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tv   The News With Shepard Smith  CNBC  September 15, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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we want strong, deep markets where you can make mistakes but you can't be obliterated by the new instruments and their often greedy and arrogant promoters. i like to say there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise to find it for you right here on "mad money." the young missing woman's boyfriend, well, the family's turned the heat up on him now, pressuring brian laundry to speak to the police. i'm shepard smith. this is the news on cnbc >> we don't know what brian knows. >> cops name a person of interest in the disappearance of gabby. >> he was the last known person that we have information was around her. >> plus, the incident in utah that ended with police being called. >> if she's out there we're doing everything in our power to bring her home. >> a prominent lawyer allegedly
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arranged his own death so his son could collect millions the insurance scheme, and why this gunshot failed to kill him. >> we deserve justice. >> four elite athletes speaking up about years of sexual abuse by larry nassar. >> i blame larry nassar, and i also blame -- an entire system that enabled and perpetrated his abuse. >> calling out the fbi that failed to protect all of them. president biden meets with business leader to discuss vaccine mandates for employees governor newsom triumphs over recall spacex set to launch four civilians into space and employee burnout how companies are tackling the problem. live from cnbc, the facts, the truth, the news with shepard smith. good evening there are shocking new developments in the hunt for
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gabby pet ito tonight. police name her boyfriend brian laundry a person of interest her family rails on brian in a new statement saying brian left gabby in the wilderness with grizzly bears and wolves while he sits in the comfort of his home more of that statement shortly gabby's mom says they last heard from her three weeks ago today, while the couple was, as they put it, living the van life on a cross country road trip, just today we learn days before gabby stopped communicating with her mom, a witness called police to investigate a possible domestic problem between here boyfriend and her. august is 13th it was in front of a store in moab a witness along with gabby and brian told an officer a similar story. gabby and brian were having an argument brian told gabby to take a walk and calm down.
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she didn't want to and started slapping him, so he grabbed her face and pushed her back he tried to lock her out of theiren extra, but she managed to climb in through the driver's window they all drove off and an officer later flagged them down. again, that's the story in the police report. it's important to mention here the two officers decided this was more of a mental health break than a domestic assault and that they considered brian the victim brian and gabby both told cops that she suffers serious anxiety. police said she was in a manic state and crying uncontrollably. police also say the two of them told them they were in love, engaged to be married and didn't want to press charges. the cops then got brian a room for the night at a family resource crisis center while gabby, now missing, stayed with the van. two weeks later, the last text from gabby to her mother
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it read, no service in yosemite. hours later, brian showed up in florida. it's a 42-hour drive, nonstop, no breaks, even gabby's mom says she's not sure who sent that text and that she feels the timing is obviously suspicious as for gabby, she's still nowhere to be found. >> we don't know what brian knows. i mean, that's the bottom line, and we're hopeful to talk to him. he needs to talk to us we need to know exactly where he was, where she was, their last locations, and the fact that he was back here for ten days. >> in more of the family's statement today, they pleaded with brian you selfishly remain silent while gabby is all alone in the wilderness your silence is reprehensible. we beg you to do the right thing and bring gabby home they continued, brian, whatever happened in wyoming happened
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the only thing you control is what you do now. tell us where gabby is you tarnish your love for her with your silence. cnbc's valerie castro spoke with gabby's father in florida today. she's live for us in the town of northport on the west coast outside gabby and brian's home valerie? >> reporter: shep, joe pettito says at this point he doesn't remember the last time he slept and he just wants his daughter gabby to be found. i spoke the him about the incident in utah and the relationship between gabby and brian. he says if gabby had called him and told him they had an argument like that, he would have been on the first flight to pick her up and bringer home he says he was uni wear of mental health issues that gabby told police she was suffering from according to the police report. >> is that anything she talked to you about >> no, and i don't know -- you know, again, i have no idea.
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maybe she was going through a stressful time with him. i have no idea at the end of the day, here's the thing -- it doesn't solve the problem now. say it's significant, say it's not. doesn't matter gabby's not around we got to find gabby. >> in a press conference today, northport police released a few more details about their investigation. they say the white van, gabby's van they recovered here at this home has been processed for evidence they'll comb over any other evidence they might find they're also looking into evidence like surveillance cameras at gas stations, bank evidence and, social media accounts belonging to both gabby and brian. ultimately, though, police say they need brian to talk to him they have so many questions for him. but his attorney released a new statement saying he's advising his client to remain silent. he says he knows police often look to the intimate partner first in cases like this and anything his client says at this
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point could be used against him. following that, the police chief in northport tweeted directly to the attorney, saying northport police need your help in finding gabby. please call us to arrange a can have with brian laundrie two people left on a trip. one person returned. according to the daily mail, gabby's mother made a plea to the laundrie family. she texted brian and his mother for any information about gabby, but says her text messages were ignored. shep >> valerie, thank you. back to the domestic/mental health issue the couple reportedly had -- here's the thing on that. that store near where gabby and brian fought, the moon flower community cooperative was where a woman who worked in august was killed she and her wife crystal beck went missing in mid august days later a friend found them
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shot in nearby mountains where they had reportedly gone camping. august 12th, the fight between brian and gabby in moab. august 13th, kylan and crystal last seen. locals said they told them about a weirdo that was camping near them that was freaking them out. a police official said they found no testevidence the two incidents are related. >> i heard that theory i'm unaware of linking this to that. >> in fact, they have no links of any kind. police say they have no leads on the suspect in the murder of kylan and crystal. but again, if you have information on the whereabouts of gabby, police ask you phone the national hot line on your screen, 1-800-call-fbi and remember they're expected to
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hold another news conference tomorrow, noon eastern time, family, fbi, and police. there's a new twist in a story we have been following out of south carolina. police say that prominent lawyer you may have heard about enlisted a hit man to shoot him in the head and kill him, just three months after somebody mysteriously gunned down his wife and son alex murdaugh survived the shooting, while he was pretending his car broke down. his attorney says murdaugh was in a massive depression and want his surviving son to receive millions of dollars in life insurance. he confessed to the scheme and is cooperating with investigators. >> it was an attempt on his part to do something to protect his child. he didn't want law enforcement spending more time on this fake crime instead of focusing on solving the murders of maggie
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and paul. >> murdaugh's attorney insists his client did not kill his wife and son. here's katie beck. >> reporter: south carolina law enforcement announcing an arrest in the bizarre shooting that left prominent attorney alec murdaugh hospitalized. part of a plot he admitted to arguing himself. law enforcement arresting 61-year-old curtis edward smith, charging him with assisted suicide and insurance fraud. police documents revealing alec murdaugh instructed him to shoot him in the head all so his son could collect death benefits on a $10 million life insurance claim. on tuesday, police say smith admitted to being present at the shooting and disposing of the gun, adding more charges are expected police documents describe mur murdaugh as a codefendant. his lawyers blame the shooting incident on people feeding his
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addiction to opioids, adding these individuals took advantage of his addiction and ability to pay substantial funds. one of those individuals took advantage of his mental illness and agreed to take his life by shooting him in the head the at shooing occurred one day after he resigned from his law firm amid accusation of financial misconduct, which authorities are looking into three months ago, murdaugh told police he found his wife and son shot on their property his lawyers say their client is fully cooperating with sled to find the people responsible for the murder of his wife and son south carolina investigators announcing late today the opening of yet another death investigation -- this time the 2018 death of gloria satterfield, the murdaugh's long time housekeeper
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after she suffered an alleged fall in the home, an autopsy was never completed. this also comes on the same day that satterfield's two sons filed a civil action saying they haven't received a dime from a $500,000 wrongful death settlement in that same case for the news, i'm katie beck. >> katie, thanks. some of the nation's top gymnasts, including simone biles testify in the congress today. they describe in the detail the heartbreaking abuse they suffered at the hands of their doctor, larry nassar of course he's accuse of sexually abusing hundred of women and girls and is serving what is effectively a life sentence for a small fraction of the allegations. biles testified in the senate hearing alongside fellow olympians mikayla maroney aly raisman. they told their stories along with some of naser's other victims sitting behind them.
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the gymnasts made it clear -- they blame the fbi, u.s. gymnastics and u.s. olympic and paralympic committee for nassar's abuse for the many women and girls abuse after they complained. >> i don't want another gymnast or athlete or individual to experience the horror i and hundreds of others endured before, during, and continuing to this day in the wake -- of the larry nassar abuse. to be clear -- sorry >> take your time. >> to be clear, i blame larry nassar, and i also blame an entire system that enabled and perpetrated his abuse. >> the gymnast's the come after an inspector general found the fbi botched the investigation into larry
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nassar's abuse it found the agency made fundamental errors and failed to interview victims in a timely manner mikayla maroney said larry masser sarted abusing her when she was 13 years old she told fbi agents in excruciating detail what happened, things she never even told her own mother. >> this was very clear cookie cutter ped feill ya and abuse the fbi chose to falsify my report and not only minimize my abuse but silence me yet again i thought given the severity of this situation they would act quickly for the sake of protecting other girls, but instead it took them 14 months to report anything when larry nassarer in my opinion should have been in jail that day the fbi, usoc and usag sat idly by while dozens of women and girls continued to be abused by
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larry nassar. >> >> then there's -- she says u.s. gymnastics told her to keep quiet publicly while the fbi investigates and says a thorough investigation never happened. >> i am haunted by the fact that even after i reported by abuse, so many women and girls had to suffer at the hands of larry nassar u.s. gymnastics and the united states olympic and paralympic committee and the fbi have all betrayed me and those abused by larry nassar after i reported. >> the women say they want to see congress take action and for somebody to hold accountable the people responsible. >> all we are asking for is that when a child goes into gymnastics or goes to school or does anything that they can be spared abuse and the fact that we have been treated like adversaries by so many organizations and our abuse has been diminish, we have been victim shamed online over and over again, we have been gas
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lit, we have been made to feel that we don't matter by these organizations and i never want another child to feel that way again. >> larry nassar is expected to spend the rest of his life in prison after he pleaded guilty to sexually abusing ten minors in 2018. following the testimony, nbc's leanne caldwell is on capitol hill. >> reporter: it was a gripping and unfortunate testimony today that was pretty extraordinary from these four young women who told about their pain from when they experienced this be the present pain they're going through now to heal from it. aly raisman says she expects it's going to take a couple months to recover just from this hearing today to tell the world about what she experienced but she also said and the other gymnasts said they feel adults in power were actually listening to them and pledging to do something. that's how betrayed they feel
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over the past ys years of trying to tell people close to them and in power what happened the gymnast testimony was only one part of the hearing. the second part we heard from the fbi inspector general who had a scathing report about how the fbi handled this case, and we also heard from fbi director christopher wray who came to the hearing to apologize let's listen >> i'm sorry that so many different people let you down over and over again, and i'm especially sorry that there were people at the fbi who had their own chance to stop this monster back in 2015 and failed, and that is inexcusable. it never should have happened, and we're doing everything in our power to make sure it never happens again. >> it's inexcusable, he says, but what these gymnasts want, what members of congress want are perhaps criminal
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prosecutions of the fbi agents who handled this case so poorly and inproperly shepard? >> leanne, thank you. president biden meeting with america's top ceos and business leaders at the white house today. the topic? vaccine mandates the white house pushing the private sector to get more americans to get vaccinated. and the justice department trying to block a texas abortion law. the lawsuit and what we know about the escalating legal fight. former president trump referred to general milley's calls to china as treason. now america's top general's defending himself. what he's saying about those calls, as the president weighs in >> announcer: the facts, the truth, "the news with shepard smith" back in 60 seconds. by treating them right. so we upped the benefits without upping the price. with magenta max, get our best plan for 5g. with unlimited premium data that can't slow down based on how much smartphone data you use.
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and taxes and fees are included! you won't get that from anyone else. right now, pay zero costs to switch! and bring your phone -- we'll pay it off up to $800 bucks. only at t-mobile. (struggling vehicle sounds) think premium can't be capable? think again. ♪ (energetic music) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ introducing the first ever at4 lineup. premium and capable. that's professional grade from gmc. president biden met with top business leader and others as he pushes for private employers the mandate covid vaccines
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it came less than a week after the president announced a new man for new vaccine requirements, affecting roughly 100 million workers. some business leaders have pushed back against the mandates, raising concerns about enforcing the rules. but the president insists the goal is to beat covid and save lives. across the country, many companies, hospitals, and colleges are already requiring vaccines cnbc's kayla tau shi is back with us tonight. great to see you again. >> reporter: great to be back with you president biden convened a group of supporter of forthcoming federal rules on vaccines or testing for corporate employees to help promote these rules and provide some input on implementing them based on their own experiences. columbia sportswear ceo who attends the meeting tells cnbc he thinks the government's actions could help give them some cover. >> we have had mandate discussions internally in the company for many, many months
7:21 pm
and frankly, the government coming in, laying down a structure is welcomed and will be very good for the country >> reporter: before last week's announcement, a survey of 1,000 companies with hat least 100 employees found many of them planned some type of vaccine requirement by the end of this year former fda chair scott gottlieb says he believes the actions could backfire with some pausing to delay the plans until they see the new regulations, and today press secretary jen psaki said that could be weeks away. >> osha is going through the process of determining the regular rations and requirements to give businesses and employers the clear guidelines, which are all good questions being asked and hopefully we'll have more on that in the coming weeks. >> reporter: legal challenges are already mounting three republican governors threatening to sue, and gop
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senators say if and when they materialize, congress must review them first. >> president biden made a national security announcement today, clearly to balance china. >> reporter: that's right, shep. tonight the president unveiling a new defense partnership with the uk and australia to deter china's growing influence in the indo pacific the u.s. will help australia acquire nuclear powered submarines appear senior administration official tells me the pathway to and price tag of that capable and still being studied, but tonight china's embassy is responding urging the countrieies to shrug off what ty call a cold war mentality. the biden administration also asking a federal judge for an emergency halt to that new abortion ban in texas. the justice department files a lawsuit against the state just last week. it wants to judge to block the ban until the case plays out in court. in a filing late last night, the
7:23 pm
department said the halt is needed to protect the constitutional rights of women in texas the law bans abortions at about six weeks, when many women don't even know they're pregnant it also empowers anybody to sue anybody else who helps a woman get the procedure. if the person who sues wins, they can collect a $10,000 award. >> governor newsom survives, actually thrives to serve out his full term. the lessons learned from california's special election, and the sky high price tag that could trigger reforms to the recall process. plus, "time" magazine reveals its list of 0 10most influential people what some celebrities are saying about making the cut ys] ♪ a place where everyone lives life well-protected. ♪♪ and even when things go a bit wrong, we've got your back.
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trigger a recall and -- there have been 55 attempts to recall a governor, but only two, including this one, have actually led to a special election this time around the total cost at nearly $300 million according to the california department of finance. governor newsom is set to be on the ballot again in a regular election a year in now on the political lessons learned in the race, here's cnbc's scott cone. >> reporter: in the end it wasn't even close. >> good evening. >> reporter: the race called just 38 minutes after the polls closed, leaving plenty of time for spin governor newsom didn't just survive a political near-death experience, he won a mandate. >> we said yes to science, we said yes to vaccines, we said yes to ending this pandemic. >> reporter: newsom's aggressive approach to covid-19, which helped fuel the recall, became his closing argument the state now has the lowest transmission rate in the nation,
7:27 pm
according to the cdc the white house picking up on that. >> but of course this was a resounding victory for governor newsom, but also for a science-based approach to fighting the pandemic. >> reporter: the results mirrored newsom's landslide election in 2018 and president biden's win here last year republican front-runner larry elder who pushed fraud allegations in the days before the election admitted defeat. >> however, we recognize that we lost the battle, but we are certainly going to win the war >> reporter: with another election just 14 months away, republicans were putting a brave face on the loss while democrats crow and celebrate the state gop chairwoman, said, theirs is a hollow victory indeed, california has the same problems today that it did yesterday -- raging wildfires, rampant homelessness, skyrocketing costs, and democrats face question of their own. chief among them, why in a state
7:28 pm
where they outnumber republicans two to one did it take $80 million and the party's biggest guns just to keep the governor in office for another year of course one reason is the state's quirky recall system there is talk now about reforming it we could see hearings soon but any change would require amending the state constitution and another referendum another quirk in the constitution -- but surviving the recall, governor newsom is entitled the reimbursement for his expenses no response to our emails about whether he plans to put in the money, which, shep, would come on top of that $300 million. >> wow scott cone in sacramento, thanks. it was a month ago today the taliban took control of kabul. now they control the whole country. are the promises they made america holding up first astronauts then some well-known billionaires.
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now these civilians about the make their trip into orbit the spacex rocket on the launch pad, ready for history coming up tonight as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news on cnbc. liberty mutual customizes car insurance so you only pay for what you need. how much money can liberty mutual save you? one! two! three! four! five! 72,807! 72,808... dollars. yep... everything hurts. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hey google. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ remember when no dream was too big? and you could fearlessly face the unknown. you still can. ♪ ♪ when you have a rock you can depend on for life you'll be unstoppable. like the millions of people who rely on prudential for financial planning and investing. who's your rock? i'm shepard smith on cnbc. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news calls for general mark milley to
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resign over claims he broke the chain of command tonight, milley responds and the president stands by him. raging wildfires in the west now nearing sequoia national park, home to the world's largest trees. and clear for takeoff -- spacex minutes away from making history. three seconds until the launch window opens in florida. the crew buckle in the, not an astronaut among them all four set to make history as the first all civilian kroo you to soar into space this historic mission dubbed inspiration four it's far more ambitious than the flights from jeff bezos and richard branson. they went to the edge of space for a mere minutes them spacex crew is set to spend three days in orbit if successful it will mark a new era for private space travel morgan with more from kennedy space center how's the weather holding up >> reporter: we are currently a go for launch.
7:32 pm
we thinker is 90% favorable as i say this and keep in mind, spacex is watching the forecast three days out in anticipation of the crew's return, but for now, the countdown clock continues to tick down. >> we're excited and just ready to get going. >> reporter: when the crew of inspiration four lifts off for space atop a twice flown falcon nine rocket, it will become the first ever all civilian fully commercial mission to orbit. one traveling at an altitude higher than the international space station and farther than humans have gone since the last hubble repair missions more than a decade ago for this, though, nasa will be a bystander and elon musk's spacex the operator. >> literally thousands of pages and a lot of power point to support it it's been a heck of a journey. >> reporter: it's the brain child of ceo jared isaacman.
7:33 pm
the mission's ben factor and commander who made it his mission to raise awareness and millions of st. jude hospital. science and educator scion procter, chris dombrowski and childhood bone cancer survivor and st. jude physician assistant haley will join him on a three-day mission, orbitting the globe at 22 times the speed of sound before splashing down off the florida coast. >> we're going to be doing lots of blood draws and swabs of the capsule and different parts of our body. >> we had some st. jude patients make art that were made into jackets. >> reporter: the mission will lift off from a historic site, 39a, the same launch pad now leased to spacex where astronauts from apollo began their your anies decades ago. >> i'm looking forward to that
7:34 pm
mission of inspiration, so when we get back, being able to share our stories, our experiences, our videos, our photos, all the things that we were able to do over this past six months and share that with the world. >> reporter: when the crew arrived on the launch pad just a few hours ago, they were clearly anticipatory and excited, hugging each other, signing their names on the walls of the spacex's white room. they are on board the dragon capsule that is on this launch pad behind me, and fueling of the rocket is under way as we speak. >> morgan, thanks. we'll keep an eye on the countdown clock and launch pad and check in with you at the end of this news hour. president biden is standing behind america's top general amid some calls for him to a resign they come after claims admiral mark milley took measures to prevent what he feared may be war with china during trump's
7:35 pm
final days in office he reportedly held a meeting with military officials, telling them, i'm part of the procedure before any order to carry out a nuclear strike critics say milley violated the chain of command and should step down. >> let's go. >> i have great confidence in general milley. >> reporter: great confidence. in a soon to be released book, bob woodward and bob costa write general milley called the chinese mill story to promise them the united states was not going to attack china and he would warn beijing ahead of any sort of attack the book reports general milley was alarm because the chinese government was of the belief that mr. trump was planning a military strike against the chinese to rally voters before the 2020 election. today general milley's spokesman denied any wrong doing and said the meeting was just to review the process. he also said the general regularly calls china to reduce
7:36 pm
tensions quoting here -- general milley's calls with the chinese and others in october and january were in keeping with these duties general milley continues to act and advise within his authority in the lawful tradition of civilian control of the military and his oath to the u.s. constitution today marks one month since the taliban seized power and afghanistan and kabul fell the taliban's victory was swift, but governing has turn out to be, well, much harder. there are reports that taliban leaders got into a massive brawl with each other in the presidential palace just last week the taliban's second in command went on television today to show he was still alived after rumors he had been killed in the infighting afghanistan is facing humanitarian and economic disaster food and said to be running out and the united nations are warning 1 million children could starve to death.
7:37 pm
at last report, the biden administration says roughly 100 americans are still in the country. michael o'thahnlon. a month ago it fell. are you surprised with how it's gone, including reports there has been less violence in some areas? >> that's it,s the a mixed bag sburk outlined it well when you pointed a tut dire dangers that exist. so there's no cause for celebration, but there has not been nearly as much killing as i could have predicted in a country where the taliban and government were at odds for so long work death tolls in the range each year of 15,000 to 20,000 people. i expected a lot more revenge killing. i expected the taliban to institute a much more severe form of sharia law than they have so far. on the other hand, in humanitarian terms this is still a country at great peril, and the new afghan interim government is just taliban
7:38 pm
hardliners, nothing inclusive, no women, no modernists, se secu secularists. even though the amnesty the taliban promised seems to be keeping people alive,s the not giving them any kind of say in the new country. s the a very mixed bag, but still, less bad than i would have predicted one month into taliban rule. >> us a mentioned the leadership still sort of old school taliban. the u.s. and international community haven't recognized the taliban, but they are engaging with them. how do you see this relationship developing >> reporter: you know, so far, again, august was a tragic month. we lost 1 people in the terrible august 26th bombing, but i would have expected it was worse we we got -- americans out. having said all of that, the taliban, you know, did help, but only because i think they know that if they pick a fight with
7:39 pm
the united states, we can still come after them, and because they're trying to get this diplomatic recognition, some access to afghanistan's money in foreign bank at cans and some kind of humanitarian aid until those processes play out and we see if we can get to acceptable compromises, it's really just promising first indications rather than meaningful process. >> michael o'hanlon thank you. it's one of the deadliest terror attacks the western world has ever seen, and now one of the suspects on trial says the slaughter of 120 innocent people in the streets of paris in 2015 was nothing personal salah abdelslam said the coordinating killings was pay back they say he was the sole survivor from a group of gunman and suicide bomberers. they targeted the stadiums and
7:40 pm
concert haul his vest apparently ma malfunctioned. it's the first time he admitted to his role. he told the court he did not want to dig the knife deeper but instead wanted to be sincere toward those suffering immeasurable grief. marijuana is legal all over the world, but banned. and toys -- everyone has a favorite, but are they all hall of fame worthy the classics on the short list, including one that's easy to find makes some solid castles and goes great with umbrella drinks.
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door dash biting the big apple and that's what's topping cnbc's on the money. door dash suing new york city
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over a data sharing law. it requires drivers to share data with the restaurants. the law's set to take effect in december. hbo leaving amazon prime the move part of a plan by hbo's parent company, warner media, so shift subscribers over the hbo max. hbo is expected to lose about 5 million subscribers. that's according to the hollywood reporter, but warner says it's willing to lose those in the short-term to create a long-term relationship with subscribers without a middleman. in order get more of their money. and heinz unveiling a gadget to prevent waste and save every bite the pact roller. looks like a ketchup bottle. the idea, roll the ketchup out of the pact. heinz is calling it the biggest innovation in sauce since the
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pact itself. or maybe a marketing gimmick just saying. on wall street, the dow up 237. s&p 500 up 38. the nasdaq up 124. an employee burnout epidemic that's what some are calling a new wave of workplace related mental health issues get this -- 87% of an employers say stress and burnout with big issues for their workplace that's according to a new survey by benefit consultants sharon helperson takes a look at how one exec is using his own mental health struggles to help his company beat burnout. >> i was having a hard time at work and i went to my hr at that time and what i was told to do was go home and take a nap. >> reporter: that past experience shaped how james nicholas kinney now copes with anxiety. >> the first thing i do, wake up in the morning, give thanks, and
7:45 pm
meditate. >> reporter: kinney has been open about his challenges. how important is it to have someone in your role be able to talk about the importance of mental health and mental well being. >> workplaces tend to reward overworking, and the strength of being tough. but now we know sharing your experience with mental health, that's what we consider now to be tough so it's okay to not be okay. >> reporter: overworked and overwhelmed burnout is one of the leading mental health issues today. >> burnout is someone who wants to do a good job, capable of doing a good job, but there's a system that revs them from doing it, and then they get exhausted. >> reporter: a recent survey of 1,000 full-time workers said 89% said they experienced burnout over the past year, and 70% said they would leave their current job for another offering better resources to reduce feelings of burnout.
7:46 pm
workers also may not be aware of don't understand how to use benefits their employer provides. >> what is the issue with trying to access mental health programs when you're already feeling burnt out? >> when people feel overwhelmed they just don't know how to take that first step forward, but it's really worthwhile to put the energy in and figure out how the programs can support you. >> slow down our breathing. >> reporter: kinney, who shares his experience in his podcast says it is also important for employers to have a holistic approach to wellness. >> we tell people on your first day of work that your mental wellness and well being is part of this journey. we don't make it something that's separate. >> reporter: having top leaders speak openly about mental health may help change the culture, but experts say organizations may have to do a better job explaining workplace benefits and programs that are available, which could include meditation apps or resilience and stress
7:47 pm
management sessions as well as traditional psychotherapy. >> sharon, thank you. "time" magazine revealed its list of the 100 most influential people, honoring celebrities such as prince harry and meghan markle and jensen wong, olympic gold medalist simone biles and mayor of east town's kate win winslet. >> it means a lot to be sort of shifting that dynamic of how women can be prortrayed on film on television. it's very rewarding. >> for years i've only been congratulated for winning, and now it's like for being a human, for being vulnerable. >> jason sue take is honored as one ots most influential artists seth myers wrote his role on ted lasso showed up to remind us what was waiting on the other side of the pandemic -- the joy of connecting with people again. "snl's" bowen yang getting
7:48 pm
recognized sandra oh wrote his skits have been firing on so many levels, lasering down believe systems, accents, trade, how we're seen gold medal winning gymnast sunni lee. nastia liukin wrote she is fiery but kind, dedicated but abundant with youthful joy, fiercely talented and lil nasx celebrated for his album montero. kid cudi wrote, to have a gay man in hip-hop doing his thing, crushing hip-hop, that's huge. along with influential people, influential toys are having a moment the strong museum's national toy hall of time yes, there is such a thing, introducing its 12 finalists, everything from settlers of catan to the chinese classic mahjong. battleship also up for honors along with cabbage patch kids,
7:49 pm
american girl dolls, even the fisher-price corn popper also making the list, matell's master of the universe toys. billiards in the running for hall of fame honors and the decades old board game, risk simple classics are in there, like the pinata, a toy fire engine, which says can help children explore their emotional fortitude, and perhaps the most lask of all, sand, the oldest and most universal toy in all the word, according to the hall of fame. the hall is advising sand is better when wet. just three of the 12 finalists are to be chosen for the honors. a decision set for november. they'll join the ranks of past hall of famers like bicycles, barbies, and tonka trucks. a major goal for women's soccer -- the u.s. soccer federation now offering the women's national team a new contract and a chance to even
7:50 pm
the playing field with the men. and the spacex launch window opening minutes from now four civilians waiting to be set into orbit with nary an astronaut in sight we'll go back live where history awaits first, today marks the start of hispanic history month a time for all americans to celebrate the history, culture, and contributions of the latino community. some of the stories we're working on here, chef david gauze, a first generation cuban american, made a commitment to help those who would otherwise go hungry and now working with afghan refugees to help make their transition to this country easier swrchl how the latino community is coming back stronger than ever despite being hit hard by the pandemic those stories and much more in the days ahead on the news ♪ ♪ return to rugged. the all-new ruggedly redesigned 2022
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can your internet do that? a pair of fires burning in sequoia national park now forcing mandatory evacuations and threatening the largest trees on earth the paradise and colony fires selectively known as the knp complex explode in the size yesterday. the national park's close. a spokesman for that park says flames are just about a mile away from the giant forest it's home to this legendary 275-foot tree they call general sherman. the spokesman says the fires are
7:54 pm
approaching the sequoias but they're not yet in an imminent threat. the world anti-doping agency announcing it will review whether marijuana should remain on its list of banned substances roughly three months after the american sprinter was suspended for smoking weed she said she used cannabis to cope with the death of her mother that violation kept her out of the tokyo olympics the agency reports it plans to review the policy after it received requests from a number of stakeholders to do so marijuana will remain banned until at least the end of next year any change that comes from this review will take effect the following year. the u.s. women's soccer team closer to getting treated the same as the men, when it comes to money at least. the u.s. soccer federation saying it's offering them the same contract that the men get the unions that represent the respective teams will have to sort it all out. if agreed to it would create a single pay structure for men and women players, but there's still
7:55 pm
the issue of world cup prize money. soccer's governing body is fifa. it's offering $440 million to the teams that take part in next year's men's world cup that's more than seven times the amount that will be paid out at the next women's world cup u.s. soccer says it will not agree to a deal with the teams unless and until the disparity for world cup prize money is addressed. spacex, minutes away from the historic launch that we report on earlier. you're looking live at the spacex stream here the command center making its final checks before all systems are go morgan brennan is there at ksc for us tonight excitement building i'm guessing >> reporter: yeah, that's right. it is a clear night here the countdown clock continues. we are currently t minus 7:30 from liftoff at this point if there's a hold put on the process, the launch
7:56 pm
will scrub for the night, so we are in the final moments here. the crew just received final instructions they're now on the launch pad. they're inside that d drag capsule they have been there the last several hours. the falcon nine rocket is close to fully fuel. the booster will be chill for liftoff, since the rocket is fuelled with super cold liquid oxygen that dragon spacecraft that is atop that rocket, that will be home to the inspiration four crewmates for the next three days it will be turned on to private power. those private astronauts are going to -- which includes jared isaacman sian procter, chris semibrowski, haley -- they are in white and black spacex suits, color coordinated with the spacex hard ware, they were deliver in the teslas that are also matching. the final checks, though, are
7:57 pm
being carried out in anticipation of this liftoff when we reach one minute to launch, the flight directors are going to be pulled for a final go or no-go this launch window will be open for five hours tonight if need be. but shep, the world is watching. this is a historic mission it is the first ever all civilian fully commercial space flight to earth orbit, and it is a crew that came together very, very quickly, just six months ago, which is staggering for a mission such as this a major milestone not only for spacex, but for this emerging new era of commercial space flight overall so as i mentioned, we are now just five minutes from that liftoff. >> morgan, good luck you can watch that at coming up. 60 seconds left on a race to the finish major developments in the second-chance for gabby petito tonight. investigators have now named her
7:58 pm
boyfriend, ryan laundrie, as a person of interest after gabby disappeared on across country road trip in a camper van. police scheduled a news conference with the fbi and family members tomorrow. simone biles and other olympic gymnasts testifying before congress about the fbi's botched investigation of dr. larry nassar's abuse and security fencing is now going up around the capitol building tonight it's ahead of saturday's rally in support of the insurrectionists who rioted on january 6th. capitol police also asking for the national guard support just in case they need it now you know the news on this wednesday, september the 15th, 2021 i'm shepard smith. follow us on instagram and twitte@tr he news on cnbc. and check out the podcast wherever you get yours speaks of, "shark tank." even in a little seedling. which, when turned into fuel, can help power a plane.
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