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tv   The News With Shepard Smith  CNBC  October 15, 2021 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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everything with a click of a button and speaking to no one. paypal makes it easy maybe that is why we have such a big position in this one for the charitable trust and why i keep telling you investment club members that it is a buy right here, right now. i like to say there always a bull market somewhere and i promise to try to find verge of walking off networks and studios scrambling. the impact to the industry and your favorite shows. the j&j booster shot, endorsed by fda advisers. >> the data just boosts protection so much higher, above 90%. >> but what about mixing and matching other brands? the panel takes up the debate.
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a stunning attack on a british lawmakers stabbed to death signed a church. >> he was one of the kindest, niecest, most gentle people in politics. >> what we know about the suspect arrested. the parkman gland gunman seo plead guilty in the high school massacre. >> it's not even what the men say. >> parkland parents react. former bill clinton's health square "quid game" gets lost in translation. and two-headed turtle, alive and kicking. live from cnbc, the fact, the truth, "the news with shepard smith. good vening, strike-tober in full swing. workers have a lot of power and are starting to use it
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picket lines on the verge offing abouting much longer as hollywood braces for shutdown. the film industry representing 60,000 film workers threatening to go on strike first thing monday if they don't reach a deal by then at studios, production on most television shows and films will come to a grinding halt the looming strike after months of failed negotiations the union wants more money and better working conditions for its members. >> this furious demand for product and the insatiable consumer appetite, and it's at a pace that's unsustainable and being carried around on the backs of workers. >> if its union strikes, its members will be among the 100,000 american workers either striking now or preparing to but hollywood's movement would be among the most visible. while the union members worked behind the scenes, they're backed by big names in front of the camera samuel l. jackson throwing his support behind the group, posting on instagram, lines in
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the sand ia solidarity. other stars including jane fonda, mindy kaling, kerry washington all public with their backing. "variety" reports networks and streaming services are scrambling to line up other pamming for a world where everything shuts down. the plan now, fill the schedule with reruns and shows from other markets. the founding partner of punk news and former editor at the hollywood reporter here now. matt, we are seeing these strikes play out everywhere, more money, better treatment. >> absolutely, and hollywood is not different. keep 23450i7in mind this is not or writers or directors, this is the below-the-line people, rank and file editors and gaffers and even sound people who bring these to life and don't get a lot of attention. >> say they strike on monday, practically speaking, what
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happens? >> the industry shuts down because it's not just this guild. the other guilds will likely fall in line the writers are not going to cross the picket lines, actors will not cross the picket lines. so for all intents and purposes it will shut hollywood down, tens of thousands of jobs, hundreds of millions of dollars at stake here and a delay in movies and tell vigts, which will ultimately reach the consumer. >> the workers have been saying we've been waiting a long time for leverage and finally we have it are they right, or can the studios and networks afford to drag this out, maybe go shoot stuff in canada or somewhere >> i think they are right to a certain except because we're seeing a moment in this country where the balance of power is shifting a little bit towards the workers. there aren't enough people in a lot of these cases to fill the job. they absolutely need these people and we're at a time, the so-called streaming wars, where netflix and everything else is providing this insatiable demand for new content on all of these
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new platforms. there's a lot of opportunity there but there's also a lot of demand for these workers so if they go on strike, it's going to be a huge problem. >> you mentioned netflix it looks like netflix might be the least affected >> they are one of them, but they are leading the market here they have been one of the biggest buyers of content and everybody else is trying to catch up to netflix. so what they do, everyone tries to catch up with, and this is essentially creating this demand that is trickling throughout the rest of the industry. >> matt bellny, punk news. good to see you, thank you yesterday, moderna, today johnson & johnson. an fda advisory panel voted unanimously to recommend boosters for the nearly 15 million of us who got a j&j shot the panel supported giving adults a second dose, at least two months after their first shot experts went with two months instead of six this time because they said the results were
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stronger with j&j after two months it's a different tlooinl than the within for pfizer and moderna. advisers recommend offering boosters for people who got those vaccines after six months. j&j's shot had its ups and downs during this year u.s. regulators had to temporarily pause the rollout so they could investigate reports of blood clotting simpson studies showed the shot offered really less protection compared to other vaccines. it's all caused widespread debate about whether people who got the j&j shot would be better off with a pfizer or moderna booster. cnbc's meg tirrell covers health and science for us what do the advisers have to say about mixing and matching, meg >> shep, it's clear many of them report the flexibility in boosting a cdc representative made that point, that being able to switch brands is really important from a public health perspective, like going into a nursing home to boost residents' protection with just one vaccine type, for
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example. what's not clear is what the fda would will do with those recommendations at this point. the data on mixing and matching boosters came from a small nih trial that looked at the antibody responses and safety of all of the different vaccine combinations we heard earlier this week the results suggest giving a pfizer or moderna folk boost to folks who originally got j&j was better than giving those folks a second j&j shot. but the fda said it has not had time to review the data and advisers did not vote on it today. so it's unclear where the agency will include that flexibility in the decision on the boosters, which is expected to issue in about a week the cdc advisers are scheduled to meet on covid boosters thursday the committee also talked about increasing flexibility for the pfizer and moderna booster as well, which are now only recommended for high-risk groups beige, health condition or setting. based on new data from israel, they discussed broadening eligibility to everyone over age
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40 or 50 they didn't have that same cutoff for j&j they recommended a second dose for everyone and many of the advisers even making clear they don't even necessarily consider it a booster vaccine scientist dr. paul offit saying, quote, i think this frankly was always a two-dose vaccine. as two doses two months apart was shown to increase vaccine efficacy for j&j more than 90%. >> 90%, that's a number, meg thank you. there's a deadline in chicago for all city workers to be vaccinated, every one of them and it's just hours away now and what a throw-down. the city's mayor and local police union are still in a tense standoff today the mayor here, lori lightfoot, fired a lawsuit against her own police union and its president after he told cops, just ignore the vaccine mandate. the mayor's accusing him of inciting an insurrection >> what we've seen from the fraternal order of police, in particular the leadership, is a lot of misinformation, a lot of half truths and, frankly,
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flat-out lies in order to induce an insurrection. and we're not having that. >> here we go. the police union responded by filing lawsuits of his own against the city, against the mayor and against the police superintendent city officials say if the cops don't show proof of vaccination, they will be put on unpaid leave. the mayor says that won't happen this weekend because she said it will take a few days to confirm who's vaccinated and who's not it's unclear how many cops will defy the city's mandate but the governor of illinois is offering up the national guard in case there's a massive chicago police no show. new today -- the white house says foreign travelers can visit the united states starting november 8th, but only if they're fully vaccinated with shots approved by the world health organization. it's encouraging news for friends and families who have been separated all this time, since the u.s. closed its borders to much of the world last year. many business leaders are pretty jacked too because this could change their monetary lives. the white house says it applies
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to travelers from 33 countries, including the uk, china, brazil, ind india, south africa and almost all of the eu. earlier this week the biden administration announced vaccinated people from canada will be allowed to enter the u.s. starting next month. former bill clinton is staying in the hospital overnight and all health indications are trending in the right direction. that's the new and latest update from the former president tonight. an adviser spoke to mr. clinton on the phone and said he's doing fine and could be released soon. a source tells nbc news that he had a unary track infection that spread to his blood system, and that can be dangerous. l he's being treated with antibiotics. he felt overly fatigued whether arriving for a foundation event tuesday night. mrs. clinton is by his side at the former uc center
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the former president is in a good mood, up and moving, a bit too much, and entertaining the staff. the parkland shooter up for a plea tonight the parents of his victims weigh in. a u.s. capitol police officer arrested what he's accused of trying to help cover up after the january 6th capitol insurrection. and a british lawmakers murdered a community in shock the nation stunned our report from the scene on what we know about the brutal stabbing inside a church and the suspect now locked up. it's another day. and anything could happen. it could be the day you welcome 1,200 guests and all their devices. or it could be the day there's a cyberthreat. only comcast business' secure network solutions give you the power of sd-wan and advanced security integrated
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on our activecore platform so you can control your network from anywhere, anytime. it's network management redefined. every day in business is a big day. we'll keep you ready for what's next. comcast business powering possibilities. the confessed parkland high school shooter is set to plead
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guilty, guilty on all charges of the 2018 massacre. that's what his lawyers said today in court the man also pleaded guilty in a separate case involving fight with a sheriff's deputy in jail. on february 14th, valentine's day 2018, the man walked into marjory stoneman douglas high school with a semiautomatic rifle. in just six minutes he fired 138 rounds it was the deadliest high school shooting in america. 14 students and 3 staff members killed, 17 others hurt now his guilty plea means he'll move on to the penalty phase, where prosecutors say they plan to seek the death penalty. nbc's sam brock is at the courthouse in ft. lauderdale. >> shep, good evening. 3140 days since their loved ones were killed, that's what parents of those murdered during the parkland shooting are tracking right now. they said there's no sense of relief in this context but could be the next long-awaited following step, assuming nikolas cruz does what his lawyers say he's going to do, and next
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wednesday plead guilty to 17 counts of murder and 17 counts of attempted murder. the state's attorney's office and even circuit court judge expressed surprise at the timing of this. the state attorney's office say there was no negotiation going on, they were not planning on offering a plea deal while this would move the guilt portion away there's still a death penalty proceeding manuel lost his 17-year-old son joaquin, who was struck four times in a hallway. >> my son the way he died, he received four shots with an ar-15. so the death penalty is fair it's not even close whatever the punishment they apply to this guy. i think this guy deserves the death penalty. >> for linda schulman, whose son was a teacher at stoneman douglas high school, it's an agonizing process just to hear the words guilty now she's worried about the time
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frame of the capital punishment. >> the average is 18 years to the end of a death penalty case. i want closure i want closure i want to be alive when this case is over. >> a jury of 12 people would have to unanimously decide on the death penalty for that to happen the judge assigning dates in november and december to begin that portion of the proceedings. shep, back to you. >> sam brock, thank you. federal investigators say a capitol police officer tried to help a january 6th rioter cover up evidence to avoid arrest. now a grand jury has indicted that officer on charges he obstructed justice the feds say officer michael riley exchanged dozens of facebook messages with the suspect after the insurrection, telling him, delete all of your photos and videos on social media, the ones that you show you inside the capitol building. in one of the messages officer riley allegedly wrote, hey, i'm a capitol police officer who agrees with your political stance take down the part about being in the building. they're currently investigating and everyone who was in the building is going to be charged.
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just looking out officer riley is a 25-year veteran on the force he was once named national officer of the month because he saved a fellow cop's life with cpr. the capitol police chief says he's now on administrative leave. riley has not yet entered a plea he's facing two counts of obstruction. each count carries the maximum of 20 years in prison. counterterrorism officers are now leading the investigation of a brutal stabbing death of bra british lawmaker investigators say a member of parliament was meeting constituents of a church in the southeast of england when a man with a knife walked in and stabbed the mp again and again police arrested a 25-year-old. the motive, they say, unknown. alex rossi reports from our sister network sky news in the uk >> reporter: this video, filmed by a member of the public, shows the moment as police arrived just after midday.
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inside the methodist church, they found sir david amess he had been stabbed multiple times whilst meeting members of the public eyewitnesses described what happened next. >> at that point a load of police turned up, armed police you can see in there an ambulance as well as police helicopter i saw the suspect come out of the building he got put into a police van and got taken away and then they're closing the whole road off and pushing the traffic back down the road from what we heard it was david amess and he's been stabbed. >> reporter: an air ambulance arrived minutes later. d but despite the efforts of paramedics, the 60-year-old died at the scene. >> this is horrifying. this sort of thing doesn't go on around here and to have something like sir caved was such kmasuch a committed mp to e area.
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>> reporter: sir david was an mp for 38 years he was wildly admired and respected. there is an overwhelming sense of shock in this community as you can imagine, the police presence is still very strong. but down here, past the cordon, inside the church where the attack took place, investigators are still gathering evidence this attack has once again raised huge issues about the level of security for politicians. and many questions remain unanswered about what police have described as a shocking and utterly despicable attack. but sadly, this is the second member of parliament to be killed in the last five years. alex rossi, sky news, league-on-sea. there's a bloody, grim and terrible trend emerging right now in afghanistan yet another massive suicide bombing at a mosque has killed dozens of innocent worshippers this time the blast was in the southern city of kandahar.
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the taliban's police commander said the attack killed more than 50 people and wounded at least 100 others a local reporter tells reuters eyewitnesses saw not one, but three suicide bombers blow themselves up. this is the second time in a week that terrorists have attacked a mosque during friday prayers. a letter of reprimand and $5,000 docked from his kmak, that's the sentence a military judge handed down today for the marine who openly criticized the u.s. withdrawal from afghanistan. >> i have been fighting for 17 years. i am willing to throw it all away to say to my senior leaders, i demand accountability. >> that was part of the video that initially got lieutenant colonel stu sheller in trouble then he refused orders to stop posting and the military locked him up in the brig at his court marshal, sheller pleaded guilty to all charges against him, including dereliction of duty and failure to owe buy command the head of the navy will be the
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one to decide what sort of discharge sheller will receive there's a sans dimock on the way, meaning no people if you think the current labor shortage is bad, hang on, experts say it's about to get extreme. the reasons why next and remember this? might have been one of your first cell phones, i don't know ho could play snake, hold a charge for weeks, and about to make a comeback (burke) i've seen this movie before. (woman) you have?
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we've been presenting a series of reports on our lost workers. you're here for the finale the labor shortage isn't going anywhere, and according to a new report, it may get worse in the months and years to come even after the pandemic ends cnbc's kate rogers reporting kate, you took a deep dive through the data in this what are some of the big takeaways? >> well, shep, the report isn't pretty and there are several factors set to worsen this crisis, according to these researchers. baby boomer retirements, an extra 1 million boomers have been projected to be pushed into early retirement according to numbers and there's not enough x-workers to fill boomers' shoes. boomers had an average of 1.8 kids and younger generations have preferences for the type of work and careers they're looking for.
7:24 pm
many while millennials are worse off than their parents, they also point to the massive amount of tax some stand to inherit from their parents, $68 trillion by the year 2030, giving them more financial freedom to make decisions about the kind of work they do and don't want to do we have talked a lot about the women who left the workforce over the last year, but primary men ages 25 to 34 have been exiting for decades going from 38% of the workforce in the 1980s and 34% in 2019. the opioid epidemic also hit them very hard and others are living with parents in higher numbers with preference for part-time work and one issue said some men are just flat-out not working and gen z part-time work increased finally, the future workforce will be smaller due to falling birth rates, which saw a severe decline in nearly 50 years last year researchers say the talent
7:25 pm
shortage will only compound with the reality moving ahead, shep. >> listen to you with all of the good news. kate rogers, thank you. bitcoin goes mainstream. your chance to get a piece of the action without actually owning it. wrapping up another week in the incredible trial of elizabeth holmes jurors learning about the unusual recruitment process to work at theranos and a member of the very inner circle spills and college football fans gear up and pack a stadium health experts feared they would be superspreaders. tonight, the results are in, as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news starts hey google. ♪ ♪ ♪
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muscle aches, or coughs or if you plan to or recently received a vaccine. ♪ nothing is everything. ♪ woman: talk to your dermatologist about skyrizi. learn how abbvie could help you save. crypto watch the price of bit cocoin up neary 60% today and trading north of $60,000 a coin for the first time since april the world's biggest cryptocurrency up 40% this month and approaching its record high of $65,000 all of this is happening as investors are anticipating the sec will give the green light to the first-ever bitcoin's futures etf. an etf tracks the performance of one or more asset in the market. it let's people diversify without actually owning those assets on their own. on the major mile for crypto, here's cnbc's senior markets
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correspondent bob pisani. >> shep, kboint enthusiasts and etf industry are bracing for the start of trading for the first bitcoin futures etf on tuesday when the pro shares bitcoin strategy etf is scheduled to begin trading at the new york stock exchange the he etf is based on futures contract, so when you buy this etf, you don't own bitcoin but a future tracking bitcoin. some are disappointed for a bitcoin futures etf but not one that owns physical bitcoin but the serk chairman said he has concerns approving a bitcoin pure etf now because he doesn't have regulatory control over many parts of the crypto business, like crypto exchanges and he's concerned about fraud and theft and manipulation on those exchanges. the bitcoin futures market, however, is already regulated
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and because there is no physical ownership of bitcoin on those futures exchanges, there's far fewer concerns about fraud and theft. now, while some are disappointed that a full-fledged bitcoin etf is not imminent, most in the crypto and etf community seem happy with half a loaf rather than none at all and this is a very big moment for the crypto community even a bitcoin futures etf would make bitcoin more widely available to the investing public it's a baby step but it's a big one. shep >> bob pisani dropping cnbc stuff. thank you, sir who's richer than bill gates and warren buffett combined? that's what is stopping cnbc's "on the money. elon musk's network is now $230 billion. that's as much as the microsoft founder and oracle of omaha's money put together that stat from the billionaire's
7:30 pm
from bloomberg index buffett's number 10 with $102 billion. the disney ceo is asking his deputies to explore potentially spinning off espn. that's according to reporter dylan byers. the reason -- linear television is shrinking, not growing. the report say analysts see the world where the worldwide leader as a separate business could be better for everyone. and nokia, bringing back one of its classic phones fondly remembered as a brick. it will mark the phone's 20th anniversary. nokia said the updated phone will look similar and include the '90s classic game snake. it will also have that same amazing battery. nokia said it will last weeks between charge, just like the original. on wall street, it's all green. the dow up 382 s&p up 33. nasdaq up 74
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i'm shepard smith on cnbc. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news locked and load ed, the tsa kreezing more guns than ever at the airport. what most people say when they get caught. the great student migration. more than a million kid leaving public schools where they're going and how much longer the trend can last. first, college football games. they're not the covid superspreaders experts predicted. and returned to the stadiums more than a month ago. at the time the scenes caused both excitement and anxiety. the delta variant then was ripping through some communities as tens of thousands of people packed the stands to cheer on their teams. many health experts they feared games like these would cause massive covid outbreaks. turns out, didn't happen in memphis, here's nbc's
7:32 pm
shaquille brewster. >> shep, there's definitely been a change in the responsible of big crowds in stadiums like the one behind me. at the beginning of the season as the delta variant was surging across the country, there were concerns these events would turn into superspreader events but if you look at the numbers now, cases, hospitalizations and deaths are all down. doctors much less concerned. an epidemiologist at the university of florida explaining to me our understanding of the virus is evolving and sometimes leads to more cautious guidance. >> we prefer to learn by studying but i say in this case, we probably learned a little bit by doing as well it's not a matter of trying to keep people from doing activities, it really is a matter of trying to figure out, can these be done safely >> reporter: they point to these events being outdoors and increase immunity from people who both got vaccinated and those who got the virus as this was making its way through the younger populations. i'll tell you, fans who are attending these games, they say they're excited to be back. >> feels like things are back.
7:33 pm
>> was there ever any concern coming back, especially last month when we were talking about the delta variant? >> there was concern coming back to it but my point is like if i'm inside around a lot of people, i'm going to wear my mask but tend of the day we're all outside. we're all having fun. >> reporter: shep, the doctor said key distinctions are these are in open-air stadiums things could change and they're still encouraging masks once things move back inside. shep >> shaq brewster, thank you. class in session, but for many kids, this school year looks a lot different than it used to. that's because the pandemic pushed a lot of families to consider alternatives to traditional public education according to the data from the national alliance for public charter schools, more than 1 million students left public school districts last year meanwhile, nearly 240,000 kids went to charter schools. that's nearly a 10% jump in enrollment from the year before. so will that trend continue after covid, if there is such a time here's cnbc's ylan mui.
7:34 pm
>> reporter: there's nothing traditional about i-free academy in birmingham, alabama from opening its doors in the middle of the pandemic -- >> there's still great deal of uncertainty. >> reporter: to the facebook live sessions for parents to flexible learning model for students. >> i think we have established a relationship with the entire family, and that's important to us we don't just serve students we serve the family. >> reporter: the approach appears to be working, at least judging by the wait list there were only 106 open seats this school year and 800 students applied anger over closures, virtual learning and safety standards, or lack thereof, helped drive a way of school switching last year enrollment at public schools dropped from 83% to 76% according to gallup, the lowest level in at least two decades. this school year, about one in five parents made a change, pulling students and advocates are helping parents across the
7:35 pm
country make the most of their new leverage. >> the idea of putting our kids back in the box that frankly wasn't working well in pre-pandemic times, it's just not going to happen for us. >> reporter: in birmingham, katrina moved her son evan after growing frustrated with his school's plans to deal with covid. at i-3, he can attend school in person, virtually or hybrid. oven opted for two days at home and three in the classroom. >> all of my teachers were thinking outside the box and giving me new ways to learn. >> reporter: and after making it this far, his mom said they're not switching again. >> my son will continue and i'm proud to see he will be in the graduating class of 2028. >> reporter: and it's not just charter schools that saw surging enrollment, private school, home schools, micro schools all got more popular too shep, the range of options is broader than ever before. >> thank you so much. we're halfway through the closely watched criminal trial of the theranos founder
7:36 pm
elizabeth holmes she's charged with conspiracy and fraud over claims she made about her company's blood testing machine, which as it turned ut, didn't work jurors learned this week of alleged internal problems at theranos too the company hired a new lab director in 2014, lab director, except the recruiting process was a little unusual the former director testified he was actually the longtime dermatologist for the theranos president. he said throughout his nearly one-year stint, he visited the lab twice and worked a grand total of ten hours in one year according to prosecutors, that's not where the issues end on the stand today, a member of holmes' inner circle, who testified that he unwittingly became part of what prosecutors called a brazen fraud. here's cnbc's scott cohn >> reporter: daniel edland was about as inside as a theranos insider could get, recruited by elizabeth holmes' brother
7:37 pm
christian, a classmate at duke he helped manage the relationship with walgreens, which invested millions to put theranos testing into its stores eventually he would report directly to holmes but he testified that even he was initially unaware of what o prosecutor say was theranos' deep, dark secret. rather than analyzing blood stick analysts on the home devices technology that was supposed to revolutionize health care, the company was using third party equipment. he said he didn't learn until two years later in 2016 that technology demonstrations he was staging for potential business partners, demonstrations directed in part by holmes herself, were a charade. he said he resigned because he no longer believed that the company was able to stand behind the claims it was making. >> did theranos bake its technology demonstrations? >> was he up there telling lies today? >> reporter: the defense denied
7:38 pm
holmes was involved in any fabry and more to the point, they say, she truly believed in the technology, still does to this say, and the fact that it failed, they say, is not a crime. daniel evans will be back on the stand for more next week shep >> scott cohn, thank you. just in to cnbc from the white house tonight, president biden said he supports prosecution for those who defy congressional subpoenas. that would include steve bannon, the former adviser to then-president trump bannon is defying a subpoena for testimony and documents from lawmakers investigating the insurrection a spokesperson for the justice department just responded and said, the doj makes its own independent decision the january 6th committee will vote tuesday to recommend a criminal contempt of congress charge against steve bannon. that vote, 7:30 tuesday night. live coverage here on the news. an alarming rise of guns at
7:39 pm
airports tsa is reporting an all-time record of firearms seen at security checkpoints all across the country. so far this year tsa officers confiscated nearly 4,500 guns at airports, more than 80% loaded officers seized guns at nearly 250 airports across the country, the highest numbers found in the airports in atlanta, dallas and houston. according to tsa agents, most passengers say they simply forgot they had their firearms with them. while gun possession laws vary widely by state, airline passengers can check a firearm it has to be unloaded and locked inside a hard case passengers who don't follow the rules may face up to $10,000 in fines. the fbi announcing today it's joining the investigation into that oil spill off the coast of orange county, california the bureau looking into what caused this oil pipeline to break and whether there was negligence involved. officials say they believe an
7:40 pm
anchor drive from a large ship broke the pipeline's casing some time in the last year and that eventually created a 13-inch crack. officials also announcing about 25,000 gallons of oil leaked into the ocean the early estimate had been as high as 144,000 gallons. the coast guard, california attorney general and orange county district attorney are also part of the probe so far none of the agencies has reported serving search warrants or subpoenas on either the oil company or snipping company. "squid game," an epic breakout hit for netflix, historic even. if you feel like you missed a line here or something there, you're not alone the translation mishaps andbes advice on how to watch move over photoshop. the newest way to enhance your online pics digital fashion. your clothes don't exist irl
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clothes that do not exist. not talking nude here. turns out you can buy designer outfits and wear them everywhere you have an online presence, on video games, dating apps, on the gram, and all of it without creating any waste or spending too much money here's cnbc's contessa brewer. >> reporter: ales agoia's spring 2022 collection, one model to look like a full runway of models and audience all fake the couture fashion, all digital. >> these big players like coach which i and cabanas, gucci, they're all beginning to experience in our space, which is really gratifying because digital fashion is the future of fashion. >> reporter: digital fashion
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house is also collaborating with puma, adidas and tommy hilfiger, reimagining fashion for the online age. >> it really democratizes access i want to see people from all over the world from varied budgets to be able to use these platforms to express themselves. >> reporter: the idea -- take a photo of yourself, buy an outfit that only exists digitally, and show off your fashion-forward self, usually for a fraction of the cost of a physical designer dress. >> and the same way you do in the physical world where you use clothes to express yourself and your association, that will come more and more important in the virtual world. >> reporter: but without the limits of the physical laws of nature so you want shoes on fire? hot. a fire dress designed by ball main sold for $10,000. and think of the environmental impact, we buy more clothes and throw them away faster than ever this amounts to 26 billion
7:45 pm
pounds of text iile waste in the united states every year. >> the last thing to do is end up in landfills. there isn't a big carbon impact of factory and delivery trucks. >> reporter: if this whole concept makes you feel uncomfortable, you're not alone and you're probably not younger than 25. maybe you're actually wondering if my jacket is real or if it's digital? it's real and it's spectacular and i'm never throwing it away, shep. >> we're all leading online lives now. zoom meetings, video calls could we dress digitally for those? >> i mean, there's no app yet plugged into zoom to do it, and the one thing we know here is that, for instance, if the lights go out, we look really good i got it, we can just digitally light ourselves like we do on zoom, right? here's the problem, if you move slightly and the light goes out, all of a sudden you're showing a naked arm or you're still in
7:46 pm
pajamas. that's a problem, don't you think? >> yeah, and i'm thinking the possibilities here. >> oh, yes for you, right. you're stuck in a suit and tiefr night. >> yes. >> but if you put on digital fashion -- >> oh, my god! >> -- you could really skexpres yourself. >> who did this? >> if the bosses don't like it, shep, you can just take it off. >> oh, my god. >> i'm not taking credit for that, but i hope you didn't pay for it what budget was that out of? >> cnbc may have paid for that. >> hello, boss, sorry. please burn that thank you. good to see you. tinder is helping you find your next date to a wedding. the dating app launching a feature aptly named plus one to help members find a date tinder says times are changing and now wedding goers are expected to bring a plus one, whether they're in a relationship or not, which is breaking news to me, but it seems guest one can bring a plus
7:47 pm
one. according to a survey by wedding wire, gen x wedding goers are more likely to attend if they can bring a guest. they even confirm before responding to a invite and the new app is 25% responsible for all newlyweds who met online last year we can't confirm that. "squid game," we have a problem. the hit korean drama taking off all over the globe, no doubt netflix said the show is the largest launch for an original series ever, 111 million views you can watch "squid game" in korean with english subtitles or dubbed to english. and that's where the problem lies, the dubbed version, it seems, sometimes misses things and sometimes subtitles and subtleties of the characters, well, it's all leaving us english speakers a bit lost in translation. here's cnbc's jane wells
7:48 pm
>> reporter: who hasn't watched "squid game," the netflix hit from korea all right, who's watched "squid game"? >> reporter: at this park barbecue in midtown -- >> do they talk about it >> yeah, they talk about it. >> reporter: customers eat while ziekting the hit, which surprised them all. >> funny store is "squid game," i heard about from my non-korean friends. >> i like watching the show but i didn't know it would be such an international hit. >> reporter: if you listen to the show in english -- >> you're alive. that's what matters. >> reporter: and read the english subtitles. >> i'm glad you're alive that is what matters. >> they don't always line up. >> the korean language has a lot of sayings that don't translate at all to english. >> reporter: over lunch i learned there are other nuances lost in translation, like how
7:49 pm
the character from north korea changes her accent to try to blend in. >> by changing the accent we're actually getting into that actress' head. >> her dialogue constantly gets botched. >> reporter: the translation misfires are something that this comedian has tiktoked about. >> i don't know if i can call it get wrong but what they're missing out on are the flavors of the character i would say. >> reporter: many suggest watching "squid game" in english subtitles and skip the dubbing. >> i think it is so brilliantly written, this piece of art that is so exceptionally korean and weirdly universal. >> reporter: but there's no arguing that from size -- >> welcome gang dom style. >> reporter: to bts, once again, korean pop culture found a home in america daniel check at park's barbecue told me something, he said his
7:50 pm
non-korean friends used to call him gangham style and now some are calling him hey, "squid game"! he hopes more of them will see that as the rich characters and personalities come out of korean media, people will see him less as one type and more as an individual shep >> good goal great to see you, jane thank you. china's longest space mission with a crew ever expected to dock at its new space stage within the next hour or so. the spacecraft took off from the gobi desert in northern china justpast midnight saturday local time, or there bee hours ago. three thoughts are set to work on that space station for six months among them, the first woman ever to visit the chinese space station. it's the country's second crewed mission during the construction of the space station officials officials say they plan to have it fully crewed and operational by the end of next year. a medical miracle in the animal kingdom one turtle, two heads, six legs,
7:51 pm
surviving against all odds cnbc cameras, the very first alloweds inside the new england wildlife center. to see it, that's next. snakes, better to be under your house than in it. unless there are a bunch of them and they keep coming back. the extensive operation forcing one northern cifnialora homeowner to make a special request. train your game. ♪ ♪ because your only limits... ♪ ♪ are the ones you put on yourself. ♪ ♪ at vanguard, you're more than just an investor, you're an owner with access to financial advice, tools and a personalized plan that helps you build a future for those you love. vanguard. become an owner. it's another day. vanguard. and anything could happen. it could be the day you welcome 1,200 guests
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like the chance to win a universal parks & resorts trip to hollywood or orlando to attend halloween horror nights. or xfinity rewards members, get the inside scoop on halloween kills. just say "watch with" into your voice remote for an exclusive live stream with jamie lee curtis. a q&a with me! join for free on the xfinity app. our thanks your rewards. two heads are better than once, or so they say a rare two-headed turtle hatching in massachusetts. researchers found the turtle or turtles on cape cod. now it's living in a wildlife center while they do all sorts of studies on it our cameras got the first inside look here's cnbc's perry rossum. >> every year about 5,000 animals are taken to new england wildlife center. what showed up two weeks ago on cape cod had them seeing double.
7:54 pm
>> when she lifted the lid, my brain just couldn't quite process it right away. >> reporter: it was a diamond back terrapin with two heads, six legs and one shell you find yourself wondering what, you know, pronoun to use for it, they, them when you're driebing a two-headed turtle >> this is a first for us. we're trying our best to treat them as individuals. >> reporter: the turtles are about the size and weight of a quarter. >> seven grams today. >> reporter: they've been named mary-kate and ashley an extra showed inside it's a full house a barium study found they had separate stomachs. >> they're both doing really great. >> reporter: is that surprising how well they're doing >> i think so. i was worried because we don't know what's going on internally, do they share a circulatory system, do they share a lung >> reporter: the diamond back terrapin is a threatened species in massachusetts the volunteers are protecting their nesting sites on the cape and that's how they found this one. one questions do you have going
7:55 pm
forward with this animal >> going forward, my biggest concern is quality of life do they have enough internal structure to be able to keep surviving like this? >> reporter: the turtles have bireceively, a condition causing two heads, rare but not unheard of. >> what is unheard of is that this guy seems to be thriving. >> reporter: greg had mertz wons a wildlife center. >> the most surprising thing is the interest to me it's fascinating and i think it's great i think it's absolutely a positive response by the public to be interested in these kinds of guys because it means they're aware. >> reporter: oh, and they are aware. ripley's believe it or not has called, so has a game show in korea. next week the turtles are getting a c.a.t. scan to see how many hearts they have. still not clear if it's male or female or if they are male or female just a little early for that, shep. >> yeah, we got to follow that turtle, right, rossum. >> i'll do it!
7:56 pm
>> thank you, perry russell in boston. hey, al, i got a snake or two under my house can you come get them? al wolf got that call recently he's the director of a reptile rescue in northern california. he went over and three hours and 45 minutes later, look what he brought out. 81 rattlesnakes, 22 adults, 59 babies and that was just the beginning. he's gone back twice and removed another 11 snakes. the homeowners want to say anonymous so his neighbors don't get all crazy. not one snake got killed, not one of them. all of them relocated. florez, did he go? he did and the game ends! a swinging strike three! >> oh, really? officially it was a swinging strike three for will manier florez in the ninth and season-ending call for the san francisco giants last night. dodgers won 2-1, advance to the championship series. you've seen this, right?
7:57 pm
was it actually a checked swing? florez said it wasn't and he didn't go. he thoeld "the athletic" i didn't swing, in that situation to win that game, you can't make that call. giants' fans were shocked, watching their team's incredible season come to an end like that. umps tell us checked swings are some of the most difficult calls to make. in this case, it fell on the first base ulp gabe morales. defended his call after the game, and told reporters, i don't have the benefit of multiple camera angles watching it live. when it happened live, i thought he went, which is why i called it a swing we can watch it over and over for ourselves to decide but the umps watch it live only. there's no replay from replay checks in baseball, they're exude, same as balks, infield fly, balls and strikes, neighborhood play at second and tagging up to score on fly balls. giants are done. dodgers aed advance to the nlcs against the braves, game one
7:58 pm
tomorrow. 55 seconds race to the finish hollywood workers threatening to go on strike on monday if they don't reach a deal with studios by then, production on most tv shows and movies come to a halt. police in the uk just declared the stabbing death of a british lawmaker a terrorist incident investigators say the mp was meeting with constituents inside a church when a man with a knife walked in and stabbed him to death. and former president clinton will stay in a hospital overnight but all health indicators are trinding in the right direction. we're told mr. cln is battling a urinary track infection that spread to his bloodstream. now you know the news of this friday, october 15th, 2021. i'm shepard smith. hope you have a fantastic weekend, and that you follow us on instagram and twitter stay tuned
7:59 pm
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