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tv   The News With Shepard Smith  CNBC  August 14, 2021 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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i hope they live a long, long life. out this weekend have a great >> the taliban and. >> this is the news on cnbc. >> we are certainly concerned by the speed with which the taliban has been moving. >> situation critical. the taliban on kabul's doorstep. afghanistan unraveling back home the political pressure mounts on president biden. >> i might be melting just a little bit. >> earth's boiling point the world smashes an old record for heat, plus a tropical storm gaining strength and taking aim
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at the gulf coast. a third vaccine dose cleared by the fda but only for some americans. >> today the cdc vote. who gets in line first employees working from home. facing a possible pay cut. >> blood pressure is lower, family is happy. >> why so many americans are willing to take that financial hit. governor cuomo escapes impeachment. athletes accused of doping at the olympics. and murder hornets back with a vengeance. live from cnbc, the facts. the truth. the news with shepard smith. good evening, everyone welcome. major cities in afghanistan are falling and afghan forces are surrendering to the taliban at an alarming rate as u.s. marines rush into kabul to help evacuate the u.s. embassy. >> we're obviously watching this
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just like you're watching this and seeing it happen in real time and it's deeply concerning. clearly from their actions it appears as if they are trying to get kabul isolated >> taliban's sweeping conquest has left kabul effectively surrounded this map shows the taliban's advances since april when president biden announced u.s. troops would withdraw from afghanistan. the red territory is under taliban control. pink, still contested. taliban fighters have now seized the second largest city in the country, kandahar. the taliban tweeted out this video of its fighters celebrating on top of an armored humvee as it drove through the streets. we're seeing similar scenes in other captured capitol cities as well taliban fighters parading around in vehicles they captured from u.s. trained and equipped afghan forces meanwhile, the humanitarian crisis also deepening. thousands of displaced and
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desperate afghan refugees have been flowing into kabul with nowhere else to turn take a look at the situation at the pakistani border beating back a crowd of afghan refugees with long batons. now remains just 18 days for the withdrawal from afghanistan to be complete. a deadline now facing its biggest test yet nbc's kelly cobiella begins our coverage tonight. >> reporter: the center of gravity is kabul in this country. it is becoming more and more isolated as these big urban centers, centers of trade and commerce around theedges of th country, around the borders are controlled by the taliban leaving kabul on its own as this has been happening, tens of thousands of people continue to flood into kabul. as a matter of fact, we were at a park not far from where we're staying today and the numbers of
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people staying in that park today compared to a couple of days ago have just shot up people are living under the hot sun with very little shelter and many of them have come with nothing because they've come from cities that have been centers of fighting. we spoke to one man who was an interpreter for nato for quite a long time. fears for his life has not been able to get a visa. >> you have the language we issue them. we put them in no money to buy food. from at large and there are also warnings that this could turn into a humanitarian crisis
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there is another war zone in this country in the biggest city in afghanistan it could have grave,grave implications for the civilian population tyler? >> thank you very much kelly cobiella president biden under mounting pressure and criticism as the taliban outruns afghanistan. today the president received a briefing from the national security team. nancy pelosi is requesting a full briefing for all house lawmakers when they return from recess republicans are blasting president biden forth rapidly deteriorating situation. lindsey graham tweeted president biden truly has no regrets about his decision to withdraw then he is disconnected from reality the pent gone insists it will complete its withdrawal from afghanistan by the end of the month. here's nbc's shannon pettypiece.
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>> reporter: the white house says president biden is having no second thoughts about his decision to withdraw troops even as the taliban takeover of the country continues and critics draw parallels to the fall of saigon press secretary jen psaki said the president is focused on america's interest and the region and making sure there is an orderly draw down and americans are protected. administration officials have been defending biden's position to pull troops out saying it is up to the afghan anies to unite and take control of their country's future that has come under heavy criticism. senate minority leader mitch mcconnell said the u.s. is heading into a scene worse than the fall of say gone the criticism is not just from republicans. here's what the former ambassador under the obama administration had to say? >> we basically gave up on
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afghanistan and what president biden did was to embrace it, embrace the envoy. he owns it >> reporter: domestically what all this means for biden is unclear. polling in the spring indicated the public was behind his decision to pull out troops but that sentiment could change as the scenes of a brutal taliban takeover unfold just weeks ahead of the 20th anniversary of the september 11th attacks tyler. >> shannon, thank you. douglas olifant, served as the director of iraq at the national security council during the bush 43 and obama administrations he's a senior security fellow with the new american foundation you spent a year in afghanistan advising on counter insurgency, sir. how has this gotten so bad so quickly and are you surprised at how quickly the government backed forces have seemed to melt away?
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>>. >> it play sz into everyone's biases senator lindsey graham, you're saying look at what's happening, i told you so. am i surprised it's happening so quickly? >> yes in some places i spent a month of my life in gozney province be in 2010 at the height of the surge. even then gozney was controlled from the taliban except for the city and a couple of bases the idea they can take gozney city doesn't surprise me. >> a lot of criticism about how
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the u.s. is acting what could have been what would have been a better approach >> even for those who supported the withdrawal from afghanistan, which i was one, having done this a bit more deliberately could have been helpful. there may have been a way, for example, to find a third party country, a pakistani company, a turkish company to perform the maintenance on the afghan air forces aircraft so those could still be flying. frederick kagan has pointed out that we could have pushed this past the summer, past the fighting season, stayed just another couple months, until it was cold and snowy and then withdrew so that the taliban wouldn't have the opportunity to move clearly there are ways this could have been done better, but whether this means we shouldn't have withdrawn is still a wide open question. >> thank you very much for your time today we appreciate it thanks again. >> thanks very much. >> you're very welcome. big news on vaccines
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officials at the cdc signed off on a third covid shot for americans. the decision who will be the first in line to get it. under fire after a controversial stock purchase what senator rand paul now says about his wife's investment and why it took him 16 months to disclose it. plus get your engines revving because we are heading to pebble beach. high end classic cars, multi-million dollar price tags and a new generation of wealthy buyers who want to take them home the facts. the truth.
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some americans with compromised immune systems can now get a third vaccine dose the cdc director signed off on the move hours after an advisory panel voted unanimously to authorize the extra shot in a statement dr. rochelle
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walensky said emerging data suggests some people with moderately to severely compromised immune systems do not always build the same imm immunity it is worth noting the cdc did not clear additional doses for fully vaccinated americans who are not immunocompromised or those who received johnson & johnson's single dose vaccine. today's announcement comes as covid cases in the u.s. have nearly doubled over the past two weeks alone. they've now averaged more than 123,000 new infections every day. hospitalizations and deaths, they are both rising as well dr. ann ramoine now, professor of epidemiology from the ucla school of public health, doctor, the cdc says 100 million americans are immunocompromised. how important was this decision? >> this is a really important
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decision that's come up today and this is because we have this group of people, somewhere between 7 and 9 million americans, 3% of our population, who are immunocompromised. they may have had organ transplants, may be on some sort of medication that will really tamp down their immunity and they are whenthey were able to get the vaccine, they didn't really mount an immune response sufficient to protect themselves against this virus that's why right now both the fda and the cdc are recommending that these people get an additional dose which has been shown in studies to improve immune response in about 1/3 to 1/2 of the population. >> dr. fauci says that eventually he thinks everybody will need a third dose do you agree with that how soon do you think that might be >> well, i think dr. fauci is right. the situation is this, right now we're seeing a lot of break through cases but these break through cases are causing mild to moderate disease.
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you're not seeing severe disease, hospitalization and death. that's what these vaccines were tested against all of these severe outcomes the problem is we're starting to see cases where we're having break through, people can get infected and pass it on to other people that's not enough to warrant a booster shot what's going to warrant a booster shot is when we see real waiting effectiveness keeping people from severe disease and from hospitalization or death. we're not there yet, but when we are that's when we're going to need a booster. >> let's go to florida talk about florida now one of the highest case uptake rates, highest hospitalizations as well. in response, the governor says he is now going to open centers where you can go and get monoclonal antibody treatments to tamp the disease down let's hear what the governor says >> this is just one thing we're doing. we're going to be doing more
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>> doctor, is it masks are going to make a difference we want to make monoclonal antibodies available to those who need them and as soon as possible what's going to stop this surge right away are maskmandates fo indoor settings and getting as many shots in arms as we can. >> to be clear, the monoclonal antibodies are not a preventive. you take them after you are positive with covid, correct >> absolutely. monoclonal antibodies are for people who already have covid. we want to stop people from getting covid and from spreading covid. that's why we want masks and vaccines. the battle over mandating masks in school. houston school district, the largest in texas, voted to require masks when schools
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reopen in the coming weeks it joins a growing number of districts in the state defying governor greg abbott's order banning such measures. in ochocinco city public schools will make both students and teachers mask up, vaccinated or not. it is the first district to go against the state's law blocking mask requirements in schools and in mississippi where many students return to the classroom this month, some schools have already switched back to remote learning because of covid outbreaks there. more than 4,000 students quarantining there right now still, when it comes to mandating masks, the governor says he's not budging. nbc's ellison barber is in hat tisberg. >> reporter: lamar county school district has the highest number of positive covid cases of any school district in the state of mississippi. 281 positive cases outbreaks forced them to close two schools in this district and move those students to an
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entirely virtual schedule until next week. they've temporarily enacted a mask mandate for those still in classes. mississippi chapter of the american academy of pediatrics wants the governor to step in and issue a universal mask mandate for all schools. they say the data shows it works. this time last year with a mask mandate they have 57 outbreaks in mississippi schools all year. this year they've had at least 80 covid outbreaks in less than a month. we spoke to one mom in hattiesberg whose mom recently tested positive from covid-19. they think she got it from school. >> we started a good two weeks from other schools i think what we're experiencing here is unfortunately probably what a lot of other school districts throughout the country are going to experience, if they're not a little bit more proactive. >> reporter: she told us her daughter did not wear a facemask at school and her daughter is not vaccinated given what's happened they say the family is rethinking all of
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that, but she does not think the governor is at fault for what's happening in schools she believes that school districts and families should decide what to do in terms of masking. tyler? >> ellison barber, thank you. the pandemic sent a lot of people home to work and now a lot want to stay right there what happens if your employer says your tiny commute means a smaller paycheck and good news for governor cuomo. the advice from lawyerth
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who's got the bird legs now? only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ new york state lawmakers have suspended their impeachment investigation. the decision comes flee days after governor cuomo said he's resigning following a state investigation saying he sexually harassed 11 women. the top democrat in the state assembly said lawyers advised lawmakers they could not impeach a governor if he was no longer in office. republican members slammed the judiciary saying it undermines their position the governor firmly denied harassing, making unwanted sexual advances or
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inappropriately touching women. senator rand paul says he filled out paperwork to disclose his wife's controversial stock purchase but he forgot to hit send the senator is facing backlash after filing the documents one year late. senator paul's wife bought stock in gilead sciences on february 20th of last year. gilead makes the covid-19 treatment. he came after lawmakers after they were briefed privately on the coronavirus and before most americans were largely aware of the danger the virus posed senator paul's team says the senator did not attend any of those covid briefings. he should have disclosed within 45 days. he says he filled out the paperwork about two weeks after the buy but forgot to submit it.
4:23 am
instead he filed it this wednesday, 16 months after the deadline cnbc's christina wilke reports gilead is the only single stock purchase senator paul has reported buying or selling during his ten years in the senate the only one not the first lawmaker to face scrutiny over covid related stock moves. last year federal prosecutors investigated senator richard burr, imwho have, fine steen and kelly loeffler prosecutors did not file charges against any of them. christina wilke is reporting how is senator paul's team defending or what happened beyond the idea that he just failed to hit send, forgot to do it >> this is pretty cut and dry. this isn't the dog ate my homework this is the dog ate my tax
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return and i was unable to file it this is a law that requires you to disclose these purchases or sales and he simply did not abide by it. on that front what they're doing is minimizing it they're claiming kelly paul, the senator's wife, quote, lost money on the deal. that's not true. she bought the stock and she still has it so she hasn't gained or lost money and the price has gone up, the price has gone down over the last year but she still holds it and whether or not you make or lose money on a questionable trade like this that may have something to do with nonpublic information doesn't really matter. it doesn't change the facts on the table. >> what seems important to note is the committee he was a member of that received a private briefing before the stock purchase, before the w.h.o.
4:25 am
declared covid a pandemic and it was a lot of time when there were only 14 cases of covid in the united states. the timing does seem peculiar here. >> yes and it was one day after an announcement had been made by the n.i.h. that they would be conducting clinical testing on remdesivir one day. the senator's staff is pointing to the one day obscure announcement as evidence that kelly paul's motive, if it was in fact to profit from gilead's new drug that at the time was the only treatment known for covid-19, the only one really being seriously considered, that it was public. it had been public for a day, two days but, yeah, the timing of very interesting. >> very quickly. has senator paul expressed any
4:26 am
regret or his wife over? this bureaucratic mishap? >> no, they have not the senate is not in session friday night in washington in august, they have not. we reached out to the senate ethics committee today they didn't get back to us i think it's fair to expect they'll look more closely at this one of the other things that's so strange about this is it doesn't fit the pattern for ten years that senator paul and his wife had had mutual funds, some blind trusts for their children. never had a single stock when an ethics committee or regulator looks at this, this breaks with a pattern of their entire life as investors. >> appreciate it. >> thanks. have you ever purchased travel insurance in the covid era? depending on your destination, you might not have a choice.
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but what does it cover and how much of your money will you get back if you have to use it and it's hot i know it's hot. you know it's hot. the heat is now on a tal
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the super bowl of car collecting is revving up this week in pebble beach, california more than 1,000 cars expected to fetch more than $300 million at auction. all eyes will be on these five
4:29 am
rare rides experts estimate the 1995 mcclarion f1 could be worth more than 15 million bucks. jay leno says this car was the best four wheeled investment he ever made. next this 1970 porsche might have some star power to take it for a spin you'll have to pay more than $16 million. then there's this 1998 mercedes benz 6.9 liter horsepower. it's got less than 900 miles on it it wouldn't be a car auction without an aston martin. 1962 only 19 of these cars were ever built. 1959 ferrari is the rarest of them all only 10 were you ever made which is the reason why it could bring
4:30 am
up to $12 million in this year's auction. cnbc's robert frank is at the famed pebble beach in monterey, california this is attracting a new generation of buyers what does it mean for high end classic cars like the ones we saw? >> reporter: tyler, this means higher prices. you have tens of thousands of wealthiest collectors rolling in here for lots of car shows, vintage races and of course, you know, even the top car companies use this as their biggest stage to unveil their latest models. we had aston martin unveiling their new spider that is a new car priced at $2.75 million. but as you mentioned, the real focus is the auctions, and this year we have a whole new crowd they came in and they had the money because they had growing
4:31 am
fortunes from their financial investments as well as a lot of them investing in crypto >> i think the pandemic allowed people an opportunity to pause, look at their lives, look at how they enjoy them. classic cars is a visceral experience not being able to travel was a big factor in that but getting into your car and going for a drive and being able to enjoy something that makes you smile -- >> reporter: and, tyler, what this new crowd of collector loves to buy not necessarily the super expensive lamborghinis and ferraris, but the older jeeps, broncos and older trucks we all know we love the cars that we grew up with and those jeeps, those broncos, those trucks are what they grew up admiring and loving. that's what they're buying. >> you can relate to them and maybe you can even afford them
4:32 am
robert frank, thank you very much. one of the most decorated female olympic swimmers of all time hitting a new high note on wall street. that's what's topping cnbc's on the money. katie ledecky ringing the new york stock exchange's new york stock exchange bell she stopped by "closing bell" revealing why this experience made her emotional >> it was so neat to walk onto the floor today and get some cheers and applause. i almost teared up just because i haven't had that in a while. we didn't have fans in tokyo. >> wow amazon studios now announcing it will film season two of "lord of the rings" in united kingdom amazon spent at least $465 million on season one and employed more than 1,000 people
4:33 am
according to new zealand's government the company says the move alliance with its strategy of expanding across the u.k taco bell unveiling a whole new way to get your crunch wrap supreme. they're calling it defy. the restaurant's new four lane, yeah, four lane drive through allows drivers to order or scan a qr code and receive food from above through chutes falls in its lap they plan to open up one in brooklyn park, minnesota watch out the falling nachos. wall street up 16, the dow, s&p up 7 and nasdaq up 7 on a relatively quiet friday. i'm tyler mathisen in for shepard smith. it is half past the hour and here's what's making the news on cnbc. an olympic athlete suspended. why the failed drug test could cause his whole feel to lose
4:34 am
their medals ditching the commute and the pay? google announcing employees who choose to permanently work from home could start losing money. and tragedy on a new york beach. a lightning strike kills a 13-year-old boy. officials say carlos ramos was among at least six people who were on the sand of the bronx's orchard beach when a fast-moving thunderstorm rolled in that's when a lightning bolt struck carlos was taken to the hospital and died hours later officials say the strike injured four other children as well. this as severe weather ravages the country and the entire globe. july has earned the unenviable distinction as the world's hot ets month ever recorded according to noaa. dual heat waves have been roasting the country 100 million people are still under heat advisories.
4:35 am
nbc 6 south florida meteorologist ryan phillips has been tracking the heat hi, ryan >> tyler, good evening no relief in sight of course, today ending the work week here on a rather steamy note the usual suspects up there. vegas at 101 salt lake city at the century mark phoenix at 98. folks who don't want any part of the heat and humidity, washington, d.c., 96 philadelphia at 95 and two days in a row with 90 degree heat in new york city. today 94 the heat on today. 87 in new york city. thankful for some rain shower activity to cool you down to 75 in d.c 88 in atlanta. you get the idea, 98 in dallas 99 in salt lake city the heat will roll on into the west out east a break in the action highs return to the '80s tomorrow the tropics. we are watching two different systems, yes, two. first, fred spending time over cuba today not quite as organized fairly weak.
4:36 am
with 35 mile per hour winds passes off to the west of the lower keys looks to be bringing more significant impact in terms of wet weather, not wind. that may not be the case into the panhandle. by the way, as we go into next week, heavy rains moving through the southeastern states. they don't need anymore. through florida, anywhere from 3 to 8 inches of rain in play. so we're watching that also one more system out here this could be at least as we go through the next few days, it's going to be grace, our seventh named system of the season tyler? >> ryan phillips reporting for us from florida. work from home has become the new normal for millions of us many of us hope to keep it that way. the percentage of people working remotely nearly doubled during the pandemic and a survey from wework found that 75% of employees were willing to give up benefits and perks, including paid time off for the freedom to choose where
4:37 am
they want to work. in return, some companies are making that trade telling employees who want to work from home full time that they'll face a pay cut. here's nbc's tom costello. >> reporter: paul sherman says moving to florida during the pandemic was life changing leaving snowy chicago behind to work for the same employer from home in sarasota >> i feel like i live in paradise blood pressure is lower. family's happy we spent so much time outside. >> reporter: millions of americans have made similar moves leaving big city offices for the suburbs or smaller towns, even when it's meant taking a pay cut google telling employees who move to less expensive locations they may lose up to 1/4 of their salaries google says our compensation packages have always been determined by location and we always pay at the top of the local market based on where an employee works from. other companies including facebook and twitter have made similar announcements.
4:38 am
since june 10,000 employees have signed up even though working from home is not cost free >> there's a cost to working you're giving up real estate you're displacing parts of your household and you're dedicating space for work that companies have to account for in their calculus. >> reporter: for the news, i'm tom costello. even those working from home need a vacation from time to time before that can happen many far off places say you need to buy travel insurance cruise lines like norwegian, royal caribbean and disney have coverage in case someone tests positive it's not just businesses, more than 2 dozen countries requiring international travelers to be insured ahead of their trips here's cnbc's contessa brewer. >> good morning. >> reporter: if there's one thing travelers learned in the
4:39 am
pandemic, it's that stuff happens. >> i was pretty concerned that it wouldn't happen pretty much up until about three weeks before we left. >> reporter: so michaunhayes didn't balance being. >> it was $300. >> turks and caicos has joined other destinations requiring tourists to carry coverage in case something happens allianz says claims have skyrocketed 75% since the pandemic began and demand for travel insurance has soared, too. squaremouth, an online broker for travel insurance, says its sales have grown 67% >> there's certainly been an increase in awareness, huge change to our demographic. our average traveler is 10 years younger than they were before covid. >> moncreif says all 20 places
4:40 am
cover coronavirus if you catch it if your travel plans are disrupted by advisories, border closures, quarantines, that may require a cancel for any policy. squaremouth says travelers can expect to pay 40% more for that coverage and likely won't get fully reimbursed of course, without coverage, travelers will be shelling out the full 100%. >> i was more concerned with the cost of having to stay an extra ten days during a quarantine, which would have been a big hit for us financially that we weren't prepared for so i was happy to have that insurance. >> reporter: some credit cards may offer some protection and you can often buy travel insurance when you book your trip online, but the prices differ greatly and so does the coverage it pays to read the fine print and shop around. >> drug tests from the tokyo olympics coming back positive
4:41 am
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olympic sprinter failed a drug test in tokyo and now his entire relay team could lose their silver medals. he tested positive for a banned substance that helps build muscles. his relay team finished second to italy in the 4x100 meter race last week. he's been provisionally suspended. if the decision is upheld, he and his three teammates could be stripped of their medals we've reached out to his representatives but have not heard back the athletics integrity unit
4:44 am
said three other athletes failed drug tests and were provisionally suspended. it might be sweltering outside, but fall football and football season are just around the corner the main portion of the nfl's preseason kibld off last night new england patriots promising rookie qb mack jones helped defeat my hometown in foxborough new england trying to bounce back after missing the playoffs for the first time since 2008. the steelers defeated the eagles behind strong play from quarterback dwayne haskins. football's preseason gets into full gear this weekend with 14 more games taking you all the way to sunday afternoon. my son will be watching most of them marvin lewis jones us now. winner of the coach of the year of 2009. head coach of the cincinnati
4:45 am
bengals for 16 seasons football preseason getting underway now a lot can happen between now and the end of the season. i'm going to ask you what are the story lines that you will be following this year? >> hey, tyler. yeah i think the interesting thing is with the shortened preseason after last year not having a preseason, the fact that the league moved to the free preseason games and that you saw that all of the teams now beginning tonight are not going to play their veteran quarterback in this game, so i think that's interesting the fact they're doing that. you have teams like you mentioned last night with new england, a quarterback they had in mack jones and you have san francisco, bears, and others, a few others who drafted these young quarterbacks and how much time, how will they go forward
4:46 am
with their veteran guys if they somewhat start to faulter at some point in the season when will they make it when will they be back some of the interesting story lines that are coming. we know the premium plays on quarterback position and just whether the winning teams, a winning signal tomorrow. >> lots of quarterbacks in places lots of quarterbacks, several of them coming back from serious injuries as well every year there are teams that sort of come out of nowhere and rise to the top. you could say perhaps that tampa did last year and every year there are teams that you expect to do well that are on the way down can you identify a team thu think there year that might surprise to the up side and to the down side? >> you mentioned one already i think in the patriots. it's trying to figure out is it cam newton or the young quarterback, but being able to put the offense together around them after having more of an off
4:47 am
season i think that way it's really, really important i think the steelers with roethlisberger back have an opportunity to really ascend back to where they were at the top of the afc i think that's going to be a good thing to watch. the defense will continue to be strong if you look across in the nfc, you've got to see where does seattle fit into the whole nfc race the rams continue to play well with their change and their switch at quarterback. how will matt stafford go and los angeles ram offense? they're going to be very important and fun to watch >> coach lewis, thank you for being with us. marvin lewis, one of the best defensive minds in the game. appreciate it. last night's field of dreams game was more than a baseball game it was cinematic under a pink and purple iowa sky, it was beautiful. it brushed against the newly
4:48 am
built outfield fences. the chicago white sox and new york yankees stepped out of the cornfield and onto the field just like in the movie despite all the nostalgia and call backs to the iconic film, the real drama came in the bottom of the ninth. >> anderson hits a homer to right. back at the wall and the white sox win it >> he knew it the moment he hit it and so did my son he walked out of the room. chicago's jim henderson circled the bases. two-run homer lifted the sox to a 9-8 walk-off win the yanks had taken the lead in the top of the 9th when it was all said and done, not even hollywood could have scripted a better ending than that love those uniforms, too. do you know what day it is it is international left handers day, a day to celebrate all our lefty friends and family like my wife who have to live in a world
4:49 am
designed for righties. like kareem. this day we decided to make the right-handed people work harder. we made them write all of these fun facts with their left hands. about 10% of the population is left-handed. 18% of our staff is. eight u.s. presidents have been lefties. that comes after 18% dogs can be left pawed that's pretty good not clear about the percentage of that population twins are more likely to be left-handed than non-twins and left handers are also known as southpaws typically used to describe lefty athletes, not those left-handed dogs you might not have thought about how much harder a lefty's life is these are some tools they probably struggle with spiral notebooks scissors scissors are right-handed. can openers. zippers. those desks at school and
4:50 am
college that you used, the armrests are almost always on the right side celebrities struggling in the left-handed struggle, barack obama, oprah winfrey, neil armstrong, paul mccartney and bill gates go lefties trouble on the high seas what caused a 40,000 ton cargo ship to split clean in half and the concern being left behind. search for a successor the minnesota vet offering up his practice clinic, even pickup his practice clinic, even pickup truck to welcome to allstate. where our new auto rates are so low, ♪ you'll jump for joy. ♪ here, better protection costs a whole lot less. you're in good hands with allstate. click or call for a lower auto rate today.
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♪ born to be wild ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ born to be wild ♪ see disney's jungle cruise. applebee's and a movie, now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood.
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an entire cargo ship has broken in two after running aground in japan a clean split right at the hull. officials say no one was injured though the ship is still spilling oil into the sea.
4:53 am
here's nick's rob sanchez. >> reporter: a giant cargo ship has broken clean in half off the coast of northern japan. the 40,000 ton crimson polaris was headed into court when it got caught on the sea beds it managed to eventually get itself free from where it ran aground but it suffered a crack in its hull in the process that crack got wider and wider until the ship broke into two pieces now the good news is the japanese coast guard said they were able to rescue safely all 21 members of the crew they are from china and from the philippines. the bad news is the ship, when it broke apart, started spilling oil into the sea off of japan. authorities do not know how much oil has spilled so far but some kind of cleanup operation is probably going to be necessary for the news, i'm rap sanchez.
4:54 am
>> what a sight that is. well, the war between human and hornet is heating up the first live murder hornet of the year spotted in washington state. there he is on top of a hive of wasps. wasps beware he was seen two miles from where the first nest was eradicated last year. the washington state department of agriculture said they will sets up traps. call him a guy don't call him a guy until we can find its nest. across the country people are seeing a shortage of veterinarians, especially in rural communities. in minnesota, one veterinarian who wants to retire does not want to leave without giving the town a vet local coverage now from nbc's k.a.r.e. 11 and their reporter >> reporter: 722 square miles in
4:55 am
minnesota. 14,000 people and one veterinarian. >> i'm it. >> he's put 130,000 miles on his pickup. >> i bought it to be the last truck i was going to drive as you can see, i'm still driving it. >> reporter: still driving long past his plans. >> first stop. >> reporter: still pulling into farms at which he's been arriving for nearly 50 years because at 74 dr. bogan can't bring himself to leave farmers like lynn finley without a vet. >> it's scary to us. we would be lost >> reporter: america's wide open spaces have long been dealing with the shortage of veterinarians. >> sounds good. >> it's been very difficult. >> as a farmer and group trying to attract a vet. >> most of the students don't
4:56 am
want to have any on call they don't want to do large animal a lot of them don't want to own their own business. >> it's not in the job description? >> no, it is not it is not. >> bill was part of the effort to get the county into a federal program that could forgive for their next vet up to $150,000 for their next vet cheryl evans, who's worked for dr. bogan for 48 years held her breath. >> everybody was just praying and praying that we would get a veterinarian to come. >> that's when dr. bogan decided to sweeten the pot. >> it's amazing. >> amazing when dr. bogan announced he will give his veterinarian practice away. >> yes. >> furniture >> yes. >> practice? >> yes. >> the building? >> yes. >> the deed to his property, his pickup truck, even annie, the vet building cat. >> i've never heard of it. >> mary kennedy, city
4:57 am
administrator. >> looks like a healthy cat. >> home of dr. bogan's clinic. >> people don't give their businesses away. >> if we can get someone in here to take over the practice, it's worth it. >> reporter: now after five years of searching, a glimmer of hope. >> kind of long term. >> leighton packer just finished his freshman year. >> he's here is where he is. >> he's interning this summer. >> his salary paid by hopeful blue earth businesses. >> i knew i wanted to go to vet school i literally feel like why me, i guess? leighton grew up on a farm 20 miles away >> so maybe. >> maybe >> considerably closer than his three remaining years of vet school >> that dr. bogan is willing to delay his retirement until he's 77. >> if my health holds up. >> only shows how badly he wants this for his county and community. >> exactly >> all explainable, cheryl
4:58 am
leavens says, in five words. >> he does the right thing. >> the right thing by a friend's best man for the news, i'm boyd cooper. >> heart and lungs sound okay. >> what a lovely story. we've got 30 seconds left in a race to the finish major cities in afghanistan falling to the taliban as u.s. marines rush into kabul to help evacuate the embassy they have captured kandahar, the second largest city in the country. cdc recommending a third dose of covid vaccine for american's with weakened immune systems. now you know the news of this friday, august 13th, 2021. friday, august 13th, 2021. i'm tyle ♪ ♪ welcome to allstate. where everything just seems to go your way. ♪ ♪ you're in good hands with allstate.
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