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tv   The News With Shepard Smith  CNBC  October 2, 2021 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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here i am jim "the news with shepard smith" starts now when the lies keep piling up and up, it can all come crashing down i'm shepard smith. this is "the news" on cnbc a company collapses. nearly overnight ozy media shutting its doors after explosive reporting from the "new york times" and cnbc. >> this was not like a casual impulsive deception. this was a lot of work >> tonight inside the web of alleged lies and deception that took the company down. a promising new pill for the recently infected.
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>> these results really just blew expectations out of the water. >> merck announcing its therapy by capsule cuts the risk of hospitalization and death by 50%. but when will the treatment be approved coaches fired. games canceled the national women's soccer league struggling to respond to accusations of players being emotionally abused and coerced into sex forging a global coalition to fight the growing threat of cybercrime the white house and its new plan to join forces with governments around the world colleges booting unvaccinated students. hollywood braces for a strike and new body cam footage in the gabby petito case. >> announcer: live from cnbc, the facts. the truth. "the news with shepard smith." and good friday evening. every now and then a scandal grips wall street and everybody else there was that infamous fyre
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festival you remember that? the rise and fall of wework. and theranos, of course, right now the subject of a criminal trial. the common denominator there, accusations of deception and now there's a brand new entry in the mix ozy media, which just tonight announced it is shutting down, closing its doors. its 75 full-time employees out of a job a stunning demise that unraveled at blistering speed. the digital startup was launched in 2013 by carlos watson and samir rao. it described itself as having a sizable audience and reach, producing videos, newsletters and events, raising millions but in recent weeks the question came and then some more one media analyst, coby hall at media hype, put it this way -- calling ozy media a dumpster fire is an insult to dumpsters and fires. and every day that fire kept growing. people in and outside the company running for the exit
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its chairman and initial investor mark lazry stepped down s.v. angel a key investor reportedly gave up its shares. and katty kay, a well-known bbc host anchor who joined ozy this summer, resigned and advertisers bailed fast. ally financial just today saying it's pausing its business with ozy media hours before the company closed for good. all of this after "the new york times" reported one of many bombshell claims the first, a case of impersonation. the "times" says the company's co-founder pretended to be someone from youtube, playing up to potential investors about how successful ozy media was on the platform, quoting here "the company's chief operating officer impersonated a youtube executive on a call with goldman sachs. while attempting to raise money from the investment bank, a potential case of securities fraud. according to the "new york times," watson apologized to goldman sachs, said his colleague was having a mental
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breakdown. then there are the allegations of deception brad bessey, a former executive producer of "the carlos watson show" tells the "times" that wattson himself told him the show would eventually air on a&e. that never happened. toward the end of july mr. bessey got in touch with an a&e executive to confirm the channel would broadcast the carlos watson show. that's when he learned it wouldn't appear on a&e sxrls watson on twitter called the "times" reporting a hit job. but there's more and this time there's video. in a 2019 interview watson told cnbc that sharon osbourne was an investor in the company. look >> fun fact, our friend ozzy and sharon sued us briefly >> did they? >> and then we decided to be friends and now they're investors in ozy >> investors is that right? that's not true either according tosharon osbourne. she tells cnbc it's all a lie. our brian schwartz is here he's the one that spoke with
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sharon osbourne and broke that story. the accusations and the lies just piling up it all just crumbled >> if all crumbled today after a crazy week of news involving ozy media and carlos watson. and really this has been going on with these stories. one of them as you mentioned we kind of figured out by just going back and looking at the tape and then of course "the new york times" mentioning a bunch of other really kind of blatant lies here involving ozy media and their ceo carlos watson among other executives really when you think about it. >> could these media executives be in big err why trouble? >> well, i think they could. after we wrote the story i reached out to two or three lawyers who really specialize in the securities and exchange commission, kind of dealing with them for their clients, and they basically told me this could be a big problem, not just what he said about sharon osbourne and ozzy osbourne but that being one piece as we're hinting at here of a larger problem of potential fraud. and that agency would just look at that and say basically from what i was told by these experts
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we're at least going to look into this. it might not be a crime here but it co-start some form of investigation going down the road if it hasn't started already >> the digging continues >> yes >> good to see you thank you. america could soon have another important weapon in the fight against covid-19 the drugmaker merck announced today its anti-viral pill cuts the risk of hospitalization and death in half when given to patients with mild to moderate symptoms early on. the company's ceo says he's optimistic that the drug will play a key role in the global effort to end the pandemic merck reports it plans to ask u.s. regulators for emergency use authorization as soon as possible here's dr. fauci >> well, this is certainly an important advance. there's no doubt about that. the results are really quite good importantly, in the placebo group there were eight deaths, and in the treatment drug group there were zero deaths so that adds a bit more of an importance to the study.
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>> some health experts describe the pill as a real game changer, one that could prevent the worst outcomes of covid. and it couldn't come soon enough this weekend america will top yet another grim milestone 700,000 deaths from covid-19 cnbc's meg tirrell covers science and medicine for us. meg, i know you've broken down the data how promising is this? >> yeah, shep, a lot of people are very excited about this drug because it's a lot easier to take than the antibody drugs which are already out there, which of course you have to get by iv infusion or by injection so this medicine, which is called molnupiravir, is given as capsules taken twice a day for five days at the earliest signs of covid it's been compared with tamiflu, which of course is for influenza. but i talked with merck's head of research about this and he said this drug has a much bigger benefit, saying an impact like this "has not been seen in any anti-viral for a respiratory virus to date. with merck filing imminently for fod authorization, industry
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analysts forecast the drug could be available by the end of the year merck tested it in patients with at least one risk factor for severe disease like age or an underlying health condition, and nobody in the trial was vaccinated dr. fauci suggested today it should work regardless of your vaccination status, but who the drug is contained for will be up to the fda he also stressed that while the news is very exciting vaccination is still the best way to protect yourself from covid. >> got to get the shot and speaking of, meg, we've got some news on kids today? >> a lot of people are very excited about this the fda set a date for its advisers to talk about pfizer's application for the vaccine for kids ages 5 to 11. it will be october 26th. so that leaves the door open for potential fda authorization and the cdc's advisers to make their recommendation around halloween. just as many have been hoping for. we also got an update from the fda on boosters for moderna and j&j. they're planning back-to-back advisory meetings october 14th
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and 15th they'll discuss each company's booster shot as well as mix and match data from the nih. and this could open the door to folks being able to get a different brand of vaccine than they got the first time. >> and meg, there's some urgency on that, not just because people are waiting but as you reported today with nbc news, also because some doses may expire. >> yeah, this is concerning. we learned that the cdc's warning vaccine providers about this, particularly for j&j and moderna doses. they sent an e-mail out to vaccine providers saying that moderna's shelf life is likely to be extended soon by the fda but j&j's, which has already been extended twice, won't be. and as you can see here, there are currently more than 7 million j&j doses that have been shipped out that haven't been used and some of these unfortunately are going to expire on shelves. shep >> meg, thank you. california just announced plans for the nation's first covid vaccine mandate for all
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eligible students. just happened. both public and private schools. governor gavin newsom says the requirement will not begin until the fda approves the vaccine for more kids. he says the mandate will be rolled out by grades in two phases 7th through 12th grades first off. and then kindergarten through 6th. the governor says that the requirement could start as early as january, depending on the fda's approval process >> we need to do more and we need to do better. we know there's no substitute for in-person instruction, but we need to do that on a consistent and sustainable basis, not an episodic basis >> meantime, supreme court justice sonia sotomayor just denied a request from a group of new york city teachers to block our city's vaccine mandate for school employees justice sotomayor could have referred the matter to the full court, but instead she acted alone and denied the request mayor bill de blasio of new york ordered workers to get a covid shot by 5:00 this afternoon or face being put on unpaid leave
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colleges across the country are requiring vaccines to stay in school, many of them, but not everybody's following the rules. ahead on "the news," one student who says he was kicked out of the school and it is keeping most of his tuition. women's pro soccer is reeling tonight. coaches fired, games canceled, as multiple disturbing allegations of abuse surface gabby petito now in her own words. new bodycam footage released by police what she told cops about a domestic dispute with her then boyfriend brian laundrie and president biden heads to capitol hill to lobby for his own infrastructure bill. the message to democrats as his entire agenda hangs in the balance.
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>> announcer: the facts. thtrh.
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an abuse scandal is rocking world of women's soccer. the national women's soccer league just canceled all of its games this weekend after disturbing allegations against multiple soccer coaches. the north carolina courage fired its head coach, paul riley, after a bombshell article in "the athletic. a former player, sinead farley, accuses coach riley of coercing her into having sex on multiple occasions. farley and another player also say coach riley made them kiss each other to avoid doing a difficult drill during practice. riley says the allegations against him are completely untrue but it's not just riley under fire here. the washington spirit's former head coach richie burke fired after an episode in the -- or an expose i should say in the "washington post." it accused him of verbally and
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emotionally abusing his players. the "washington post" reports throughout one game coach burke berated a rookie until she appeared to have a panic attack on the field, clutching her chest because she couldn't breathe. as she hyperventilated burke just kept going, a former player said quoting her, "when he smells blood, he goes harder. the reaction from players was outrage. the players union demanding an end to what it calls systemic abuse plaguing the nwsl. u.s. women's national team captain becky sauerbrunn said, "to be where we are today is unacceptable the league and every club have to do better." and the superstar megan rapinoe tweeted, "men protecting men who are abusing women. burn it all down let all their heads roll." with us now the author of that "washington post" piece sports investigations reporter molly hensley clancy molly, from your reporting how
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widespread is this kind of behavior and why haven't we been hearing about it screaming from the rafters for a while? >> unfortunately, i think it's incredibly widespread. the league has actually had four coaches leave this year because of misconduct. and that's just this season. and in all those cases i think we see a really widespread systemic failure to protect players. those coaches had all previously faced allegations of abuse and they were hired anyway as to -- >> how does that happen? >> is i mean, i think that frankly the league has not been listening to players and has not been prioritizing player safety and i think that's why they haven't felt comfortable speak out before i think this is the first time they've really felt comfortable going on the record with me and the athletic to talk about what happened to them >> well, based on your reporting and for that matter that of the athletic, any sense that criminal charges may be forthcoming in any of this >> i have not heard about criminal charges but certainly there's a reckoning that has had
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a lot of consequences. the athletic is just now reporting actually that the league's commissioner has resigned fifa has also opened an investigation into the coach paul riley, who lost his license. and i think this is kind of just the beginning of the kinds of repercussions we're going to see from this. >> well, they've canceled everything this weekend. what do you see in a week, in a month? >> i would be surprised if this is the last of the revelations of abuse we hear against some of the people, you know, who have been running this league i think that now that players are empowered to speak up they're going to start talking about what's happened to them. and i also think they're going to be demanding some more changes beyond just the resignations i think they're empowered right now and it's only the beginning. >> molly hensley-clancy from the "washington post." molly, thank you there's a new development in the gabby petito case. now we have her own account of the domestic dispute, the police incident with her boyfriend brian laundrie
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the evidence came in today in a newly released bodycam video it's the second video that moab police have now released the stop happened on august the 12th in this additional footage gabby petito shows police marks that she has on her face. she says she slapped her boyfriend for telling her to shut up and that then brian laundrie grabbed her face. >> did you get hit in the face kind of looks like someone hit you in the face. then over on your arm, shoulder. right here that's new >> well, to be honest, i hit him first. >> where did you hit him >> i slapped him >> you slapped him first and then -- just on his face >> he told me to shut ""up >> how many times did you slap him? >> a couple. >> and his reaction was to do what >> grabbed me. >> he just grabbed you >> yeah. grabbed my face and was like --
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like this. he didn't like hit me in the face he didn't punch me in the face or anything. >> did he slap your face or what >> well, he like grabbed me with his nail and i guess -- that's why i have a cut right here. >> we also hear the reasoning from the officers who call the incident a, quote, little slap night between two fiances who love each other. they later write in the police report that the stop was more of a mental health slash emotional break than a domestic assault. >> many times women who are at risk want to go back to their abuser they just wanted him to stop and they don't want to be separated, they don't want him charged and going to jail. and they end up getting worse and worse treatment and end up getting killed >> mm-hmm. >> in no way, shape or form that i can perceive is what happened here, a little slap fight between fiances who love each other and want to be together, can i perceive that this is going to digress into the situation where he's going to be
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a battered man >> it's all so awful, isn't it in the report they named brian laundrie the victim. the traffic stop was just weeks before gabby petito was last seen and about a month before a search crew found her body flay campground at wyoming. of course brian laundrie's been missing for more than two weeks now. the fbi's now joining the search for 19-year-old miya marcano and a $15,000 reward for information now being offered. miya was last seen a week ago near the arden villas apartment complex in orlando a few days later officials announced a person of interest in the case had killed himself, a maintenance worker named armando caballero. and here's his picture they say he had used a master key to enter miya's apartment minutes before anyone last saw her. friends say he was in love with her, that he texted her excessively even though she told him to stop doing it the fbi isn't the only agency providing resources here organ county, florida's sheriff reports more than 100 officers
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plus search dogs and helicopters and dive teams are all being used the sheriff's also asking the public to keep watch and if you have information on this case call the number on your screen week 4 in the elizabeth holmes trial and we got her diary entries. the person the theranos founder desired to become, right down to his iconic black turtlenecks and this week we introduced you to this guy. amazon's latest gadget tonight cnbc's john ford takes astro the robot for a test astro the robot for a test drive.
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the fourth week of elizabeth holmes' criminal trial just wrapped, and during it more details emerged about how the theranos blood testing startup promotedtests that were marred with inaccuracies. jurors heard from just two win thes, a senior scientist at a pharma company who cut off a deal with theranos because their supposedly revolutionary machines didn't work, and a former theranos lab director who talked about a patient who increased her blood thinner medication because of a theranos test and after she said she didn't feel right and started getting bruises on her legs and arms that theranos test turned out to be inaccurate. but the details that captured the public's attention the very most, elizabeth homlmes' diary
4:24 am
entries, obtained by cnbc. in them she wrote about becoming steve jobs here's cnbc's scott cohn >> reporter: steve jobs died in 2011, but his spirit lived on at thera theranos, where elizabeth holmes emulated him, from the black turtlenecks to the lofty aspirations. >> first they think you're crazy. then they fight you. and then all of a sudden you change the world >> reporter: in a cryptic series of notes to herself in 2015 obtained by cnbc she writes about becoming steve jobs, though the context isn't clear >> looking back do you have any regrets about all of the steve jobs comparisons over the years? >> reporter: the comparisons were everywhere in holmes' heyday, and they were a powerful draw for employees like former lab director adam rosendorf, who testified he joined the company in 2013 because he thought it was going to be the next apple he would resign 18 months later, convinced he said that the company cared more about public relations and fund-raising than about patient care
4:25 am
holmes' attorneys have been aggressively cross-examining rosendorf for three days now and counting including confronting him with e-mails from holmes herself directly responding to and addressing the concerns that rosendorf had claimed had fallen on deaf ears he'll be back for more testimony next week about a company that definitely did not become the next apple and a ceo who did not become steve jobs. shep >> scott cohn live at the courthouse the president heads to the hill but it appears spoker pelosi is once again hitting the pause button on infrastructure bill vote and now the timeline suddenly given an extension is everything grinding to a halt accusations against a hospital in alabama, and it could be the first credible claim that a death was caused by cyber hackers. the victim a newborn baby. that's next, as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news on cnbc. ♪ ♪
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clerk: hello, how can i? are the ones you put sore throat pain? ♪honey lemon♪ try vicks vapocool drops. in honey lemon chill. for fast-acting sore throat relief. wooo vaporize sore throat pain with vicks vapocool drops. this guy, amazon's astro robot thing, unveiled by the company earlier this week. kind of like alexa on wheels but it does stuff. we told you all about its features then cnbc's jon fortt went out to san francisco and got a firsthand demo from dave limp, the amazon executive in charge of robot astro
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>> astro, go to the kitchen. when you set up the device it maps through the house and then you can do a home tour and you get to name all the rooms. astro. raise the camera so we built this pretty cool cam so if you're away and you want to look to see if the stove is on or if you left an iron on and those kinds of things. astro, follow me you'll see it moves pretty fast too. up to a meter a second it understands what's around it. it's also real-time looking for changes too. if i throw something down in front of it it's going to know not to path plan through the pillow but go around it. it has the kinds of functionality you would expect with alexa too so i can say astro play "castle on the hill" by ed sheeran. >> castle on the hill by ed sheeran on amazon music. ♪ >> you can see now there's eyes on the display that is the default kind of home screen for the device. we learned about halfway through the project that customers just
4:29 am
seeing the typical kind of echo show screen here, that didn't resonate with them go to your charger then once it has a chargeif yo want it to come back to certain parts of the home and kind of settle in where you're hanging out. >> the astro is designed to complement the other devices amazon makes for your home from ring cameras to alexa virtual assistants and echo speakers time will tell whether consumers will welcome this new device, one that roams your home with cameras, microphones, and sensors. for "the news" i'm jon fortt shep >> i think my dogs -- i think my dogs would not like that google scrapping a plan to offer bank accounts. and that's what's topping cnbc's "on the money. google reversed course nearly two years after announcing its banking plans. "wall street journal" cites missed deadlines and the departure of a key executive a spokesperson for google telling cnbc it's updating its approach to support financial
4:30 am
institutions rather than actually becoming one. after 150 years headquartered in springfield, mass the gun maker smith & wesson is moving to maryville, tennessee just south of knoxville. the reason proposed firearms legislation in massachusetts. the company's planned move to bring 750 jobs to tennessee in an investment worth 125 million bucks. that's according to the state department of economic and community development. smith & wesson says employees who can't make the move will be offered what they call a severance and help finding a new job. james bond throwing a lifeline for the theater business the movie "no time to die" has already grossed 22 million bucks internationally through yesterday. fans flocking to see the movie despite some covid concerns. the bond film set to hit the u.s. box office one week from today. and theaters nationwide are banking on it being a hit. on wall street what a day. the dow up483.
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s&p up 50. nasdaq up 118. i'm shepard smith on cnbc. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news e. president biden meets with lawmakers on the hill the political optics and why he says an actual vote on his agenda may be days, even weeks away hollywood on the edge of a strike the demands that are not being met. film productions could come to a grinding halt. but first, the war on cyber crime is about to go global. and the white house is cracking down today on the increasing threat of ransomware attacks president biden just announced today he's convening a summit with leaders in 30 different countries. the goal, help the different law enforcement agencies cooperate to stop cyber criminals who can sometimes evade one country's rules and regulations. they're set to meet virtually though no word on exactly which companies are participating.
4:32 am
cnbc's senior washington correspondent eamon javers on the top story at the bottom of the hour eamon, the president trying to build a kind of cyber alliance, i guess. >> that's exactly right, shep. the white house says the 30 countries involved in the meeting are going to try to speed up cooperation on cyber crime. now, on the agenda here is improving law enforcement collaboration and stemming the illicit use of cryptocurrency. the meeting will be convened by the national security council and it will take place in october. the u.s. saw just how dangerous cyberattacks can be this year with the disruptions to the fuel supply that we saw from the colonial pipeline hack and now governments around the world are confronting a fundamental problem. this is a global crime wave by criminals who are outside u.s. legal jurisdiction they attack multinational corporations and they use instant globe-circling cryptocurrencies that means that no one country can deal with a problem on its own. and it comes as we saw a tragic turning point come to light this week with reports that a person died as a result of a
4:33 am
cyberattack last year. and the victim was a newborn baby nbc news reports that a lawsuit alleges an alabama hospital provided subpar care during a delivery because the hospital was hit by a ransomware attack the baby's mother alleges that since spring hill medical center's computers were down it missed that the umbilical cord was wrapped around the baby's neck the baby girl was born and suffered brain damage and died months later the hospital denied wrongdoing, telling the "wall street journal" it stayed open because patients were in need and concluded it was safe to do so cybersecurity experts have worried about something like this for years >> this is something that we've all been screaming about from a cybersecurity perspective forever. even before this wave of ransomware attacks had happened we were saying look, the level of distraction that these things are going to cause are going to eventually cause something catastrophic >> now, tragically, experts say
4:34 am
this death won't be the last one allegedly caused by a cyberattack because the criminals are only getting more brazen, shep >> eamon, thank you. a federal judge who's considering blocking texas's six-week abortion ban expressed some skepticism in court today, particularly over its controversial enforcement mechanism. as you probably know, the law effectively bans abortions after six weeks and allows private citizens to sue anybody that they suspect of performing or aiding in an abortion. the judge asking what he called an obvious question of a lawyer for texas. here it is "if the state is so confident in the constitutionality of the limitations on a women's access to abortion, then why did it go to such great lengths to create this unusual cause of action rather than just simply do it directly?" a lawyer responded that he didn't think the state went to particularly unusual great lengths here the judge didn't say how or when he'll rule democrats remain locked in a
4:35 am
standoff again tonight for the second straight day it appears there will be no vote on infrastructure even after president biden made a special trip to capitol hill late this afternoon totry and unite his party and save his agenda >> i'm telling you we're going to get this done it doesn't matter when it doesn't matter whether it's in six inutes, six days or six weeks. we're going to get it done >> well, it mattered yesterday because the deadline was last night. remember and then it mattered today but now it may be six weeks? house progressives vowing to block the $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill unless they also get a massive social spending package but these two moderate democrats, joe manchin and kyrsten sinema, say that price tag is too high. meanwhile, the president's agenda is in limbo with midterms right around the corner. senior congressional correspondent ylan mui is with us now
4:36 am
this just keeps going. >> yeah, shep, democrats faced some hard trugs today. no vote on infrastructure. no deal on that $3.5 trillion spending package and in fact, that price tag has got to come way down now, the president did get a warm welcome on capitol hill you could hear cheers come free throw basement conference room where they were meeting. one lawmaker said he even got a standing ovation but democrats left that meeting knowing that getting both bills passed be will be an uphill climb. progressives realize they're going to have to compromise. >> it's going to be tough. like we're going to have to come down in our number and we're going to have to do that work. so we're going to get to work and see what we can get to >> congressman henry cuellar said biden told him the cost of the spending package had to be $2 trillion and moderates like him will have to wait for the infrastructure bill. >> he is the president of the united states and he says he wants to get this done and he basically linked them together can we get it done it would be a victory. of course it is important we get that victory
4:37 am
>> meanwhile, republicans not happy. remember, president biden personally negotiated the infrastructure bill over the summer with ten gop senators back then he said he would stand behind it without reservation or hesitation and it passed the senate 69-30 even mitch mcconnell voted for it today republican senator mitt romney called delaying the vote in the house a purely political decision shep, at this point passing both bills in even six weeks feels optimistic >> ylan, thank you they are the stars behind the hollywood stars. the people who build the sets, rig the lights, perfect the hair and makeup and they could be going on strike what that unprecedented move would mean for any of your plans to netflix and chill dozens of students kicked off campus at lsu. accused of not following new covid rules. the stadium has nothing to do with this. you don't need to see that
4:38 am
stadium. in one student's case
4:39 am
4:40 am
supreme court justice brett kavanagh has tested positive for covid. in a statement today the spokesperson for the court announced justice kavanagh is experiencing no symptoms according to her the 56-year-old has been fully vaccinated since january. the positive test comes just days before the court's new term is scheduled to begin. the justices set to return to the court to hear arguments in person after an 18-month hiatus because of covid it's unclear now how the positive test will affect judge kavanagh's ability to participate. many colleges across the country are mandating covid vaccines as they welcome kids back to campus but not everybody's following the rules. for example, at lsu more than 70 students got a message in their inbox earlier this month it read, "this e-mail is to inform you that you have been
4:41 am
resigned from," read kicked out of "louisiana state uft and provided a 50% refund due to failure to comply with lsu's entry test verification procedures." get out, i'm keeping your money. go tigers. most students ended up following the protocol so they could stay enrolled but some didn't. and now they're dealing with the consequences here's cnbc's perry russom >> i've been wanting to go to lsu from a young age >> reporter: just weeks into his senior year alsu he should be getting ready to cheer on his tigers tomorrow against auburn >> there is zero possibility that i will ever attend lsu again or even spend a dime in that institution after what they've done to me >> reporter: what they've done is kicked him out of school. he's one of 27 students unenrolled from lsu for not following covid protocols. every student had to do one of three things -- have proof they tested positive for covid less than 90 days before they arrived, test negative for
4:42 am
covid, or get vaccinated >> there's been some vacc vaccinations in the past i've had a bad reaction to. i just didn't want to take a chance with that i actually had covid-19 into july so it was a full month before school started i made them aware of that. i never got a response back. >> reporter: the school's interim vice president is pushing back telling cnbc he never submitted anything to the entry test portal. colleges across the country have been welcoming back millions of students a study published in the annals of internal medicine found "vaccination coverage is the most powerful tool available." but warned even colleges with high vaccination rates should be prepared to reinstitute or expand testing and distancing policies on short notice that's what's happening at harvard, where 95% of students are vaccinated just this week a rise in cases forced the business school to temporarily move some classes online until monday. in the california state university system all students have to complete a covid
4:43 am
vaccination certification. >> with over 31,000 students it's never easy to get all students to do one thing all at the same time but we now have over 98% of our students have completed that certification students and the campus community are realizing this is something that we're going to continue to live with. >> reporter: and in louisiana monceret is continuing to live with his decision. >> i had two more semesters left and i was going to graduate and attend law school in the future. but it's kind of a setback at the moment >> reporter: monceret says he only spent five days in school before he was kicked out lsu is only giving students a 50% refund monceret says he is losing thousands and has not seen any refund yet he started cleaning pools to make money until he figures out what's next. shep >> perry, thanks the production of your favorite movies and tv shows may soon grind to a halt today thousands of behind-the-scenes workers are deciding whether to walk off sets across the nation their union is called the
4:44 am
international alliance of theatrical and staff employees it's asking some 60,000 members to vote for the first strike in the union's history. the vote needs a 75% majority. and the results are expected to be released on monday. this comes after the union couldn't come to an agreement on its latest contract with the studios. the union demanded higher wages, larger contributions to health and pension plans, longer rest periods and residuals for content that airs on streaming services but the studios didn't budge now some of hollywood's biggest stars are showing their support for a strike in a tweet actor seth rogen wrote, "our films and movies literally would not exist without our crews and our crews deserve better." and the "grace & frankie" quo stars jane fonda and lily tomlin show this image. you can see they're posing with t-shirts supporting the strike a deputy editor and reporter for indywire's filmmaker's toolkit chris, how serious is this potential of a strike?
4:45 am
>> i think the big thing here, shep, is a strike is not imminent certainly leadership asking the members for strike authorization is unprecedented these are contracts negotiated every three years. they've never had to do that before and i feel confident on monday that strike authorization will clear the 75% no problem >> that's a big number >> yeah. they're going to stick to their -- they're going to stay with their leadership. they're going to back them on this but the thing is leadership has been very clear why they wan the strike authorization it's to bring the studios back to the table studios are stonewalling on streaming dollars. that's the big financial thing our consumer dollars are going toward streaming they're spending billions on streaming for new content and the crews' contracts don't reflect that and so if they do continue to stonewall on that, yeah, a month, six weeks, a strike could be real. >> and that could be a real pain too because the studios have
4:46 am
really been hurting during covid and you just wonder what the damage would be. >> huge, huge damage and i'll tell you why. because the new model is these streaming plafrmds and the one thing they've all learned from netflix, that these streaming platforms gobble up content. you've got to -- it doesn't matter how deep your library is, you've got to constantly get that churn going new movies, new shows. that's the model that netflix has established and that's what disney's trying to do and what hbo's trying to do as other studios have started to get in this game covid happened. so at this time when they were supposed to be ramping up all their production, production went away. so they're playing catch-up right now. >> the stars are kind of getting on their side. and i wonder does that make a difference or not? >> right now, seth rogen, i expected seth to say something and the people that have said something so far, it's to be expected but if it steamrolls, if more and more of these big stars say this, you've got to remember, this is their hair and makeup people, this is their costumers,
4:47 am
this is a close relationship and to be honest this streaming fight is being had by the actors it's being had by the directors. this isn't just the crew and more there is this we're all in this together, hollywood's going to start to wonder who's showing up for work. so that is a nightmare because obviously those people have a big pedestal but it's when we start going beyond the people that are -- often speak up like seth that hollywood's going to have to worry. >> i hear you. chris o'falt, thank you. one of the biggest legal battles in hollywood is officially over. disney has settled a lawsuit filed by actress scarlett johansson over the screaming release of the movie "black widow. back in july scarlett johansson claimed that her contract guaranteed the marvel movie would open exclusively in theaters, with her potential earnings tied to its box office performance. but disney released "black widow" on disney plus, same day that it opened on the big screen the company then accused
4:48 am
scarlett johansson of ignoring the deigns of entering movie theaters during the pandemic johansson was reportedly seeking as much as 80 million bucks from disney on top of the 20 mill salary she got from the movie. both sides say they were pleased to resolve their differences and as so often the case terms of the settlement were not released well, trivia time. from 1960 to 2001 the name brady never once appeared on a list of the top baby names for the state of massachusetts you know where this is heading tom brady entered the game and from 2002 to 2019 in the six states that make up new england 3,268 baby boys were named brady. so clever. from espn. and this weekend the man who influenced so many parents-to-be makes his return to gillette stadium in another uniform peter king of nbc sports on the big homecoming and the crazy big homecoming and the crazy promo from nbc
4:49 am
♪ ♪ train your mind. train your game. ♪ ♪ because your only limits... ♪ ♪ are the ones you put on yourself. ♪ ♪
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big football coming up on nbc. take a look at what the network put together for this weekend. ♪ ♪ hello ♪ ♪ it's me ♪ ♪ i was wondering if after all these years you'd like to meet ♪
4:52 am
♪ so hello from the other side ♪ ♪ at least i can say that i've tried ♪ ♪ it don't matter ♪ ♪ it clearly doesn't tear you apart ♪ ♪ anymore ♪ >> thanks, adele she's singing in tom brady's return to the field in foxboro for the very first time as a member of the super bowl champion tampa bay buccaneers. it's one of the most highly anticipated moments of the nfl season, no doubt but brady insists it's just business as usual. >> the 20 years at new england was incredible i learned a lot. i have nothing but incredible thoughts, memories, emotions towards all the kind of football experiences i've had and that's obviously one that was the longest. and i still have a lot of great friends there. but they know exactly how time
4:53 am
feeling once i'm out there >> well, he's sounding hoarse. during tom brady's tenure in new england he won the super bowl six times, captured 17 division titles, and this weekend he has a shot at breaking the nfl all-time passing yards record set by drew brees. nbc sports' peter king's here, columnist for "football morning in america." you know, there have been a lot of iconic homecomings. michael jordan and his three-minute standing o in chicago. peyton manning going back to indy what's ahead for brady >> well, shep, i think the biggest thing about brady is that no one has ever won six championships and then gone back to the scene of his prime and after winning another one in a foreign uniform. and that is what makes this one so special, so unique. i was talking to somebody in the brady camp this week and they said, is this the biggest return to a former team since babe ruth
4:54 am
went back to boston with the yankees? >> 1918. >> and i said as insane as that sounds it really just might be but there never has been a guy who returns after winning so many championships and then wins in his first year away another championship >> in tampa. >> in tampa. >> i mean, please. he proved last season he can win without belichick. will that duo still go down as one of the greatest, as much as i hate to say it, football coach tandems in history >> well, obviously, because in modern football it's so hard to win. no team from one era as long as this one has been, no team from one era, you know, in football has won six championships in that -- over that length of time and so that's what makes it so unusual. but i kind of think this is a
4:55 am
bigger game for belichick than it is for brady because the patriots have to get going you know, they were 7-9 last year they're 1-2 this year. and look, bill belichick will never talk about it. i don't know whether he thinks about it or not. but everybody else does. he has a losing record in new england when tom brady does not line up as the quarterback sort of hard to say he's the greatest coach of all time if you take one player away and he can't win. so to bill belichick it's really important that he begin to build that next great new england team before he rides off into the sunset >> so many storylines. just looking at the schedule, you wonder, are these ratings just going to be through the roof i feel like every football fan's got to watch it. >> well, fred gadelli, who's the grand poobah of all things
4:56 am
football at nbc, told me the other day that this is the biggest game, biggest regular season game in the nfl in 25 years. >> wow >> and i think it's that way not because there's so much on the line but because of the incredible drama, you know, of brady going back and shep, i went throughout new england last week. i went to all six states, and i asked a bunch of fans what they thought about brady now. and it's so amazing. the governor of new hampshire, chris sununu, said brady's the greatest, i'll love him forever, i want to beat him but i'll always love him. and you get a little school teacher from a tiny town in vermont said brady betrayed the franchise. so i mean, you really get -- i'm not positive what's going to happen you would think when he comes out on sunday night he's going to get a big hand, but i'm not positive about that. >> not from every single person but i'd agree with you can't wait for the game. thanks so much appreciate your time you can of course catch tom
4:57 am
brady's return to foxboro this sunday when the bucs take on the pats coverage begins 7:00 eastern, 4:00 pacific on nbc and peacock. the soccer icon pele set to receive chemotherapy from home after he was released from a hospital in his home country of brazil pele posted this picture on the gram his daughter says he's recovering well after doctors removed a tumor from his colon earlier this month earlier this week pele shared this video of him tossing a ball with his physical therapist and writes, "no matter the size of the challenge the secret is to celebrate every little victory along the way. 80 seconds left on a race to the finish a vote on infrastructure delayed again today. democrats remain locked in a standoff with each other even after president biden made a trip to capitol hill to meet with house lawmakers in an effort to break the stalemate. the national women's soccer league canceling all games this weekend as multiple coaches face accusations of players' abuse. theathletic reporting both the commissioner and the general counsel for the league have been
4:58 am
removed from their jobs by the board. and the drugmaker merck announced today its anti-viral pill cuts the risk of hospitalization and death in half when given to patients with mild to moderate covid symptoms. now you know the news of this friday, october the 1st of 2021. i'm shepard smith. follow us on i.g. and twitter @the news on cnbc. listen to the podcast on apple, spotify and your favorite podcast platforms. and personal bias alert. college football comes first matt corral and the ole miss rebels going into tuscaloosa this weekend and all i have to say is hot inddy, everydy
4:59 am
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