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tv   Worldwide Exchange  CNBC  March 30, 2022 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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without shipstation join over 100,000 online sellers who get ship done with shipstation go to /tv and get 2 months free. it's 5:00 at at cnbc here are your top "five at 5." has wall street's recents win streak run out futures lower. will there be peace? talks as russia and ukraine follow forward big news for a pair of high-profile outspoken investors as one looks to shake up the way he does business while the other is breaking out a full playbook. what one major verp has for sin city turned into the athletic
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mecca of the west. later, how is your city doing in the stockmarket we're breaking out the power city indices once again to show you who's on top crack open an iron city lager. maybe tonight, of course this is wednesday, march 30th, and this is "worldwide exchange." well, good morning, good afternoon, good evening, and as always, welcome from wherever if there the world you may be watching i'm brian sullivan thank you very much for being with us here let's hit your wednesday money stock market futures t they're slightly lower across the board. those are bonds, by the way. stocks did keep their rally going on tuesday tech stocks bounced nearly 2%. the nasdaq, by the way, has now jumped an incredible 16% from
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its march 14th intraday low. think about that 16% in just two weeks. wow. all this despite the attention over the near inversion of the 2- and 10-year treasury bonds. some outlets reporting there was an inversion between the yield on the 2 and the yield on the 10, but according to trey web, they basically had the same. maybe not the inversion everyone's talking about, still getting doggone close and another bond market warning sign the 10-year at 3.27, the 2-year a little lower no inversion, but keep in mind if they do ultimately invert, it doesn't necessarily mean a recession is coming because real yields, the ones backed for inflation, not just the numbers we're showing you on the screen,
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real yields are not inverted there's a big difference between real and nominal just keep that in mind let's also get a check on oil. it is bouncing back a bit higher we are seeing crude oil tick higher up just under 3 bucks to $107 a barrel. speaking of energy, there's big news breaking out of germany where they may have to start rationing natural gas on payment issues with russia let's hit those headlines and the european markets julianna tatelbaum is in london. good morning. >> brian, good morning there's a focus this morning on how europe's dependence on russia for oil and gas will impact the economy moving forward. this piece of news out this morning. germany has activated an emergency law, an early warning that it could be heading for a gas supply emergency, calling on
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consumers and companies to reduce consumption just this morning we heard from germany's council of economic advisers they have cut their growth forecast for germany subs substantially for 2022 and says the risk of recession is substantial for germany, now forecasting 8th growth at the same time inflation continues to run high. so a lot of concern right now in europe around that impact of higher inflation and lower growth and wha-wha will mean for the economy moving forward as for markets, we are seeing red for the most part. the german market down about 1.3%, the french market down 0.9% of a percent. yesterday was a strong sense for europe perhaps a bit of profit-taking right now. ftse up about 6 basis points we're seeing better here the ftse 100 here in the uk overindexed to basic resources
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and oil and gas. hopefully we can get the sectors up here for you. there you go oil and gas the outperformers. on the downside we're seeing the more cyclical underperform, retail, travel, auto, and banks on the downside this morning for the most part, brian, it's a negative start to trade here in europe. >> yeah. and we're seeing gas futures rise about 15% as well on the news still remaining very, very high. all right. now let's get a check on some of this morning's other top headlines including carl icahn and bill ackman back in the news, but for separate reasons >> the move is part of beijing's largest regulatory campaign to clamp down on big tech and control the content that young people consume according to the country's tax
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regulator, live streamers will be required to report their identities, income, and profit every sick months, adding it will take a closer look at illegal and criminal tact acts regulators could be drafting rules that would cap tipping on livestream platforms and tighten content censorship. carl icahn is expanding his animal welfare campaign to the largest supermarket chain, kroger, and has added more kroger said it first haurd from icahn as to animal welfare icahn is taking issuewith kroger's ceo, calling him and others at the company egregious. and hedge fund manager bill ackman said he's abandoning higgs use of aggressive activist
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campaigns to company shame boards to bring about change and boost stock prices instead in an annual report to investors, ackman says he plans to be less vocal, instead opting to buy large blocks of publicly traded companies and working behind the scenes to enact change, brian. >> yeah. quite the change for mr. ackman who's been very vocal about market views >> exactly we'll see if others follow suit. >> exactly. >> thanks. let's get to your markets. cnbc is delivering a stock report they pull mutual funds, hedge funds, and strategists, and cnbc contributes. we asked about the market impact on russia's war against ukraine and whether the plan will change the fed's rate heiike impact it will not affect it very much.
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others think it will force the fed to raise rates faster while 19% said it will likely force the fed to slow down their plans. let's bring in now bill stone, chief investment officer at the glenview trust company bill, thank you very much for joining us maybe you were polled, i don't know how would you, how did you answer that kind of poll what do you think? >> you know, i think -- you talked about it earlier in terms of the yield curve being very close to inverting as you mentioned, there's a lot of complications with it right now, real versus nominal yields, but i still think you need to position yourself ready for what may be an eventual recession and why i would say that, i think you focus on quality companies, which is really companies with high returns on equity and also lower debt levels that really gets you through some sort of an economic slowdown again, you have some time because typically you're talking something like 12 to 18 months
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after the inversion that you actually have a recession. usually the market doesn't top out until six months to a year after the inversion. so there's probably some time here, but that being said, i think it is wise you never know, right? it could happen quicker. it could not happen at all either way, you're in good shape with quality companies. >> you're making a very important point, which is for investors out there who are watching that, you know, close to inversion, pseudo inversion, whatever you want to call it, or even feel like there may be a recession coming for other reasons. stocks can rise even into a recession. maybe not during, but to your point, bill, that the next six to 12 months, if we get a recession next year, stocks can still go up between now and then and if you sell now, you may be leaving some money on the table.
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>> yeah. and if it's a -- i'll say a generic recession not connected to some sort of a bubble or, you know, a financial crisis, you're talking it could be 20% off the peak, 25%. that's kind of where you might see it again, not pleasant. but, you know, we weren't that far from that not long ago this year, so, yeah, i think it's not good to necessarily run away, but you do want to make sure you're in a company that can revive a recession i think that's the key. >> can you give one example before we let you go on this fine wednesday morning, bill >> yeah. you know, i think starbucks, something that sold off in the growth rate, again, it's not going to go anywhere there's obviously worries about the chinese growth but, again, once china reopens, i think that growth will pick up too. >> bill stone, always a pleasure, my friend. thank you very much for getting up early for us. >> thank you. >> i love the rodney dangerfield
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-- >> thank you. all right. we're just getting going on this wednesday morning, and when we come back, your big money movers one oner getting absolutely no love this morning. there's the chart. it's ugly. i'll show you the name. could the nba be cobbing to las vegas. what one developer is doing now in sin city. contessa brewer is here with that. later on, the ongoing russia/ukraine peace talks ads liopworld waits with he. a ve report from that region ahead. at morgan stanley, a global collective of thought leaders offers investors a broader view. ♪♪ we see companies protecting the bottom line by putting people first. we see a bright future, still hungry for the ingenuity of those ready for the next challenge.
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today, we are translating decades of experience into strategies for the road ahead. we are morgan stanley.
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time now moving money orders lululemon is high on earnings, a winner when it comes to navigating supply chain, omicron issues lululemon sales up 23% year over year same sales, jumped 32% stocks r.h. formerly known as restoration hardware has gone down it saw sales come in below estimates. the company offering a three-for-one stock split that will take place this spring. stock three is our mystery
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chart. that is chewy pet food supply company sinking in the premarket and completely missed the mark on nearly every metric for its most recent quarter earnings there were none. it reported a loss of nearly $64 million compared to a profit of $21 million almost a year ago, almost double the $36 million loss that analysts were expecting. revenue for the quarter also coming up short for the estimates, and sales guidance for the current quarter also lower than expected. that stock is down double digits by the way, the losses can be tied to shrinking margins, rising koftss like labor, and new initiatives, a tough day for chewy investors despite the cuteness of the dogs. still on deck, contessa brewer is here with why the nba may be ready to come to las vegas. plus, another blow for bitcoin? hackers pulling off one of the largest crypto heists ever we'll tell you about it straight ahead.
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las vegas has attracted an nhl tao, an nfl team, potentially an mlb team there's a lot of talk about the oakland a's and whether las vegas could be their future home there's also talk about an nba team you have a big announcement, tim, for las vegas do you want to talk about it >> good morning, everybody how are you? >> good. we're good >> so we just acquired 25 acres of land on las vegas boulevard and the main highway that's the corridor that brings everybody in from southern california our idea is to plan a new district that contains a new arena, hotel, casino, and theater. the arena will be world class. we're about to spend a billion
5:20 am
for the arena. it will be for music, for sports, for cultural activities, and should the nba decide to come -- and, by the way, there's no certainty or certainty that the nba is ever coming to vegas, but if they come, we certainly will be nba-ready, and i'll be sure we hit all of their standards. >> but the city leaders who have been behind the moves to attract more sports the laf have been drooling over the idea of having an nba franchise in las vegas, in the december city nation. so what are your chances, do you think, of getting a franchise, one, and, two, can this arena stand alone? can it be successful if you don't get an nba team? >> well, i'd actually reverse that i think it has to stand alone because there's no guarantees the nba is coming. they've made it very clear this is not a priority today, nor should we expect that it will be a priority any time in the near
5:21 am
future they have other things they're trying to resolve, so we understand that. this is similar to what we did with climate pledge arena in salt before we were able to get the 30 second franchise in the nhl and david bonder and the seattle kraken this can make sense on its own two feet we have to be very driven by music and other sporting events like ufc or boxing or wrestling. we have to go out and try to find every big event today and try to bring it to las vegas what we had to build is the best we can build for las vegas >> i've heard that strategy, if we build it, they will come. there were record growths last year it was without a return of
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international travelers. that likely will change this year is there lots of room for other competition in las vegas or is the city beginning to be overbuilt? >> right now there's five arenas in las vegas and the new west one is t-mobile. they've done a phenomenal job and they're a big fan of mgm and jim foley who built las vegas nights there are other arenas that are very old we think a brand-new arena -- we're building 12 arenas around the country today and around the world. our two most successful are moody center in austin and manchester will open next year those don't have anchor tents. similar to the strategy with moody center and co-op live, we believe this building will be competitive based on music and sporting events. it's built for the nba in mind unless the nba makes a decision to come eventually to las vegas. again, there's no guarantees
5:23 am
that's going to happen but should they make a decision to look at las vegas, does a billion-dollar brand-new building ultimately help make that decision? probably so. >> tim leiweke, it's good to talk to you this morning thank you for breaking the news this morning on "worldwide exchange." i appreciate your time brian, i wanted to mention, the resorts and casinos as well don't have all the licenses and permits ready to go there, but it's not just going to be the arena that's the draw. this is on land that's just around the 215 and the 15 coming out near the airport there so really close to the airport, close to mandalay bay where that lot of land is. >> again, two questions for you, contessa are you ready? >> i'm prepared. >> number one, can everybody confirm las vegas is going to have the water we need to make sure las vegas has the water. number two, are we hosting "worldwide exchange" at 2:00 in
5:24 am
the morning from vegas, obviously not getting up, but just staying up for the groundbreaking. >> you know, i think we should probably plan on opening a vegas bureau there's been so much development. there's so much business interest, not just in gaming and entertainment. nevada is booming as you know in areas outside of what has traditionally been their stronghold, that leisure travel. the water is a big issue it's something that i just talked about with board member wynn resorts pat milroy who used to be on the water board in southern nevada. it's of dire concern, how you do keep doing it. one thing you see, a lot of the big casino resorts are leaning on water and how efficiently they're recycling the water that comes in it's a big deal and of utmost concern to the folks who live there. >> it is a big deal. i was being serious on this. but i will say this, contessa. i'm all in favor of the las
5:25 am
vegas bureau, but it has to on after my houston bureau. after we get the houston bureau up and running, we'll talk about las vegas. >> i'm willing to follow your lead. >> and i follow your lead, contessa brewer. contessa, thank you. >> you're welcome. as we head to break, your morning rbi on the hottest cities in america for the stockmarket. did your city make the list? plus, no zelda for you llg.nintendo shares are fain some gamers are going to be disappointed stick around that helps build my portfolio and my confidence? now you're talking. no wonder ameriprise financial has been named the #1 most trusted wealth manager. ameriprise financial. advice worth talking about.
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stocks shake off fears over the bond markets we'll bring you nr in a moment. investors finding some home in renewed peace talks between russia and ukraine with moscow pledging to reduce attacks on one key city this as russia and china promised stronger cooperation on difficult international conditions we have global team coverage on the latest. and your morning rbi on what cities are doing the best when it comes to the stockmarket. it is the return of the power city indices and one metropolitan area stealing, stealing the spotlight that's a big tease it is wednesday, march 30th, and this is "worldwide exchange. ♪
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welcome or welcome back on wednesday morning. i'm brian sullivan it's 5:28 and a balmy 31 degrees in new york city merry christmas, everybody thankfully it's supposed to warm up tomorrow by 20 degrees to the mid-60s, and hopefully spring has finally sprung it literally snowed the other day. all of you in florida are laughing at us right now, i get it in the meantime let's hit your wednesday monday yesterday's market move not following through this morning futures there are down across the board, not a lot, maybe 0.2% of 1%. one company we want to spotlight, tesla many will tell you tesla is not an important part of the stockmarket.
5:30 am
it is the stockmarket because as we have said, there are so many hedge fund strategies, delta 1, synthetic derivatives, whatever is tied to options that is, wherever it goes, so goes tech. nasdaq set to increase in two weeks. tesla has trounced that. it's up 41%. look at that chart tesla in the white nasdaq in the -- what is that? s sie sienna burnt orange if you want to know where the stockmarket is going, maybe watch tesla. let's check oil and gas. both are higher right now. we've got breaking news from germany. that company declaring a, quote, early warning and could soon be facing an natural gas emergency and may have to start rationing
5:31 am
natural gas. they're in a dispute with russia who wants to be paid in rubles up 15% on that news. do the conversion. it's about 33 u.s. dollars per mbtu we're paying 5.5 imagine the utility bills hitting and coming in germany right now. now to the very latest on ukraine. the russian military claiming it has drastically reduced its activity in locations near the capital of kyiv, this after peace talks between the two countries in turkey. just a short time ago, the governor of the area talking about it moscow calls it difficult
5:32 am
international conditions, quote. former minister sergey lavrov meeting with his chinese counterpart on afghanistan nbc's gabe gutierrez joining us. eunice yoon joining us from beijing. gabe, let us begin with you. >> reporter: hi, there, brian. good morning first i want to tell you air raid sirens are going off here in lviv once again they went off about a half an hour ago this might be the all clear. you'll hear them in the background as i'm speaking i can tell you here and around the world, russia's concessions are being met with widespread skepticism attacks are continuing even as russia said it was drastically reducing its attacks other cities still seeing a huge bombard&in mariupol.
5:33 am
local officials say more than 160,000 residents are still in that region, and they are desperately trying to get out and that the russian shelling continues. military analysts are looking at this and wondering whether these concessions by russia, the pulling back of resources in and around the capital might be a repositioning and essentially a trap for ukrainian officials so although these talks are a glimmer of hope, there appears to be no end in sight to this war, brian >> gabe, i don't know if you hear us with the air raid sirens get off the air if that's the thing. you didn't seem rattled by it. is that a regular thing or is there a likelihood of an imminent attack, because if that's the case, let's end this conversation. >> reporter: well, brian, i can tell you this has become a way of life in lviv.
5:34 am
we've been hearing them on and off in the last several days there are about five or six perhaps each day some come in the middle of the night, some during the day we have heard a few more of them each day since the air strikes that happened this week while president biden was in neighbored poland. for the most part in western ukraine in lviv, they east just become background noise for better or worse. we see people walking around downtown lviv each and every day despite these air raid sirens, although if our security team tells us to go, there's a bomb shelter nearby but as of now, it seems to be the all clear, brian. >> let's hope so everybody, please be careful there. gabe gutierrez in lviv with air raid sirens rolling. thank you. let's turn to eunice onwith the urgency in the meeting eunice, thank you. what are the two sides saying about their relationship as
5:35 am
putin's war with ukraine drags on >> reporter: both are saying their relationship is as tight as ever. sergey lavrov has arrived in china. he's in china to take part in two meetings on a separate issue, on afghanistan, one with countries that border afghanistan, and another one that includes the special envoy from the u.s., but today the minister met with russia's counterpart. they're widening their cooperation, coordinating policy and speaking with one voice on global affairs this has been described as difficult international conditions on the china side, they have yet to release details of the meeting, saying that those details are going to be released in a timely manner the foreign ministry, though, repeated what we've heard many times before, there is no upper
5:36 am
limit to china/russia operation. again, there's this very close relationship that china continues to forge with russia. >> can i ask you, eunice -- and i know there's obviously a lot of state control over the media there with part of these broadcasts maybe this one frequently gets blacked out if you're watching a hotel in shanghai. i probably go dark sometimes what's the media reporting about the war? is there media reporting about the war in ukraine, and if so, what's the angle >> reporter: well, there definitely is reporting about the situation in ukraine people don't necessarily use the word "war" or "invasion.
5:37 am
it's used by the military. as we talked about before, clie na china makes great efforts not to condemn russia they want to remain ties to europe and the united states one interesting point, i thought, in chinese state media today is they were pointing out the fact that china is hosting this meeting on afghanistan. there's this one meeting that includes russia and the united states china has been marketing that, another sign that china is very capable from china's own perspective of mediating what they describe as heated issues >> you know, we sit here in america where we've got complete freedom of speech and freedom of the press and the fact that you're saying you don't read the word "war" or things like "invasion" really does say a lot. eunice yoon on the newsline.
5:38 am
eunice, thank you very much. don't use the word "war" or "invasion. what other words might you use now to crypto. there's been reports one of the biggest crypto heists of all times. silvana henao is back with us. >> reporter: they had $500 million of the digital assets stolen by hackers. the company says the thieves accessed a part of the network that the game runs on and stole the cryptos. while users are now unable to withdraw or deposit funds to its network, it is committed to ensuring that all of the funds are recovered or reimbursed. several industry executives are planning to skip a house meeting. the chairman of the natural resources committee says devon
5:39 am
energy and others have declined to attend the april 5th meeting. devon says it plans to attend a different house meeting looking at the same issues. and united auto workers leader has not held a vote despite musk's invitation to do so the uaw was aware of musk's invitation via tweet, but there has been no follow-up from tesla. and, brian, musk not exactly helping with that vote, accusing the uaw yesterday from stealing money from its members on twitter. >> you know, some of those oil and gas companies that declined a hearing, maybe it's because they don't actually produce gasoline some of those companies don't refine or sell gas the earnings on gasoline prices, but they don't make or sell
5:40 am
gasoline. >> you've got it, bri. the other one with similar issues, getting grilled by congress while at the same time congress wondering whether or not they're producing more oil. one big stock to watch today is micron shares are higher. earnings topped estimates, but overall the stock's been under pressure in recent weeks investors continue to focus on things like supply chain bottlenecks. shares of micron are about 12 bucks higher to start the year we care about where it's going, not where it's been. joining us is equity research manager at susquehanna good to have you on the program. what was your takeaway on the program and how big can the business matter get? is there some kind of critical mass or law of large numbers that micron and others soon may hit? >> right thanks for having me on the program. obviously the enterprise as a whole are very strong.
5:41 am
it's upsetting marginal weakness in the consumer notebook and also china we do believe that cloud investment is going to peek in the second half. >> are you recommending the stock to your clients and investors? is this a buy, and if so, why? >> yes it is a buy because in the near term there is an upper issue also we had some price incorrection into 2021 and early 2022 prices were down in december and done early this year and looking forward there's an easier way when it comes to comparing prices that will
5:42 am
positively impact markets. that's what drives our positive rate. >> what is the risk to your price target and micron's outlook if you had to point to a risk, mehdi? >> it's tough. but mind you the industry as a bonus is also going through some structural changes if micron and the peer group, especially the korean companies are able to adjust or lower their capacity looking into 2023, then they will be able to manage the downside risk and, therefore, the earning risk will be minimized it would reduce our investment in 2023 that would help manage the downside. >> yeah. mehdi hosseini likes the stock
5:43 am
market we appreciate you coming on thank you very much. >> thank you. coming up, a led zeppelin moment a communication breakdown. dom chu is here, revealing the sector taking home the title worst performing despite the big named stocks in it futures are down, oil up just a touch, and we're back right after this and no one else's? now you're talking. 97% of ameriprise clients say they feel like their advisor cares about their ability to achieve goals. ameriprise financial. advice worth talking about.
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welcome back to"worldwide exchange." i'm dom anyone chu over the past 12 months, communication services is the worst performing sector in the entire s&p, basically flat during that 12-month span. parts of that we picked up from its concentration in a handful of stocks. the folks over at y chards, a data analysis firm, took a look at the spyder communication services, ticker xlc it found that just seven of the company's index makes up more than two-thirds of the waiting in the total holdings. those seven stocks are silicon giants, alphabet, meta, verizon, at&t, comcast, and activision blaze ard. only two of them have outperformed the broader sector overall. alphabet is the big winner, up
5:47 am
roughly 40% in the last year in a distant second place is t-mobile, just about 3% there. it's still trailing the overall s&p 500. but, again, the real story of the sector's underperformance is in its laggards for sure the two worst performers in the past year is meta platforms, the facebook parent company, and at&t, down 20% in that span. activision is down 15% while comcast and verizon are down 13% or so so with the sector being so heavily waited by less than a third of its total members, no surprise that the weakness over the past year has fueled the underperformance of the overall sector by the way, the only sector as concentrateds is ath one, the energy sector. keep it right here "worldwide exchange" is back right after this >> announcer: sector nomices is sponsored by sector spyder etfs.
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money, we asked investors. here's what they said. 30% say they're parking their money in stocks, paying high dividends. 26% on financials. 21% betting on big cap tech. small number, no surprise there. 13%, smaller high-growth tech stocks and the smaller group is parking their money in things like agriculture names, esg targeted funds, and consumer staples. a reminder, you can get the letter by using the q.r. code right now. right now. we're giving you no time there it is. do it. time for your morning rbi and the most specific things like how your city is doing in the stockmarket. that's right narrowing down areas by the companies they're based in
5:51 am
longtime users on cnbc know we have built different indexes that make up 12 of the largest companies in different cities and areas around the america, all equal-waited, really made for fun, but a good airy to see what areas are doing well or not. let's start with the bad before the good, right? the three worst performing cities april 1st of last year to now, sfrarn san francisco, down 6% miami down 7%. all the cruise lines are based there. the worst market over 12 months, columbus, ohio, down 8% earned by big drops of scott's miracle you, alliance data systems, and others the third best, raleigh, up 21%
5:52 am
year by year helping build cornerstone brands, up 80% number two, houston, up 34%, no surprise there, by the way the oil and gas companies powering that higher by the way, on a year-to-date basis, houston is way ahead of evidence about else, at least for now. but the best city for the stockmarket in the past 12 months, we gave you all the hints. it's pittsburgh. roc r rocketing to a 36% jump. you can thank these companies. al co-ya up 188% edt, up 81%. uss steel, 59%, wesco and dick's sporting goods have also climbed. be proud of your city. it's been a big 12 months for you in stocks. if you know one of those stocks,
5:53 am
go to peppy's or elsewhere and celebrate a little bit we'll keep you up to date as the year counts down random, but pittsburgh. we have our dear friend john i sent you that rbi last night you said there's been some options action in system of the cruise lines. >> yeah. not terribly surprising, brian, because when i looked at the actual numbers like you said, the reason miami's down is, my go, 436,000 people used to work in that industry now it's under 200,000 so obviously that's not just hurt those stocks. it's impacted materially the environmental, all the places those people would spend money, but they are coming back, and they're prettying pretty big on rcl, royal caribbean cruise lines.
5:54 am
that one really seeing the most upside of the cruisers, but ccl, all of these are making comebacks, and it's just a question of, you know, when we look at this six months from now, these stocks might be driving miami, and some of those places much higher and certainly out of that ranking you had today. >> so there is some optimism there around the cruise lines. >> yes, sir. >> you talk about pittsburgh. >> yes eqt, houston with this natural gas, this is that biggest eqt. not surprising, they're still betting more on the upsued of it they're buying the 85 calls to
5:55 am
the 85s and 90s up to june, brian. that i've looking for it go up in that gas space, yep. >> we had eqt's toby rice on "worldwide exchange" earlier this week. they are the biggest gas producer in the united states. not in texas they're based right there in pittsburgh jon, you do such a great job with market options and signals. thanks for are you seeing anything on the may crow side, gives us any direction on the way things are going to to go on a macrolevel >> we've seen volatility, which you and i talk about all the time, come down so dramatically. on the 8th or 9th of march, it was up at 37 it's now touched 21 yesterday. that's a pretty steep drop on volatility and moving on an average right now, brian if it holds down here at this,
5:56 am
there's going to be interesting going forward because a lot of folks were betting on this conflict and they're certainly putting their money where their mouth is with events that the broader market impacting has faded pretty considerably. >> i'm shocked, jon, that it's under 20 honestly with everything else going on, it blows my mind what do you think is the reasoning? a quick end to this war? >> yeah. clearly that's it. it certainly looks like the door is open for mr. putin and he's likely to step through it is what participants are saying he's much more likely to step through that door rather than continuing this conflict that would be good for just about everything, but you and i
5:57 am
know that doesn't mean sanctions go away with a snap of a finger. i would still be watching those stocks on energy, fertilizer, food, because they're going to be higher for a long time. >> yep that may be the reason oil prices are high right now. the end of the war, hopefully soon, does not mean the end of sanctions. jon najarian, thank you very much. >> my pleasure. cruise lines, watch those cruises. by the way, stock futures are down that does it for us today. have a great day wherever you may be go pittsburgh.
5:58 am
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good morning negotiators for ukraine and russia say they're making progress in cease-fire talks despite continued deadly strikes overnight. and new this morning, germany is warning of potential, potential natural gas rationing. not a big shock. we'll take you live to ukraine federal regulators authorizing a second covid booster shot for adults age 50 and older as the omicron stealth variant becomes the dominant strain in the u.s. plus an activist round with carl icahn, waging a campaign against kroger and bill acklin says he's giving up the short seller. march 30th, wednesday. one more day to go ♪


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