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tv   Worldwide Exchange  CNBC  November 10, 2021 5:00am-6:00am EST

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it is time for your five @5. cut short at eight the latest read gives some investors a reason to sell more on the way today. get charged up rivian launching >> move overpay pal. a new buy now, pay later unicorn waking waves
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>> and cheniere. and the crypto run doing nothing for shares of coin base. this is "worldwide exchange." >> you didn't go forward in time it is november 10. i'm in the uk. for me, it's like november 11. not really sure what this music is but kind of feels like you are in an elevator in hawaii coming to you from london all week the scity is rocking. subways and restaurants are packed it all feels shockingly normal let's see if this record rally and stocks is continuing because that has been the
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normal the longest losing streak of all time long time streak going back to 1997 check this out if we had ended higher, it would have been the longest record-breaking closing high since july 16, 1964 when lbj was president and beatles topped the charts rather shocking inflation.
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more data out today with the cpi. let's go around the world. red arrowsovernight. shares falling and short of the global chip shortage hurts global car sales. >> what could be the 11th ipo. goodafternoon on a fully
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diluted basis. previously expected to price shares between 67 and 62 expects to lose up to 1.28 billion generating no more than $1 mimllion for the same period plans to deliver 10,000 of the new electric pickup. he will step down from his role. he had stepped into the ceo role when the company founder resigned remaining on the board and interactive through the end of
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2022 will turn out to mod rate to see more data to see if that happens preparing to be some what more aggressive to keep rates under control. >> bullard is not the policy member but will be next year >> thank you
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all of that is a great place to pick up with our first guest this wednesday morning that is malcolm edgeridge. stay tuned, the rbi is about inflation and how it might get worse before it gets better. >> they don't seem to care at all. why not? we've gotten these new treatments has brought with it a whole new renewed sense of optimism that really seems to be beside that for sure >> i saw a stat yesterday.
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don't quote me if it flows into the qqq, the nasdaq 100, up 70 mercedes a month earlier. people are buying stocks and crypto anything you might see that might slow that down >> we've been encouraging clients to diversify away from that megacap train that got us here in that confidence and same megacap frame we rely on isn't likely to be the one that leads us the next year the way it has
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before like the old adage, no one ever got fired for buying ibm nobody ever got fired for buying faang stock. what got you here won't necessarily get you there. >> well said facebook changed their name so we'll have to change it to maang from faang the rivian stock backed by ford. you think gm is a good buy here. how come >> if the likes of tesla early
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is that infrastructure really matters. i don't mean that coming off the back-to-back of the biden bill the infrastructure to build these cars on target people need to have target the testimony hereof cars falling apart and being back in the shop in those early days. it is really tough to manufacture cars at scale. gm seems very well poised to be able to do that. they have the infrastructure they've been doing this together forever. people's concern if i go to drive too far, i won't be able to quote/unquote fill up on the
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way. it just seems that one adoption will be taken off the table and will be to the benefit of a company like gm with such a wide product set. >> you've got to have something to do while you charge electric car sales are booming pleasure to have you on. take care snoochlt when we come back, turning up the heat in the already white hot buy now, pay later space. the ceo of zityh wiping out $50 billion in two days how will he eat? when after this.
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welcome back zilch. pushing valuation to $2 billion. looking to keep going bringing its business to america. the so-called buy now, pay later
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space known as bnpl. accounts for $128 billion according to world pay joined by zilc thrch pounder even in your most optimistic dreams i doubt you planned you would get this big, thisfast what that means is we want our customer who is the most savvy customer to be able to go
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anywhere they want and buy whatever they like and not be financially penalized for that privilege. they can go to macy's, walmart or online like amazon or ebay and pay over time for free no interest. no hidden fees we think we have a huge amount of runway ahead of us. with something like a traditional credit card, there is huge. >> there is clana. everybody in america is trying to get into space. how do you differentiate zilch
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>> because we are a relative newcomer we are able to look back at what others have done well. if you have a look at these they've built from these networks and similar to what zoom did to skype, we are bypassing the network going directly to the customer to pay over time for free my where they like and anything theylike
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to build something unique. they buy 10 things and suddenly they've got over $100 air month in famts with the monthly payment, this looks so darn attractive. we take this directly to the
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customer and they'll understand they have a balance available that they can go out and spend working with cross river as a partner. bypassing this issue and for the purpose moving in that direction, we'll be in a really good spot. >> $10 offer $25 a month can add up zilch, $2 billion valuation. we'll see you in the states. we have a news alert out of europe top union court upholding an
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antitrust ruling against google. giving it an unfair advantage. google can still fight this is like me drooping a din why china is buying uch all of the gas starr can. more about prices in europe and around the globe today's big number $1.1 trillion. the total originated mortgage
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let's call it the good, bad and ugly doordash revenue did beat forecast. striking a deal to buy wolt. a delivery space in finland for $8 billion wolt stock two, fubotv reported a bigger than expected third quarter loss and three, posh mark missing on third quarter revenue. forecasting sales from a bigger than expected hit. limiting the ability to track
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you base down 29% in the pre-markets. ugly let's get a check on other headlines including a judge delivering a legal blow to former president trump frances rivera with more >> former president trump is dealt a set back a federal judge rejected the executive privilege claims the first batch of documents set to be turned over by friday. lawyers from the formal president have filed an appeal >> nfl fines aaron rogers and has ard $15,000 each for attending a halloween party unvaccinated and alleging the team new about the party. >> people's 2021, sexy ex-man
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alive. paul rudd. check out this scene >> get up sexy get up sexy, please. that's it. >> feeling it. in his interview with people, the 52-year-old actor as humble as ever saying there are so many people who should get this before me. he's ordering new business cards now with that title. >> one in one million lobster caught in maine. the blue and pink, rare cotton kachbdy lobster caught in the pay. hoping it will be adopted to an aquarium with no plans for a clam bake any time >> might be adopted by lando
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lakes. >> i'm not familiar with paul rudds work but i'm happy to see he's 52. you can have a five handle and everything is just fine. i'm hanging on that everyday >> thank you >> up next, as christmas gets closer, we'll hide some of the out of the box strategies companies are using to navigate the supply chain helping get that stuff on the shelf by christmas we are bacafr isk teth art tripp. follow route left, left, left, left, left. recalcumalating. left, left, left, left, destination place now more far away. stop. wait. go into your behind.
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christmas in march why the white house is forcing corporate america to fix the supply chain problems ahead of the holidays twitter speaks and elon musk listens. is he crazy like a fox our exclusive conference with ceo of cheniere energy and what they are doing to try to cut down on china's appetite for coal it is wednesday, november 10,
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this is "worldwide exchange. >> i just learned paul rudd was the guy from anchor man with the mustache who wore the cologne called something panther that's awesome i got like eight copies of that for christmas that year. stock futures are slightly lower ending at eight straight days it would have been the longest record streak of new closing
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highs since july 1964 but it was not to be and dreams were dashed president biden faced american companies to try to fix their supply chain woes. here with that and more stories. speaking with several ceos discussing with heads of walmart, target, ups and fedex speeding up deliveries and lowering prices for consumers. the ceos told him, they were confident they'll get to customers what they want in the
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coming weeks bringing total losses to 15% coming from his stock awards since he doesn't take a salary or bonus forcing them to allow external payment options saying the tech giant will need more time will reduce the fee the app store charges for transactions they
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are tied together of course driving up the sort of lows. up not that much compared to the others paling in comparison to natural gas as china is prepared for anything companies like that being sourced in america we had
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a chance to speak and began asking him about continent yol europe and the vice grip they are bought into plus that role of l&g here in the world particularly in europe what you are experiencing is a whole transition to a cleaner energy source you had the europeans competing with the asians and south americans in
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south america, there was a drought at the end of the day, we've delivered about 200 more cargo to europe this year than we did last year we feel good being a part of the solutionthere.
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morning natural gas and wind, you've got to be able to fill the gaps this is the first time we've seen this type of demand full. we always knew the energy transition was going to be a long road we were expecting demand growth. our estimates that we would see
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some type of in demand balance now a lot of that is pure economicrecovery we've seen england reaching out to qatar saying, do you have any ships for us has the govern of england reached out we are trying to do everything we can to be as flexible right now there is a
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school of thought the things that you need to have that clean energy transition the amount of gas back to coal and the amount they are burning is at record levels it is not good for the governments and overall is and
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you know we support producers and the pipeline here in america we bought 6.8 btf. we spend about half a billion a year that helps to reinvest and build the infrastructure our demand and production is
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relatively flat and stable and gives them some uncertainty. we think we are on the right side and will continue to do our part to make things better around the world >> our big thanks to cheniere ceo tomorrow, a focus on putin's big play and why we need to watch nuclear. talking to texas governor rick perry at 5:30. really all day from london the bonus edition including coin bais other top headlines right now. a return to the public market shares down after emerging from
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production in june no jab for us. representing some 700,000 tsa and officials are urging, begging biden administration to move the mandate to at least january 4. thousands may quit and it could cause chaos to the airports. gett, reportedly ready to go public the company close to a deal and a deal to value it at more tha$1 blin ilon we are back right after this
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to make progress, we must keep taking steps forward. we believe the future of energy is lower carbon. and to get there, the world needs to reduce global emissions. at chevron, we're taking action. tying our executives' pay to lowering the carbon emissions intensity of our operations. it's tempting to see how far we've come. but it's only human... to know how far we have to go.
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♪ this is what healthier looks like. ♪ >> time now for a bonus edition. the company adding monthly transaction users trading volumes also down. stock is down 8% upstart shares are lower likely because the stock has been on a wild ride don't cry for the owners still up almost 700% stock three is ring central surging with a
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new deal my tele up 22 percent pe all those things you are going to order for your holidays, we haven't talked about supply stuff. all the packaging required to get you all thatstuff. there are a lot of things happening down the road at the
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moment, we are in a pretty good log jam. >> i understand. we have to take action on it saying you only reup once you pull the plug, it is going to take time to go through. >> you are right to say we are going to wakeup and fix the problem and in two weeks, we are going to have all the goods for christmas on the shelves. this is going to continue for quite a while. you can see the supply chain has
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picked up. it is our duty to come up with solutions to stop this problem from continuing. what would be your job one and job two? when covid came, they made sure to properly do this to make sure citizens would live and not have to despair nobody expected covid to last as long as it did it discouraged those from going back to work it is like a sleeping pill the workforce has not gone back
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in full force yet. the government put together a tariff so that we could have more production and goods in the usa that would support our economy. that added price to the cost of goods and put more pressure on the american consumer. one of the things i say would be a very good idea if we took those and steered them to incentives so that they could use that money and employ more
5:49 am
people i think it could be used as a bonus to salaries a greater sense to come back to work >> whatever it takes, you pay them to open back up it will take time. real pleasure to have you on thank you. >> you too thank you. >> on tech your morning rbi and why inflation pain may be hitting your i'm so glad we did this. seeing inflationary pressures. i'm so glad we did this. i'm so glad we did this.
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time now for your morning
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rbi. some potentially bad news. it may get worst even though prices for everything are up. on a macro level seeing core inflation going up 5% and headline inflation hitting a stunning 6% is money of that due to rising rent and rising car costs. even if not in the move to buy a car, you are in the move to eat. natural gas is a huge part of nearly everything including fertilizer manufacturing most
5:53 am
fertilizers are made of chemical not cow dung meaning you will likely pay more despite what some are saying vaccine negatives are in the supply you've heard the exact opposites costs will go up for nearly everything perfect point to bring in john good to have you back on the program. how do you respond
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>> thanks for having me on the show thinking that perhaps if this could be a change at the leadership for the fed, they tend to be nervous with the fed. beyond that when it comes to inflation, you want to own materials and energy tgs like both have an upside that can pass on the cost to consumers when they are hungry to buy things. i don't just mean food the
5:55 am
technology that doesn't go away you also want to own the financials we've been waiting on that for a long time it does it matters it is better for technology in the near term. that's why we barbell. the discretion on one end and on the other side we have
5:56 am
financials. >> anything we should avoid owning right now one area that will underperform is utilities you have potential for interest rates to come up they are highly regulated in terms of an issue for them in terms of cost of energy in the dproej year value. >> i don't know how you got that out but i'm impressed. we appreciate it got it got it i'll never be able to do it
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again. got it that takes care of us at "worldwide exchange" live from london "squawk box" picking it up next. i'll be in in about 30 minutes to talk about china and coal use. create hope for regular go and happiest pants. say no to consume zentestine if toilet lives far away. if no go for 96 hours, call doctor... translation is complex. transperfect makes it simple. our experts help your business succeed. in any market, any language, any industry. simplify global business with transperfect. this is elodia. she's a recording artist. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10.
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good morning futures some what muted. today tests another round of key inflation data going public pricing above the expected range elon musk dropping the
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expectation. "squawk box" begins right now another huge lineup speaking with mary barra, woods and anthony blinken. yesterday, a down day for the markets. setting new record


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