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tv   Tech Check  CNBC  August 11, 2021 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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hung up in china back to you. does it for us look at the big five apple, facebook, amazon and micr microsoft. only microsoft and apple better on the session that does it for us. "techcheck" starts right now. good wednesday morning welcome to atlan"techcheck." i'm carl quintanilla with jon fortt and deirdre bosa coinbase's first outside investor cfo on a big cloud deal. plus earnings exclusives with ceos of fubotv and docks imty. and merging with a vast plc. de >> start off, carl, with
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coinbase, of course. shares of the crypto exchange seeing a boost as the company reports strong second quarter earnings second as a public company $1.6 billion in net profit and nearly 4900% boost from the month earlier. trading volume seeing double digit gains from the months in the year and could it scare off future investors? a question coinbase expects trading volume lower in the third quarter good reason. 95% of coinbase's second quarter revenue came from transactions coinbase countering, used to volatility, embrace the volatility why wouldn't they, guys? especially if it means more transand and volume? sticking out to me, institutional volume greater than 50% growth, retail volume half of that. on that front, guys, talked to big players in the space this
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week and know that competition is increasing. falcon x yesterday, platform dead dedicated specifically to crypto investors and saying wanted regulation, compliance in place. a bid to get big players as well. >> yeah. i mean, carl, seems to me this is back to that, today's story is not tomorrow's story. heard from robinhood, what they expect in the second half. volatility cooling down in crypto hitting their top line as well no reason we shouldn't expect that from coin bees. people used to say i don't know about bitcoin but believe in blockchain, yell the valuations lately based on all of this excitement around bitcoin and the likes of that. if that cools off i wonder, is the blockchain-based technology, are the platforms that they have in place kind of ready to, to justify that kind of valuation that has come from all of this hype
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>> yep large degree, people saying maybe the overall currency platform has some escape velocity, especially as institutional begins to come in. it joining us to react to coinbase's earnings and why approve to stake, service could make them the aws of crypto, initialized capital founder gary, good to see you. thanks for joining us. >> carl, thanks for having me back. >> trading volume numbers. does it ratify a belief brand is broad's being out? >> 68 million verified users and transaction users up 45% in a single quarter is a ridiculously big step microsoft and apple on ramp to personal computers google world wide web and crypto remaking society 68 million users is not a small number, but we're really just scratching the surface where this is going to go.
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you know, this company throwing off billions of dollars in real earnings per year in an area of extreme growth net income is up more than 100% quarter on quarter that's crazy we're at 1% here. >> yeah. their guidance about q3 volume also heard sort of ancillary comments from companies like mastercard saying that they are seeing a decline at least a sequential decline in people using credit to buy crypto look back and think q1 and q2 the peak in terms of volume? >> it's yin's guess. crypto always volatile something like a dozen or more 90% drawdowns in crypto. that's what we mean. if you're an old hand, you're also a diamond hand. you're going to hold on to it knowing that there's going to be extreme volatility, but one thing i think is happening is that we're realizing that this era of just speculation and buy and hold, it's coming to an end. you know
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coinbase remained more than 100 million in net income just from prescription rev and almost doubled as well. this isn't just a transaction platform a lot of people say, oh, it's a trading platform it's actually platform software like microsoft or apple, and nobody else is even close. a lot of this is actually driven by defi. crypto holders realizing they shouldn't just sit and wait for the number to go up. they want yield. it's not enough to hold crypto you've got to make yield on it through staking and lending. that's what defi and es peerian is providing. >> seeing diversification in terms of revenue good morning, by the way it's deirdre and tightening questions over the last weeks what exactly backs stable coins coinbase's cfo asked about it this morning on "squawk. we'll play a clip for you. >> you can always redeem your
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ustc for one u.s. dollar the spirit of disclosure, you can always get a dollar back for the ust dlachlt you hold. >> except far from certain if there is a run on something like usdc i wonder, does coinbase have a responsibility to ask for more transparency when it comes to stable coins and especially as usdc and usdt make up a larger and larger part of the crypto ecosystem? >> yeah. i mean, i do -- to my knowledge usdc is the most, one of the safest places in terms of, you know, actually being something that will be there, even in a run. >> why do you say that why -- why is it safest? >> i mean, these are companies -- usdc is backed by american companies that are subject to u.s. regulation, and to my knowledge, they're audited. that's the thing about usdt.
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i think tether is external to the united states, and run by companies that are not sort of beholden to, you know, the u.s. government regulatory authorities, and, you know, i think that looking at what happened with the infrastructure bill in the past couple weeks, it's actually incredibly important that american companies do that regulation, because that's how consumers can be safe in this new economy. >> so there is that distinction. how much, neither of them are properly audited, providing accountants and some seem better the commercial paper and some even short-term holdings, far from clear what that consists are and whats if there is a run on this. i wonder, though, do you think coinbase especially tried to be the platform most compliant in-line with regulations, have a responsibility to push them for a proper audit not just an attestation and tell traders on
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the platform what exactly they're holding? >> yeah. i guess the number one thing to me here is that, if you're working with an established american financial institution that's subject to our laws, then actually they're also subject to our courtroom. that's actually what consumers really care about. in fact, not just american consumers care about that. consumers around the world care be the american rule of law, and that's a good thing when it comes to crypto. >> i want to go back to coinbase itself and a bunch of other public companies that are doing a lot in the crypto space, and you talk about it being the future in early days i think back 20 years ago a lot of companies saying same ak the internet they were right but very early, early days and stock that went like this in '99-2000 and ended like this about a decade before coming back up how do we know that's not going to happen with crypto specifically and what the areas are where the meaningful
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innovation will happen that's not already overvalued >> yeah. i mean, i think one area of absolute extreme growth is decentralized finance. you can go online and go to and actually see how much defi actually has grown. it is by leaps and bounds something like 10x or more 30 or 40x, really, over the course of the year anything that can grow that quickly, you know, like i said earlier. people should not just look at their crypto and say, i want this number to go up they should actually be able to use it for lending, for real-world services, and that's what decentralized finance is about. you shouldn't have to ask for permission to be able to transact with assets that you own. the other really bright spot i would say is nfts. jay-z recently, and that's going -- be quite a bit larger at this point. we're realizing we want ability to, you know, transact in games
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and have those have an impact outside of those games that's discretional on the surface terms what these decentralized platforms can do. >> finally, gary, on that very point. news organizations are still looking into reports that hackers perpetrated, bloomberg today calls it likely the biggest theft ever in the world of decentralized finance stealing about $600 million in cryptocurrency at what point to numbers like that act as deterrent to use >> best thing, these are open, distributed ledgers. these are transactions you can trace. so that's where companies like prn labs or analysis becomes increasingly important not just for selling to the government and to -- law enforcement. chummily also to, you know, normal financial institutions that, know, i think that anti-money laundering will expand and it will expand all the wait over to everything having to do with crypto transactions as well so this is software -- software
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is never created perfect so there will be bugs and hacks. but the important thing is, what's the providence beyond that i think that our engineers are going to come up with fixes for this as well and there will be a start-up and few that already exist that solve this problem. >> yeah. let's -- let's hope so gary, great stuff. on coinbase and beyond appreciate it very much. >> thanks for having me. get more on what carl mentioned. $600 million stolen in a big crypto theft eamon javers has more. >> right be. a $600 million mystery who stole all that cryptocurrency and why have they already begun to return some of the stole's assets hackers exploited the vulnerability in poly network a platform designed to connect different blockchains to enable what is known as decentralized finance or as they call it defi. earlier today poly post add
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message on twitter addressed directly to hackers. what they said -- the amount you hacked is the biggest one in the defi history. law enforcement in any country will regard this as a major economic crime and you will be pursued. very unwise for you to do any further transactions the money you stole are from tens of thousands of crypto community members, hence the people talk to us to work out a solution now, agency of about an hour ago, it appears that some progress was being made in these negotiations between poly and the hackers. poly reported that the hacker returned more than $4.7 million of those stolen assets still a far cry from total amount taken and within the past couple minutes reports even more may have been returned generally, crypto criminals try to use crypto mixers and servers in offshore yours dictions that don't cooperate with u.s. law enforcement to launder proceeds of their crime this group's apparent failure to
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do that leaves experts such as our cnbc analyst accuseic cyber to speculate the crooks could be amateurs or someone who did it to prove there's a you haver inability in the system. for now, an enormous mystery back to you. >> yeah. i mean, and they're returning so far about 1% maybe a little less still a lot they're potentially sitting on. >> right. >> eamon, you have some news on another hack this morning involving accenture. they potentially have a lot of, you know, privileged information about clients. how serious is this? >> well, we're not sure right now. this is a live ball that's happening even as we speak a hacker group known at lockbit ransomware says they hacked a consulting firm accenture and will release data in several hours and offering to sell insider information to interested parties now, the post they put up on the
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darkweb says in part, these people are beyond privacy and security ip really hope their services are better than i saw as an insider. interested in buying some databases, reach us. that's the offer to sell the data accenture confirms the hack to cnbc a short time ago but minimizing scale of the damage here saying in a statement, through our security controls and protocols we identified irregular activity in one of our environments and immediately contained the matter and isolated the affected servers. we fully restored our affected systems from backup. no impact on accentures operations or on our clients' systems. note there, jon, in accenture statement they're silent, really, on what data was stolen or how much data cass stolen hackers here say within the next couple of hours may release it on the darkweb and we'll update you if we see it fly on the darkweb. >> a lot of criminal activity out there. eamon javers, thank you.
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a gut check on norton lifelock the company buying cybersecurity
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term avast for $8.6 billion. the cash and stock deal strengthening the platform making it available to more than 500 million users according to the ceo. comes at a rise of ransom attacks and shares up 8% de, take you back almost middle of july. july 14th. >> hmm meanwhile, unity software reporting another strong quarter. the company also announcing plans to acquire high-performance remote desktop and streaming tech dpi parsack in a $320 million deal leading further into the remote work modeled. joins us to talk about results and ceo louise, thanks for being with us today. shares are up as we noted, but really the focus is all on that acquisition. the team alluded to the idea that this does go beyond gaming, and is the beginning of a deeper cloud push for unity can you elaborate on that for our audience >> yeah. thank you for having me. this, you're absolutely right.
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we've been committed to win outside of gaming for a long time been there a long time this is an important move for us and you're right we're moving more closer to a cloud strategy for us. happy with parsack, with us aweill u a while. saw tremendous traction and researched the market, they're getting good success with other gaming companies, non-gaming companies and we thought they would fit in very well into our portfolio. >> luis, how does this change or not change the strategy and especially the way you make money? right now largely after advertising model. pushing deeper into the cloud and remote work spaces how does that change the direction of the company and you said on the call last night you'd look for more m & a. correct? >> yes absolutely i think maybe i take that last point. we'll always be looking at o organic and inorganic plays.
11:20 am
i mentioned on the call yesterday, makes strategic sense to strengthen our position in the market can we create market and make money with it? general return for shareholders, and ebitda is that something we can actually execute and do a good job with that yes. if i go back to your first question fundamentally the company doesn't change right? create businesses, doing great growing 31%. great success with game companies, and non-game companies. now, i talked about manufacturing, automotive, aerospace. diverse industries, very exciting success, and had a 63% growth a great xacceleration fro last quarter and seeing this was very successful. hearing from customers this is great, that really our product which is called pinpoint, audience pinpoint is making a
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big difference because we're able to deliver a better return to our customers which is whreay what we're here for. >> luis, take us deeper on the strategy here with parsec? maybe get into the degree to which you expect the parsec customer base is going to take you deeper beyond gaming i can't help but remember last year, a lot of game developers schedules got upended by the fact they had to be remote there were a lot of high-stakes games that ended up being late because of that. this technology would allow them to use their powerful machines, even if not sitting in front of them to what degree does that translate to other industries? >> that's absolutely right that's exactly the strategy and what we're seeing within, you know, unity. seeing traction with -- we believe whatever you said. whenever you action a powerful computer not in view, that's
11:22 am
where this is relevant technology they have significant customers outside of gaming, large customers. still small but seeing great expansion rates and i mentioned on the call yesterday. that's why it's very exciting. >> the non-gaming thing is interesting as well. you cite a couple different examples new customer brands eyewear manufacturer, for example. is that part of the business going to give the gaming part a run for its money? do you see the size, company's focus switching to non-gaming over time? >> yeah. hasn't switching it's always been there for many, many years you know, jon has said it before if you look at five years, ten years, the non-gaming business would be larger than the gaming business now, that doesn't mean that the opportunities within games are not massive. i think there is a massive opportunity within games now, jon talked about our 50% market share we have today we think we can continue to grow a key focus area within games, winning with artists
11:23 am
jon alluded to that yesterday. then outside of gaming, i think that the opportunities, as i said, much larger. i believe that in a few years that business will be laerger fr shore. >> not the only one. luis, thank you for being with us luis visoso, unity ceo. coming up, ftc takes aim at uber and revenue could double. no slowdown there. the ceo is up next stay with us.
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welcome back to "techcheck." we are approaching bottom of the hour i'm jon fortt with deirdre bosa and carl quintanilla in just a minute we'll talk to the ceo of fubo-tv that stock up big more than 10% after q2 results levels it hasn't seen in about six weeks as subscribers there continue to be higher. first, let's get a news update
11:27 am
with rahel sullivan. rahel? >> good morning. what's happening at this hour. consumer prices rose last month at the slowest pace since february half percentage.increase along with forecasts used car prices edged up slightly after posting big jumps for three consecutive months trimming losses up 2.5%. white house calling on opec and other oil-producing nations to increase productions fighting rising gas prices. the administration saying opec should pump more crude making sure the global recovery stays on track. erases losses more than 2.5% this morning stock rebounding even an southwest lowered q3 guidance saying spread of delta variant will make it difficult for the airline to post a quarterly profit. wendy's stock popping more than 3%. topping estimates and nearly tripling year-ago profits. restaurant seams shot up 16% in u.s. locations and grew nearly
11:28 am
twice as fast internationally. a lot of frosties, deirdre back to you. >> so good rahel, thank you. with the s&p hitting another record high today, and the nasdaq lagging a bit, take a look at when stocks in tech are showing the most strength and which lagged dom chu at the telestrator with one way to measure valuations now. >> deirdre, looking at momentum taking over the technology and communications services sector we lumped them both together turns out about 19 stocks with those 2 sectors are trading 20% or higherabove their 200-day average price. that's one trend line many traders and investors use as gauge for the longer-term performance or price trends for a particular stock look at these sectors between technology and communication services these two etfs, track them up see who are comp services outperformed technology technology a market performer most part, but each of these
11:29 am
sectors roughly 13% higher than their respective 200-day average prices again, trading with decent relative strength. within the technology sector, these three companies in particular mow meant up upside huge winners over the last year. fortunate on the cybersecurity side, year-to-date basis doubled money. gardner research side, 84% gains. nvidia, 50% gain more important, from a 200-day price perspective, "fortnight" 60% above. gardner above and nvidia,s 200% up really outcorporaling. within communications services two stocks fit that bill at least 20% gains talking about google parent company alphabet and also interpublic group. both stocks huge winners year-to-date and both trading roughly 30% above their 200-day average price as well. then, of course, the winners go towards the laggards sometimes
11:30 am
within that communications services sector, media companies like viacom and discovery have both been laggards and taketwo interactive. taketwo viacom below average price and discovery communications class a shares roughly 28% below there. carl, look at com services and technology, there have been a number of real outside standouts. f f "fortnight" a huge trade on that side. and fubu-tv, the stock's popping. known for sports rights delivered a larger loss than expected but saw strong revenue growth and triple digit year-on-year growth in subs. remember, this is a stock that got caught up in the meme trade spiking above 60 while ago in december joining us fufubu-tv's ceo davi
11:31 am
gandler. >> thanks for having me. >> you increase revenue and subguidance for the full year. start by explaining how sports fits in? just what a powerful driver sports is right now. >> yeah. i mean, sports is the key to our business as you guys know, we differentiate in the virtual pd space. the way we like to position ourselves, come to the sports and stay for the entertainment sports a solid driver typically third and fourth quarter with start of nfl season. you see from our q2 earnings a solid quarter and continue to take market share in terms of entertainment hours. >> you mention hours per sub average last year in 2020, 7.2 hours a day. >> a day. >> really couldn't, couldn't do anything else but watch television. >> right. >> so far this year, average 7 hours. i wonder whether or not you're surprised there hasn't been a more dramatic drop-off
11:32 am
>> actually not surprised at all. no what this really highlights is the fact that the bundle is actually quite important people enjoy having access to more content than they do less content. and you can see that, again, just through the viewership hours that we're able to, know, drive over this quarter, and the ensuing quarters which gives confidence in our forecasts. >> david, i wonder if your strong results, especially subscriber numbers in relation what we saw recently from roku and spotify, do you worry that will entice bigger players moving into the streaming space like amazon, well-capitalized to push further and raise costs for you guys >> yeah. an issue that people have talked about for, since inception of f fubo only a 6-year-old company with a lot of year to grow. amazon in the sports space you know they've acquired the
11:33 am
thursday night game with respect to the nfl the deals that are currently in place are ten years long broadcast deals i'm referring to, around the nfc, cbs games, nbc, fox so we feel very good about our position, and we're creating a new category of television one that includes video streaming and sports betting, and we're very excited about the prospects of creating more of an interactive experience for our users. >> tell us more about the sports betting. you're sort of starting off with friendly wagers seems, in building the motion with your subscriber base, but do you plan, i think tomove into real money state by state as that's possible but you come for the sports, stay for entertainment i guess wagering is part of that how big a part of the platform and the overall business picture does that become >> yeah. so this is actually a very important step in the evolution of our business. a think, you know, you guys have
11:34 am
seen firsthand the evolution of netflix and row qku and even spotify, from a musk coic compat an audiocompany. to carl's comments we control over 130 hours screen time in a household. this allows us, similar to the way amazon builds its business, allows us to create new versicles that will drive revenue for the company. sports betting is something i believe works really well. as we, the data we provided from our ftp, free to play games, you can see that engagement hours increased by 37% on roku, for instance. so we're looking at betting as a potential opportunity that can drive significant upside to the overall, which is $71 today. long term we believe that subscription revenue will be around 80% advertising revenue is 20%
11:35 am
think of it as $80 and $20 ad revenue on a monthly basis with wagering think it could add another $10 to $15 of tv if you will that's total gaming revenue divided by customer, on the video platform could be significant and a 50% margin associated with it. again, very strong economics that we think will really drive value. >> finally, it's been a couple of weeks of dramatic m & a within online gaming, at least is sportsbook something you see providing a path to m & a? either as a buyer or a seller? >> yeah. so we've acquired two companies. we've been public at least, listed only the nysc less than a year two acquisitions and very happy with those acquisitions. you can see from the results, able to build out free to play and now getting very close to an imminent launch in the fourth
11:36 am
quarter of our sportsbook. so right now we are being more inquisitive. obviously, a lot of m & a that we're looking at right now, but i think we're well positioned to be a part of that ecosystem, and to continue to take share. >> david, appreciate it very much >> thank you so much. >> crosswinds right now in advertising and media. david gendler. fubotv. and backed tz bythe likes of bill gates nap stock soaring. head ober to to find out more. "techcheck" is back in two. good to see all of you, yeah! why is jerry so... popular? it's been like this ever since we started using workday. what do you mean? it makes it easier to develop great relationships with our suppliers. now everyone, everywhere loves jerry.
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uber buying tv company aviation closing a spac merger today. our phil lebeau has a giant aircraft outside and talked to them >> hey, carl behind me, stand for electric versicle takeoff and landing, evtal. going into service by 2024 carrying up to four passengers it will have a pilot, at least initially. range 150 miles and the ceo says, look, skyports all over cities around the country. >> we've released footage that showed just how markedly
11:40 am
different is in noise and quality of noise from traditional aircraft meaning we'll be able to put skyports on tops of buildings everywhere. >> tops of buildings what they're planning on by the way, when we talked with joby earlier, they expect pilotless ev by 2030 not sure regulators will be onbard but that's his expectation at this point. joby the first to go public but not the last others are developing ev as well several plans to eventually go public through spac mergers or other means. archer, beta, lillian, aerospace, 12 to 15 players in the space swdeveloping these aircraft and targeting 2024, 2025 when they expect them to come to service. jon, one last thing to keep in mind mip was at nasdaq 11 years ago when tesla went public
11:41 am
at the time, an electric car parked out front nice not sure the company will do anything not a level of skepticism with joby not saying they'll be the next tesla. i am saying expectations at this type of technology certain changed over the last decade. >> we'll see if they're any better at timelines than elon musk, but you can you successful, good timeline or not, phil lebeau thank you. a note i'm going to speak with joby investors and linkedin investor at 1:00 p.m. eastern part of the event for the economic club of chicago more from that conversation here on "techcheck" tomorrow and a lot more "techcheck" today, straight ahead.
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down nearly 3.5% this morning and anguishing below ipo price of 2019. $45 at the time. now gross strategy may be the focus of antitrust regulators. the federal trade commission ftc said to be scrutinizing its partnership with convenient start-up gopop as well as
11:45 am
acquisition of an alcohol delivery start-up drizly according to information strategy to gain market share and eventually reach profitability has centered around this dealmaking now that strategy could be in the cross hairs of lina khan's ftc. uber shares down 16% year to date and last week its quarterly results showed it continues to lose money on its core business. jon, we do get doordash after the bell tomorrow. remarkable noted this before. how differently investors value these two ompanies doordash shares up 30% year to date look at something like its priced to sales ratio, nearly double that of uber. we know tony schoo has grown this company in terms of convenience delivery more organically. >> doordash might be uber's best argument here, saying, hey, look we're not clearly that big in delivery look over at doordash, and, by
11:46 am
the way, our ride-hailing business has not helped us push into that area we'll see how they make this argument, carl, but definitely not the landscape we saw a few years ago. not sure, kind of an acquisition works have gotten, or this kind of partnership would have gotten this type of scrutiny? >> yeah. seen a lot of -- you know, pressure from regulators on social media, and ecommerce, but delivery would be a new chapter, if, in fact, lina khan wants to take the commission that way we'll find out. when we come back, reporting earnings first time as a public company. the ceo joins us other side of this quick break.
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comcast nbcuniversal is investing in entrepreneurs to bring what's next for sports technology to athletes, teams, and fans. that's why we created the sportstech accelerator, to invest in and develop the next generation of technology that will change the way we experience sports. we've already invested in entrepreneurs like ane swim, who develops products that provide hair protection so that everyone can enjoy the freedom of swimming. like the athletes competing in tokyo, these entrepreneurs have a fierce work ethic and drive to achieve - to change the game and inspire the team of tomorrow.
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doximity shares surging up about 19%. taking it to levels of about two weeks ache the company releasing fis earnings report since going public in late june, revenue doubles year over year to $72 million. and professionals in the technology platform delivering care and cnbc recently wrote a piece on the difficulties it faced combating misinformation on its platformmuch as faceboo and youtube have joining us, doximity co-founder and ceo jeff tangney jeff, good morning first on these results talk to us about what's driving this there are different components to this platform, both networking within the medical community and then being able to
11:50 am
securely connect doctors to patients without giving up their phone numbers, which i guess is so important for all of the communication that has to happen out of the office these days >> uh-huh. yeah thanks for having us, jon. obviously an exciting day here as we report our first year of earnings yes. here earnings. yes, here at doximity we build software to help doctors be more productive, provide the best care for patients. we have over 80% of all u.s. physicians active members. we helped them do millions of things, collaborating with colleagues or telehealth calls with patients. e-signatures and workloads the past quarters with a great quarter. 100% revenue growth. led by existing clients. 167% retention tate are rate same store sales or existing clients grew a lot front line positions are grappling with the high case
11:51 am
loads with delta and outbreaks we're proud of our productivity tools the e-signature for doctors to sign off on puerto rico on phones, saw record use this past quarter and enterprise telehealth platform also grew to unprecedented levels we added 24,000 physicians we now serve over 30% of all u.s. physicians with our paid telehealth platform. >> now, i'm curious about the strategic possibilities here because in area of medical communication and technology is interesting, clearly, to the largest technology companies, apple and amazon with leaning into it about wearables and want to connect medical professionals to the data and platforms. microsoft of course buying nuance and leaning into ai and data there you have the audience they want to reach how are you going to play in the ecosystem? >> it's a good question. the easiest way to describe this is there is a lot of folks
11:52 am
standing up telehealth services. wanting to be the amazon of telehealth including amazon. i'd say our approach is more like shopify we're helping digitize all the existing main street practices helping doctors take the practice and patients they already serve and see them virtually more easily. so our approach has really been more driven through working with doctors than trying to get patients and i think that's unique in the space. and candidly it's different than what the larger tech companies are going after these days >> jeff, goerpg, it's good to see you. it's deidre. i want to talk to you about the information and disinformation we have seen in comments on the site that my colleague wrote about recently were you expecting, prepared for this the level of misinformation and how are you addressing it? are you increasing content moderation >> well, thank you, deidre this is honestly a bit of a hot button topic for me.
11:53 am
i'll start by clarifying that we're really like a bloomberg or apple news we provided a personalized news feed for doctors. we're not add social media site and we don't let doctors create news post-that is get shared and go viral and on another's feeds. it's just comment on the articles we have seen a tiny percent, a 10th of a percent in users having inaccuracies. we own that. we're working on it. the physician fact checkers are working over time. there is a lot of new emerging science with the delta variants and growth in the amount of discourse on this topic. but i want to be clear really defense in u.s. physicians, i think some of the headlines, not cnbc's but others have been overblown and saying that the doctors are anti-vax that's not true. 96% of u.s. physicians were fully vaccinated as of a few months ago more are today staunchly provaccine
11:54 am
it's just that there are some debates about what herd immunity really looks like with delta do we need to start testing all our nurses in the immune ov compromised patient wards, even if have been vaccinated? there are nuanced discussions there. we are policing, fact checking but i want to be clear, physicians want you to get vaccinated in this country because they don't want to have to intubate you this fall. >> it all points back to what some argue, though, has been cloudy communication from the agencies like the fda and cdc. i wonder whether or not you think some of the communication, whether it's been muddled or not is a driver of traffic, or attention to the company >> i mean, no doubt we have seen an uptick in traffic in telehealth calls since july 4th. that i think corresponds with the covid delta surge that we have seen. so, yeah, physicians can't talk to each other in havl ways
11:55 am
because they're under six layers of ppe and whatever else, we become the platform for them to communicate. >> all right certainly an important thing for our medical prochgsles to be able to communicate with each other. jeff, the ceo of doximity thanks for being with us. >> thank you, jon. if you missed part of the show, follow and subscribe to our podcast, listen any time anywhere, wherever you download podcasts "thcckisacinusa eche" bk jt moment n beat us again. how? they have a better finance system than we do. i feel like they might have a better finance system than we do. workday. how do they make better decisions faster? workday. it's got to be something workday. i think i got something. work... hey, rob, you're on mute. hello! hey, rob, there he is. workday. the finance, hr and planning system for a changing world. municipal bonds don't usually get the media coverage
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welcome back we were just talking pandemic and celta variants events, online ticketing company event bright was hardest hit during the pandemic. q2 showed some recovery. in the fortt knocks 101. the ceo told me event bright sees a hybrid future where hosts put on two events, one physical for a local audience, another digital for a global audience, both can be ticketed >> it's not like they're trying to stream the same event or do it synchronizely i'm seeing an asynchronizous event model to emerge.
11:59 am
event bright thinks this is a place to help succeed. we can help creator price tickets appropriately. we can help creators expand their audience, which is what we have done for covid. and we brought to market a new product that helps them market their event more successfully. >> data and digital work flows, more and more important for small businesses across all kinds of things. as always, the full conversation is online on "techcheck's" linkedin page. streamed on twitter at cnbc tech check. carl we hope to get back to in person stuff but who knows when we can do it comfortably. >> it's a difficult call we've been talking about the auto show here in new york, dee, obviously cancelled. stevie knicks had five dates around the country had to be canceled being cautious. >> and she cited her age, right. over 70, double vax. but safety, right.
12:00 pm
you're probably going to see more of this. >> indeed. a topic obviously for some of the earnings we're getting tonight. ebay, sonos and bumble and then tomorrow the real fun begins with baidu, air been w. dash and sofy. to "the half" zblavrmts welcome to the "halftime report. i'm scott wapner front and center the everything rally and whether your money is about to take off in the second half tom lee tells us why he thinks that's the case when he joins us our investment committee here to debate that call, joining me for the hour, joe terranova. carrie firestone and jim lebenthal. let's begin with the check on stocks dow hitting new records. steve weiss, tom lee in a moment to talk about the everything rally. farmer jim is now mr. all-in, because yesterday he told us he is all in. and i wonder if weiss -- weiss is frozen. i thought maybhe


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