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tv   The News With Shepard Smith  CNBC  April 12, 2022 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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and it's great to see someone else appreciate the smartwheel as much as we do. (all) the inventioneers! (cheering) i'm gym cramer the news with shepard smith starts now a dire warning about the next phase of the war in ukraine. i'm carl quintanilla in for shepard smith. this is the news on cnbc >> they're repositioning they're refocusing on the donbas >> putin, will it change the war? >> the crackdown on ghost guns. >> all of the sudden it's no longer a ghost it has a return address. >> the new action taken and what it means noerz making, buying, and selling the guns. >> when you think about the compassion that he had >> tributes for dwayne haskins,
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the nfl quarterback killed by a truck on a highway as investigators ask why was he out walking on the interstate. elon musk not joining twitter's board. but is he backing off or just getting started? >> he is certainly able to complain and do things more outside than inside. >> the first major city to reimpose a mask mandate indoors. a tense battle for france. and lining up for food in the metaverse. the restaurants ready for your order. >> live from cnbc, the facts, the truth, the news with shepard smith. >> good evening. russia is amassing tens of thousands of troops for an all-out assault on eastern ukraine. that's according to ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy. he says ukraine is ready for the major offensive. the explosion icons on this map indicate where there has been recent intense fighting. putin has appointed a notorious general, nicknamed the butcher of syria to lead the offensive
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he has a history of targeting civilians and it is fears the war is about to enter a brutal and more cruel phase a convoy on the move in eastern ukraine. russia is refocusing its forces on the eastern front after the full-scale invasion largely failed >> whatever the russian plans are, whatever their goals for this new commander are, they're still going to have to reckon with a very stiff, very effective, very capable, and quite frankly, i've used this word before, but very nimble ukrainian defense. >> the pentagon is warning this next phase of the war will likely be drawn out and very bloody we begin tonight's coverage with ali arouzi reporting live in western ukraine. alley, good evening. >> good evening. there is a sense of desperation and fear amongst the ukrainians in the donbas and the eastern reaches this country the ukrainian government has been warning them to get out before the window of opportunity
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closes but of course we saw what happened when they tried to leave. the kramatorsk rail station was ruthlessly bombed by the russians, killing over 50 people there, five of them children so people are feeling trapped in the east and they know what's coming their way. they know the focus of attention is now going to be on them, on the donbas region. they know that there is an eight-mile-long convoy of russian hardware heading their way. and they're more than aware of general dvornikov's reputation of annihilating civilian infrastructure to gain battlefield momentum and they don't want to get trapped there like the people in mariupol, which is a skating humanitarian disaster. the mayor of that city, the president of this country saying tens of thousands of people could have died in that city but of course nobody has access. the mayor said what's happened in mariupol is just the tip of the iceberg compared to bucha and the new war crimes that are coming to live in borodianka, where new mass graves have been
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uncovered. so there is a real sense of fear amongst the civilian population, especially in the donbas area that they are going to come under a sustained assault in this new russian offensive >> ali, the austrian chancellor today met with putin in russia what do we know about their talk >> well, we know they met for about 75 minutes he said it was an unfriendly and tough discussion he brought up the war crimes in bucha. he said to putin that people are going to be held accountable for those war crimes that were committed in bucha and in other places across this country he told putin that the europeans and the rest of the global community are going to keep tightening sanctions on russia as long as russia keeps killing ukrainian people but he also said that he was not optimistic that putin was going to change his mind he thought that he was dead set on this path that he is going on but he did say that he thinks it was worth going there to talk to
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him to tell putin the realities of the ground, what's going on here and of course he had just visited ukraine himself before going to russia, and he told putin of the unmeasurable suffering that the ukrainian people are going through it didn't seem to get through to putin, but he did seem to think that it was still worth telling him. >> ali arouzi in lviv, thank you so much. former deputy secretary of defense for ukraine and you're ratios evelyn, our thanks to you tonight. your thoughts on whether we are truly headed to a dark chapter and does it change the calculus for what the west should be providing in the way of weapons? >> well, carl, we are heading into a dark chapter. obviously, both sides are gearing up for more warfare. the ukrainians are interested in getting their civilians out of harm's way the russians are interested in killing more civilians as an act of revenge for their humiliation so far, and also of course as part of their effort to break
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the will of the ukrainian people what the west needs to do now is what we've been doing, but faster and harder, provide more assistance to the ukrainians in the form of military assistance. help them protect the skies, the civilians and also their military from russian art till art till rich. i think the austin chancellor's visit was probably constructive on balance, though it won't change putin's mind. and of course more sanctions cutting off russian exports of energy, for example. >> tonight the british foreign secretary, pentagon spokesman john kirby say they are working to confirm reports that there has been some use of chemical weapons. is that a game-changer now >> i saw reports of that as well it's very hard to confirm, as you know, because we don't have western journalists, we don't have american and other allied journalists in on the ground in these areas. i do think it should be a
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game-changer of course, russia has already broken the taboo using chemical weapons in syria so it's not new, but we need to -- the international community needs to stand up and do something if indeed chemical weapons were used. we know in the past president trump, when it happened on a significant scale and we could track it back to syrian military base where russians were, we bombed that base so there are things that we can do to punish the russians. >> you do a google search for ukraine, and look at how many searches are being done for that it's diminished quite a bit. we're almost back to levels we saw prior to the invasion itself how do you keep awareness and concern going around the world and support for that resistance? >> well, i think this is where leadership and media responsibility come into play quite frankly, carl. so it's great that you guys are covering it. i think business leaders and also of course political leaders around the world, heads of state
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on down need to make sure that we stay focused on this. because if vladimir putin wins in ukraine, he will turn to other small countries and then he will turn to challenge nato and he could bring down our entire international system, including our economic system, and nobody wants that. and by the way, one other quick thing. you know, as we speak already now, the ukrainians are worried that they've lost 70% of their grain harvest for next year. that will have huge implications globally >> finally, evelyn, the president with modi of india today. the austrian chancellor meeting with putin himself what role does diplomacy play at this point >> well, i think you remind your friends where their bread should be buttered, what their strategic interests are. india gains nothing from buying cheap oil from russia in the long run they have to be looking over the horizon at china, which they do not have a good relationship with china they actually fought a border war there in living memory
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so we need to remind ndians. also, the indians should be looking at how the russian military equipment is actually performing for them on the battlefield, which is abysmally. and the indians are a big consumer historically of russian armaments. >> evelyn farkas tonight, evelyn, thank you so much. appreciate it. meantime, a weather alert. another round of severe weather set to hit the lower 48. from the southern plains to the midwest. arkansas along with parts of tennessee and east texas facing the biggest threat 13 million people are in the risk area tonight, and that number is only expected to grow. meteorologists warning of strong winds, baseball-sized hail, and potential tornadoes. adam del rosso now, senior meteorologist at accuweather another dangerous day and week ahead, really. >> yeah, no rest for the weary, that's for sure. a focus this evening across northeast texas, southeast oklahoma, into arkansas where we've got these watches in place. notice there is not a whole bunch of activity on the radar
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map. that's because we have this cap in place imagine you drop a bottle of pop or soda. as long as the lid stays on, you're okay. some of the storms will be able to make it through the cap through the first part of tonight, and it will bring hail, large hail, baseball-sized, tornadoes, damaging straight-line wind gusts up to 80 miles per hour, and flooding downpours there is a lot of moisture in the atmosphere we get into the second part of the night, a lot of that activity will start to wne and shift east yes not in the clear we have another big piece of energy higher up in the atmosphere that's working in from the pacific northwest this is going to lead to blizzard conditions across the northern rockies but into the plains, this is going to bring rounds two and three of severe weather as we head through our days tomorrow and on wednesday tomorrow we're still going to have that cap in place but we think there are going to be more storms that are able to make it through that cap and so we're talking damaging wind gusts, once again, upwards of 80 miles per hour very large hail, upwards of 3
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inches in diameter tornadoes and flash flooding especially from des moines towards kansas city. dallas metro, we're going to be in that threat, oklahoma city and once again across parts of arkansas we get into wednesday. we think this is going to be the most active of these three days. and the focus is going to be to the northeast of little rock into southern illinois, southern indiana, western kentucky and western tennessee with a lot of the same threats damaging straight line winds hail, tornadoes, flooding downpours. eventually, as we head toward the end of the week, all of this activity shifts eastward it's going to drop below severe limits and we'll be able to breathe a sigh of relief in the meantime, we're going have a very active couple of days here across the central u.s. and the south we'll need to make sure we get the warnings, downloading the accuweather weather map. a great tool to have another very busy week here across the south where we've been dealing with it for the last several it's been tough. >> it has. we'll watch it with your help, adam thank you. adam del rosso a doctor facing 14 murder charges, accused of ordering
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deadly doses of fentanyl his lawyers say he was providing appropriate care today both sides make their last stand. see something? record it. these days cell phones capture pretty much everything but now some states are looking to make certain recordings illegal. and food prices rising tonight we break down how high they could go, and the reasons why. why. >> the facts, the ut ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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as a main street bank, ♪♪ pnc has helped over 7 million kids develop their passion for learning. and now we're providing 88 billion dollars to support underserved communities... ...helping us all move forward financially. pnc bank: see how we can make a difference for you. the case of an ohio doctor accused of killing 14 patients expected to be in the hands of a jury tomorrow. lawyers from both sides laid out their closing arguments today. prosecutors accuse dr. william husel of giving deadly decembers of fentanyl to sick patients, decembers so large they say he clearly intended to kill them. but defense attorneys argue dr. husel was providing comfort care for patients who were already dying. cnbc's perry russom now with the final arguments from the attorneys. >> it's a crime to kill a dying person, folks. >> reporter: prosecutors say dr.
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william husel ordered deadly doses of painkillers to end the lives of 14 patients >> this is not negligence. this is not reckless this is on purpose. >> reporter: at the close of the seven-week-long trial, prosecutors called vials of fentanyl showing the doses they say dr. husel ordered. husel pleaded not guilty to the 14 counts of murder. he's accused of killing melissa p paniks she was 82. >> someone needs fentanyl, this is what you give them. you don't double it, you don't triple it. >> reporter: husel was an intensive care doctor at mount carmel near columbus, ohio once named doctor of the year, he's since been fired and his medical license was suspended. the ceo of the hospital system resigned and 23 employees tied to the case were fired jose baez is husel's attorney and says husel was providing pain management in his patients' final moments. >> they were dying, and we have
12:15 am
to assume because his dosing habits are different that he's a murderer >> reporter: baez accused the prosecution of misleading jurors, accused a witness of tampering with evidence, and called the columbus, ohio police investigation pathetic at best. >> he wouldn't be sitting here if they had done their job right. >> reporter: baez says husel spent his life dedicated to saving patients, not killing them >> to sit here and accuse him of something else is just nothing short of absurd. >> reporter: and it really was a marathon of a closing argument for jose baez. he was speaking for hours. at one point he showed a clip from casablanca. but the judge was asking him to speed it up and go to arguments to the jury. they get to that tomorrow. >> thanks for that state senators in arizona set to vote on a bill that would ban people from filming cops unless they're at least eight feet away from them. penalties for filming a cop up close would include up to 30 days in jail the state's house of representatives already passed
12:16 am
the proposal, and it comes after oklahoma and florida passed laws that could punish people for posting videos online that include officers' personal information. valerie castro now with the push to ban recordings. >> reporter: cell phone video of the murder of george floyd but some states are passing laws to restrict filming police officers. >> nothing good comes from getting close to cops in a tense situation. >> reporter: former new york port police officer john kavanagh wants to pass a bill to ban recording police within eight feet unless you have their consent. >> you can photograph the scene easily from eight feet away with today's very sophisticated cell phones >> reporter: who is there to enforce this or measure it >> well, no one is there with a tape measure everybody knows what eight feet is. >> reporter: he says he based the bill in part on a past supreme court ruling. >> and that involved people coming and going from abortion clinics and protesters and the supreme court said that
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it was reasonable to maintain an eight-foot barrier. >> reporter: kay m. bell, an attorney with the aclu of arizona argues the two can't be compared >> the law that was upheld by the united states supreme court had a knowingly approach requirement. so you had to deliberately approach this bill would allow the officer to create the crime. all they have to do is send one officer to approach that person, and when the officer gets within eight feet of individual recording, suddenly they're committing a crime. >> reporter: eric adams says individuals have created unsafe situations, getting too close to nypd officers during instances of arrests and protests. >> if your iphone can't catch that picture with you being at a safe distance, then you need to upgrade your iphone. stop being on top of my police officers while they're carrying out their jobs >> reporter: but those who oppose the arizona bill argue officers already have tools to
12:18 am
address interference like implementing street closures, and that this one won't hold up in court. >> it's clearly unconstitutional and will certainly generate litigation >> reporter: here in new york, the state assembly passed the right to monitor act in 2020, and that does protect the public's right to record police officers the arizona bill does have some exceptions to it, and representative cavanaugh says it will not apply to individuals who are the subject of a police encounter unless they're being searched or put in handcuffs he says it also won't apply to people who are in cars during traffic stops. >> valerie castro tonight, thanks a shortage of homes meets a shortage of water. what happens when climate change becomes a real concern for one of the fastest growing cities? dine olick talking to a developer. and a big city
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phoenix, arizona was the fastest growing big u.s. city between 2010 and 2020. but climate change is creating a tug-of-war between a water shortage and a housing shortage. the west in a third year of a historic drought 95% of the region facing abnormally dry conditions. but as cnbc's real estate correspondent diana olick explains, some housing developers will build homes drought or not
12:22 am
>> reporter: on a vast swath of land in buckeye, arizona, just west of phoenix, the howard hughes corporation is developing one of the largest master planned communities in the nation, douglas ranch, flooding the desert with housing. >> there is a shortage on the ground right now of homes that are needed >> reporter: howard hughes' ceo david o'reilly claims water will not be a problem. >> every home will have low-flow fixtures, natural desert landscaping, drip irrigation and recla reclamation. >> reporter: 100,000 homes with big names like pulte, lennar, dr horton and toll brothers expected to build them and it's one of more than two dozen developments in the works around phoenix >> they're expecting the growth in this area to be a million people and there isn't the water to sustain that growth. not with groundwater. >> reporter: asu senior water research fellow kathleen ferris
12:23 am
produced a documentary about the state's 1980 groundwater management act it requires developers to prove there is 100 years worth of waterton ground in which they're building douglas ranch sits on an aq aquifer, which will be its primary source of water. >> the problem is with climate change, there aren't backup water supplies that you can use to save a development that's based totally on groundwater if it loses all of its water supply, there is no water to back that up >> reporter: this whole area is clearly at the crossroads of construction and climate but the u.s. is facing one of the worst housing shortages in history. it's estimated we need over a million more homes just to meet the current demand the phoenix area is one of the most active for home construction >> i don't think the answer is to tell people that are looking for an affordable home in arizona you can't live here. go somewhere else. i think the responsible answer, the thoughtful answer is to build them affordable homes, but to build it in a self-sustaining
12:24 am
manner. >> reporter: mark staff is director of asu's real estate development program at the school of business should wall street be concerned about investing in housing out in arizona >> no. >> reporter: why not >> because i think that there is the understanding of this particular risk and there is sufficient evidence and facts that support the continued growth based upon what we know today. >> reporter: but stapp concedes current development plans exacerbate that. >> i would say there is a legitimate concern about our future and policymakers are very aware of this. >> reporter: a report just last spring from asu's kiel center for water policy warned the amount of groundwater in the hassayampa subbasin is considerably less than regulators estimate. and without a change in direction, the physical groundwater supply underneath buckeye will decrease and will not be sustainable the bottom line is that there are places in this state, in
12:25 am
this valley where there are sufficient water supplies to support new growth we don't need to go way out in the desert and pump groundwater to build homes. >> but the land is cheaper out here. >> well, at some point there is a cost that. >> that report also says the 100-year model for groundwater is constantly changing, especially given the changing climate. the state's department of water resources is now in the process of determining if the basin does in fact have 100 years worth of water. back to you. investigating the sudden death of an nfl quarterback. the eyewitness account from moments before he was killed and reaction from people in the city where he first became a star president biden announces a crackdown on ghost guns, and an crackdown on ghost guns, and an atf agent weighs in psoriasis really messes with you. try. hope. fail. no one should suffer like that. i started cosentyx®. five years clear. real people with psoriasis look and feel better with cosentyx.
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the war in ukraine driving global food prices to an all-time high. according to the food and culture organization, global food prices in march increased more than 12% from february. and to make matters worse, there are other major destructive events that are adding pressure to the global food supply. cnbc's christina is tracking those tonight. >> you have several factors at play, all pushing to food prices to heights many have never seen before hog disease outbreak that is shrinking herds in mexico. they're forced to turn to u.s.
12:28 am
pork supplies which is why it surged 33% in january and february pork products like spam have already surged 7.1% this year. last year, a can would have cost you $3.73. and now at least $4.02 bird flu is also sweeping the nation and forcing american farmers to kill millions of hens, slashing the supply of eggs a dozen eggs are at least 11% more than last year. so you can get it at $3.29 a dozen versus $2.92 last year and it gets worse. the u.s. department of agriculture said this year's citrus crop was expected to be the smallest in more than 50 years. frozen orange juice prices were up 17% in february compared to last year. and that's because of an invasive insect disease that damaged florida orange groves. and maybe you want to call it a war on breakfast even the stable grain oats jumped to an all-time high today because of a drought in canada and you think these prices are
12:29 am
bad? the usda warns that it's only going to get worse, especially as some companies move on to two and three rounds of price hikes. carl >> literally, if it's not one thing, it's another in this case. >> all the things right now in this case. >> thanks, christina meantime, mortgage rates on the rise again that's what's topping cnbc's on the money. the average rate for the popular 30-year fixed mortgage jumped to 5 1/4% it's the highest level in nearly 13 years that's from mortgage news daily. the 30-year rising up about 2 full points since the start of the year the hot labor market fueling turnover a new survey from grant thornton shows one in five americans took a new job in the last 12 months. of those job switcher, 40s were are already looking for a new gig and making the switch proving to be lucrative. nearly half of job changers reported a pay increase of at least 10%. that's more than double the rate of all people surveyed kmart one step closer to
12:30 am
extinction the kmart store in avondale, new jersey is set to close for good this weekend when the doors close, it will leave only three kmarts left in the u.s. one other in new jersey, one on long island and one in miami kmart filed for bankruptcy 20 years ago, and at one point operated nearly 2500 stores and employed more than 300,000 people on wall street, the dow down 413 points the s&p down 76. the nasdaq down 299. the tech heavy index down more than 7% over the last five sessions i'm carl quintanilla in for shepard smith. it's half past the hour. here's what's making the news. elon musk backing off his decision to join the board of twitter. now analysts suggest something bigger could be in the works investigating the death of quarterback dwayne haskins the 911 calls from one man who spotted him on the freeway just minutes before impact.
12:31 am
but first, the white house making a new push to crack down on ghost guns. these are guns that people can buy online and put together at home law enforcement said they're particularly dangerous because they don't have serial numbers it means these guns can't be traced but the president says that's going change he just announced some new federal rules requiring manufacturers to include serial numbers on all unfinished gun parts. the rules make it so dealers must run background checks before selling the parts >> all of the sudden it's no longer a ghost it has a return address. it's going to help safe lives, reduce crime, and get more criminals off the streets. >> nationwide, ghost guns have become more popular in the last few years. the fed's report they seized about 1700 in 2016 by 2020, that number had jumped to nearly 9,000. also today, the president announced a nominee to take over the bureau of alcohol, tobacco,
12:32 am
firearms and explosives. steve dettelbach, a former u.s. attorney in ohio aff hadn't had a senate confirmed director since 2015. cnbc's andrea day reports on the fight over ghost guns that's been years in the making >> it's been 879 days as of today since my daughter was shot and killed. >> reporter: almost two and a half years fighting for change after brian muilenburger's 15-year-old daughter gracie was shot and killed bay classmate at school the firearm? a ghost gun. we caught up with him today in d.c., just measurements before president biden's announcement along with frank blackwell, his son also killed the same day >> shouldn't have to worry that when your child gets on the bus to go to school, that you'll never ever see them again. >> reporter: when we first reported this story on the news with shepard smith we told you about a growing number of home factories across the country with regular people ordering gun parts, making ghost guns at home by the dozens. and then selling the unregistered firearms. >> we're finding basically bulk
12:33 am
stash houses where they're manufacturing these in bulk. >> reporter: this is atf special agent in charge john davitte toe. he let us inside this private police range to show us dozens of the homemade weapons. how does that feel >> smooth as silk. no difference between my duty glock. >> reporter: davitte toe has been on the force for 23 years >> individuals basically are acquiring the equipment and tools to make 10, 15, 20, 30, 40 they see it as a means to an end and a profit this one was recovered from a gang member one month ago. >> reporter: approximately, how long would it take to make a gun like that? >> we've taken individuals and gave them the equipment and timed them, and they manufactured a perfectly functioning firearm within 30 minutes. >> reporter: the president's announcement drawing criticism from the nra, calling the action another hollow plan. and this action sends the wrong message to violent criminals, because this ban will not affect them these violent crime sprees will
12:34 am
continue unabated until they are arrested, prosecuted, and punished we asked the dads if the new restrictions bring any closure >> this isn't closure. it will never be closed as it relates to the death of our children >> and carl, i just spoke with the atf agent from our story he said they can finally use the same methods that they'd been using for years to identify criminals because now those ghost guns will have serial numbers making it so much easier to solve cases carl >> andrea day. andrea, thank you. investigators trying to figure out why pittsburgh steelers quarterback dwayne haskins was walking on this interstate when cops say a dump truck struck and killed him. it happened over the weekend in south florida. our nbc affiliate there spoke to a man who says he believes he saw haskins trying to cross the interstate just minutes before the crash. he says cars swerved out of the way as haskins drifted into oncoming traffic and after seeing that, the man said he called 911 immediately >> i said this individual is going to have a major accident
12:35 am
if you don't get to them it's very just very disturbing i just didn't understand the situation. his arms were a little bit moving like it might have been like he was waving. >> haskins' death reverberating through the sports world the former star quarterback at ohio state was 24 years old. cnbc's shomari stone live outside the washington commander stadium where haskins played two seasons. shomari, good evening. >> good evening, carl. tributes are pouring in for dwayne haskins he was drafted by the washington commanders and played at fedexfield behind me people in the community, d.c., maryland and virginia remember him as a good guy. >> heartbroken absolutely heartbroken >> reporter: chad ricardo was a high school sports journalist who reported on dwayne haskins while he was the star quarterback at bullis school in maryland. >> the young nan he was, he was intelligent. heacumen, but had the ability to be so much more.
12:36 am
>> reporter: pat coach him from 2013 to 2016. >> he was always a great leader, always had an infectious smile wanted everybody around him to succeed. was a very family-oriented young man. >> reporter: the coach gave us this photo it shows haskins filled with joy sitting by his parents he became a star at the ohio state university >> it's hard to wrap your mind around something like this especially when it just happened to tragically to a young person. especially somebody who had such a big heart. i think when you think about dwayne, you think about the compassion that he had >> reporter: haskins was a first round pick of the washington commanders in 2019 after two seasons, he signed with the pittsburgh steelers >> and i love you. >> reporter: head coach mike tomlin said in a statement, quote, dwayne was a great teammate but even more so a tremendous friend to so many i am truly heartbroken
12:37 am
>> i think about a young man who had so much talent, so much potential, and so much ability to one day change the world for the better >> chris stanley is the man who called 911 he said he saw haskins dressed in all black on the interstate now investigators say it will take three to four months before we get a full report about what happened carl >> that is a heartbreaking story. shomari stone. shomari, thanks. everybody in philadelphia must once again mask up indoors. city officials announced they are reinstating the mandate. it is the first major city to do so philly lifted its mask requirement a little more than a month ago. since then covid cases have ticked up slightly the health commissioner says the city is averaging about 140 new infections a day according to the cdc, that means there is low community spread. but the commissioner says the city must prepare now for another possible wave of hospitalizations and deaths. philly's mask madate set to take effect next week jetblue reportedly cutting
12:38 am
flights because it doesn't have enough staff in an email to staff seen by cnbc, the airline president said it's reducing its flight schedule by up to 10% next month. and the plan is to keep that going for the rest of the summer it comes after a weekend of major cancellations. according to flight aware, airlines canceled more than 700 flights in the u.s. on saturday alone. and yesterday spirit airlines canceled more than 140 flights jetblue axed more than 150 the airline blames staffing shortages and recent delays that left flight crews out of place it comes after jetblue announced it's looking to merge with spirit in a multibillion bid the airline has already hired more than 2,000 people this year, but that is still short. multiple countries attempting to cripple russia's war efforts with sanctions, but there could be a way around them with the help of iran. we'll explain. you can do a lot of things in the metaverse, virtually, of course course but w me ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ we believe there's an innovator in all of us. ♪ ♪ that's why we build technology that makes it possible for every business... and every person... to come to the table and do more incredible things.
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sanctions have been one of the west's biggest functions to punish russia for invading ukraine. but there is news iran could teach them how to dodge and ease the economic pain. in a piece for "the wall street journal," they warn that iran's evasion techniques are sophisticated and sweeping and tehran could teach moscow how to replicate this illicit financial architecture or serve as the kremlin's broker, taking a cut of the trade on russia's behalf. the ceo of the foundation for defense of democracy's think tank that has advocated for tougher sanction on iran mark, good to have you tonight i guess what do you think iran after all this time could possibly offer >> well, carl, the team in iran is world champion in engaging moneylaundering. they have set up this clast stein sanctions busting
12:42 am
sanctions and vladimir putin, who as you know is under punishing sanctions because of his invasion of ukraine. the irans are standing by to have this architecture available to putin so he can move 10s of billions of dollars and circumvent u.s. and western sanctions. >> what does the west need to do to keep this from happening? and wouldn't this sort of undo whatever progress we appear to be making in iran nuclear deal >> well, it certainly would. president biden is poised to reenter the deal that president trump withdrew from in 2018. and in doing so is going to be withdrawing sanctions, including on iran's central bank, which president trump designated for supporting terrorism in 2019 and so you have a situation where iran is going to shake free of these sanctions. but in doing so, it can really do a favor for its russian ally in allowing russian banks and russian energy companies to ply back into the financial and energy system through iranian entities and that's certainly something everybody is concerned about >> how would you describe the
12:43 am
differences in economic pressure the two economies have come under? obviously russia is much larger, although they are both very reliant on oil are they even anywhere in the same ballpark? >> i would say probably not yet. the sanctions, on the sanctions dial, if you say 0 to 10 and iran got to 7 or 8 on russia sanctions we're at 4 to 5 there is so much more we can do. the russian economy is about four s much bigger than the iranian economy. we reduced their oil sales to a couple 100,000 on the russian side, there are still russian banks on swift and russians are still selling their oil and natural gas to the europeans and asians so we're not even close to putting the kind of pressure on russia that we put on iran >> finally, you piece argues that congress, there is more white space for them to get active what do you mean by that >> congress really needs to monitor this if iranian banks are involved, congress needs to legislate and
12:44 am
impose sanctions back on iran for evading these sanctions. we're never going to stop vladimir putin's aggression in ukraine and the rest of europe unless we put in place an airtight sanctions regime. and the key to that is stopping iranian moneylaundering and sanctions busting on behalf of putin. >> fascinating development, mark appreciate that very much. it is deja vu in france. the french president emmanuel macron set to face a familiar rival in the second round of the presidential election in two weeks. her name marine le pen. she is the leader of the far right national rally party in france yesterday she and macron were the two top candidates in the first round of voting, and the results set up a rematch of the french presidential election in 2017 back then, macron crushed le pen, but polls show this year's race could be a lot tighter. white house officials closely watching the election because they are concerned that a le pen win could destabilize the coalition against moscow international coverage from our sister network sky news and their reporter sally lockwood in paris.
12:45 am
>> reporter: the big question dominating french politics, can the far right really win after five years of president macron, french voters are deciding his future at the ballot box he won the highest share of the vote in this first round, but it's tight the full verdict is still two weeks away and a second term for the country's youngest ever premier appears vulnerable >> translator: this decisive moment for the future of the nation, nothing must be as it was before i would like to take the hand of everyone who would like to work for france to join me. i'm ready to invent something new. >> reporter: on the other side of paris, president macron has the same rival once again as marine le pen arrived, i asked if she is feeling confident. a simple nod said it all this is the far right leader's third and final attempt at the
12:46 am
french presidency. if you go by the polls, she's never got as close as this marine le pen has presented a softer, more unifying image of herself in this campaign >> translator: in this campaign, i decided not to be partisan, to be at the service of all and to directly address you i will carry on doing so-so the day after the second round not to exclude anyone, to be the president for all the french people >> reporter: le pen's decision to focus on the cost of living was a smart choice and won her a broader church of voters speaking less on immigration has helped to detoxify her brand critics say she has changed her style, but not her far right values but this time marine le pen is far more palatable to many voter, and those voters are far less predictable even marine le pen's past praise
12:47 am
for vladimir putin didn't dent her support during a horrifying war in ukraine france will now look to voting between macron and le pen. normally parties to vote together in round two against the far right. but this time it feels like the rule book has been ripped up. >> anything can happen nobody thought brexit would happen what people of my generation really didn't think it would happen, and it has nobody thought trump would come into power and he did. i think we have to consider that it's always an option. >> reporter: the overall impression is french people are looking for a change but that change could give vladimir putin a perceived ally in the elysee palace france feels in uncharted election territory sally lockwood, sky news, paris. elon musk and twitter. first he became the company's biggest shareholder, then plans to join the board suddenly reversed is there a bigger plan of action in the works and standing her ground.
12:48 am
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elon musk deciding not to join twitter's board of directors. that's according to twitter's ceo. but even as an outsider, musc may still be able to influence the company. his decision means he is no longer limited to owning just 15% of twitter that would have been a condition if he had
12:51 am
joined the board last week he disclosed that he bought a more than 9% stake in the company. that made him the biggest shareholder. now some analysts are suggesting he could bolster his stake and eventually establish control of the company. musk has yet to make a statement, but on saturday he cotweeted this list of the most followed twitter users it includes former president obama, justin bieber, katy perry and rihanna. he wrote most of these top accounts tweet rarely and post very little content. he then asked is twitter dying kara swisher tonight, the cancer for all things tech for "the new york times." it's great to see you again. >> good to see you, carl. >> what do you think he wants? >> i can't be clear. when he commits himself to this stuff he makes, he is quite committed, whether it's tesla or spacex or even the boring company. in this case, it feels a little more like when he was doing game stock or etsy or doj coin. it seems like a side hustle to me what's going on i'm not sure what he wants in this case. and taking it over would be a
12:52 am
very pricey situation even for the world's richest man. >> meantime, the impact on i guess employees for sure, kara, but more broadly users who are wondering what changes may be coming down the road how tumultuous is that >> you act like he has power to do this. he can just tweet at you it doesn't mean he can make it so this is a company as they noted in their letter about this that they're running things, for now, at least he would have to do a hostile take over, take over the company. it's a very long and arduous process. and he could just tweet at them. it doesn't mean they have to do it lots of people tweet at me and i don't listen to them any way whatsoever and he is elon musk, right he might get bore and move on. he definitely loves twitter for sure as a habit, like a lot of us do. >> i think back to a conversation you had with him at your conference in california last summer in which he kind of talked about tweeting just as a gag almost certainly nowhere near as serious as he takes sending
12:53 am
eventually he hopes one day a person to mars i wonder if you think that's still how he feels about it. >> i don't know. he could get together with some of his wealthier friends there is a lot of them, and put push something but then what for? it's certainly not economic to do this, and that's a lot of money. maybe he doesn't care about money. maybe he just wants to own it. i definitely think if they put this into play too much, it becomes a real problem for the company itself it was already bumping along for years the stock has stayed in the ipo price range which is unusual for tech companies. >> went public at 26 and not far above that. >> indeed. >> finally, his point about very powerful users not providing much content i wonder whether or not you think that's fair? and if it is fair, what that says about the platform. >> well, just because he is a manic tweeter like you and i, it doesn't mean they are. a lot of these people just use it for marketing when they need to and some are more active than others i think it's always been like that oprah was on it if you remember for four seconds and then hadn't tweeted in a while lots of people don't do things
12:54 am
maybe president obama have things to do and twitter is not one of them but it's a strong marketing vehicle for a lot of people. and it certainly entered the political scene rather heavily, as you know. >> finally, he has certainly drawn a lot of attention we're talking about twitter right now. >> yes. >> do you think that results eventually in more people using the service and furiousing a rival service like snap or facebook >> no, i don't think so. i think twitter has always had a product problem. what is the necessity for it for people and they still haven't quite answered that question i think some of the ideas around subscription are smart ones, and lots of people have had that idea i think adding more value to it for people or people paying for it a lot of people think that heavy users should pay for using it and be paid for it and it's a better experience for people there is always kinds of great ideas. but this company has been one that has been under leverage considering its influence. and its business is not that big and it's not that good a business yet it's fine, but it's certainly
12:55 am
not a rocket ship as elong musc. >> as you would say. thanks, kara the metaverse. we reported on the trends in the virtual reality world. you can buy homes, attend concerts what about grabbing a bite to eat? kate rodgers reports on how virtual food may be the next big thing. >> from wendy's to panera and mcdonald's, the latest restaurant battle is playing out in the metaverse, which begs the question isn't the best part of dining out really the food itself and how does vr food make it into your stomach in real life chipotle is on it, teaming up with row blocks to allow customers to roll burritos for fun and earn credits at its restaurants via burrito bucks. the company had a line of 20,000 people waiting to get in last week. >> we were giving away codes for free chipotle. and people would take those
12:56 am
codes, go online, order in our app or on and get that delivered to their house. so when you're doing, that you're bringing together the physical world and the digital world and creating that fully immersive experience >> reporter: the gains are twofold. picture avatars ordering and eating digital food from their favorite companies in the metaverse, and the opportunity in the future to have food delivered without having to leave that virtual world there is a lot of applications for this technology. and then when you slide in the fact that people are going get hungry and need to eat and not want to leave what they're doing, that's where the restaurant is going to be able to have another avenue of revenue for their companies. >> reporter: nfts are another area of focus. lunch box recently sold the first nft restaurant to beer burger it has digital kiosks where guests will be able to order food and connect the virtual world with the physical world. >> we want people to go up to the kiosk, order to the kiosk and the food is dropped off to your home. and now you get to sit and hang
12:57 am
out in this venue. that's the next phase of what we're trying to do >> reporter: many companies are being quiet about their future plans in the metaverse and with potential nft offerings. one thing is for sure. it seems like there is the place to be. so they're lining up now and they'll figure out later how to best execute the plans the fearless girl statue one step closer to getting a permanent home it's been under a temporary permanent since it first appeared on wall street five years ago. many want fearless girl to stay in new york forever. today the new york city design commission voted to extend the statue's permit for 11 months. the statue owner must return in six months with a long-term plan the vote a sigh of relief for the artist her plan to make the stat you permanent has more than 800 signatures she said today is the first time she's felt heard in fife years 55 seconds left on the clock. a race to the finish
12:58 am
president zelenskyy says russia is amassing tens of thousands of troops for an all-out assault on eastern ukraine. the pentagon warning the invasion could be entering a bloody new phase president biden announcing a crackdown on ghost guns. new federal regulations will require serial numbers to firearms are traceable for the fourth week in a row, millions of americans across the country are bracing for a multiday severe weather outbreak tonight forecasters warning of strong storms from texas and louisiana, up to kentucky. and now you know the nice news for this monday, april 11th, 2022 i'm carl quintanilla in for shepard smith. follow us on instagram and twitter, at the news on cnbc and listen to the podcast on apple, spotify, or your favorite spotify, or your favorite podcast platform i have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. now, there's skyrizi. ♪ things are getting clearer ♪ ♪ yeah, i feel free ♪ ♪ to bare my skin ♪ ♪ yeah, that's all me ♪ ♪ nothing and me go hand in hand ♪ ♪ nothing on my skin, that's my new plan ♪
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