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tv   The News With Shepard Smith  CNBC  July 10, 2021 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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there's not a day goes by i don't think about her. that's for sure. i know i'll see her again someday. that's what keeps me going. [music playing] the news with shepard smith starts now sight. i'm scott wapner in for shepherd smith. this is the news on cnbc covid and kids, the new guidance calling for schools to fully reopen and no masks for children who have been vaccinated pfizer promoting a covid booster shot the cdc and fda say not so fast. tonight the debate heating up. president biden's crackdown on big business. >> capitalism without competition isn't capitalism it's exploitation. >> the executive order's impact and concerns it could go too
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far. >> 3, 2, 1, release, release, release. >> rocketman richard branson cleared for takeoff, set to become the first billionaire to make it to outer space >> it's definitely a pinch yourself moment. america's hottest june on record new video of the suspected assassins in haiti plus a spelling bee champ makes history. live from cnbc, the facts, the truth, "the news" with shepherd smith a major push to get schools back to normal in the fall the cdc says fully vaccinated students and teachers don't need to wear masks in classrooms. keep in mind only kids 12 and up are now even eligible to get a shot right now and the cdc still recommends unvaccinated students to maskup indoors. the new guidance capping a month long debate over masks in schools just as another debate begins, this time over booster
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shots. yesterday pfizer announced that it will week authorization for a third dose of its vaccine. company officials say another shot is needed because immunity from it appears to wane after time but the cdc and fda pushing back they say americans who are fully vaccinated don't need a booster. in a joint statement, the agencies wrote they're prepared for booster doses if and when the science demonstrates that they are needed. all of this as the highly contagious delta variant continues to gain ground, especially in unvaccinated communities. here you see delta is most prevalent in themiddle of the united states. we have coverage from all angles tonight. be bertha kuengs on the business impact, dr. asheesh gentleman on the booster debate, but first meg tirrell on the new mask guidance in schools. meg, the cdc just guiding schools, leaving the decisions up to them >> yeah, scott the decisions are made on the
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local level. but we know that one continue stant that's been proven through this pandemic is when the cdc issues guidance on schools people going to be mad about it. you are seeing that reaction to some facets today, although it's needing more acceptance than previous updates did schools should be last to close, first to open safely, stressing the importance of in-person learning for kids. the mask guidance is in line with the agency's recommendations for the public more broadly those who are fully vaccinated can go without indoors but critics of that policy today note there is no mechanism for proving people's vaccination status so, that can be difficult to enforce. the guidance begins by emphasizing vaccination as the leading strategy to end the pandemic but says other measures are important too, like distancing ideally three feet between students but they say if it's not possible, schools can still open they just need to relie even more on other prevention strategies there's also an efrp soins
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screening testing, ventilation, contact tracing and quarantine as well as cleaning and disinfection the agency emphasizes some measures can be ratcheted up or down based on local transmission and vaccination rates. and though teachers' unions have p often been at odds with pushes to reopen schools more broadly the american federation of teachers said the guidance is grounded in science and common sense. the national education association suggested schools should require masks in all settings where there are unvaccinated people present. about 7 million kids aged 12 to 17 are fully vaccinated according to the cdc that's about a quarter of the total in the u.s the agency said in april about 80% of teachers have received at least one dose as for younger kids a vaccine may not be available for them until the fall or early next year the cdc says masks should be worn inside by everyone over age two who is not fully vaccinated, scott? >> meg tirrell, we appreciate it let's bring in dr. ashish
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jha. i wonder what you make of these recommendations for schools that the cdc announced today? >> scott, first thanks for having me here look, i thought the opening line of their report basically saying kids need to be back in school full-time and they can be safely was exactly right. so, i do think we're going to have schools back open this fall that's really important. obviously vaccinations are really important part of this. you know, the controversial part around mask wearing, i get that. to me, the way to think about it is if you have very, very low rates of community transmission -- if you're in vermont where most people are vaccinated and you have low number of infections, probably can skip the indoor mask mandates if you're in missouri or alabama or texas where numbers are higher, probably makes more sense to have unvaccinated kids wearing a mask so, i think this will be community by community >> let me ask you about the booster shot debate, which seems to be raging right now pfizer said it's working on one,
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that we're going to need one come the fall. the cdc and fda saying not so fast we're not so sure you're going to need it so quickly. what do we make of that? can you cut through the noise? >> absolutely. you've got to be guided by evidence and science here. the data is clear if you've gotten your two shots of moderna or pfizer or single shot of j&j, you have a high level of protection against all variants, including delta. i have not seen any evidence so far that anybody needs a third shot if that evidence emerges -- and obviously we're going to want to take that into consideration in my mind i think there's little likelihood we're going to need third shots for most people for some maybe, but we've got to see the evidence first no reason to be thinking about it right now >> could you take a different booster than the original vaccines that you got? >> potentially potentially. and again, we want to be guided by evidence here, so we're going to want to study that, see if the effect is useful and better or at least as good. but i don't see any need for it right now. and if the evidence comes out that we need a third shot, then
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i think we may want to test things like mixing and matching. >> the other debate seems to be over how fast or slow the fda is in formally approving the vaccine. what do you make of that debate, and when do you think the fda will actually do that? >> you know, usually under normal circumstances, the fda takes many, many months. this is obviously not under normal circumstances i don't want them to cut any corners. look at the data the data here is overwhelming. we've got hundreds of millions of people who have gotten both the pfizer and moderna vaccines. i think they should move much more quickly and cut through the red tape my hope is it happens in the days and weeks ahead and not having to wait many more months for that approval. >> dr. jha, thank for your time tonight. missouri rapidly becoming a hot spot for the delta variant health officials reporting a rise in covid cases in low vaccinated communities as of yesterday missouri seeing an average of 1,200 cases a day,
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nearly a 60% increase from two weeks ago. that according to the cdc. now the surge in cases threatening the state's economic recovery here's cnbc's bertha kuengs. >> summer in the ozarks and tourism is back but they're worried about covid shutting things down. >> you can come in without a mask or with a mask. if you're sick, you shouldn't go anywhere >> reporter: at tourist attractions in southwest miss business leaders worry the new delta variant could prompt tourists to stay home even if there is no shutdown >> this is their busy season they didn't have a season last year so, they need this >> reporter: large area employers ranging from emerson electric to amazon and ford all held vaccine clinics last spring but most have stopped short of mandates the vaccine in an area where resistance is high and the labor market is tight. >> it's a very tough balancing
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act in that you want to see people get vaccinated. but if you're trying to staff your business, you're under the gun to get people in the door. >> reporter: according to the cdc, the ozarks region is high risk now with rising covid cases and low vaccination rates. that is pushing more business leaders, like executives from mercy hospital, to mandate the covid vaccine for everyone in their organization >> leading from the front is important at a time like this. we are one of the largest employers in this region >> mercy is now one of five health providers in the area that's mandating the vaccine and miss, not seeing mandates yet from other businesses, scott >> bertha coombs tonight russian hackers show no signs of stopping. president biden addressing that issue with president putin by
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phone today. what he had to say about the latest hack and what will happen if it doesn't stop plus the president signing a massive executive order cracking down on big business what it calls for and why some critics say it goes too far. and the u.s. breaks an all-time record for heat as the west coast gets ready to sizzle yet again. ♪ you've got the looks ♪ ♪ let's make lots of money ♪ ♪ you've got the brawn ♪ ♪ i've got the brains... ♪
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with allstate, drivers who switched saved over $700 click or call to switch flowers are fighters. that's why the alzheimer's association walk to end alzheimer's is full of them. because flowers find a way to break through. just like we will. join the fight at any necessary action to defend americans from ransomware attacks. president biden later told reporters he made it clear russia needs to do more to prevent hacks. >> the united states expects when ransomware operation is coming, even though it's not sponsored by the state, we expect them to act and give them enough information to act on who that is. >> the warning coming after the
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russian cyber gang launched what experts say could be the largest ransomware hack ever, as many as 1,500 businesses worldwide impacted the group demanding # $50 million in ransom to unlock the data president biden launching an assault on mon mris. he signed an executive order today taking on big tech, airlines and agriculture the white house says the goal is to promote competition >> what we've seen over the last few decades is less competition and more concentration that holds our economy back rather than competing for consumers, they are consuming their competitors. rather than competing for workers, they're finding ways to gain the upper hand on labor >> the move could restrain the country's most powerful companies and might make the country less productive. ylan mui live in washington tonight. it's a sweeping order. walk us through the key points
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tonight. >> more than a dozen agencies are involved in this executive order. there are 72 actions in all covering every corner of the economy. and president biden highlighted three key industries, big ag, big pharma and big tech. he wants the us da help farmers fight meat fighting companies. and biden encouraged the ftc to target the way that tech companies collect data and track users. >> i know america can't succeed unless american business succeeds let me be very clear capitalism without competition isn't capitalism it's exploitation. >> the executive order also aims to make it easier for workers to change jobs by seeking a ban on non-compete agreements that's when a business prohibits employees from working for a competitor, and it's happening at white collar jobs in silicon valley and minimum wage jobs at fast food restaurants.
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>> you feel powerless, disrespected, bullied, trapped it's not right workers should be free to take a better job if someone offers it. if your employer wants to keep you, he or she should have to make it worth your while to stay >> but the u.s. chamber of commerce said this idea that there's too much concentration of power is out of touch with reality. quote, our economy needs both large and small businesses to thrive, not centralize government dictates. now, another reality check, it could take months or more for federal agencies to implement this executive order so, scott, officials said they are planning to get started right away >> all right thank you. search teams pulled 15 more bodies out of the rubble in surfside, florida, today 79 people confirmed dead, as many as 61 others sfil unaccounted for. this coming 16 days after the condo tower came crashing down there are now reports that
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miraculously a cat that lived on the ninth floor was found walking around the rubble and has been reunited with its family as the search continues, building inspectors in miami are racing against time to inspect other high-rises to make sure this doesn't happen again. >> the tragedy that took place more than two weeks ago here is having immediate consequences on the surrounding communities. let's start in miami beach, where the city manager tells me there are some 5,000 commercial buildings within that jurisdiction and 500 of them are at some stage of recertification, which is that 40-year timeline, which is to say they have to visually inspect all of them since this happened what miami beach found was 15 of those buildings, 10 occupied, had some sort of clear visual deficiency, which is to say we could be looking at evacuations in some of those buildings absent a letter from the structural engineer in the coming days. north miami beach, they did have an evacuation over a week ago.
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the crest view towers there. this comes after a report was issued in january that deemed the building unsafe, but it was only uncovered during a recent audit. what we'll see today, you'll see in the video, lines of people waiting to get inside that building, given just 15-minute windows to get all their positions and get out. >> i don't know when they're going to let me take my furniture and stuff. i can't live there knowing it could be unsafe. >> in the immediate aftermath of that building collapse, the mayor of miami-dade county called for an audit of all the residential properties we're past the halfway point of the deadline to get done scott, back to you >> sam, thank you very much. more arrests, more fallout in haiti after the assassination of its president a reporter who spoke with the aunt of one of the american suspects live with us next plus seizing border posts and gaining territory fast the taliban now claiming they control nearly all of ghisn u. oo pl
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haitian police have now arrested 17 suspected assassins, including two americans who were accuse of the killing of the haitian president in his home. the americans seen here wearing white t-shirts claimed they were only translators for the hit squad and were not in the room when the president was assassinated haitian police say most of the suspects are from colombia, including retired soldiers
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haitian officials have described the alleged assassins as well-trained, professional commandos and mercenaries who spoke spanish and english. police showed off colombian passports, machetes and other weapons they found haitian officials say at least eight more suspects are on the run. let's bring in jacqueline charles live in haiti. you spoke to the aunt of one of the suspects what are we learning about him tonight? >> what we are learning is that he lived in tam rack and he basically was a maintenance guy. he also ran a charity in the southeast of haiti, where he was from i saw a video where he was interviewed in creole and he talks about his dedication to the kids in the area based on his upbringing a lot of questions, how does a guy go from being a maintenance worker to having a charity to suddenly being in the middle of this drama >> learning more about the alleged assassins here
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we still don't know who might be behind this actual plot. now we hand the fbi is coming in to help. >> yes the fbi will be coming in to help as well as some colombian officials. the president of columbia. >> we appreciate your time tonight. the taliban claims it controls 85% of afghanistan's territory. taliban officials made the bold and disputed claim at a news conference in moscow today while it's impossible to verify, it is undeniable that the militant group has made huge gains as u.s. troops pull out of afghanistan. just yesterday president biden defended his rapid withdrawal from the country and insisted afghan forces are fully capable of standing their ground president biden also said there's a home in the united states for translators and other afghans who helped u.s. troops
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and are now under threat of being hunted down by the taliban. richard engel spoke to one of those translators who says he's stuck and fears time is running out as the taliban advances. >> scott, there are still thousands of translators who work for the u.s. military who are in the country awaiting visas. many of them have already gone through the approval process or gone partly through the approval process. we spoke today with a translator who went by the name tom that's what his unit called him. tom worked with unit after unit after unit for two years and five months. we also spoke to the company commander that tom worked under who vouched for him. tom has been trying to get his visa, has already passed background checks, he said he showed me a whole list of recommendation letters we spoke to the company commander who wrote one of those recommendations letters. tom has been trying to do this for four years and yet still has not gotten there >> you helped the u.s. now the u.s. needs to help you
4:23 am
>> yep >> simple as that. >> yeah, yeah. we need help so u.s. army, the u.s. government have to help us. >> and tom is just one of many and he says that he fears that time is running out for him, that the taliban are closing in. he doesn't have any money anymore because he's lost his job because the u.s. military closed down the bases. so, he's in hiding but it is very difficult to be in hiding as the taliban continues to take more territory. and it is even more difficult to be in hiding in his case when you have three young children and a wife and no money and everyone in his village knows who he is. so, he thinks if he doesn't leave now, he's going to be killed and it is just a matter of time. and there are many, many translators just like him. >> that's nbc's richard engel with us tonight. a champion crowned with a seven-letter noun. how a teen from louisiana made history last night at the national spending bee. and a photo finish in the
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billionaire space race could happen this weekend. i'll speak with a former nasa astronaut about the flight and astronaut about the flight and where the race goes omer welcome to allstate. here, if you already pay for car insurance, you can take your home along for the ride. allstate. better protection costs a whole lot less. click or call to bundle today.
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♪welcome back to that same old place♪ ♪that you laughed about♪ ♪well, the names have all changed♪ ♪since you hung around♪ welcome back, america. it sure is good to see you. apple, born and bred in california is putting down roots on the east coast. a billionaire engineering hub in north carolina it will be the first corporate campus on this side of the country. the state won the deal in april after trying for more that two years. it's one of the biggest
4:26 am
corporate expansions announced since the pandemic, which has changed everything in the battle for states for business and jobs scott cohn now on apple's new foothold in the tar heel state >> reporter: this is a really common sound in north carolina's research triangle region these days the housing market is booming. building permits in raleigh up nearly 67% from a year ago, already in overdrive before word that apple is coming to town >> the company will invest more than a billion dollars and create at least 3,000 jobs >> when apple released the news that they were coming here, i think every realtor across the triangle braced themselves for impact >> reporter: realtor ashleigh. >> our office is getting calls from apple employees coming into the area >> reporter: the pandemic accelerated apple's plans. the campus is part of a $430 billion expansion, up from
4:27 am
350 billion announced in 2019. sources close to the talks in north carolina say talent and quality of life sealed the deal. >> they had a choice and they could have gone anywhere in the world, but they chose north carolina >> but the state had to overcome a checkered past on inclusiveness. this was the home of the bathroom bill passed in 2016 targeting transgender people and striking down local antidiscrimination protections the law sparked protests and boycotts before the last provisions expired last year >> i think we learned our lesson as a state with that legislation. >> but north carolina still lacks statewide protections, one of only five states without them, a potential disadvantage in this new world. >> the same factors that sealed the deal for apple in north carolina are the factors we consider in cnbc's top states for business study, things like cost of doing business, work force and life health and inclusion. you'll be able to see where
4:28 am
north carolina stacks up and your state too at america's top states for business coming to cnbc next week scott? >> look forward to that. a massive chicken recall widens that's what's topping cnbc's "on the money. tyson's frozen chicken recall grows by 500,000 pounds, now 9 million pounds are at risk for listeria contamination tyson releasing a statement saying, quote, while there is no conclusive evidence that the products were contaminated, the recall is out of an abundance of caution, end quote you can find out more about that recall by checking the websites on the screen. amazon signing a deal with comcast to air universal movies on prime video under the agreement new theatrical releases from universal will premier on amazon streaming service after four months on peacock. comcast streaming service. the multiyear deal starts in 2022 the french not toasting to a
4:29 am
new russian law that says only russian sparkling wine can be called champagne typically champagne can only be called champagne if it comes from champagne, a region in france and the french and foreign affairs minister threatening to take the issue to the world trade organization on wall street, the dow up 448, the s&p up 49 the nasdaq up 142. i'm scott wapner in for shepherd smith. here's what's making the news. another extreme heat wave, delivering dangerous triple digits as the u.s. break an all-time heat record one of america's top swimmers, michael andrew, reveals he has not received a covid vaccine why the olympic athlete is heading to tokyo anyway. and it looks like we have a winner in the battle of the billionaires >> richard branson set to launch
4:30 am
to space in a rocket plane on sunday if successful, the 70-year-old entrepreneur will beat rival and amazon founder jeff bezos by just nine days branson, bezos and tesla founder elon musk have been pumping billions of dollars into their space companies with a push to bring ordinary americans to the final frontier with a look at the space race and what it could mean for other aspiring astronauts, here's morgan brennan >> reporter: the dream of a lifetime and an investment two decades in the making. sir richard branson will climb aboard the space plane sunday morning. a 90 minute trip to the edge of space, which if all goes according to plan -- >> gorgeous. >> and at that moment we will have become astronauts >> reporter: as the company looks to launch service next year, this will test the customer experience. >> welcome to the club, astronauts
4:31 am
>> were than richard when he comes back for us to interview and say how was that how did we deliver >> the unity 22 crew will launch from the air, carried into the sky by a twin fuselage mother ship called eve, named for branson's own mother then -- >> 3, 2, 1 >> reporter: -- released rocketing to an altitude of 55 miles hierks enough to experience weightlessness before landing back on the runway in new mexico >> you're going to space >> reporter: if successful, it's a flight that could usher in not only space tourism but a new commercialized era of space activity overall >> we're opening up comps at a time we're being hacked every week and the relationship between all modalities ev tolls and urban air mobility, flying cars, it's way bigger than one company >> as for billionaires traveling to space, branson's flight is
4:32 am
scheduled to take place nine days ahead of jeff bezos the first by a u.s. company involving a paying passenger as of now, the winner of that nearly $30 million auction is still a mystery. scott? >> morgan brennan for us tonight. and for more on the space race, garrett reeseman joins me now, the former nasa astronaut. space, as you know, i don't need to tell you, it's never been hotter what is this new chapter of the billionaire space race mean not only for nasa but space exploration overall? >> hi, scott hopefully it's the beginning of a new era where more people have the opportunity to go up into space. you know, so, it's not just a bunch of lucky government employees like myself. i think it's fantastic that we're starting to get to the point where private citizens can play >> well, if you have a lot of money, can you actually see a day where the average american can go up into space >> yeah, some people say
4:33 am
ordinary people flying it's ordinary if you have a couple billion dollars, if you're really rich but this is the same thing we did with the airlines. you know, in the beginning we had people that were flying on airplanes were millionaires, movie stars, dressed in black tie to crime on these old planes and fly from burbank to vegas. and now today we have southwest and almost everybody can go fly. so, i think we're going to head down that same path in space it's going to take a little while but the price will come down and eventually i really hope that everybody who wants to go can go. >> what's this mean for nasa >> nasa does benefit because they can -- these vehicles that are suborbital, like the virgin galactic and also the blue origin new shepherd, nasa can still do science experiments on them nasa does benefit, but nasa benefits in a much larger sense by the tech noelg, development and the fact there's new revenues, new investment coming
4:34 am
into the space sector and nasa doesn't have to foot the entire bill >> this is only suborbital we should note that. when do you expect we would go full orbital with civilian space travel >> later this year so, very soon. and spacex is going to be the first company to do that they have the inspiration mission planned later this year, and those will be private citizens flying on the spaksx dragon and going orbital more than just a few minutes. they'll be going for days around the earth. that's much harder to do you have to travel about four times as fast. but the energy goes as the velocity squared, so that is four times as fast but 16 times as much energy >> can you give our viewers an idea of what mr. branson is going to feel, what he's going to see this weekend? >> yeah. so, he's going to feel some gs he's going to be pushed back into his seat. he's going to feel it head to toe as they pull back and zoom up
4:35 am
then he's going to feel it through the chest as they accelerate he'll pull up to 6gs when they come back through the atmosphere that's equivalent to doing aerobatics in p-38s or other aerobatic airplanes. that's more than your typical roller coaster ride. so, that will get his attention. then of course the view. >> a great view it will be how dangerous is it? >> it's not the safest way to spend a wednesday or in this case a sunday, i suppose but suborbital flights are safer in a lot of ways than orbital flights. and with all the testing and modern technology, i think it could be done very safely. >> how much do you think is really riding on this flight going well just for the future of space travel and exploration? >> well, a lot of people i think are going to be watching so, yes, if it doesn't go well i think a lot of people are going to be turned off and that's always a risk but i think they're well-prepared. they've been doing a lot of flight tests and i think they're ready to go. and i think if it's a success,
4:36 am
which i have every expectation it will be, that hopefully it excites a lot of people about flying in space. >> i'm assuming -- and correct me if i'm wrong -- that you were a trained pilot of some sort before you went up on the shuttle at least for the first time branson obviously is not how different is it going to be, and what does that do in terms of adding risk >> well, it's a very different vehicle. so, the shuttle was highly manually intensive for the whole crew there's a lot of things we had to do as a flight crew member on the space shuttle. i had a lot of training, years and years of training to do that job. but really in this vehicle the two pilots in the front have a lot of work to do, and they also are very highly trained and been through many, many simulations but the people sitting in the back really don't have a lot to do during this flight, which is only about ten minutes long or so and during that ten minutes, really they're just responsible for making sure they get back into their seat and put their seat belt on it's an advanced version of what
4:37 am
you have to do as a passenger on a airline. i think he'll be fine. >> you ever forget that first flight >> oh, no. >> i figure that was going to be the answer take care. >> my pleasure, scott. last month the hottest june record for america, that according to new data from noe w noaa more than 4 degrees above the average. heat records shat erd from coast to coast eight states reporting their warmest june ever. that record heat killed hundreds of people in the pacific northwest and now another extreme heat wave is scorching the west coast where more than 30 million people are under excessive heat warning or advisory david fin frock from our dallas nbc 5 station, david, how hot is it going to get? >> well, scott, it is hot, but the worst of it, of course, in other parts of the country not here in dallas as you can probably tell by looking at my hair i've been through a few texas summers.
4:38 am
the first live shot i ever did was 113 degrees on the streets of dallas ft. worth, the hottest day we have experienced. the central part of the country has don't a break this summer. our high today of 87 is well below the normal high of 95. what's going on? the heat is concentrated out to the west once again. that's where we have this big dome of high pressure center now, at the end of june, that ridge extended all the way up into british colombia. and while our all-time high is 113, it was 116 in portland and 108 in seattle look how much they have improved since that high has settled south. now the people dealing with the heat, salt lake, las vegas, phoenix, that area of the country under a lot of heat advisories and excessive heat warnings the good news is at least in this part of the country people are a little more accustomed to that kind of heat.
4:39 am
so, hopefully we are not going to see the hundreds of deaths that we saw in the pacific northwest where people are just not used to seeing those incredibly hot temperatures. it's going to be brutal. but hopefully not nearly as serious here scott? >> that's david finfrock for us tonight. vaccines aren't required at the olympics, but they're strongly encouraged. now one of america's top athletes explaining his reason for skipping the shot. and news of no fans at the tokyo games sinking in for athletes around the world. olympic ld
4:40 am
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♪ me and you singing in the park ♪ ♪ me and you, we're waiting for the dark ♪ limu emu... and doug. so then i said to him, you oughta customize your car insurance with liberty mutual, so you only pay for what you need. oh um, doug can we talk about something other than work, it's the weekend. yeah, yeah. [ squawk ] hot dog or... chicken? [ squawk ] only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ goem michael an drurks one of team usa's top swimmers says he has not been vaccinated and does not plan to get a shot before the tokyo olympics the 22-year-old made that announcement yesterday he says i didn't want to put anything in my body that i didn't know how i would potentially react to
4:42 am
as an athlete on the elite level, everything we do is very calculated i didn't want to risk any days out because we know there are periods where if you take the vaccine you have to take days off. andrew added he will follow all the safety protocols in tokyo. olympic organizers are not mandates vaccines at the games about 90% of the u.s. national swim team has been vaccinated. the olympic opening ceremony just two weeks away, athletes set to compete in a very different atmosphere no fans allowed in the stands due to covid precautions vince carter joins me now, eight-time nba all-star, gold medallist in sydney, australia good to see you tonight. thanks for spending some time with us. >> thanks for having me. yes, that was a long time ago. >> it was. you played a long time how big an impact do you think it's going to be with no fans in the stands at least the nba players have
4:43 am
had a dress rehearsal, if you will, with the bubble. >> yes, they have. they've had a dress rehearsal. they have an idea of what it's like to play in a bubble with no fans you know, you have to find ways to motivate yourself and obviously when you think of the olympics and you look in the stands and your family gets an opportunity to see you it's just going to have a different look and if you're in the olympics and you need motivation, you shouldn't be there but it's nothing like, you know, i think back to my experience and it's nothing like looking in the stands and you're sewing the support or you're seeing the other team, the other country rooting against you. it's going to have a different feel to it but it's still going to be a special moment to the athletes >> you referenced it a bit can you speak to the pressure the players are under. the roster is loaded durant, dane lillard, devan booker among others. we're obviously the heavy favorite until pressure comes in
4:44 am
and that can change things >> absolutely. there's going to be pressure there's going to be moments. we have a lot of scoring we have a lot of guys that can do a lot of things it's just obviously just finding your motivation within yourself as a unit and just coming and being the dominant team that they can be. yes, i think there'smore parod in the olympic basketball now that we're going to see and you're going to see some close games. and i don't think -- and i don't want fans to be alarmed. i think the u.s. will still take care of business but there's a lot of great players in our nba league now that will come together and play and really just they will challenge the u.s. team. but like you said, we're loaded. >> who do we need to worry about the most i know argentina's good. spain's good france has rudy gobert luca don itch obviously. slovene i can't's in >> the other team i think of is
4:45 am
canada they're extremely loaded, a lot of young athletes that are doing great things in the nba. so, that's another thing you cannot account -- you have to account for is the canadian team, which i think they will make noise in the olympics >> i don't want to leave the women out either because they're heavy favorites to bring home the gold, as they usually do we certainly hope they do as well i'm going to throw up a picture of your epic dunk in the olympics, what some say is maybe the greatest dunk in the history of professional basketball or basketball anywhere. what do you remember about that play i don't even need to show the video to you you know exactly what i'm talking about. >> i remember so many things i mean, it was just -- it was -- you know, now i look in retrospect, it was an out of body experience. it's not something that i or any player could or would do or try on a daily basis and the moon and stars were
4:46 am
lined up correctly, and i took liftoff and i was able to complete the play. the funny thing about it, when people look at the video and see me celebrating and i usually get -- man you jumped over a seven footer the other thing they say, you almost knocked kevin darr net out. it's crazy, kevin garnett was celebrating the dunk because he saw it firsthand under the basket i was celebrating the fact that i did not get hung and i made the dunk i didn't know i jumped over frederick weiss at the moment. i found out after the game so, the celebration was totally -- two athletes celebrating different things but it makes for a great moment. >> the response to it and everybody remembering that dunk was pretty special let me steer you towards the nba finals if i may given your 22-year career in the league can milwaukee come back? >> i mean, you can't count them out. and, you know, we say this
4:47 am
yes, phoenix looked dominant and they took care of business at home game three, in my opinion, is the most important game because if the milwaukee bucs do not win game three, the phoenix suns now smell blood. and they can go for it they can let it all hang out for game four. i think this is the pivotal game for the milwaukee bucs to get themselves back into the series by winning the first one you can't get even if you don't win game three and you don't want to go back to phoenix down 3-1, knowing they're one game away from winning a championship so, game three for the milwaukee bucs, extremely important. >> booker cp 3 >> you have to give it to cp 3 booker has been outstanding doing the job. and when he's not playing his best game, guess who steps up and has monumental historic-type
4:48 am
games. chris paul i mean, this guy at his age of 36, if i'm not mistaken, it's old in the league. but he's still a young guy he is dominating like the young guy, like the basketball player we know that he can be on the biggest stage. and if he continues to do and play like he's doing, he will be did mvp if the phoenix suns win. >> i appreciate you joining me you're joining us from the american century championship this weekend on nbc. i hope you have a golf game. i hope you have a golf game. i'll be watching >> some days some fridays i have a golf game. some fridays i don't >> sounds like the rest of us. take care. we'll talk to you soon the summer olympics in tokyo just two weeks away. you can watch across all nbc properties across the country lawmaker versus to answer a very unusual question how do we spend all this money dozens of states flush with extra cash, some in the billions so, where is it all going and how much will you see?
4:49 am
this teenager made 50,000 bucks last night how the spelling bee's new how the spelling bee's new g.o.a.t.lsma hto ♪ sometimes you wanna go ♪ ♪ where everybody knows your name ♪ ♪♪ ♪ and they're always glad you came ♪
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depending where you live there might be extra money coming your way. during the pandemic states thought they would be devastated in borrowed money from the federal government now many are flush with cash after the economy bounced back faster than expected idaho, a $500 million surplus is
4:52 am
going to tax rebates in massachusetts part of the extra $4 billion surplus is going to fund school systems and for some renters in california, the state's $76 billion surplus can't be spent fast enough. here's cnbc's kate rogers. >> buddy gates is behind over the last 14 months his rental debts have bloomed to $11,000. beats has worked as a tour guide in the bay area for 30 years the pandemic put him out of a job, even bankrupting the company he was working for he's managed to make some rental payments but back due rent is hanging over him >> i am worried about being sued because they send me several letters a month telling me how far behind i am in rent. >> reporter: he's applied for rental assistance through california programs and is waiting for debts to be paid thanks to an unexpected budget surplus, gavin newsom has signed an extension of the eviction
4:53 am
moratorium through september and will cover 100% of low income tenants' back rents. >> in california almost 40% of the rental housing stock is in single family homes. and those single family homes are owned by mom and pops or small investors. it's been very difficult, very difficult. >> surpluses have been seen in budgets far beyond the golden state. nearly two dozen states from idaho to washington have found themselves with a budget surplus and will use that cash for everything from rent relief to construction and more. one big use for the wind fall, tax relief >> in many states that tax reform was designed to be a down payment on future growth and a lot of states ended up reducing their individual and corporate income taxes, and they did it now with this extra revenue in hopes that this will really help their economy continue to recover and grow for many years to come >> while baits is glad to hear
4:54 am
help is on the way for him and millions of renters around the country, it can't come quickly enough >> they need to release the money. they need to get the money to people so they can hold on to their apartments >> it's bringing on extra staff to process simplified for need and florida it will go toward bonuses for police firefighters and teachers >> skate rogers, thank you in new jersey some of its $10 billion surplus set to go towards tuition relief as families across the country struggle to afford college there could be room for negotiation with colleges and universities looking to boost their enrollment numbers cnbc's senior personal finance correspondent sharon epperson has more on how to make that ask. >> i clicked the line and it said congratulations >> julia hall was accepted to her top college choice and what was most exciting >> i had gotten into the nursing
4:55 am
program and got the merit scholarship. >> reporter: helping offset her $52,000 tuition as a full-time undergrad. >> how much did it cover for the overall cost of attendance zblit covers around 30%. >> even with the scholarship the whole family worried they may have trouble covering the rest, and they did not qualify for any need-based aid >> once they make a decision to commit to a student, they'll do anything to keep that student. >> after meeting with a college funding consultant, tom and his wife, lauren, followed advice on how to officially appeal for more money >> we made sure that we enclosed some of the letter of merit scholarship she had to show we had leverage we asked for what i felt was a moderate appeal. we said our excitement level is very real. if you could help us in this area, we would be willing to commit >> reporter: and it worked >> how much more were you able to get >> we got around 3% more >> reporter: before the pandemic about one-third of the appeals were successful at most schools and that number has likely
4:56 am
grown. >> schools weathered hard times in fall of 2020, but that doesn't mean they can't remain active and aggressive with the financial aid and scholarships for students coming into classes this year. >> reporter: financial aid decisions made for this incoming freshman class are based on federal income tax returns from 2019 in asking for more need-based aid, experts say be transparent about how your family's income and expenses have changed since then >> be very specific. be very to the point why you cannot afford the clenl you are trying to get into >> and if you're not successful the first time, don't be discouraged. >> there's always next year. there's always future instances in which you will need to negotiate for financial aid. there's still hope >> reporter: if you get additional aid, make sure to clarify whether it's renewable or not typically you have to apply for need-based aid every year. meanwhile scholarship money tends to be renewable as long as you maintain a concern gpa and credit load. for "the news" i'm sharon
4:57 am
epperson >> sharon, thanks. murraya, it's a type of tree and the word that won zaila avant-garde $50,000. the 14-year-old from louisiana, the first african-american winner of the scripps spelling bee. >> m-u-r-r-a-y-a >> that is correct >> but zaila's talent doesn't stop there her résumé also includes three guinness world records for dribbling and juggling basketballs. she's only in the ninth grade but has big plans. >> going to harvard to play basketball and maybe to the wnba or overseas or something before i go into my next thing of working at nasa or something like that or being a basketball coach. >> the teen prodigy said it was all due to her family's support, a lot of hard work and a lubl of luck 50 seconds left on the race to the finish. the cdc says fully vaccinated
4:58 am
stunts do not need to wear masks in the classrooms in fall. only kids 12 and up are even eligible to get a shot right now. unvaccinated students still need to wear a mask and the cdc still recommends three feet distancing when possible. president biden signing a sweeping executive order designed to crackdown on monopolies and anticompetitive practices. in remarks today the president said, quote, capitalism. we could have a winner this weekend in the billionaire space race richard branson is said to take off in a rocket plane this coming sunday. if successful, he'll beat out jeff bezos and elon musk and now you know "the news" of this friday july 9th what's on the horizon? the answers lie beyond the roads we know. we recognize that energy demand is growing, and the world needs lower carbon solutions to keep up.
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