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tv   The News With Shepard Smith  CNBC  May 6, 2022 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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see u you u u u u u u ow.m"mad money. the ne"the news with shepard sm starts now . stocks plummet and recession fears soar i am shepard smith, this is the news on cnbc wall street in turmoil. >> down more than a thousand point on the dow. >> oil prices up, nasdaq down 5%. >> uncertainty roared. what the market selloff means for 401(k)s, economy, and inflation. unspeakable horror at the bombed-out steal plant in au ukraine. >> that continued bombardment by russian air strikes in mare yoem. >> the new movements in putsen's war, and the pope weighs in with
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a warning for the leader of th orthodox church. amber heard. day two of her testimony against johnny depp. >> he called me a slut. >> her brutal claims my head was bashing against the bar and i couldn't breathe. >> could her accusations bring legal trouble? a force in demonstrations across the nation if roe goes, most state laws will punish abortion providers but pregnant people can use abortion pills. >> i wonder if it is the patient you have to target. >> will lawic maers go that far? on the front lines as fires rage in the west, brazen jewelry smash-and-grabs in new york city and dancing baby gets a makeover. >> live from cnbc. the facts, the triegt, "the news with shepard smith". good evening inve investors are running for the hills. inflation fears rattling wall streetment all the major markets posting a sea of red today,
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bieping out the massive rally from yesterday after the federal reserve ruled out rate hikes bigger than half a percentage point at least for now today, the dow had its worst day instant since 2020, plunged by more than a thousand points after dropping by nearly 1 thoiz 400 at one point the session. this dcomes a day after the dow surged 900 points but those gains had all been erased by noon s&p dropped more than 150 points, breaking a three-day win streak but the biggest loser -- the nasdaq -- plunged more than 600 closing out its worst day in almost two years as tech stocks got clobbered. dominic chu now, tom, what happened and why >> so, what happened was a lot of oh volatility caused by a plethora of different things you mention all the geopolitical risks in the world you mention the problems the economy is facing. runaway inflation. employment that may be still
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good but teetering a little on edge but the central focal point for many traders and investors is going to be what is happening with interest rates, overall if you take a look at yields, interest traits rates on ten hef year treasury note right now 3.03%. the reason why it doesn't seem that intense but if you look at the way the chart stacks up, over here is where we are at this is the high et level for interest rates we have seen going all the way back to 2018 and this sharp move higher last couple months really precipitated that sharp move lower. inflation is one of the big, big, big at least enemies of the bond market overall. when people fear inflation, they sell off bonds because bonds pay a fixed ramt now, the interesting part about this is it also changes the call cue laws for how you value many stocks out there, especially, grogt-oriented ones like technology
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take look at this. nasdaq composite and by the way, anyway from the record-highs that we have seen we have now drawn down nearly a quarter of its value lost because of fears rising ratings will change, shep, the calculus for how you value some of those big-technology and growth-oriented stocks. >> i understand the dsht concern there are, dom, but why did these same fears hit tech so hard, harder than any other sector looks like? >> that is a great question. for investors invest in technology stocks and they are willing to pay a premium for them because they are willing to wait for some of the profit and growth proten shl and revenue potential to materialize over years. when interest rates are zero, there is little that you can do with the money, besides put no interest-yielding treasury securities so why not put it in growth stocks ask why no pay a little more for that growth down the line the problem with rising rates is if you have interest rates higher, it changes an investor's
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calculus they now have to say, hey, shep, if i can get risk-free money from the government at 3%, do i really want to invest in some of these tech stocks and by the way, shep, look at these stocks like amazon, apple, and microsoft if there are profits to be add since pandemic lows, they can still lock in profits right now. >> dom, these wild swings from yesterday to today is dizzying is that other near future? >> it could be but right now, trach a look at this this is something the traders look at. the cbo voluntarily index it tells you the relative amount of unease in the marketplace. back during the pandemic, we got above 60 right now, we are about 31.20. so we are a far cry from the depths of the pandemic back in march of 2020 but keep this in perspective. over the longer-term, the average value of this volatility is closer to 20. so any time you spike significantly, it may show more
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pain ahead or we could trend back toward that line 20 at some point so again this is very much a picture about investors and traiders wanting to avoid risk right now, and revalue how all those profits they have had can be treated going forward. >> before we move on, dom, is there a port in this storm, a safe place for snoin. >> so treasuries of course because it is full faith and credit of the u.s. government, but on the stock-market side, this is typically the time, shep, where you find people going toward noneconomicly companies and sectors companies like utill is and talking about consumer staples companies like prosec procter & gamble if you can make toilet paper, processed food, laundry detergent. some tend to hold up better to volatility look at procter & gamble, walmart. two consumer staples, one energy company. they are down, yes, but not down nearly as much as 4 to 8% that companies like apple, tesla, were down in trading today. >> dom, thanks and programming
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alert. tom will join our brian sullivan for special report, the markets in turmoil, live top of the hour right after the news, cnbc a desperate last stand underway right now in mariupol blood bloody battles raging in the steel plant. it is the final stronghold where the soldiers where completely surrounded and civilians are struggling to survival undergroun bunkers the rurgz war machine has been trying to storm the complex for three-straight days. this is new drone video of the leentless bombing and shelling ukrainian commander says his troops are holding the line but the fighting has been fierce and ongoing. in a video message today, the commander begged the world and ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy to res cute civilians and wounded soldiers inside the plant. >> translator: we call on the world's community to evacuate civilians and i personally
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appeal to the supreme commander in chief to take care of wounded soldiers who are dying in agony from inadequate treatment. responds appropriately to a critical situation, in which the enemy did z not adhere to any ethical norm, conventions or laws well, there was a cease-fire today but that ukrainian commander says russia broke it, yet again, and did not low innocent civilians to get out. video of the steel plant defenders singing in the dark. a ukrainian battle hymn. the lyrics hauntingly relevant we were born in a great hour from the fires of war and the flames of gunshots we were nurtured by the pain of using -- of losing ukraine our coverage begins tonight with nbc's cal perry reporting
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live in the ukrainian capital, kyiv cal? >> shep, people across ukraine watching their tvs tonight hoping for someday some good news out of mariupol and, of course, specifically that plant that you are talking about, the deputy prime minister today saying the government would try to rescue people from that plant tomorrow getting them out to zaporizhzhia but when you look at this video, you can see how that might be an impossible mission we heard from a medic today, from underneath that plan to talked about soldiers dying of their wounds civilians dying of starvation, and dying from lack of medicine. that has been the story fo weeks as people hunkered down underneath that plant, hoping, against hope, that the russians won't overrun it though we did know russians are now inside that compound and the fighting, according to government officials, is fierce there was reports today, as well, from the pentagon pushing back on "the new york times'" reporting that american intelligence is leading to the deaths of russian generals along the front. now, ukraine has boasted at least 12 generals killed on the eastern front of this war.
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american intelligence officials, pushing a little bit back saying they are providing general intelligence to ukrainian officials about the war. what they do with that intelligence is up to them and we do know, shep, the operational security has been very poor according to uchain yap kwlan officials. it seems likely that is how they were targeted. >> cal perry, early this friday morning in kyiv. to ever analysis, retired u.s. army major john spencer now. chair of urban warfare sfd studies with the madison policy forum. mayor spencer, thank you, the siege on mare yoem it just unbelievable you are an expert on urban warfare. can these ukrainians -- the ones left -- gain any advantage >> yeah, absolutely. not only urban warfare i have been studying underground warfare for years. i have been tunnels, hezbollah tunnels, north kraep tunnels people have to understand these are the run-of-mill tunnels. these will six-story deep,
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buried military complex built to survive even a nuclear attack. there is no way the russians are equipped, trained, or even motivated enough to go underground and get those fighters -- hundreds of ukrainian fighters so they had the advantage even when the horrible things we are seeing. they can make the russians pay by thousands to get them out. >> we are told this could be for months or even much longer ho how should ukrainians prepare for battles over future cities >> block the roads, blow the bridges. it turn every bin dough into a sniper possibly and make it little rally a sniet nightmare and so scary, they won't even go into it. >> when it finished in mariupol, the fear has been the russian troops there would redeploy to other areas. handling that is going to be a very difficult task? >> shep, that he is already happened so they had like 20 btg there is, now, they only have two. which again goes gs to the
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ukrainians valiantly fighting. and the ones that were are these mauled, dig organized chech thinkians and others they have shipped to north in the fatal attempt to try to help in the east. >> major john sensor, thanks for your time tonight. pope francis delivered a stern warning to the leader of the russian orthodox church. his message? don't be vladimir putin's altar boy. he has been a stunch defender of the brutal inhumane invasion in an interview with an italian newspaper, the pope is now revealing details of ap an intense zoom call he says he had with the pay think arc back in march. he said the russian orthodox leader started the call by reading talking points off a piece of paper for 20 minutes to justify this bloody-unprovoked war. proep francis said he listened, then responded none of it made any sense. he urged the patriarch to stop
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fighting, find a path to peace, and stop speaking the language of politics instead of, as he put it, the language of jesus. the russian-orthodox church has now responded. the church called the poem's comments regrettable, and claimed the pope used the wrong tone to convey the confirmation. notably, the why you werian union is reportedly targeting the leader of the russian orthodox church in a new round of sanctions a graphic day on the witness stand. amber heard detailing multiple incidents of alleged violence and assault. attacks she says came at the hands of her ex johnny depp, the moment that led her to break down in tears and the other celebrities she said fueled depp's jealous rage. the search for the missing-murder suspect and the corrections officer who hit the road with him. a separate-cold case is now getting another look as a result and new sound from the sheriff on the hunt. and shoerg up his dealing.
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amber heard back on the witness stand today detailing her violent and tumultuous with johnny depp, the one in which johnny depp testified amber heard severed his finger on a votd vod ka bottle she described a violent-sexual assault on the stand, amber heard told the jury johnny depp slapd her and hit her. then, she says he grabbed a glass bottle. >> johnny had the bottle inside of mechlt and was shoving it in me over and over again. >> amber heard also accused depp
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of many other violent attacks. she said he was particularly jealous of her relationship with a co-star, james franco. she told the jury johnny depp hated him. heard said, one time, depp accused her of cheating hoim with -- with the actor then, she said he hit her while they were on his private plane >> and he slaps my face. and his friend is in our proximity. and i -- it didn't hurt me it didn't hurt my face it just felt embarrassed to do that to you in front of people itself first time anything heek that happened in front of somebody they showed the court image after image, showing what appear to approximate bruises on her face amber heard said all the injuries came hands of johnny
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depp her lawyers also put in images of what heard said are images of depp passed out drunk. she testified she started taking the photos so she would have proof of his addiction heard testified that she wanted depp to hit rock bottom so as he she put it, he could change squet get better one time, depp tried to push her sister found the stairs so she fraught back. >> and i swung at him. and all of my relationship to date with johnny, i hadn't landed a blow and i, for the first time, hit him. like, actually hit him square in the face. >> all of this. >> because depp suing amber heard for defamation over an opinion piece show wrote for "the washington post." in the op-ed, she calls herself a victim of domestic voi lens but never named johnny depp directly amber heard will be on the stand but not for a while.
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court doesn't resume until after a break, a week from monday, may 16th until then, likely, depp's team prepares for their cross-expectation. david henderson now, lawyer and cnbc contributor david, man, so much of this was r-rated. what did you make of it? >> you know, seth, the biggest take away you have to have at this point is they have lost the complete point of a defamation trial which is clear your name, right? and we are he hearing details we never would have heard that doesn't make either side look good. >> they both talked about the night in australia both side sides tell very different versions what happened how do you think this plays on the jury and what will they make of it? >> juries are especially hard on women who testify about experiencing domestic violence and i can ar anticipate how they are going to come at her what really hurts here is they are going to have a week to get ready. what her lawyer needs to do is remind during closing argument, doesn't matter whether you believe her, it mattered whether
4:19 am
she believed she is telling the truth. >> the things she alleges johnny depp did were clearly violent and if true, potentially criminal can anything criminal come after this testimony or no? >> you know, shep, that is often up to the prosecutor and i say that because different states have different laws but i can tell you, her and more, the laws do give wide latitude to pursuing sexual-assault charges after they happened, well after they've happened by it still boils down to whether a prosecutor is going to be willing to pick up these and go with them. to have a better sense, i got to see cross-examination. >> week from monday. david henderson, thank you now, the man who tackled dave chapelle onstage ran on his set request took him down and at the time, he was allegedly carrying a lep rica gun with a knife attached. tonight, why the suspect will not be charged with a felony turning a gas-guzzle
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whoa. you still stressed from covid? lot of people are. many manners felt anxious and exhausted during the pandemic but new research suggests one group is splespecially at risk working parents. according to a study out of ohio state university -- came out today -- two-thirds of working
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parents surveyed reported they feel burned out. researches say it is most common among mothers and parents with mul multiple kid the main concern burnout is unhealthy the study lichged it to depression, anxiety, alcohol consumption. burnsouth also associated with aggressive parenting, that could include insulting, spanking, or yelling at kids. the co-author of the study calls parental burn out a public-health problem. but she says there are few things parents can do to help cope don't feel guilty for saying no. practice mindfulness, and take deep breaths and don't be afraid to get help from a mental health professional new data shows electric vehicles are more popular than ever last year, u.s. sales of hybrid and fully-electric cars and trucks nearly doubled to more than 600,000 that is according to department of energy. and google trend's data shows searches for electric cars hit record highs this year but supply-chain issues?
4:24 am
v led to audio shortage of new evs and that shortage is pushing the price of used cars way up. now, some companies are ouring a way to give a modern-day update to the old beauty sitting in your driveway. cnbc's andrea day on how some classic-car owners are electrifying their rides >> reporter: about ten years ago, richard grant had a problem. his beloved 1966 volvo 1800, the car dreamed about owning as a teenager, had become, well, undrivable. >> sounded like an old man with emphysema. >> in 2015, he found a solution. >> we like to call an electrical vehicle speed shop r his company converts old gas-guzzling classic cars into zero-emission electric vehicles. >> only about 2% are electric so there is a ton of excite am here. >> the engineer start theedcate
4:25 am
in 2009 ooze a passion project, back when evs were virtually nonexistent and hybrids were just starting to become more than a novelty but in the last couple of years, business has roared to life. >> electrification is one of those things that makes so much sense. you just know it is going to succeed. it's going to be ubiquitous. >> with each retrofit, they learn how to do the next using parts gathered from teslas that have seen better days. >> there is probably 100-plus motors here. we are pulling them out of salvaged cars we purchase from insurance companies. >> it is new and green, so celebrities have gotten in on the game he has done ev conversions for jake gyllenhaal, zach gal fin ab is, and tone think hawke, whose 1964 core he vet was onto block when whe showed up but mike knows who the real celebrity is. >> yeah. >> the star the car. >> for now, only classic cars
4:26 am
are able to converted. the retrofit wait list is anywhere from 6 months to five years depending if it they have worked on it before. squnt cheap. anywhere from 40 to 60 grand the up side? you can drive it forever. >> those engines will go a million miles. >> for richard grant, how do you put a price on a teenaged boy's dream? >> well, first they see, and think it's cool and then after i make them admit that it is the coolest car they've seen all day, then i let them know it's electric >> reporter: for the new, i am andrea day fighting wildfires means weeks way from family, sometimes months and the fiefr fires themselves, keep getting more intense these days the mental-health crisis that firefighters are talking about across the country. a violent stabbing attack in israel three dead, several others wounded. the manhunt under afor two attackers.
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>> and if the supreme court overturns roe v. wade, abortion pills could be the next battleground what's in the works as we approach the bottom of the hour approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news on cnbc? shipstation saves us so much time it makes it really easy and seamless pick an order print everything you need slap the label on ito the box and it's ready to go our cost for shipping, were cut in half just like that go to shipstation/tv and get 2 months free
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weekly jobless claims on the rise and that is what is topping cnbc "on the money." new apply adications for unemployment benefits rose by 19
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thp last week. that is from the labor department today jobless claims hit a two-month high the good news, they pin the news on seasonal employment rather than a widespread pick-up in lei offs boeing moving its global headquarters from chicago to arlington, virginia, just outside d.c. aviation giant announced the move just today. it brings closer to government regulators and one of the biggest customers on the defense' side, pity of the pentagon boeing first moved to chicago from saelt back in 2001. and new look for bun of the internet's first viral phenomenon the dancing baby 3-d graphic till makes me laugh. it swept through emeal chains around the world back in 1996. 26 years on, the dancing baby creators are are giving it a digital facelift and if the release gives them enough, they
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are releasing it as ap nft, obvious limit no kolly from ali mcbale on wall street as reported, yesterday's big gains gone, and then some. the dow down 1,063 s&p, down 153. nasdaq, a whopping 649, off 5% on the session i am shepard smith on cnbc it is ethe bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. major disaster declared in michigan we are there as fast moving flames force people from their homes. a four-on one shootout in california as a smoke shop employee tries to defend himself. but first, the battle over abortion rights raging on capitol hill. >> the senate majority leader chuck schumer says senators will vote coming up on wednesday to create a law that would protect abortion rights. but as we reported here
4:31 am
yesterday, it has virtually no chance to pass repu republicans say they are debating doing the opposite. joni ernst says they are discussing whether they should try to pass nationwide abortion restrictions that is if they take control of congress congress the in the mid term that comes after the that leaked-draft opinion shows the supreme court's ready to overturn roe v. wade an da anty abortion groups are already pushing to ban medication abortions. a woman typically takes two pills, rather than having a medical procedure. medication abortions have recently become themont common type of abortion in america according to a research and policy group aimed at advancing sexual and reproductive health rights meg tyrell now on the push to restrict abortion by bills texas put into effect senate
4:32 am
bill 8, which banned most abortions after about six weeks of pregnancy when the law took effect, requests from people in the state for medication abortion to a service called aid access spiked from less than 5 50 per day to more than 250 dr. abigail aiken who led that study said this is likely to happen on a broader scale if roe v. wade is overturned. >> as we see more and more restrictions come on didn'tto the scene as we see senate bill 8, we see increases in the number of people who using that sthod of self-care to self-manage their own abortions. >> reporter: medical abortion has been available in the u.s. since 2000 which the fda cleared a clug now part of a regimen of two drugs approved for aproportion in the first ten weeks of pregnancy amid the covid pandemic, the fda started to allow the drug to be provided during telemedicine leading to a dramatic expansion in online providers by states have opinion cracking down
4:33 am
now, 19 have policies that restrict hell health for medication abortion. many u.s. providers only do so in states that allow it. aid access is based outside the u.s., and though the fda sent a warning letter in 2019, it hasn't stopped providing the pills. now, a key legal question centers around enforcement most laws against abortion currently target providers but what if the provider is out of state or another country? >> it is a longstanding line of -- of those who promote anti-abortion policies that they don't punish the patient but if enforcement becomes particularly challenging, i wonder if it is the patient i have to target in order to enforce laws that ban abortion bills. >> anti-abortion groups have called restricting access to medication abortion a key priority one group, the susan b. angtly
4:34 am
list, told us the ability to access these drugs through telemedicine is a quote reckless push to feather pockets of the adorgz industry. meanwhile, other providers have told reporters inquiries have spiked this week. >> and meg, on covid tonight rts this is new. the fda announced strict limits on the j&j vaccine after all this time, why >> yeah. remember last year there was the pause in the use of the vaccine as they investigated rare reports of blood clots associated with the vaccine. well, the fda did an updated analysis of how common those blood clots are, and while they are still rare, he said that was enough to limit the use of the vaccine. now, they are saying folks should only get it if they would, otherwise, not get vaccinated at all for ke vid or main had an aler jek reaction or something that makes it inappropriate to get an mrna
4:35 am
vaccine. err e they are working with collaborating-health authorities around the world to ensure they are fully informed about the reports of this rare clot so they can be treated appropriately and they say this is still going to play a crucial role in the global fight to end the pandemic shep >> meg tirrell, thanks very much nearly a week into the search for accused murderer in alabama, cops still have no idea where he is the sheriff in lauderdale county said today the one-time inmate and now-former corrections officer who helped him escape are still out there. >> i have no clue. and, you know, as far as where they may be. that --' really the mange thing we need to know light now as far as a geographic lakz location. >> the sheriff is warning casey white is extreme dlarngs vicki white, corrections officer but no relation at all, says drn well, he says that she helped the made escape last friday. today, we learned detectives are
4:36 am
looking loo into the whether the escapee may be connected to another case, the death of an ex-girlfriend 14 years ago our nbc affiliate, waff, reports in 2008, somebody shot her in the chest be a saw-off shotgun now, investigators ruled her death a suicide. the station reports the now-escaped inmate was there when she died. investigators say they are now reexamining that case. president biden declaring raging wildfires in new mexico a major disaster the emergency order unlocks federal money to help firefighters on the ground right now, they are battling the largest wildfire burping in the coal runt and i manging some progress the mega fire started as two separate fires that merged last month. the u.s. forest service reports the wildfire is now 20% contain. it scorched more than 160,000 acres. it is burning just 20 miles east
4:37 am
of santa fe. thousands of people in the area under mandatory evacuation orders cnbc's perry russom near the front lunes in las vegas, new mexico perry? >> shep, they are calling for hurricane-force winds tomorrow with this wildfire there is concern today to try to get as much as of this fire out as possible. this fire is inching closer to wills vegas. the people who live here have been oh stand by for days to evacuate by for the people in the outer parts this town, they have been gone for days nestled in the mountains of northern mexico is mora, an evacuated city where warn signs of devastation float above the trees. >> it is our tarheritage our parents, grand parent, they are from there it is bean hard. >> os tar and bertha marty inez
4:38 am
left 14 days. >> when do you think you will be able go home >> right now, it -- who knows? what hae serd is it my even take months before they can get it out. >> reporter: they get their supplies from a shmter down the street, the high school where empty cots are expected to be filled scorched ground stretches for miles. in the dough bre, a broken cup of hopement smoke is still rising from where this home burned down. wind's been the biggest issue. it is shiftling every day, so this fire is spreading multiple directions they are expect prikting wind speesd of 85 miles an hour in the next few days. roger montoya is the state representative for this area he calls this a forgotten part of the state, before people live off the land. >> traditional village, extreme poverty, and a way of life that is treasured and -- and irreplaceable. >> reporter: oscar martinez says
4:39 am
he has never seen an april and may with wind this strong. >> what's he hope to go back to? >> to hopefully is find some kind of normalcy normal because i don't know i know in my lifetime, i won't see mo are a the way it buzz. >> mora is a port town the average income is $14,500 a year so bhuf to evacuate and go to hotel, that money adds up. money coming to help these people out. >> perry russom, live in new mexico you know, fire crews in that state -- really across the west refresh are working around the clock trying to get wildfires under control. for many, it is a familiar ground some firefighters tell us they spent months on the road battling the fast-moving fires no chance to go home and staff shortages make things so much
4:40 am
harder cnbc's contessa brewer >> reporter: captain angel has been a firefighter nearly 30 years racking up thousands of hours on the front lines away from home. >> we are not supposed to be gone away from our family for weeks, if not months, on end some people just tonight mow how to deal tw. >> for her partner, captain ryan mitchell, the rigors of the job took their toll. >> his only way out was to take his life and he left behind his wife, his son, and his parents, itself devastating. >> hendry is one of more than 6,000 men and women who work full time for cal fire one of the nation's largest departments. she says staffing shortages in an age of extreme wildfires has fueled a dangerous mental and behavioral health cliefs. >> alcoholism, gambling, drug
4:41 am
abuse. there are so many marriages that have been broken due to meantle health. >> according to a recent' fema report, more than twice as many firefighters die by suicide than in the line of duty. edward kelly general president of the international associationer of firefighters. he is urging members to speak up before it is too let. >> there is certainly a stigma perceived to being weakness. we are dreefbing home the message it is okay to does for help. >> for mike west, that minute leaving after nearly two gruel be ing decade force the u.s. forrest forest service. >> i am really happy i walked away from it. >> west teaches socialed it hads and english ht at a middle school in susan sville, california. >> they are either counting days till retirement or how can i get
4:42 am
out of this? >> west says he hopes his newfound career will inspire others to find a better path forward. >> don't feel trapped and if you want to get out, i mean, you ever put in your time. >> do something else. >> if i or anyone you know is at risk of hurting themselves, call the national suicide prevention lifeline callers are connected to local-crisis centers, and provided information on suicide prevention shep >> contessa, thanks. tornados rip through parts of oklahoma and texas last night. the storm left major damage -- look at that thousands without power. according to the power u.s. -- i should say the website is power authorities in both states reporting in serious injuries or deaths, thankfully the won't of the damage in oklahoma concentrated in one small town, and there it is. seminole is about an who aror hour east of oklahoma city after the tornados passed, flash
4:43 am
flooding started this morning, authoritie reported flooding covered more than a dozen highs in val and eastern oklahoma in locket, texas, right on the oklahoma border, storm came in fast inside a car obviousliment you can see power flashes right in front of that windshield meteorologist report nine million at risk tonight for severe weather sfwhncht. a violent attack in israel today. israel media report two assail nltds with a axe or knife kill three people and injured at least two others hamas did not claim the responsibility for the attack but a hamas' spokesman described the circumstancings as a heroic operation. the violence comes on israel's independence day and as
4:44 am
israeli-planian tensions have soerd in recent weeks, last week, a palestinian gunman killed three people in central tel aviv israeli place said there was indications that was a terrorist attack. a smash-and-grab crime spree under way in new york city more than a dozen businesses targeted the information released by police, as they announce all the cases are connected. and elon musk not skblubt taking over twitter but take ongoing a leadership role -- at least for a bit. the details we learn today
4:45 am
4:46 am
the man who attacked dave chapelle on stage, turns out 'em not face any felony charges. they arrested that guy, 23-year-old isaiah lee after he hopped out from the stage right in the krod and tackled chapelle there it is again.
4:47 am
cops say lee was carrying a fake gun -- this fake gun and see the knife hidden inside there? it folds ous think tell us kind like a pocketknife the la district attorney reports even though criminal conduct certainly occurred, it did not add up to felony conduct the case has new been turned over to the la city attorney's office it prosecutes misdemeanors within the city limits. well, dramatic and disturbing new videos shows moments leading up to a deadly shoot-out at a smoke shop in southern california. it happened last night but just today la county police release the the video. one suspect whips out a gun and the security guard reaches for his own gun and that is when the robber opens fire. the glass counter shatters everybody scrambles. hearse a second angle of it. at least one other suspect also starts shooting. you can see the guard returns fire the sheriff's department reports
4:48 am
doctors treated him for gunshot wounds to the face and neck and he is now who out of the hospital they say they arrested a second suspect who immediated not dpilgt to murder charges authorities in california say they are still searching these two suspects. smash and glabs in new york city, police say thieves used a sledge hammer to smash a jielly-store window in broad daylight and grab 20 grand in gold chaps and pendants. they have now connected that bun pair to a stringt of at least 18 thefts >> whhow they to it someone shots as someone smashes in the bip dough happened in the bronx sunday
4:49 am
afternoon. other suspect runs over with a bag for the stolen jewelry the worker in the core said he activated the gate and started to close on one of the suspects. valley castro on the spring of brazen thefts. >> reporter: startled when mass thieves began to smash through the front window with a sledge hammer. >> all the sudden, we heard a boom a loud boom. the first -- the last thing i had on my mind was we are going fwoet robbed. >> she took into account something the store's owner had once told her to do in case of a robbery. >> so, my first instinct was to close the gate and whien i was closing gate, the guy got stuck between the glass and the giet. >> the thief was able to wig freely and run off the criminals getting away with ten gold chains and five gold pen tant dants but the window bashing, the next day, police say six thieves targeted this
4:50 am
brooklyn jewelry store in the same way, taking off with more than $187,000 in gold jewelry. releasing this photo of one of the suspects, as well as the get away car and say it is part of a citywide prime skree this bronx' business taking precautions from now on. >> we have better windows now but instead of putting gold in the front, we put like silver and stainless steel. >> in brooklyn where the most recent incident took place, there is actually another jewelly store justly from the one that was hit i spoke to the owner there and he told me he is actually not that concerned because it has happened to him before, and says it just comes with the territory when you own a jewelry store police believe the crime spree started back in february, but in that case, the suspects just walked into the store and grabbed what they could so the use of a sledge hammer, certainly an escalation in
4:51 am
tactics. >> valerie castro live in new york. hey is on track now to have the highest minimum beige in the whole country. state lawmakers approved the measure on tuesday it is now on the governor's desk 18 bucks an hour, prosed new minimum. right now, $10.10. federal minimum wage is $ upon.25. once finalized, it will rise $2 every two years until 2028 right now california is at15 pucks an hour. elon musk is look being to be more than just the owner of twitter. sources tell our own david faber, the billionaire is expected to serving as the temporary coe. faber reports musk mans to hold the role for a few months after he completes the $44 billion takeover meantime, musk is bringing in a dozen new vesters to help finance the deal some investors include billionaire larry ellison, retirement plan provider fi
4:52 am
fidelity, a qatari wealth fund according to the filing, the new investors are to pull more than $7 billion mike isaac, the technology correspondent for "the new york times. mike, why is the richest guy on the planet bringing in investors? can't did not he secure funding on his own for this? >> he is the rachest man on the planet but i think basically how much of his wealth is tied up in hess that' holding and tesla stock. and one of the issues for elop was basically when this deal went through or sounded like it was actually going to happen, tesla's shareholders got scared. so the understand now is spread around the wealth, so to speak, and get other investors to do this deal so he has to keep the prices up.
4:53 am
at least for a bit do we know why not permanently >> i think he is probably going to feel it out we have been sort of chasing this story for a minute. he drives me crazy but he's -- you -- he's -- you know, he likes to sort of come in, clean house, change things he did tesla when he did take over years ago and what i imagine he will do is find like trusted person, and start figuring out who he wants his executive staff to be at some point. and so, i imagine that the current ceo is trying to figure out options light now. >> you know, elon talks a lot of free speech and then partners with the saudis and qataris. >> i think it is a great question to can elon he -- i imagine, folks sort of drn the -- the math he does in his head is there is only so
4:54 am
much to do huge deals like this. so they will probably try to team up with them but no i think it is a great question and talks out both side of his mouth sometimes. >> thanks for coming. >> formula 1 driving formula 1 driving south beach this weekend event organizers expecting 300,000 tourists, race fans and party goers this weekend tickets are going for big money. and tom cruise on the highly anticipated movie premiere
4:55 am
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this? this is supersonic wifi from xfinity. it's fast. like, ready-for- major-gig-speeds fast. like riding-a-cheetah fast. isn't that right, girl? whoa! it can connect hundreds of devices at once. [ in unison ] that's powerful. couldn't have said it better myself. and with three times the bandwidth, the gaming never has to end. slaying is our business. and business is good. unbeatable internet from xfinity. made to do anything so you can do anything. miami is getting ready -- the first formula 1 race there event organizers expecting 300,000 tourists, race fans and party goers this weekend tickets are going for big money. according to seat geek, average price for a ticket to sunday's race, more than two grand. three times the average price for last year's u.s. grand prix in austin. not called the world's richest sport for nothing.
4:57 am
in miami, here's cnbc's robert frank. >> away we go! >> amazing that's the only word i can say >> reporter: formula 1 has always been in nascar's rear view mirror in the u.s now, it's catching up fast tv audiences for f-1 up 50% last year, up another 40% so far this year there are now three f1 races in the u.s., austin, miami, and las vegas, up from just one last year >> in just couple of weeks after the announcement, we sold out all the tickets and the excitement and the event here in miami is really incredible >> reporter: the big reason, netflix. its "drive to survive" series became a huge hit during the pandemic, creating a new wave of fans tickets to miami sold out within days >> i think it's correct to say that netflix helped a lot. they did an incredible job, we did an incredible job together
4:58 am
that's something you cannot do alone. the vision and once again being sure that we could add different languages, to be able to, you know, the interest of our fans was the key of that success. >> reporter: a hotel in south beach is asking $120,000 a night. carbone is hosting a dinner on the beach for $3,000 a person and it's sold out. the hard rock stadium transformed its parking lot into a world class track and a luxury oasis. they built a beach club with pools and fake sand. and there's even a yacht marina with fake water so v.i.p.s can watch from their deck just like in monaco. and even the hot dogs come with caviar, shep this is called the qualifier price tag, $15, which is actually a bargain here in formula 1 land >> not on your expense report. thank you, robert. miami not the only city feeling the need for speed
4:59 am
san diego full throttle for the premiere of the movie "top gun maverick." tom cruise landed a branded helicopter that he piloted himself. touchdown on the flight deck of the "uss midway. the movie is the sequel to the 1986 hit "top gun. it was scheduled for release in november, but the pandemic delayed it it's now landing in theaters memorial day weekend 55 seconds on a race to the finish intense and bloody fighting raging inside the last stronghold of ukrainian resistance in mariupol the united nations racing to evacuate civilians from the besieged steel plant there russian forces have been trying to storm it for three straight days president biden declaring the raging wildfires in new mexico a major disaster. that move unlocks federal money to help firefighters on the ground and a brutal day on wall street stocks plummeted and erased yesterday's gains. the dow dropped more than 1,000 points
5:00 am
and now, you know the news of this thursday, cinco de mayo, 2022 i'm shepard smith. follow us on instagram an twitter and we'll see you back here tomorrow night on this first in business worldwide. it is 5:00 a.m. here at cnbc global headquarters. we begin with the wall street whip saw futures opening up lower inflation. the fed. rising borrowing costs are a big part of the story. 10-year treasury yield surging as high as 3.1%. and doordash to dropbox. a number of household names mo moving on quarterly results. it


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