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tv   Fast Money  CNBC  September 27, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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that tomorrow morning to see what kind of headlines come out there. >> sure. it will be great and more market discussion a very interesting day today the vix picked up despite the overall flat day and a huge surge in yields as well. 148, the ending. we are out of time here on closing bell thank you for watching "fast money" starts right now. overlooking new york city's times square, this is "fast money. tonight's trader lineup. tonight on "fast," a kid version of instagram as pressure mounts that the platform is too toxic to teens we'll break it down. plus, lights out power problems plaguing china forcing factories to shut down how this could add even more pain to the global supply chain. and later, energy stocks in rally mode
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soaring 3.5% today we'll drill down what is behind this big move. we start with breaking news with the fed and the controversy. let's get to steve with all the details. hi, steve. >> thank you two federal reserve presidents were the subject of interest controversy at the fed, announcing man's to retire today on the eve of jay powell's testimony before congress. dallas fed president kaplan saying he will retire october 8. throughout the year and individual stocks that some said created the appearance of a conflict of interest kaplan who headed the bank for the last six years insisted he did not violate the code of conduct. he said the recent disclosure on my financial risks becoming a distraction to the execution monetary policy. boston fed president eric rosengren set to retire september 30th he's headed the bank for the past 13 years. he said he would step down for health reasons
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he announced as he candidate for a kidney transplant. he imagined to retire in june 2022 disclosure forms show he made 37 trades in recent weeks last year the fed was buying billions of dollars of mbs powell may well face questions about these conflicts tomorrow including his own ownership of individual bonds which he owned before the fed last year began buying munis in his testimony, powell will say that he sees upward pressure from supply bottle necks they've lased longer than expected and there's potential upside risk inflation from these bottle zmeks other supply constraints. the fed would respond to higher sustained inflation if it became a serious concern, powell said on the economy strong growth is expected in the second half of the year. in some industries, he said supply constraints may well restrain activity. labor market conditions, he says, have continued to improve.
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melissa? >> september 30 seems like a key date that was a date by which they pledged to sell their holdings, was that correct >> yes, both kaplan and rosengren in the wake of the controversy said they would sell their holdings and not trade as long as they were presidents of the federal reserve banks. >> do you have a question? >> steve, yeah i guess the question really is, what is the sense within the rank that's there are others it has been clear the statement has been, there have been no infractions in violation of fed policy powell has gone out of his way to say we have to evaluate because the public trust is critical to maintain so what is the sense are there others stepping forward? >> not that we've seen we have reviewed, i think, all of the disclosure forms for this year we did not find anything stood
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out as creating the appearance of conflict. most of what other fed officials own seem to be in different mutual funds and not in individual named securities. look it is an argument or a debate as to whether or not kaplan or rosengren violated the code of conduct. certainly you can argue that they created the appearance of a conflict of interest but the actual stakes say they can't take part in companies that the federal reserve regulates and can't trade in the blackout period which is ten days before until the evening of the second day of the fed meeting. throws the rules that are the letter of the law. whether or not the spirit of the law was violated the question becomes about two other folks, if he had chair jay powell owned municipal bonds before the fed started buying them i'm sensing perhaps some less heat on both of those than on powell and -- sorry, kaplan and
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rosengren. >> what is your sense of the optics of this situation now that the two men who are the center of the controversy are voluntarily stepping aside >> i think it takes some immediate heat off the fed perhaps, i don't know that it solves the problem powell has pledged to do a thorough review and revisit what the code of conduct says i think the fed, i think this is true of all aspects of power in america today. they face a crisis of confidence i think the fed probably got caught with its code of conduct not changed while the fed's monetary policy execution changed. i think powell said it last week, that hey you know, any fed official could own muni bonds because the fed would never buy muni bonds guess what, they started buying muni bonds, corporate bonds.
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before 08, they hadn't done that i think it changed but the code of conduct did not change. i think powell will have to respond to that. they will have to do a thorough look to answer the question officially, were there any other trades that are issued here and should the fed dramatically change the trading policies that govern federal reserve officials? >> steve, it's karen thank you for being on do you think that chairman powell can put this behind him quickly enough so it doesn't become an issue and whether or not biden named him to continue his chair? >> that's a great question i don't know the extent to which congress is going to make this into a major issue we know there are elements of the progressive part of the democratic party that seem to want a different fed chair for a whole host reasons they want him to focus more on climate change, to perhaps pursue a more wide open monetary
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policy than he's already pursued, even though i would say that policy has been relatively wide open. this could be a wedge. i would point out that it is well to say that it is unclear that the extent to which congress has a moral standing on wag its finger at the fed. in some cases, they have conflicts that are much worse than anything at the federal reserve. >> steve great to see you thank you so much. >> thank you i'll go to you, guy. how big of a problem is this if knits your view? >> i don't think it is a problem. in terms of what it will do to markets. allow me to say this without getting too hyperbolic we trust these men and women we trust them because of their judgment and their ability to make smart, intelligent, well thought-out decisions. quite frankly, the fortunes of the next decade, 15, 20 years, ride on the decisions they make. the fact again, i'll sure within the letter of the law,
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everything was fine. i get that part. the fact that while they were embracing and pushing the buttons for these trades, it didn't dawn on one of these guys, or gals, quite frankly, this might not pass the sniff test it's legal, it's cool, within the bylaws but may be i shouldn't be doing this. maybe i should bring this up on my own is that maybe we shouldn't be going down this avenue the fact that didn't just dawn on them immediately speaks to me in a lot of ways you have to start questioning their judgment quite frankly, that would have been the first thing i thought of so is it going to affect anything no but does it speak to a much bigger problem absolutely yes and let me say this. i think everybody understands that i am no fan of the federal reserve so it is important to get that out as well >> that's true karen's point though was a very cogent one, if i can use that word, in terms of how the could affect powell and the reappointment of powell, and that could in turn move the
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market certainly down. i don't know what you think about this >> yeah. i agree. if you think the fed and their policy is one of the most important inputs to just the price packs we see and u.s. equity markets and related assets, then any uncertainty about who that fed chair will be and all the governor that's seem to be resigning in droves. that's probably not great for markets in general, especially when people are out there saying, at some point, there will be the feds painted themselves in a koerm. this is not the mess that you would like to see a whole new cast of characters fix would you like to see, they broke it and bought it >> does this throw doubt the judgment of the federal reserve, tim? specially as we enter this crucial period in which the taper may start as soon as november when rates may start going higher we're exiting, you know, what has been the major driver of the markets.
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>> no. i don't think the fed's judgment, and this goes back to the trust and the commitment, look these folks have shown for not just years but decades, in some cases, at least in the boston f fed's case the judgment factor is intact. the credibility is crucial for the world. the independence central bank is something that we've worried a lot about. different issues especially at a time when the treasury secretary used to run the fed and it seems like there's a cozy circle between treasury and federal reserve in washington, which i don't love and i think you have a case here where, i think we want to believe that the judgment factors never come into question i think there are people who want to see those trades how much money did they really make i think those questions will come up still.
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and i think they probably should but i don't think the federal reserve's judgment is in question and it has never been a more important time than to understand the fed is some of the most talented people in the room and making decisions, not by the seat of their pants and they're being very thoughtful and are not making decisions on a dime which frustrates some people as they look at inflation. i think the fed is moving slowly >> i wonder if we'll ever get that answer in terms of how much did they make off the trades we probably won't at this point, karen, the full transparency mayhem when you think, i joked with steve when this story first broke that knowing the direction of rates, or how firm the fed was, resolute the fed is in terms of holding rates low those are the keys to the kingdom when it came to deciding what you invest in late. >> i thought the fed was a little hawkish and the markets
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seemed to really like that i don't know so i think you're likely to have some inside knowledge but not necessarily. i actually want to give all of them benefit of the doubt. that they did the right thing. i think the people who serve on the fed really do a service and i think that they could probably make more money doing something else, would be my guess. looking at powell's own holdings, it looked like he owned not a significant position in munis, what was he going to do buy or sell or hold? i really don't think it should matter nearly as much as the massive job in front of them which i think they've done a good job laying out, which is how do we get out of this. and i think they've done a good job telegraphing, we're going. we're going to start getting out. >> let's pivot and get to today's market action. the yields moving higher and that moving some of the big cam tech names our next guest says it is just
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getting started. let's bring in the equity and derivatives strategist i have to ask but this news in the context of, do you think this changes the likelihood that powell is reappointed? what would the market reaction be if powell were not? >> the markets would likely be upset if powell were not reappointed. and the issue here is that if you think about it, regardless of the largeness of what has happened here, is there going to be more or less political pressure on jay powell between now and the end of his term in february and clearly the answer will be more if you look it a the last time there was significant political pressure on powell was the fourth quarter of 2018. and they're not the same but i would only say that what we saw last week from j powell was the first time he's aired on the side of hawkishness since the fourth quarter of 2018 and
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frankly, it could be something that the margin that gets the fed being perhaps even more progressive than the markets thought and from where we sit. we don't think that x of the rally of the last several days in the wake of wednesday, that being more hawkish than the market wants or expects right now is going to serve stocks well in the near term. >> you're already calling for expecting a 10 to 15 drop by mid-october, including the turbulence that we've recently seen so at the margins, this could be additional pressure. are rates the driver of this >> rates are very much the driver of this if you look at i part of the narrative is that positioning for one has been largely skewed toward high multiple growth. we've seen the nasdaq out perform essentially almost directly since the last peak in
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yields at the end of march but again, the fed's dialogue, not just the fed the central bank of norway the bank of england are all telling you that rates need to go higher because inflation is a bigger problem than was perceived. if you noticed, that word transitory has largely disappeared in the last four or five days and we think that that is intentional we think there is a chance that you could certainly test the highs at 175 and look for 2% by year end, and that to us, above 175 in particular, is likely to cause markets, equity markets to continue to feel uneasy and there you get more pullback. >> hey, it's dan so the last time the u.s. treasury yield was at 175, let's look what's happened in the last week since we started to see
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this rate break out. yes, you've seen mega cap tech be a little soft and that was the case in q-1. we've seen this rotation look what has happened with energy, with financials. is that rotation enough to keep the major indices elevated that's the problem that i have as i keep trying to short these moves and i think we could be in a one step forward, two step back i'm wonder figure the rotations are enough to keep the major indices 11 stating >> so from our point of view in the near term likely, no in the longer term, yes. you're looking at a tremendous amount of uncertainty and by the way, we are overweight, both energy and financials and very encouraged by their action energy in particular is something we could see but still rally another 20 or 30%. such a low level in the s&p 500. the larger index could be sideways to lower and you still get this performance in energy
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but it is not enough to drive the upside and the index level the thing that concerns us if you look at the last hour in today's trading, the market sold off. the flows have been very consistent from the public with the balance of 2021. that has changed and inflows are something we need to sustain the upward bias. that has been missing. you look at today and it is not terribly encouraging over what you expect in the near term. >> great to see you. thank you. karen, in a scenario of julian is right and the rates are 2% by the end of the year is that markets pull back, can financials still go higher >> i think so. if rates get to 2% by the economy sort of, you know, us getting past delta and the
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economy sort of picking up steam. maybe if there's a solution to supply there will be more room to run >> same question to you. what happens to the markets overall with rates at 2% 10 to 15% doesn't sound that bad. >> no. we talked about this a while ago. under this scenario, this is a scenario i thought would play out. 24 hours does not a day make i thought rates would get to 2%. i thought it would be great for banks, energy and resources but i thought it would be bad for the broader market because the s&p cannot be driven by the groups i just talked about i think you will see the sell-off if rates go to 2% and i think you will see banks, resources, energy continue to lead >> coming up, lights out power problems forcing factories to close in china. apple and tesla feeling the
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heat and later, pressing pause. facebook and instagram for kids. we're trading the fallout. later a best buy bounce. we'll tell what you sent this retail stock soaring today
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welcome back to "fast money. we're following a developing story out of china cracking down on energy consumption causing major power outages in some parts of the country and now nameslike apple and tesla are feeling the pinch. >> our global supply chain is facing challenges. now here comes another possible one. reports say that several apple and tesla suppliers suspended some production in china for several days as chinese authorities impose strict energy consumption policies they did not responsibility to request for comments that you they say in response to tight energy supplies, micron technology and precision suspending some production for appeared this situation is affecting a range of industries in china it is not just electronics everything from steel to soybean to aluminum makers they say have
5:23 pm
been impacting red bush says this represents in his words, another threat from china with a potential he says to disrupt the global economy. after all, our global supply chain already faces challenges from chip shortages to covid issues of course, i spoke with luke vent urs about how apple and tesla investors should think about these headlines. he says these could delay demand for the some of products although he says not destroy it. he says they will wait for those products to become available back to you. >> thank you how do you think about this as it affects resources like aluminum and steel >> the commodities are higher. and prices in china are part of the problem. that they're deferring a lot of projects because it is too expensive, leaving aside the emissions issues as i say, you buy commodities not when they're cheap
5:24 pm
you buy them when they're expensive and that's where we're going. and mining and cap x and then op x is something that's coming around across the board. so i think this continues. as far as apple goes, we believe and it is not in the price, that anticipate, this story is not in the price. i say that because i think the view was apple can exact the most out of supply chain of almost anybody out there of as someone who watched the move with nike for several different reasons but similar reasons, that production and apply chains shut down, whatever the cause, is something that apple investors need to be careful about. some levels around 140, i think there could be more pain here, even though investors, not traders, and i think the news flow is very positive for apple. it sets it up very well. >> these are some of the best
5:25 pm
company in the world that manage supply chains in the best way in the world but there's only so much they can say to a utility in china that says we don't have the coal to get the go electricity to your factory. >> yeah. this might be an attempt for china to hurt us and to his point about not being in the stock, both apple and tesla underperformed the s&p and nasdaq meaningfully even after the big run that tesla had, apple has come in a little over the last month or so i think the bottleneck with the supply chain issues are working their way in and they have been through the course of the year you made that point about, what was said about pushing demand. i tried to buy the $2400 mac book pro the other day it was not available for a month so i ended up trading down to a computer that was 1,000 less if you look at the i-phone 13's that just got launched, they're
5:26 pm
should i go out maybe a month ahead of time or more lead time. so i would expect with these companies that rely on the supply chain to be really murky. >> i felt like gene munster was channeling you when he talked about sale delayed, not denied at what point are you saying denied dan was denied his $2,400 l laptop >> at love people would deny dan something. i don't know that we can read too. into that. but i think he was channeling this, too, deny or delay i think the 13, somebody really wants one. they'll wait and get it whenever it is. i have thought that for the autos. i think we will see that just delayed to tim's point, it does start to be problematic for no other reason, it is more expensive to make things when you have to wait and wait and
5:27 pm
wait for parts if no other reason than that and that's assuming all the sales stay as they would have. i think has the bit of a problem for global gdp but i am ultimately optimistic. i am long apple as well and still long gm given their problems as well >> all right we have to get to scientific games. contessa brewer? >> well, they're selling off open bet this is their tech platform, selling to it end did he ever for $1 billion in cash and $200 million in end did he ever class common stock scientific games is one of the big equipment makers and one of the platforms that the other providers use nationwide and there you see it selling off for $1.2 billion we've seen this happening in the tech part of the gaming industry a lot of these providers want to have and own their own tech so they're bringing into house, and
5:28 pm
a lot of the others are maximizing their shareholder value by selling off open bet. they describe it as a leading online global sports betting technology company, open bet to go endeavor. >> i hope nothing dropped on your foot. if you can educate us in terms of what exactly they're selling off? you mentioned it was used by other providers. is it a back bone of sorts >> hold one second we've got audio issues we're juggling a lot here. okay now i can hear you >> in terms of what scientific games is selling, you mentioned that it is used by a lot of different providers meaning a fan duel and draft king? is it a back bone? >> yeah. it is a business to business sports betting partner and it is global in the u.s., the u.k., australia. so they say that open bet has 75
5:29 pm
global customers including 24 sports books across 12 states and quote/unquote, 100% uptime record across major sporting leagues. so to put this into perspective again. all of these platforms have to have the tech for people to go on to their mobile devices or computer devices, or even in retail sports books. you have to have the tech to power this immediate back end game action. and scientific games has a lot of experience in terms of their online platforms and their actual physical game maker technology and you're selling it off for $1.2 billion to endeavor right now. they say that endeavor will bring this, the capability is an ideal complement to the img arena sports betting business. that's coming from endeavor. and then for scientific games, it is really about creating that value. >> all right thank you. i hope nothing broke
5:30 pm
contessa brewer with the latest on that. guy, we often talk about the consumer interface with sports betting. we don't often talk about the back end of it the picks and shovels, if you will >> i remember actually an article about endeavor, i think it was the middle of august or late august saying, i think the article said all not well at end did he ever is that the ceo, i think his name was mark shapiro told employees that their stock was basically worthless and he was going to make them pull. that rings a bell. with all that that, i don't see it in front of me but my sense is the stock would close probably mid 20s probably significantly higher now. they're making a play and others will follow. so i think to your point, this is what is happening there is a basically, a land grab going on. it seems like they're the first ones to make a move. >> bingo up 8% after hours. tim?
5:31 pm
>> if you look at scientific, i think it is up close to 150% year over year year to date the fact that they're taking advantage of the sweet spot as a shareholder, you have to love it but agree on all of these trends it is a land grab. it is a case where i think the margin inharnt in this business is such that the sales multiples are gaudy at best. and they're going to continue. being able to monetize and take advantage of really i think the sweet spot for investors in this company, it is a great moment in time >> all right we've got a lot more ahead here's what's coming up next posting on pause facebook halting its instagram for kids plans as the app comes under fire the social trade is next plus, time to fuel up. oil pumping higher hitting its highest level since july so paul is here to lay out the l atgy trade's next move alth and more when "fast
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welcome back to "fast money. facebook pressing pause on instagram for kids saying the platform is toxic for kids julia? >> reporter: well, in the wake of that "wall street journal" expose about instagram's negative effect on teens and calls for facebook to take action, instagram chief delveded the company's approach saying there were many ways that instagram actually helps teens he did put plans for instagram kids on hold >> today we want to talk about how we'll put the work on pause. i still firmly believe that it is a good thing to build a
5:35 pm
version of instagram designed to be safe for tweens we want to take the time to talk to parents and researchers and safety experts and get to more consensus about how to move forward. >> reporter: amid bipartisan criticism of facebook's response to the "wall street journal" story, senator marsha blackburn issuing a statement today saying, facebook's decision to pause instagram kids is a step in the right direction going on to say, there is still much work to be done facebook did say it will focus teen safety and expanding supervision for teens. the younger gem demographic is considered so valuable for instagram and facebook has already lost its place with younger users. >> fill in the blanks if you will this move, this delay is good for -- blank >> i think good for instagram. at this point with the kind of criticism it is facing, there is no way it could go forward with
5:36 pm
instagram kids they have to say, we hear the criticism. we their concern we're going to make changes. i think it makes sense to work on it for long term. they have to get it right. particularly for a regulatory standpoint >> thank you beautiful pool behind you. same question to you, dan, or same, i don't know what it is. fill in the blanks >> i'll answer the question. >> okay. go ahead >> it's good for kids. it's good for humanity this would be like lowering the age limit for kids being able to buy tobacco products i think that's what's going on here and i think what's going on, they're locked down in china and they have 2 billion daily active users here and they need to grow. we know instagram is a huge part of that growth do you want to get kids hooked these products even on a product where there's parental supervision of course you do, right? that's the whole point here.
5:37 pm
i think going back to that "wall street journal" series, they reported on leap documents that we all knew. we all know about these products they're men to be addictive. the idea of keeping away from kids makes a whole heck of a lot of sense >> what struck me in julia's report, this demographic, the tween demographic is very important for facebook here facebook is on its own deciding that because of regulatory fears, regulatory scrutiny, possibly, it will hit the pause button on this project which previously, i assume, was believed to be profitable or believed to be good for facebook the business so does this concern you that even at the margins, facebook is constraining the way it grows because of the possible scrutiny it faces >> they've had to do that i think multiple times over the last few years at least, you know, as he likes to say, he hates everything
5:38 pm
about the company except the stock. so buying this stock on the fallout, i think every single time in the last several years, has been the right thing to do at some point, that won't be the case but i don't think, we don't know what the pause button means. what is pause? when will they come out with it? it means stop yelling at us. we'll just, you know, hibernate for a little bit and i wouldn't be surprised if they come out with some slightly tweaked product, hopefully better, but i wouldn't be surprised if they come out with it and i'm really interested to see how the new apple privacy policy affects they will. whether or not it could even be a positive yep. best buy is really just that we'll tell you what had them geeking out. plus, oil hitting the highest level since july don't go anywhere. back in two. we did this. i'm so glad we did this. i'm so glad we did this.
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i'm so glad we did this. i'm so... ...glad we did this. [kid plays drums] life is for living. let's partner for all of it. i'm so glad we did this. edward jones
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welcome back delivering alpha is just two days away. it's not too late to sign up registering now. meantime, check out the best buy today after it got a major seal of approval
5:42 pm
naming it the best idea, raising it about 40% from current levels you can read, by the way, more about this call on what do you make of this, tim? >> i like it and total tech is not a new idea i think they're picking it up and saying this could be 3% on comps, maybe 5 to 7% was the analysis on eps. and the other side of this is this is a company that has never been run better in terms of inventory, loyalty, their digital presence at a time when the share price, or the va valuation is disconnected from that and that's what you have to believe on a relative basis to its peer group and to have s&p but 10 1/2 times forward, and we know it has been a stock that has gotten very cheap at times but i like it here i think it is the reason for people to be engaged with best
5:43 pm
buy. returning to the store but it is a recurring revenue stream and we all love that >> do you see it up 40%? >> i do. what do they today the greater am of time you stand in one place, the more chance you have to 90 in outer space or something like that. >> something like that >> well, plus or minus the stock has been 110 plus or minus since last august. so to that point it does feel like it has a runway go back to last august 25th in terms of earnings. to tim's point, you put a 15 multiple on the $10 or so, you get tom $150 level so yeah, i like this call. breakout energy. the best performing energy sector today all that will join us to lay it out. plus, option traders charging micr aadonhe of earnings tomorrow "fast money" is back in two.
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you founded your kayak company because you love the ocean- not spreadsheets. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit >> welcome back to "fast money." energy making a lightning move let's drill down on the big move
5:47 pm
of the day with paul sankey who joins us on the "fast" line. great to have you with us. >> hello >> how sustainable is this move in your view >> well, the time of year is what makes it so difficult to judge that obviously, being in september with everyone worrying about upcoming winter, it will be a big question about over the next six months, that it is all secular. too much dependence on wind and not oil and gas production >> when we hear the news out of china that power plants are curbing supply and shutting down because of the lack of coal, what doesthat tell us in terms of investment opportunity? >> well, my comment was to buy btu which we were saying a month ago. it is as crazy as that now with energy policy leaving us so
5:48 pm
short. fossil fuels essentially, that they have to rotate back to coal the big trade is in natural gas. and the need for natural gas to offset wind is a more secular move in my view >> i'm interested to hear your view on opec's capacity. it sounds like you think they may not have as much up their sleeve as they have in the past and supply shortages take us into next year >> exactly if you look at opec's production for quotas, most are not meeting their quotas and even exceed it we're going through a renegotiation process on quotas so no country would be voluntarily not meeting quota. if you look at the combination of nigeria, angola, malaysia, several others, it is about a million short.
5:49 pm
and that's not great >> great to speak with you thanks what part of the energy complex do you like right now? >> yeah. we talked about, well, first of all, net gas has been on fire. we don't talk about it enough. oil services is breaking out to the upside tim can speak to this. look at the move in halliburton. over the last couple weeks, these stocks are breaking out and in my opinion, i don't think people fully understand how leveraged these names are and the potential to go higher dan gave us a great shot a few months ago this chart showed us touching to the penny crude oil at a 13-year down trend guess what, we're precariously close to breaking through that if and when we do, i think they have another 20 to 25% upside easy >> yeah. it was interesting to hear paul, tim, talk about the reasons for the energy spike, none of this opec supply and demand,
5:50 pm
hurricanes, what have you. it is secular. >> well, the short term, and they're almost uncongruent names. in other words, let's not invest in car only about because we want e.b. and renewable to be the wave of the future so it pushes up
5:51 pm
5:52 pm
5:53 pm
200 million accounts if 82 million of them watch at least some of brimmingerto . >> let's check out shares of micron they're getting a nice boost it is now 4% in the last week heading into the earnings. they are saying it is far from over mike >> we saw the call outpacing the average by about 1.8 times today. the most active were the 80 strike calls we saw, over 12,000 of them to also expiring at the end of the week now some of the 80s were actually institutional sellers
5:54 pm
but the 75 were mostly buyers. and the options market implying a have moo of 5.5% which is in line with the average of 5.5%. it seems the constitutional part is targeting the implied move to the upside of 3 to 6% by the end of the week. >> dan you saw this today what do you think of micron? >> well, listen. i think the stock is down 20% or so from its highs a if you months ago we think about all the guidance we've had. they had difficulty with the bottle necks and then it comes into demand. it makes sense to play for the bounce but i don't think going back to what we'll hear from q-4 guidance, i think it will be as clear as mud and i think it could be one way on the film side to sell some of that against the semiholdings that aren't nvidia because that's what is keeping it levi levitated. >> your choice trade in netflix or bridgerton
5:55 pm
>> you know the answer tom i don't know who mel bridgeman is or bridger top or anything. but netflix traded sideways for about a year finally got about $600 netflix all day every day. >> same to you, karen. >> i'm trying to remember. what were the first two minutes of bridge bridgerton >> probably a sex scene. >> hot and heavy oh i don't know gosh i'm going with the 70s >> okay. >> tim >> why am i getting pulled in after the sex scene. and by the way, junior bridgeman, you remember. i think it is netflix. and i have not been a netflix bull but i think the dynamic here where they are starting to see some acceleration. they may finally make some money. the stocks had a pretty good move but there's momentum behind their slate and i think there's more to go >> okay. thank you.
5:56 pm
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it's time for the final trade. let's go around the horn karen? >> yes this goes by fast. so if this rotation is real and i sort of think it is, then i want to stay short the high flyer pandemic stocks that if multiples come in, they'll get hurt the worst >> all right dan? >> yeah. so micron. he highlighted those calls i would look at the longer date if you want to make a movie above that uptrend, or excuse me, it might be about to break >> a but shot, by the way you're at the conference >> thank you yes. >> looking good. tim, by the way, we lost the shot i know you were wondering where the heck is tim. that's where he is >> so is it up to me
6:00 pm
i don't know about bridgetown but i will tell you, yellowstone is amazing and i know kevin costner is a huge fan of "fast money. halliburton. >> i'm sure he's watching right now. thanks for watching "fast money. see you back here tomorrow at my mission is simple -- to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere. and i promise to help you find it "mad "mad money" starts now >> hey, i'm cramer welcome to "mad money. i'm trying to make you some money. my job not just to entertain but educate and teach. so call me or tweet me what are the most importan


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