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tv   The News With Shepard Smith  CNBC  May 6, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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in the meantime, we wait for the fed to finish hitting the brakes, normally highflying stocks with no earnings can do little sales and keep it lower and lower and lower, because they represent still one more important front. always a bull market summer. soaring economy. rising inflation and falling markets. i'm shepherd smith this is the news on cnbc strong jobs report >> we created 428,000 jobs last month. >> unemployment remains low. but stocks sink again. stephanie ruhle with analysis of the road ahead. ukraine's zelenskyy accuse z russia of tort yurg his people his charge of inhumane treatment in mariupol and beastly attitude the latest on women and children trapped in the bombed out steel factory.
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new development in the manhunt for an escaped accused killer and the corrections officers accused houff helping him get away. >> obviously a jailhouse romance. >> the get away car found abandoned and spray painted. >> we're at square one. >> what that means for the investigation. five children dead, dozens hospitalizes with severe hepatitis. the mystery of of cause. the cdc investigation. and what parents need to know. the politician who wins his primary election from jail a rocket launch produces a space jellyfish. and seasoned the sports bra. the bar that shows only women's sports >> announcer: live from cnbc, the facts, the truth, the news with shepard myth. good evening, there is a wide disconnect right now between wall street and main street inflation fears rattle the markets. president biden taking credit for what he is calling the
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strongest job creation economy in modern times. today the labor department reported the economy added 428,000 jobs last month. that's more than economists had predicted. it marks the 12th straight month of job gains above 400,000 meantime, the unemployment rate held steady at 3.6%. just above the 50-year low of 3.5 from before the pandemic president biden touting the new jobs report in a speech in cincinnati today he says his policies are helping the economy. >> i'm a capitalist. i want to billed this economy from the bottom up and middle out. because when that happens .everybody does well the middle coalesce does fine and the wealth do very, very well never get hurt when that happens. >> the president insisting the economy is heading the right direction. wall street disagrees. the dwro dropping about 100 points today one day after it plunged by more than 1,000 3% the s&p and nasdaq also closed in the red this session.
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in a moment, cnbc haste kayla taschy on the white house economic plan. first stephanie ruhle. so many problems with the economy. but one of the problems is not the job market how strong is it and where do we see the most gains. >> shep, good to see you strong job gains across the board but a couple sectors saw the most leisure, hospitality, travel you've been reporting on it. we're expecting a huge travel summer people coming out of covid wanting to get out and vacation again. and many business owners in resort and vacation towns, casinos, are worried they're not going to be able to get fully staffed for the summer demand. if you got a niece or nephew saying they don't have is a summer job, send them to me because the jobs exist for sure. we're seeing big hiring in the public sector, teachers for example, still a huge amount of teachers need to be hired but we're seeing a lot there and it is a big positive to continue to see wage growth go up 5.5%.
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but a problem is inflation with inflation running so hot, that wage growth gets eaten up real quickly. >> is that one of wall street's problems because they don't seem to be looking at this they are looking somewhere else. >> wall street is completely worried about one thing, the fed and slowing inflation. when the fed raised rates earlier this week at a first blush, markets felt great about it then woke up the next morning and remembered that the fed raising rates and slowing inflation is tricky. they have got to stick this landing. if any raise rates too much, too quickly they could tip ups into recession and if they don't do it enough, inflation will continue to run. so trying to balance those two is really tough. and you can see that in skittish market response. >> tricky. next week we get another snap shot of inflation, steph what should we expect in is there relief in sight. >> maybe listen we saw last month inflation go up 8.5% from a year ago. we expected to be a bit lower than that more like 8.1% but remember even if inflation
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slows prices are still high. it doesn't mean prices are going to drop so you'll feel better going to the grocery store but the biggest issue really is oil and gas prices and we know they remain high because of the situation in ukraine, the situation with russia that's not changing any time soon and it doesn't just affect what you and i pay at the pump. remember, everything that we buy needs to get delivered shipped to the stores we shop from and when the shipping costs go up, when gas prices go up for trucks you and i pay more. >> we do backup stephanie ruhle thanks so much. president biden says fighting inflation is a top priority how does the white house plan to bring down rising prices cnbc coverage continuing with our senior white house correspondent kayla taschy life for us >> hi, shep. the white house would argue it's dub a lot to tamp down inflation but hasn't worked backup but today the strong jobs report underscoring the white house peace long running argument that the labor market is strong and the speed of the economic
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recovery is historic as the biden administration assesses the health of the economy overall, the jobs data has been the core signal of strength, even as so much the warning signs apples where this week i spoke with three senior administration officials who say they are oopt minsk based on data on consumer spending household debt and sayingsing and evictions despite fewer people participating in the labor market than they'd like and some faltering consumer confidence compared to a year ago. the white house argues all of that is a better indicator of economic health than a few days of market drops. >> the focus of many economists who look at this question of whether we're headed toward a recession is on fundamental economic data including the number of jobs that had been created, the growth of the gdp, obviously we have the unemployment rate at 3.6%, the biggest single year drop in u.s. history, household balance sheets strong, businesses are investing in the united states >> but it's not all roses. there are pain points. and inflation is the big one rising prices for goods like gas
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and groceries hurting wallets and taking the president biden approval rating, the white house released emergency oil reserves and changed regulations to try to ease pain at the pump but comes down to the food which announced borrowing costs goe go up baseened on movies and 401(k)s are lower after six straight market drops the worst in three years bernstein, an economic advisers says a strong economy and uncertainty can co-exist >> people can have some very important economic tailwinds at their back helping them to face this difficult inflationary environment through a position of strength. and they can be unsettled by inflation. >> what then of the potential recession. officials tell me they see the economy slowing and recession is possible but they see it as unlikely. now by definition economists declare a recession after six months of negative economic growth the u.s. already saw that during the first three months of the year shep. >> kayla tausche live in
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washington urjit at least 50 women, children and elderly civilians managed to escape from the hellish besieged steel plant in mariupol today. according to ukrainian officials. these are images of them arriving by bus to a camp in a russian-controlled town. but hundreds more are still believed to be trapped inside that steel plant struckling to survive in underground bunkers as russian forces try to storm that soviet era complex. it's the last stronghold of ukrainian resistance in the whole city president volodymyr zelenskyy says the russians are torturing soldiers and sieve civilians with zarveation. blocking international aid groups from buying basic like food, water and crucial supplies president zelenskyy accusing russians of deporting to russia more than half a million ukrainians in essence kidnapping them and taking them away the mayor of mariupol released this video
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he claims it shows what he calls a filtration camp near mariupol where he says the russians are screening civilians, seizing passports and phones nbc's cal perry reporting live font in the ukrainian capitol of kyiv cal. >> reporter: shep the deputy prime minister calling the evacuations of the 50 civilians basically a miracle saying it was incredibly difficult and the convoy was stalled for hours in the morning. they hoped to to get ou more people they were lucky to get out the people they did. they are trying again to evacuate folks from the steel facility the last holdout in mariupol on the other side of the city bizarre scenes as russian forces get ready for restrict victory day, may 9ing, day marking victory over the nazi in world war ii we expect parades in moscow. as you see from the video possibly smaller parade in and around mariupol. changing street signs into russian. it's certainly something that
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officials say they are keeping their eye on here in the rest of the country, it's a country on high alert for may 9th. we have rolling curfews in om cities and the prime minister wells the president asking people to pay attention to the air ride sirens. we've have air ride sirens in the exam today president biden complimentary of u.s. intelligence officials there were the reports that u.s. intelligence shared locations of the ip for example the moskva, later sank he called the reporting of that and u.s. officials who said they assisted in the intelligence counterproductive. the ukrainians are quiet about the intelligence they receive and how they use it. it will be interesting to see if russia talks about this in the coming days. >> yes, indeed cal perry life live in kyiv tonight. for analysis let's turn to army brigder general stephen anderson thanks so much a real race against time to get the folks out of the plant in mariupol militarily, is there an advance for the russians -- some sort of advantage for them keeping the
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civilians there. >> i don't think so. but the russians don't care much for their own soldiers why would they care about ukrainianen civilians? he think he can continue to continue to terrorize the ukrainianen people it's not going to work i've met a lot of ukrainian three things stand out they love democracy, consider themselves european and hate russian and hatred only grown in the last 70 days to include the way he is treating mariupol citizens >> the way he is describing it they are down beneath the earth in what used to be a soviet era bomb shelter waiting at the doors to kill russians coming in in the meantime they can't get food and water and starving to death. if that's not a war crime i don't know what it is. >> it's a terrible situation fighting in a industrial complex look at stollen grad, 7,000 nazis died there a turning point in world war ii. but they are down there -- they have six underground levels. they have all kinds of problems
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no doubt getting water, food and i'm concerned about their air. if the russians really wanted to root them out they'd find a way to start a fire and blow smoke in all the air systems down there. >> my god. >> but it's a terrible situation. >> the president announced additional security assistance to ukraine, including artillery munitions, radars and additional equipment. is that what the ukrainians need on the ground right now? >> well that's certainly something they need, shep but they need more they announced $150 million in new aid. that's equivalent to 12 hours of fighting in iraq, 15 years ago. >> wow. >> we're spending $9 billion a month. the money we spent thus far to include perhaps the $33 billion proposed that's still equivalent of four months in iraq this is an existential threat to a nation we have got to step up and we've got to get nato to step up. it's good to see germany and dutch and french are doing that. european union is talking about weaning themselves from russian
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oil. of course providing a billion dollars a day to the russians with oil so there is good things happening. but the americans can step up. we can do more. >> brigder general stephen anderson, thank you. new developments in the search for the escaped murder suspect and the guard accused of helping hem get away why the discovery of this vehicle is once again setting back the investigation plus these new pictures to help the public find the missing couple more of those in a moment. two ohio state university students are dead. the warning about a popular drug that police say is being laced with something deadly. and rudy giuliani backs out of today's interview with the committee investigating the insurrection at the capitol. the request rudy giuliani made that got denied. like how i customized this scarf?
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murder suspect and the guard accused of helping him get away. were jailhouse lovers. that's new today from the local sheriff and a quote from him the two have now been on the run a full week. there is a new development cops say they found the get away car. the sheriff in laurelleddale county, alabama say it's been sitting in an impound lot in tennessee since last friday, the day they went missing. >> they found the car before we knew they were gone. the tow driver towed it friday amp. i'm sure that he probably sees the coverage you guys provided us saw the description of the car and then probably a light went off, is a said, hey, i think i remember towing that car and went out in the lot and found it. >> the sheriff says they are essentially back to square one in the search for inmate casey white and the now fired corrections officer. this is the suv the sheriff says they were driving. he says they ditched it just hours after they left jail and again before the jail even knew
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they were gone but before they did that it appears they may have tried to disguise it. see the green paint on there a poor cover up. cnbc's valerie castro now with the search for the escapee and the guard. >> it's been a week. i wish we had them back in custody within hours. >> reporter: sheriff rick single ton announcing today that despite finding the fet away car authorities are no closer to finding the fugitives. >> we're sort of at a loss as to -- but she definitely -- it's a very calculated plan. >> reporter: part of the plan seems to have taken the north after leaching florence, alabama, the car found abandoned in rural tennessee, south of the nashville area and about 100 miles from the laurelleddale county detention center but where they went from there and by what means is anyone's guess. >> obviously, you know, they could have walked or someone picked them up that's the only two options really we're hoping maybe they walked somewhere and then stole a
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vehicle. >> reporter: the sheriff theoryizing where they lowest the car might not have been part of the plan. >> they probably had mechle problems with it i think it threw them a curve. i don't think they planned for that and i think they were grasp at straws >> the u.s. marshals service issued the photos of casey white's tattoos some with ties to alabama based white prechlt prison gang and showing what vikki white might look like now if she died her hair the sheriff moving from calling it a special relationship to one motivated by love. >> i don't know what she was up to i think at this point it's obviously, you know, a jailhouse romance. >> his concern remains for the woman on the run with a hardened criminal by her side >> i would say to vikki, you know, the same thing i've been saying you know we're going to find you. hopefully we find you safe if you're safe right now, still safe, get out while you can. and turn yourself in >> the sheriff confirming today
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that vikki white withdrew cash from several area banks recently sold her home for $90,000. speaking of money, today the reward for information in the case bumped up from 15,000 to $25,000. the extra cash announced in a proclamation by the governor of alabama saying, quote, bosse casey white and vikki white pose a major threat to the public and must be apprehended. >> sooner the better valerie be, thank you very much. a sign of the times. in a already to the parents that they'll conduct the severance on all sixth through eighth graders started minde. the chief of schools safety says it's part of an effort to increase protections for students >> rarely if ever have guns in the k to 8 schools this year alone we have two incidents where the gun have been in the school another incident where the child was outside the school two blocks
7:19 pm
away and video shooting a gun. >> well high school students in that district have faced metal detectors and screening for years now. in the letter the official admitted that the district understands that this level of screening may feel intrusive and inconvenient but that they are committed to implementing this process with transparency and sensitivity. they noted students will have a chance to hand over any illegal or appropriate items before the screening without facing punishment but they will detain anybody found with a gun and remember them to police. the next version of the internet web 3. tonight what it means for how we'll all function online. companies are hiring to get ready. how to break into that action. and the kentucky derby back on the track this weekend and attracting enormous crowds and fancy hats steve kornacki from churchill downs and the odds and the favorites for the big race
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7:23 pm
racing will be there with one major exception. bob baffert. he's one of the most successful and controversial trainers back in february, horse racing officials suspended baffert for 90 days. he was also banned from running horses at churchill downs through the middle of next year. they disqualified last year's derby winner, baffert's horse, medina spirit. it tested positive for a banned substance after the race none of baffert's horses are allowed to run tomorrow. but two of his former horses are now top contenders steve kornacki is trackside at churchill downs. steve, break down the odds and who is the favorite? >> a great question. that's going to be a lot of suspense as saturday unfolds there are two horses on the morning line epicenter and zanden, who look like one of the two is likely to be the favorite here we have to see, who does the public like when they start betting. there's another variable to keep in mind, as well a guy named jim mcinveil
7:24 pm
he's a furniture store magnate, he bets millions of dollars. he's talking about betting up to $3 million or $4 million woun of those two horses he could be the one who decides between epicenter and zanden at the kentucky derby, a 20-horse field, there's all sorts of possibilities and all sorts of other horses in the race who maybe could win this at a bigger price one of the more interesting story lines involve two houses, mesyae and tabie who were trained until a few weeks ago by bob baffert, who won this race many times banned from this year's race he had been training messier and tabia. take a look at thir figures, they have a chance in the race tomorrow that's another interesting storyline. the horses trained by baffert until a few weeks ago, they have a real chance to win tomorrow as
7:25 pm
well here we go, could have 150,000 people in these stands when the race goes off tomorrow a lot of people aroundhere excited, they say, to have a chance at an event like this after the last two years of covid. >> but will you be wearing your khakis, kornacki you can watch the 148th running of the kentucky derby. coverage begins 2:30 eastern tomorrow afternoon 11:30 a.m. pacific only on nbc and streaming on peacock. post time three minutes before 7:00 p.m. eastern. >> hepatitis, it's killed five children and left dozens in hospitals. the cdc now investigating what's behind it. the possible causes being explored, and the one thing that's already been ruled out. what parents need to know. the abortion battle rages. one state has a unique stance on the issue. why it could mean more visitors there as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news from cnbc
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the internet has certainly evolved over the years in the '90s, we had web1 it was the internet of blogs, message boards and early portals like aol most people used web1 to read web pages. then came web2 in the mid-oughts around then, the internet we use now. people creating and posting their own content on websites like twitter, facebook, and the
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rest they're actively participating on the internet rather than just reading passively web pages. soon the experts say there will be a whole new version they call creatively web3. developers are saying it will be more open and decentralized version of the internet, and that means users will have the power to own their content and data now, company are recruiting workers to become a next generation of the internet here's kate rogers >> super compatible. super performing >> as companies rush to build in web 3, opportunities are cropping up from start-ups and crypto companies to old guard technology firms job boards show thousands of listings for web 3 and crypto positions in both tech and non-tech roles offer talent is actively recruiting for more than a dozen start-ups and says post-pantd hiring has hoar than doubled as the race for talent is on. if you're not an engineer, that's not a problem opportunities are available for
7:29 pm
different skill sets >> there's a ton of positions we're hiring for, including community managers, content, marketing. pretty much anything that has to do with communication. that's a really big part of in the early days of web 3 and crypto where we are, is helping communicate with everyone else about what a project does, what a company does >> the nature of web 3 also allows for remote opportunities and recruiting all over the world. instead of hiring tied to one or two major cities, like miami or san francisco. salaries are competitive and can be higher than traditional tech or finance roles, donovan said some web 3 leaders are also leaving established companies to work on this new version of the web. ryan wyatt is former head of gaming at youtube and says the opportunity to create something new at polly gone studios lured him to web 3 he's looking to grow his division to 100 employees and the biggest criteria is passion
7:30 pm
for the space and the ability to learn. not necessarily a background in cryptocurrencies >> the reality is all of us are learning, and we're kind of doing that every single day. so i'm just looking for people with strong backgrounds in these kind of traditional roles that have scratched their kind of crypto curiosity and are ready to make a jump into this like burgeoning new industry. >> web 3 is an exciting space, but it also has its critics. some working in it admit it's the wild west and a burgeoning industry which brings into question the idea of stability in these positions for the long haul, despite how much opportunity and vc money there is flowing into the space today. shep >> kate rogers, thanks very much >> i'm shepard smith, on cnbc. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news >> gop congresswoman marjorie taylor greene finds out whether she'll be eligible to run for re-election. a massive explosion at a five-star hotel. now the frantic search for
7:31 pm
survivors with more than a dozen people listed as missing >> but first, the cdc trying to figure out what's causing a mysterious outbreak of hepatitis cases in young children. the agency reported today it's now investigating more than 100 severe cases in young children that's up from just 11 two weeks ago. at least 90% of those kids hospitalized 14% needed liver transplants, and five children died health officials say they found cases in at least 24 states. the one here that are shown in blue according to the cdc, they have traced cases back to last october. the agency issued a health alert last month, warning doctors to be on the lookout for unusual cases of liver inflammation or hepatitis in young kids. cnbc's meg tirrell covers science and medicine for us and she's on the top story at the bottom of the hour do the experts have any idea what's causing this? >> yeah, shep. so right now, one of the leading
7:32 pm
hypothesize are adenovirus usually, they cause respiratory symptoms, but type 41 typically shows up in kids as diarrhea, vomiting, and ever while the cdc says there have been linked to liver issues with this type of virus before, it's always been in kids who are immuno compromised, and one of the most confounding parts of the situation now is at least among the earliest reporting cased in the u.s., all of the kids were previously healthy >> the cdc said today more than half of the patients under investigation had evidence of an adenovirus infection, and a report from the uk notes 72 pest of cases who were tested for it had adenovirus that compares to 18% who had sars-cov-2 there have been 360 cases or suspected cases reported from the u.s., uk, and europe scientists haven't ruled out
7:33 pm
covid, but it's not their leading hypothesis the cdc said other factors could be at play like environmental exposures, medications or other infections this is what disease detectives all over the world are trying it figure out, what do these cases have in common the uk noted a lot of the affected kids had exposure to dogs and it's looking into whether there's a connection there. it also points out a lot of families in the uk have pet dogs one thing that has been ruled out is covid vaccines. most of the kids affected were too young to have been eligible for a vaccination. median age in the u.s. and the first cases is just 2 years old. while this is certainly concerning, the cdc emphasizes these cases are very rare. signs of hepatitis to look out for a vomiting, dark urine, light colored stools and yellowing of the skin or jaundice it recommends kids be up to date on all their vaccinations and care givers take the usual precautions to avoid infections like washing hands and staying away from people who are sick.
7:34 pm
things we're used to >> meg tirrell, have a good weekend. >> two ohio state university students dead of apparent overdosed. the university warning about fake adderall pills laced with fentanyl doctors alsotreated a third student who he's now out of the hospital according to our affiliate in columbus, the students there overdosed at this off-campus home osu has yet to identify the students it also hasn't announced the official causes of death, but in a letter to students, the school's president warned they should look out for fake adderall pills they could contain deadly amounts of fentanyl. ohio state university now offering students free narcan and fentanyl test strips on campus >> most americans say they believe abortion should be legal in all or most cases that in a new poll from pew research center. researchers found 61% of americans say abortion should be allowed all or most of the time.
7:35 pm
that compares to 37% who say it should be illegal in all or most cases. now, this poll conducted back in march, before a draft opinion leaked showing the supreme court is ready to overturn roe v. wade now, state lawmakers are racing to set up new protections or restrictions depending in case the court goes through with it all. one state where abortion is legal by default is new mexico cnbc's perry russom reports from albuquerque. >> it's being called the wild west of abortion in america. >> i don't believe you can legislate morality >> new mexico has no laws restricting it >> we need it to stay private and safe >> and no laws protecting it >> we're getting women coming from all of our neighboring states >> in february of 2021, governor michelle lujan grisham signed senate bill 10, repealing a more than 50-year-old statute that would have criminalized abortion if roe were overturned
7:36 pm
unlike its southwest neighbors, new mexico is entirely run by democrats. the governor's office, majority in both chambers of the state legislature, and the state supreme court. according to planned parenthood, after the texas abortion ban was signed, new mexico saw a 100% increase in patients coming from texas. oklahoma saw a 2500% jump. >> we want oklahoma to be the most pro-life state in the country. >> now that oklahoma has its own ban, new mexico's numbers are expected to rise even more >> those folks are going to come to states where we have protected abortion care. >> ellie is a lawyer for the aclu of new mexico and says abortion clinics have already extended their hours and hired more staff >> what is the fight going to look like in new mexico with abortion going forward >> unsurprisingly, for a long time, abortion rights have been front and center of our political and policy landscape,
7:37 pm
and i don't see that changing anytime soon >> it's election season here in new mexico as it is in other parts of the country and this will be a topic of conversation for voters when power changes in local government, so can laws. >> perry russom, thank you a man accused of murdering his wife won a republican primary while locked up in jail. andrew willhoih won the gop nomination for an open seat on the small board of his township in indiana he won it with just 60 votes investigators say back in march, he smashed his wife in the head with a gallon-sized flower pot in an argument, then dumped her body in a creek. according to prosecutors, he admitted to killing his wife, but he insisted she attacked him. the lebanon reporter newspaper is now reporting his wife was battling breast cancer she just completed her last round of chemo and was seeking a divorce after she discovered her husband was having an affair
7:38 pm
unless he's convicted, willhoit will appear on the ballot in the general election rudy giuliani changed his mind apparently and canceled his scheduled appointment to testify to the committee investigating the attack on january 6th. giuliani's lawyer says the last-minute cancellation was due to the committee denying his request to record the interview on video the former president's former attorney is still under subpoena the january 6th committee is warning it will consider all options to get his testimony the panel has already pursued criminal charges against several other trump allies who have refused to comply with their investigation of the insurrection of course, rudy giuliani was at the center of former president trump's efforts to overturn the 2020 election results. that included pushing state lawmakers to nullify president biden's victory. >> republican congresswoman marjorie taylor greene is qualifying for re-election a judge in georgia issued that
7:39 pm
ruling today the decision after a group of voters argued that representative greene should be disqualified from running again because of her alleged role in the january 6th capitol riot the judge ruled the group failed to prove that she engaged in the insurrection after taking office the judge's findings now go to the georgia republican secretary of state, brad raffensperger he'll make the final decision on whether congresswoman greene should be removed from the ballot >> it's been less than a year since gabby petito went missing, then later discovered dead now, a movie about her murder case who's behind it? and why they're making it. women are leaving the workforce in record numbers. an update on the she-cession and the story of two moms from different worlds finding their way back >> and celebrating the hard working women in all of our lives. some of the moms from the news team, to them and all you moms
7:40 pm
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an explosion at a luxury hotel in havana has killed at least kw18 people, including a pregnant woman and a child it happened today at havana's historic hotel saratoga. a truck that was transferring liquefied natural gas likely caused that explosion. they say the hotel was undergoing renovations so thankfully, no tourists were there. this video shows the aftermath of the blast the dust hasn't even settled cuba's president visited the site this afternoon. he also visited victims in area hospitals. in a tweet, he called the explosion a tragic accident. officials say at least 13 people are still listed as missing. >> gabby petito's murder case coming to lifetime
7:43 pm
the network announcing it's green lighting a new movie called the gabby petito story. lifetime reports it will depict petito and her fiance's relationship one that ended in murder last summer, the couple embarked on a cross country road trip, van life, they called it a few months later, gabby's family reported her missing. her disappearance dominated news headlines. police later found her body in a national park in wyoming an tops report shows she died from strangulation weeks later, police found brian laundry's remains. he died from a gunshot wound to the head the fbi said he admitted to murdering petito in a notebook it's part of lifetime's initiative they call stop violence against women lifetime reports it's developing several films based on violence against women who may not have had the same media attention as gabby petito the network reports filming will start this summer in utah, the
7:44 pm
movie set to premiere later this year >> black unployment hits a pandemic era low, that's what's topping cnbc's on the money. >> the unemployment rate for black americans dropped to 5.9% last month that's in data from today's jobs report the jobless rate for black workers down for four straight months it's at its lowest level since november of 2019 black unemployment is still more than two points higher than the u.s. average >> the bird flu virus sweeping across the u.s. quickly approaching the nation's worst outbreak farms have killed more than 37 million chickens and turkeys across 33 states with more to come under federal guidance, farms must destroy entire commercial flocks if just one bird tests positive >> and coldplay, playing for the environment. the rock band partnering with renewable fuels company neste for its upcoming world tour.
7:45 pm
the goal, power its air travel with sustainable energy. coldplay expects to reduce its carbon footprint by 50% compared to last year's tour. >> on wall street, investors continue to sell the dow down 99. and down for there sixth straight week. s&p down 24. nasdaq down 173. >> the economy still bouncing back from the pandemic, but for working women and mothers, it's a slow climb according to the labor department, the u.s. economy is down more than 1 million jobs from levs before the pandemic. and women account for nearly 70% of those losses. now, new data out justtoday shows more than 181,000 women left their jobs just last month. all of this means there are more -- there are 1 million fewer women in the workforce than there were two years ago. now, some women are finding ways to rebound here's cnbc's andrea day >> leslie was one of nearly 2 million women who lost their
7:46 pm
jobs in 2020 >> i was really excited to be able to spend more time at home with my kids it was sort of a silver lining, you could say, of being laid off. >> but mid-pandemic, danford decided to mix it up the mom of four started a children's beverage company called vita-minis. she wanted something to boost her kids' immunity as they were returning to school in person. >> there aren't a lot of great healthy options. that realization hit me when i was spending more time with the kids >> danford is at a new job, running vita-minis on the side she says she feels fortunate the way things turned out for her. a recent harvard study found college educated women fared relatively well in the pandemic. those with less education and people of color were hit the hardest. put tunisia says there's help, even in the worst of times >> applying for jobs was really difficult. being homeless
7:47 pm
>> the single mother went from being homeless to teaching at a montessori school, with help from the women's bean project. a nonprofit social enterprise that teaches women how to work and how to hold a job. >> sometimes people need to work a little harder to get where they need to be in life. >> laurie runs a corporate gifting company. she says her clients, like salesforce, have purchased thousands of dollars worth of product from women's bean to send out as gifts. >> companies with their purchasing power can shift the direction of individual lives. >> a recent analysis by just capital shows public companies also seem to be making strides to help women thrive in their own workplaces etsy, merck, and synchrony financial are three standouts leading on equal pay, dependent care, and paid parental leave. >> the more that company leaders really understand the challenges, the easier it will
7:48 pm
be to make changes to help everybody for the best >> leslie says she hopes moremotors will be able to bounce back from whatever their circumstance may be. for the news, i'm andrea day >> well, four astronauts return to earth today after six months aboard the international space station. and here's the moment the spacex crew 3 dragon capsule splashed down landed this morning in the gulf of mexico off tampa before 1:00 in the morning the crew of four included three nasa astronauts and one member of the european space agency spacex has now sent 26 people to orbit in les than two years. a different launch leading to an unexpected cite in the skies not a ufo, you're looking at what they call a space jellyfish. it can happen in a rocket launch around dawn or tdusk as it reaches high altitude, the
7:49 pm
sun's rays light up the plumes of gas in the rocket's trail thus space jellyfish >> you never know what you might find add goodwill, right the perfect jacket, stones on vinyl, or this pretty cool bust, the one on the right there just $35 for a statue that looks like it's maybe right out of ancient rome yeah, it is. >> plus, the 2022 wnba season kicks off tonight. our jane wells knows just the place to watch games hey, jane. >> hey, shep that place is here in portland, oregon take a look inside this is the only bar in america where only women sports are shown on tv. don't laugh. business is booming. why di't i tnkdnhi of this we'll have that story when we come back.
7:50 pm
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the 2022 wnba season is here the first game tipped off at 7:00 eastern right now, the indiana fever battling the washington mystics. washington's leading 41-25 in the second quarter and the nebs game just minutes away, top of the hour. l.a. sparks at the chicago sky this is the longest wnba season ever 36 regular season games and if you're looking for a place to grab a drink and watch women's basketball, there's a bar in portland, oregon, that promises to turn up the volume. women's sports getting a major assist from the sports bra cnbc's jane wells is there >> okay, tell me if you have heard this one a reporter walks into a bar and -- wait a minute
7:53 pm
what kind of sports bar is this? what is that on tv they even misspelled the word bar. >> founder owner of the sports bra. >> nguyen is a die-hard women's basketball fan she even used to play the game four years ago, she was with friends at a bar and had to ask for one of the many tvs showing men's sports to be switched over to an epic ncaa women's basketball championship. she couldn't even get audio. >> i think right then, it kind of crystallized this idea i had gotten so accustomed to watching women's sports in a public venue compromised. and right then, i made some backhanded comment, a completely snide joke out of frustration about how the only way we would ever watch a women's sports game in its full glory is if we had our own place. >> it's no longer a snide joke nguyen opened the sports bra in portland on april fool's this
7:54 pm
year and a half century after title ix passed, this is the only bar in america where women's sports are on tv >> you don't see that anywhere else >> stanford against oregon >> the food was really good. >> people want to hug me and say i have been waiting my whole life for this. people in their 70s who played in college before title ix >> nguyen couldn't get a bank loan to open the bar, so she poured in her savings. she asked friends and family for money and raised tens of thousands of dollars on kickstarter from the portland community. it's been a rough couple years for portland there's been a lot of bad headlines. so nguyen wants the sports bra to be uplifting, get it? she also hopes it could be a franchise. believing she's proven the concept that at least in portland, a bar focused on women athletes is a slam dunk. >> now that it is created, i think that there are cities out there that could use one
7:55 pm
>> okay, with the nba kicking off tonight or tipping off tonight, i'm not inside, they kicked me out, but we do have a camera inside. in case anybody wants to try to steal jenny's idea, she trademarked the name of the place, and the motto for the sports bra, we support women >> men in there, too, right, jane >> i have seen a few go in let me see >> they're letting her go in >> yeah, there are a few she told me usually it's about 20% of the crowd is male >> love it jane, you're the best. thank you. >> every thrifter's dream now, finding treasure while digging through bins at goodwill one texas woman found an old bust that turned out to be a 2000-year-old treasure the 52-pound marble bust was sitting under a table collecting dust when an antique collector, laura young, scooped it up she thought maybe it's worth something so she took it home. here it is strapped in the back
7:56 pm
of her car, and the rice tag on his face, $34.99 that was four years ago. wasn't until young did digging and had two auction houses examine the piece that she learned her $35 goodwill find is historic, the price, the piece is roman experts say it likely dates to the first century but could be older and it was likely looted from the art collection of a bavarian king in world war ii. the goodwill hunter agrees to return it to germany only when texans got to see a piece of the long lost history. she shot this video in the san antonio mew veem of art for the first time it's still on display there in the u.s. through next year >> this weekend, nbc presents inspiring america, the 2022 inspiration list it includes interviews and stories of people making a real difference, leading by example one of those people is gwen shotwell she leads a team of engineers at spacex their ultimate goal, go to mars. i visited her in california
7:57 pm
recently and she told me humans will get there sooner than you think. >> when do you think we're going to mars? >> we should put people on the surface of mars in this decade people on the moon, sooner >> i mean, i think about going to the supermarket you think about going to mars. you think there will come a time when we're all of that mindset >> absolutely. i think we need to get a large delivery to the surface of mars, and then people will start thinking harder about it and then i think within five or six years people will see that that will be a real place to go. >> talk about an inspiration the rest of that interview and all of our inspiring america stories air tomorrow night at 9:00, 8:00 central on nbc and then again across the networks and platforms of nbc news including right here on cnbc tomorrow night, 11:00 eastern, 8:00 pacific >> 55 seconds on a race to the finish a wild week on wall street, ending with a strong jobs
7:58 pm
report the u.s. economy added 428,000 jobs in april. the unemployment rate steady at 3.6% >> at least 50 civilians managed to evacuate from the hellish besieged steel plant in mariupol, ukraine, today hundreds more believed trapped in the plant and another evacuation operation planned for tomorrow >> and the cdc trying to figure out what's causing mysterious outbreak of hepatitis cases in very young children. five kids have died. and there are more than 100 reported cases >> and now, you know the news of this friday, may 6th, 2022 i'm shepard smith. have a fantastic weekend happy mother's day to you and yours, and we hope to see you back here monday for the news without opinion, panels, or pundits on cnbc
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