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tv   The News With Shepard Smith  CNBC  February 7, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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felines. who's your favorite curler, bruce meow-is? i'm going to go because i'm embar embarrassed. "the news with shepard smith" is next be back in an hour see you then it's 7:00 on the east coast, 4:00 in the west time for "the news" on cnbc. is live from cnbc, the facts, the truth, "the news with shepard smith" if you're an american in ukraine right now, it would be wise to leave the country. that's the warning today from president biden as russia amasses 140,000 troops, tanks, fighter jets, bombers, missile
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systems and heavy artillery along ukraine's border. >> i hate to see them get caught in crossfire if they don't evacuate, and so if i were there, i say leave. >> president biden delivering the warning after meeting with the chancellor of germany at the white house. the white house telling cnbc they have enough troops to launch a full-scale invasion by 70%. and he's also ramping up his military capability of ukraine's border. >> that means not just infantry or tracked vehicles but artillery and long-range fires and air and missile defense, as well as special operations i mean, he has a full suite available to him and it continues to grow every day, including just over the
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last two days. >> new satellite images from this weekend show advanced russian military deployment in belarus. the country is a close russian ally that borders ukraine and is in close striking distance of ukraine's capital kyiv this image shows the possible deployment of short-range ballistic missile systems. russia also built up its air force in belarus this is new video of russian fighter jets conducting air patrols along the border meanwhile, u.s. troops in military vehicles started arriving in poland, a nato ally that shares a border with ukraine. and french president emmanuel macron playing the role of peace broker today he traveled to moscow to meet face-to-face with vladimir putin at the creme lip no breakthroughs but macron sounded optimistic, suggesting some progress had been made. while macron was there, president biden issued a report
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regarding the critical oil pipeline. >> a second pope line nord stream 2 would double the amount of gas coming into germany and president biden today said the pipeline would never turn on if president putin resists combat to ukraine. >> if russia invades, that means tanks and troops crossing the border of ukraine again, and then there will be -- there will be no longer a nord stream 2 we will bring an end to it. >> as nord stream 2 nears completion, the u.s. tries to carve out sanctions on the russian tankers laying ott pipeline in the baltic sea, trying to focus the financing squarely on moscow, that the line is built, paid for and would be staffed by dutch companies, posing a political dilemma for the german chancellor, who just months into the job todayat the white hous pledged unity with the u.s. but
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no specific actions to place limits on energy the white house saying putin is beginning to withhold supply himself. the secretary blinken warning he's weaponizing heat at the height of winter. >> when russia halted supplies of gas to europe over a dispute with ukraine in 2009, people died from the cold when energy supplies fail, economies falter we're determined to prevent that from happening. >> tonight press secretary jen psaki tells me president biden is waiting to hear from french president emmanuel macron and the u.s. national security team is working at all levels to keep the diplomatic door open and taking it day by day shep >> kayla tausy, thank you. more states beginning to ditch mask requirements for schools. connecticut, delaware and new jersey among the latest. new jersey governor phil murphy calling it a huge step towards normalcy. >> decisions like these, balancing public health with the need to get back to some semblance of normalcy, are not easy we can responsibly take this
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step given the continuing drop in new cases and hospitalizations and also bouoye by the continuing expectations vaccines will be made to children under the age of 5 in early march. >> school districts in new jersey will no longer be required to enforce mask rules starting march 7th but governor murphy says districts can still issue mask requirements for students and teachers if, as he put it, conditions require it. only 11 states have yet to announce official end dates for mask requirements in schools and the majority of them led by democratic governors that's according to date why from education week. the white house's position is not budging. still encouraging people to mask up in classrooms >> our advice to every school district is to abide by public health guidelines. it continues to be at this point that the cdc is advising masks can delay, reduce transmission. >> but as more states move to ditch mask rules for kids,
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pressure is growing on those who have yet to act. here's cnbc's perry russom. >> with new jersey's governor announcing the end of mask mandates in schools. >> i would like it not lifted. >> i think it's okay he lifts it. >> reporter: pressure is building on new york governor kathy hochul >> if a warparent wants their cd to go to school with a mask, they should have that right. >> reporter: nassau county's president said he does not want kids to be wearing masks anymore. >> when is this going to end right now it seems as if the governor is consulting a psychic or maybe using the magic eight ball. >> reporter: in a news conference today, governor hochul said positive cases and hospitalizations are going down, promising more news this week. >> i will be making another announcement on wednesday about one of our mask vaccination requirements in place. >> reporter: the debate over masks and schools continues to heat up across the country, becoming a tag line in republican campaign ads. >> washington got covid wrong. they closed our schools.
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>> reporter: in virginia governor glenn youngkin, a republican, signed an executive order allowing parents to opt out of mask mandates but late last week, a judge temporarily put a stop to that, saying the governor cannot override school leaders. >> governor, where is your mask? >> reporter: youngkin continues to be pressed in public, seen here maskless in a grocery store. >> look around you, governor breathe the room, buddy. >> reporter: in illinois, governor j.b. pritzker, a democrat, is requiring masks in schools. on friday a judge put that requirement on hold saying the governor oversteps his legal authority. >> we want to make sure we're getting an appeal heard as soon as possible. >> reporter: doctor scott gottlieb on "squawk box" this morning. >> at least when it comes to schools and kids, we should be willing to take a little more risk to return to some sense of normalcy. >> reporter: the mask mandate in new jersey has been around since september of 2020, that was 17 months ago governor phil murphy said we're not going to manage covid to zero and we just have to live
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with it. there's a mask controversy in georgia and playing it is not a good look for stacey abrams. she sent out this tweet of herself in a classroom full of kids, all masked and she wasn't. that tweet later deleted how is she explaining that >> she's not explaining that picture directly, instead she' attacking those who are using it in campaign ads against her. she's calling this a false political attack. >> she's in a room full of kids masked up and she's not wearing a mask you got to do what you say, but i'm sure they'll have fun with that perry, thank you there's a manhunt under way in washington state. police searching for a gunman who shot and killed a person and injured another inside a fred meyer grocery store. it happened today in richland, 3 1/2 hours northeast of portland. police say the gunman took off after he opened fire in the store with a handgun emergency crews took one victim to a nearby hospital a police official said that person is now critical no word yet on what led to the shooting police releasing this image of the suspect. it shows a white bearded man
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pushing a shopping cart. if you happen to recognize him or or have information about where he might be, police ask you call them at the number there on your screen the top cop in minneapolis police department is facing calls to resign after the deadly shooting of a young black man there. protesters say they want the interim chief to step down after 22-year-old amir locke died while officers were executing a no-knock search warrant. the shooting happened early wednesday morning. police release body cam video. a warning now, it may be hard to watch. it shows them barging into an apartment without warning. locke appears to be lying on the coach after officers enter he moves and that's when officers say locke pointed the gun at them and an officer then shot and killed him. the city's police chief said the officer had to make a split-second decision. hundreds of protesters over the weekend taking to the streets of minneapolis, demanding justice
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the shooting leading to increased scrutiny of no-knock warrants here's nbc's shaquille brucester. >> earlier today the minneapolis city council met for a hearing that reviewed the policy, that no-knock policy, looking back at the history of no-knock warrants and looking how to improve that policy we saw mayor jacob frey, the mayor of minneapolis, join that meeting and answer questions from council members saying the city has to do better and will do better. he announced last week a pause, moratorium on no-knock warrants as he brings in outside experts to review the policy and make suggestions for the future that pressure to review no-knock warrants you're seeing not just at a city level but also the governor at a state level saying he would be open to possible legislation if it reaches his desk we also heard from the white house earlier today saying that president biden is considering expanded executive action dealing with no-knock warrants
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meanwhile, the investigation into the shooting continues. it's being run by the county attorney and the state attorney general. they will be the ones responsible for a charging decision if they decide the evidence meets that burden. >> shaq, thank you. we now know the identity of a navy s.e.a.l. candidate who died just hours after finishing hell week training near san diego. the navy's identified him as 24-year-old kyle mullen of new jersey he played football at yale and monmouth university. governor phil murphy directed all state flags to be lowered in his honor. during hell week, navy s.e.a.l. hopefuls go through a grueling series of intense training exercises with little sleep. it's so hard that 50% to frontio
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scrappy budget airlines now trying to punch above their weight together. the announced merger and why the airlines say it will be good for everyone a year ago first lady jill biden said her husband would fight for free tuition at community colleges today in front of the same group, she admitted defeat and news you can use, did you buy, sell or complete any cryptocurrency exchange over the past year? w to answer that question on your taxes the fact, the truth, "the news with shepard smith" back in 60 seconds d ...home and more. you could save up to forty-five percent. (man) that's a whole lot of discounts. (burke) well, we offer coverage for a whole lot of things, and you could save a whole lot of something with farmers policy perks. (kid) sup, dad! (burke) seventeen-car garage you got there? ♪we are farmers♪ ♪bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum♪
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>> are you ready to start a great career? >> safelite is now hiring. >> you will love your job. >> there's room to grow... >> ...and lots of opportunities. >> so, what are you waiting for? >> apply now... >> ...and make a difference. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ >> man, i love that song! the country's four biggest airlines can soon be facing new competition from from a combined spirit and frontier airlines the two budget airlines consistently ranked among the worst in the country would emerge to making one big company. no word yet on a name. in a statement the airline said the deal would benefit travelers
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with the new company offering more than 1,000 daily flights in 19 countries they also said the merger would create more than 10,000 new jobs some awkward timing for the announcement, it came on the very same day frontier had to temporarily halt all of its flights. the company said some tech issue forced the grounding but they're back in the air now. cnbc's phil lebeau covers all things aviation. phil, if this deal goes through, what does it mean for travelers? >> i don't think it means a big change, shep i think what you're going to see is greater opportunities for those who are frontier flyers, particularly in the western half of the u.s., or eastern flyers, to have access to more routes and i think that will be the change the frontier/spirit customer is likely to see. >> for the companies, big hurdles to get apooval on this >> they could be sizable remember, this is an administration that is going to be much more discerning about
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approving mergers. already the biden administration wants to unwine the jetblue and american code share agreement, northeast alliance, which both of them have credited with helping their businesses in boston and new york. if they're already wanting to unwind something that was approved by the previous administration, you can bet they will take a close look at this proposed merger. >> what about the big four airline, does this have any impact on them >> i don't think so, and here's why. they know the game plan from spirit and frontier. nothing is going to change and whether you like it or don't like it, you know what spirit is going to do. and for the traditional carriers, they know that spirit will come into certain markets with really low fares, attract a certain number of customers, but they also know spirit can't offer certain things that they can, international routes in many cases as well as for the business traveler, a much more conducive atmosphere in terms of where they want to take the customer. >> yes, gently speaking.
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phil lebeau, thank you. free community college was a major part of president biden's build back better agenda but it's now officially scrapped from the spending package. that's according to first lady jill biden she broke the news at a community college summit today >> congress hasn't passed the build back better legislation yet, and free community college is no longer part of that package. we knew that this wasn't going to be easy joe always said that but, still, like you, i was disappointed. >> the announcement today, as the white house tries to salvage that social spending package, after senator joe manchin refused to support the bill and tanked it back in september. sahil kippur is here now that's a big concession. >> yes, it is. my nbc colleagues reported back
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in october democrats were planning to strip this out of the build back better act to make the numbers work, to bring the price back up $2 trillion. this is something that joe biden had embraced all the way back in 2015 as vice president to president obama as a way to help people access a higher education, that was important to help people make a decent wage, he campaigned on in his 2020 bid and won. this is unlikely to happen now the larger build back better act is frozen at the moment because of the rejection by senator manchin but there are major pieces that democrats in the white house are looking to salvage. what can that be i spoke to senator manchin at length and great detail about what he's willing to support and there's a lot from the original bill he's still open to. you see it on the screen now, aca funding, that expanded tax credit to help people buy insurance, medicaid expansion in states that did not accept that extra funding under the aca statute where there's a coverage gap. clean energy money, about half a
7:18 pm
trillion in total he's not opposed to, and a series of tax increases including a corporate tax rate of up to 25% from th re senate democratic sources i spoke to have already started talking about putting some of the savings there to deficit reduction as an enticement to win the centrist senator from west virginia. shep sahil capper, thank you. three men convicted of killing ahmaud arbery. today they face the start of a new trial on charges legal experts say cod a lulbeot harder to prove. first a shortage of school bus drives and teachers. now school nurses sounding the
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the three men convicted of murdering ahmaud arbery are going on trial again, this time federal court on federal hate crime charges. jury selection began today unlike the previous trial, this case is centered on whether travis mcmichael, greg mcmichael and william roddie bryan targeted arbery because he was black. two years ago they chased arbery
7:22 pm
in their pickup truck after they saw him running by their south georgia neighborhood travis confronted michael and shot him with a shotgun. in the first trial they argued the men were trying to make a legitimate citizen's arrest because they believed arbery was a burglar. the jury didn't buy that at all and all three received life sentences. as reported, they offered mcmichael a plea deal and they were planning to agree to it but arbery's family came out strongly against it and the judge threw it out let's turn to david henderson, civil rights attorney and cnbc contributor. david, the judge said he plans to call 50 jurors a day. could getting a juror in this case be really complicated >> shep, this is not going to be complicated and the reason is the judge drives the car when it comes to jury selection in federal court. we saw these processes last for week in criminal trials but thus far the judge approved 30 of the out 52 people called in today so this jury can be picked or pool
7:23 pm
done as soon as tomorrow. >> you told me hate crime charges are usually tough to prosecute. is that true in this case? >> it is absolutely true, because it's simple to prove mcmichaels are racists, you got them making racial social media posts in addition to other comments they made there at the scene of the crime but you have to prove motivated by racism to commit this crime and that's never easy and comes down to the way the prosecutors lay out the case in court. >> you know, the family was upset because they wanted these people to spend time in state prisons because they're rougher than federal prisons could that outcome change as a result of this trial >> i don't think the outcome is likely to change as a result of the trial, shep. when it comes down to that, prosecutors are not supposed to take things like that into consideration, however, they should take the family's wishes into consideration what it really comes down to is re-evaluating these cases in a day and time, lawyers just don't go to court as much as they used to there are times they need to and it's more important to fight
7:24 pm
even than it is to win for the right cause. >> david henderson, thank you. juggling tax season, how to handle the did you dabble in crypto question? plus, the requirement being dropped by the irs over privacy concerns the police chief calls it something he's never before seen, a state of emergency issue. the protest kitang over canada's capital city gaining political steam. as we approach the bottom of the hour and top of the news on cnbc first psoriasis, then psoriatic arthritis. it was really holding me back.
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it's tax season and if you're one of the more than 20 million americans who owns cryptocurrencies, your taxes might be a bit more complicated this year. the irs is asking people to report all transactions of digital currency, and potentially pay taxes on them. but there's a catch. cnbc's robert frank here to explain. robert >> shep, just about everyone fills out a 1040 form this time of year filing their taxes it's the most basic part of your return that asks for your name, address and social security number but right below all of that information, the first question it asks about is cryptocurrency. here's what it says, at any time during 2021 did you receive, sell, exchange or otherwise dispose of any financial interest in any digital currency if you answer yes, you're required to report all crypto sales and trades and pay necessary taxes. because the question said received, many investors who
7:27 pm
bought crypto last year assume they have to answer yes but in separate guidance, by the way that's not easy to find, the irs says if your only transactions involving virtual currency last year were purchases of virtual currency with real dollars, you're not required to answer yes. what does this all mean? here's your guide on how to answer this question you can answer no if you simply bought crypto with dollars or received it as a gift and didn't sell any now, you must answer yes if you sold crypto, if you used it to purchase anything, including an nft, if you used crypto for mining or staking, or if you traded one token for another saying by ether with bitcoin, all of those are taxable events and they must be reported. the irs treats digital currency similar to the size of real estate so you pay a capital gains tax, which is the difference between the price you bought it for and trade that crypto for. >> complicated new world it all seems new confusing
7:28 pm
what happens if you don't report any crypto to the irs? >> even if you don't owe any tax, if you fail to report your holdings accurately to the irs, under this question, that constitutes taxfraud right now it's kind of hard for the irs to actually find out since crypto is mostly anonymous but starting next year, crypto exchanges will likely start reporting their customer accounts to the irs, and it's going to be a lot harder to hide. >> robert frank, thank you. so the irs may want to tax your crypto, but it's abandoning an effort to cap cture your face on camera. and that's what's topping cnbc's "on the money. the internal revenue service bailing on plans to roll out facial recognition software to identify taxpayers the move comes as a backlash of third party collection of tax filers verifiableness of data. they called i.d. me a two-year, $86 million contract the service would require taxpayers to take video selfies
7:29 pm
as part of the authentication process. the irs said the shift will not interfere with filing returns or making payments. soaring avocado costs laying a big hit on your super bowl guacamole. supply chain headaches sending prices to the highest on record, again ahead of this year's big game a 20-pound box of avocados from mexico now cost 30% more than it did last year. the supply chain issues come on top of high demand, as super bowl sunday is the biggest day for eating avocados in the u.s and definitely not your kids' stuffed animals. the teddy bear company build-a-bear introducing an after dark collection for adults ahead of valentine's day some of the stuffed animals are sipping champagne or wearing boxers with hearts shoppers required to confirm they're at least 18 years old. on wall street, the dow up a point, s&p -- somewhere over there, s&p down 17
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the nasdaq off 82. i'm shepard smith on cnbc. it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news michigan school officials responding to $100 million lawsuit after their actions leading up to a deadly school shooting called into question. another apology from joe rogan over his spotify podcast and the $100 million offer for him to move his show to a new platform but first, canada's largest city in a state of emergency officials in ottawa struggling to crackdown on thousands of protesters who really paralyzed much of the city for 11 straight days the police chief said the capital is now under siege the self-described freedom convoy began as a rally against vaccine rules for cross border truckers, but it quickly exploded into a protest against prime minister justin trudeau and his government's overall response to the pandemic
7:31 pm
today a judge in ottawa ordered people to stop blaring their horns. and cops say they seized a stockpile of fuel to try to break up the truckers clogging traffic. protests in cities across canada over the weekend, including toronto, edmonton and vancouver. experts say the rallies don't really have a specific leader but they have been championed by members of the political right here's cnbc's valerie castro. >> reporter: the sound of blaring horns is the protest sound of choice, from truckers against canada's vaccine mandate. but it's a deafening noise for others desperate for police to do more. >> you can protest but don't hold us hostage. be a normal protest. don't honk every single minute every hour. >> reporter: the ottawa police chief begged for reinforcements to deal with demonstrations as officers work around the clock, no ways off. >> some officers are on their 14th day straight of 12 hours in a row. we're stretched to the limit but we're 100% committed to using
7:32 pm
everything we have to end this demonstration. we cannot do it alone. >> reporter: but out on the streets protesters continue to party, adamant they must be heard and freedom must prevail. >> we came to be free. i think we're at the end of what needs to be done for covid and people are ready to move on. >> reporter: the ottawa mayor ready for the protesters to move on, declared a state of emergency to bring in more resources. >> they're disrupting far too many lives someone is going to get injured or seriously killed if they don't understand the severity of the situation. >> reporter: and things are escalating, according to law enforcement, who says the makeup of the crowd has shifted. >> latch on protesters, demonstrators, agitators, criminals, those who came to express their hate and latched on to this event to be placed in a venue that can kill the most that you can imagine. >> reporter: the mayor not shying away from using force. >> if the people will not leave,
7:33 pm
they have to be forced to leave, plain and simple. >> no one is here to hurt anything, we're just here to be heard. if they want to send people in and start creating what maybe would be a violent situation, that's not on us. >> reporter: the ottawa police chief is also asking for help from across the border, engaging the u.s. department of homeland security and fbi to investigate death threats to city council members and other public officials. >> death threats wow. thank you. more than 500,000 nurses expected to retire by the end of the year and if that happens, the u.s. will need more than a million new nurses to avoid a dire shortage. that from the american nurses association. health officials say the nursing industry has been short staffed for years now and the pandemic's only made things worse but it's not just hospitals. as cnbc's meg tirrell reports, the nursing shortage is also taking a toll on schools >> reporter: kim burrows has been a school nurse here at a
7:34 pm
maryland factory for five years, a role that entails much more than ice packs and first aid. >> some people think we're just a band-aid room and we don't have the chronic issues to manage and we don't have the emergencies that come up at the schools to manage. have a good day, button. >> reporter: despite her love for the job, boroughs said the pandemic has been overwhelming these days covid-related tasks have doubled her workload. >> there are days you're just so busy because you have so many covid phone calls and things to do. >> reporter: heartfort county where she works has lost 10% of its nursing staff to early retirement the district of supervisor of health services said processing some of those resignation are unhappy parents, following attempts to contact trace or notify families about their children's exposure. >> sometimes that frustration has sort of manifested itself as anger or hostility and certainly has deminute fished our job satisfaction. >> reporter: also
7:35 pm
less-than-satisfying, the pay. the average nurse earns between $64,000 to $67,000, that's $10,000 to $20,000 less than their counterparts at hospitals, making recruitment impossible. but there's rescue in sight. >> the rescue plan earmarked money because it's important for every student to have access to a school nurse. >> reporter: which is not always the case 40% of the public schools employ a full time rn according to a study by the national association of nurses. >> i still say this is the best job i could ever imagine having, even with covid. >> reporter: despite the challenges, kim boroughs says -- >> let's take your temperature, tweety. >> reporter: -- she wouldn't want to be anywhere else and she's encouraging more nurses to join her ranks for the news, i'm meg tirrell. school officials in michigan say they did nothing wrong on a day a deadly shooting in oxford high school happened the "detroit free press" reports
7:36 pm
the school district's lawyer wrote a report filing on friday that everything they did was lawful and proper. he also argued they're immune from liability because they were performing their governmental functions that day in this filing the lawyer wrote in part, defendants deny that they breached any duty and further deny that they were neglect in any matter. he argued they strictly observed all legal duties and obligations imposed by law the lawyer responding to the family's $100 million lawsuit. it accuses school officials of making mistakes before that shooting x they're suing the superintendent, principal, two counselors, two teachers and a staff member the shooting happened more than two months ago police say a 15-year-old student shot and killed four classmates. they say he also hurt six other students and a teacher prosecutors say school officials met with the suspect the morning of the shooting. they say a teacher reported him after finding a graphic note with a drawing of a gun and the words "the thoughts won't stop
7:37 pm
help me. the family's lawyer accused school officials of allowing a deranged, homicidal student to return to class. he pleaded not guilty to gun and murder and terror charges and the liar said he plans to pursue an insanity defense. remember the calorie count for the burgers you buy? what if they go a step further and tell you what it's costing at nt.anet th'sex queen elizabeth with 70 years on the throne with a big announcement and while the monarch prepares for the next generation, the path might be too much for some local fans to forget
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the latest plan to combat climate change starts with your food the department of agriculture reports it plans to spend a billion dollars on signage smart farming initiatives that cut greenhouse emissions
7:40 pm
the project could include new methods to cut methane messages at farms or packages containing soil and from the farm to the table, it turns out the meal's carbon footprint matters too. a new study shows it makes a big difference in what people buy. >> reporter: we've all seen the calorie counts on food packaging, some restaurants even put it on the menu so why not a carbon count or at least a consideration? that's what researchers at the world resources institute tested on more than 6,000 consumers with remarkable results. certain environmental messaging doubled consumers' ordering of low carbon plant-based items the menu messages rangeford joining a movement to a sustainable future, to small changes, big impact. one suggested taste benefits those menus included the sustainability messages were more likely to suggest lower carbon meals at the recent climate summit in glasgow, packaged foods offered
7:41 pm
an actual carbon count. >> can a chipotle burrito bowl change the world >> reporter: chipotle offers carbon information on its food website and apps they call it a foodprint >> it's the average impact on things like carbon in the atmosphere, water saved, soil helped, organic land that you save by eating at chipotle versus someone else. we know people are making decisions based upon it. >> reporter: panera offers a similar strategy with cool food meals, highlighting those items with a low carbon footprint. so do consumers really care. >> it does matter as a whole for the environment? but if i'm going to chipotle for chicken or beef, i'm just going to get what i like >> absolutely. i'm vegan and i'm a big proponent of plant-based items. >> chipotle doesn't actually put a carbon count on its foods because you can only do that when the food comes from one
7:42 pm
place and that's why it would be hard to have any kind of national carbon label on food. still, the messaging apparently does make a difference shep >> since it's impossible to do the national carbon count label, could more at least be done on a local level? >> absolutely. and especially given how the trend in restaurants now is towards locally sourced meats and vegetables and everything on the menu is at least from the same general area, it is possible to put an actual carbon footprint on it and as we've shown, that could change the way people order. >> diana olick, thank you. the british prime minister boris johnson's inner circle is shrinking by the day today another senior staffer left his role at number 10 downing street his name is henry newman he was a senior adviser to the prime minister he's set to transfer to another government in the -- another department in the uk government. he's now the sixth senior aide to leave number 10 since last week the turmoil comes after the
7:43 pm
prime minister falsely claimed that the opposition leader failed to prosecute an infamous sex offender named jimmy sawville the uk government claims the exodus is all part of boris johnson's attempt to clean house. a spokesperson said there would be more changes in the coming days on saturday prime minister johnson appointed a new director of communication who revealed johnson welcomed him to the team by singing gloria gaynor's song "i will survive. prime minister johnson under increasing pressure to resign. last week the uk government released a report into parties during the government lockdown by staff, outlining significant leadership failures at number 10 the prime minister apologized and is urging everyone to wait for the results of a police investigation. gun salutes today marking 70 years on the british throne for queen elizabeth. she's the first british monarch to reach the milestone, known as
7:44 pm
a platinum jubilee she's used part of her celebration to make an announcement about the future of the monarchy, declaring she wants prince charles' wife camilla to be known as queen consort when charles takes the throne royal reaction has been mixed between people who say camilla's a respected member of the family to those who remember her as the other woman who came between charles and the late princess diana. our sister network sky news reporting on the transition from other woman to queen camilla here's sally lockwood. >> the choice the people will love as a princess in due course as queen >> reporter: as depicted in the netflix series "the crown," camilla was vilified as a marriage wrecker, the woman who shattered britain's royal fairy tale between charles and diana but in her mid-50s, she braved the hostility of tabloids and the public, moving from a rather private life as mrs. parker
7:45 pm
bowles, to one of dedicated public service in marriage to prince charles kept man to was the headline in the local paper in their home. camilla has won affection in the 17 years since but even in neighborhoods here, she can still divide opinion. >> she's a great support for charles, she hasn't done anything wrong and i think she deserves the position of queen. >> i think it's perfectly sensible, why not? she's been around a long time doing good things and i wish them the best of luck. >> i do like princess diana so i don't think she should be queen consort. >> reporter: perhaps relatable moments like this helped soften the british public, camilla struggling to contain her giggles during a royal visit to canada indeed prince charles is said to be much more relaxed in her company, popular with her
7:46 pm
stepsons, prince harry has spoken of how happy she makes their father it's been a remarkable journey to public acceptance for the duchess of corn wall with prince charles' ak semgs confirmed, the queen of consort is the seal of approval from the very top. planning a trip? in some cases travel insurance is now required but in most cases, it might not be a bad idea one man's story of deep regret after finding himself on the wrong end of quarantine and footing the bill. and minutes away from ntui cg back to beijing for coinngoverage of the winter olympics. team usa fighting for a gold medal as the host nation defends itself from criticism.
7:47 pm
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new fallout tonight from the growing controversy surrounding spotify and joe rogan. the company's ceo, daniel eck, apologizing and condemning rogan for using racial slurs but in a letter to spotify employees, eck wrote, silencing rogan is not the answer. joe rogan publicly apologized over the weekend after a video surfaced that showed him repeatedly using the n-word in several podcasts over the years. here's a clip from that video. >> you're not saying the word [ bleep ]. >> i already said [ bleep ]. >> just like [ bleep ] is [ bleep ]. she's calling you a [ bleep ]. >> he starts calling [ bleep ], [ bleep ]. >> rogan called that the most regretful and shameful thing
7:50 pm
he's ever had to talk about publicly spotify said it supported rogan, removing about 70 episodes of "the joe rogan experience" over the weekend. in a letter shared with nbc news, the the company's ceo said rogan's previous comments do not represent the values of this company. rogan signed a multiyear contract with spotify back in 2020 reported to be worth more than $100 million. but now the social media site rumble just made rogan a new offer, another $100 million to bring his podcasts to its platform. planning to travel abroad? you might want to consider travel insurance with ever-changing covid requirements, some countries are mandating guests get the coverage even if your destine ago doesn't require it, some places might be a political nightmare. here's contessa brewer. >> reporter: a trip to the caribbean island in the cold winter months, sand and sunshine, a relaxing holiday,
7:51 pm
until that covid test to fly home. >> we were all required to have a test taken within 24 hours of departure to go home and we had nine negatives and one positive, which was mine. >> reporter: so in january, david katz got a hotel room by himself and a staff escort to it. >> they said is there anything else you need? i said, i was hoping you were going to give me the key, and they said no, call us if you need anything. and they left and closed the door. >> reporter: suddenly stuck and shoveling out more money for quarantine food and lodging. it's the big reason demand for travel insurance is soaring. >> travelers right now are facing more uncertainty than ever before due to covid, so more of them are turning to travel insurance to protect their financial investments in their trip and also for coverage while they're traveling. >> reporter: square mouth, an online marketplace for trip insurance, says sales in 2021 were 50% higher than 2019, before the pandemic. and the first month of this year, sales were an astonishing
7:52 pm
266% higher than january of last year and insurers have changed their policies to meet that demand >> with had seen most providers offering coverage if you were to contract the virus >> reporter: that's a significant change since the pandemic started, though not all policies cover covid, so you have to check the details before purchasing david katz didn't have trip insurance. >> we think everything is going to continue to progress to where we can start to act normally, or at least in a new normal context, but it's hard to know so i think that's ultimately what insurance is for, it's for the hard to know. >> reporter: one note, there are still situations where even a covid policy won't kick in, for instance, if a country decides to shut down its border because of the pandemic, that typically would not be covered by insurance. that's where a canceled for any reason policy would come into
7:53 pm
play but, shep, they can cost as much as 15% more traveling, destination, age of the travelers. so it really pays to shop around for the best price here. >> contessa brewer, thank you. beijing winter games, minutes away from our primetime coverage here on cnbc. tonight, the semifinals in mixed doubles curling. italy versus sweden. the winner takes on norway tomorrow for the gold medal. team usa can sure use one of those. they're still looking for their first gold medal at the winter games. it will be tough though after losing a star athlete. figure skater vincent zhao out of the winter games after he tested positive for covid today. the result comes just hours
7:54 pm
after he helped usa earn a silver medal in the team skating event. there's more bad news on the slopes skier mikaela shiffrin, in defense of her giant slalom title is over. she crashed out of contention on her opening run today. shiffrin still has four other events to compete for gold. meantime, olympic athletes who test positive for covid say they're facing nightmarish conditions at quarantine hotels. team officials from germany, belgium and russia say the rooms are too small, they're dirty and they don't have internet connection to let them communicate with their team. they also say the food delivery don't come often enough and when they do come, the portions are small and the food is bad. today an international olympic committee official promised to make improvements, in a briefing, he said, it's very unfortunate it affected an athlete. it's been addressed. in beijing, here's cnbc's eunice yoon. >> this isn't an image beijing
7:55 pm
wanted to present for the winter olympics before the opening ceremony, a reporter dragged off by chinese guards on live tv, exposing china's heavy-handed security apparatus. i feel we will have to come back to you, he tells the anchor. for the olympics, china has been promoting a picture-perfect image of china, a country of calm as other nations struggle instead the games are revealing a china with a different reality. a prime example, the continued media focus on chinese sports star peng shuai, who accused the communist party leader of rape on her social media account. >> she disappeared from the public eye for weeks, raising world while concerns about her whereabouts. the three-time olympic than appeared in videos featured by state media, and today an interview overseen by chinese olympic officials. she told a magazine she had not
7:56 pm
been sexually assault, deleted her own post and planned to retire from tennis the government dismissed the concerns as malicious speculation and the international olympic committee said its chief met with peng for a private dinner inside the olympic public, monitored by beijing. no mention of whether allegations or freedom of action were discussed. >> i don't think it's up to us to be able to judge in one way just as it's not for you to judge either. >> international viewers get a rare chance to judge the controls, now with athletes prot protesting beijing's zero covid protocols and human rights, chinese say they're addressing the athletes' complaints the women's tennis association says it's still concerned about peng's safety. in a statement the ceo repeated he wants to see a formal investigation into her allegations and the opportunity to meet with her without beijing's supervision. shep >> eunice yoon live in beijing again, winter olympics
7:57 pm
coverage continues in just a couple of minutes. but first, here's a quick look at where the medal count stands right now. the russian olympic committee leads with seven medals, canada in second with six, netherlands rounds out the top three team usa is clearly off to a slow start, currently in 12th place with three silver medals you know it's the first time in winter games history the u.s. has gone without a gold medal through the first 20 events, but here we are. if you're just tuning in for the games, a quick recap of today's headlines. president biden warning americans who are in ukraine right now, he says it would be wise for them to leave the country so they don't get, as he put it, caught in the kron fyre crossfire if russia invades. a pentagon spokesperson later said on msnbc, it's more about getting out before any travel difficulties might arise. more states preparing to ditch mask requirements for schools. connecticut, delaware and new
7:58 pm
jersey among the latest. and frontier and spirit airlines announcing plans to merge into one massive discount airline. the merger would create the nation's fifth largest airline with more than 1,000 flights a day. and now you know the news of this monday, february 7th, 2022. i'm shepard smith. follow us on instagram and twitter @"the news" on cnbc and listen to "the news" podcast on apple, spotify or your favorite podcast platform we do "the news" each week night 7:00 eastern time with a reair at midnight eastern. we promise the fact, the truth, the news with no pundit and no opinion. an hour of just the facts each week night on cnbc for all of us here, thank you for checking in. hope to see you back here tomorrow night a quick 90-second commercial break coming up and then let the games begin. i scheduled with safelite autoglass.
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at vanguard, you're more than just an investor, you're an owner with access to financial advice, tools and a personalized plan that helps you build a future for those you love. vanguard. become an owner. can he get it? he can phi on the board for team usa. the united states has won curling gold >> day break in beijing. china won its first winter olympics medal, a silver in speed skating 30 years ago, ye qiaobo took gold the chinese have four medals to their credit in the early days of these games gazing down at the nationa


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