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tv   The News With Shepard Smith  CNBC  March 26, 2022 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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on mad the russian war machine bruised and battered now signs of a new war goal for vladimir putin i'm kelly evans in for shepard smith. this is "the news" on cnbc russia losing control in ukraine. a once-captured city now contested. the defeat as president biden addresses u.s. troops in poland. >> help those who need help. that's why you're here [ explosions ] >> the shelling is very close. >> sky news' alex crawford on the ground in ukraine. witnessing russia's attacks on
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civilians first hand her must-see report moment away. >> seeking to overturn the election the attacks of the wife of supreme court justice clarence thomas and what democrats are calling for. >> it appears to be a terrible tragedy. >> a teen falls to his death during a freefall ride at an amusement park what we are learning about the investigation. >> the fbi stops an isis-inspired bombing plot reckless homicide or honest mistake. a nurse learns her fate. nike strikes a new deal to continue kobe bryant's legacy. ♪ ♪ ♪ live from cnbc the facts. the truth. the news with shepard smith. good evening new signs tonight that russia's invasion is failing and the ukrainians could be turning the tables on vladimir putin russian forces have lost full control of kherson, a key port
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city in southern ukraine according to a senior pentagon official this could be a huge strategic blow for putin and controlling kherson, it was the first major city that russian troops were able to capture, but they've been facing unrest and defiant protest in the streets after they took over here's another sign that the invasion is struggling a u.s. defense official says russia has started moving reinforcements to ukraine from the country of georgia moscow is now signalling that it may give up on conquering the whole country. the russian military claims it's shifting its focus to liberating eastern ukraine. that's where moscow-backed rebels have been fighting to secede for more than a decade. we don't know if the kremlin is lying. as russia wages war in ukraine, president biden is on the other side of the border in poland he met with troops deployed there right now to reinforce nato's eastern flank. >> we're in a new phase.
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your generation, we're at an inflexion point and about four generations, fundamental change takes place. the world isn't going to be the same the question is who's going to prevail? democracy will prevail and the values we share our will autocracy prevail? that's going to be what's at stake. >> poland has become the epicenter of the ukrainian refugee crisis tomorrow president biden is set to meet with refugees. the white house says he'll also give a major address for analysis, william taylor joins me now, former ambassador to ukraine under presidents bush and obama. mr. acmbassador, thanks. how much can we scale back -- >> there's reason not to believe what the russians say about the operation. however, this is consistent with the differences between the
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russian soldiers and ukrainian soldiers russian soldiers aren't sure why they're there. they have not been told what their mission is they were in what they thought was a friendly country whereas the ukrainian soldiers are fighting for their country they're fighting for their land. they know what they're there for. they know how important it is and that's showing up. that's being demonstrated every day. so we do see these counterattacks we do see the ukrainians pushing back the russians away from kyiv we see the civilians down in kherson that you just described that are -- that are yelling at the russian occupiers and pushing them back. so this is a demonstration, kelly, of the grit of the purpose and of the mission of the ukrainians >> but why would russia allow for search an international humiliation? >> they may not have a choice of being humiliated putin made a strategic error
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he made a blunder when he decided to go in there were a lot of indications, kelly, that this was coming. his -- his soldiers were not ready. he underestimated the ukrainians, and he was told early on about the heavy sanctions, the hard sanctions that would come. maybe he didn't believe it, but he now, you're right he is facing the possibility of humiliation and then he makes it down to negotiate and that's what we have to see. >> or he may lash out with chemical weapons or worse. how big of a threat do you think that is and what do you read into president biden specifically making a point of going to poland in addition to the nato meetings on this trip >> i think president biden going to poland is a strong signal it's a strong signal to the pols and it's a strong signal to the ukrainians and they see the president of the united states right next door, right on their
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border and it's a strong message and it's a signal as you indicated to the russians and that is if they're considering doing something that is further in the area of war crimes to use chemical weapons, that is just a further indication of how low the russians have sunk, and how desperate they may be. they don't have enough people. they don't have enough troops. they don't have enough equipment and they may be running out of the bombs, precision bombs and they have problems and if they -- reach out, lash out they're going to have a response that president biden -- >> what should the international community offer if russia is looking for a way to save face and reach some kind of negotiated outcome >> kelly, i don't think that's the right question to ask how we can save his face. president putin has got himself into this problem. he needs to get himself out. we're not going to bail him out.
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we're not going to save his face what we are going to do is make him realize that he's lost, that he made a big mistake. now, that said, there may be some areas for negotiation president zelenskyy has offered to think about how his nation goes forward president zelenskyy wants security he wants security and he's looking for other ways to get that and so there's a negotiation to be had. >> sure. and the negotiation would be a welcome development at this point. ambassador, thanks again for your time tonight. we appreciate it. 300 innocent civilians are now feared dead after russia bombed that theater last week where women, children and the elderly were sheltering in the devastated city of mariupol. that's according to the council there. this is video from inside the theater right after the strike ukrainian officials are calling it a terrorist act a satellite image of the destroyed theater shows the word written in russian in huge white letters on the ground outside.
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mariupol has seen some of the worst horrors of the invasion including an air strike of a maternity hospital and shelling of apartment buildings and homes and listen to this mother from mariupol who survived and escaped the city >> i don't know really how to describe it because you don't know will you be alive any minute or your son will be alive. one night he said to me, my son, he is 10 years old -- sorry. he asked me, mom, will i see my birthday we will be alive and i didn't know what to say to him. >> up north the humanitarian catastrophe is unfolding in chernihiv, a city north of kyiv closer to the border with russian ally belarus and the
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city's mayor recorded this video. russian bombs destroyeda critical bridge that linked his city to the capital. the city says the bridge was a major supply line for humanitarian aid and an evacuation route for the wounded. correspondent alex crawford shows us the desperate situation there and a warning, the following story has graphic images from injuries from war. [ speaking foreign language >> chernihiv is being bombed relentlessly and they're hoping to reach those still there this is the last route in or out and it has to be done fast across an open farmer's field where every vehicle can be a target the city surrounded on three sides by russian troops at this point and there's a stream of cars ferrying the civilians out of the combat zone the window to get across the last remaining pedestrian bridge across the river is rapidly closing, but the russians have spotted this escape route and
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minutes after we a rrrived, they hit it [ bombs bursting ] >> the shelling is very close. [ screaming >> everyone -- get out get in get? . >> get in from here! >> i don't -- it's okay. don't worry. >> there's a mad scramble to get out as the attacks keep on coming >> go, go, go now. >> the russians have used this tactic repeatedly in this war. >> the last thing we want to do is have an accident. >> lines of civilians lay on the ground as the shelling goes on and pick themselves up towalk through these bombings they have no option. only chance and a prayer will get them through this. there are scores of people
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trying to flee with bags on their backs. they're guided through the fields by soldiers whose guns are no match for this heavy artillery. they've been living without heat, food, water or electricity for weeks. >> go from this. >> the russians have cut off chernihiv now and destroyed the only corridor out and they're targeting those trying to escape their bombs and rockets. inside chernihiv, the mayor has managed to film some of the destruction. there are bombed houses and buildings on fire everywhere there are still an estimated 150,000 people trapped inside this city. it's strategically important because it stands right across the northern route chosen by russia for its advance on the capital. we cannot cope with all the dead, the mayor says it's carnage we take refuge in a gym in a basement with a group of volunteer soldiers
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everyone who has made it out of chernihiv has withdr nearby villages, themselves coming under bombardment this gives the volunteer soldiers time to make phone calls home one month on, fighting this war, their families and children are mostly well away from the chaos and death they're seeing here on a daily basis. my heart is just breaking, one father tells us. it is very difficult because i am so used to being with my family they're my whole life. away from their own families, they're saving the lives of others how important is human life, another says what could be more important than the lives of little children, little girls and boys. nothing is making us do this this is just what we have to do. daybreak the following morning and they're trying to work out how to get aid into chernihiv and the civilians out. the last route is closed and is clearly still being targeted one paramedic asked us for help.
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he's uri and he tells us the bridge crossing point has been shelled 15 minutes earlier now he is wounded. he's been deafened by the blast it was so close and he's got several shrapnel wounds. bits have lodged in his leg and he needs sirjry. there's little that can be done on the roadside, but one of our team does what he can. >> where from? >> british >> shrapnel appears to have punctured his lung he's finding it hard to breathe. targeting of civilians and noncompetents of civilians is a potential war crime. >> i went there all on my own, uri tells us, and i saw destroyed cars, destroyed civilian cars and they were all burned out and they were completely destroyed and there was one dead civilian with his bags >> good luck to you. he leaves to try to get to a hospital
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with this parting message for the world. >> our country need your help. good luck! >> nearby, a farmer's field has been littered with the remains of cluster bomb rocket, five from a multiple rocket launcher. we've consulted several independent experts including the investigative group belencat who have identified them as cluster munitions. they're being used by both sides in this war, but the angle suggests they've been fired from russian positions. the united nations is investigating the use of cluster bombs as possible war bombs. from inside chernihiv they fear they're the next mariupol. they're trying to create as big a humanitarian disaster as possible one chernihiv official tells us, they have to force us to give up this way. there are constant sirens warning of attacks on
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surroundingville agency. of those desperate to leave, now every movement comes with risk including the busses taken out of here which they patch up horribly this was hit when it was full of escaping women and children. >> chernihiv is really being hit by tank fire, being hit by jet, he tells us. some people haven't been able to get out for two weeks. those who have made it out talk of a nightmarish existence it's hell there. it's hell, this mother tells us. my children's godmother is still there. it's not possible to leave the shelter. there's no food. no gas no electricity it's just like mariupol. everyone is cut off. they're distraught and terrified. chernihiv used to be so beautiful, she says. they're crammed in between the shellings as those left behind struggle to live for those here, this isn't real living it's just surviving and those
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trapped in chernihiv cannot know how much longer they can hold out. for "the news. i'm alex crawford. >> our coverage of the war in europe continues later this hour in occupied ukraine. in his own words a graffiti artist using his work to help his neighbors as they live among russian soldiers >> and up next, democrats making demands. the reaction to text messages between the former white house chief of staff and the wife of a supreme court justice. >> a second grand jury declines to indict quarterback deshaun watson on sexual misconduct allegations and today he addresses the claims and his fans in his first press conference with his new team - in the last two years, we quadrupled our team and the pace we're growing, i couldn't keep up without ziprecruiter. they do the legwork and they get my job posting in front of the right candidates. i love invite to apply. i instantly see great candidates and i can invite them to apply. we have hired across all departments, engineering, marketing, hardware, field techs.
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obtained text messages sent from clarence thomas' wife ginni pushing for the 2020 election to be overturned. she sent the text to then-white house chief of staff mark meadows. november 10, 2020, she wrote him, quote, the majority knows biden and the left is attempting the greatest heist of our history. november 19th, sounds like sydney and her team are getting inundated with evidence of fraud. make a plan. release the kraken and take america down they have the texts in its possession republican kevin mccarthy was asked if he thinks if justice thomas should recuse himself >> no, i think justice thomas can make his decisions that he's made every other time. it is his decision based upon law. >> ginni thomas is a longtime conservative activist and she has publicly supported president trump. to be crystal clear she isn't being accused of any legal
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wrongdoing and there's been no statement from her or justice thomas who left the hospital today after being treated for flu-like symptoms. nbc senior political reporter sahil kapur has been tracking story and is live tonight. sahil, democrats are calling for everything from recusal to resignation to impeachment, even. >> that's right, kelly there's a growing wave of pushback primarily from democrats and the ginni thomas text messages that show justice thomas's wife embracing pretty outlandish conspiracy theorys to overturn the result of the 2020 election the democrats point out that justice thomas has ruled in the past in favor of president trump trying to block the release of the records and they argue that he should not be ruling in cases that directly pertain to the work of his wife senator ron widen, a committee chairman known as a flame thrower, said his conduct looked
12:20 am
corrupt and called for at minimum a recusal from cases involving january 6th and the 2024 presidential election should donald trump decide to run again and others like tim kaine and ted liu are calling for the recusal of justice thomas from these case e as well, while some other democratic members of congress like nidia velasquez are calling for thomas' resignation. >> is there any requirement that would force him to have to recuse himself or is it simply a decision that's up to him to make >> there is not. under the law this is entirely justice thomas' decision to make although there are some are calling for that congress can do the first is to pass a law requiring the supreme court to create a code of ethics that would bind the justices on recusal on certain case of conflict of interest or the recusal thereof. there are advocates and aides calling for hearings in congress
12:21 am
about justice thomas involving his conduct and the case that he's ruling on and finally, some, very few, such as congresswoman ilhan omar are calling for the impeachment of justice thomas that is extremely unlikely to happen and it would require a two-thirds majority in the senate do i not expect that to happen, but do expect to hear more about this, kelly. >> a range of possibilities to watch. sahil, thank you very much. a plot to target houses of worship in the chicago area stopped by the fbi three people including two teenagers arrested next, the details of the planned attack from newly released court documents. nike announcing it's continuing its partnership with kobe bryant. how the company plans to honor the skba s hey businesses! you all deserve something epic! so we're giving every business, our best deals on every iphone - including the iphone 13 pro with 5g. that's the one with the amazing camera? yep! every business deserves it... like one's that re-opened! hi, we have an appointment. and every new business that just opened! like aromatherapy rugs!
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who isn't fluent in bureaucracy, or maybe not in their own emotions. so show up, however you can, for the foster kids who need it most— at when it comes to cybersecurity, the biggest threats w don't alwaysst— strike the biggest targets. so help safeguard your small business with comcast business securityedge™. it's advanced security that continuously scans for threats and helps protect every connected device. on the largest, fastest, reliable network with speeds up to 10 gigs to the most small businesses. so you can be ready for what's next. get started with internet and voice for $64.99 a month. and ask how to add securityedge™. or, ask how to get up to an $800 prepaid card. three people from different states were planning mass murders at chicago area synagogues and mosques all in the name of isis that from the fbi and newly
12:24 am
unsealed court documents nbc news investigative correspondent tom winter went through the court documents. >> kelly, those new details that you describe being made public today as a result of filings being unsealed in this case in this terror attack and plot that was made by two teenagers. one from the chicago area and one from kentucky and a man from waterville identified by the fbi and xaf vier pelke they found three altogether and home made as well as paintings of the isis flag included in the search was the boston joint terrorism tank force to take apart the explosives and they found a slew of shrapnel. the plot harched over instagram and messaging apps between the trio the idea is that on their, quote, spring break the fbi said they were going to travel to chicago, go to a shia branch of
12:25 am
islam's mosque, a shia mosque and separate the adults from the children and then kill the adults if they had more time, they say they were going to move on to a synagogue to a chicago area. they had no escape plan according to the fbi they just assumed they would be shot and killed by law enforcement in the course of carrying out this attack in the name of isis, which as we know commonly associates itself with the sunni branch of islam. pelke is being held currently pending trial. the other two juveniles, because they're juveniles we don't know if they are facing charges, but it's a plot that uncovered guns, it uncovered swords and knives in a plot that appears to have ended. >> unnerving our thanks coming up, our coverage of europe continues foreign policy leaders insist there is a big difference. and a 14-year-old boy falls to his death from an amusement
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12:28 am
content from its platform. now in response to a new russian law that cracks down on free press and speech, it is stopping all operations the company fears the strict law could put employees and listeners at risk. since the invasion of ukraine more than 450 ducompanies seen here have withdrawn from russia. pending home sales down more than 4% last month and that's from the national association of realtors the data, an indication to how the market is reacting to rising mortgage rates speaking of which, mortgage rates continue to spike. mortgage daily news reports a huge jump. the average 30-year fixed mortgage now just below 5% that's the highest in more than three years. and kobe bryant's family reaching a new agreement with nike nike reports it will continue to produce kobe's sneakers and apparel and help create a california youth basketball center the company reports the new shoe
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from the partnership will honor bryant's daughter gigi she died in a helicopter crash with her father two years ago and it will donate the proceeds to bryant's foundation on wall, the dow up 153 points the s&p adding 23. the nasdaq down by 23 points all three major averages up for two weeks in a row ♪ ♪ i'm kelly evans on cnbc. it's half past the hour. here's what's making the news. >> what can history tell us? d comparing the 2014 russian invasion of crimea with the current invasions of ukraine in their own word, a graffiti artist describes living and painting in russian-occupied ukraine, but first, a terrible tragedy. >> that's how the orange county sheriff is describing a teenager's death at a florida amusement park police say 14-year-old tyre sampson died last night when he fell from a ride at icon park.
12:30 am
sampson is from missouri the sheriff's office reports he was on vacation with a friend's family, and the ride is called the freefall when riders reach the top the ride tilts forward 30 degrees before it freefalls nearly 400 feet to the ground a witness filmed a video of the fall as the ride climbs you can hear the crew, to double-check their seat belts >> seat belt seat belt! >> sampson was strapped into a safety harness when the ride took off, but that's not what witnesses told 911 after the incident. >> is he awake >> i'm not sure. they're saying he's breathing, but he's not responsive. >> was he up off the ground? >> no, they didn't secure the
12:31 am
seatbelt on him. >> nbc news can't confirm how or if sachlson was strapped in or not. after the fall he was taken to a nearby hospital where officials say he died. a statement from the park reads the owner of the attraction is fully cooperating with authorities and icon park is doing everything we can to assist today the orange county sheriff's office is investigating what happened. >> we're looking into all those things whether it was a slip, whether he was conscious or not and that's all a part of the investigation, and will determine for sure if it was accident or not at this point. the florida department of agriculture will now determine if the ride is unsafe, but the sheriff says after looking at the video and speaking to witnesses he doesn't see any indication that something was wrong before the fall. cnbc's seema modi now at icon park in orlando. seema? >> kelly, a teenage dream trip
12:32 am
quickly plunged into a devastating tragedy. it happened in this thrill ride behind me. tourists have been stopping, taking pick take pictures and asking what's on everyone's mind, how did he fall to his death. >> operators can be told telling riders what to expect. >> have you been on before >> negative. >> 430 feet. >> that's great. >> you're coming down at 75 miles per hour >> as they make their way up, a sudden, dramatic fall. the freefall ride opened in december, holds up to 30 people and is considered the world's tallest freestanding drop tower according to the park's website. the florida department of agriculture and consumer services says the ride was inspected in december and that no deficiencies were found. >> we just had -- the florida department of agriculture arrive today, so they're doing more of the functional, mechanical side
12:33 am
of the investigation. >> john stein is the sales director of slingshot group. that company owns the freefall ride he says the ride will not start without all of the passengers harnessed in. >> they were locked and loaded, they were locked down and so the ride will then ascend once it is -- all of the indicators are that everyone's locked so if it wasn't locked the ride would not operate. >> it is the second deadly accident in two years at this orlando park in 2020, a maintenance worker fell to his death from another ride, the star flyer. >> that was a -- that was a completely different set of circumstances. it had to do with a maintenance worker prior to the operation of the ride >> john tells us that inspections are conducted daily. he also added that there's no way to disengage that harness belt while you're on the ride. the investigators are looking
12:34 am
into whether the rider's safety was compromised and whether sampson's death was an accident. >> so sad, seema, thank you very much the fbi is warning parents about an increase in sextortion cases and this time targeting teenage boys they're seeing adults posing as young girls. they will coerce young boys to send sexual images and videos and then they extort money from them by threatening to post it on social media. they don't come form ward, and n information is helpful and the fbi reports it received more than 18,000 sextortion complaints just last year. losses totalled $13 million. the parent should limit who has access to their kids' social media accounts and should encourage their children to report anything suspicious back now to our top story,
12:35 am
president biden on the ground in poland as russia wages a disastrous war on the other side of the border. of course, this is the second time vladimir putin has invaded ukraine and this time around the world has rallied to make moscow suffer and it appears to be on its heels after facing stiff resistance from the outgunned and outnumbered ukrainians cnbc's senior white house correspondent kayla taush hche a look back. president biden is on familiar ground, blasting vladimir putin for the war next door. >> a man who, quite frankly, i think is a war criminal. >> just as he did eight years ago when putin secured crimea. >> we have joined poland and the international community condemning the continuing assault on ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity and the platant, blatant violation
12:36 am
of international law by mr. putin in russia. >> the illegal annexation of the ukrainian peninsula took just three weeks before it signed it over to russia, as russian troop amassed on ukraine's border last october, u.s. intelligence showed history repeating itself. those on the foreign policy front lines then and now vowed putin couldn't afford it this time >> there are going to be severe consequences and economic impacts that will be defer stating to the economy there far beyond what happened in 2014 >> when putin invaded, government and elite funds frozen around the world, bank payments banned, trade in oil and tech blocked the ruble no longer accepted by the west wally, then treasury's senior adviser is now deputy secretary. >> the strategy this time around is crafted to deter an invasion. did it work? >> what we've done here has been far more significant we've taken away their war chest and their central bank reserves
12:37 am
and what it's done is that president putin has faced an even starker choice. a choice in which he has to make the decision over whether he will continue the invasion or provide resources to his people. >> so far, putin's kept escalating civ civilian casualties are climbing and entire cities turned to rubble. >> are there lessons from crimea about how this ends? >> i don't think the international community is willing to accept russia taking all of ukraine i think putin is going to come under severe pressure and for a very long time and it's going to hurt, it's going to escalate to the point where it's really hurting the russian economy more broadly. >> inside russia, lines for cash and food inflation is soaring the ruble worth just a penny and for president putin, one month into this war the cost still isn't high enough. kelly? >> kayla tausche reporting dozens of ukrainians have
12:38 am
been freed after a prisoner swap with russia. that's according to the ukraine's deputy prime minister. it's the largest reported prisoner exchange between the two countries since the start of the month-long war yesterday ukraine's deputy prime minister said they released ten russian soldiers and 11 civilian russian sailors. in return, russia freed ten ukrainian servicemen and 19 civilian ukrainian sailors ukrainians have engaged in two smaller prisoner exchanges last week it was reported ukraine swapped nine russian servicemen for the mayor of mariupol in exchange, arussian military police officer for five ukrainian soldiers our "in their own words" series continues with a ukra ukrainian graffiti artist in southern ukraine it was invaded by russian soldiers who now control it. the 28-year-old artist shares with us his life under russian occupation
12:39 am
>> i see the tank. i cover the tank with my style right now i'm sitting down in the tank this tank was busrned by some people i don't know who these guys are trying to find something interesting and find some artifacts for history i'm going to sleep in ukrainian nova kakhovika. >> in the first serve days, we got, like, five or servven of these. some people don't stop on the car when they say stop there was a family in the car, four people. they shoot them. shoot this car [ shots fired >> russians go home! the building was full of people with ukrainian flags, ukrainian
12:40 am
chanting we go to the back side of the building and we see 15, 20 russian soldiers with the guns in the masks people don't scare in the five or ten minutes, there were first explosions of smoke, grenades. we don't need to give anything to the russians. we need to stay in ukraine no way only ukraine right now we have a really problem with the food and medicine with ten big cars with me medic amentes and russians stop. i don't know any situations that we can be russian or something else we was ukrainian we will be ukrainian >> maxim is raising money with images like these. he's selling them as postcards via instagram. he plans to use the cash to buy
12:41 am
food and medication for his neighbors. a medical mistake leads to the death of a patient the nurse that pushed the button on trial tonight, the verdict from the jury in a case medical professionals across the country are closely watching. top airlines asking president biden to drop the mask mandate on planes and in airports we ask certified turbocharger, suspension and fuel injection. translation: certified goosebumps. certified from headlamp to tailpipe. that's certified head turns. and it's all backed by our unlimited mileage warranty. that means unlimited peace of mind. mercedes-benz certified pre-owned. translation: the mercedes of your dreams is closer than you think. (vo) small businesses are joining the big switch. save over $1,000 when you switch to our ultimate business plan
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a former nurse convicted for criminal charges for a deadly mistake at one of the most prestigious hospitals in tennessee. her name, radonda vaught today a jury found her guilty of criminally negligent homicide and abuse ever an impaired adult. she was acquitted on the charge of reckless homicide in 2014 vaught injected a 75-year-old patient with the wrong drug at vanderbilt university medical center.
12:44 am
instead of giving her a sedative, vaught injected her with a dose of a paralyzing drug that left the victim unable to breathe. she died a day later her name was charlene murphey. her lawyers argued it was a simple mistake the mts cabinets at the hospital were glitchy and prosecutors say her actions were reckless and ultimately took a patient's life >> she had the training as a nurse. she knew how to read prescriptions. she knew how to read vials she knew what was required radonda vaught probably did not intend to cause large to miss murphey, but she made a choice >> vaught now faces anywhere from three to six years in prison the trial has been closely watched by doctors and nurses across the country joseph morrone now, personal
12:45 am
in injury attorney. why sicivil in this case >> this jurisdiction they were trying to send a message that her actions not only were, gregr egregious and they're trying to criminalize medical mistakes which is something wrong and something they shouldn't do and the fact she made a mistake and she admitted to it and ultimately you charged her criminally is something that will send this person to jail. >> the concern among some nurses watching the trial is a mistake they make can be now criminal and land them behind bars, is that the legal message this verdict sends and is it the right one? >> it sends a bad message to the medical community and especially nurses because there's a difference between incompetency and making mistakes. when you make a mistake you can be held accountable and when you start to charge someone criminally now you're going have a problem with disclosure and
12:46 am
you're not going to get nurses that will admit to mistakes and you're not going to get quality care, a problem in the industry and there is a full disclosure and they'll come forward and admit to mistakes. if you are fearful that they have a fifth amendment right you won't be able to speak i think they have to re-look at this i think she has to be rescued and this problem has to be rescued by the nursing facility that governs the entire country. >> she admitted to the mistake and she didn't try to hide it. her defense was trying to point out the flaws she saw in the hospital that she says contributed to that. >> the interesting thing is the medical institution, they have some fault here. i mean, the defense was there was a systemic problem that the nurse wasn't just the nurse's fault. the fact that she admitted to it and was open about it should have contributed at least to the fact that they say, look, she's
12:47 am
admitting to it and we shouldn't hold her accountable i don't know what the message is they're trying to send and there will be many nurses -- and if they do make a mistake. >> do you think she'll serve the six years? >> she'll get the bottom end and it's shocking and sad at this point because i don't think she intended to harm this person or kill this person, but yet it's going get to a level where she will not only have a criminal record and she'll be incarcerated which doesn't send a good message to other nurses in the industry. >> thanks, joseph marone deshaun watson says he never assaulted any woman. today he spoke at his first press conference with the browns he says he understands the seriousness of the sexual misconduct allegations and he maintains that he did nothing wrong. >> i've never assaulted any woman. i've never disrespected any woman.
12:48 am
i was raised to respect a woman and i've never done the things that these people are alleging >> last week the houston texans traded watson to the cleveland browns in exchange to three draft picks. they gave watson a new five-year contract worth $230 million. the browns general manager andrew barry acknowledged the trade was, quote, differ cult and triggered emotions in cleveland, but the team did its due diligence when it decided to pursue watson. last year more than 20 women sued watson for alleged sexual misconduct some claim he exposed himself and touched them inappropriately. yesterday a second grand jury in texas declined to indict watson over the allegation, but the 26-year-old quarterback could still face additional charges in other states. the chief executives of the largest u.s. airlines pushing back against the federal aviation mask mandate. this week the airline ceos asked the white house to drop the requirement on planes and in airports in an open letter addressed to
12:49 am
the president they wrote in part, it makes no sense that people are still required to use masks on planes and are allowed to congregate in crowded restaurants, school and sporting events despite the air filt rai filtration that aircraft do. president biden then signed an order minute dating masks on public transportation shortly after he took office that was set to expire last week, but the tsa extended the policy for another month cnbc's phil lebeau spoke to the head of the faa earlier today. given every state has dropped mask mandates, does he think it's time to do the same on planes >> he won't say. steve dixon has had to deal with the mask mandates and his position all along has said that is an issue decided by the cdc, the tsa working with conjunction with the white house the faa sifrmply enforce the rus
12:50 am
and steve dixon is basically saying it's not for me to decide whether to decide whether or not masks should come off. i simply enforce the rules. >> it definitely seemed to fuel a rise in unrulely passenger incidents. should we expect that to go away when it's dropped. >> no, the zero-tolerance policy will stay for a while. the number of incidents of unruly passengers is coming down, but nowhere close to where it was pre-pandemic when occasionally you heard about these types of incidents i asked steve dixon, look, do you think that we should have a policy that is extended where people are banned on all airlines here's what he said. >> we have seen over the last year a significant decline in these incidents and they continue to occur at too high of a rate and we will be keeping the zero tolerance policy in place. >> even after the masks do come off on april 18th, the zero
12:51 am
tolerance policy that the faa has had, that will remain in place, kelly. >> so phil, while we have you. what about the crash of the boeing jet in china does he think he'll find out what caused the crash to happen? >> he does there's been chatter online that china may not release some of the results and they may keep some of it from being seen by the public the fact of the matter is around the world, while there may be differences between countries, when it comes to aviation safety, investigations like this, ultimately all of the details are revealed and steve dixon says eventually we will find out the cause of this crash. >> phil lebeau, thank you tonight. you might have your life in order, you might not, but what about your death the affairs you should definitely get in order and if definitely get in order and if you have, do they need an ♪ limu emu ♪ and doug. we gotta tell people that liberty mutual customizes car insurance so you only pay for
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it's a tough question most of us would prefer to ignore what do you do when your loved ones die the reality is dealing with a loss often means a lot more than just handling the grief. family members can be forced to sift through mounds of paperwork and unfinished business for years. cnbc senior personal finance correspondent sharon epperson has more on where to start. >> when his father died suddenly in 2019, physics professor aria akhbal assumed the task of settling his estate. >> being naive i figured i'll try and do this. it turned out to be a much bigger job than i expected. >> while the process can be straightforward with a plan in place it's not easy. his father had a will.
12:55 am
to carry out its terms he had cho chosen a family member and a friend as a backup neither was capable of the task and it fell to him who had to be recognized as executor by the court. >> it's not a simple process it's a detailed process. >> first you have to locate the will and gather account documents. the executor then has to notify and stay in touch with beneficiaries and interested parties, pay bills and close accounts, take invents or of assets and determine if any part of the estate not included in the will must go through a court procedure called probate and then file with the irs, pay taxes and distribute assets to close the estate. >> i think the biggest mistake that they make is thinking that's going to take a short amount of time, and not understanding the full, lengthy process of it. >> that can take six months to several years. being prepared ahead of time can
12:56 am
provide some relief financially and emotionally. >> the tremendous gift that you req can give to your family and friends is the proper planning now because it will save them money and save them time. >> it's been three years since his father died. he's almost finished settling the estate now he says patience is key. >> honestly, if you're not sure what to do it's better not to do anything until you do know. >> if you're not sure where to turn, reach out to those who can help your loverd ones' financial adviser, life insurance or attorney may be able to provide some guidance, but try to have a talk now having a tough conversation with your loved one while they're still here can be a lot easier than trying to figure out their finances when they're gone kelly? >> three years to settle his father's estate. wow. in los angeles today a historic moment. kristen crowley sworn in as the first woman and first openly gay
12:57 am
fire chief in the department's 106-year history her wife and daughters by her side a 22-year veteran of the los angeles fire department. she's made history six years ago when she became the city's first female fire marshall and now she's breaking ground again. >> this is who i am, this is what i represent and i cannot wait to start the work >> right now out of 3300 firefighters in the lafd only 115 of them are reportedly women, kristen crowley opening doors for a new generation of women firefighters strut up, tonight the st. peter's men's basketball team looking to punch the ticket to the elite eight and keeping the cinderella run alive here's a picture from the watch party in the city. it's halftime right now, purdue up 23-39 peacocks hanging in there. 55 seconds on a race to the
12:58 am
finish tonight russian troops no longer have full control of kherson, a key port city in southern ukraine. that's according to a senior pentagon official. it's a key sign vladimir putin is faltering and the ukrainians are gaining ground. russia wages war on the other side of the board. the white house says he'll give a major speech tomorrow and meet with ukrainian refugees. democrats calling for supreme court justice clarence thomas to recuse himself from all riot cases after it was revealed his wife sent text messages to then president trump's chief of staff to urge him to overturn the elections. now you know the news of this friday, march 25, 2022 i'm kelly evans in for shepard i'm kelly evans in for shepard ♪ ♪ introducing the all-electric chevy silverado rst. the only ev truck that combines: 4-wheel steer a multi-flex midgate
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