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tv   Worldwide Exchange  CNBC  September 9, 2021 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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it is 5:00 a.m. at cnbc. here is your top five at 5:00. stocks slide as caution continues to grip the markets. futures are slightly in the red. bitcoin gaining momentum as another country gives the green light to legalize crypto. and china continues to crackdown as two companies get summoned by regulators over video game concerns. shares of boston beer falling flat as seltzer is
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marking the company's outlook. and your biggest risk to the market right now the surprising outcome of our recent poll. all on this thursday, september 9th. this is "worldwide exchange. good morning, good afternoon or good evening. welcome from wherever in the world you may be watching. i'm brian sullivan thanks for joining us. here is how your money is shaping up on thursday morning futures are in the red. each average down about .20% stocks did continue to lose steam yesterday. the dow, s&p closing down fractionally the nasdaq pulled back from records. down more than .50%. investors are cautious over covid and uncertainty on central bank policies and inflation and
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moving forward we'll talk about that in a moment. we want to check crypto. ukraine is the latest country to legalize crypto. regulating and making it legal tender bitcoin is flat to slightly higher ethereum is up about .10%. more action around the world because we are awaiting the european central bank latest call over its pandemic shi-relad stimulus efrforts. we have joumanna bercetche in the london newsroom. what is expected from the ecb? >> that's right, brian you can see from behind me that there is a bit of cautiousness into the ecb meeting in a couple of hours time. handover from asia was weak. that is why you see red. ftse 100 down 1.3% 7,000 is the level to watch there. it is a key level.
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we have been around there for the last couple months cac and france is .50% and the under performer for this week, the xetra dax. down ...40% on trade numbers. the issue is the election in a couple of weeks time as you mentioned, big day today when it comes to monetary policy we are watching closely what the ecb decides to do. they won't deliver the latest rate decision. in a couple of hours time with two key questions that are set to be answered number one, whether it will tweak the pandemic emergency purchase program and whether it will raise monthly asset purchases. investment banking analysts are
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thinking it will remain unchanged. also, brian, don't forget they will release the updated growth and inflation forecast it will be an interesting one to see whether or not they can succeed at withdrawing that stimulus, but not too much which is what people are expecting >> so they sound like cartoon characters that is the tapering is what you would call it? >> yes the program was the emergency program introduced as a function of the pandemic. that is set to end in march of 2022 they have another program called the a.p.p. they buy 20 billion euros a month. we don't know when the a.p.p. program will end it is complicated here in europe than in the u.s.
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>> as is everything, joumanna. you have the metric system they will decrease it in meters, i'm told joumanna bercetche >> celsius >> did you see the latest a.p.p. and p.e.p. sticking with the markets and wall street is falling in the fall volatility, your next guest says we may see more than usual thanks to action from d.c., inflation and everything else going on. dan veru at capital management dan, thank you we have the fiscal cliff coming september 30th and the negotiations over the $3.5 trillion package which is likely to be wound down, but include tax hikes. are the markets under estimatin
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some of the risks here >> i think so in the short run in the longer run, they continue to remain bullish because where else will you put your money stocks remain the best place to be we talked about small-cap stocks, and small cap will fare well through the period. we have to go through probably a month or some of the debate and a lot of changes to the bill and some of those things are not market friendly. the market has not taken it all in because the debate is just about to start there will be wild proposals ou there. the bill will be probably 150,000 pages long there will be a lot of stuff in there that is very difficult to understand what it is and it will have some effect on various sectors of the market.
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it could also effect the market in general particularly on the tax side which to me is most concerning it really takes away from the earnings picture going forward these are proposals. there's things out there it is, as you mentioned, it likely will be scaled back significantly. obviously, the president's political capital is much less than what it was before, too a lot of things are playing in a deeply divided house and senate where there is really almost no margin for error whipping up folks on the part of the democrats is critical. they can't lose anybody. >> no, but the democrats on the flip side, dan, have incentive to get things done and get afghanistan off the headlines. we have libby cantrill to talk about what is in the massive bill coming up dan, you talked about danaher
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and others and if we get higher capital gains taxes, i believe there are other opportunities out there. >> necessity is the mother of inve invention. the best companies respond to changes. again, these are going to affect the markets in the short run you know, if you own too much stock and you have enough cash on the sideline, maybe you want to reevaluate since the markets have done well so far. to be clear, it will present a great buying opportunity if there is a significant pull back in the market. when i define significant, i would say in a range of 5% to 10%. we're early in the economic recovery we're still, perhaps, mid cycle. it is a matter of how deep lawmakers go from a tax perspective and how much that
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impacts the corporate profit picture going into 2022 and beyond and the times of when the tax increases get implemented. again, it is a long list of questions that we have right now. we'll begin to get those answers and we may not like the answers we get >> is there a capital gains rate at which the market simply can't sustain the number we have been there before. we have been higher than that before and the markets did just fine the president gets his way and we get to 27% on the macro level. is that, for lack of a better term, okay for the macro markets? >> you are speaking on the corporate tax side i guess the number bandied about is i'll ask for 27 and take 25 that is one component. then the international tax which is complicated from my perspective, the oecb
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countries knowledge they are discussing this. it hasn't been agreed yet. it will be really difficult. i don't know how they implement a global tax like that it seems like it could invite a lot of cheating in various jurisdiction a country will just say i'll lower mine to get more business to my country. it is a lot of things. it is one thing to have the proposals, but how do you implement them and make them actually work and generate revenue. again, these are all questions and, of course, as you well know, the market doesn't often times like the uncertainty that goes along with some of these things again, a dollar of increased taxes is a dollar less of corporate profits. stocks rise based on corporate
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profits. the key thing is focus your portfolio on quality and the definition of quality is companies as you know, companies with high financial returns and companies generating free cash flow those are the companies that will take advantage if there is any market dislocation as a result of this >> yeah. maybe uncertainty is the mother of rereversion. dan, september is shaping up to be a month to remember in washington dan veru i appreciate you getting up early with us. have a great day. >> thanks, brian you're very welcome. let's get more on the headlines outside of the markets including the crackdown on chinese technology companies by regulators there bertha coombs is here and she has more details w what's going on, bertha? >> brian, shares of tencent and
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neti taking hits overseas and here at home after chinese regulators summoned the companies to discuss restrictions on game time for children officials telling the pair that they should ban legal content and change game designs to get people addicted. tencent and netease will change to comply with the guidance. cathie wood's ark invest reduced exposure to the company. wood revealed the move during the conference last night. citing the environment was quote different from one that many asset managers poured money in last year. her firm left a portfolio of companies that were identified as curry and favor with beijing.
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president biden expected to call for aninternational summi on the global covid response and vaccination efforts. the proposal is part of a broader speech today on the issues to combat the pandemic. that gathering would be timed around united nations general assembly meeting set for here in new york later this month. we talk about gridlock in washington, brian, the u.n. meeting brings actual gridlock to traffic in new york it appears they will be meeting in person. >> the gridlock already in new york city, despite nobody back in the office, in midtown, is unbelievable everybody is driving their car now. not on the subway or on the bus in the port authority. bertha coombs, see you in a few minutes. thank you very much. there is so much more to do on this busy thursday morning. when we come back, some of the big money movers, including what
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has shares of reddit's gamestop down 76% right now jay powell getting the seal of approval from one top democrat for another term as central bank chief. later on, if you haven't paid attention to natural gas, you should surging to the highest levels in more than seven years. we dive in the fact over that spike and why it matters on a busy morning when wex returns after this my credit card debt. i needed just one simple way to pay it all off. it was an easy decision to apply with sofi loans, just based on the interest rate and how much i would be saving. there was only one that stood out and one that actually made sense and that was sofi personal loans. it felt so freeing. i felt like i was finally out of this neverending trap of interest and payments and debt. ♪♪ does your vitamin c last twenty-four hours?
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welcome back time for the big money movers on this thursday. three key stock stories. stock one. lululemon. they reported better than expected second quarter results and raised guidance for the year consumers are shopping at stores and online for things like leggings, jogging or yogging pants and sports bras. they are snapping up stretchy pants and comfortable clothes for return to the office you can catch the ceo on "squawk box" at 8:45 a.m boston beer. the company pulling guidance from july as the demand for hard seltzer continues to wane. stock three, gamestop.
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gamestop shares down 7% right now. the company's second quarter revenue did beat the street. they reported a wider loss management also failed to layout fresh details about how the company plans to transform itself into the gaming and entertainment retailer on deck, democrats' length ylengthy to-do list the president's big list and there could be good news in it around taxes we'll tell you how in a moment
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welcome back let's get a check of the headlines and including the developments on the ground in afghanistan. phillip mena has more. >> good morning. the taliban allowed 200 americans to leave on a charter flight to qatar. an official tells reuters the taliban were annllowing the depa departures >> announcer: tropical storm mindy hit the panhandle of florida. a flash flood warning for
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tallahassee. mindy is the 13th named storm this year. hours away from the nfl kickoff here on nbc. the super bowl champion buccaneers are hosting the cowboys at 7:00 p.m. eastern tom brady will begin his quest for the eighth ring as tampa bay hopes to be the back-to-back champs in years. the nfl players association is pushing for daily testing for players regardless of vaccination status last week, the league agreed to weekly testing for players we still have all of the obstacles, brian tom brady has more rings than all the franchises have or patriots and steelers with six he has seven skil still incredible >> the guy is a machine.
5:23 am
love him or hate him incredible two questions. do you think they repeat and have you seen the ticket prices? i did. the worst seat in the house in tampa bay is over $200 a mid level seat is $1,200 >> it's a chance to say i saw the greatest of all time do. it they had unprecedented retention in players in tampa bay. usually people go take the big contracts after a super bowl win. they wanted to come back some taking pay cuts to play with the greatest quarterback of all time >> the g.o.a.t tough to repeat. like you said, the first team in 17 years returning pretty much everybody. phillip mena, appreciate it. thank you. 8:20 p.m. for the game. let's get to the top trending stories which include the return of the thanksgiving
5:24 am
tradition and very expensive default and a trailer that could show you just how deep the rabbit hole may go bertha coombs is back now with those. bertha >> brian, the macy's thanksgiving day parade is set to happen with full crowds as normal this year 95th iteration of the parade will resume the regular route after having to shorten it last year it will require all participants and staff to be vaccinated and wear face coverings. a mega mansion billed as the most expensive house as the one has defaulted on $165 million in debt the bel air home was expected to sell for $500 million back in 2017 it was plagued by construction and funding problems the home is heading for sale now. likely to be a lot less than
5:25 am
that and the new trailer for "the matrix resurrections" is set to be released at 9:00 a.m. warner bros. is set to introduce it on the site you can look at a red or blue pill to watch over 180,000 videos that change depending on time of day and location that site was launched in 1999 along with the release of the very first movie and check on the top trending stocks here on right now. amc, number one. people looking at the 10-year treasury that's and prologis and alibaba. brian. >> the house, bertha, has multiple kitchens.
5:26 am
master bedroom is 4,000 square feet all doors are electric the guy who wanted to develop it wants a jellyfish room i assume that is a giant tank. that was over the top. 105,000 square feet. >> frank toured it >> really? >> it could be an incredible bnb. high atop bel air. >> bigger than most hotels it could be an incredible four seasons. >> it has nine bedrooms. it would be incredibly exc exclusive. that's my thought. >> they will have to do something with it. can you imagine the upkeep costs? forget about buying it how about maintaining it 105,000 square feet. where are you? find my iphone so you can find
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your spouse somewhere in the house. >> exactly >> bertha -- >> everyone has to wear one of those chips. >> play sound. bertha, thank you. see you in a few minutes. still ahead. will it be europe or will it be us we await the ecb latest policy move which central bank will blink d llheap trigger first. we'll be right back. it's another day. and anything could happen. it could be the day you welcome 1,200 guests and all their devices. or it could be the day there's a cyberthreat. get ready for it all with an advanced network and managed services from comcast business. and get cybersecurity solutions that let you see everything on your network. plus an expert team looking ahead 24/7 to help prevent threats.
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a september slide? it is looking more likely as futures saga again not the same for natural gas. a seven-year high and fresh fuel to ongoing inflation worries. speaking of worries. the morning rbi. what has you, the wex viewer, saying is the biggest macro risk right now? we will tell you this is "worldwide exchange" on this september 9th good morning welcome or welcome back. it is 5:30 on the nose thanks for joining us. here is how your money is shaping up on this thursday morning. we are seeing futures in the red again. not huge declines. we're not down a couple hundred points, but 63 on the dow. fair value is in the green
5:31 am
the way the markets end up going is anybody's guess we have been a little weak lately stocks continue to lose steam. yesterday with the dow and s&p, they closing down fractionally nasdaq pulling back from new records. down .50%. investors taking the week off or nervous of covid and central bank policies? insert fear here we will get to that in a moment. one market to watch closely right now, not stocks, is natural gas. natural gas prices are flaring doubling off april's lows. coming in close to $5 per million btus if you don't pay attention to natural gas, we don't blame you. natural gas was$2.50 in april. now double the question is why natural gas is soaring as oil prices are relatively flight. it is not one easy answer.
5:32 am
it is a combination of a lot of things number one overall u.s. production of oil down gas is a natural byproduct of oil drilling you have the hurricane ida slowdown as well reducing the natural gas production in the gulf of mexico that will come back, but it will lag. you have very strong u.s. demand you have asia and mexico buying more and in europe, russia has slowed down their supplies which is frustrating them. you think prices are high here, go to europe they three times as high which means we're now going to export more to europe causing more competition for u.s. natural gas. it is not just the hurricanes that caused this the federal government yesterday coming out and having to address the natural gas issue. saying, quote, hurricane ida affected natural gas production at a time that the united states was already experiencing higher gas prices due to growth in
5:33 am
exports, strong domestic natural gas consumption and relatively flat natural gas production. that was according to steve nalley at a time we are worrying about inflation, that is not what people want to see natural gas affects everything in a big way number one, natural gas powers about 40% of all your electricity out there. meaning, air conditioning bill now or heating bill later, will spike unless prices turn back down soon. nat gas is a source for industrial use the production of chemicals. products will go up in price in fact, fair to say, natural gas may be the most inflationary force out there right now. more than anything else. just watch natural gas prices. something to watch let's get back to the other top headlines outside of natural
5:34 am
gas. bertha is back with those. what else is going on this thursday morning, bertha >> brian, in washington, debate is brewing over jay powell jon tester wants president biden to nominate powell for another term tester sits on the banking committee. he is worried about calls from house democrats who want powell replaced by someone focused on pushing liberal priorities tester says politicizing the central bank would hurt the economy. and united says the vaccine mandate will be placed on temporary unpaid leave for religious reasons. the airline cites the rise in covid cases. and in other news out of the sector, industry trade group airlines for america reportedly plans to announce a higher
5:35 am
target for sustainable aviation fuel by 2030 the white house is holding a virtual event on sustainable aviation today i'm not sure what that means i guess phil lebeau would know more with natural gas prices so high, that would make it high to do that >> the plug-in won't work. i talked to an airline executive recently you need turn the plane over too quickly. the only that i think would work is the battery swap. there would be no room to do that at the airports i don't know if it is a bio-fuel did you see new york is going to ban gas-powered cars by 2035 that is 14 years from now. everybody in brooklyn or queens. do you have a plug in your apartment? >> it is interesting i was at a garage yesterday. i was doing a report in midtown.
5:36 am
i parked in the garage just to park, you had to pay $10 in addition to the parking to charge your car. in new york city, it is very expensive to charge your car they don't have them on every street corner. the infrastructure really needs to get built up if we're going to move toward that in new york state. >> the chargers are $150,000 to $450,000 on a large scale. i'm sure every landlord in queens or brooklyn is going to rush out to pay millions to make sure there are hundreds of chargers and adding to the electric grid. it is an ambitious goal. we will see what happens thank you, bertha. >> very ambitious. >> yeah. we will see what happens net zero does include hybrid plug-in. if you made a bet months ago that the european central bank
5:37 am
would cut asset purchases before the u.s. fed, you should go directly to go and collect $200. ecb is expected to announce today it will dial back some of the emergency economic measures and aid put in place during the pandemic don't you dare call it tapering. with inflation at the ten-year high, any move would be around the margins. to talk about this and the balancing act that the ecb and fed are talking about is gina sanchez. we have the decision coming out at 7:45 a.m. new york time gina, what is the ecb going to do >> the ecb has better psychology than the u.s. for adjustment this is not taper. this is adjustment the adjustment in the range of 10 billion euro to 20 billion euro in the production of the p.e.p. program what that means is that, you
5:38 am
know, the eurozone is experiencing a couple of things at the same time one, they have overtaken the u.s. in terms of vaccination rates in august. they have now a more highly vaccinated population. growth in the ecb is definitely turning up and that growth is being revised up dramatically. it went from 4% expected growth at the end of the year to 4.8% since april. and cpi is coming in pretty hot. 3.3% year over year. that will be a little challenging for the ecb not to do something so, you know, the anticipation is they will make an adjustment and will probably beat the fed the fed has a bigger problem that the psychology is opposite. we got ahead of expectation. now we are revising down expectation in the u.s. because we are under performing the high expectation. it is better to be an optimist
5:39 am
or pessimist >> always an optimist. you know the answer to that. i never thought i'd call $20 billion small money. if that is the monthly number we're talking about is ecb that is chump change does it matter to the market if they do it >> i agree it is amazing. 10 billion here and 10 billion there. soon you are talking real money. >> yeah. you have $100 week allowance and your parents pull it back to $95.70 because they want to punish you that is how it feels as far as the scale of the numbers at some point, the aid will be pulled back unless until it is not. what about our fed, gina we know it doesn't matter if they taper in november or january. it may matter for a day trader
5:40 am
for long-term investors, it doesn't. what is the take on our fed and what it ultimately does? >> our fed is a little more challenged right now you have the political conversation -- >> you think >> -- conversation whether or not we will see powell maintain his role at the fed. again, that psychology is hard you have hit the peak in terms of expectation and now we are revising down. the numbers are really strong, brian. nobody should be complaining and yet we are the markets are feeling weakish. not falling off the cliff, but not exactly strong you know, i think it makes it more challenging and there's greater importance to that decision than right now at the ecb where everything is firing on all cylinders growth is working. revisions are up the stock market is doing well
5:41 am
there's really not a lot of reason not to taper in europe whereas in the u.s., making that tapering decision will deflate a lot of balloons. >> by the way, i'm not going to ask you to chime in. you are in california. thanks for getting up. we appreciate it a couple of days from now, we have the recall election you know, a big deal don't chime in on that, but how is california doing? my place of birth. los angeles. people out and about economic activity? what are you seeing anecdotally? >> we have seen more activity. we can do more activity outside. the restaurants stayed open. we chugged right along. >> good to hear. kids back to school as well. big day for the state of california gina sanchez have a great day >> thanks, brian. on deck -- you're very
5:42 am
welcome. from the infrastructure bill to the fiscal cliff and, by the way, avoiding a government shutdown libby cantrill is here to tell you what to expect from the capitol and the massive multithousand page infrastructure and social spensp spending bill. th that's next. y from your local cvs... or same day if you need it sooner but at a time like this, aren't you glad you can also just swing by to pick it up? and get your questions answered. because peace of mind is something you just can't get in a cardboard box. that's healthier made easier. at cvs. (vo) introducing 48 square centimeters of earning potential. flawlessly designed. undeniably versatile. unlimited 2% cash back. this is the card built for...
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welcome or welcome back. let's go to washington, d.c. where democratic leaders say
5:45 am
they are planning to move forward with trillions of government spending despite the threat by joe manchin to block some of that we have high stakes for president biden's agenda the next guest says failure is not an option for the democratic party. for more, let's bring in libby cantrill li libby, pleasure to have you back on congress comes back next week. we don't have a lot of details on what may be in this multi-thousand page legislation. there have been some sort of leaks. what do you know what can you tell us about what we will start to see next week >> good morning, brian what you will see at the end of this week and beginning of next week is some of the draft from the tax perspective. remember, this bill is not only likely to include tax increases, but also will include tax
5:46 am
credits mostly for individuals who are working and have children these are child care tax credits and child tax credits. we will see on both sides of the ledger with tax increases and tax cuts brian, you pre-viewed at the top as the second or third inning. we have a long way to go before we actually get a final bill that's voted on by the house or the senate our view is likely timeframe is year end between now and then, it is not going to be lineal it is going to be iterative. you will see the democratic in-fighting going on between now and then on full display >> the democrats, well, most politicians tend to be savvy people
5:47 am
basically the thought the democrats may tie hurricane relief or afghan relocation or afghan relief into the bill. in other words, if the republicans push back on anything in the bill, the democrats can say, you don't want to help people in louisiana or help the situation in afghanistan? do you think it will be tied like that to hammer the opposition as heartless? they will roll everything in one package. >> there are lots of bills that are being floated around in terms of headlines what you are referring to is the end of year funding bill which the democrats are likely going to attach the debt ceiling increase, which, of course, needs to be increased between mid-to-late october. the plan now and this is dynamic to your point, is to attach the hurricane relief and relief for afghan refugees to that bill to do exactly what you said
5:48 am
to then hammer republicans, especially in those states, impacted by the recent hurricanes and they are not supportive of this we will see how that strategy works. it is high stakes. we know a majority of republicans in the senate indicated they will not vote for a debt ceiling increase or u suspension under any conditions. >> i teased it as good news on taxes, which sounded odd, but that is the point of the tease probably corporate taxes going up and individual taxes going up for viewers in the northeast, there may be relief from what they deduct in this bill hopefully? >> don't get too excited we're talking incremental relief the current $10,000 cap maybe increased to $20,000 or $30,000. probably not full reinstatement
5:49 am
of s.a.l.t. like here in california one important thing to remember, brian, the s.a.l.t. deduction is fully reinstated in 2026 this is a relief to that point and the deductions will be reinstated if congress doesn't do anything. >> some good news in the northeast. good news at 5:45 in the morning. libby cantrill, thank you. have a great day >> thank you you're welcome on deck, the biggest risk to the market right now is? we asked you the loyal viewers and twitter followers. your findings on that question next if you haven't already, follow our podcast bitcoiisn down a touch. we're back right after this.
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time for the morning rbi today's most random but t
5:52 am
interesting think is what you think about the macro market we asked this poll question. with the fed a non-issue for a few months, the biggest risk to the stock market rally is? the economy slows? covid concerns geopolitical concerns like china or fear? they are unbalanced. 34% said covid concerns were the biggest risk to stocks followed by the economic slowdown which is related, i know, to the covid story then tax hike fears and geopolitical issues. a balanced poll with the wall of worry. some of you wrote in other responses. alex says the d.c. and fiscal cliff coming on september 30th and emmy the lab worsening global supply chain disruption may be the biggest
5:53 am
risk to the market very much appreciate the responses. i put up these pollpolls. let's talk about this with keith lerner keith, how would you have answered that poll >> first, i would say, brian, it is interesting with the ongoing concerns the market deals with i think the political wrangling is the biggest near-term risk. what hurts the market the most is something that is not in the headlines as a whole i think the big picture, especially when you you look at the next 12 months, none of these things you brought up is suggesting recession is imminent we think we are early in the economic expansion profit trends are still positive the strong momentum we have seen over the last seven months tends to be a positive when looking at
5:54 am
six months out and so. brian,those concerns will continue there is a chance of a hiccup. we are telling our clients focus on the 12-month trend which we still see as positive. >> this might be our rbi tomorrow when i get lazy, i rip smart people like you off. when the markets like the s&p 500 up 15% through august as we have been this year, the s&p 500 tends to gain the rest of the year history says that -- it doesn't mean it will happen, but the bull market s&p 500 is on our side. >> that is one way we looked at it strong gains through august. does that continue into year end? the answer is yes. it doesn't mean there haven't been pull backs along the way or disruption strength is something not to be feared we looked at seven straight months of gains and when we look at six months forward, of the
5:55 am
ma market is up 13% the other story is when the economy is in expansion on the one-year basbasis, the market rises. we look at the weight of the evidence which suggests a positive back drop obviously moderate returns after the snap back. brian, we only had two years of four years where we haven't seen a pull back. we have one gut check before year end investors are better served to focus on the primary trend >> don't we want the gut check, keith? the chart goes up and drop and up and drop. it keeps going up right now. 5% or 10% pull back.
5:56 am
hon honestly, might be a good thing in some ways. >> the gut checks reset investor sentiment and expectation. it allows to you move forward. i'll say the main index has done well s&p is a proxy for the average stock. that is up 3% since may. what does that tell you? it tells you we have seen the internal rotation from one sector to another. a large part of the market has already corrected. i don't think the market under the surface is as stressed as the headline may show. >> is it sktill all about big tech, keith? >> big tech is doing well. we are at a critical level on the strength level that it hasn't moved above the highs from last year that is something we are watching closely some areas we like, the reit
5:57 am
sector is something we like. it has a good balance of tech with warehouse and inflation trade. we like communications area which is a growth area we have seen rotation back there. more of a value play we think financials have upside. we have seen yields move up here recently >> a lot of love for the reits keith, you like it a pleasure to get you on i'll steal your rbi. take care. have a great day thank you for tuning in to "worldwide exchange. that does it for us. we'll be back tomorrow with another insider buyer segment. two this week. lucky you. see you then "squawk box" is next
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good morning stock futures slipping slightly. slip sliding after the dow and s&p fell for the third straight day. we will show you what's moving right now. including a big drop for gamestop under pressure after reporting a big loss than analysts expected. united airlines out with a strict vaccine policy for employees. telling those with religious exemptions they are put on unpaid leave it is thursday, september 9th, 2021 "squawk box" in times square begins right now. good morning welcome to "squawk


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