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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  May 2, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> tim >> hes >> expedia looked good on a pullback >> thank you for watching. we'll see you back here tomorrow at 5:00. do not goanywhere. "mad money with jim cramer" starts right now my mission is . to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there is always a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money," welcome to cramerica other people make friends, i try to make you money. call me at 800-743-cnbc. tweet me @jim cramer it is the interest rate, stupid. that is my take on this market the yield and the benchmark 10-year treasury spiked above 3%
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and then stocks crash and ebb when the 10-year came down, the s&p advancing .57% and the nasdaq jumping 1.63% after being crushed. it doesn't seem to matter what most companies do. their stocks are hostage to treasury and handcuffed to the ten-year and it is determining everything it is ridiculous to see what happens when you go lockstep because it chokes off any good news you have the dow jones today, yes, today stocks of real companies that make real things that make money and return money to you these are stocks that have incredible shrinking price earnings multiples and that is how do you apples-to-apples. now i'm not talking about the end of the day, the zenith, i'm talking about abyss at midday today where the world seemed to think it was over.
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when the dow was down 500 points looking like there was no floor. no exit. before we got that big oversold bounce that took us back into positive territory now there were some incredible prices there for the taking. but i didn't see anybody wearing them oh, no i was watching guys on tv saying, listen there is no hope. you know there is no hope it's over. forget about it. rich people don't want to you make money why don't we start with american express. here is a stock slaughtered beyond all recognition and it is shocking why? because it should not have been laid to waste. look at earnings, it smashed and since then what happened it is going down 14 points at one point it was down seven but that has nothing to do with am ex. it is the bond market talking. it is like the weird dolls that they talk. and then there is coca-cola, which reported a sizable
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earnings beat with the organic growth rate will be 7% or 8% coca-cola? and let's give that back at 63 like who cares you getting that quarter for free why? because when buying gets crush and the stuck is high yield dividend stocks like coke. we're also worried about raw cost and freight a and i get it 2.8, that is terrific and your fine that is fine but i'm trying to do something bigger last july before the fed declared war on inflation, visa traded at $250 last week they had a commanding quarter. best ever. you could say the same thing about mastercard and what happened. the stock went up 10% and briefly trades at 220 and now back to 211 and at one point today at 207 it is not that wall street hated the quarter, this is market with a higher share price because the whole asset class stinks right
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now and the bond markets smell like a rose. i wish you could see how angry i was that my charitable trust failed to pull the trigger on j&j before the magnificent quarter, consumer, pharma, unds performing med tech and we watched it fly from 177 to 186 it was incredible. i just said -- >> they know nothing. >> meaning me. today it was back at 177 it was like, hey, no thanks, i'm scared to. at least for now as stocks are adjusting to the new world where the ten-year yield is north of 3% suddenly the j&j 10% yield is enticing who needs that who needs that the united health group had much better than expected earnings, and that is why the stock immediately spiked to 553. you would think it is a slam
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dunk up about 50 points but two weeks later it is back to 501. and again it has nothing to do with the company itself. it is all about the price range multiple the market is not willing to pay as much for the future earnings in the new environment wherever interest rates rise rapidly, the price multiple starts shrinking. and so we don't want coca-cola or visa or united health how about goldman sachs? they earned $10.76 i would have been happy with $9. but $10.76 hey, who cares once again it was enough and goldman has shrunk from 9 times earnings to 8 times earnings that is a stunning decline for what this market is willing to pay. yes, i worked there. this is not forecasting the future of goldman's business but the market is paying less for all merchandise even when it is earning much more than we thought.
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and goldman sachs, let's throw that the hell out. remember we thought nike would get crushed. china wasn't even the problem. but the stock falled from 130 just under 140 and now it has been repealed. it is down to 126. it is like the quarter never happened let's get rid of that stock. how about ibm? pushed from 129 to 141 until it was at one .130 it is a downfall for the stock that reflected the new leaner and meaner ibm so forget those. now sure there were some -- boeing had a very bad quarter. am i kidding it stunk 3m, nothing to write home about there. and i could have fitted them in this that is the way we think now i want to be critical clear.
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when stocks are going down with no place to hide like we saw earlier today, then it is nothing to do with the company itself it is nothing to do with the company. nothing. these are great american companies and you could own a piece of them. when you buy here, i know you're fighting both the tape and the fed. which is going to tighten and hopefully aggressively on wednesday to get these out of my face the 10 year touched on 3% before it pulled back in the afternoon and that is all about inflation because the fed will dump its bond holdings so i expect higher rates an that is why they keep throwing these away. you might think some stocks were too cheap to ignore. we did some buying for the charitable trust because of something i've told you about a gazillion times. you have to start buying and you can't sell any more. it is the way it is. except for 2007 and 2008 we were taking our lives in our hands with these buys because treasury yields kept climbing we
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would have been crushed and that is why we only committed about 1% of our precious cash, because if we have gone to 3.25 on the ten-year, everything would show that inflation wasn't peaking. more on that later you can't be confident that the pain is over so why do we buy sat all because i think things are better i'm willing to take a beating in order to purchase stocks that are just too cheap at the moment even with that darn ten-year at 3. i'll bet they're turn out to be great buys sometime, but i don't know when. maybe today given the rebound from the lows. i don't care i want pieces of the greet america companies. this is my eighth tightening cycle and if you wait until the fed is done, it is too late to buy. you have to anticipate the peak of inflation just like today where the market looks so treacherous and then turned placid if you can't take the pain, though, go ahead and swap in a
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treasuries now that they're yielding near 3% it is a decent right go knock yourself out. me, i wanted to do better. john in texas. >> caller: jim cramer, booyah to you. >> that is a big darn booyah and i'll take it ten times the size of the russians so we keep it in perspective. what is going on. >> caller: i called to talk about cheniere energy, i've been with them for quite a while and i'm not saying they flat lined but it is ranging 135 to 150 and i really am thinking about cashing some of it out and going with tellu rain. >> it was set up by steve soak and he said he was buying a ton for himself and pick up 150 points you can't do that in
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treasuries i like the idea of going to tellorian, he's chairman there and not day-to-day but it is a nice option on what is going to be the strongest country on earth when it comes to natural gas. which, by the way, is not russia, okay it is not qatar, it is going to be the united states all right, look at this. here is some good companies. we don't want to touch them. you can't touch them because of some bond that is like it is called ten this ain't my first rodeo. i know if you wait until the fed is done and inflation is broken, it is too late and they will break it but you better take some short-term losses but if you can't take the pain, just go buy treasuries, watch the show a little extra enjoyment "mad money" tonight, drones were sent to ukraine in the fight against russia and i'm learning more about the company powering the defense technology with the ceo. i think if it was 7,000 the war would be won but i don't know if the nsc wanted to do that.
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and best buy has a plan to become a strong corporate citizen. i'm discussing it with the top brass. and last week after earnings, what behind the quarter, was it cathie wood? we have to stay for the interview. stick with cramer. >> announcer: don't miss a second of "mad money." follow @jimcramer on twitter have a question? tweet cramer, #madtweets send jim an e-mail to or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc miss something head to
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committed $4.6 billion to helping ukraine fight off the russian invasion president biden is now talking about increasing that number maybe even dramatically. but some are more useful than others i has heartened when i heard we were giving ukraine a drone called the switchblade it could fly around for several hours an identify an appropriate target before flying into it kamikaze style we're familiar because we know the company behind it, a small defense contractor called aero environment and they let me fly an unarmed version years ago we want to know more about that that means to both the battlefield and the business going forward. so let's go straight stthe soure we have wau heed wabbi welcome back to "mad money." >> thank you
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>> it is vital that the ukrainians get the 300 and 600 both to be able to identify targets but also to take out tanks. is our government giving and ordering enough and can yo handle the orders? >> wellthe short answer is yes they are providing both of them to the ukrainian military and government we stand ready, we have plenty of manufacturing capacity. we could use help with contract and putting us somewhat higher in the supply chain to be able to get access to parts and specially semiconductors and electronics to make thousands of them we do have the factory in the u.s. that could produce thousands of the switchblade 300 and 600. it is dedicated to that switchblade line. >> are people buying -- people who are sympathetic to the ukrainian cause going to the website, buying these and
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sending them to ukrainians >> are you referring to the u.s. government >> no, i'm wondering whether people who feel that the russians are wrong, and have gone to your website and you could order these and are you allowed to give them to ukrainians >> yes, the u.s. government has given us support to be able to export with switchblade to many of our allies, specifically to ukraine. and we're working with them on that process there is two ways we could provide switchblade to them. one is there a foreign military sale through the u.s. government, where we provide the systems to the u.s. government and the u.s. government takes care of the shipments to ukraine. and the second way is that we could make direct commercial sales to the ukrainian military and we're working both angles at this time. >> okay. that is what i wanted to know. because it seems if our government is going to wait and dither, it is not going to happen fast enough now you've got a competitor here
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in this phoenix ghost. what do they have that yours doesn't have >> so there is a lot of misinformation about the phoenix ghost. and to the switchblade, switchblade is extremely unique. it -- there is nothing like switchblade that is truly a tube launched loitering missile system to our knowledge, the ghost uav, it is a multi-rotor uav, that could carry some sort of weapons systems but it is not very clear. i do know that switchblade is unmatched and unparalleled in the mission capabilities and its features an way it operates, it is a complete different class called a loitering missile and that is very different than what i know and what i've heard about the ghost uav. >> when i saw when you came here was something where it is possible that you could literally see someone with a joy stick and they would be looking up and they would be
6:19 pm
obliterated. is that happening to perhaps to generals of the russian side >> so, i can't comment specifically to the ukrainian conflict because of the security and safety of our allies and our military but i can tell you is that what you describe is exactly the type of mission that switchblade is designed for the 600 has got the similar to a jav rin warhead. but it goes ten times further. and you could launch it without the operator being this close or knowing where they are you could also launch it without having a target on your eye sight. and so because it could go ten times further, and it could loiter for almost one hour when it gets to the area, it makes it an ideal weapon system for the kind of conflict that we're seeing in ukraine. >> and it could take out a tank. lead tank in a convoy of tanks going to eastern ukraine, it could take out the first tank?
6:20 pm
>> that is right it is really literally, if the ukrainians have thousands of switchblades, 300 and 600, in their hands, this conflict would have had a completely more severe outcome for the russians today. because the type of caravan of artillery and tanks and armored vehicles that we saw and supply vehicles, they could be taken out like that with switchblades because one operator could operate multiple switchblades and put them on loiter and designate targets at the same time and take out several targets at once. this is a capability that is really unique and unmatched in the entire world >> i hope they're listening. one other thing, the other company that have been -- that i felt was dominant was a company called dji they are chinese they have no interest in helping
6:21 pm
our military or our country. how did they get to be such a dominant player and will the army still use anything they have >> so, to my knowledge, they're not allowed to be used in the military applications. they are really a consumer drone company rather than a industrial and military grade capability. and none of the uav that we know that we're familiar with have the kind of capability that our systems have and they don't really operate in types of environments that our systems could operate. so the jump 20 which i have the picture above me it is a group 3 uav that could carry switchblades under his wings. to could fly up to 13 plus hours. y we're talking hours of operation and flight time versus minutes and that is a complete different ball game when it comes to this type. >> if someone is watching and their intent on trying to stop the russians, should they --
6:22 pm
what should they do? write their congress people? write someone to say listen i just watched this gentleman who is from afghanistan who knows what the russians can do, and i want those machines in the hands of people who are our friends. what do they do? >> you are absolutely right, jim. i was born and raised in afghanistan. and came to the united states because of the soviet invasion and conflict in afghanistan in early 1980s. so i know firsthand exactly how they feel. and the disruption and the chaos and the catastrophe that is caused to their nation and their people is just heartbreaking and so we stand by them. we stand by our military and we need to equip them with this capability because the russians don't really have a defeat system for this this is the capability that is changing the outcome and will completely change the outcome. they have thousands of them in their hands. >> i hope people are watching. i hope people are watching because i knew if i had you on
6:23 pm
people would get it that hear the truth and they just did. president of aero environment, i've used these machines this is what the ukrainians need thank you, sir >> thank you, jim. great to be with you. >> "mad money" is back after the break. coming up, last month cramer got to the bottom of best buy. get ready for another chapter of this consumer electronic story, next
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all this week, the nbc news umbrella, we're holding our second annual inspiring america event. here at cnbc, we're talking about unbelievable people. outstanding business leaders who inspire employees and customers and the world at large
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and that is why earlier today we spoke to cory barry, the ceo of best buy who does such a good job. taking about the business creating team tech centers where underprivileged kids could learn how to use cutting-edge technology they would have never gotten through their schools take a look. >> it is a great thrill to be with you, cory the thing i want to talk about most is the fact that our younger watchers will not even think about buying a stock unless they know what you're doing to help society. you are an innovative leader that is why we've come to you. why don't you talk about some of the things that you're doing because they may not -- short-term help the earnings, but long-term they're fabulous. >> i'll start there, jim fundamentally, we believe that the work we're doing social, environment, drives, long-term value creation for the company and i always start with our purpose. our purpose is to enrich lives through technology that is not just for one segment of customers that is for society at large so one of our efforts is our
6:28 pm
team tech centers. we've been opening these since 2013 and we now have 47 -- 46 of them open and their after school facilities for kids, we start in middle school where they have a safe environment paired with a local nonprofit and they have access to tech, from 3d printing to graphic design to coding, all of the tech that might not have access to. the whole trick is access for this disinvested community so they could start to see careers and start to literally at high school ages build say a ward winning photography and videos an just understand what a career of the future could look like. so we have mentors and we have training these are the pipelines for the employees of the future. and they are incredibly powerful we know they work. because now we have almost 10 years of history watching our kids go through these programs >> well i've got to tell you, i watched the video of the l.a.
6:29 pm
community impact hub documentary and i saw people being able to express themselves technologically that otherwise, i think, cory, we have to admit the school system does not provide. >> and that is such an interesting example because it is a public/private effort so we've committed $10 million for ten tech centers and partnering with the county and local nonprofits like the annenberg foundation and they build pipelines into entertainment careers. so someone-and one of the kids could learn about graphic design or mixing or video and then they could take the skills right into certification programs and then take them right into care careers, well-paying careers and in the entertainment industry everything is done on the back of technology and that is the perfect example of a pipeline for the future >> i have to tell you, some of our people in the office were talking about how to dispose of our computers and we just said, you know what, you throw them
6:30 pm
away there is nobody who picks them up what a mistake what you are doing in recycling is monumental. >> well, thank you and i'm incredibly proud of the teams work here. we're leading in recycle since 2009 we recycled 2 billion pounds worth of products an that is right now until that point people bringing them to our stores and us responsibly recycling those. because again this is just not a sweater that you might dispose of this is technical equipment and it needs to be responsibly recycled and we have just launched a service where we will come to your home and for a fee we will take two large products, think appliances or tvs and unlimited small products and we'll responsibly recycle, reuse, refurbish, get those products back into the echo system responsibly. >> tell me what it is like to work at best buy and advance yourself you have a social impact
6:31 pm
officer. if people come up with ideas and know they do how do they express them and move up the chain and how do they get valued for doing the right thing? >> i think one of the most unique aspects at best buy is the long-term careers that we create we've talked about our general managers right now have 6% turnover so they have vested interest in their community and in their employees, in their customers. and we have very robust communication pipelines that go back and forth continuously. round tables, events, every chance that we have to hear directly from our associates, directly from our general managers because they're the ones -- and many of the ideas come from our customers. to your point about the conversation you're having with your friends, we hear straight from the customer, i wish you would just blank come to my house to pick this up i wish you would refurbish this product and give me money if it is worth something all of those started from our customers, from our employees, and now they're a huge
6:32 pm
differentiator in what we do. >> just to pivot for a second. you are in touch with your people who are on the floor and we love them i go to best buy all of the time one thing i could tell is that they know what is hot and what is not we spoke about the gaming cycle. i'm beginning to believe that the gaming psychle is running its course because people want to be out. are you seeing that? >> here is what ainteresting about what we kind of refer to as the gaming cycle. gaming is social it is vr it is console. it is computing. it is for fun but it is also in competition. gaming, the definition, has expanded massively so this is not just about consoles or a hot title. this is about amazing gaming computers which are the highest end of the computing that we sell this is about vr headsets an the future of what gaming looks like this is about social this is about how we communicate amongst each other, especially ow my kids, that is how they
6:33 pm
talk to their friends. so this is more than just about any one cycle, we believe this is engagement in gaining across a multitude of platforms >> now, we continue to hear that the consumer is the only part of this economy sha is left that hasn't rolled over but the consumer is so strong the fed has to take action do you see a consumer that comes to your store and buys good stuff and by the way, joins up for a system where they come to your house, because they're working at home, we need your system are you seeing that at all are you seeing continual buying and are you seeing what i regard as being ubiquitous home electronics? >> i think for us, that is what we believe is our reason to exist on the planet. we believe the future, and way we live in almost every as peck, will be lived using technology hybrid work is one model but think even in your kitchen, everything that is connected your entertainment, the gaming that we were just talking about, your car is connected to your
6:34 pm
garage your outdoor system, your pool might be run with an app everything in our lives is connected to technology. and that is why this isn't just about a want any more. this is about a need and a way of living that fund. ally has changed, faster than we ever thought in the last two years. where people are using technology genuinely to live their lives. >> well, cory, i want to thank you for coming on "mad money" and much more importantly, thank you for inspiring america. europ everything that i heard makes me so excited how business is the greatest source of social change thank you so much. >> thank you your shipping manager left to “find themself.” leaving you lost.
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for the last six months, the high growth tech stocks have been getting what i like to call the busch emmy treatment yes, they've been tossed in the wood chipper, remember when he did it in "fargo." you have to wondering maybe they have some value. that the names have come down too far, too fast and i'm puzzled by and think about all of the time. you take a cloud based contact center, a software company these guys posted one of the best quarters that i've seen this year. now the stock got cut in half from the highs last summer to where it was trading before the latest but none of that ever had much to do with five 9's business the moment the federal reserve declared war on inflation, the market was what i call undiscerning five 9 delivered a top and bottom line beat and management
6:39 pm
even raising the full year forecast i think it is worth pointing out that they were ebidta positive, it was adjusted but it was real. but unlike so many cloud software companies they have the added advantage, of being one of the most lucrative companies in the group and that is why the stock jumped 7% on friday. even as the market got pummelled and it tacked on another 5% today. but it is clear wall street got too negative on five 9 so could this be the beginning of a larger comeback let's take a closer look with rowen troll up welcome back to "mad money." >> hey, jim, good to see you thanks for having me on again. >> so i had to go into that preface. i don't like to go that long simply because i think people must feel there must be something dreadfully wrong at your company that could have traded at 211 and then at 110. but in reality this was by far
6:40 pm
your best quarter and the ebidta positive, i could say, is a true number >> yeah. no definitely. our focus as a company has always been on balanced growth and boot om lime profitability we have a very, very sharp focus on efficiency of revenue and effic efficiency of growth the business is the same we keep kicking butt and we had another great quarter. >> i want to talk about a win. a -- well it is $44 million win. for what you do. and i'm going to give you a -- these guys did not were not the client but i'm going to tell you about something that happened and you tell me what five 9 would have done in conjunction with the company that you got the order from so i wanted to get my booster. so i called, i went to the litany with the drug store, okay and went to the drug store, knowing that i could get the shot and i got there and not only was
6:41 pm
it not -- were they not able to give me a shot, they weren't even open. i will never go back to that place. because on my phone call, they directed me there. they did v not have any artificial intelligence or intelligence if i called a five 9 shop could that happen? >> no. jim, it would not happen and we have -- the health care segment has been particularly strong lately. to the $44 million arr, that is annual recurring revenue, win that we had last quarter was in the health care segment, global conglomerate and they are laser focused on customer experience and making sure that someone like you who comes in to get a vaccine, that you have an incredible experience. because as we've all experienced, and including myself, like, that is not always the greatest experience. sometimes it is maddening. you go in and you get to the shop and it is not even open that should never happen in this day and age.
6:42 pm
and when companies are finally realizing and this is the one of the largest companies in the world, are finally realizing that the cloud is the way to go and not only that but our iva technology, intelligent virtual agent is one of the big drivers because they're starting to see that they could drive automation in a way that they never could before and in a way that also is really delightful for the end customer, you in this case so you don't have to speak to a human being, but you could still have a really good experience. whether that is on voice or also on text or sms, which is how a lot of us want to communicate this days. >> yes, i don't know what artificial intelligence means. you help me. i clearly wanted a booster shot and i wanted it now. there is no doubt about it that is not a difficult precept in the era of covid. would your software be able to understand what i wanted >> absolutely. so the technology has really come a long way from what most companies, probably the experience that you had, that are currently using which is pre-machine learning,
6:43 pm
pre-artificial intelligence or direct to dial or ivr. push one if you want to get a vaccine. >> yes. >> now we're talking about a computeer that could understand your voice so tell us, mr. cramer, we see it is yu calling tell us why your calling i would like to get a vaccine. computer could understand that and say i've got these four locations near you and it already knows where you are where you could get a vaccine. earliest appointment is monday at 9:00 a.m., would you like me to set that for you. and so it is much, much better than what you've used to. >> what was interesting in the conference call, you said look we couldn't do this initially and we were like other legacies but this just developed. so walk me through how you figured this out because that is the five9 advantage. >> absolutely. so, we acquired a company two years ago called inference systems who were the best technology company in the
6:44 pm
segment and that was kind of step one for us moving in this path we have a huge base of existing customers but we're also driving a lot of new customers sales and we're able to scale up to the largeef companies in world so we're able to take the iva, intelligent virtual agent technology and share it with all of our kcustomers and say this i something that we could now do you. and part of the secret sauce is the architecture and the approach so we partner with the amazons and googles and microsoft of the world as opposed to competing with them. and so that is a world of difference because amazon, microsoft and google are all investing significant amounts of money into human computer interactions using voice speaking to your computer. and as a result, we stand on the shoulders of giants and it gives our customers a much better answer than our competitors trying to deliver this on your oeb, really hard. >> do you think your company about the company is devoid of
6:45 pm
any discussion of zoom >> thanks for bring it up, jim >> well i had to because i talked about it forever when it happened you have to give me that i did talk about it. because i wanted it to happen. >> we are past that and the investors are not asking us about that at this point our investors love to see the growth so we posted like you said an awesome quarter, top and bottom line, raised both top and bottom line for the full year. that is what they want to see. that is the five9 they've known and loved which is this very consistent durable growth story and we have a path to $2.4 billion by 2024 that is our goal >> right. >> and to achieve that takes a 32% taker from where we are to get there and you could see that i've been saying consistently for the last few years that our enterprise subscription business is going to continue to grow in the mid-30s. so you just do the math and you could see this business is just monotonically increasingly.
6:46 pm
>> and that is why i like your stock and what you are doing because you could see the math and it is there when it comes to adjusted bead. it is what i trust the ceo of five9, it is worth looking at this conference call. it is so good. thank you so much for coming on the show >> thanks, jim. "mad money" is back after the break. coming up next. >> let's plmake money together. >> cramer is bringing the thunder and answering your burning questions in today's edition of "the lightning round. your doctor gives you a prescription. “let's get you on some antibiotics right away.” we could bring it right to your door. with 1 to 2 day delivery from your local cvs. or same day if you need it sooner.
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>> it is time. time for "the lightning round. and then "the lightning round" is over. are you ready skee daddy to knitton in illinois >> caller: yeah. >> booyah. >> caller: i wanted to get your opinion on a stock getting destroyed lately so fi technology. >> it is been getting destroyed. i don't know i mean, you correctly summarized the sipp let's go to brad in connecticut. >> caller: hey, jame, how are you? >> i'm good how are you? >> i'm good. today is my anniversary so i want to shout out to my wife who i love and want to anniversary our call that you had with ceo donald climate who cents ceo of indy, indi >> well, yeah, um, the only two
6:51 pm
semis in that space are nxpi and on semi. those are the ones, they have great numbers. they shot the lights out let's go to heidi in nevada. >> caller: hi, jim so my question is edwards life sciences, they're down a lot since the entry report which was a good report but also there is no dividend. do i buy more or hold or -- >> i want you to buy more. i thought that was very good i'm surprised the stock did not go up. there was nothing on that. if you do want medical tech, the j&j med tech is going to be very good i bought j&j in 77 ron. >> thanks for taking my call. >> of course >> caller: -- is selling below $17 a share and apollo fund is purchasing the stock for $20 a share later this year. is it smart to buy it now and -- >> can i not answer that question, sir. would you rather own magma and that gives me auto exposure
6:52 pm
without a problem. and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of "the lightning round.." >> "the lightning round" is sponsored by td ameritrade >> coming up, planes and trane trains and automobiles cramer takes a walk down commodity lane and puts inflation in perspective next trading isn't just a hobby.
6:53 pm
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i'm hearing way, way too many people claim that inflation is become endemic and nothing that the federal reserve could do about it. they are defeatist and they make sweeping forecasts that will be forgotten by the time fed gets things under control and believe me, they will get it under control. no white flag. i'm not saying it will be easy but i think think underestimate
6:56 pm
thein ginuity that could cool down inflation maybe we don't go higher than the ten-year and i'm not talking about a 59 so you don't need an extra person so let's start with steel. best steel maker in the world is new corp we sold way too soon for the travel trust but now just from 180 to around 150. we feared this would happen when we owned it on the trust we know what happens when the steel at this point in the cycle. and -- these are gigantic declines that signal a peak in the sky high price of steel. that is one of the biggest input costs like the autos miss expense. and how about alcoa. now that stock is round trip from the mid-60s
6:57 pm
we've now seen it slowing. why? because people are [ inaudible ]. we have the largest land owner on the country but today the stock was buy to hold because the upside is limited. what would it be limited by, the looming slow down in housing and exports to japan and the latter being the former and the latter. go buy westport mcmoran. how do you explain it from 52 to 40 now i bet it won't stop because china the biggest market for copper has limited their demand for metals you see it over and over again fed can't stop wheat will you listen to me for a second wheat, soybeans and corn, they trade as instruments but as carly garner explained to me, we have been hit by hedging
6:58 pm
speculators because they're worried about ukraine and not organic demand soy could be up for -- could be do for a good slide. you need some good weather the whole grain complex would roll over with or without jay powell what else? last week amazon reported terrible number. i hate to say that but it is truem and they said they have too many workers it is like you have a ready trained new economy work force about to be unlushed, i wonder what happened when they lay off truck drivers. take a look at fedex and ups we're not having a trucker shortage soon. and consider used cars they're starting to fall in value. they are big in the cpi. and this outfit called carvana, they paid 10% last week. that is not a sign of health car max disappointed, used car prices they have peaked. pit it all together and costs should soon start coming down which leads a few inflation
6:59 pm
drivers. oil and natural gas and housing. the charity trust is loaded with them and if it weren't for the daily million barrel from the strategic petroleum reserve, who knows how hire gas would be. because speculators bid up the fuel in expectation that president biden would port to europe i don't foe if he could do in a because he's so anti-fossil fuel housek, i think it came over the last couple of months when buyers locked in low mortgage rates in march and april knowing they were going to buy a home so they got that rate plus court raised the price by 25 grand year-over-year this is a company that caters to younger buyers demand dries up and i think we're be there this summer from the 30 year goes to 6% and it sure has 6% written all
7:00 pm
over it. all of these things are peaking because the fed said it had to happen and a kmufy communicators have noticed i would like to say there always a bull market somewhere and i promise to find it right here for you on "mad money. i'm jim cramer. with shepard smh starts now >> mystery and fear in alabama with an inmate on the run. i'm shepard smith. this is the news on cnbc >> manhunt for an accused killer who escaped from jail and the guard charged with helping him do it. >> this is why it's an extremely dangerous person >> the surveillance video and the theories, plus the sheriff joins us on the case >> russians continue to pound mariupol from the air. >> evacuation now under way. smoke rises over the now bombed out mariupol steel plant where women and children have been holed up for weeks their stories and the treacherous road ahead


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