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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  October 1, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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and facing the same challenges "mad money" starts right now my mission is simple to make you money. i am here to level the plain field for all investors there is always a bull market some where i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now hey, i am cramer, welcome to "mad money," welcome to cramer-merica. my job is not only to entertain you but to teach call me or tweet me @jim cramer. today's rally is not about
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washington or the supply chain it's about covid it's specifically the end of covid tyranny. merck announced a tremendous data on a pill that can crush the virus. nasdaq gained more merck drugs can cut the risk of hospitalizations and the deaths by 50% that's terrific. we entertained wayne and wendy homeland who licensed the drugs from research emers university they tell us once you take the bill, you will beat it and you won't have any symptoms.
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no wonder the whole market light up this is a much bigger than a couple of drug companies covid has been crushing our economy. we got ten million missing people ten million people missing from the work force why? they're afraid to go back to work this endless absentee has done a real number on our economy most companies don't like to talk about it. fedex has a tough quarter, gave us a dark example. they talked about how their portland hub is running only 65% of its staff they didn't blame covid but what else would it be i think that's a micro-casium
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that's happening across america. this stuff is happening across the country. it needs to end. when i heard about merck's pills, i need to take. by anything of supply chain problems, those problems could go away. that take away includes the likes of honeywell or boeing or ge the second half of september, remember we said september 17th to early october that's the seasonal pattern since 1998 according to larry williams predictions are unparallel so is the merck drug is a total game changer the late september swoon extends through the first of october i thought about this all day as part of this investment club that we'll hear about. it's in my head. now, it's probably a bit of
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both that's what's going to happen some good and bad. i say that because this market has an attention span of a monarch butterfly. come monday, as congress tries to pass an infrastructure bill and raise the debt ceiling in a permanent fashion. we know that got us to december. i don't know -- you know as well as i do, we don't have any clue if it's going to happen. if our elected leaders fail, it will take us back down the roller coasters whether we know we'll have an effective covid pill in a month or two even if they can pass something. earnings season is about to take the stage. i bet it's going to be a huge hit. maybe the biggest since the pandemic, at least based on what i heard from adam aarons i know amc, when you think of
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merck's pills, don't you think it will be huge for theaters the best place to play movie business is to buy disney. for years i have talked about my travel trust and the recommended surrounded i brought it to my cnbc, my new investing club i am so excited of the process of you joining the most interactive stock club we figured that covid was going to peace, we'll pull the trigger on disney. and remember got crushed recently, people didn't really like it. now that merck got something close to a cure, i bet the stocks got a lot more upside stay tuned for our deeper bullish on our company we think disney goes much higher in a post covid world, even
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higher than where it was today i am also worried of freight causes and supply chains i fear the rally will be short lived. don't get me wrong, its got 3% yield. if you stick around, we'll hear from dr. pepper later in the show the beverage company taking share directly from coke and pepsi. now, i don't know about you. we are watching europe on tuesday we get a bunch of numbers about the economy. did you know portugal is the most vaks nccinated country in world? is that amazing? now i got to speak to the one
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who runs banco santaner. and you know we got a slew of ideas that we may add to the trusts and club members love the preview. you can join me by heading to club. or put your phone up to the qr code which is right next to me over here. i got it right fantasy, i can do fantasy after the show on wednesday we'll hear from levi's and conagra as for levi's i think the
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results will be fabulous we are in a denim wave you have to serve it with levi's i like to wear suits i don't trust the pantry stocks. i am sick of hearing about it oh, they're plastics give me something that does not have it. i rather chase the opening play at disney the most important piece of data of the month so the fed chief pal can keep the inflation at bay by the way, i am looking at
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merck and santanera. people are willing to work if they know they can take a pill october is not as treacherous september despite of what you may have heard the beginning of the month, i am thrilled by this merck's news. and we got the comedy that's congress the bottom line if you can take merck's pill and if you got covid, it becomes easy to treat. that means covid will be the past i feel like going to brock in new york >> thank you for taking my call, jim. booyah >> booyah! >> you are a smart man and i have followed your advise over
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the years. >> thank you i bought so many stocks because of the popularity of play station. i followed your smart advise and slowly built a position in sony. the stock has been rising and i have a nice return with the holiday season coming, should i sell sony or hold it? >> i actually think you left off the better alternative which is to buy it. i think sony is worth a great deal more. i felt this for a long time. i think you should earn sony and buy sony even if it dips a bit let's go to judd in california judd >> hi, mr. cramer, booyah! >> long time here. >> booyah, judd! >> i am in l-3 harris, i am wondering what you think about
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picking more into it >> i am worried of the prospect of the defense budget and what's going on that's too crazy in washington it's a merger of two very good companies. i have to tell you i would much see you in a honeywell or a boeing than i would in l3. the merck covid pill could mean the pandemic is a thing of the past stocks, they're the thing of the future on "mad money" today, how about cur keurig and dr. pepper? and lastly we find out 5-9 or zoom terminated their agreement? what's next for the cloud context that we like so much i am talking to the owner
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himself. and solid power hopes to take advantage of ev future, what should you make of it? i have got the ceo, stay with cramer >> don't miss a second of "mad money," follow @jim cramer on twitter, have a question tweet cramer, #madtweets give us a call at 1800-743-cnbc. miss something head to www.news12/eastend, it's another day. and anything could happen. it could be the day you welcome 1,200 guests and all their devices. or it could be the day there's a cyberthreat. get ready for it all with an advanced network
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in business, it's never just another day. it's the big sale, or the big presentation. the day where everything goes right. or the one where nothing does. with comcast business you get the network that can deliver gig speeds to the most businesses and advanced cybersecurity to protect every device on it— all backed by a dedicated team, 24/7. every day in business is a big day. we'll keep you ready for what's next. comcast business powering possibilities. . we finally made it through september and the mark is making a come back.
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could this be a good time to buy some safety stock? take keurig and dr. pepper it merged with the old dr. pepper snapple they rolled out some really good long-term targets. imagine looking for single digit sales growth and high single digits earnings growth they want to use that money for shareholders maybe buy backs or how about an opposition that's $20 worth. not only a safety stock but it's a safety stock that knows how to grow earlier today we got a chance to speak with someone i have liked for many years the chairman and ceo of keurig/dr. pepper. take a look. >> welcome back to "mad money.
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>> thank you, jim, great to be here you know from the day you took this job we didn't want people to buy at the wrong time a lot of people were downers how did the downers do since you became public in this forum? >> we delivered tremendous financial returns for those who believed in us so our total shareholder returns since we merged three years ago about 85%. we delivered 25% over the past year and year to date we are up 7% i don't know about the doubters but the believers were rewarded in their confidence in us. >> i like the combination. well, look, is it a carbonated company or a hardware company. what the heck is it? it turns out division was real >> yes, it's a beverage company. what we thought was the opportunity was that everybody historically had looked at beverage in these silos which is the way the manufactures thought
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about it but not consumers and by creating a wholistic beverage company, we saw tremendous opportunities in serving >> to me it sounds more exciting but i want you to share them with everybody >> sure. the financial return was driven by accelerating growth, what happens when you are done with the integration and the s synergies? our expectation is continue and deliver high earnings for share. what's really exciting is this algorithm which is always generating great cash. we shift the use of that cash from paying down debt to be able to deploy it in mma or share buy
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backs and other inorganic opportunities to dr drive incremental growth above that >> i have been talking to folks at bed bath and beyond they had a tough appliance market can i extrapolate about the month being weaker or that maybe they didn't have traffic at that bath >> i speak specifically to bed bath, they were one of the original keurig retails. we add about 2 million new households per year and we have been doing it for years and expect to do it into the future. last year we added 3 million new king keurig house holds to reach 3 million households in the u.s. this year we talked about it we are not ready on the final number we are going to deliver a minimum of 2 million households
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of 2021. >> i am going to be critical for a second i have known you for a long time recently my housekeeper br broke -- i am showing everybody, the cafe, i need it fixed right now and she says i will go to bed bath sure enough but you got one that's half the size and its got the metal pot. how come i didn't know about it. i am mr. keurig and i didn't know about half the footprints, unbeli unbe unbelievable and can't break it. >> i hope you don't have to learn it that way. every year our machines get
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better so they add new features and benefits and they're reliable than ever and so i think every time you come back to your retailer or you can go on or other ecommerce sites here, you will always see the next generation of brewers which will be better and sleeker and now our latest has connectivity to the internet that gives you a completely new experience that's going to continue into the future and that's what drives people back into keurig every year >> you have to check because innovation is amazing now. >> i have been looking for a new one after i work out i have been using a bunch of 80 calories one from another company. this one seems to have everything i need but it's only 10 calories. this is the kind of thing i expect from you guys every year to augment my nw. i got zero now my real love is ddp. i have a sign that i just holdup, that says ddp.
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diet dr. pepper. >> we have gained share of total liquid of beverage we gained significant share, almost two share points of carbonated soft drinks we continue to add new brands and we add new benefits and buy booster is a great example we are the number one player on premium water. we bring new benefits and bring some caffeine to it so there's a great after work out drink for you. >> it really is. another one that has it. i crash and burn right after this ddc, seeing more and more of you guys and a lot of them, i only bought coconut water at the store. i have only bought it online how is it going? >> well, more than 10% of our total company's sales comes from
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ecommerce. that expands at a great rate every year covi d was an accelerator but there is no sign of it going backward >> the origins of keurig were very strong to our ecommerce we applied it to our total beverage portfolio we believe we are the leader in food and beverage or if not ecg, ecommerce, we see no sign of that slowing down. hi ice coffee is the hottest drink on earth right now how is it doing? in addition to have it in a ready drink format, you will notice a number of our machines
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have an ice brewing capability we want to be able to satisfy coffee needs of all forms which is cold brew, it's a growing trend. >> i back this for two reasons t bob, an unbelievable consumer product guy. he makes growth by making things that you want. bo bob, it's great to see you >> it's the kind of stock that you can put in your portfolio and watch it climb overtime. stay with cramer should investors get back to working 9:00 to 5:00 to find their next winner? cramer gets answers next
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the cloud base saw platforms for call centers however since then zoom stock plummeted at $142 per share. when zoom was at its lows so to speak. rather than a premium there, it's going to get a discount last night they terminated the deal and could not get the votes. stock is no longer shackled to zoom it rallied nearly 5% today can it keep climbing at a market that's not too friendly? let's check in with rowen >> welcome back to "mad money.
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>> thank you for having me back. >> i was so thrilled and i will tell you why i was concerned that cisco was going up against this new company five 9 in zoom and i feel like you guys really have the edge you get frit tit from the meetie and the call center side i thought 2 plus 2 was 5 and now 2 separate from 2 does not give you much tell me why this deal, the deal was brilliant. how come it could not happen >> look, i think it's just what you said before as you were introducing me we had as situation where when we originally, the deal closed at $210, no value on our stock we got a lot of feedback from our investors. they love our company and so do we they made it clear after the zoom announcement where they had to reset their outlook that they
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had conferenidence in our busins we made sure to pass all that information on and appreciate our shareholder perspective on that and ultimately, we set the number that was appropriate to the value of the business and we had to ultimately let the shareholders vote and they made it clear that was the offer from zoom was not going to cut it >> now, if i look at what you guys are going to do alone, you talk about in the release that you are going to continue to work with zoom >> yeah. >> so, the relationship is not broken orbi bitter? why would you continue in the lease, listen, it's still going to be a partner? >> zoom has been a friend to us. they need a contact center they more than one kak contact center they need our contact center to help them land their uc deals.
6:31 pm
they need to have contact center there is no acrimony erica is a friend of mine. we'll partner with them and look forward to operate independently. >> now, is it definitely over and the reason i put it like that because i really believe that zoom needed to be more than just a product you make someone a platform. you make someone an ecosystem. if i were another company wanted to be in this business, i would be concerned and get bidden by five 9 to create a platform. is it dangerous for zoom to not make it happen >> i am not too focused on that to be honest we were approached by zoom, we were approached by another party. we had a responsibility to take it seriously we did look at zoom being the
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most censored and the long-term perspective. our focus has been much more on execution. we have not taken our foot off the gas in this company. we have been absolutely driving from day one from the time we announced this the team has been focused, wefr no attrition that's been where i have my attention. we are not looking at anything else right now keeping our business, you know, rolling as it was rolling before we talked about that that's the focus we have right now. >> you know since you said it, all of them says your business accelerated during this period it's highly unusual. most companies do not accelerate when they're about to merge. what is it is it new customers? how does it happen >> it's a lot of -- i think the post pandemic is really the tipping point towards cloud achieved
6:33 pm
our enterprise growth has been getting up to 50% ltms we are really crushing i tt the. we want to stay through this period, not get distracted we didn't jump the gun whatsoever we kept our heads down and kept executing. that's a good thing as we merge as a stand alone company our investors have been extremely supportive i want to thank our investors. they were there for us and they been there through this process. i have been talking to a lot of shareholders over the last 24 hours and just a tremendous am of support and a rally for fiver so i want to thank all of them for that i think there should be and some of these people obviously left the story because they thought
6:34 pm
you would be gone. with your business accelerating and a return to some growth stocks that people like, you sh should get a much higher multiples before this. >> i am not smart enough to comment on stock prices, jim i would say you know we'll let the market decide that we are just focusing on driving our business and making customers happy. look, part of the execution and not skipping a beat was really about our employees. they have been incredible through the process. we have been continuing to hire, we have hired over 500 people in the last 12 months since the last we spoke to you businesses have been doing great. i have to say credit and huge kudos to our employees who have done an amazing job. that kind of progress and traction in the face of an announcement like this, that's not very usual and that's directly a testament at the
6:35 pm
quality and the commitment of the five9. >> i have to believe they saw a clear plan to deliver with or without you. e otherwise, you would say the plan was and now there is a new plan >> you got that right. it's consistent and they have been incredible supportive on this journey >> well, i have been supportive the whole journey. i got totell you i think the stock should be up 12 or 15 points would not surprise me if you pick up more on monday this is as great thing for f five9. congratulations to ro rowan trollope great to see you >> thank you, jim! >> coming up can this fuel your portfolio to a sustainable future
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that may be creating some opportunities. we know the biggest bottle for electric vehicles is the ba battery. there is alternative in the works. solid state battery technology that's long lasting. wall street got burned by quantum esscape.
6:40 pm
now there is a solid state battery, that's called solid power. >> these guys had development with ford and bmw. this one is legit and even better when this stock was announced in june. where it's right now and so could this be a buying opportunity? let's take a closer look with doug campbell. the cofounder and ceo of doug campbell mr. campbell, welcome to "mad money. >> thank you for having me, glad to be here >> tell me why is solid powers got a different and better approach for the companies that want so much to be ev?
6:41 pm
>> absolutely, it really is our platform technology which could plug in any chemistry and that a customer requests and combining it with technology that's highly manufacturable so with the value proposition that we can step right into either existing or contemplating. >> okay, so now full but went to jim farley today, why do you like solid power he tolld me this. you are going to translate it for me we like solid power, so we don't waste our just announced manufacturing process and fac facility which means what >> what that means is they have
6:42 pm
designed production facilities and con strucking those production facility around industry standards and lithium i ion. that's pretty much industry standards going into vehicles. the reason mr. farley likes solid power is we are not rendering any of those investment obsolete. we can leverage those. >> quantumscape has a lsimilar se series why are you different from quantum scape and why let's say the performance may be better because of the relations of few adverse. >> i would say key advantages is industrialization that we have already achieved industrialization. to be more specific, literally
6:43 pm
sitting from 30 feet where i am is our megawatt scale that mirrors lithium ion production we are producing battery at preliminary scale to date. >> i am worried about ev fires you are better or worse than we have right now >> substantially better. basically in a solid state battery, we have replaced that volatile and flammable liquid with a very stable solid ion conducting materials such that under stand abuse conditions and etcetera, our cells may still fail but in a benign and catastrophic matter instead of a thermo run away in your hand, you will simply have a dead break >> how about price when will you be able to get
6:44 pm
this thing going and how much can it go down and weight? we know weight and price is an issue. >> yes, weight and volume and price. >> i tell my team here at solid power that we are in the business of delivering dollars our solid state is simply a mean to get there the way we deliver on very low dollars for kilowatt hours taking advantage we believe and our oem partners believe the design of future ev battery packs incorporating salt and state battery would be substantial, things like pat-cooling and a lot of safety features that would drive down the cause at the pack level, we announced a sizable contract from the
6:45 pm
federal government, and the focus of that work was actually to displace what jim farley mentioned with an extreme lilo cost conversion. when i say extremely, i mean we could potentially reduce the cost by over 90% >> wow >> these are no nickel and co co cobalt these are made from earth materials. >> there is a lot of disappointment and maybe disappointment done brought down a solid power company whose stocks should be a lot higher. i want to thank doug campbell. very interesting situation thank you so much for coming on "mad money," sir >> thank you, jim, thank you for having me. >> i don't know, $10 and got the endorsement of ford and much
6:46 pm
cheaper and no fire wars i think this one may be for real "mad money" is back after a quick break. coming up, a storm is coming so give us a call. cramer got the answers to all your burning questions "the lightning round" is next. the internet wasn't built to be a place of walls. but then the walls went up and choice became limited. until now. now we're in a new digital landscape of emerging channels, data-driven campaigns and measurable outcomes. welcome to now - the new open web. powered by people-based software from viant - a new standard in media. the upgrade marketers deserve. viant. built for now. ♪♪
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>> hi, first time caller, cramer >> all right >> i bought a pipeline company, it pays 8% dividend and all the analysts they buy it i wonder what you thought about enterprise -- >> it happens to be one of the best but i do not like that group. i would not be concerned about this i just don't >> let's go to jack in new york. jack >> mr. cramer, i have a question for you about my stock more importantly i just want to let you know, my daughter met you the city and you could have been more nicer and gracious and so generous with your time >> oh jesus, you are very kind >> i thank you as a father >> i am glad that i was polite, that's the way my mom brought me up that's the way i am always going to be. thank you. >> my stock is pen
6:51 pm
can i say hello to gary and bill >> penn is not as good it's gambling season i think penn is doing great. >> and that, that's the conclusion of "the lightning round. it's sponsored by td ameritrade. >> it's a special edition of no hug. cramer opens up the phone line to hear from you, next
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today is an exciting day for cnbc and exciting day for me, too. we quickly launched our investment club and gives us an opportunity to get e-mails
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join my mail on this by going to club. scan the qr code which will take you right there. it will be interactive and influenced tonight we want to celebrate this newventure by opening up the phone lines and hearing the voices from you let's start with mark in florida. >> hi jim, i hope you are doing a lot better than my portfolio >> my question is about a stock you like but it's getting hammered implied volatility in the sector but that has not had a severe impact in most of the a auto stocks.
6:56 pm
it's rated high by analysts and expanded rapidly by a lot of dealers. i have been buying it. what's your take o lad? >> i think lithium is in very good shape and i suggest you stick with it. >> let's go to alan in california >> booyah to you mr. cramer. >> what's going on >> long time listener and first time caller. i want to thank you for everything you do. your knowledge is greatly appreciated. i am calling about the precious metal, it's pulled back at 28%
6:57 pm
barrick gold >> it's dpgoing to be apart of e investment club here i have not been willing to pull the tremor because i have been watching crypto higher if you want gold, that's the best way to be i really think in that sense is 17 bucks, not so bad comrade in new york. conrad >> jim, i want to get your opinion on con edison. with all the electric reeks, where do you see going next year >> it's 4.3% yield it's not bad we vastly prefer american electric power that's because its got much better regulation and much better -- let's say situation with the regulators in all different states it's incredibly well run
6:58 pm
i want you to be in aep. not in con ed. >> mike in georgia, mike >> yes, my stock is about zillow interest rate is rising. i am a long time listener and first time caller. >> zillow, this is a example of the investment club. i would not want to own a stock like zillow going into a rake hike scenario. they're flipping homes, it's not for me we heard miss zelman talking about a dire situation for housing. i don't want to go against her and buy zillow >> how about david in my home state of pennsylvania. >> booyah, jim >> how have you been >> first time caller and a long
6:59 pm
time disciple. you are the best >> my questions are abou palantir this week the company received a non competitive order from the national institute of health who gets non competitive >> let me tell you what's going on palantir got a lotof hot money in it does not mean anything. its got hot money. people don't really know what you know they bought it because it was going to go higher stocks out there that's for a new long form name for meme. you don't want to be in there because the fellow shareholders are too skittish the moment the z stock goes down. i want to thank you
7:00 pm
cramer-merica. remember to join my mailing list by going to club >> i would like to say there is always a bull market some where and i promise to find it right here i am jim "the news with shepard smith" starts now when the lies keep piling up and up, it can all come crashing down i'm shepard smith. this is "the news" on cnbc a company collapses. nearly overnight ozy media shutting its doors after explosive reporting from the "new york times" and cnbc. >> this was not like a casual impulsive deception. this was a lot of work >> tonight inside the web of alleged lies and deception that took the company down. a promising new pill for the recently infected.


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