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tv   The News With Shepard Smith  CNBC  February 9, 2022 12:02am-1:02am EST

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yes! (laughs) mark, i think that was the fastest deal we've ever done. (laughs) next? now the news of the day, without opinions, panels or pundits. that starts now. i'm shepard smith. this is the news on cnbc the parents of the alleged michigan school shooter in court. the new evidence presented as prosecutors seek a potentially ground-breaking trial. the justice department's biggest financial bust ever. the billions in crypto seized and the arrest of the crocodile of wall street. shakeup at peloton >> peloton has seen an incredible swing lower since it
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became the stay-at-home play of the pandemic. >> the ceo out nearly 3,000 jobs gone can the company get back on track? retired pope benedict asking for forgiveness over the church's sex abuse scandal what he acknowledges and what he does not. olympic speed skating sparks controversy in beijing. the army's just-released battle plan to survive climate change and the booming business of butter runs into a problem >> announcer: live from cnbc, the facts, the truth, the news with shepard smith good evening a judge is set to decide whether there's enough evidence to send a suspected school shooter's parents to trial this has the makings of a ground-breaking american case because never before have parents faced involuntary manslaughter charges for their
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teen's actions in a school shooting james and jennifer crumbley say they are not responsible for what their teenage son did here they are in the courtroom today in handcuffs and prison uniforms their son is accused of killing four students at his oxford, michigan, high school in november prosecutors say the father bought him the gun and that both parents failed to address warning signs. today witnesses described the parents' actions in the moments before and after that massacre jennifer crumbley's boss said the mom left work to go meet with school officials about her son on the morning of the shooting, november the 30th. when she came back, she told her boss her son needed help >> she had said that her son needed to get some counseling and she felt like she was failing or failed him. >> prosecutors say during the meeting at the school, a teacher reported finding a concerning drawing their son had sketched they showed that drawing in court today.
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it shows a gun, seen here, with bullets and the words "the thoughts won't stop. some of the images scribbled over prosecutors say school officials urged the crumbleys to take their son home, but that they refused. a detective who testified today laid out text messages that the suspect sent his mother months before the shooting. several times he told her he was seeing things in their house, including a demon. here's one exchange. okay, the house is now haunted i got some videos and a picture of the demon i'm just going to go outside for a while. can you at least text back the detective said the mom, jennifer crumbley, never did message her son back that night. prosecutors also laid out dozens of facebook messages that jennifer crumbley shared with a woman who owned a horse farm where she boarded two horses after the shooting she wrote to the woman, my son ruined so many lives today. the crumbleys have pleaded not
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guilty and so has their son. cnbc's perry russom now on the day in court. >> reporter: the day four students were shot and killed at oxford high school, jennifer crumbley's boss said there was screaming down the hallway at work. >> i saw mrs. crumbley say there was an active shooter at her child's school and she had to go. >> reporter: andrew smith said she texted him and said the gun is gone and so are the bullets omg, andy, he's going to kill himself. he must be the shooter i need a lawyer at substation with police. ethan did it two hours later, another text. i need my job. please don't judge me for what my son did. >> i was surprised she was worried about her job at the time. >> reporter: police say jennifer and james crumbley's 15-year-old son was the shooter. prosecutors played the 911 call made by james. >> there's an active shooter situation going on at the high school my son goes to the high school i have a missing gun. >> reporter: tears fell down jennifer's face.
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james looked away. amanda holland is jennifer's coworker. >> she said she felt like a failure as a parent. the way she said it seemed sarcastic. the way she said that she was a failure. >> reporter: kira calls jennifer a friend. >> did she ever express anything concerning about her son? >> yes. >> what did she say? >> she said that he did not have any friends. >> did she call him weird? >> yes. >> reporter: in the line of questioning from the prosecution, they were trying to establish that the parents cared more about their horses than their own child. their attorneys say that they did not know that a shooting was being planned and it was hard to find the gun in the house. they are back in court the 24th. >> perry russom live for us tonight. a massive crypto bust. today the justice department announced it seized billions of dollars in stolen cryptocurrency the deputy attorney general says it's the largest financial
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seizure in the doj's history the total crypto haul worth more than $3.6 billion. officials say the digital currency linked to a major hack back in 2016 they also say they arrested a new york couple as part of the operation. cnbc's washington correspondent, eamon javers now eamon, what are they accused of? >> reporter: well, shep, she called herself the crocodile of wall street. officials said 31-year-old heather morgan and her 34-year-old husband were arrested in new york this morning. online she described herself as the surrealist artist and rapper, known as razzle time and posted a video of herself rapping on wall street and calling herself a real risk taker and bad ass money maker. she was a contributor to where in 2020 she wrote an article advising businesses on how to protect themselves from cyber criminals. her piece included detailed information on security
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precautions at a cryptocurrency exchange the couple was charged with money laundering conspiracy and conspiracy to defraud the united states in connection with an alleged attempt to launder the proceeds from 119,754 stolen bitcoin. today's dollar value of the crypto seized by the government is $3.6 billion. >> this is the largest seizure of cryptocurrency ever by u.s. law enforcement. it is also the department's largest single financial seizure in its history. >> reporter: but the government stopped short of alleging that the pair actually hacked the virtual currency exchange in the first place, leaving open the possibility that there's more to the story. officials allege that the hacker made more than 2,000 unauthorized transactions and that the funds went to a digital wallet controlled by lick tenstein they say apparently $25,000 of those bitcoin left the wallet and some of the stolen funds were transferred to financial accounts controlled by the couple
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they used the proceeds, officials said, to buy gold, nfts, and even walmart gift cards for themselves investigators said they recovered 94,000 bitcoins controlled by the couple and they said there's going to be a court process for anyone who believes their funds were stolen to apply to the government to get them back, shep. >> eamon javers live in washington. patience is wearing thin in the capital of canada. as protestors dug in on the city streets. they have occupied ottawa for about 12 days and today they took it to another level a convoy of truckers is causing disruptions at the busiest border crossing between the u.s. and canada protesters stopped traffic in both directions today at the ambassador bridge. it links detroit with windsor, ontario. and it's a vital trade route for the auto industry. u.s.-bound traffic is now moving slowly but according to canada's government site, the bridge is temporarily closed
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the trucker convoy began in ottawa as a rally against vaccine mandates, but it's escalated into a broader protest against canadian government and its covid rules. the convoy has essentially brought ottawa to a standstill and for now protesters show no sign they'll be leaving. nbc's ellison barber is there. >> reporter: today in ottawa, there are still countless protesters, trucks all along the streets throughout the city. everywhere you look almost you can see the trucks that kind of just continue to go over there, sort of more in the front of parliament, is one of the main gathering areas where we've seen people come and gather you can see more cars and people here for the most part things have been calm. you can hear some people shouting "freedom" at us now things largely have been jovial. there is a strong anti-media sentiment in these areas you hear people yelling at us, "tell the truth. for the most part people have
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been peaceful. they have very strong opinions and they want to make sure the government hears them. they are frustrated. most of the people we have spoken to say they are here because they want to see an end to all covid restrictions and all covid mandates they say that means no masks, no vaccine mandates, no indoor dining restrictions, and they say they will stay out here blocking the streets, many of them sleeping in tents or in their trucks until they see an end to those mandates. the prime minister has said that this does not represent canada, that these people are not representing most of canada and that they are in his view the fringe people here say they don't believe that's true at all they say they do represent many people here and that term "the fringe" has almost become a bit of a term, a rallying cry if you will we saw one person walking with a shirt on that said the fringe. back to you. who do you believe the kremlin is adamant, vladimir
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putin did not agree to anything during his face-to-face meeting with the french president, emmanuel macron. but the french leader claims vladimir putin personally assured him that russia would not escalate the crisis in ukraine. the kremlin undercutting macron as he continues to play the role of peacemaker. today macron was in kyiv for a meeting with the ukrainian president, volodymyr zelensky. macron warned a diplomatic solution could take months russia continued to deny it has any plans to invade ukraine, despite the fact that it has 140,000 troops, plus tanks, missile systems, fighter jets, bombers and artillery amassed along the country's border this is new video of russian amphibious landing warships deploying to the black sea not far from the shores of ukraine they're capable of carrying thousands of ground troops russia claims they're there for naval drills
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defense analysts have been warning ukraine's military is no match for the russian war machine. they're outgunned, outmanned and outequipped, but they are not going down without a fight nbc's matt bradley touring a factory in eastern ukraine where they're restoring old soviet-era tanks. >> reporter: outgunned, outmanned but not for lack of trying the ukrainian military has improved quite a bit since the last time russia came in 2014. the russians will probably make a meal out of the ukrainian military, maybe even before they step foot into ukrainian territory again for the second time in eight years. i went to this tank factory today. it was not really a tank factory, it was more a factory where they were updating old soviet era tanks into modern, really quite technically advanced equipment
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we spoke with the director there and he said that these tanks that they're producing, they're updating, are just about as good as anything they would confront on an open battlefield against the russians but open battlefield again, with the superior air power and naval power of the russians, a lot of the defense analysts and actually former defense officials that i spoke to said the main strategy here is going to be an insurgency against an occupying force that is going to be the modus operandi if the russians decide to invade. peloton is facing an uphill climb now. they have a new boss thousands of people laid off how it got to this point, and can the company work its way back the homicide investigation that led police to the apartment where amir locke lay sleeping and where police shot and killed him. today an arrest in that investigation, and the family ties that link it all together and hyundai and kia issuing a warning to almost half a million car owners
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which saved investors over $1.5 billion last year. that's decision tech. only from fidelity. peloton is in crisis, the company is shifting gears all of a sudden as demand for their iconic stationary bike plummets. the ceo is stepping down the company laying off nearly 3,000 workers. cutting its corporate workforce by more than 20% as part of their severance package, they get a year of free peloton classes. the company has been hemorrhaging money executives said it lost more than $400 million in its last quarter alone. at the height of the pandemic, the company stock soared to all-time highs with people stuck at home without gym access, the company couldn't even keep up with the demand for their bikes but then peloton hit some speed bumps and it's been downhill from there
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today the stock did close up after the news broke here's cnbc's diana olick on peloton's rough ride and path forward. >> a killer workout right at home. >> reporter: peloton was the ultimate stay-at-home play so much so that it couldn't even keep up with the demand. >> that revenue is up 232% annually, thanks to unexpectedly strong demand. >> reporter: it announced an even higher-end bike and lowered the original bike's price, as well as added a cheaper treadmill, all trying to capitalize on all those gym rats stuck at home. then a major purchase. >> peloton is acquiring precor, one of the largest equipment fitness makers the transaction valued at $420 million. >> reporter: then another huge investment. >> well, scott, peloton is announcing plans to build its first u.s. factory located in troy township, ohio. >> reporter: this all as the brand hit some skids from which some companies wouldn't recover. >> a major consumer alert today.
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peloton recalling all of its treadmills over safety issues. >> reporter: the death of a child under the original treadmill. ceo john foley initially refused the cdc's demand for a recall but then relented, admitting he made a mistake and apologizing then the reboot of "sex and the city" killed off main character mr. big on a peloton the company had given permission to use one of its trainers for the segment. >> peloton is not involved in this at all. we did not give them the bike. >> reporter: so they fought back with a clever ad of their own. >> shall we take another ride? >> reporter: but the real problem was just plain falling demand, as people went back to the gym. peloton's connected subscriptions had grown at a pace of 25% at the start of the pandemic the forecast for later this year is barely 2% so peloton scrapped the new factory, is laying off workers and restructuring the business. >> we scaled our operations too rapidly, and we overinvested in
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certain areas of our business. we own this. i own this and we are holding ourselves accountable. that starts today. >> reporter: as for selling the company, there are rumors of buyers like nike, amazon, apple, but most analysts on cnbc today said the restructuring and the new ceo make that less likely, at least in the short term the new ceo is moving from california to new york and the stock price is already rising sharply. john foley still has control of the company with a wide majority of the stock power, so it would be up to him in the end, shep. >> what about users, any of this impact people who own and use the bikes or the treadmills? >> reporter: well, the company said the changes announced today would not negatively impact instructor rosters the number of classes produced or the range of class modalities as you know, shep, some of those instructors have a cult following. >> no doubt. diana olick, thank you. students across minnesota walked out of class today demanding justice for amir locke. he's the black man killed during
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a no-knock police raid last week some in st. paul marched straight to the governor's of the minneapolis police mansion. students calling for an overhaul of the minneapolis police department, including the resignation of the interim police chief they say they want the department's policies reviewed and an end to no-knock warrants. early wednesday morning, minneapolis police barged into an apartment without knocking executing a warrant for a homicide investigation, and 22-year-old amir locke, seen here, was lying on the couch cops say an officer shot locke after he pointed a gun at them all of it happening in less than 15 seconds today police say they arrested locke's cousin in an investigation that led to that deadly raid. prosecutors charged him with murder in the second degree. forget milk, got butter? turns out demand for butter is through the roof great news for dairy farmers,
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so you can put dieting behind you and go live your life. head to now to join the over 2 million people who have found the right way to lose weight and get healthier with golo. fo for nearly 250 years the u.s. military has protected the nation against all enemies, foreign and domestic now it's gearing up for a fight of a different type, an enemy called climate change. the army just released its first comprehensive strategy in tackling the threat of global warming. the main goal, get to net zero emissions by 2050. to make it happen, the army laid out a 20-page road map it includes making more military vehicles electric and training soldiers to deal with more deadly heat waves, droughts and floods in the report the secretary of the army writes in part, the time to address climate change is now we have a unique opportunity to
12:25 am
improve our defense capabilities and become a more efficient force, while securing a better future cnbc's seema mody spoke with a top army official today about the push to get to net zero. >> reporter: global warming, no longer just a threat to the environment. it's seen by the united states army as a direct threat to national security. >> more and more we're asked to respond in the wake of a natural disaster right here at home to help out our fellow citizens rather than training for a combat mission overseas, so this is becoming more and more of an issue. >> reporter: the army's climate strategy calls for reducing carbon emissions, developing electric tactical vehicles, and the rollout of microgrids at military bases. >> so the local utility and the grid does go down, we're still able to power our base, our mission critical systems, and we're able to move the forces and protect the power that we need to be in case of a national
12:26 am
emergency. >> reporter: it follows a report from the department of defense late last year warning of more frequent, intense and unpredictable extreme weather conditions caused by climate change are exacerbating existing risks and creating new security challenges. >> climate change is going to make it harder for the army to do its job. >> reporter: defense experts say extreme heat has also made training more dangerous. >> it is much harder to train in an environment where it's increasingly hotter or you're running into more extreme weather that causes interruptions. >> reporter: heat-related illnesses over the summer have posed a threat to troops in southern states like texas, pushing more members of the army to train at night versus during the day while also using other work-arounds to ensure new recruits are better prepared to respond to extreme weather events shep. >> seema mody, thank you controversy on the speed skating track. athletes disqualified, their home country crying foul and accusing the olympic committee
12:27 am
of bias. retired pope benedict now asking for forgiveness his plea tied to his handling of clergy sex cases but it's what he did not say that's having the biggest impact as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news on cnbcproach [limu emu squawks] woo! new personal record, limu! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. ♪ listen, i'm done settling. because this is my secret. only pay for what you need. i put it on once, no more touch ups! secret had ph balancing minerals; and it helps eliminate odor, instead of just masking it. so pull it in close. secret works. first psoriasis, then psoriatic arthritis. even walking was tough. i had to do something. i started cosentyx®. cosentyx can help you move, look, and feel better... by treating the multiple symptoms of psoriatic arthritis. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx.
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before starting...get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections some serious... and the lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms... or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. tell your doctor if your crohn's disease symptoms... develop or worsen. serious allergic reactions may occur. watch me. ask your rheumatologist about cosentyx. the next potential supply chain snarl may mean trouble for bakers butter prices are at $2.50 a
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pound right now, the highest in more than four years of course it's good news for dairy farmers if they can keep up cnbc's jane wells is at the ag expo in california how's it going there, jane >> reporter: hey, shep, you know, this is the largest farm show here in the heart of dairy country. equipment sales are strong, demand is high, even though prices are higher. of course the cost of everything is higher. baked into that is butter. in the heart of the nation's number one farm state, 100,000 people will kick the tires this week at the world ag expo. most of them locals. many of them dairy farmers in the state of happy cows, which is slightly happier than normal. >> i'd say right now we're close to break even, making a little bit. >> reporter: joey is a fourth generation dairyman who sells to land of lakes the milk from his almost 3,000 cows. >> the demand side is really
12:30 am
good and that's probably the bright spot looking forward here is that we see that people went back to cooking with butter and doing things like that. >> reporter: nothing in dairy is selling better than butter america remains whipped up about home baking since the pandemic began. prices are double what they were a year ago and we actually have to import butter to meet demand. but not all of that creamy profit is making it to the farm. land of lakes is paying him 50% more but costs are skyrocketing for things like corn feed. some herds have been shut down or downsized and everybody is fighting over water. >> you know, california is a super high regulated state. >> reporter: regulations include reducing methane emissions from cows by 40%, so he is now collecting methane from manure under tarps and piping it to a nearby power plant it's all part of his plan to keep the farm going for another generation
12:31 am
and it will help if america keeps baking. >> dairy farming is to some degree, it's inside of you and it's something you like to do. there's days i question my judgment on that. >> reporter: despite this high demand for butter, california is at risk of losing its status as the number one dairy state because it just costs too much money to do anything out here. happy cows could be moving back to wisconsin, shep outrage! >> jane wells in california, thanks. with interest rates set to rise, americans are racking up a whole lot of debt. and that's what's topping cnbc's on the money u.s. households are on the hook for a record $15.6 trillion in debt at the end of last year that's new household debt data from the new york fed today. total debt up more than a trillion bucks the largest yearly increase since 2007 high demand for housing fueled a nearly $900 billion debt
12:32 am
increase in mortgages and credit card balances grew by $52 billion in the final three months of the year that's a new quarterly record. park outside that's the message from u.s. safety regulators today to owners of some 485,000 hyundai and kia cars the reason concerns that a defect in the antilock brake system could cause a fire the cars, they say, at risk of catching fire even if the engine is off the automakers say they have 11 reports of fires so far in the u.s., but no injuries. and apple taking another bite out of how we pay for things the tech giant announced today a new tap to pay feature for iphones. want to buy something? just tap your iphone about a merchants' apple device. apple is teaming up with third parties to roll it out later this year. on wall street, the dow up 372. s&p up 38. the nasdaq up 179. i'm shepard smith on cnbc.
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it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news more companies are getting into the business of online sports betting. now a new perk being tested to lure new customers the pentagon investigating leaked video that shows a $100 million fighter jet crashing on the deck of an aircraft carrier. but first, the former pope issues a controversial statement. >> retired pope benedict asking for forgiveness for any grievous faults that he may have made in his handling of the child sex abuse cases. but he's denying any personal wrongdoing pope benedict was responding to a report that accused him of misconduct while he was archbishop of munich the former pope's statement not sitting well with some sexual abuse survivors and their advocates.
12:34 am
michael has represented hundreds of abuse victims in the united states he's calling pope benedict a leader setting a poor example morally and in the process he is encouraging further cover-up of clergy sexual abuse. but the vatican is defending benedict's record, saying he was the first pope to meet with victims of abuse and that he issued strong guidelines to punish priests who abuse children in rome, here's nbc's claudio lavanga. >> reporter: shep, pope benedict xvi has asked for forgiveness in the grievous faults in the way he handled sex abuse during his time as archbishop of munich but denied any wrongdoing. the retired pope issued a statement in response to a damning report published in germany in the end of january in which he was accused of mishandling at least four cases of sex abuse in his archdiocese in the 1970s and '80s. the former pope has expressed to
12:35 am
all the victims of sexual abuse his profound shame, deep sorrow and his heartfelt request for forgiveness, the shortcomings in the handling of abuse, denying he lied when asked about the handling of those cases. he ended his letter by saying he will soon be before the final judge. and while he has good reason for fear and trembling, he trusts firmly that god is a friend and brother who suffered with him for his shortcomings shep. controversy at the winter games in beijing at the center of it all, the short track speed skating competition. chinese athletes clinched medals at the event after several questionable penalties two teams are now launching protests over the decisions. one of them going a step further. they're accusing olympic judges of bias that helped the host
12:36 am
nation get to the top of the podium cnbc's eunice yoon reports from beijing. >> reporter: videos like this went viral in south korea today showing what a tv broadcaster described as china's top ten worst moments of cheating. after two of seoul's favorite speed skaters were disqualified from the 1,000 meter semifinal they were both penalized for coming into contact with other skaters. one for an illegal late pass and yi for a lane change kwon had been going to bring home a gold. a fellow skater questioned if the 1,000 meter final was rigged and south korean olympic officials lodged an appeal with the sport's top international tribunal the team argues ties between
12:37 am
organizations like the international olympic committee and the referees are biased and not transparent after having a protest rejected their hungarian rivals lodged a protest too and lost a skater was disqualified for contact despite finishing first in the men's 1,000-meter final >> there's always a disqualification or a penalty or a crash or collision and there's some drama in just about every, you know, one or two races so this is part of the sport. >> reporter: however, the calls at the beijing games have been especially touchy, with the decisions seeming to benefit the host country in the men's 1,000-meter final, one won gold and the other took silver the chinese government hasn't responded directly to the criticism. the state media has covered little of the controversy, only stressing that the rules that don't have allow for these appeals. >> eunice yoon live in beijing. the trafficking of fentanyl
12:38 am
and other synthetic opioids into the united states has been an emergency. it comes as overdoses hit record highs nationwide the commission's job was to develop a plan to reduce the flow of synthetic opioids produced by mexican drug cartels using raw materials mostly from china. today the commission released its final report their recommendations include putting pressure on china and helping the mexican government disrupt cartel drug labs and money laundering operations. the report also details the grim and alarming toll that drug overdoses are taking in america.
12:39 am
according to the report, overdose deaths are now costing the u.s. economy $1 trillion a year and during the pandemic, more than 100,000 americans died from overdoses in a 12-month period ending last april, a 30% spike from the previous year. he's accused of shooting two people, killing one of them in a supermarket. tonight the state wide manhunt to find him. a $100 million fighter jet crashes on an aircraft carrier and plummets into the south china sea. now the u.s. navy is racing to find the wreckage before china gets there first a manhunt in washington state has now ended. certified turbocharger, suspension and fuel injection. translation: certified goosebumps. certified from headlamp to tailpipe. that's certified head turns. and it's all backed by our unlimited mileage warranty. that means unlimited peace of mind. mercedes-benz certified pre-owned. translation: the mercedes of your dreams is closer than you think. welcome to allstate. ♪ ♪ here, safe driving saves more than just your cargo. ♪ ♪
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a manhunt in washington state has now ended. police arresting the suspect in a deadly shooting inside a fred meyer grocery store. his name is aaron christopher kelly. cobs nabbed him on i-90 more than 100 miles away from the shooting in richland police say he took off from that store yesterday after he shot and killed one person and wounded another. according to police, employees say they knew kelly from previous shoplifting attempts. his roommate said kelly was spiraling mentally and was very paranoid police identified the person killed as 38-year-old justin crumba, a shopper for insta cart
12:42 am
officials say a video shows the gunman and him having a conversation right before the shooting it's unclear whether they knew each other the victim's family has set up a go fund me page to raise money for his funeral and so far hundreds of people have donated more than 20 grand police say the other person who was wounded was an employee at the store. his name has not been released police say he's in critical condition at a nearby hospital vice president harris' husband whisked out of an event today because of a bomb threat the second gentleman, doug emhoff, was speaking at dunbar high school in d.c. when the secret service pulled him out. about 15 minutes after he left, an announcement made for students and faculty to evacuate the building a spokesperson for d.c. public schools said the building was cleared and everyone was safe. the schools principal told reporters, students were sent home for the day. the pentagon now confirms the authenticity of a leaked video that shows an american
12:43 am
fighter jet crashing onto an aircraft carrier, then plunging right into the south china sea here it is you can hear someone yelling wave off, right before the impact that's a term they use to tell a pilot to abort the landing here's a different angle from another flight deck camera you can see the f-35c lightning 2 jet slide down the entire carrier with flames erupting out the rear then it plunges off the edge and right into the south china sea it's quick, but the video appears to show the pilot ejecting while the aircraft is sliding. here look, here's a slowed-down version of the video you can see what appears to be the pilot rocketing out of the flaming jet. the pentagon reports the pilot and two sailors were evacuated to a hospital in the philippines. and here's a cell phone video of the same impact. the pentagon now confirms this happened about two weeks ago
12:44 am
the jet is america's most advanced stealth fighter with a $100 million price tag it's packed with highly classified technology. the navy has been racing to salvage the wreckage before china can get its hands on it. polar bears playing in the ruins of an abandoned weather station. a wildlife photographer found the animals in northeast siberia. the notoriously curious bears sticking their nose out of abandoned buildings, wandering around the ruins, playing with the strange items they find. the photographer said he came upon the bears very much by accident on a trip to a nature reserve. he hit some bad weather and saw the polar bears exploring the island he said he had to be careful when he came upon them because polar bears can easily startle and he didn't want to scare them off. polar bears are considered a threatened species in russia in the united states, they're listed as vulnerable on the more than 7 million climbers on the united states, 7
12:45 am
million total, just 1% are african american that's according to a study from the american alpine club now a group of people from across the country and one from kenya is trying to make history. >> reporter: martin luther king jr. famously declared he had been to the mountaintop. now this group of black climbers is taking his metaphor to new heights, mount everest. >> i've been climbing formally for the last four years. >> eddie taylor is part of the expedition full circle everest, a team aiming to make history as the first all-black group ever to conquer the highest mountain on earth. >> the leader of the expedition put together a really confident team everyone on the team had a lot of skills and abilities in the outdoors >> two unassuming men climbed the monarch of the himalayas. >> the first person to reach the summit way back in 1953. since then, about 6,000 thrill seekers followed fewer than 10 of those were
12:46 am
black. >> at base camp there were 10 plus black folks to show up and represent in that way is huge. >> the team, composed of peopl from all walks of life, including a high school science teacher, an iraq war vet and a small business owner. >> it's not only about our race, it's about the fact that i am a female identified member of this team but i do feel very honored to be representing on this team as a young biracial woman who is part of this expedition of black climbers trying to climb this mountain. >> it has taken months of preparation, building endurance through hiking, running and weight lifting they even took a trip overseas to train in nepal. while attempting this summit is neither easy nor safe, eddie says one of the most daunting challenges is money. >> it can range from $40,000 to $150,000 per climber, and that's just what you're paying the outfitting company that doesn't include your gear,
12:47 am
insurance, flights. >> they raised more than $160,000 using a go fund me campaign then north face, the vf foundation and others raised even more, reportedly totaling more than a half million dollars. the group says they're excited to reach the proverbial and literal mountaintop, but the bigger goal is promoting racial equity in the great outdoors. >> there's a few things that i hope young kids get out of it, one, that anything is possible two, that they can pick a goal and achieve it three, that these outdoor spaces are meant for them >> quite a hike ahead. this year's oscar nominations are in and they include some record firsts and notable snubs. leading the pack with 12 nominations, "the power of dog " the netflix psycho drama received nods for best picture and best director. the director is jane campion she's making history as the first woman to receive two best director nominations her last nomination was for "the piano" back in 1993.
12:48 am
will smith is up for best actor for the third time, eyeing his first potential oscar win. he's nominated for his role as serena and venus williams' father in "king richard. and steven spielberg up for best director for "west side story. he's making history for becoming the first director nominated for the award across six different decades. with all the nominations come the snubs nothing for lady gaga, add driver or jared leto for "house of gucci." and rachel zegler got a golden globe last month for her breakout performance but she was not nominated for the best actress oscar. hollywood's big night is march 27 doing things virtually is all the rage these days. you've got your metaverse real estate, your digital nfts. so what about virtual gambling virtual table games with
12:49 am
real-life dealers. the new plan to reel you in. and for the first time in his olympic career, shaun white is not considered a favorite to win gold but don't tell that to shaun white. the snowboarding star's thoughts on his final halfpipe runs as we approach olympics coverage at the top of the hour on cnbc. re.. -it's a nail fungus infection. -...that's gross! -it's nothing, really... -it's contagious. you can even spread it to other people. -mom, come here! -don't worry about it. it'll go away on its own! -no, it won't go away on its own. it's an infection. you need a prescription. nail fungus is a contagious infection. at the first signs, show it to your doctor... ... and ask if jublia is right for you. jublia is a prescription medicine used to treat toenail fungus. its most common side effects include ingrown toenail, application site redness... ... itching, swelling, burning or stinging, blisters and pain. jublia is recognized by the apma.
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here we go a record number of americans expected to bet on the super bowl this sunday get this, 31 million people, according to the american gaming association. in all the group predicts people will wager more than $7.6 billion on the one game. and as more states legalize sports betting and online casino gambling, companies are looking for an edge to attract new customers. in some states, gamblers can now join a virtual table and ante up with a real person dealing the cards. here's cnbc's contessa brewer. >> reporter: it may look and sound like vegas, but what happens in vegas no longer stays there. now casinos are in the palm of your hand.
12:52 am
>> there is a way to interact with the gaming table online in realtime with your mobile or your desktop computer at home. >> reporter: play tech provides the tech globally for casino games with a dealer doling out the cards in realtime. in the u.s. it's built two studios in michigan and new jersey, and soon another in pennsylvania the only states right now to offer that type of gambling. casino companies are pushing for more engaging, immersive experiences online players get that with live dealers, and those games are among the most popular, companies say, and can even attract new players. >> people, especially sports betters who might not be hard core casino players might have distrust with animated casino games, so that live experience builds more customer trust. >> we will go on for question number two. >> reporter: it's not just roulette and blackjack play tech has licensing rights
12:53 am
to "who wants to be a millionaire" and says game shows overseas are very popular with younger players, even when it's just for fun and not for money in michigan, he focuses on blackjack on fanduel on his phone. he loves the interaction with the dealer without the aggravation of some guy next to him telling him how to play his hand. >> it's a lot more convenient to me to go on my phone or on my tablet i can go whenever i like i don't have to start the car, i don't have to burn no gas. i don't even have to get dressed. >> well, this is just the beginning too. global gaming giant is investing $130 million in an innovation lab. they want to ramp up the immersive possibilities for mobile and online gaming entertainment. then you have these small startups like xr casino already developing virtual reality and augmented reality technology shep, it could make it seem like the dealer is standing right in front of you dealing out those cards. and so we'll see what happens here when we're looking at how
12:54 am
immersive, how entertaining this actually becomes entertainin a dealer in my living room i could deal with that. >> more temptation i do not need thank you, contessa. it's not just casinos and sports books expecting huge numbers. super bowl lvi could also bring in a record audience more than 117 million people expected to tune in for the game on nbc that's an estimate from the data analytics firm predict hq. the super bowl is basically an american holiday it's become a massive cultural event that transcends football as a whole that's why advertisers spend millions of dollars for just a few seconds of ad time this year there's a new category of ads julia boorstin on the crypto companies making their debut. >> after last year, robinhood, doordash and draftkings used the spotlight on super bowl ads to reach a broader audience this year expect a range of ads from crypto companies.
12:55 am
crypto exchange ftx is doing a bitcoin giveaway as part of its first super bowl ad. >> ftx is giving away the time their ad runs in bitcoin, and i'm going to win we're going to win. >> reporter: along with ftx, and coinbase are running spots in the big game in the u.s. plus canada's bit buy is running a super bowl ad in canada. >> the super bowl is a great way to build brand awareness these are new companies and this is a new category. so it's a great opportunity for them to get their names out there and create mass awareness. >> reporter: this builds on crypto growing ad presence digital currency companies have poured $19 million into ads between january and september of last year. that's seven times the amount the prior year
12:56 am
they're also investing in celebrity endorsements partnering with both lebron james and matt damon. but one crypto company, binance is launching an ad campaign criticizing rivals using celebrities to promote cryptocurrencies, encouraging people to educate themselves and they are using celebrities, including miami heat's jimmy butler, to spread that message. >> on february the 13th, some of the biggest names are going to be telling you to get into crypto binance and i are here to tell you to trust yourself and do your own research. >> reporter: crypto hasn't always turned out well for celebrities. odell beckham jr. converted his salary to bitcoin just before its price plummeted. and floyd mayweather jr. and kim kardashian are being sued. while arena formerly known as the stables center, is not too far away here in los angeles. the beijing winter games just minutes away from primetime coverage here on cnbc.
12:57 am
tonight the final in mixed doubles curling. italy and norway for the gold. no gold yet for team usa, but they're hoping their most decorated winter athlete can change that. snowboarding legend shaun white set to compete in his signature event tonight, the men's halfpipe he's hoping to defend the gold medal he won four years ago. nbc's craig melvin spoke with white before he headed to beijing. >> this is the biggest moment of shaun's career right now. >> reporter: from the first time we saw him take flight, how were we to know he would land here? the face of snowboarding three-time olympic gold medal champion now going to his fifth olympic games. it's been a wild ride, one that is ending. white telling reporters over the weekend here that these would be his last olympics, confirming what he first told us when we talked to him ahead of these
12:58 am
games. >> it's going to feel weird coming out of my mouth, but this is, i think, my last run. >> no matter what, this is it? >> i think so, yeah. yeah. >> why >> you know, it's -- so it's hard to talk about, you know, because my whole life i've kind of, you know, been looked at as somewhat super human because i do these things. realizing and admitting to myself and everyone else, i'm human. it's taken a toll, there's wear and tear the motivation is still there. but the body, the decline in the abilities with the sport still rising, it's just an inevitable sort of situation to be in >> all right
12:59 am
opening ceremonyo team usa while she was born and raise number five. >> craig melvin with shaun white who really isn't wasting any time this video shows him getting in a practice run figure skater nathan chen also has a good chance of winning gold today he dominated the men's short program with a world record performance he's set to compete in the final tomorrow. and california native eileen gu did win the gold medal in the women's big air freestyle event today but the gold medal won't be going to team usa while she was born and raised in san francisco, gu decided to compete for her mother's home nation of china. here's a look at where the medal count stands right now russian olympic committee leads with 10, norway in second with 8, netherlands rounds out the top three. team usa is down the list, currently in 12th place with five medals. if you're just tuning in tonight here's a quick recap of today's headlines. the parents of the oxford high school shooting student, ethan crumbley, in court today the judge deciding if there's enough evidence for them to go on trial for involuntary manslaughter. the next hearing in about two weeks. the justice department announcing it seized more than $3 billion worth of stolen cryptocurrency the deputy attorney general says it's the largest financial seizure in the department's history. and now you know the news of this tuesday, february the 8th, 2022 i'm shepard smith. follow us on instagram and
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