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tv   Fast Money Halftime Report  CNBC  April 27, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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digital assets that's a perfect place to make that happen. so i think it could get pretty exciting. >> she talked about some stocks in arch's etf. interesting stuff. back to you. >> thanks. that will do it for tech check. get scott wapner and the half. jon, thanks. welcome to the halftime report the real state of tech after one big hit, one big miss, now more critical earnings on the way in a few hours' time. we will debate what's at stake joining me for the hour, break-in talking ton, pete najarian, and last but not least, cnbc's jim cramer, host of mad money happy to have you here. >> thank you glad to be next to you this in person stuff reminds me what it used to be. >> that's right. here's the picture of the
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market dow trying to accelerate s&p up three-quarters of 1%. key level. nasdaq up one half of 1% alphabet, microsoft out of the way. we'll talk about those in a second give me your feeling on the market now dow is up 300. does it feel like we're about to take off into something? >> my friend larry williams, one of the great historians of the market saying this is the wave, starts here, goes back up. he said that i did it a month ago. it has that going for it against that, did work with carl -- the nasdaq valued 7,000 points from the bottom of 2009 to 2020. took that loss a long time this time covered 10,000 points in two years this is full attack. i think there's a feeling, you don't necessarily get a speeding ticket if you're in the market but there's a feeling we haven't
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given up all we could give up in terms of nasdaq. money goes to more traditional companies. >> do we breathe a sigh of relief because of what microsoft delivered or are we walking on eggshells ahead of apple because if that's a disappointment, you say it is not cut and dry it will be a homerun. odds are rising it might not be. what did you say, 30, 40%? >> look, yes china is a real question mark. people are not buying. we learned that, they're not getting an amazon package with 13 pro then again, mike seevertt mobile said it is the best way to get customers. i like the alphabet quarter. it was one part that was bad look at google cloud and search to go good i come back, say netflix was a moment, it was --
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>> brynn, you know what jumped out in your note, you say faeng generals were taken out one by one. as an acronym is dead. explain. >> it was a dlefr acronym. >> clever acronym. >> jim cramer did. >>. >> i don't think it is in that acronym. facebook i think got taken down because of privacy wonderful overall, but not wonderful for facebook shareholders netherlands got taken out. what you have left is google,
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apple, microsoft microsoft showed yesterday, they continue to deliver on azure, linked in, even games. i think that over the next few years. there will be new names that do better than faeng names. >> go to the negligence investment committee calling joef ee negative joe ter november a he says don't believe the hype my words, not his.
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expressing point of view where the market is heading. >> do you realize how long i am in the portfolio of equity names? i am fully invested. we had dramatic reversal friday. recovery attempt monday, failed on friday, sold some s&p futures on the failure monday. you have to do that to protect against risk i like what we hear from earnings i am not getting out of microsoft, alphabet, apple, i am holding on to these names and everything in the portfolio. those are the names that have a v shaped recovery. but let me ask you, scott, dollar is at a five year high. what's the message on earnings the economy is on fire federal reserve is way behind. and until they catch up, the market walks on egg hels
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>> euro is a five year low versus the dollar. joe says the economy is on fire. >> i am not sure everyone is waiting for the moment housing is good, people locked in the mortgage. mortgage rates are incredibly high versus two years ago. that will hurt housing horton will tell you that. rent is so high, numbers haven't fallen apart mary barr talks about that there are too many things that can bepushed right over becaus it is all like copper could be, rise could be. i come back, say the whole complex with the exception of oil, the whole complex can come
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down >> joe, how do you respond to that if jim lebenthal was here, he would tell us how great the economy is, how great this is, look at the airlines, they're full, hotels are full. does that tell the real story, joe? i don't know if the economy is as on fire as you suggest. >> i think the economy is on fire and it is on fire in a bad way. on fire in a way that we need the water to cool it down. i think that's the problem people are not having any regard what they're paying for a hotel room or a flight or the price of a tank of gas. jim talked real estate scott, you and i have spoken privately on this. i have been waiting the last six months for residential real estate to correct. when is it going to correct? i understand there's limited supply, but the price now in a lot of urban cities --
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>> it will correct. >> when? >> when the fed unloads mortgage backed securities it was buying. that may tip the housing market into a place you're trying to talk about >> exactly >> but that's why horton sells four times earnings. we all expect it analysts expect it, it is going to happen. it will turn out, joe, that will be 20 times earnings >> but jim, that's the stock market the economy and stock market are two different things the economy is where the disregard for pricing is currently in play and that speculative fever has to be tempered, and federal reserve is not aggressive enough doing that >> i agree i want bullard that's my guy. i want 75, 75, 50. >> what happens if you have an
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intermediary move between the two. >> perfect the market goes up najarian, does the market go up on two raises? >> good to see you, jim. good to hear you as well >> i look at you, i want to take you first round. thursday is the draft. >> i appreciate that, jim. >> your eagles have to package that 15th and 18th pick, get samuel, then you have a receiver, you'll do well this coming year. >> we think about wide receiver, but i hear you >> this isn't nfl live >> joe is right. but pete, whouldn't the market like it? the cfo said it is the worst inflation i've seen. you say good can't be controlled, everything can be
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controlled by the fed. we'll stop going out >> pete? >> that's true that is true you know what, and sometimes i get caught up also, jim, you know this as well, but everybody says these airplanes are packed. they were packed but i think you're starting to see people say these are costing too much, you'll see a little less, and oh, by the way, they cut back on the number of flights. let's not forget that. that's something everybody seems to be lost about is look, when there used to be ten flights new york to minneapolis, now there are five or six, whatever it is. some of the numbers, they look great but i wonder and when you have prices, yes, people will go down to disney, want to go there, wherever they want to go and take a flight, how many come after that will they continue to pay ab those amounts. they'll pull back like you're
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talking about. >> walk us to the next pressure point, i say that as facebook and meta are reporting after the bell. >> mark zuckerberg is working on the om any verse i want him to work on instagram, tiktok is so powerful. >> stay in this universe with the stock price down 53.5% from a 52 week high >> he needs to get more in touch with what's happening in the real world here. what would be to me is that initially people say i got to get out of new core and freeport, i have to get out of anything i'm in that has any economic sensitivity i would tell you that's when you have to buy some of it because those stocks can correct and then they represent value. there's so many stocks that got created, stocks, not ompanies, that got created and have to get wiped out. look, i am not picking on any single company, but any company that allowed me to rent a suit while i went on a plane that
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flew over traffic and then took me to philadelphia so that i could have some sweep, nothing, nothing. those have to go >> pete, you owned facebook. how concerned are you given what they delivered last quarter was like a pile of rocks so what happens now? >> it was a pile of something. i mean, it was absolutely awful. >> i tried to be kind on television, pete >> i know. me too me too i kept it clean. the reality is this. he took his eye off the ball that was the biggest frustration all of us had with facebook. >> yes, yes. >> he concentrated on meta the problem is it wouldn't have been a problem had he given us that they were absolutely focused, dead focused still on instagram and facebook and all of the other parts of what facebook really is still they're working on the
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metaverse. it is okay they take $10 million and throw it at that they have incredible cash flow, come away with all their spend with 30 billion in free cash flow sitting there, i am not so worried about that what i was worried about, they took their eye off the ball. if they are continuing to watch the ball now, are able to do that with instagram and facebook and all of the different entities they've got, then we can see a little growth still happening. the biggest problem with netflix, they didn't keep up with subs. they took their eye off the ball that's exactly what's happening last quarter with facebook they better not do it this quarter. this is very painful having puts to the down side, selling upside calls, giving myself room because of the way options are trading. and premiums are outrageous. it makes it easier for me to pull the trigger and sell an up side call against a long term hold i had in facebook or meta.
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>> 4:00 we're going to get that. tomorrow is the big day. in all seriousness, what do you think is really riding, what are the stakes for the apple report tomorrow for the overall market? >> i think they're big i think so many stocks are going down come back to the idea we covered 10,000 points in two years if we use the usual trend line, we would be not at 13,000, we would be at 8,000. there could be one more rollover there's not a big rollover with the exception of boeing, when you look at the dow. you have 3m not good, boeing absolutely horrible, but this is a group of very good companies express had a great quarter. verizon was probably the worst of these i am waiting for disney to make a turn but this is the group. you have 30 stocks that i like of which very few are nasdaq, and that's what i'm saying we're going to revert to.
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>> companies that make things, do stuff >> return some of the capital to the shareholders. >> we're going to take a moment, the boeing horror show call it what it is last i checked, stock was down 10%. throw up shares of ba, please. you said, i am going to read quotes boeing has come off lows, still an ugly day. it is on the verge of being a third rate pitiful helpless giant. what the heck was i thinking holding on to this >> i sold two-thirds of it, i kept a third did a little piece for my morning meeting about lessons learn. get rid of the tag end what concerns me about boeing, heard pete talk about it, this might be some of the worst execution i've seen. it is always something today you speak to calhoun, what was the problem, turns out air
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force one was the problem. air force one! air force one? there's always a problem china, they sent a plane there, china, they don't need planes necessarily. >> you're saying calhoun is going on the wall of shame it is early in the year. sounds like you're describing that >> wheels of justice are turning quickly. >> you know what, i wanted to hear, when i saw the boeing quarter and your comments, i wanted to hear from jim lebenthal for obvious reasons. he has been a huge supporter of this stock he has defended it at every step of the way >> could we get him on the phone? >> he said china would recertify, get it back in the air. that's what i am waiting for, why i hold onto the stock. >> farmer jim, what do you think now? >> well, i heard you talking
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about facebook as delivering a pile of rocks and i'm not going to qualify this as a pile of rocks because i don't want to be insulting the rocks. this is a terrible report. this is a terrible report. however much egg i get on my face i have to have on my face >> you have it all over you now. >> i happen to be in denver, colorado, maybe that makes it feel better, but it doesn't. jimmy was saying it. this is management this is just frankly the worst execution i've ever seen in my life this is worse than intel worse than anything i have seen. >> what can you tell us then what you're doing with the stock, that's what matters most to me and viewers. say it was the worst, this, that, the other thing, et cetera, i get it what are you doing with the shares >> okay. i am staying with it and here is why. it is really simple. if you look at the airline reports, the airlines are going
12:18 pm
gang busters this is before international travel has come back, which it is showing signs of. bottom line, planes are needed the 737 max is shipping. the 787 is a problem and i am going to be blunt calhoun has to go. and jimmy, i think i listened to you this morning, said something like he needs a w, he is done. this is an f minus >> you're pulling him. >> yeah. there's no more runway left. and the board is culpable. i don't understand why they're waiting. what more do you need? calhoun's head on a platter would frankly probably satisfy the faa, get the 787 delivered 737 max and china should happen. that plane crash a month ago set things back, but it is looking clear it wasn't boeing's fault they shipped one plane, should be more going soon bottom line is this.
12:19 pm
you need planes and there's onl two manufacturers and airbuss. i have to put emotion aside, make the intellectual decision, i am staying with it >> still want his head on a platter. jim, you're right. farmer jim is right. this may be a wall of shame situation. >> but about the stock, if you can tell me a thousand reasons why it was a horrible quarter, why he is not an executer, but you tell me you're staying with the stock because they have a duopoly? >> mcdonald's, burger king, nobody else. >> facebook has a duopoly. stock was down 53% doesn't mean anything. >> facebook built a great business calhoun is part of the down fall of a great business. hey, remember the documentary
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about boeing >> yeah. of course. >> anyone involved with boeing should have been let go after the documentary. anyone >> we have to bounce, jim, to farmer jim >> that was good >> you fired everybody up, then jim was all fired up because you were fired up. now, believe me, after listening to this, calhoun is probably fired up based on what you guys said. >> he compared it to intel oh, my god talk about benchmark of pain >> if calhoun was making $170 million this year, it would be compared to intel. >> you're talking about ben simmons territory. >> let's take a break. we have big mofs that jim cramer's charitable trust has been making. we go through them for you get you ready for ford jim loves ford right? paypal, qualcomm coming down the pike half time back in two.
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my fellow xfinity customers. hi tim. the biggest week in entertainment is almost here. watchathon week presented by xfinity rewards. with free access to stranger things from netflix. the boys from prime video. hbo max, starz, and peacock. just say watchathon into your voice remote and get ready to watch. i love you. i love you. i love you all. we are trying to put something together in the market we are higher by 358 >> nicer feel. >> that's a big move
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>> auto, industrial, consumer products, let's talk about moves that your trust has been making. i find a lot of them interesting. yesterday you bought 50 shares of disney. they're in the penalty box. >> understand that this is a couple million dollar trust, disney is in free fall i felt to buy this franchise, but bought it higher made sense. i think that there is a belief that everything related to entertainment is bad this company has outside and inside let's remember, the reason the company is where it is, they spent $71 billion buying fox probably 35 billion was good will, another 15, it is not
12:25 pm
disney plus. >> that's been dominating the narrative. >> the narrative is that someone bought fox and paid way too much that person is not with us any more and you have to give it a chance i am not kidding he is smart. >> what do you think of disney at 116 >> i put it all over the place is pete in it? >> pete, are you in disney >> i am, i am. not in it just because of the streaming, scott that's what's caught up, i think jim would agree, it caught up with netflix and streaming and got hammered along with netflix, but it is a lot bigger company than just the streaming side of it that was something they needed to do, they've done it don't have great pricing power in my opinion, have inexpensive, and need to have that work a different way, get more profitable there on top of that, they have everything they've got, studios, parks, cruise ships.
12:26 pm
all those different entities that they've got and i think they can capitalize on that. but everybody right now is focusing only on streaming and because of that, it is down there with netflix now >> that is such a great analysis i really think that pete nailed this i want people to listen closely to what he said, do not get caught up in disney plus, this is a real company doing real things we can't get into the theme park, lines are too long, place has sold out. >> disney, fourth worst stock year to date the worst, you know what it is i know you know, worst is sales force. you're buying more also. >> there's an issue, all of us suffer from it i have been doing this trust for 17 years first buy of source force was 8. trade around a little. i'm not in the business of running a hedge fund sales force, bought more, waiting for it to come down.
12:27 pm
but you have to understand not everybody is goingto just trad and should i have bought out of sales force and bought back, of course that's not the definition of what i am trying to do. >> i want to know more than anything else, do you think the worst is over because you are buying more now, that's what i am trying to get at. >> 2016 period which was awful and it is over did brett taylor ceo spend time at twitter, mark was in japan, in japan over the weekend. i think the stock reflects, could it be down 20 more points, i will buy it though this is a great company and we can't all focus on tomorrow because i made so much, i gave away $570,000 last year because i didn't focus on tomorrow. >> that's good advice. get rich carefully that's the book. that's the book. all right. from premarket bulletins to post earnings run downs, get exclusive insights from jim.
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follow every move he makes for the charitable trust be a member of the cnbc investing club it is invaluable go to, join the club. or point your cell phone camera at the qr code on the screen you'll get all of the kinds of things jim just talked about that he doesn't talk about on tv every day. >> exactly right >> stay with us. pete's latest unusual trades next u out. everybody be cool, alright? we've got bonnie right here on a video call. we don't take kindly to video calls. oh, in that case just tap to send a message. we don't take kindly to messages neither. in that case how 'bout a ringcentral phone call. we don't take kindly to no... would you can it eugene! let's just hear her out. ha ha ha, i've been needing a new horse. we've got ourselves a deal. ♪ ♪ ♪ ringcentral ♪ this is not the stallion i was imagining. esg is responsible investing. who's responsible for building esg into your investments?
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i am bertha coombs here is what's happening at this hour in your news update president biden spoke at today's funeral for madeleine albright at the national cathedral in washington he called her a truly proud american who was an incredible and comparable ally. also paying tribute to the first woman to lead the state department former presidents bill clinton and barack obama earlier biden met with the family of trevor reed, former u.s. marine released by russia
12:32 pm
today in a prisoner swap we learned biden commuted 20 year sentence of a russian drug trafficker, clearing the way for the exchange russian press vladimir putin told lawmakers today there will be what he called a, quote, lightning fast response if anyone tries to intervene in ukraine and create in his words an unacceptable strategic threat to russia. and a federal judge rejecting elon musk's attempt to avoid 2018 sec agreement that requires tweets to be pre-approved by a tesla lawyer the judge also denied musk's motion to throw out subpoenas over possible violations of that settlement it stemmed from a musk tweet that year saying he had secured funding to take tesla private when there had only been preliminary discussions about money. guys, i wonder whether that applied to his tweets about
12:33 pm
twitter? >> well, he has the funding secured. so it is moot. thank you very much. unusual activity, pete what do you have >> start off with nokia. yes, it still exists they have earnings tomorrow morning, scott, in front of earnings we have a buyer of 5,000 of the may 5 call. stock was trading a little over $5, 5.07 for 27 cents bought may 5 calls. that was interesting going in front of earnings itself next, energy xle. energy etf 43% of that etf is made up of exxon and chevron. a lot of what you're getting on top of that, beta energy names as well. trading around 74, had a huge buyer, 8,000 of the july calls buying a little time and looking for up side move, 1.25, what
12:34 pm
makes it interesting, that buyer happened in one print. that's a pretty big trade. interesting to see that. next, valero this is another one of the names within the energy space, talk about it a lot of the time trading 1.07 they rolled some calls, sold calls working well, 110 calls, and they're buying the june 125 calls. they bought 8200 of those calls. those are going for about 1.50 i am in all these positions, expecting to see with nokia tomorrow, finding out pretty quick. >> people were thinking nokia may have the first big quarter in ages. getting this from industry people pete, let me ask you, isn't $5 a great call option in itself? >> yeah. that is. that's a call that never expires, jim, unless they completely tank. these are inexpensive options, 27 cents
12:35 pm
they have a shot if this can perform, get a nice earnings number. >> i like the risk part of that, pete >> let me ask you about energy if other things in the market are falling because of concerns of slowdown, if the only thing keeping oil from falling is geopolitical, if there's resolution on the geopolitical front, is oil and energy related stocks, are they at risk >> there are two types of oil stocks, ones returning capital at investment level, that's led by devon as long as you're north of 75, you would be get a 7 or 8% yield. then the ones that are pure momentum you have to be careful, there's not many momentum ones you could argue that exxon, believe it or not, is momentum chevron reports friday up a huge amount mike worth, ceo, indicated he
12:36 pm
will buy every share possible. i think, all right, this is going to one day haunt me, i think there's a case to be made for oil in a world where geopolitical tensions aren't going away anytime soon. >> speaking of devon, you bought 150 shares yesterday for the trust. >> yield 7, 8% >> and halliburton monday. >> let me tell you, that's one that doesn't have dividend they reported an amazing quarter. everybody has to raise numbers this is halliburton's time this it has been up a lot, but this is their time. >> you think jim is excited talking about halliburton, talk about ford paypal, qualcomm after the bell. we look to those, get trades ahead of results dow up nearly 400. nasdaq up nearly 179 back after this.
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welcome back to the halftime report dominic chu. stocks making a run back toward the up end
12:40 pm
dow-jones up 1.5%. russell small cap lagging by one half of a percent. sector wise, nice move higher for most except com services, only down 1% at this point check out what's happening with action in a couple of key stocks out here in the market if you look here, shares of chipotle and visa, those ones you want to focus on more. chipotle up 2% bottom, top line, same store sales better passed it on to consumers. and visa, better than expected results as the credit card processing, transactions company reports better profits, sales. thinks resurgence in travel will help in some future financial results. keep an eye on visa, second biggest contributor by points, scott, to the dow, adding 120, 130. back to you folks at the stock exchange >> appreciate that thank you. al kelly, speaking tonight on
12:41 pm
"mad money," being rewarded for a nice quarter. >> extraordinary numbers u.s. plus 144% big move away last couple of years, 2019, 59% of the world used cash, now only 46, and this is what i really love. we keep hearing russia, russia, russia it is the second largest credit card country >> i didn't know that. >> they love credit cards. even though russia is 4%, didn't matter still did the number >> speaking of payments and now going to fin tech, paypal, earnings on deck brynn, your patience is wearing thin as you own paypal. >> yeah. i am a big believer, i don't have to make it back the same way i lost it. last quarter on the call, dan schulman said 2022 is about
12:42 pm
investment and transformation. that never makes me feel great on top of that, introduced new accounts from 750 million target to 600 million still ebay head winds. see what happens this quarter. i don't have expectations for a visa type move we're in an interesting point in the market with so many stocks down, if this is not a good quarter and they have good guidance, i will be a seller of this i could go into nvidia or visa, coinbase which is down and have more confidence. to close it out, don't have to make it back the same way you lost it. unlike jim and jim, i would be a seller of boeing and look at other companies that are down that when the market recovers they will participate. i don't want to be in paypal if it is not go to participate when the market recovers. >> stock was 310 two weeks ago >> excellent analysis.
12:43 pm
truly excellent analysis one of the things about the travel trust, by the way, faang was the biggest one i had. i bought paypal after speaking with dan schulman out in san francisco. 185 say. felt problems were in the past and obviously i listened that's on me, by the way it is on me, wasn't on him i believed and sometimes it is up to the gm, not the player >> all right mixed earnings for gm. ford on deck after the bell. jim owns that in his charitable trust, why we'll get his take. and cnbc celebrating financial literacy noah concerner on a summer job as bank teller helped him learn to manage money. >> i learned about money when i was 17 years old i actually had a job in the summer as a bank teller. went through training how to
12:44 pm
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general motors earnings beat missed on revenues you said mary barra is being sold short. >> i wanted to talk about was roll costs they have commodity problems, i think look at january was okay, february, march, good, look at april, we'll be fine get to the f 150 >> you have an exclusive with him tonight. farley on "mad money." >> and mattel. get a bid, tune in at 6 and find out. >> let's do it >> 6:00 tonight. jim has the hitters on pete, you're in gm calls, not ford >> right no i have been in ford in the past,
12:48 pm
haven't been there for awhile. gm calls, especially yesterday, jim, we had three separate buyers of up side, went to may, june, i think out to october, and they were looking for more up side. the size was huge, too buying over 10,000 at each of the different strikes in different months i tell you what, i think this is maybe the time gm can start making the move and i like the ev v ev vet they're moving into the ev space finally at the right time, they'll have a lot of entries into that space. that's bullish for general motors going forward >> my wife is on waiting list for the hummer suv the hummer is no longer the gas guzzler. i said to pete, this is a coiled spring if we could get more breadth to the rally, pete, then gm can't stay here. just can't >> qualcomm shares higher ahead of earnings. another stock jim owns in the
12:49 pm
trust. we'll give you that trade. farmer jim owns it too i don't think pete does. back after this. make fitness routine with pure protein high protein. low sugar. taste great. high protein, low sugar.. so good high protein,
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low sugar, mmm birthday cake and for a cheesy crunch, try pure protein snacks.
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dow jones industrial average is good for nearly 400 points. 33, 26, 27 s&p is above 4200 again, which has been a key level of support. we broke below it, we're back above it we'll see if we can hold it into
12:52 pm
o.t. later today nasdaq up 157 after the good microsoft earnings we're looking ahead to facebook, we got apple and amazon. big names are still to come. qualcomm is down 25% this year you own it >> i like it i like it for the purposes of if there's a lockdown, whatever they're moving very aggressively doing terrific job and 11 times earnings texas instruments is able to hold its ground on a so-called miss the ones i've made a mistake on was not selling the high multiple ones. the low multiple techis workin in this environment. >> so, low verses high multiple or higher multiple, joe, what do you do with an invidia it's like a big battleground now. >> holding both of them. and best in class in terms of -- >> holding your note or the
12:53 pm
stocks holding the note with the stocks >> holding >> they've been ugly, right. >> they sure have. they have. >> look at these greatest performers of all time >> these are goats joe. >> they have at the market share. these are two companies i've owned for quite some time. and therefore, i understand what jim is saying. i can't assume risk in the semis. and bring your own invideo >> i think that invidia, jensen wong is a fwoet. they've been the best performing stocks of the last decades and i look at the next decade, of all the complicated inovation. nvidia is squarely in those
12:54 pm
important areas. if i go to paypal i might add to my nvidia position >> good stuff. we're going to come back and do final tradesex nt. (vo) for me, one of the best things about life is that we keep moving forward. we discover exciting new technologies. redefine who we are and how we want to lead our lives. basically, choose what we want our future to look like. so what's yours going to be?
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(driver) conventional thinking would say verizon has the largest and fastest 5g network. but, they don't. they only cover select cities with 5g. so, for me and the hundreds of drivers in my fleet, staying connected, cutting downtime, and delivering on time depends on t-mobile 5g. and with coverage of over 96% of interstate highway miles, they've got us covered. (vo) unconventional thinking delivers four times the 5g coverage of verizon. and it's ready right now. t-mobile for business.
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i'm 53, but in my mind i'm still 35. that's why i take osteo bi-flex to keep my moving the way i was made to, it nourishes and strengthens my joints for the long term. osteo bi-flex, find our coupons in sunday's paper. ot, 4:00 eastern time. that's three hours from now. and man, are we busy tonight qualcomm
12:57 pm
las vegas sands, contessa brewer and courtney rag aren service now. paypal, kate rooney. the stocks are are going to move and we're going to show you exactly what happens and why now, what's coming up again tonight? remind us. >> i've got ynon kreiz and visa the ceo put upunbelievable numbers and the stock is down. give me a break. because the market is stupid why is it down six why is alphabet down when they delivered a good quarter why are people doing stupid things because they're stupid >> when the stock was up big, i recalled you saying that day americanexpress is one of the best and the stock is down >> they provide a service,
12:58 pm
reasonable price where they return a lot of capital and the numbers were amazing >> millennials, yes -- >> no. getting shorted and so is mary bar and i've had it. being. boeing can you believe farmer gym said they should put galvin's head? >> i dent know what his basis is when we're talking about earlier. it's questionable that he said what he did and he's still holding on to the stock maybe unless his base is much lower. we'll ask him. >> this is it. aand conclusion. >> i don't think he's going to come there anytime soon. >> and on this count
12:59 pm
>> does she ever not >> final trade, what do you have for are us today >> and behemoth and copper nickel and zinc has hit its two-day moving average you can trade it from 65 to 80 and has a 9% dividend while you wait i'll be buying it later on today. >> great idea. >> good move today in general dynamics strong earnings. tomorrow northrup-grumman will report if you get further strength, i'll probably take half the position off and cutback a little on the defense sector >> pete. >> yeah, i'm loving copper and free port mack is taking a huge hit to the down side i think it's time for it to it turn it around i bought calls in the last five minutes.
1:00 pm
>> what can to you think of scx. >> they stopped using copper in china? give me a break. buy it >> and again, qualcomm, pinterest, paypal. >> i never got to applaud you for are o.t. must watch >> and you're welcome anytime. "the exchange" is now. thank you very much, scott hi, everybody. i'm kelly evans. and not only are stocks higher today but the dow is higher despite a huge drop in shares of boeing after what some are calling a travesty of an earnings report, the s&p is down the u.s. stocks no longer the best game in town. one of the biggest worry spots right now are china's covid lockdowns. that could mean the chip shortage is about to get worse


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