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tv   Fast Money Halftime Report  CNBC  April 26, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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pledging shares, he gets new millions of options as part of his 2018 compensation plan more money going out than coming in >> home quit line of credit he has there. that does it for tech check. half time starts now thanks so much welcome to the half time report. scott walker judgment day nor tech. biggest names getting set to report earnings, the first in the coming hours the nasdaq is under heavy selling pressure we debate all that your money's next move with the investment committee joining me, stephanie link, amy raskin, pete najarian. look what the markets are doing. dow down by 600 points 1.75%.
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s&p off by just about 2% look at the nasdaq it is off by more than 3%. nearly 3.25. a loss of more than 400 points, heading into big reports josh brown, setting up ugly for after the bell these names better deliver microsoft and alphabet kick things off the way the market looks now, the bar keeps rising by the minute, i suppose. >> one of the central themes in markets the last ten years has been that there is a secular growth quality to companies like apple, microsoft, alphabet, netflix even they just were not susceptible traditionally to the ups and downs of the economy they always found ways to grow or their growth stories were so strong that really no matter what was going on, trade war,
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pandemic, you name it, they just found revenue and they hit the numbers. pretty reliably, with almost no exceptions to be honest. i can think offhand of maybe three or four apple missed quarters going back to 2012. i don't know if that's going to be true any more and i find it hard to believe netflix can't add subs but apple can end more and more cloud services or app down loads or whatever i really feel that that con seat that i walked you through is going to be tested this week for the first time in a major way. i think it starts tonight with microsoft. we'll hear from alphabet, hear from amazon. apple is the big one to me, make or break i was on the show last week talking about that the reason this is important, not just because it is an interesting story but from an investing perspective, this is where all the revenue is, where
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all the market cap is. these are the companies that really matter the most you can give me a thousand examples of ges and caterpillars, and it is not that nobody should pay attention to those stocks, mathematically, statistically they just don't have the same impact as the companies that i'm talking about that we're about to hear from, so all of these stocks are down 2% now, across the board and they have now given back 100% of their outperformance versus the s&p 500 back to 2018. in other words, if you just bought spy, rather than equal basket of fang megastocks, you break even could go either way. that's an extraordinary amount of outperformance to have given up that's where we are in the markets. that's a huge sentiment shift, the way the stocks are now being
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treated. i think they'll have good earnings reports i don't know in it is enough this time. >> so pete, megacap declines in the month of april, apple is on pace for its worst month since september of 2020, down 9% microsoft on pace for its worth month since 2015, down 11.5% amazon on pace for the worst month since '18. down 14% alphabet having the worse month since 2010 down 14.5% your expectations going into this afternoon literally four hours from now, little less. we're going to have microsoft numbers out. what are you expecting >> yeah. it is interesting because i totally agree with what josh was talking about. i think when you say look at something like microsoft, it started getting sold off,
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continues to be sold off as you mentioned, this month has been horrendous it is something that they've got to actually show us something big i think, otherwise the direction continues to the south i think for many of these stocks and obviously looking at the nasdaq itself. interesting, scott, how we have gone back and forth across 15 and 13 and 14,000, banging around, but volatility of the moves has been extraordinary we have been talking about it a long time now but it has been megacap names that started to participate to the down side more than they were. and it is going to be really interesting. can they deliver enough, that's what josh was saying i say the same thing is there enough for microsoft tonight, for google tonight. different companies all the way around but can they deliver enough to get people to say you know what, i'm done selling. i think that's what we are looking at now otherwise, if they can't deliver, that selling pressure
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will continue and we're going to see markets extend further to down side. we're seeing a lot of that in the options world now. seeing puts bought in a lot of different areas of the market we hadn't seen in a while because of that i think it will be interesting how they deliver not just tonight but this week, including apple and the rest >> you know, steph, the points that peete made are great and josh, too. the take away from josh, the hiding places don't work any more, at least lately, right they were viewed as ports in the storm. whatever storm there was brewing, you could find shelter in these stocks. and that story has been, the roof has been ripped off, if you will now we're trying to figure out if those get rebuilt or if we're all getting drenched if those stocks don't stabilize and hold up or recover, then you have a broader market problem.
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>> oh, you are absolutely right in terms of that point your last point there. technology and come services is 38% of the s&p 500 you know i have been under weight technology for better part of the last year. this year, narrowing names that i own because the problem is these fang and microsoft names are so overowned, and the sell side loves them. it has been the right call these stocks have been amazing until a year ago we have seen a lot of problems this year. a lot of cracks. i only own meta, facebook, sitting at loss on that. i think the valuation is the cheapest of the fangs. down 700 basis points for 2022 an enormous number
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and i think the advertisers find value, getting better returns on investments this is not one i think is stretched expectations are low. and then apple, that's more of a defensive play in my mind because it has strong brands, products, services, recurring revenue, and they're going to announce a buy back that will hopefully give them some support. i am very, very underweight tech and com services looking to buy if i get a good reason but i think we're too early. >> you're justifying reasons why you would keep a facebook, for example. and yes, right, they have all of those users. i wonder, alphabet will give a good read on this tonight, what alphabet says, what the cfo says about digital advertising
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markets, if you have a duopoly between alphabet and facebook, if you have worries about a global economic slowdown, that's one of the first places you would see it show up, right? you would get commentary from google who would talk about what the digital ad market looks like we have commentary already on that from snap pay close attention to that. >> 100%. >> also wonder, you have as somebody texted me awhile ago, a money manager, again, not going to reveal who exactly it is, they say what you're witnessing today is the intersection of higher rates, not today obviously but generally speaking with what the fed is going to do, plus recession fears, and the notion that forecasts have to come down i mean, that's a natural progression, right you get higher rates, if worried about a slowdown, then you ultimately get forecasts coming down, that will hit stocks and some of the growth year names. you trimmed alphabet
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i came to you last, amy, on purpose because i wanted everybody's commentary and come to somebody making a move into the number tonight and that's you. somebody that's been more negative than most on the market of late. i recall our conversations in the last six, eight weeks, last time you were on you have been more negative than the others, expressing it through trimming of shares of alphabet into the number in three hours. >> right well, i'm not betting on the quarter tonight or results, i don't know what the company will do, i still own it, i hope it is a good number, but we have been more negative on the markets and on big tech in particular. you can even take it further than the last two years. the only trade that you needed to know the last decade was to buy big tech and they really benefitted from a disinflationary environment, a lot of multiple expansion, earnings and growth was good, but these are now dominant
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stocks of the market as josh said, as they have a disproportionate amount of revenue, disproportionate amount of market cap, they're widely owned and loved, owned by people that don't know they own them in large sizes by people that own passive indexes. where is the marginal buyer here, and expectations are really high, even though stocks have come down a lot, if you look at the numbers and expectations, they're high we think this is, early on getting out of faang, but we don't think this is the place to be the next decade >> josh, the marginal buyer as amy says was replaced by the marginal bailer, who would never otherwise leave these stocks as i said, they were shelter in the storm. wolf research calls faang a bubble they say, quoting from their note this morning, our sense is that similar to the tmt bubble implosion, tech, media, telecom,
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broader fang plus ndx bubble is likely to burst when fundamentals start to meaning fully deteriorate as the overall economy slows. goes to the point i made with steph. if you're worried, better listen to ruth porat tonight, look at the results as we break them in overtime and see what happens and what they say and stock reaction will be a big tell. >> in the late 1960s, early 1970s, there was a very popular market meme, didn't use the term meme then. i wasn't born yet. there was a popular market meme which held that if you bought these 50 stocks, they were the most important companies in america and the world. and there was no wrong price you could pay. so you could pay for east man kodak -- they would never loose dom nanls in developing film,
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selling cameras, lol that logic applied to procter & gamble, disney, at&t and a laundry list of companies. of the 50, i think 25 are gone and ten of them are shadow of their former sefs. and some of them ended up being great investments in the next 40 or 50 years. say coca-cola, american express, some of them bailed you out if you paid any valuation the problem is you went through the '70s in a massive draw down in those stocks and had to make it to the '80s before that ridiculous valuation you paid would eventually be worn down by earnings growth that would kick in that process took over ten years. the same thing played out in the year 2000. microsoft ended up tripling earnings from 2000 to 2010 and the stock price actually fell. sometimes there are prices that you're paying in great companies that really no matter what the
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fundamentals do, you're still going to be screwed. and i do think we're starting to see the early innings of that realization start to dawn on both professional and retail investors. in 2020 and 2021, first level thinking was all you needed. you could say to yourself this is a great company, therefore i buy the stock, the stock will work that actually did do well, that strategy that hasn't been working for six months one by one, i own some of these, i am in nvidia and alphabet, one by one we're seeing the enthusiasm overwhelm arguably good fundamentals because of this market wise adjustment on valuation. and i really don't think there's anything you can do to stop it i really don't think there's anything the companies can do to stop it. it is going to play out. people that are overleveraged,
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overconcentrated will continue to be injured. professionals like stephanie, myself, pete, amy will look for opportunities in the wreckage because the counterbalance to everything i just said is that these companies can do massive buy backs and they probably will continue growing earnings even as the multiples compress. and at a certain point, at least short term, they do go down too much that's the game now. no more rising tide, judge that game ended. >> now microsoft, which by the way, josh, is at 273, 4. it is under that $275 amount. >> that's now broken support that's in trouble. >> yeah. one last thing on this we could very easily see a great number from microsoft tomorrow that leads to a gap up green open for the nasdaq. in fact, don't fallout of your chair, i would say it is a coin
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toss here is what you need to understand we are below the 200 day moving average of the s&p this is a historical fun fact. 47 of the 50 best and worst days for the market have taken place with us below the 200 day historically which means these massive green days and massive red days tend to cluster together and almost every single one of them that taken place when the market is below its 200 day in statistical down trend. the key for our viewers, don't get gassed by a big up green open, if microsoft or alphabet or apple or one day wonders with great earnings report were below the moving average in the market a lot of crazy things happen in both directions. you need to restrain your emotions on a day-to-day basis. >> pete, i mean, with all due respect to brian cornell, i know
12:17 pm
he won't be offended, nadel is your guy in tech you talked about it the last few years, you own this stock, it is right below support, it reports as i said tonight, i mean, pressure is on are you concerned about a further breakdown from where microsoft shares have already gone this year, right year to date down 19 i said off the 52 week high, greater than 20% down. >> yeah. i think you always have some concerns, scott. no doubt you have to have some concerns you're looking at both sides of what they could do if you look at the numbers that they're projected to put up there, the numbers are showing you incredible growth still, right? that's something important if they can reach those numbers or maybe extend past those or maybe give a better forecast, joshua talking about buy backs, they have cash to do all those things there are reasons to be bullish on microsoft and the fact that
12:18 pm
they've been shifting around they closed on some deals, they actually have the activision deal, they're talking about working towards the metaverse. what they're doing with cloud and how they're attacking, trying to take away from amazon as their competitor, there's a lot of different things going on i respect, that's the reason why i bought the stock the second that man was put in that position as ceo, because he has that vision. he made those difficult decisions, those big acquisitions and i think they're all paying off for the company in a big way they are growing enough that i think if they can hit numbers as i suspect, it could be a pretty decent afternoon and start to the day tomorrow to josh's point, there could be a lot of green on the screen if that's the case. that's the part of this that makes it very interesting because should everybody else be jumping to the up side just because microsoft? i'm not sure that's the way it should work, but microsoft
12:19 pm
itself i think going into this number could put up some very big numbers and i expect to see that they will yesterday, by the way, we got to 270. i don't think we got to that level today before it turned around, finished the day up close to 281 volatile markets we know that i think this is a company to navigate through this pretty well we'll see if i am right. obviously cloud space is something growing, growing, growing. i don't see that slowing down at all. and i think microsoft is positioned well. >> going to see what the azure growth is after the bell see if it measures up. bounce a couple minutes, we'll come back to stefan amy with thoughts and moves you need to know about the committee is making moves. we need to talk about ge, too. see the shares today ugly down 12% stephanie link owns it she's on the hot seat next that's the way it goes, right, steph? back to you in a minute.
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a little off lows but not much we'll take whatever we can get stephanie link, i am getting to moves and everything in a moment i wonder, i want to expand on your comments regarding meta rehash comments from a money march who i have great respect for and viewers like to listen to, i can't reveal who it is again, the intersection of higher rates plus recession fears and the forecasts are coming down. as that happens, multiples will continue to rerate meta is cheaper than it was, but is it cheap enough, right? you're convinced the fed will pull this off, that they're not throwing us into a recession historical evidence may prove otherwise. how am i supposed to judge the stocks today, i own them, i like them, maybe i love them. maybe you love meta but the reality is in a slowing economic
12:24 pm
environment, that multiple may come down even more. >> well, you actually made the case for me on meta, traded 13 times earning and 8 times and numbers are down by 700 basis points in total revenue for 2022 while i do not think they're going to get reals fixed this quarter, i am saying they will not, they will i think second half of the year you have a huge base, even if they slow down, they're going to look for these quality companies. i still believe facebook is a quality company. i have concern that if rates go higher in amazon, trading 46 times earnings, or microsoft 28
12:25 pm
times earnings google, alphabet is the only one other than meta that's very reasonable at 19 times but why want to be overloaded in these names when everybody else is overloaded with these names that said, free cash flow will be impressive for all companies and for meta, in fact, i wouldn't be surprised to hear meta increase their buy back, 50 billion dollar buy back program it was quarters ago. wouldn't be surprised if theyu that >> talk about moves. amy first. i mention trimming alphabet. you also trimmed estee lauder, lvmh and you bought more target and nestle tell me why you took some profits? >> emg got to be too big a position we were overweight energy.
12:26 pm
it got to be too big a percentage we took some profits lvmh and estee were great. the stock went down, that was worrying both stocks are very expensive, very well liked. we're just going into a tougher consumer environment, so we trimmed back there we added to staples. to target, pete likes it so much >> good enough for me. >> the defensive areas and nestle is probably our favorite staple >> stephanie link. you trimmed coca-cola. got too expensive for you? >> yeah. i mean, it is a 27 times forward estimate, up 11% on the year, yielding close to 3% they had a very good quarter but i think it is important to take
12:27 pm
profits. i have owned this stock a long time i think the ceo is doing an amazing job at the company, streamlining the products, offering new ones, but what are you willing to pay for it. for me, 27 times is very rich. i just trimmed it. i will probably hold onto the rest of it if it pulls back in a market pull back, maybe i buy it back for now, i think it is prudent to take gains where you have them. >> you bought more as cramer would say slb, schlumberger and freeport >> these are simply because stock places fell. yesterday, schlumberger was down 10%. they beat earnings, increased dividend 40% and we haven't seen international inflect yet. that's going to come second half of the year. and margins are going higher,
12:28 pm
200 basis points year over year in 2022 over 2021, you'll see operating leverage as demand stays strong and i think demand will continue to stay strong for this company in freeport, it is down 23% in five days, and they beat on earnings, beat on ebitda, they increased cost guidance because of higher energy prices. why that's a surprise to anybody i don't know, but 20% i thought really interesting to double down here, especially when the stock trades at 11 times earnings and their balance sheet is not the same it was five or six years ago, it is so much stronger and they're working on paying down all that debt. >> yeah. steph, i didn't forget about ge, you're not off the hook. we are coming back to talk about that along with pete's unusual -- i mn,t wt ea iishait is back after this.
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got some bits coming into tech nasdaq is 60 plugs points off where we started 31 minutes ago. you have some money coming into technology stocks ahead of big earnings reports after the bell. again, microsoft and google reporting tonight. we will be here in overtime to break the numbers and get reaction stock reaction, ge, steph, let's do it. stock is down 11%. new 52-week low. most closely followed analyst on this stock says for the stock a miss, plain and simple on almost all fronts it is now clear collapse in the forward curve on ebitda is inevitable to anyone with excel. stocks should be down today. he has a $55 price target on it, he sees significant down side from here. you defended this on the way down what's the story now >> i am buying it at 6, 7, 8,
12:33 pm
$10. i am buying it after it fell substantially a few years ago because he came in with a great reputation and great track record that doesn't change in my book after today. i think it is such an overreaction, i can't wait to add to it and i will when i can, when not restricted. go through the numbers they beat on earnings. total revenues in line free cash flow it was down $900 million in line, that was not a miss by any means. seasonality and they reiterated free cash flow from 5.5 to 6.5 billion for 2022 orders rose 13%. margins increased 110 basis points as i mentioned, the key is the free cash flow guide and they reiterated that. aviation is the standout, 35% of total revenues one of the main reasons i own the stock. orders up 32%. health care was disappointing
12:34 pm
because of supply chain issues margins hit 400 basis points but orders were up 9%. business isn't going away, supply chains will eventually get fixed. renewables is a disaster, give you that for sure. they have someone running that division that i believe will turn it around and surprisingly power which i wasn't expecting much from, margins rose 200 basis points i am looking at some of these things saying sure, should the stock be down because of the guide for the overall year was down at the low end, they didn't cut guide, said low end. should it be down 3 or 4%, probably down 12, you have to be kidding me this is a buy. >> touche to steven after that >> yes >> get him on one of these days when you're on we could have a nice debate. up next. farmer jim owns it he joins us when half time returns. pete is working on unusual
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i am seema modi. here's your cnbc updated the white house announced vice president kamala harris has tested positive for covid-19 it says she is not experiencing any symptoms and that president biden is not a close contact as defined by health officials. she will isolate, continue to work from her residence, will return to the white house when she tests negative. harvard university will spend 100 million for a fund to study, readdress what the school president calls a history with extensive entanglements with slavery. slave people worked on campus in the earliest decades in central russia, four people are dead after a school shooting authorities say a man entered a kindergarten killed two young
12:39 pm
children and teacher and committed suicide. one report says the shooter was a mentally ill 26-year-old that stole a gun from another man who was also murdered. in north korea, a military parade included some of the inter continental ballistic missiles the leader kim jong-un said in a speech the nuclear weapons are primarily designed to deter attackers but used and never be confined to a single mission >> appreciate that thank you. shares of sherwin williams soaring on the back of its earnings beat. it is the best stock in the s&p 500 today. bring in farmer jim levinthal, he owns it good to see you. we don't only call you when there's a disaster to talk about or something, i need to get at you with >> felt bad when i said that yesterday. i was teasing you and came
12:40 pm
across poorly. >> no, it didn't it was just fine >> sherwin williams, scott, you look at this, you say wow, up 9% on a day when the market is down and let's face it, past couple of weeks you had some companies that beat earnings just as well as sherwin-williams, but they've gone down. airlines were down from last week what's the difference here the difference is i think the key words that management said in the press release, key words are we think we're through the worst of the industrial supply chain challenges i think it is as simple as that. i think that's also a tell for the rest of the market we have some companies coming up this week that faced supply chain issues gm, ford, qualcomm i think to the extent that any of them show they've got supply chains coming under control could be very positive this outsized move in the face of a terribly down market to me indicates how much the market is
12:41 pm
focused on supply chains >> it means you've got a beat, you beat and it is like you beat by a little, stock may go down i'm pulling up gm now. gm reports after close tonight, right, in ot >> yeah. if you want me, i will come join you. >> booking live on the air, is that how we're doing that? all right. you're on, if i have room. i have to see. good to know you're available. >> yeah. >> we're down 3.25% on general motors seriously, what are your expectations >> well, let me tell you what i'd really like. i would like capital allocation back to shareholders the country has a record of beating expectations, they haven't reinstituted the dividend and done share buy
12:42 pm
backs as all production has been constrained by supply chain issues but we also note that average selling prices have been very, very high and that the combination of the two has meant gargantuan profits i expect a beat, but i want capital reallocated. >> pete, bring in pete you own gm calls, right? >> yes, i do i own the deep in the money calls, they were deep in the money at the time, i want to add to that, on top of that, we have a lot of buying today, farmer jim. people are bullish going into the numbers. they're buying further out in time 10,000 of the may 39 calls that expire two weeks away getting bought somebody out there thinks you're on the right track, that this will be a bullish report >> josh? >> really condense it down, it is about chips
12:43 pm
if they say they're getting good supply of chips, stock will perform, means they'll produce more cars and demand is there. i am one driving past the lots, i need a new car, i have cars breaking down. i need a new car, i am not alone. just the supply isn't there. >> wrap it up, josh. >> it is a broken stock in a broken sector in a broken market i would basically say until this thing shows any sign of stabilizing and the buyers coming in, i don't understand what the rush is good news is 37, 38 has been support in the past, pretty meaningful support give it a week or two. >> jim, i will give you the last word based on what josh said, then i have to go. >> yeah, the market is what the market is. i'm not trying to be in any way blase, he is right what's that, josh? >> it is very zen.
12:44 pm
i like it. >> yeah. no, but it is what it is listen, for the market overall for all of us, you have to get through this period. it is very annoying. we're seeing companies report excellent operational reports and it is not just mattering, give it another month or two, let's get through, adjust to the fed, adjust to supply chain issues from china. and i think operating results will continue to exceed. >> all right you've invited yourself to dinner tonight i have to talk to the team, see if we have room at the table it is okay, you're entitled to do that. i am not offended. we'll see if we have room. stay by your phone j jim. arguing to be on overtime, too looking ahead to april 30th, a big event. watch berkshire hathaway away annual shareholders meeting live bcomts at 9:45 a.m. eastern on
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all right, pete. i can't wait any longer. unusual activity what do you have today >> all right we're going to start off in the food world go to wendy's, scott this is interesting because of
12:48 pm
the fact you look at this stock, you can go back a year, 52 week lows go back multiple years, at multiple year lows as well this is a name trading sub 20 or around 20 bucks. we have a buyer of 10,000 of the may 22 calls what's interesting, we have earnings in place as well. those will be coming on the 11th this concludes that. these are inexpensive, looking for little bit of upside, maybe it can turn to the up side 15 to 30 krecents. plug power they're buying 7500 of the may 23 and a half call, going for a buck 70, little more expensive talking energy a long time, this is one of the names and they've got immense exposure to pipelines. this will be, no, i'm sorry, i was jumping forward, to energy transfer that's the one with the pipelines. that one is interesting as well. we are seeing some calls coming
12:49 pm
back into this name, not just a couple they're buying 30,000 calls in energy transfer. that's what makes this stunning now. stock trading a little over 11 they bought 30,000 of may 6 ex-pierl 11 and a half calls going for 30 krecents. we have et, plug, on our boards, incredible energy starting to hit on the pull back we had in oil. >> big pull back, too, in energy stocks, right? down 10% i can understand why pete, thank you. coming up, trading some of the biggest analyst calls on the day. back on the half after this. at fidelity, your dedicated advisor will help you create a comprehensive wealth plan for your full financial picture.
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live nation initiated by today. saying the post covid concert boom will last for years price target 138 30% upside from here you own it you still like it?
12:53 pm
>> not only do i like it but i fully agree with the rational that the an-alist is making. i've been making it. the stock's been an horse. the s&p is up in total returns the stock is up 10%. it acts better than almost everything else i own. i thing it's one of the best things in the s&p. if you're not in it, i would use the weakness to find an entry. >> let's talk disney, guys the price target was cut today price target cut to 140 from 175 at bmo eare iterated by, at deutsche bank and their price target remains 191. so, i mean, the spread between those two numbers is rather large. where's yours? >> i'm more with inlatter analyst.
12:54 pm
obviously the political noise has been disappointing and has impacted the stock but i can say almost the exact opposite as everything josh said about live nation about disney it's been a complete dog year to date and one of the worst stocks in the portfolio. but it will benefit from reopening its trading at 23 times next 12 months earnings, which is cheap for them. they still have great content. i think their streaming business will do just fine and will not be plagued by a lot of issues netflix had. we like it mere. obviously the political controversy not with standing but the fundamentals are pretty good >> where's my value investor why doesn't this interest you at all? as much as the stock's come down it's down 25% year to date
12:55 pm
down 36 over the last year no interest? >> no. f i really don't i believe in the theme park play but this stock does play on ott, streaming and they're going to have to spend a ton more than they even realize, especially given that netflix is spending $17 billion a year that's whole space this does not interest me at all and 23 times earnings. if it gets to 15/16 times below the market multiple, i'd buy it. >> you own disney stocks or options or both? >> i own the stock not the option you know, i thought i was really positioning myself well when the stock dropped when i bought it i think part of the -- the biggest part of the problem right now streaming. everybody knows it everything else is a reopen that does work in disney's favor. but right now they're being punished because streaming is
12:56 pm
why esomany are boiing it and now it's why so many are selling it i think this is a stock that can turn it around >> it's after 12:55. i can't believe we're almost out of time. we're going to take a quick break. ng ultra! with 5g ultra wideband in many more cities, you get up to 10x the speed at no extra cost. plus six premium entertainment subscriptions, included! like disney+, music, gaming, and more! (mom) delightful. (vo) saving you over $350 dollars a year. and for a limited time get a 5g phone on us! no trade-in required. (mom) amazing. (vo) this is the offer you just can't miss! verizon is going ultra, so you can get more. insights illuminate better choices. (vo) this is the offer you just can't miss! allowing us to see differently and do more. with kpmg you have the people and technologies, to uncover insights and turn them into action.
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the stock reaction dan is going to be with he i think we found room at the kids' table for lamenthal. he may have to get chicken fingers but he might join us too. amy rasken, start us off >> cadence design systems. excellent quarter. i encourage everyone to listen on the conference call like this company a lot. >> the linkster. >> ibm is the company that had great numbers last week and stock is down. trades at 14 times earnings and an almost 5% dividend yield and 35 billion they're going to generate to buy that stock, and do what they did today, which is increase their dividend by 6%. >> josh brown. >> i would say moderna is getting back to an interesting level.
1:00 pm
last time i bought it was around 125. i may dip in as it gets closer the stocks has been overly punished >> and pete. >>m i going to give you general motors this is i'm seeing so much buying today i've had three separate monstrous buys we're looking for this to go higher >> good luck i'll see you in the o.t. thank you, scott hi, everybody. and welcome to another ugly day in the markets yesterday stocks turned around right about@this time. although we are off lows, we have panic about covid in china, concern over russia cutting off gas supplies and looks like the recession could be worse than previously thought. we've got all the latest some are calling for recession while others are saying the fed isn't tightening enough.


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