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tv   Worldwide Exchange  CNBC  September 22, 2021 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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it is 5:00 at cnbc your top five @5 futures are up after markets ended on tuesday on a weak note. could the fed make decisions higher call it the debt payment heard around the world calling investors now as china's central bank is pumping more money in their system. in d.c., the house passing a
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ruling but will the senate go along. >>. and go big or go home. why a market reset is as good as in this is september 22 on worldwide exchange good morning, good afternoon, good evening. welcome from wherever in the world you may be watching. here is how your money in the global markets are setting up their day. futures up 196, so over 1% nasdaq and s&p higher as well. this could only be described as a big fail yesterday the dow opened strong like ox. sellers moved in and it moved
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lower. some tech gains were able to squeak out some small gains. we have about three days left. if we end the day lower for the dow, a fourth straight average crypto weak again yesterday. bitcoin, ether we are seeing a bit of a gain. we'll get more on your markets and the money but right now, other top stories including the latest on the evergrande story in china >> right trying to put its latest woes behind it. a chinese leader set to make tomorrow's $34 million interest
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payment on time giving them some breathing room when it comes to default risk the house passing a bill that would both prevent a government shutdown and suspend the debt limit. the bill would keep the government running through september 3 and suspend the debt ceiling until 2022 a more daunting move in the senate that would leave democrats scrambling for a first ever u.s. "a" default. when it comes to the markets, goldman is out with a new note saying, quote, u.s. government shut downs have not lead to the return on the last 14 shutdowns, 0.3% on dates of resolution
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brian. >> isn't that amazing with all the drama around it. these are important stories. funding the government is kind of a big deal. the market just continues to move higher. there is noise and there's damage it is not just the looming fiscal cliff and china impacting the markets, today, the second day of the fed meeting with more clues to your tapered time line. jp morgan ceo sayings that not what matters >> indicating give or take a month or two, they'll tell the world they are going to start tapering i'm not sure exactly the timing there. that will all be fine if we have
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decent growth. that is far more important than anything if we keep on growing that is the anecdote for all ills >> you have heard the date doesn't matter about a million times on this program. let's talk about it all. lee, you are probably one of those who have said it with all due respect to jamie dimon, whether they start to pull back in december, january, february, does that matter to you? >> as long as they are going to do it. if they change their mind and keep it going another year, that is a different story >> all due respect to jamie, it doesn't really matter. if it causes a reversal, then that would be pretty big news. does the tapering start in
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january or february or november, that doesn't really matter >> knowing our viewers, it will come in some language like we now find it appropriate to maintain and accommodate a policy longer than expected. that's the kind of mumble we'll get that might actually move the needle on what people think about the fed. >> making it up but you did a really good job there. that's pretty good you are absolutely right the language is nuanced. we are spending time trying to read the tea leaves. you make those statements and markets react. it is a bit of mumble, jump
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bell >> thanks. this is my 25th year now you heard about that goldman sachs note the house moving to fund it next year, the senate may or may not do that. the house saying if there is short-term weakness, that's a buying opportunity would you agree with that? >> absolutely. i've gotten calls and wondered if perhaps the situation with evergrande was a buyer opportunity. my answer to that there are additional opportunities to come all of us would like to imagine a world where we don't have this game of chicken buts that not where we are right now
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i absolutely believe as they get closer and if markets react and we have a bit of a down draft, that is a buying opportunity because historically, it is violent in the moment but doesn't last long. if you've got dry powder on the sidelines. >> by the way, evergrande did make that payment this week. they always knew the people's bank of china might have the market's back and they do. moderating the markets, calm down it will be a longer term. lee, have a great day. >> like i said, there's noise and there's damage when we get back three, dare we say four big money movers of the morning
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including stitch fix up 15.5% why? we'll find out and helima croft with what high gas prices in europe means and one thing we can all agree on is traffic. there's a lot lately netflix making its biggest content deal ever and it is all about your kids. we are back after this
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welcome back today, four key stock stories of the day. stock one, fed ex. shares down after shipping earnings fell short. things like labor availability and transport costs. and two, adobe that stock also down despite earnings and revenue shares up more than 40%. stom three, hyatt hotels offering 7 million more shares adding to the market it will be used to fund the pending deal and the bonus stock
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is stitch fix. shares popping this morning. posting a surprise profit and growth in women's and kid's. everybody is looking for new threads, certainly as we all reemerge on deck, the golden ticket of streaming locking up a deal to bring willie wonka into the fold and other trending stories, next >> announcer: today's big number $2.7 trillion. that was the u.s. budget deficit during the first 11 months of the fiscal year according to the treasury department. the deficit rose about 10% during the same period a year earlier.
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that's healthier made easier. at cvs. dow futures up nicely 204. we'll see if that sticks other top headlines. nbc's francis riviera >> the case of missing gabby petito the autopsy confirms that it is the body of gabby petito
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the search continues tore brian laundrie he's been missing a week >> amazon launches a match your vax. chances include a chance to win cars, paid time off, $12,000 winning package. so far warehouse workers and a whole foods employee were awarded cars last week, workers given $100,000 in cash rewards soccer legend pele is continuing recovery. he said, quote, i'm surrounded by affection and encouragement hospitalized after surgery to remove a tumor in his colon.
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it is official, fugees announce reunion celebrating the 25th an verse of their album score. tickets go on sale tonight they did it quick. announced it tickets go on sale and that tour heads your way those are your headlines >> tomorrow, i'm making a promise, we'll show the average ticket cost for those shows? what do you think, $700 on average? >> on average, at least. >> we'll do that tomorrow. s scour the sites. send your guesses in. now to this morning's top trending story this is a statement. maybe the most idiotic social
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media trend yet. i saw this and said, it can't be real >> good morning again. apple is reportedly working on new technology to help diagnose depression and cognitive decline. according to the journal, sensors and algorithm will track things like mobilibility and more the devious licks tic toc trend which involves damaging school property on camera tic toc has begun removing the
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hashtag. >> and netflix agrees to buy ronald dahl works. the streaming giant plans to use the characters for animated and live action content. this is the largest purchase ever >> you know what is amazing with that tic ktok china saying you can't be on tiktok more than 40 minutes and at the same time, we are encouraging teenagers to commit crimes >> i've seen some of the videos. it is pretty appalling they are dictating to their people you can't do that but
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over here, hey, destroy school property on camera >> it is bad i've seen toilets ripped out and seeing keyboards in toilets. it is insane >> i don't understand the keyboard in the toilet i don't know if it is them trying to send a message >> the weirdest -- whenever you think it could get anymore bizarre, it does somewhere. someone is laughing at us. >> it is ridiculous. >> send candy, please. thank you. day three of our special series, go big or go home bringing stock picks and opportunity to you if you haven't already, follow our podcast.
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. china and the fed all pumping good news. will it stick.
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salesforce blasting criticisms against facebook maybe you are sitting in traffic right now listening to the radio. if so, you are not alone it is wednesday, september 22. this is worldwide exchange welcome back good wednesday morning i'm brian sullivan we are in the green right now. stock futures are higher across the board. you got a couple of reasons. china pumping more cash into the economy. you've got the house pumping the breaks all of this after yesterday's market failed. the dow opened up strong the sellers moved in
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just keep this in mind if it does end up lower, it will be the fourth lower index. also, the fed will make a rate call today no change is expected but they will have a press conference at 2:30 we'll see if they use that fed language to try to change their taper timeline that could change markets. let's check the crypto markets right now, a mixed bag, bitcoin and ethereum down as well. toast has priced $40 a share. already raising the range. the $40 price means toast is
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valued at about $20 billion. the toast ceo is slamming social media especially facebook for not taking more action on misinformation despite a number has come at a high cost to society >> i hope one day they'll make the change but wow, it is just unacceptable to see. you look at what's going on and the amount of information that is just plain wrong on there this has to stop >> zoom's nearly $15 billion deal to buy five9. a justice department lead panel
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looking at whether zoom's china ties could make that a national security risk. with operations in russia. telling cnbc, the company still expects the deal to close in the first half of next year. brian. >> thank you do appreciate that watching zoom and maybe facebook today. now on day three of our special series, go big or just go home trying to find some special names to help you make money in the third quarter. we've already heard two. names like vie come cbs, u.s. ban corp, cisco. good to have you back on thank you for joining us on this special series you think strechy pants will be a big opportunity going forward.
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why do you love lulu lemon >> everybody is worried about this draw down happening it is just noise but lululemon is a break outstock any stock that holds, it is a indicate good of a lot of of buyers out there >> a company called pay com. it is a stock. it has been a good stock what is it about pay com that you like >> what i like is the technicals it is breaking out as a 52-week high it has a lot of interesting
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products like the hr space, the computer tech space. breaking out to new highs. i love powerful stocks that hold out great in a bad day they are holding up well they should move higher into the last two quarters of the year. there are a lot of sectors too that is looking good the fear is overblown. you mention intel. again one of these is one of those young, sexy names. >> i love making money, catching trades at either a sector or a
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stock turn they've sold off at a high level. intel held up too. i think they can tell that stock is doing well. >> talking about driving if any viewers have flown recently you know tickets are tight, planes are packed. prices are expensive i'm assumings that's one of the reasons you like the jets etf. you are betting on the sector. and maybe a return to international flying >> my family is going to egypt
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soon if you look at the chart pattern and delta or southwest, they all look the same. they are great finding that all. this is a counter trend in covid. i think you'll see a lot more interest and the last few quarters will be really productive you go out to eat, you hop on an airline then it is packed. they can offer more flights now. i think they are hurting a little on lack of employment there. i think they need help >> yeah, that's been an issue as well >> i don't know if you've been
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to egypt as well i'm blessed to have gotten there. the meet house a great place to grab a coffee and beer, it is a hotel. have a great trip. >> top of the morning to you >> or top of the evening >> don't miss a single installment to the series. they are all still on deck we'll see how their picks stack up every friday, go big or go home can't wait more big names to come could europe face an extreme energy crisis. why russia really is in the driver's seat when it comes to energy some of your top stories on wednesday, soft bank and
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mnuchin's $2.5 billion fund. it did not disclose the size of the investment lululemon said the ceo of the mirror division is stepping down he will continue working with mirror until july while lululemon searches for her successor. and american and jetblue claiming the union will hurt competition and lead to higher prices we are back in a moment.
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welcome back if you are not paying attention to what is happening with energy prices in europe, you should be. prices soaring many customers are locked into their old price. they haven't felt it yet when those contracts change, it is november. could it set off political issues ahead of the commoditystrategy
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when these prices roll over and people in the streets start to see their bills double or triple, this will be a big political story this winter, especially if it is cold out in the last couple of weeks warning of a huge issue and that people could be freezing if this is a cold winter and with them holding back which
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means they'll be tapped out. it raises the issue of will we see a come back of this cold technology everyone is focused on the aggressive net zero goals. >> we'll talk about coal in a second i know prices have soared as well a lot of viewers hear and this is a huge new pipeline really another um bill call cord. >> the timing is very interesting. this has been a very, very big
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political issue. this is a pipeline that will bring right to the key consumers like germany many in congress have opposed. it will further the dependence on gas saying the germans put a lot of pressure on the team to approve this pipeline and say we are not going to impose sanctions it is now being held up by a german regulator. again, you have it out this week even if it is completed and ready to go tomorrow, there
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isn't enough additional russian gas. issues about demand reopening and you mentioned the issue on wind we are reigniting the debate on renewables you can't have those if you don't have the backup. >> we talk about reducing emissions. you don't have heat in the winter you are doing laundry at midnight their power costs on a monthly reset. you want to save the planet but
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you are more concerned about saving your family it seems insane. >> this is really going to be the big challenge as we talk about governments putting all hands on deck. even look at the situation in this country, you have president biden coming in back to paris killing keystone xl. what has he done this summer but asked for more oil from opec because of rising prices here. they are saying, we need more russian gas. they caught a lot of media attention saying we shouldn't have more goals. what do you do in the near term to provide these
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>> listen, policies are not made by people ever having problem turning on the heat. they might say how they think. that aside, switching gears a little bit we don't talk to you enough about gold your latest note, always a must read by the way, with everything going on, why aren't we seeing a little more action in gold and can we use it to heat our home >> we have a terrific gold analyst. we've been talking gas prices and obviously the latest from powell's statements. >> we hope gas is there to light the lights in winter
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fingers crossed. always a pleasure, my friend we'll see you soon >> thank you on deck. speaking of gas of a different kind, your morning rbi why traffic could be a little good news, i guess coming up, he coined the term brick and captured the potential of brazil, russia, india and china two decades later. what does jim o'neill make of the crack down coming up. we are back after this >> it is hispanic heritage month. we are spotlighting leaders, friends, contributors and colleagues project ceo. >> we can help develop the next generation of latin x leaders with education, scholarships and
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welcome back today's rbi has to do with driving. if you've driven anywhere, you notice traffic all the time it is insane at least here in new jersey it is not just our imagination look at this gps data from tom tom. a few days in the last week, traffic congestion in the new york area was actually worst than prepandemic levels the gray
5:48 am
line is 2019, the orange line is monday, tuesday, wednesday last week, traffic was as bad or worst than 2019. not just here but data from boston shows traffic is up from two years ago. and that means use of gasoline again, this is with millions of people still not commuting to offices that why it is interesting. many of those are those without the luxury of working from home. and also parents shuttling kids around kids who would normally take the
5:49 am
bus are in the backseat. great to get the kids back in school but consider this if companies open back on mas and we can't find more bus drivers, can you imagine it might be time to buy that electric bike with a 60 mile extension. and pfizer, the cdc expected to kick off its decision on a booster shot kicking off today and runs through tomorrow number two, funds, not stock managed by black rock manage their holdings of evergrande funds. they bought up the difference and hsbc funds will also run as
5:50 am
net buyer. third, dozens are going public with the texas law that outlaws abortion they've all signed a statement that says restricting access to comprehensive reproductive care threatens stability to our workers and customers. shaking off worry of the chinese ever dallas grande group. they say they will make a spamt tomorrow as an issue your next guest
5:51 am
raised two decades ago with brick. brazil, russia, india and china. >> the reality is that we have these type of things pop up out of china what has changed with china in the last 20 years and what still needs to change? >> nice to see you, brian. i look forward to watching you do your 60 miles on the electric bike on this question, i'm assuming
5:52 am
the authorities think they can handle the evergrande payout and that this will be a complete systematic crash i think the chineseauthorities will fight that big time. i have learned they are pretty good at managing systematic crises i kind of don't get it. they play back all these signs where they've cleared. and have a lot of tools to be
5:53 am
managing it feels like china is undergoing the greatest shift since the 70s with some of the plans that they got. hong kong, taiwan inserting direct control, what do you think president xi's strategy is right now? >> i have to say i find that a bit more fluid about what they are up to compared to some of these, closely, it is
5:54 am
predictable what they would have done doing a lot of these things and the sort of underlying factors are turning against them marginally anyhow and they have a lot of indication means there is a lot of risks. to keep going down the other ways and scaring the private sector strikes me how we need to be serious about making these a bit more equal
5:55 am
and they must have received some real threats to uneven wealth distribution in the past 20 years otherwise it wouldn't make sense. >> if our viewers haven't been to china, you think wealth disparity is only here you'll have a high-rise with a ferrari dealership in the basement next to a three-story house with 500 people sharing rooms. they control literally the means of production that is a great question and i wish president biden and others in the west would think more open minded
5:56 am
about it we can only help china do broadly what it does better. this is a naive presumption that it is rushing to be it has now had over a decade and it is not what the people want with the party. taking for granted that they must do everything just like us. most of them are pretty contented people notwithstanding the equality issue hundreds of millions have been taken out of poverty
5:57 am
they have a massive economic opportunity, we've got to help them somehow do it right it will be a disaster. >> we'll leave it there on those words. we want to get you back on a lot. these are some of the key issues that will define our next few years and generation folks, thank you for tuning in we are back tomorrow with a special episode. go big or go home. have a gatre day see you tomorrow squauchl is next
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good morning welcome to fed day awaiting rate hikes and tapering what to expect straight ahead. an easing of tensions in the evergrande saga. working a deal with bond holders. calling fears of an eminent default. and democrats come up with a deal for the government but republicans squash it. it is september 22, 2021 "squawk box" begins now.


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