? >> it's going to be a chal, sheppard, isn't it it's something they've never experienced before some of the athletes experiencing olympics in reio o london if the dining hall now has to
12:38 am
only serve let's say 2,000 an hour, if you go and you're hungry and you want your meal, you're going to have to take it away to your room. little things affect your preparation. maybe they won't be able to eat when they want to eat, travel when they want to travel and the enjoyment for the athletes is after they participate they get to watch their fellow athlete in their different sports that won't be able to happen either for these team usa athletes, it's a challenge to focus on not only the protocols but what they have to do in their sports when push really comes to shove, sheppard, the important thing is that they reach the games. the little inconveniences are so small for them, compared to them fulfilling their olympic dream >> it's almost july 1st. let's move forward to august 1st. of these athletes, who's everybody in america going to be talking about? >> you know, i was thinking about this earlier this week, shepard. i think this could be almost a
12:39 am
second coming of team usa's women. back in the mid-1990s, we had the usa softball and soccer and gymnastics really, really strong, the female side. when you start thinking about the stars, we are thinking sy l. kaim simone biles, katie ledecky. multiple gold after gold afteran gold shaca shacarry richardson. the last team usa female to win 100-meter gold was in 1996 and sydney mclocklin could break her own record in the 400-meter hurdle maybe i'm a little biassed,
12:40 am
being female, but i see this being a real success for females. >> summer olympics 22 days away. you can watch the games across all our properties, including here on prime time cnbc. she survived the condo collapse in surfside now she's suing. and she's accusing the condo association of ignoring her complaints about the building's condition leading up to the disaster her attorney says his client raised red flags for years and recorded videos, including this one of water leaking down the walls in the garage and pooling on the floor >> she's been warning about these problems since 2018. my client was complaining about this for years so people are to blame people are going to be held liable >> the condo association is not commenting on pending litigation meanwhile the lawsuits are mounting here's cnbc's valerie castro on
12:41 am
scene. >> buildings are not supposed to suddenly turn into rubble, absent negligent or wrongful conduct. >> reporter: brad stone, an attorney representing at least 20 residents from the champlain towers building collapse filed a suit mere hours after first responders began to rescue those they could documents suggest this could turn into an ugly finger-pointing battle raising the question who should have sounded the alarm the loudest about the building's deteriorating condition. as recently as april 2021 a letter written by the president of the condo board association laid out reasons for the costly repairs climbing to $15 million in the two and a half years since the building was first examined in it, she warned the original scope of work in the 2018 report has expanded the concrete deterioration is accelerating the roof situation got much worse, so extensive roof repairs had to be incorporated the review put the estimated
12:42 am
cost at $9 million and noted evidence of major structural damage to the concrete slab below the pool deck. pictures captured what he called abundant cracking in columns, beams and walls and warned that failure to replace waterproofing would cause the deterioration to expand exponentially most of the deterioration needs to be repaired in a timely fashion. but a month later, minutes from a 2018 board meeting, states that the engineer's report was reviewed and board members told it appears the building is in very good shape. but prieto says he doesn't remember getting the report. it wasn't until last year when he was brought back to once again review the issues and repair work was finally scheduled to begin the roof was in the early stages of the construction when the building gave way last week. >> the complaint, which is the first filing in a lawsuit talks about what the building
12:43 am
association knew or should have known. it also talks about a legal concept that basically say this is thing speaks for itself >> reporter: spokesperson for the condo association says even though they can't comment on the pending lawsuits they remind us that those members of the board are residents themself whose are still dealing with the loss of neighbors and friends, and in fact one member of the board is among those unaccounted for, aside from who may be at fault the question remains how exactly this happened. late today the national institute of standards and technology announced they will conduct a full technical c well, if you arehest, b investigation, but that could take years if you're tired of getting phone calls about the car warranty you don't have or student loan you didn't take out, i have good news. it's about to get harder for
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cops arresting a woman accused of causing a massive pileup during the first stage of the tour de france on saturday according to local reports in france keep an eye on the left part of the screen, you've probably seen it the cyclist clips the cardboard sign and triggers a reaction our sister network skynews in the uk reports 30-year-old french woman turned herself in to police today. they've been searching for her for four days. she's accused of involuntarily causing injury and putting people's lives at risk a news station in france reports the tour is suing the woman.
12:47 am
brittany ney spears' father calling for an investigation over his daughter's explosive allegations in court last week he says the singer's allegations she's abused and exploited should be put on jodi montgomery, onthe of here medica co conservators since 2018. one of spears' allegations, that she's forced to be on birth control. he says he's been cut off completely from britney and done everything in his power to support and care for her her lawyers say she's been a tireless advocate for britney and her well-being and britney's choice to marry and start a family have never been impacted by the conservatorship good news for everyone whose phone rings non-stop with annoying spam calls.
12:48 am
the fcc set the deadline for new technology that's supposed to reduce the number of robocalls all of us get. it's called stir/shaken. it authenticates where it comes from so they can't use fake phone numbers into tricking you that they're local >> people received nearly 22 billion robocalls. according to umail without the new technology, it's on pace to hit more than 52 billion by the end of the year joanna stern now, th>> you mean shaken work? but not in a margaritae se, hows as you work >> you mean stir/shaken that's not a margarita? you nailed it. it's basically technology that helps prevent spoofing, and what spoofing is, is some of these robocallers use technology to
12:49 am
look like other phone numbers, so you get pa pa phone number t looks like a familiar number or similar area code. and it has to be implemented at the carrier level, your internet voice provider, they are implemented. today was the deadline for them to implement this technology >> the fcc's been trying to fix this problem for years but it keeps getting worse. is it your estimation that this will really make a difference? >> not really. i peefeel serizon wireless o badly to tell i'm a happy customer and thethad ayou that i'm a verizon customer, a happy customer i stillget robocalls i get the insurance calls, the tax calls and even sometimes i fall for them, right they have taken all these carriers and the fcc are working
12:50 am
towards of playing this game of whack a mole >> joanna, thanks so much. >> wish i had better news. good to see you. there is breaking news now on cnbc. just in from the "washington post." we're now told to expect federal indictments tomorrow against both the trump organization and the trump chief, trump organization's chief financial officer alan weisselberg the details right after this and take. it. on... with rinvoq. rinvoq a once-daily pill can dramatically improve symptoms... rinvoq helps tame pain, stiffness, swelling. and for some, rinvoq can even significantly reduce ra fatigue. that's rinvoq relief. with ra, your overactive immune system attacks your joints. rinvoq regulates it to help stop the attack.
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the breaking news i mentioned just before the commercial now out of new york city the "washington post" is now reporting that a grand jury has now filed criminal indictments against the trump organization and against its long-time chief financial officer alan weisselberg. the indictments the paper
12:53 am
reports will be sealed until afternoon. not until then, it reports, will we know all of the details but right now the washington post reports that the charges are related to allegations of unpaid tax benefits. weisselberg will also reportedly turn himself in tomorrow, again, according to the reporting of the "washington post." lawyers for the trump organization have slammed this investigation as politically motivated, to be clear, cnbc has not confirmed this reporting well, it's official, the ncaa is clearing the way for college athletes to profit from their name, likeness and image the move comes a day before laws take effect in more than ten states allowing for that type of compensation now student athletes will be able to get paid for things like sponsorship deal, online endorsements and personal appearances. the ncaa's decision applies to nearly half a million athletes
12:54 am
across all three of its divisions. today's rule changes are temporary, and the ncaa reports it hopes congress will create a national law for all future college athletes beer popping open a cold one during the game, floating down the river with your cooler bobbing alongside, maybe a keg stand on a friday night, however you enjoy it, you're in good company. in 2019, the beer industry brought in about $120 billion. that's from the national beer wholesalers association. now three lgbtq-owned small businesses are betting its time to tap into an expanded audience, so they're brewing up something new. >> happy pride >> it's a month that features rainbows all around. flags, sidewalks, even soccer uniforms and legos. >> while we respect what it stands for, you can't just slap rainbows on a product and expect
12:55 am
support. >> rainbow commercialism has become big business. the national lgbt chamber of commerce says the community has an estimated buying power of $1 trillion many companies directly market to that demo during pride month. but year-round support is most important to many entrepreneurs in the lgbtq plus community. boyfriends john moore and jason passmino became inspearedired we having drinks at julia's, the community's oldest gay bar >> we looked at each other and we had a thought like is that what we're going to do >> we have a chance to really make an impact, create a new market change the landscape >> loretta chung and sara have
12:56 am
joined that market, they organized the dike bar takeover. with only 15 lesbian bars left in th in the country, they felt the need for a safe space. that paved the way for dyke beer >> you learn a little bit about queer history and lost dyke space and the need for visibility >> you might think the name is a derogatory term. but the point is to take away the stigma >> we're trying to reclaim it for ourselves and identify as it and empower ourselves from the pain of that word. >> it's definitely a beer made for our community and years and allies that want to support us >> lily weight identifies as a queer trans woman.
12:57 am
she started queer brewing in london in 2019 to further provide visibility while raising money for local charities >> making people feel seen and feel part of something and feel recognized in a way that they're often not. the point is to combat that by just existing. >> the introduction of these other brands is exciting for us, because it is proof that this is, you know, a market that needs to exist and thrive. and there's room for us all to do that together 65 seconds on race to the finish bill cosby now a free man after pennsylvania's supreme court overturned his assault conviction and ruled that cosby cannot be tried again on the same charges 18 people now confirmed dead and 147 others still unaccounted for one week after the condo building came crashing down in florida.
12:58 am
the mayor of miami-dade county says at least two of the young victims are children age 4 and 10 10 president biden and first lady are to visit surfside tomorrow they will visit rescuers and meet with families and make sure they have the resources they need and as we just reported as breaking news, the "washington post" newspaper has announced that the grand jury has delivered indictments against the trump organization and alan weisselberg and the indictments will be unsealed tomorrow afternoon in new york. and now you know the news of this wednesday, june 30th, 2021. i'm shepard smith. follow us on instagram and twitter @the news on cnbc. but his diabetes never seemed to take one. everything felt like a 'no.' everything. but then ray went from no to know. with freestyle libre 14 day,
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