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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  May 6, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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like home depot 2023 calls. >> we got home depot we got a disney earlier there. gentlemen, thank you so much appreciate it. that does it for us on "options action." we'll be back next friday at 5:30 p.m. eastern time meantime, my mission is simple -- to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. i promise to help you find it. mad money starts now. hey, i'm kramer. welcome to mad money. i'm trying to help my friends make some money here. like i just said, educate, teach, but i'm trying to entertain you and be when the game.
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i don't even care anymore. we just want to get out alive. at least that's how wall street reacted today's employment number. it means the feds need to slam the brakes even harder. the dow is down 99 point, nasdaq losing 1.4%. it was much worse earlier for the dow, but the nasdaq remains in the bear. we are now on slump watch. that's what i call it. waiting for something -- anything -- signs of an economic slowdown. but not this time. we are right now in one of those bad news is good news situations, because the fed won't stop tightening until the economy goes down, and they are taking too long. if you are a bull here, you
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want to slow down, what you don't want the angel of's talk death to visit your house, just the other guys house. i'm not trying to discourage anyone from owning stocks. the opposite. we are playing a different game here. we are playing defense. a portfolio should be split amongst cash and stocks that can thrive in a recession, and of course a bull market in energy. we need to accept the fact that we are simply trying to stay in the game. stay in the game until times get better, without any real knowledge of when that will happen. but when we do reach the promised land, it will be worth it. that's been the case every time since i've started buying stocks when the dow industrial average was at 1000 in the late '70s, when inflation was even worse than it is now. which is something we don't have right now. we have typical risk, inflation
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risk, but we don't have systemic risk. we can reap the gains in a slim bull market now, and then reap the benefits when we move back up. the sober analysis of mine, why don't we go to our game plan? i changed in this period. i know what it's like. i traded '94, '87, let me use that number to help you. we want them to say something to come down in price. whether it's beef or chicken or pork, or at this point, frankly, kale. quinoa. quinoa? quinoa. we also have bio and tech reporting, pfizer's mrna partner. right now, our biggest problem is china's covid policy. they are locking down because they refused to use more effective vaccines. maybe they can tell us if
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there's any hope that the chinese government will actually try to help these people with something that works, and they will choose biontech. and they will, because it's a german company, not an american one. i think this is a fabulous five. one way or another, he's going to get his way. let's hope suncor will do that decisively. i want to hear plug powers turning all those orders into something that is actually profitable. tuesday, we are going to learn if telecom found anyone willing to buy part of the company, which is obviously in much worse shape, and even the bears no. i bet we will eventually see some sort of week crash, like about pellet time, if not the dropout.
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when we are on inflation watch, we are also in trade down watch, which means we need to listen to cisco. they can tell us if there balking at higher phone food prices. supply huge percentage of them. then there's this phalanx of high-priced things that have come down to earth. roadblocks, it's a cavalcade of core strategies. and not just strictly for schadenfreude purposes, we want to learn about what happened. all these companies invested the best. they defined the circularity of cell close to someone else for a check instead of ending up in a landfill. why is the stock in 5? why when we have a red-hot mortgage market is down from last summer? unity is a legitimate company that makes software for gameplay developers, but it pitched itself to the meta verse stuff, which is why it plunged.
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are they all? another original meta-blocks creator, fantastic company. we keep it in the penalty box, that all things meta-belong in right now. it turns out that crypto was never heading this way. it was a negative asset joined at the hip with every other speculative asset. let's listen to the ceo, i am all ears. we certainly want to know more about -- after the close, because it's become one of warren buffett's biggest positions. oil stocks, chevron. chevron's been a straight a student, and they're starting to get b+. lookout, john oliver. it's time for my quarterly joke about how my wife loves wendy's bacon nader.
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what are you guys doing? you are ruining my marriage. get that picture down. it's going to be out of remix -- thank you. i will never get in trouble for pointing out that she has impeccable taste. owing out to long island this weekend, there's a really good one. wendy's should be doing okay, but let's see if they are having any staffing issues, like some of the other restaurant players when they report wednesday morning. the cpi, the consumer price index. we know some of these in elation quotes -- used-car prices are already down big. but i fear that it could be like today's employment number -- way too hot for our own good. if we do get a weaker cpi figure in the market corelle, you want to buy the dutch bros. yes, my favorite coffee house now that starbucks has kind of lost its way. we also want to know about this
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thing, will they let ford sell 10% stake ? please. it was $150 billion, better than nothing if for should sell. but obviously they would've been better selling off if they had been allowed. i very interesting in seeing a company called sonos when it reports. because this is a work from home story and wire house music. three t's on thursday. tapestry is an old coach, supposedly having a good quarter. i'm very concerned about under armour. they posted a terrible number today, canceling orders. kiss of death, because that spells glut! i've been eating toast ever since it became public. not that they aren't nice people , it's good and they are nice. but there are way too many players in that space.
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i know it is, because i own restaurants. finally, tabula is one of these companies was only be able to come public last year, as we were in a reminiscent period of period. another pair public companies has slipped through, and again, the people who run posh mark and wheels up, very nice. unfortunately, friday is quiet. i think we going to need it. the bottom line. you need cash, you need safety stocks, you need energy stocks to make it through this period. without all these, though, the nightmare will continue. robert in ohio. robert? >> hi, jim. very glad i joined your investing club. >> thank you, thank you so much. >> okay, yeah. it was a good show. i'm calling about a company that has great products people love.
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they are low beta, they got a solid dividend, and they had a really good quarter last quarter. going forward, do you think kellogg's is a by?'s >> i went over that quarter, and i don't want to see it was great for kellogg's, but that was a great quarter. i think they've taken some cost out and done a lot of things right. better organic growth. you are writing a good one. don't forget, by the way, look at that hershey! and thank you for joining the club in joining the meeting. how about james in california? james? >> jimmy chill, how are you? >> he be chilling, because i'm gardening this weekend, and a garden like nobody. >> it that garden. first of all, i like to wish all the moms out there a happy mother's day, especially to my beautiful wife holly. looking for the best in breed blue-chip stock, like an aging round for devante smith. go birds, and i'd like to get your take on proctor and gamble.
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>> procter & gamble is aj brown. number 11. terrific. he can do the short route, he can run through traffic. the cost control, fabulous dividend. he could take you to the super bowl. i'm not kidding. nancy in illinois. nancy? >> hi jim, recently i read an article about mcd that mentioned a whale? what is a whale, and what does it mean for the future of the stock? >> i just had a personnel problem for a moment there. yeah, let me get to that. i think it's just a very good company. stock was up today all day. a good dividend. it's an aristocrat. i like it. i have to repair my marriage, so i will have to take an early break today. it's grounds for divorce! the bacon nader! you need cash, you need safety stocks, you need energy stocks.
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we are going to get through this together. we've been together for so many years. join the club, and you're going to get a level of me that's even more visceral than me making fun of my wife eating a bacon nader. investors turned to a dividend play. that's a good one. and yesterday, the cnbc investing club, we held our monthly meeting for survivors only, and give you a quick look at what you get if you own stocks, and you might be missing something. mp materials dropped today as well. a rare earth mineral company -- i don't know what to do. i'm talking to the company's top brass. i want you to stay with the investing club and stay with it. cramer . don't miss a second of mad money.
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than any other provider. the choice is clear: get unbeatable business solutions from the most innovative company. get a great deal on this limited time price with internet and voice for just $49.99 a month for 24 months with a 2-year price guarantee. call today. i've said it before, i will say it again. even in a very difficult market, there's plenty of stops to diversify utility. california and texas, and big national gas market. that's the kind of stock that is worked when were looking at a fed mandated recession, which looks like what we are getting. they are working on several more.
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that's why i recommend this fabulous stock about 24% for this miserable year. thanks to the russian invasion of ukraine, our government is now desperate to send to fossil fuel start eastern europe. the top and bottom line will be to send the stock up today. 2.8% yield, it's low yield because the options are away. but let's take a closer look at the really super executive. mr. martin, welcome back to mad money. >> jim, it's great to be on with you again. always reminding you, i'm your biggest fan. >> thank you, jeff. you are a faithful watcher, and i appreciate that. for a moment, i had to say to myself, did he see all this coming? the fact that mexico needs our liquefied natural gas when they are a huge oil exporter, the
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fact that europe needs our natural gas -- i know is only one part of several, but i want to art there. how good can this business really be? >> we are really excited. we have talked about three or four years about the need for liquid natural gas. it will be very important for a lot of the oecd nations and developing nations to have access to natural gas as we move away from coal for power production. so all that's really taken place is, when you have functioning markets like we do today, is that risk and opportunity is been pulled forward. we really are in a unique position to just match lng off the west coast of north america to asia, and off the gulf to europe. >> has the president talk to you about how to do this? because i would dial you up to say, what do i do? i hope europe?
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what are the conversations like? >> i will tell you, there are certainly recognition across administration and all the federal agencies that this is the right time to put together a program to be responsive to the needs of europe. as you think about it, there's about 18 billion cubic feet today of gas that flows into europe from russia. that's about 45% of the european continent access to natural gas. the best country in the world it's in a best position to help solve that problem is the united states. this is not just about semper. the entire u.s. lng position is in a great opportunity to make a difference. >> i deal with a lot of companies that have a relationship with mexico. you have the single best of anyone ideal with. how did you create that? because it's a very important relationship, and you are the keystone of it. >> i appreciate the question. we started investing in mexico in 1995 before beginning popular. now i remind you, today, it's the 15th largest economy in the
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world. we think it moves down to number seven on a gdp basis. 130 million consumers, it's one of the fastest growing consumer markets in the western hammes here. there great challenge, much like europe, is a tend to be relatively energy secure. roughly 70% of all the energy they consume every day is important, and that's one of the reasons semper has been investing can instantly there. we got about $11 billion invested in mexico, so we are the dominant provider of energy to mexico, and is one example, the largest export market for u.s. natural gas is mexico, and we fill about 7 billion cubic feet today to mexico. and the reason it so important is because it's a country that is traditionally used heisel for oil for power production. so we are planning to not only improve energy security, but helping them move to a lower admissions fuel. we own 11 of the 25 pipelines assert mexico, and roughly 66%
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of all gas that flows to mexico flows across our network. >> i want people to understand, one of the things that semper does, in terms of the environment, i had not been a believer in renewable natural gas until i met you. because you were making -- you are making things that are actually, i thought, too expensive. you are making them into very reasonably priced fuels, and in a very different environment. >> it certainly is, and here in california, we made a commitment about two years ago that we would serve 20% of all the natural gas that goes to the supermarket for renewable natural gas. you're talking about landfill gas and other exogenous methane in the environment that we are catching and using in the pipeline system. and combusted methane is far less of a problem for the environment than letting it
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happen naturally. we feel good about that as a regulator here in the state. we just briefly passed a rule mandating that all those serving entities need to at least have 12% of its fuel supplies come from renewable natural gas 2030. i think there we are ahead of the curve. >> you certainly are. your board is 90% independent, 55% women and/or people of color. i want to know why everybody -- this must be incredibly important to you, because those are the best numbers i've seen in terms of trying to represent everybody in this country. >> what we talk about a lot is creating a high-performing culture. we think one of the things that is unique in our company is we've got three separate growth engines. but the key to it over a long period of time is finding that fourth growth engine and that fifth growth engine. we believe that comes out of our culture. so the elements from us of a high-performing culture is to be safe in our operations, to
6:23 pm
invest in leadership and development and we believe in a diversity and inclusion. it's not an academic exercise. our board reflects our commitment to the beliefs of diverse backgrounds in light of making better business decisions. at the end of the day, our job as a leadership team is to make one good management decision after another. we believe that diversity plays into that. >> i think it does. the decisions you've made have been much more forward-looking. i want to thank you with what you've done with temper energy and for your file shareholders. jeff martin is the chairman and ceo, thank you so much for coming to the show. >> thank you, it's great to be with you. >> mad money will be back after the break.
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i've always had the same mission, to help you navigate volatile and uncertain times. it's so easy to panic, right? but always remember, panic is not strategy. it's much or debtor to be curious, and thankfully, we have a lot of curious viewers. tonight, i'm going to open the floor to questions from all of you. most of you have never seen anything like this. i've seen it happen two times in my career, and i need you to know that it's an opportunity. an opportunity. by the way, jeff marx, who is my partner for the club, and i, answered many of your pressing questions yesterday during the monthly meeting. it was by far my favorite part
6:28 pm
of the hour. the reason it's my favorite, is because i feel like i'm talking directly to all of you, not just one person. and this meeting that we have, it's not like anything else you will see. we go back and forth, we disagree, we try to reason with each other. it happened all morning today on a couple of tough decisions. let me just say, i pour my heart out. it's eal, and it's visceral. i want you to first take a look at what we get up to in our monthly meetings, because, yes, i want you to join. take a look. this is actually their time to be looking at deals when valuations are grinding down. >> they could buy anything. >> i don't want to bet against them. >> my final comments are this -- it's a horrible market. we all know it's a horrible market. what we think of when we have a horrible market is get out now.
6:29 pm
how wrong was get out now in 1998? how wrong get out now would be at this moment. you see, what i'm saying there is that there was a time when a lot of people panicked, including me, in 1998. i made a big mistake. the market continued to reverse gigantic leap. i was able to reverse my position, but you need to know if my panic was exactly when the market bottomed. we don't do that. i've learned from that, and i've explained all my foibles at these meetings. most people will never admit they have foibles. i've been around long enough to be able to do it, it doesn't matter to me. if you missed that monthly meeting, i want you to go watch it. you can log on to catch up. as i got to tell you, it is unlike anything else i do.
6:30 pm
it's not like a morning meeting, even. it's about trying to figure it out. we didn't get to all the club member questions yesterday, and that bothered us, but we were running long on time already, so i'm going to take them now on mad money. the first one is from vincent in new york who asked, amazon has stocks coming up. if you don't currently hold the position, would you take a position prior to the split after thinking retail investors will come in afterwards? here's the way we are witnessing about it. this company, which we have sold a huge amount of, amazon, is not doing well. just not. it's not the jeff bezos amazon. this company, however, is doing great. i don't care if you buy it before or after or during the split. we still hold some of this for the trust. i know that we talked about it with jeff this morning, maybe he meant to sell the rest. next one is from jill in illinois. she asks, what you think of upstart ? it has low pe and
6:31 pm
ratios, and introduces new customers at the standing rate. >> let's take a look at this. it reports next week. i think it will be good? there's a 20% short position. the shorts hated. the moment it reports, that when you come in and bang it down. let's talk about it then, not now. there's a question from jose in florida. what you think about united health? buy, hold, or sell? the mac they are down 60 points after having an incredible quarter, and they had a competitor and they did great. it's a buy. next is gary in florida. should i hang onto it, or lick my wounds and use whatever's left for some different stock? >> i don't care if you bought it at 350 or 150 or 200, i care about where it's going, not where it came from. it's the next quarter that matters, because it planting
6:32 pm
season. i believe in marvin allison. i don't care where you bought it, but by more. should i sell and take the loss in roblox? >> i think they are going to report just a so-so quarter next week. it's not going to be a great quarter, but the stock is down. it could go down another 10 and still be overbid. that's up to you to decide if you can handle that. next is andrew in idaho who says what are your thoughts on yeti as a long-term holder? >> yeti reports next week. i worry about the possibility. i work about the possibility that people are going to say that yetis time has come, and it is gone. i got to tell you, when i look at a company like yeti, i actually use the product. i like the products. and remember what i like about a stock. does it make things? does it do things? cell things? at a profit?
6:33 pm
that's the one problem yeti doesn't have. it's not giving us enough of a return. so my experience is that yes, you can buy it. i think it's a very good company and very good product, but i bet the stock goes down when it reports next week unless we are really oversold. in north carolina, he asks i have a nice run up in mckesson. how do you you sell and move on? >> mckesson, big quarter. how do you decide when to sell and move on? in an environment with program quarters, why do i want to sell mckesson? and put it in a company that doesn't do well? i don't want to sell the good from the bad. this was in my wheelhouse, because of what i've been studying with energy. it's for manny in new york. he says what is your outlook for utility stouts like public service enterprise groups? here's what i decided. i decided that i don't want to be in utilities.
6:34 pm
utilities pretty much trade as a group, but i don't want to be in utilities that are heavily regulated. because i see anger and political issues and people in government who want to show that they are not going to let you be hurt by inflation. these are situations like new york and new jersey. i would much rather be in american electric power, or sabra. it's a gross stock, for heaven sake. these, these are not growth stocks. they are just numbers. that's all for now, but remember, i want you to stay curious and keep asking questions and looking for opportunity. there's much more mad money, including my talk with mp materials. wind turbines, the need for rare earth materials is growing, and it's also about our defense. then, our stocks themselves collateral damage in the feds fight against inflation, or is it part of the problem? i will give you my take.
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we'll take your calls rapidfire in today's edition of the lightning round. so stay with cramer . is it some magical number? something we just achieve at the end? or is it a feeling? a freedom, to live our lives the way we intended. through the ups. the downs. all of it. this is financial security.
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this heinous market is crazy with deep, deep discounts. some of them can be great long term opportunities if you know what to look for. consider the case of mp materials, a producer of rare earth materials the icepack merger. this one is huge, very huge back stocks that work for investors. mp materials had the advantage of being a real business with real profits. we know the business is so
6:39 pm
good, because a reported a blowout quarter. 177% revenue growth, besides having an incredibly consistent track record of shooting lights out. stock went down 5%. it means nothing to me as far as i'm concerned, because this market is so crazy in the short term. i like that. i think wall street has become skeptical of how mp materials can hold up in a fed mandated recession. but these rare earth minerals are in such super short supply. most of them come from china. no thank you. demand is going to go everywhere. will check in with jim lipinski. he's the founder of mp materials and has a better idea of it. >> thank you, jim, it's good to be here again. >> i got two releases on my desk. first one, texas rare earth materials factory, we talked about how that had happened, and the second one, the president visits you because he understands how important this
6:40 pm
is. you can be one of the solutions they have. 3 things going for you. why don't we talk about the supply chain being no longer connected with china one day? >> sure. and thanks, jim. you got it all there. as we announced the texas factory, and we actually broke ground, we had a good ceremony, and then we had also announced an award in february with the president of the united date, and that was really fun. this is sort of a bipartisan thing. everybody wants to get the supply chain home. we are leading the way on that, so when we announced on that is that we will send rare earth materials that we make in california over to fort worth, texas, and we will turn those into magnet. as you mentioned, we announced the gm deal. so we will be making magnets for gm. and i believe you are on the waitlist for a hummer ev, right? >> my wife is -- for the sub hummer.
6:41 pm
she had problems -- she test drove the hummer, and said it was one of the greatest experiences ever, but it was hard to find a parking spot that was big enough. is that your materials? >> so gm's altium platform, which is their electric vehicle platform, part of that deal was we will be providing magnets for a number of models out of that factory in fort worth. and that will be 100% and to end u.s. supply chain. >> so you think we can be independent with some rare earth materials from china, not all. but how much of these are independent -- >> jim, we will be completely independent of china for all rare earth materials for that deal that we announced with the initial facility in texas, with gm. i will be all u.s.-made materials. >> how can you raise enough money to make it so that we are number one in this? the mac that's a great
6:42 pm
question. the good news is, we have a lot of cash in our balance sheet. we are a cash flow positive business. we announced a great quarter, $500 million, 1.2 billion in cash. and we made clear that we believe -- we announced that the president will be investing $700 million over the next couple of years. if you do the math were current prices are today, we believe we will stop a net cash position. the good news is, we are sort of in the sweet spot of what you been talking about. we generate a lot of cash flow today, high return on capital invested and opportunities. and from there, we'd like to connect our facility and move on from there. it's an enormous opportunity. >> defense. we need this, right? if we're not, what could happen to our country? >> the key thing is, jim, the bigger existential issue is -- four of the 10 largest oems for
6:43 pm
battery electric vehicles by market share are not chinese manufacturers. and so this is actually a commercial national security issue where we are just in a global race to compete. our mission is, we just want to make sure that american oems led by gm and our plant in texas have an american option for a full supply chain. we expect this doesn't need to be a zero-sum game out there, because there's just so much growth. but really, the issue is that their supply-chain diversity, and that is the mission we are after. >> one last question. a little more ethereal, but in years back there have been many, many back issues. why are you one of the handful of stocks that makes money? >> well, i think when we approach this, and maybe it comes from the fact that i had a number of years in the investment industry. we were very focused about making sure that we were
6:44 pm
building a public company the right way. that we could put out reasonable numbers and beat them , that we were building the business and making sure that we are creating value for shareholders. going public was really the start of a large journey for us. it was an exit. we are here. the other thing i would say, and i think this movie speaks to something that would be helpful for the viewers as a think about this market, as we've been in a 14 year bull market that has now ended in growth, and technology, and essentially there's been a negative cost of capital in the technologies base. the real economy has been starved. the cost of capital is -- you know, the cost of capital for mining, materials, energy -- i know you are a fan of energy. we think this whole space is going to be the new bull market. if you look out for the next three or four years, there has to be a lot of capital that comes particularly in the electrification economy, the real stuff. real stuff is going to lead the way in the next three to five
6:45 pm
years, as we look around at the supply that is there the amount of stuff that needs to come online, and we need a lot of capital to come on this space. with a selloff -- a lot of these companies are buying back stock. you can look at hours, you can look at many. i think this is the new bull market. >> i agree with you. real stuff made by real companies that generate real cash flow that can do great things. and one of them is mp materials . that's jim lipinski, ceo of mp materials. these guys can help us become independent of a country that is not necessarily one that i regard as friendly anymore. thank you, jim. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> mad money is back after the break.
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lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade. >> it is time! it's time for our lightning round. are you ready? i'm going to start with zach in new york. zach? >> hi jim, thanks for taking my call. i'm calling about gnocchi a. >> they should've had a better quarter. we've given them a huge runway in europe, and it does not deliver. jeff in atlanta. jeff? >> thanks for taking my call.
6:50 pm
it's been tough for the offshore oil drillers for a long time. >> transocean is nothing but net right now. i'm going to throw in something too. let's go to david in new york. david? >> hey, how are you doing? first-time collar, longtime fan. how are you doing? >> i'm doing well, but i have to admit i can't wait to do some gardening this weekend. how about you? >> me too, me too. let me know what you're feeling is about nova. >> i've never been a fan. it went all the way up. if you want to be in that group, you have to be at the level of pfizer. let's go to alex in washington. >> thank you so much for having me on. i have a question about -- it traded at $179 in november --
6:51 pm
>> i think that would have a chance to sell their stock. i would wait for the chance for ford to sell the stock to buy them. let's go to thomas. >> yes. listen. i'm not a real gambling man, but i was watching the show the day you gave your blessing. prior to that, you did not. >> they report next week. i like the long-term prospect, which club power has. my construction buddy that i went to, we both commiserated that this is a very tough time. and you are absolutely right. douglas and new jersey. >> how are you doing? >> i doing well, how are you? >> i'm doing good. >> evan greenberg is just delivering and delivering and delivering.
6:52 pm
he's a great ceo, and he's got a great company. paul. >> jim. lou and technologies. >> i keep hearing great things about lumen technologies. my thing is, i don't understand -- let's have a moment. because i don't understand how to justify the concerns. something must be going on that i just don't understand. let's go to daniel in wisconsin. daniel? >> boo yah. longtime listener, first-time investor. >> the oldest 3.5%, but to enable is really crushing it. ladies and gentlemen, that is the conclusion of the lightning round. the lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade. the timeline is brought stocks into a blast zone, but cramer is helping investors find names that could help with the
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volatility next.
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>> i got to thinking this week, i started thinking, is it possible the stock market is actually collateral damage in the feds fight against inflation, or is it actually a key front in the fight against inflation? in other words, our stocks part of the inflation problem, something the feds need to take a map directly in order to cool things down and stabilize prices? you know you feel that to, because i watch the report. i think the feds will win the battle against inflation, but there could be more downside with the averages in the process. we will ultimately see less fewer -- for long time, it was very easy for businesses to
6:57 pm
raise money and wall street. no longer the case. so for a company that helps small leads businesses set up their own e-commerce, second largest fulfillment house outside of amazon. it was a $350 million stock. the government threw money at all businesses, and they made it inanely easy. shopify stockpiled since last fall, but ever since the inflation in november, shopify has fallen below where it was on the pandemic. i don't think the irrational exuberance is a civic stocks, for all legitimate companies, it's just that their valuations were way too high. and that created the bubble that i know that they helped stop. however, i got to be concerned
6:58 pm
about other developments of the stock market. a good reason to keep them low during the pandemic, the problem with giving companies access to free money is that it's always going to be temporary. when that money goes away as it is now, the hangover can really hurt the economy. and again, your port olio. i think the stock market as a whole was and is a major risk for elation. it's not just collateral damage, but they were trading through the roof on sales or even orders because they have no actual earnings. when you look at today and yesterday, you realize the damage that has been done. i'm seeing people compare this to 1994, 1995 when alan greenspan increased three to 6% through rate hikes, including a base point triple rate hike, and a double rate hike. that would wreck the whole
6:59 pm
stock market. but it barely dinged us. it's still in my hedge fund. that was because we processed those rate hikes quickly. it produced a pews rally. in other words, high-quality stocks did just fine. but profitable ones that make real things and do stuff and return capital did well. i think we should be faced with a very similar process this time around. but i was upset, because it still being too slow. it was really ill advised, the possibility of a 75 base point rate hike on the day. i see that is a mistake. i think we need 100. because we've got to get this over with. and heaven knows, i am the biggest fan on wall street. to me, it's just much better to get it over with this fast as possible. the economy is just so strong, that we actually may need a 1994 style shock to contain inflation.
7:00 pm
in the meantime, we wait for the fed to finish hitting the brakes, normally highflying stocks with no earnings can do little sales and keep it lower and lower and lower, because they represent still one more important front. always a bull market summer. soaring economy. rising inflation and falling markets. i'm shepherd smith this is the news on cnbc strong jobs report >> we created 428,000 jobs last month. >> unemployment remains low. but stocks sink again. stephanie ruhle with analysis of the road ahead. ukraine's zelenskyy accuse z russia of tort yurg his people his charge of inhumane treatment in mariupol and beastly attitude the latest on women and children trapped in the bombed out steel


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