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tv   The News With Shepard Smith  CNBC  August 6, 2021 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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i can't do anything about it. and i'm not gonna let that s.o.b. be a part of my thoughts, be a part of my anxiety. he'll have his day, and i -- either he's having it now, or god's got something else in store for him, but he'll get his. the news with shepard smith starts now. starts now a raging firestorm leaves a commun a raging firestorm leaves a community in ruins i'm shepard smith and this is the news on cnbc an entire california town consumed by flames >> we lost the green belt tonight. >> dixie fire spreading at alarming speed and putting everyone who does not listen to evacuation orders in danger.o wa a report that a plan for booster shots is just weeks away who would get them and how soon
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and the white house making a final sprint to vaccinate kids as schools become a battle zone over masks and shots >> i want the students to have access to learning >> at the end of the day we are all in this together a deadline for governor cuomo and his lawyer as the impeachment investigation nears completion national target. a stumble on the track shifting gears on electric vehicles >> the question is whether we will lead or fall behind in the race for the future. >> president biden setting a new national target. a stumble on the track and the tweet heard around the world. a first for the military on a u.s. highway and one of the biggest drug busts in coast guard history >> live from cnbc, the facts the truth.n wipe "the news with shepard smith." good evening an entire american town wiped out. greenville, california, engulfed in flames after the dixie fire
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consumed it in about three hours, twisting and swallowing houses whole you can hear the crackle of the fire tearing through the wood, whipping around in the wind.n an apocalyptic scene car and house engulfed in a raging inferno firefighters in the face of uncontrollable flames. and then the eerie silence of the smoldering aftermath a historic gold rush town reduced to ashes 100-year-old buildings along main street crumbled, sheriff's office, restaurants, saloons and homes. fire officials estimate 75% of the structures in town have been destroyed. the only good news, no deaths and no injuries reported this hour some 5,000 firefighters battled the blaze from all sides and one managed to save an american flag from the home just before flames swallowed it.
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others stood amid wreckage of what they could not save and an emotional plea from a congressman saying the government needs to do more. >> we lost greenville tonight. there are just not words camp fire, car fire, air fire just above here last year and now this we hav us and government haven't been able to get the job done campfire, car fire, air fire just above here last year and now this we have to do better >> greenville, just north of sacramento is just 40 miles away from paradise, the town destroyed by the campfire three years ago. officials say the next fires are in chester and westwood. the three-week old wildfire has jumped to california's sixth biggest fire after growing 50,000 acres overnight according to cal-fire. now six of california's seven largest fires in history started in the past year a trend that scientists say
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climate change will only accelerate in a moment we will hear from cal-fire chief, tom porter first to steve patterson in greenville >> reporter: shep, this is greenville, california, at least what is left of town behind me you can just see the panoramic scope of devastation as far as the eye can see. the library is gone. the fire station burned to the ground most of the town, about 75% of the structures in the town gone. completely gone. just a minute ago we heard a large thudding sound didn't know what it was. come to find out it was one of the structures that had fallen over the town in complete disrepair red-flag winds picked up the dixie fire and sent it careening through town flames, some as tall as the pine trees behind me, leapt from building to building and really
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burned and charred this town to its bones. firefighters assessing the damage fire is surrounding usg they sp up residents had to do we are pinned in to the town right now because there is an active battle on every edge of the town the fire so big they split it up residents had to do everything they can to get out of here safely fire refugees flooding out of town, something i have not seen since the paradise fire. all those years ago. i spoke to some of those refugees as they were at a shelter looking back at the plume of smoke >> the reality will hit when we see the place. when it all comes to an end. >> when we are finally allowed back in there and it is standing or a pile of ash that's when it will hit us >> it was scary. it is one of those apocalyptic movies you see with fire, wind, people going everywhere >> reporter: residents still
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wondering if their home stands as firefighters are battling another fire, the river fire raging in this area as well and threatening hundreds of homes. firefighters right now on the front lines. shep, back to you. >> steve, thanks nobody knows that better than tom porter of forestry and fire protection chief, thank you this is intense and those pictures are so sad. how challenging is this for your crews? >> thank you for recognizing the difficulties shep, this is a really, really critical time. we are seeing fuel moistures that are so dry that every single time an ash or ember drops, fires start this fire has been particularly challenging. it has been split into -- it has two type one incident management teams on it. protect as
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much as and we are doing absolutely everything we can to protect as much as we can, but the fire is doing what it is going to do >> do you have the resources to get ahold of it? >> we are throwing everything we have got at it and we can always use more resources. but in some cases, the resources are not going to stop the fire the fuels are so dry that sticks and logs are catching fire in a rapid way which they normally would not if we had moisture, but we are in a drought condition and a drought condition exacerbated or made worse by excessive drought conditions >> and no end in sight i want you to hear this. this is what one operations chief said about the dangers of evacuating people from fire zones. including those who don't want
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to leave >> we are all challenged law enforcement is challenged. we have firefighters that are getting guns pulled out because they don't want to evacuate. >> guns pulled how do your people deal with that >> well, unfortunately it happens at times people want to be with their property they want to protect their property but what we need is for people to get out of the way. there are times that we cannot protect you. we need you to go. unfortunately greenville is a horrible example of what can anh is happening all too often in the west with the conditions we are seeing >> chief thom porter, the best to you and the crews and the people there thanks so much >> thank you there is new urgency tonight for booster shots here in the united states as the covid delta variant spreads. "the wall street journal" is reporting the fda expects a national strategy for
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administering extra doses in weeks. the news comes as anthony fauci says the white house is working to get additional shots to americans with compromised immune systems people who have had organ transplants or living with hiv >> it is extremely important for us to move to get those individuals their boosters we are now working on that and we will make it be implemented as quickly as possible because for us and for the individuals involved it is a high priority >> in addition to immunocompromised, the journal reports that people who got shots in december and january could need an extra shot as early as this month. meg tirrell covers science and medical for us this is really the clearest sign that i heard, meg, boosters could be given the green light >> shep, it certainly signals they are getting ready and fda officials saying this week they expect to see a lot of data in
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the coming weeks to inform want recommendations. dr. peter marx expects they may have them by some time in september and he notes it is important to make recommendations for everybody that was vaccinated, not just for those who got one kind of vaccine and the times might coincide with pfizer's vaccine making it easier to give the third doses. moderna says it is about to ha of the finalize the application for full approval. they showed a booster with half of the original dose increases antibody levels. significantly. >> we care a lot about you get 42x. we think the boosters are going to be helpful to keep people safe for the long-term but it is up to public officials
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to decide what to do and when to do it. >> the company making a case for boosters for a few reasonsl distancing and seasonal effect delta and variants is the reason for increased infection and the public's fatigue with masking and social distancing and seasonal effects of moving indoors when it gets cold are all of that suggesting more breakthroughs will happen. the vaccine's efficacy remained high at 93% overall but does expect that immunity will start to wane. one thing the fda recommends is not seeking out boosters on your own. >> meg, thank you. double trouble for the democratic party, two top governors face removal the deadline for governor cuomo to fend off impeachment and in california the new poll raising alarm bells for governor newsom as he tries to defeat a recall today, phoenix added to the
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list of police departments under investigation by the justice department the allegations against officers now getting federal attention. and from the coal mine to law school to leader of one of the nation's largest and most powerful labor unions. remembering the life of richard trumka >> announcer: the facts, the truth, the news with shepard smith back in 60 seconds
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new york state assembly net lawmakers warning governor cuomo that the investigation is nearing completion the new york state assembly judicial committee giving th governor and his lawyers until next friday to produce any evidence that might help his case this comes after -- governor cuomo sexually harassed 11 women. including his own staff members and a state trooper in his security detail. cnbc has learned several of the
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governor's allies and advisors are privately urging him to fight on nobody of note standing with him publicly nbc news spoke with the chairman of the democratic party who called the governor yesterday and told him resign. >> he was very clear that he felt his side of the story had not been fully aired and wanted an opportunity to do that. he wanted an opportunity to do that and i understood that. and he felt that, you know, perhaps things might turn around if he and his lawyers made their case >> the governor denied harassing, making sexual advances or inappropriately touching anybody losing his jobs california governor gavin newsom appears to be growing in danger of losing his job as he faces a recall election. a new poll finds out more than half of likely california voters, 51% will vote yes to recall the democratic governor
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it is a huge swing when a similar poll found just 36% were in favor of removing him from office governor newsom called the recall effort a republican power grab organizations started the petition in february of last year with grievances over immigration and high property taxes but really gained steam as the governor faced criticism over his handling of the pandemic and covid restrictions. the justice department has launched a sweeping civil rights investigation of the police department in phoenix. attorney general merrick garland says they will look into whether phoenix police use excessive force, discriminate against minorities and mistreat the homeless or disabled the attorney general says a special focus of the inquiry will be whether officers illegally seized and thrown out the possessions of homeless people in the city the third federal probe of a local police department since president biden took office,
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minneapolis and louisville being the other two. >> these investigations aim to promote transparency and accountability increasing public trust and in turn increases public safety. we know law enforcement shares these goals. >> well, the mayor of phoenix coming out in support of the investigation. she says it will make her city even safer and stronger and more equitable as she puts it three of england's soccer stars subjected to racist abuse. the results of a hate crime are in and a dozen arrests nine-time olympic gold medalist carl lewis calling the men's performance by the u.s. in the 4x100 relay an embarrassment
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tokyo 2020, usa women's soccer taking home a bronze medal. after beating australia 4-3. megan rapinoe got her team the lead right there with the goal she said she is proud of what her team achieved. >> we never give up. we always fight and we get to bring back a medal to america. we are so proud of that. i hope everybody back home and i know our friends and family are. we fought like hell for this >> the u.s. can still add another gold medal men's basketball team beat australia 97-78 in the semis kevin durant scored a game-high 23 they will face france tomorrow that team snapped team usa's 25-game olympic win streak the first match up in tokyo.
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on the track, the usa men's 4x100 relay failed to qualify. the performance getting ripped by one of america's greatest of all-time carl lewis wrote the usa team did everything wrong in the men's relay. passing system athletes running the wrong legs. it was clear there was no leadership it was a total embarrassment and completely unacceptable for the usa team to look worse than the aau kids i saw carl lewis is here now track and field ledlegend carl is here for his first interview since saying all of that clown show how do you really feel >> i was pretty emotional last night. it back the thing is -- >> are you walking it back or do you stand by that? >> no, no, no. not walking it back at alla medn
4:21 am
not walking it back at all everything i said i stand by >> what was it for those of us that have not won a medal what went wrong? >> teams make mistakes we understand that what happened is that we have not had success in 20 years and it comes because we don't have a system designed for it >> whose fault is that >> that is where i am going. the federation sets up the team, coaches and the system they are failing the athletes. that's why i was so emotional and angry. they work their whole lives, run fast and make the team and you put them in a position impossible to be successful. you have to look at what's best for the athlete. all the time we let politics get in and people from the outside get in i want to make sure we pay attention to this so we don't have this problem anymore. i hope the statement that i made and the honesty i talked about
4:22 am
and the passion that i have allows the athletes to have a chance to be successful. yesterday it was clear they didn't do any of that. >> you tell usa today this is the equivalent of a football team or coach taking the team to the super bowl and losing 99-0 carl lewis, would you fire the coaches? >> the way they are set up, they are technically not fireable you have to get the right people people in. the main one of the issues we had is you have a system where you roll people in. the main coach i am close with, he was unable to come to the olympics and you end up with other people but that does not solve the problem. if you have a football team, they have the run and shoot or the spread or running game we don't even have that. we need to set what we do, a manual on how to pass so
4:23 am
everyone has it so it is all the same coaches and athletes can be interchangeable and give the athletes a voice when they see something wrong, they run they say i'm not comfortable right now, they don't have thate >> are these athletes upset? what have you heard? >> the athletes are frustrated i talked to one of the athletes. he is frustrated same see, he's been on multiple teams. >> specifically why is he frustrated which part >> they are frustrated because it is like the same wrong, incorrect system and making the same mistakes like why don't we change the system and have people help us set it up so we have a chance to do it you know, the united states is the best tea my passion is support the athletes lives you know, the united states is the best team in the world in the relay. no question. we are not even getting to the
4:24 am
starting line. >> is carl lewis available to help them? >> i coach at the university of houston. >> yeah. go cougars >> that is not something i am seeking at all i don't want to sound political. i coach college athletes we have success. i hope they can get a system when we pass them off to the next level they will be able to win championships for team usa because that is what i want. >> carl lewis, honor and great to see you thank you so much. >> thank you the department of homeland security is recruiting for the war on cyber crime and it's turning to some pretty heavy hitters. new charges against the person accused of killing a tiktok star and his date inside a movie theater. a jailhouse interview. the suspect detailing why he pulled the trigger and the vaccination rates
4:25 am
among young americans lagging as the new school year kicks off and the final push by the white house to get kids in classrooms and keep them there. that is coming up as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news ahead of olympics on cnbc
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>> one of the one of the country's most powerful labor leaders died today, richard trumka died of an apparent heart attack.
4:27 am
according to president biden the two were an american close d allies and the president praised his work over the years. >> he was always there he was an american worker. protecting team's pensions and wages. >> richard trumka died while celebrating his grandson's birthday according to a statement to went to the organization's workers. for more here is cnbc valerie castro >> i'm richard trumka. president of the afl-cio >> reporter: 72-year-old richard trumka represented 12 and a half million members. charles schumer reacted from the senate floor >> i rise today with sad, horrible news about the passing of a great friend, rich trumka who left us this morning
4:28 am
>> reporter: a third generation coal miner began advocating workers at age 33 where he was elected the youngest president of the united mine workers of america. he would continue to be a voice for american families and pushing against corporations and demanding accountability and equality >> we do want conditions we don't want them to be able to do buy backs or give big stock bonuses to the executives. we want them to keep people on the payroll. >> reporter: lawmakers on social media called him a fierce and effective champion for american workers and the afl-cio called him a legend of workplace rights and workplace safety and democracy and so much more >> he was them rich trumka was the working people of america. >> reporter: he is credited with convincing several democratic
4:29 am
house members to pass then president trump's revision of the north american free-trade agreement in 2019. it is estimated the u.s. lost hundreds of thousands of jobs to mexico from nafta but the new agreement as well is far from perfect. >> valerie castro, thank you the job markets are bouncing back that's topping cnbc on the money. weekly jobless claims at 385,000 according to the labor department this is the number of americans receiving unemployment benefits, for multiple weeks which fell to a pandemic-era lowt cyber combating cyber threats, tech giants amazon and microsoft and google helping as part of what they call the joint cyber defense collaborative, coming
4:30 am
together to deal with cyberattacks ensuring a coordinated response between the private sector and the fed and "south park" creators signing a new deal with viacom-cbs said to be worth $900 million. duo promising to create 14 streaming movies and it will keep "south park" on the air at least six more seasons on wall street, the dow up 272. nasdaq up 115. i'm shepard smith on cnbc. it is the bottom of the hour time for the top of the news faa says alcohol is one of the main reasons for bad behavior on flights. now a plea to airport bars stop serving challenge in to-go cups at the terminal the race for hyper sonic travel
4:31 am
one company's goal of getting you from new york to london in 90 minutes and students return to the classroom and the white house making a push to vaccinate kids. >> urging schools to set up their own sites and calling on pediatricians to discuss vaccinations during sports physicals. the education secretary miguel c cardona with the plan to keep kids back in the classroom and told republican governors of texas and florida not to get in the way. >> don't be want reason schools are interrupted. our kids suffered enough >> governor greg abbott of texas and governor de santis banned masks and vaccine mandates arguing people should have the right to choose. the secretary has calls out to the governor and wants to work with them. we have team coverage. march began chesky and catie
4:32 am
beck >> reporter: public school students headed back to the classroom under mask mandates indoors, the same as the city of atlanta but not the same as the state of georgia there have been mixed messages if people should wear masks indoors or inside schools. ten miles outside of atlanta in the county of cobb students have the option to wear masks in schools. here in atlanta, it is a mandate. parents brought kids to school masked and ready there was a lot of enthusiasm they are seeing it as an opportunity after 18 months of virtual learning they are able to have students learn in-person with a safety precaution in place and the superintendent is feeling energized by having kids coming back to the classroom and has been preparing for this and feels like she will be able to be flexible because you can't control the virus and only do your best to protect it.
4:33 am
heeshs here's what she had to say. >> we have a responsibility to pivot as we observe the rise in the delta variant. we all know how to pivot back to the virtual space that we did the past year. >> reporter: the superintendent also mentioning her staff right now only has a vaccination rate of 58% to 59%. she hopes the percentage of will go up as the school year begins as well as vaccinated students out of eligible students only 18% are vaccinated shep >> catie beck, thanks. a statewide mask mandate is now in effect in louisiana it applies to all indoor spaces, including churches and schools that state hit more than 2,300 doctors are warning about the growing number of children ending up in hospitals, sick with covid one of louisiana's largest
4:34 am
health care systems reports that hospitalizations among children tripled in the last week alone here is morgan chesky. >> reporter: shep, it is a tough situation playing out in real time in new orleans. this is where we are seeing part of the patient surge that is not just happening in louisiana but all across the south there are four patients here under the age of two sufferingis the same telltale covid signs. the concerning part for doctors is that this may just be the beginning. >> the children we are seeing in the hospital are just the tip of the iceberg we know in the out-patient clinics, the rate of positivity today is 14% one week ago it was 7% the week before that it was 1% that tells us everything we need to know where we are headed. >> reporter: we had a chance to speak to one family whose
4:35 am
16-year-old daughter received much-needed care here. riley had trouble breathing and thought she had pneumonia and was on oxygen for three days her parents previously unvaccinated but now know how dangerous covid can be >> as a parent to see your child here in the hospital possibly you don't know what will happen next >> reporter: doctors tell us riley was treated with remdesivir in the hospital she has since been cleared to go home and the parents plan to make the vaccination appointments soon. shep >> morgan, thanks. a man suspected of killing a tiktok star and his date at a movie theater in california said voices in his head led him to shoot them
4:36 am
that is what he said in a jail house interview. this man, jimenez, said the voices told him his friends and family would be killed and that he was diagnosed with schizophrenia. he recently stopped taking his medication j jimenez, according to police, say theater workers found them after a showing of the forever purge. goodrich was dead. the suspect was at the movie with three friends those friends told police he left the theater and came back with what they believed was a gun and they left the theater when jimenez started to mumble and talk to himself but did not alert police or security prosecutors updated charges against jimenez today adding a second-degree murder charge.
4:37 am
he appeared in court and a judge postponed that until next month. the coast guard bringing in the biggest drug haul ever this is what $1.4 billion of cocaine and weed looks like. the coast guard cutter looked more like a cargo ship with the record seizure of 60,000 pounds of narcotics in south florida today. coast guard officials said they seized the drugs from the caribbean and eastern pacific off of the coast of panama and colombia arrests after online racist abuse directed at three black soccer stars after the brits lost the european championship final. police in britain arrested 11 people the majority brought in on suspicion of several offenses, including malicious communications under united kingdom law messages grossly offensive or menacing can carry a penalty of two years in prison.
4:38 am
last month, soccer stars missed kicks against italy. uk officials say they identified more than 200 posts found to be criminal and more than half were sent from other countries and officials said they passed the information along to authorities outside of the u.k president bidenbitious goal electric and setting the deadline for sale of all new cars, but will the carmakers and car buyers be on board it's a highway made for cars and trucks, but would you look at that? why is the u.s. fighter jet landing on it? the military making history in michigan when the news continues. ♪ to rock the boat don't rock the boat, baby ♪ ♪ rock the boat don't tip the boat over ♪
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♪ rock the boat ♪ ♪ don't rock the boat, baby ♪ ♪ rock the boat ♪ see disney's jungle cruise. it's time to rock the boat, america.
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half of all ne half of all new cars should be electric or plug-in hybrid by 2030, the new push by president biden who signed an executive
4:41 am
order today laying out the goal. the president unveiling the plan in front of a lineup of electric cars and trucks on the white house lawn and that the u.s. needs to lead the way in electric or it will fall behind other countries like china >> their vision of the future is now beginning to happen. a future of the automobile industry is that is electric battery electric, plug-in hybrid electric, fuel cell electric it is electric there is no turning back >> cnbc's phil lebeau is covering automobiles phil, is this realistic, half by 2030 >> shep it is highly unlikely the u.s. hits the target, and here is why. last year evs made up about 2% of all sales look at the sales growth not expected to hit 1 million until 2025 and by 2030 most e ao get more built
4:42 am
believe evs will be 30% to 35% of total sales it will simply take a while to get more built and on the market and people getting people buying an electric vehicle. >> do we know why people are uncomfortable? >> one is the cost evs cost more than the typical internal combustion engine the technology has to improve like fast charging much like going to the gas station to fill up in five or ten minutes at the most, you should do that with a battery. that will eventually happen. and people need to be convinced that you can really beat them up and they will stay and do what they are supposed to do. there is still hesitancy there >> president is talking about stronger fuel economy standards. will we see a big change in mileage? >> i think we will see an increase over time the big push in fuel economy is
4:43 am
the blend of vehicles. that is where the evs come in. you will not see a ton of investment to make the internal will improve >> they defended the combustion vehicles radically more fuel efficient, but they will improve >> phil lebeau, thank you. they defended the capitol against the violent mob and now they received the congress' highest honor. p president biden signing a bill during a rose garden ceremony bestowing congressional gold medals for their valor and sacrifice on january 6 >> you stood in the breach you did your duty. the duty to defend the constitution of the united states against all enemies, foreign and domestic it breaks my heart it breaks the heart of the nation to remember that you were assaulted by thousands of violent insurrectionists at the
4:44 am
capitol of the united states of america. >> each police department gets one medal and two others will be on display at the smithsonian and capitol building fighter jet pilots are used to landing on runway wis, right what if you don't have one that is an a-10 touches down on a stretch of highway in northern michigan the very first time one of their planes landed on a civilian highway on purpose and all part of a training exercise intending to imitate a real time war time environment people were warned not to gather near the highway and told to avoid all of the landing zones pre-flight cocktails good way to pass the time and chill a bit, but the well could be drying up as the faa asks
4:45 am
airports to rein in unruly passengers welcome to allstate. where our new auto rates are so low, ♪ you'll jump for joy. ♪ here, better protection costs a whole lot less. you're in good hands with allstate. click or call for a lower auto rate today.
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the feds are asking airport the feds are asking airport officials to help their crackdown on unruly passengers and start warning flyers you c cannot take your alcohol from the bar to the flights he said the agency found alcohol led to a lot of unsafe behavior they have been seeing on plane the agency reports 240% increase in unruly passenger investigations just since last year warp speed that is the button that anyone at the helm of a federation star
4:48 am
ship would hit to travel at the speed of light we are not there yet hyper sonic travel though, that is a real thing and one company is promising the first hyper sonic aircraft, flying at 3,840 miles per hour, 50 times faster than a cheetah five times the speed of sound and more than twice as fast as a bullet what are the risks how is the government getting involved here's cnbc's morgan brennan >> reporter: new york to london in 90 minutes. that is the hyper ambitious goal from hermeus corporation, a small but growing player developing a family of aircraft capable of flying at five times the speed of sound >> being able to take a world as big as we have and making it feel regional changes the way that the world works and opens up massive opportunities for social and economic growth >> reporter: hermeus counts thep u.s. military among its backers. for the air force an opportunity to test technology key to the service's future and could be
4:49 am
used for unmanned reconnaissance or fast transit of cargo and people over long-distances for hermeus, the three-year partnership turbo charges a plan to fly passengers commercially as soon as the end of the decade >> you need interim products along the way you are leveraging for tech development and risk reduction and turn them to products and solve problems for customers. that is a huge piece of the project we are starting now with the air force. >> reporter: while perhaps the future, it is also the fast past after the famed concorde retired two decades ago. but this could be different. this market could grow to $270 billion annually >> we are seeing a lot of advancement and utilizing 3d printing for prototyping and end use parts where they can do
4:50 am
extremely complex components that are small volume. >> reporter: risks abound. boom supersonic struck an aircraft deal with united airlines lockheed martin working with nasa and virgin galactic, currently focusing on earth tourism, but shares its aspirations as well. for the news, i'm morgan brennan. barbie, honoring the heroes of the pandemic with six new dolls based on real women that worked in the front lines. dr. amy o'sullivan who treated new york's first covid-19 patient, contracted the virus and was so sick. and she had to be intubated.r a she came back to work a few weeks later to keep helping people
4:51 am
dr. audrey sue cruz who teamed up with other asian american dr. chika oriuwa sarah gilbert in the u.k. that led the university of oxford vaccine. dr. de jesus from brazil who led the genome sequencing. and dr. kirby white from australia who invented the ppe gown that can be cleaned and reused allowing doctors to keep seeing patients safely foundati. tokyo for each sold, mattel will donate $5 to the first responders children's foundation tokyo 2020 skateboarding ending its olympic debut with team usa dropping into the stadium. he joins us next as the news continues. you're in good hands with allstate.
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tokyo 2020 minutes away from nbc sports primetime olympic coverage here on cnbc. tonight we will kick it off with men's handball, kind of like water polo without the water two teams passing and dribbling the ball up and down the court, attempt to throw it in the goal looking thing, much like a soccer net tonight the reigning olympic champion denmark takes on spain in the semis, and a bronze medal match in women's field hockey, india trying to beat great britain.
4:54 am
team gb by the way, won gold in the 2016 games later the american in her olympic debut in the women's rhythmic gymnastics and gold medals set to be awarded for track cycling. last night the men's park skateboarding finals took center stage in tokyo keegan palmer soared to the finals nailing a trick created in lock down pedro barros silver and cory juneau landed on the podium for bronze the san diego native is only second u.s. skateboarder to earn an olympic p immemedal. what does it feel like to blaze the trail for team usa >> thanks. it is so surreal the whole experience has been amazing. i am here with all of my friends. we are a family.
4:55 am
we have that bond like no others it is a huge honor i am super grateful. >> can we see it >> yeah. i'm stoked wearing this thing around for a while. >> a lot of boarders say it is a sellout to go to the olympics. >> not for me. i think it is a privilege. i'm stoked to be here. >> i am with you where did u.s. skating go from here >> skating is constantly growing. i think it is up and we will see where this will take us. hopefully a lot of people will get in to it and that we inspired a lot of kids it should be good. i'm stoked to see what the future holds >> the debut was a lot of years in the making. were you impressed with how it went down or what did you think? >> yeah. it was incredible, honestly. i watched the girls on tv and the street dudes it was insane to see them up there and out here, we watched
4:56 am
the girls compete the day before we skated. it was surreal, like a breathtaking moment and it sunk in just how crazy it is going to be i'm stoked to go out and give it my best. >> what did you think about the 13-year-old from great britain i felt like she is like my granddaughter. >> she is great. we skated a bunch of times back in the states. it is cool to see her succeed. >> you think of her and others two years ago she had a crash, that could have killed her and got back on the board. what am i supposed to do i am going do you relate to that mentality? >> yeah. we do it because we love it. you know, we are all persistent. you can't just give it up. when you worked for something for so long and when you are passionate about something, that
4:57 am
doesn't faze you you keep going you keep pushing nothing will stop us >> will you push all the way to 2024 or is this it what do you think? >> we will see i want to go to paris really bad for the next olympics. it will be insane. i would love to give it my best again. >> where is the party? >> where is the what, the party. >> i hear you and your friends are about to hit the town. >> yeah. we are going out to l.a. and then vegas hopefully i can get a trip to somewhere nice somewhere in the tropics >> congratulations thanks for the great show. congrats on the medal. it was a lot of fun to watch >> thank you so much >> for tokyo 2020, skateboarding was the first. same for surfing but for decades people have been rolling down sidewalks or riding the waves and then in 1995 the founder of burton snowboards started to get involved. calling it an outlet for
4:58 am
whatever struggles they were facing the program is called chill. today it is in 24 cities and 10 countries around the world nbc's jay gray caught a couple of lessons >> carissa moore rebounds off of the water. she is used to winning she knows how to do it she has to stay on and put down her best tricks. >> reporter: they are the new gee whiz events of the summer games. the west side is not a place you normally see kids skateboarding down the sidewalk. >> normally in east garfield park there is a lot of violence. a lot of potential bad influence. >> i need volunteer. >> reporter: a program called chill is helping kids around the world. >> chill's mission is to inspire youth to overcome challenges using board sports >> reporter: wheels, waves and
4:59 am
snow, it pairs students with mentors, many who have never been on a board. >> challenging, but fun. i enjoyed it it was great a great experience >> reporter: an experience focused not on gold but goals, shared by andrew who enrolled when he was younger and now teaches a surfing class in new york >> to learn respect, patience, persistence, that can be used in our day to day life and being able to enjoy the outdoors is a life changing experience >> reporter: and just like life, there are spills but how or why you fall is not as important as making sure that you get up >> we have a few ups and downs where i fell but you encourage yourself and you tell yourself you can do it, you can do it and it will be easier instead of doubting yourself >> even though there are two or three feet waves, there are
5:00 am
still one foot waves out there we can practice on and work our way up >> replacing doubt with determination and letting kids chill. for the news, jay gray jay, thanks. if you are just tuning in for handball or field hockey, we hope you will be with us tomorrow night for the news, 7:00 eastern, cnbc right now let the games begin. it is 5:00 a.m. at cnbc global headquarters. here is your top five at 5:00. the market records roll on with the s&p and nasdaq hitting new records as all three major indices look tonotch a winning week investors gearing up for the jobs report with expectations all over the map we preview ywhat to expect from the report. shares of


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