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tv   The News With Shepard Smith  CNBC  October 29, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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a bullet that is not coming, at least not in the next year and that's what you need to think about when you're investing. now, i would like to say there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise to try to find it just for you right here on "mad money" i'm jim cramer i see you pfizer finally gets the green lightfrom the fda to start vaccinating kids i'm kelly evans in for shepard smith. this is the news on cnbc the mandate resistance scores of cops, firefighters and first responders refusing to get the vaccine. the impact on critical services with the deadline now passed the armorer breaks her silence after alec baldwin's fatal shooting her defense. plus the call to ban all guns
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from film sets. >> we have to stop playing russian roulette with people's lives. president biden in europe. did he patch things up with the french president what the pope told him in private and how his stalled domestic agenda is viewed on the world stage. republicans fired up in virginia a new poll putting glenn youngkin ahead of democrat terry mcauliffe. can a last-minute event from president trump seal or sink the race albany sheriff defends the sex crime charge against cuomo new doctor's orders for the queen, and nasa hitches a halloween ride with spacex. >> announcer: live from cnbc, the facts, the truth, the news with shepard smith closed firehouses, massive piles of trash, fewer cops and ambulances on the street that's the possibility new york city is bracing for as a result of its new vaccine mandate most city workers had until 5:00
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p.m. today to show proof of at least one dose or risk losing their jobs here's a look at vaccination rates among city agencies as of last night the police department, 79% the fire department, including ems services, 69%. and the sanitation department ranks among the lowest at just 67%. defiance against the mandate running high first responders have been challenging the new rules both in courts and in the streets a crowd of firefighters gathered to protest outside the mayor's home yesterday the vaccine requirement in new york city is one of the strictest in the nation. city workers don't have an option to test out, but similar fights over mandates are also playing out in other cities, including san francisco, los angeles and chicago. nbc's gabe gutierrez live outside a firehouse in manhattan with our top story tonight gabe >> reporter: hi there, kelly
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unions have been looking for an extension, even suing the city earlier this week asking a judge to block the mandate the judge denied that request so as you mentioned it has now gone into effect. mayor bill de blasio is not backing down saying the city will be safe and services will continue the police commission says the department plans to move resources around to try and make sure that staffing will not be impacted and they will be able to handle the staffing issues. but firefighters unions, though, are warning that dozens of fire stations could close as a result >> new york city is going to come to a crisis on monday morning. response times will go through the roof when you close firehouses, you affect response times and you affect the time it takes to get people what they need and that is us to help save their lives. >> reporter: now, anger over this debate is bubbling over today we learned that six firefighters have been suspended
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after the department says that they drove a fire ladder truck to a state senator's office and allegedly threatened the senator's staff over this vaccine mandate. the fdny is calling the actions highly inappropriate kelly. >> gabe gutierrez, thanks. now, the air force is facing down the pentagon's vaccine mandate. data show as many as 12,000 troops could be punished and even dismissed from service for defying the requirement. tuesday is the deadline to show proof of at least one dose while thousands are still unvaccinated, more than 96% of active duty airmen have received at least one dose. that's according to the air force. "the washington post" reports if troops don't comply with the rules they could face charges in the military justice system, and the situation could serve as a bellwether for other military branches of that their own upcoming vaccination deadlines. millions of school age kids
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could be veligible for a covid vaccine as early as next week. there are roughly 28 million kids in that age group now the cdc will weigh in. an advisory panel is scheduled to meet next week to decide whether to approve the plan. the white house says parents will be able to get their kids vaccinated at several locations, including pediatrician offices, children's hospitals and local pharmacies health experts say vaccinating younger americans is a critical step towards ending the pandemic, but hesitancy among parents could complicate things. data show only about a quarter of parents with kids 5 to 11 say they'll get their child vaccinated right away. now, the armorer who was in charge of prop guns claims she has no idea how live rounds turned up on the "rust" movie set, including the one in alec baldwin's gun that killed the s cinematographer. reed's lawyer says she fought
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for safety training along with more time to properly maintain and prepare firearms for the movie, but her lawyer claims she was overruled by management. the lawyer says the whole production set became unsafe due to various factors, including lack of safety meetings. this was not the fault of hannah some other key points from the lawyer's statement, he said reed never witnessed anyone firing live rounds on set and claims reed was hired for two different positions which made it extremely difficult for her to focus on being the armorer the film's managers have denied receiving any official complaints about weapons or prop safety on dead meanwhile the deadly shooting has launched a movement to ban real guns and bullets from movie sets here's cnbc's valerie castro. >> reporter: a classic western shootout it's hard to imagine a john wayne movie without the sound of gunfire and smoke from a barrel. but following the accidental shooting death of cinematographer halyna hutchins,
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some are calling for an industry overhaul. >> it's not the first time people were shot or killed on film sets. sometimes shortcuts are taken or steps are rushed. >> reporter: los angeles city council member joins a growing number of lawmakers and even some filmmakers calling for real firearms and ammunition to be banned from film sets. >> death really shouldn't be an option on a film shoot that uses guns it's time to make a change. >> reporter: but on the industry side, some argue what happened in new mexico was an exceptional tragedy. >> arm orers have been using weapons for a hundred years on screen very safely so this is an anomaly. >> reporter: brook eaton, a prop master, armorer and vice president of 478, the union behind entertainment, said the union sets strong standards and protocols for handling weapons. >> i think that hollywood can police itself.
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>> i think they have great protocols until they turn out not to be so great because someone doesn't follow them perfectly. >> reporter: the use of computer-generated special effects has been suggested as a substitute eaton says it's just not the same. >> the compression of a real weapon affects the atmosphere and the set and the actor's reaction and of course the lighting of the flash itself is very hard to duplicate. >> reporter: the councilmember argues movies make believe anyway, why should the guns be real >> i think it's absolutely possible to do this seamlessly >> that los angeles city council member is in support of statewide legislation and is calling for a similar ordinance to be adopted in the city. the governor of new mexico is asking the movie industry to review its safety standards or she says the state will come up with its own mandates. >> we do know technology exists that never existed like this before. >> in some cases they say it's actually cheaper >> valerie, thanks valerie castro tonight.
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well, the sheriff in albany county, new york, is defending sex crime charges against former governor andrew cuomo. >> we have a solid case. we have an overwhelming amount of evidence. we have a victim who's been cooperating fully. >> cuomo is facing a misdemeanor charge of forcible touching. he's accused of groping a woman under her shirt. the filing did not name his former aide but she has accused him of groping her at the governor's mansion around the same time as the allegations in the kplapgt. the former governor's office is denying the accusations. hiss spokesman said he and the new york attorney general, leticia james, are playing new yorkers for fools. nbc investigative correspondent tom winter now with the latest. >> reporter: kelly, good evening. typically the day after somebody faces a charge we spend time trying to figure out what the conduct was and better understand what occurred in the case this is entirely different today we're trying to figure out how we got here in the first
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place. specifically why was yesterday the district attorney in albany county was surprised that the former governor of the state of new york was charged in a sex crimes related case. so today we got more clarity on that from the albany county sheriff, craig apple sr., who said they went to the city court to present the evidence that he says they have gathered so far, the probable cause in this case, and it was at that time that a city judge approved a criminal summons and put a date on the calendar for the governor to have to show up in court he said he found out about this on the internet and did not have enough time to confer with the district attorney's office, to even confer with the governor's attorneys to let them know what's coming up speaking of the governor's attorney, the governor's attorneys and his spokesperson really went after the sheriff today. the sheriff defended his actions and responded to them. let's take a listen. >> this is my job. i'd rather they throw it at me rather than revictimize the victims over and over and over i've been doing this a long
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time i've been called much worse. >> reporter: the next thing is for the governor to show up in court november 13th at 2:30 in the afternoon. we'll have to see how this case progresses from here. >> that's nbc's tom winter. president biden joining world leaders in rome ahead of the g-20 summit, their first face-to-face meeting since the pandemic what president biden has to smooth things over with. the rise of extreme weather set to be the topic of sundays's global climate summit. which countries are seen as the biggest offenders. plus malls in northern virginia on alert this weekend what police are saying about a potential threat it's another day. and anything could happen. it could be the day you welcome 1,200 guests and all their devices. or it could be the day there's a cyberthreat. only comcast business' secure network solutions give you the power of sd-wan and advanced security integrated on our activecore platform so you can control your network
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from anywhere, anytime. it's network management redefined. every day in business is a big day. we'll keep you ready for what's next. comcast business powering possibilities. president biden kicking off his high-stakes marathon trip overseas to meet with the world leaders at the g-20 and climate summits. first he had to smooth some tensions over with france. president biden meeting with
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french president emmanuel macron for the first time since a dispute over submarines erupted into a heated diplomatic feud. >> i thought what we did was clumsy, it was not done with a lot of grace i want to make it clear, france is an extremely, extremely valued partner, extremely. >> the dust-up with france is just one of several tests president biden is facing on this test. cnbc's senior white house correspondent kayla tausche now. kayla? >> reporter: well, kelly, a joint statement after that meeting between the u.s. and france focused on what the two nations have in common, promoting democracy, bolstering nato, fighting isis and defending the indo-pacific but the president expressed dismay for the way the u.s. handled that submarine deal with australia. biden said he believed france had been informed. the white house didn't comment
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when asked if the president still has confidence in kurt campbell, the chief negotiator for the deal who leads indo-pacific strategy. the united states has one more olive branch to extend toward europe and that's removing tariffs on imported steel and aluminum put in place by former president trump. negotiators are hoping to announce that agreement by a deadline they set for monday. >> kayla, the president also met with the pope today. there's a lot of talk about how their talk went. >> reporter: well, the two heads of state are friends they have a regular correspondence but today's meeting was just the second time a catholic president has had an audience with the pope today's hour and 15 minute conversation covered poverty, climate change, covid and current affairs, notably president biden has been at the center of a debate over whether pro choice parishioners should be receiving communion, a position taken by the u.s. conference of catholic bishops biden would not reveal the pope's position on the bishops and said they did not discuss abortion specifically, but the
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pope did say he should continue to receive communion and that he is a, quote, good catholic. >> kayla, the president also heading into climate talks with no deal here at home how's he going to navigate that? >> reporter: kelly, the framework the white house announced thursday does include about half a trillion dollars in tax credits for residential and commercial clean energy initiatives, electric vehicles, solar manufacturing, and a few other line items the biggest green policy change a program rewarding utilities for lower emissions. that ended up getting cut out as part of the compromise the white house says global partners should focus on what the entire federal government is trying to achieve on climate president biden told lawmakers to vote for the package because american prestige is on the line and now biden is going to have to deal with the other side of that proclamation, kelly. >> kayla tausche for us tonight. kayla, thanks. as mentioned, president biden is scheduled to travel to
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glasgow, scotland, on sunday where world leaders and business executives are gathering for a major climate summit it is the 26th conference of parties, also called cop26 this year's summit is more important as usual as weather disasters are more frequent, more intense and more deadly here on what to expect is cnbc's diana olick. >> reporter: this year alone, the world was walloped with historic floods, fires, and freak storms july was the earth's hottest month on record. and this year a dire united nations report warned climate change is a code red for humanity now all eyes are on glasgow and skaup cop26, the paris agreement set global warming to 1.5 degrees celsius above pre-industrial levels. >> one of the really important triumphs i expect to see in
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glasgow is the financial sector stepping up clearly and saying, look, we are part of the solution, we're not part of the problem. >> reporter: the primary goals of cop26 are to secure global net zero by 2050 and limit warming to 1.5 degrees celsius countries are being asked to submit 2030 emissions reductions targets include phasing out coal, investing in renewables, switching to electric vehicles and reducing deforestation to adapt to protect communities and natural habitats design fences and warning systems and upgrate to more resilient infrastructure to protect and restore ecosystems and finance, mobilizing at least $100 billion per year from public and private sector institutions to secure global net zero. significant announcements are
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expected from large financial institutions toward this goal. >> but we are late and let's be honest, some of the developing countries are struggling and they are rightly struggling because they don't have the means to be aligned with net zero so i think it's a responsibility from the countries to do so. >> reporter: as of now, 148 countries, that is 75% of paris agreement signatories, accounting for 80% of global emissions, have submitted a new or updated ndc more than 200 u.s. companies are pledging to get to net zero by 2040, ten years sooner than the paris agreement. a new u.n. report out this week found that national pledges and other climate change mitigation measures put the planet on a 2.7 degree celsiuswise, may more than the paris agreement goal.
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the u.n. secretary-general said less than one week before cop26, we are still on track for a climate catastrophe. kelly. >> diana olick, thanks. on that note we have a weather alert. another major storm barreling into the northeast and mid-atlantic where 18 million people are under coastal flood alerts it's the remnants of that bomb cyclone that hit northern california and the pacific northwest earlier this week. the national weather service reports the storm may cause the worst flooding since hurricane isabel back in 2003. forecasters say some areas could see as much as four inches of rain and it comes just days after a powerful nor'easter slammed into the area. heavy rain and high tides pushed water from the chesapeake bay into annapolis, maryland, today. the flood closing businesses and shutting down roads. same story in philadelphia where the nearby delaware river overflowed and spilled water into the streets, while some drivers were able to make their way through, others weren't as
7:20 pm
lucky. forecasters say heavy rain from tonight's storm may cause the river to overflow again. police in the d.c. area increasing their presence around shopping malls this halloween weekend. the reason information they say they received about a potential threat law enforcement in fairfax county, virginia, stressed this is out of an abundance of caution. they wouldn't answer questions on the nature of the threat, but they did say they would be increasing patrols. >> it's just our responsibility to have a greater presence, to be more aware, and to ask the community to have their eyes and ears peeled for suspicious activities >> the police chief says his department is working closely with federal law enforcement on the information received. squid game hit on netflix and now in the crypto mark market the new cryptocurrency based on the show. and the 600th person ever in ckcee set to be on a spax
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queen elizabeth told my doctors to rest for at least two weeks. buckingham palace confirming the news today she will continue to do some light work and make some virtual appearances but will not be traveling. this comesjust a few days afte the queen cancelled her planned appearance at the u.n. climate conference in glasgow. the 95-year-old monarch is hoping to be back in action and able to attend the national
7:24 pm
service of remembrance in mid-october. a drone getting a closer look inside the crater of the erupting volcano in spain's canary islands the pilot of the drone says he expected it to burn up over the crater, but somehow it survived the heat on its flight back the battery died and it wound up in a tree the pilot found it the next day. more than 7,000 people have been evacuated. the volcano on la palma island began erupting more than a month ago. it will be a halloween switcharoo on the international space station. four astronauts planning to blast off on sunday aboard a new capsule called endurance if everything goes right they'll rendezvous from the space station early monday morning then they have three days to learn the ropes before switching spots with the four astronauts already up there but the company says the last thing left to fix before this flight is a leaky toilet here's cnbc's morgan brennan
7:25 pm
>> at 2:21 eastern halloween morning if all goes according to plan, spacex will launch another crew to orbit. three americans and a european will lift off atop a previously flown falcon 9 rocket inside a new dragon capsule, endurance, from kennedy space center. >> this is going to be a great mission. we were down for a while after we retired the space shuttle it took us additional time that we didn't expect but now we are launching americans on american rockets from american soil and that includes our international partners. >> reporter: crew three will mark spacex's fourth human space flight under nasa's commercial
7:26 pm
crew program, a public/private partnership in which elon musk's company and eventually in the future boeing are contracted to ferry astronauts to and from orbit. but it's the fifth crewed mission by spacex overall after the all historic all civilian mission last month no small feat for a company that began carrying people a mere 18 months ago ahead of launch, the crew which includes three rookies had a countdown dress rehearsal. their spacecraft has got some upgrades as well after they discovered leaky toilets on previously flown dragons they will spending a full day in orbit before rendezvousing with the space station and there they will join seven other astronauts already on board kelly. >> amazing, but you can't outrun those plumbing issues. morgan, thank you so much. morgan brennan. still ahead, back-to-back arguments on some of the highest profile cases of the term. the issues front and center next week for the supreme court and it's been months since a
7:27 pm
search for human remains ended in surfside, florida why are the families of victims now asking for one last look through the rubble. the virginia governor's race one of the biggest on the ballot this election day. the latest polls, plus what it will tell us about the country's current political climate. (burke) i've seen this movie before. (woman) you have? (burke) sure, this is the part where all is lost and the hero searches for hope. then, a mysterious figure reminds her that she has the farmers home policy perk, guaranteed replacement cost. and that her home will be rebuilt, regardless
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20% stake in electric vehicle maker riveon automotive. the pro spent u.s. showed details about how close the companies are. amazon ordered 100,000 vehicles by 2030 and plans to have 10,000 of them on the road as early as next year. and a push from workers to unionize three starbucks stores in buffalo, new york the national labor relations board citing with the workers in a preliminary vote the ruling says the employees at those three locations can hold union elections in november, which will be by mail-in ballot. they'll be the first stores of the company's 8,000 in the u.s. to unionize. and the popular netflix series "squid game" inspiring its very own cryptocurrency. it's a crypto play to earn platform with an online tournament launching in november, minus all the killing, hopefully. squid was trading around 12 cents on tuesday get this, it hit a little more than $9 today. that's a surge of more than 75,000%.
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and on wall street today, the dow adding 89 points, the s&p just 9 and the nasdaq up 50. i'm kelly evans in for shepard smith. it's half past the hour. here's what's making the news on cnbc >> nhl scandal fallout a prominent coach resigns in the wake of the blackhawks sexual abuse allegations. planning to vaccinate the world. more doses on the way, but do we have the manpower to administer all those shots overseas but first, all eyes turn to virginia as republicans look to win back the governor's mansion. >> and the race is neck-in-neck just days before voters head to the polls. 49% of likely virginia voters say they plan to vote for dem democrat terry mcauliffe according to a new "washington post" poll 48% favor republican glenn youngkin so that's well within the margin of error.
7:31 pm
call it a toss-up. former president trump is planning to hold a telerally for youngkin on monday the night before the election. joining us now is the director of the center for public policy and school of government and public affairs a lot of analysts are calling this race a bellwether ahead of the midterms, sir. is that how you see it >> i think it's really important for the country to take a look at what's happening in virginia largely because what we're seeing in these polls is that as president biden's numbers decline with independents in particular, terry mcauliffe's numbers have gone down as well and given glenn youngkin a serious chance to win this race. >> let's talk about voter enthusiasm which party has the momentum and maybe has the edge right now >> well, it's hard to say precisely. but if you take a look at the polls which are almost all even with the one exception of a fox poll last night that had glenn youngkin up by eight, they're
7:32 pm
even polls but the trend line over the last three or four weeks, the trend line has been toward youngkin. mcauliffe had a four-point lead and a three-point lead in a lot of these polls now it's down to two and one so i think the republicans are gaining confidence while the democrats are chewing antacid tablets here in virginia. >> how much do you factor what's happening at the virginia level and the president and his spending and infrastructure bills. >> i think it's been the largest problem, the biggest problem that terry mcauliffe has faced what's happened is that for the past four years, democrats did extraordinarily well in virginia when donald trump was the president, was on twitter every day. and now the democrats are running everything they have the house, the senate, the presidency, and still not enough is getting done that is certainly not only drawing biden's numbers down but having a very serious impact here in virginia. >> and how much of a factor is
7:33 pm
school choice? and how much might that swing momentum one way or the other in terms of turnout >> glenn youngkin has been making this argument that terry mcauliffe has sided with big government over parents and made parents madder, a theme of his campaign what he's trying to do is to find some way of uniting the trump base with suburbanites who supported joe biden to get enough defections there to be able to win. if he's able to solve that puzzle or that conundrum which no republican has been able to solve recently in states like virginia, that will be seen as a model. >> and what about the reported plan for former president trump to hold this telerally monday night. will that help or hurt youngkin? >> that's an open question in some ways the early vote in some of the rural areas where youngkin should be really strong have been relatively light and that could help. at the same time, donald trump is not popular in virginia
7:34 pm
his message of draining the swamp in washington was seen almost as a direct assault on the most populous area of our state, the northern virginia suburbs right outside of d.c. >> vcu's bob holsworth, thanks. one of the president trump's critics in congress says he will not seek re-election adam kinsinger making the announcement today he's one of two house republicans on the january 6th committee. in a video posted to twitter, congressman kinsinger said he decided it's time to move on. >> in congress i've witnessed how division is heavily rooted there's little to no desire to bridge our differences and unity is no longer a word we use it's also become increasingly obvious to me that in order to break the narrative, i cannot focus on both a re-election to congress and a broader fight nation wide. >> congressman kinsinger did
7:35 pm
leave the door open to running for office again in his video he said, quote, this is just the beginning of his political future. the supreme court is set to hear arguments in two controversial cases next week. on monday the texas abortion law. the new law bans nearly all abortions in the state, blocking them after about six weeks of pregnancy. it allows private citizens to help anybody who helps somebody get the procedure. on wednesday a second amendment case the court will hold a challenge for a new york gun law the law requires anyone wishing to carry a handgun in public to provide proper cause before they can get a license. both cases will have major implications for laws across the country. as america expands its booster campaign and prepares to start vaccinating young kids, millions of people in poorer countries have yet to receive a first dose the world health organization calling on nations to help the inequality wealthy nations have administered roughly 133 doses
7:36 pm
for every 100 people poorer nations have administered just 4 doses meg tirrell covers health and science for us meg, could we expect some catch-up or could the gap get wider? >> remember last year the world health organization and others created covax to ensure equitable distribution of vaccines but it's shown woefully short of its supply goals. the effort has raised more money than it set out to but hasn't been able to secure enough vaccine. as of last month it was 1.7 billion doses short of its goal of delivering 2 billion by the end of the year. as wealthy nations bought up supply, manufacturing setbacks reduced output some countries like india blocked exports among their own covid surges even as calls mounting for more delivery of doses themselves, there's been an increasing focus on the need to help administer them we spoke with the person who leads the covid response at
7:37 pm
usaid. >> in the next i would say three months or so, as vaccine volumes continue to grow and vaccine availability continues to improve, we'll see that become the limiting factor in more and more countries. >> so it's hard to picture now, but forecasts actually suggest vaccine supply to covax will grow significantly over the coming months, so much that moderna's said the u.s. may find itself in the same situation in the spring, from too much supply to too much to administer. andy slavitt has suggested deploying troops from afghanistan to places like haiti and africa to help with vaccine administration konyndyk said countries need different things some to help pay vaccinators, others logistics support and hesitancy is an issue too. most helpful would be a steady supply of vaccines he and others note it's not just
7:38 pm
being a good global citizen to help vaccinating more people around the world will also reduce the risk of new variants that could prolong the pandemic >> that's a great point, meg thank you so much. our meg tirrell tonight. more than a thousand families are still separated after being split up at the southern u.s. boarder in 2017 and 2018 the new plan from the biden administration that could involve paying them millions of dollars. but how would it work and who is eligible plus the most used vehicle in the military is also the one that is crashed the most now experts are pitching an upgraded safety system they say could save lives
7:39 pm
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a third nhl executive has now resigned over his involvement in the chicago blackhawks sexual assault scandal. joel quinnville stepping down as coach of the florida panthers. he was one of seven then blackhawks who officials learned in a 2010 meeting had heard a player accuse a coach of sexual assault. we now know that player was kyle
7:41 pm
beach. he was called up from the minors for the playoffs in 2010, but an investigation found that none of the executives acted on his allegations for three weeks. quinnville out after meeting with the nhl commissioner yesterday. the blackhawks general manager and senior vice president of hockey operations resigned on tuesday, immediately after the investigation was published. the then president, executive vice president and mental skills coach had already left the team. the last man standing from that 2010 meeting, winnipeg jets gm, who was the blackhawks assistant gm at that time. he met with the nhl commissioner today, but the league said it found he was not responsible for the improper decisions made and won't be disciplined the families of victims from the surfside condo collapse in florida are calling for one more search of the rubble for human remains. mountains of debris have been sitting in a lot after search crews cleared the site months ago. miami-dade county officials are
7:42 pm
seeking permission from a judge to finally dispose of it all, but families who received only partial remains of their loved ones are asking them to look through the rubble again a spokeswoman for the county tells "the washington post" they are considering it the condo tower collapse in june killed 98 people. and the biden administration may soon be paying millions of dollars to migrant families separated at the border. nbc news reporting it's part of negotiations between the justice department and the families' lawyers who they say were harmed by the trump administration policy a negotiation that former vice president pence today said was totally unacceptable in 2017 and 2018, more than 5,600 children were separated from their parents the white house estimates more than 1,000 families are still separated today and a task force set up by the biden administration has reunited just 52 of them nbc's jacob soboroff now on how this program would work and how much money families would receive. >> reporter: kelly, at this stage there are more questions than answers and sources caution
7:43 pm
that so many of those final details, whether how the program will work or how much money will be paid are yet to be determined this is an ongoing settlement negotiation between the u.s. government and lawyers representing those families who were separated over 5,600 of them by the trump administration in what, remember, physicians for human rights, a nobel laureate organization and nonprofit deemed torture and met the u.n.'s definition as well as the american academy of pediatrics who called this government sanctioned child abuse at the time so when you hear from the former vice president today criticizing the potential settlement, you have to keep all of this in context. but what we are hearing and sources have told nbc news is that the sum could be significant, it could be hundreds of thousands of dollars each, which of course could amount to hundreds of millions of dollars if all of the families who were separated by this policy are included it's also important to note that this is separate and distinct from the reunification effort
7:44 pm
that's under way and being led by the biden administration through that family separation reunification task force this is a civil case, a tort case being brought against the u.s. government for damages that these families endured as they were separated, oftentimes for many, many months. some still, a thousand of those families remain separated to this day around 300 families have yet to be located by those searching for them and it's part of why all of this is still so challenging and a developing situation. kelly. >> jacob soboroff tonight, thanks. military humvees are the most common military vehicle according to a government report, they're involved in more accidents than any other tactical vehicle as a result, advocates are pushing for new technology to protect service members inside here's nbc news investigative and consumer correspondent, vicki y nguyen. >> reporter: 10,000 pounds of metal traveling at just 25 miles
7:45 pm
an hour, rolling over twice after hitting a ramp a sobering example of what can happen in combat and during routine training. >> we knew it was bad but nobody thought that wes wasn't going to make it. >> reporter: abby is the widow of staff sergeant wesley kube. in june her husband was on a training mission at the smoky hill air national guard range. he died after the humvee he was riding in rolled over. abby is now raising their three children. >> i didn't actually get to be with him or say good-bye. >> reporter: the investigation into what caused the accident is still ongoing. but kube's death is not isolated according to the government accountability office, there were more than 3700 tactical vehicle accidents from 2010 to 2019 in non-combat situations, almost a third involved humvees. at least 123 service members were killed, contributing to what congress calls a trend of
7:46 pm
non-war related deaths in the military the report also found nearly 25% of the accidents involved a rollover military experts say the armor added to humvees makes them prone to rollovers two years ago the army contracted advance safety supplier immi to research and test safety solutions for the humvee nbc news was invited to immi's crash test demonstration for a look at how additional safety measures could help service members survive. i'm here in indiana and joining me is the lead engineer here at immi nick, we're standing in front of this humvee. it's specially equipped. what do you expect to see? >> we're going to inducea rollover and see how our technology will help a service member in a crash over a conventional three-point seat belt. >> reporter: engineers install sensors and rig the humvee with 30 cameras to capture every angle inside and outside the vehicle. inside the humvee both test dummies are belted one is wearing the seat belt and
7:47 pm
the other is wearing a four-point seat belt system that pulls the driver down to create space between their head and the ceiling. >> launching vehicle in 3, 2, 1 -- >> reporter: traveling at 25 miles an hour, the humvee hits a ramp designed to simulate what could happen in a real-life rollover the humvee flips twice, almost jumping the barricade. and on the inside, chaos watch as this rider wearing just a standard seat belt is thrown from side to side. in slow motion you can see the rider's head hit the ceiling with every roll, but not the driver the airbag and four-point seat belt protect the driver's head and neck. >> that was incredible to see in person we saw what happened on the outside. what happened on the inside? >> everything worked just adds planned. and then the entire seat was pulled to the floor opening up survivable space for the service member. >> up here. >> and that protects the head. >> that protects the head and
7:48 pm
neck from coming in contact with the roof. >> reporter: the army is exploring other safety solutions, including better driver training and simulators for driver experience. for those who lost service members the changes are long overdue. >> i never realized that it's a problem. but now that i'm i guess you could say living a nightmare, that is a problem and it is frustrating. >> kelly, this has been a known problem since at least 2014, when a military report found blunt force trauma in humvee crashes to be especially fatal some have been equipped with antilock brakes and stability control systems by ricardo defense. but when it comes to the technology you just saw, immi says installing the embrace system will cost between $4,000 to $5,000 per vehicle. the humvee maker was also at the demonstration. they say they support immi's research to make those humvees safer. kelly, back to you. >> that cost is nothing for the
7:49 pm
improvements it could add. vicky thank you so much. nbc's vicky nguyen. 274 days, 65 countries and one cruise ship. the plan by royal caribbean to hit the high seas for a record-breaking trip. and a cross-country bond for a brother and sister this one is really going the distce e story from boyd hoopert, next and all their devices. or it could be the day there's a cyberthreat. only comcast business' secure network solutions give you the power of sd-wan and advanced security integrated on our activecore platform so you can control your network from anywhere, anytime. it's network management redefined. every day in business is a big day. we'll keep you ready for what's next. comcast business powering possibilities.
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nine months at sea for fun royal caribbean announcing it's
7:52 pm
launching the world's longest cruise the company says the ship will launch from miami in two years and it will travel around the world. cnbc's seema mody now with the details on what's being dubbed the ultimate world cruise. >> reporter: do you ever just feel like getting away royal caribbean unveiling its most ambitious endeavor yet, a round trip nine-month cruise around the world, visiting seven continents, 150 destination, including stops at the taj mahal, mand the pyramids of giza the cruise may not be for everyone, especially when it costs $61,000, but the ship is filling up fast. >> we've been amazed at the response we opened for sale just over a week ago, and 70% of the entire royal cruise is now booked i mean unbelievable. >> reporter: so who's booking a 274-day cruise
7:53 pm
retired baby boomers >> from 2 to 92. so all the way through the ranges of age. but about 60% of our guests are 60 years and older. >> reporter: but not everyone is onboard. julie and phil speech had been on two cruises since the restart this summer, but they say the ultimate world cruise is a little too much. >> that's a long time to be away from your families and your pets and your doctors >> although julie and phil did say they'd consider joining for half the voyage. this launch of the new sailing comes at a time that the cruise lines are still trying to rebound from the pandemic. with delta cases trending lower in the u.s., bookings have improved for the holiday season, but most ships are not sailing at full capacity, at least not yet. royal caribbean is aiming to have 100% of its fleet back at sea before the end of the year, which would put it ahead of its competitors. >> what 2-year-old maybe its parents are sending it
7:54 pm
away with the grandparents. >> parents plus a kid. thank you very much. for the first time ever an american high school basketball player has signed a shoe deal with a global footwear company 17-year-old mikey williams announce had that he signed a multi-year endorsement with puma the deal comes after the supreme court removed a ban from athletes making money off their name and image williams is a highly rated player he plays for vertical adcademy i charlotte, north carolina. williams says he doesn't know if he'll play college hoops he and puma both declined to share the financial details of the deal. cross-country running not an easy sport it's hard enough to push yourself across the funnish line but pushing someone else now more from boyd hoopert. >> reporter: to the uninitiated,
7:55 pm
a high school cross-country race can appear to be every man for himself. >> chris, you're running great today. >> reporter: the uninitiated would do well. >> i'm going throw up. >> reporter: 14-year-old susan bergman. a chippewa falls ninth grader who leaves no one behind >> it helped me get even closer to my brother. >> reporter: jeffrey is susan's older brother by a year. and these are their parents, jess and jordan. >> when jeffrey was 22 months old, he suffered a sudden cardiac arrest that caused him to go 20 minutes without adequate oxygen to his brain. >> reporter: from that point on, susan's dedication to her brother hasn't wavered. >> we just kind of always have had that special close bond. >> reporter: a bond only strengthened as they click off the kilometers. >> we were trying to figure out a sport or after-school activity
7:56 pm
that he could participate in with me. >> reporter: susan took a cue from their parents, both runners, who included jeffrey in their races. >> he loves running. >> reporter: but susan on grass pushing more than her own body weight through a season's worth of races and practices. >> this is really unprecedented. >> reporter: with his coach. >> we were all worried. >> reporter: everyone worried but susan. >> let's go, susan >> hearing everyone screaming and cheering gives me a very big adrenaline rush. >> come on you got it. >> reporter: recognizing the mental and physical strength, susan's mom suggested maybe run alone. >> she looked as me as if i had grown two heads. she's like this is not an option. >> reporter: this, says susan, is a team. >> come on come on, jeffrey, let's go. >> sometimes i'll look down because i'm going up the hill and i'll see him smiling. >> come on, jeffrey. where are you? i need you right now
7:57 pm
mentally i just push away the pain and focus on him enjoying it all right, there we go >> look at the dedication she has to her brother that's cool. >> we're almost there, let's go. >> then at the end of every race, one final act of love. when susan gives jeffrey the privilege of finishing ahead of her. >> nice, easy run? >> a dad joke. >> he did excellent. >> a little brother's -- >> jeffrey and susan did. >> -- affirmation. >> you guys were so close to your fastest time. >> it puts everything in perspective, doesn't it? >> in 14th place -- >> faster runners will take home medals >> nice job, hayley. >> susan and jeffrey will take home a gold bond. >> i don't think susan wants to run up another hill right now. >> reporter: for the news, i'm
7:58 pm
boyd hoopert, west salem, wisconsin. 50 seconds left, everybody, on a race to the finish tonight. the fda authorizing pfizer's covid vaccine for emergency use in kids ages 5 to 11 it's now the cdc's turn to weigh in. the armorer in charge of prop guns on the "rust" movie set breaking her silence hannah reed has no idea how a live round got into alec baldwin's gun and blames the management for unsafe conditions on set. and president biden preparing for two high-stakes summits with world leaders this weekend. and now you know the news of this friday, october 29th, 2021. i'm kelly evans in for shepard smith. follow us on instagram and twitter and listen to the news podcast on apple, otspify or your favorite platform happy halloween, everybody, and stay dry ♪ just like the men and women who wear it on their uniforms and the country it represents.
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