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tv   The News With Shepard Smith  CNBC  May 9, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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points tomorrow rather than two the next couple of months because inflation is never going away by itself it needs to be killed off and killed now i like to say there's always a bull market somewhere. i'm jim cramer, see you tomorrow the news with shepard smith starts now >> the alabama jail escapee and the jail boss turned girlfriend accused of helping him escape captured together. i'm shepard smith. this is the news on cnbc >> abortion laws in the works from state to state. >> abortion is a human right >> some to protect the right to choose others to restrict or even criminalize abortion what individual states are now planning >> victory day parades in russia president putin with little to celebrate in his war in ukraine. >> he talked about this being a
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justified military operation it's not >> his forces strike a school in the east, dozens feared dead >> mystery in the bahamas. investigating the deaths of three americans at a sandals beach resort vacation friends speaking out. >> on friday, all of a sudden, they weren't around. >> a predominantly black college forced to shut down for good the challenges of covid and the ransomware attack blamed >> the baby formula shortage across america >> why this painting may fetch the most ever by an american at auction. >> and the feel-good king and queen prom surprise. >> live from cnbc, the facts, the truth, the news with shepard smith. >> good evening. an apparent jailhouse romance ended with a police chase and crash. an accused murderer and an apparent rogue corrections officer are in custody and in
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jail or i should say in the hospital after a ten-day manhunt. the sheriff and lauderdale county, alabama, announcing their arrest in just the last hour >> we got a dangerous man off the street today he is never going to see the light of day again >> the sheriff says a police chase in evansville, indiana, ended with a crash he said the accused murderer was driving a black f-150 pickup truck. the former corrections officer, vicky white, was in the passenger's seat the sheriff says the escaped inmate wrecked the pickup truck and surrendered to cops after being injured. vicky white, he says, is now in the hospital the sheriff where all of this happened in van den berg, county, indiana, have now confirmed she shot herself and is seriously injured >> i hope she survived this. i don't know the extent of her injuries i hope she survives it you know, we don't wish any ill
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will on vicky in terms of her health or her wellbeing. but she has some answers to give us >> the capture four and a half drive from florence, alabama, where it all began that's where cops say the corrections officer helped casey white escape from jail he just -- she had just turned in retirement papers it washer very last day on the job. surveillance video showed her escaping -- i should say escorting the inmate into her patrol cs said over and over they had no clue where they were cnbc's valerie castro has been following the manhunt from the start. valerie. >> shep, according to lauderdale county officials, u.s. marshals received a tip that someone who looked like casey white was at a car wash near evansville, indiana. the marshals tracked the pair to a hotel after receiving that tip. when they arrived, casey and vicky white took off in the ford f-150. investigators chased them until
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they crashed >> casey white was driving that vehicle. vicky white was a passenger. during the pursuit, the pickup truck wrecked. casey white surrendered. vicky white has been transferred to the hospital for treatment. >> the lauderdale county sheriff confirmed to cnbc that vicky white shot herself, but says he does not know the extent of her injuries both casey and vicky white will be brought back to alabama where they'll be arraigned on charges related to all of this the sheriff assuring that vicky will not be held at the detention center where she worked for nearly two decades. and the lauderdale district attorney also assuring that casey white will not escape again. >> i know that they're going to be on high alert to house him and make sure he doesn't get away from us again >> high alert indeed, and vicky white is facing a charge of facilitating an escape, which would carry a maximum sentence
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of ten years in prison >> valerie, thanks very much let's turn to the lauderdale county, alabama, sheriff, rick singleton, with us live. thank you. great to hear your news in the last hour. we have spoken with authorities in evansville, indiana have you been able to speak with them >> i have not. i have been in touch with the marshal service liaison, and the updates i have gotten have come from the u.s. marshal service. >> we know the u.s. marshal's vehicle collided with that f-150, according to the sheriffs up there and that it was then that the man who had been an inmate, casey white, was injured, though we don't know how badly, and it was then, according to the sheriff, that vicky white shot herself. what details can you give us >> really and truly, that's all i know, what you just reported i'm not sure the extent of her injuries i don't know if they're life-threatening or not. but we do understand, i did hear
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they were in a pickup truck, bu they were in a cadillac sedan when the accident happened >> what more do you know about that scene there was there any resisting? did she go immediately to the hospital, did he >> i understand that casey white surrendered himself. i have seen one photo. i don't have it, but him on his knees on the ground with his hands over his head, surrendering and as i said, vicky white was transported to the local hospital there the extent of her injuries i don't know >> i know you have known vicky white for a long time. she was a four-time employee of the month, a model employee you described her. looking back on this, it must be the greatest head scratcher. you said earlier you just don't know if you know people. >> you know, someone actually said what's the lesson learned, once again, we think we know people and we really don't i never would have suspected
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vicky white would be capable of pulling a stunt like this. it's just not the vicky white we knew obviously, there was another side to her that we weren't aware of i'm just extremely disappointed that she did this. and i don't know if we'll ever know why she did it. >> casey white, the inmate, has confessed, it's my understanding. correct me if i'm wrong, confessed to a murder. he's still awaiting trial, he's not convicted, but it sounds like you got very lucky that nobody else got hurt here. >> absolutely. that's the thing i'm so relieved about, is that no citizen, no other law enforcement officer was hurt during this escapade and over the last week and a half while we have tried to locate them and get them back in custody. >> sheriff singleton, congratulations on an end to this, ten or 11 long days later, and all the best to you. >> thank you there's a tug of war across
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the country over abortion rights state lawmakers racing to increase restrictions or ramp up protections depending on the state, as the supreme court appears likely to overturn roe v. wade. today, new york's attorney general announced a bill that would provide tens of millions of dollars in funding to abortion providers in new york state. she says they're expecting an influx of patients from states that are stepping up restrictions on abortion according to nbc analysis of the center for reproductive rights data, 23 states would almost immediately ban abortion ten of them have laws on the books from before roe v. wade. 13 have trigger laws that would ban abortion soon after a new ruling but just since the draft court opinion was leaked a week ago, republican lawmakers across the country have started rolling out plans for more restrictions. take louisiana there, the state lawmakers are moving to criminalize abortion the law would mean any woman who
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gets an abortion, any doctor who provides an abortion could be charged with murder. in ohio, the governor said he's requested to revive a bill from three years ago. it would ban abortions from the first detected heartbeat and in idaho, the attorney general's office reports it asked the state supreme court to lift a stay on a texas style law there. it would allow people who would have family members sue a doctor who performs an abortion after a fetal heartbeat is detected. all this movement comes at the state level, as a bill to codify abortion rights in federal law appears ready to fail in congress today, the senate majority leader chuck schumer moved forward with the bill setting up a vote for wednesday but democratic lawmakers have admitted they do not have the votes to push it through cnbc's shomari stone live in mt. vernon, virginia, where protesters for abortion rights are about to march to the supreme court justice samuel
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alito's home shomari. >> right now, there are around a dozen fairfax county police officers on this block behind me is where supreme court justice samuel alito lives if you look, zoom right down the street, you can see there are some officers right now. they're waiting for around 100 protesters to march down this block. we talked to organizers and they say they plan on being peaceful. we also talked to organizers from a separate protest, and they tell us that life has been rough. >> it's been rough it's been a rough couple days. it's been stressful. >> patrick and his wife helped organize around 100 supporters of abortion rights they demonstrated outside the house of supreme court justice brett kavanaugh on saturday. they say they're now receiving death threats on social media. >> we had them last night and a lot this morning women's rights are being taken away we have to at least stand up for something we believe in. >> protesters also showed up
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outside john roberts' house over the weekend. today, the white house condemning all acts of violence following the arson at the wisconsin anti-abortion office president biden strongly condemns this attack and political violence of any stripe in virginia, students from dozens of schools walked out to show their support for abortion. >> as a cis gender male, it's my responsibility to stand up and support the women who have done so much to support me. >> as for patrick, he says protesting is part of democracy. >> regardless of your politics, we are protesting under our constitutional right we're not doing anything illegal. >> those protesters are expected to march down this block within the next hour or so. and they plan on having a vigil, they say, in support of abortion rights shep >> cnbc's shomari stone, thank you. vladimir putin did not have
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much to celebrate on his victory day. against the backdrop of his disastrous and failing invasion of ukraine, russia commemorated the defeat of nazi germany with a military parade in moscow's red square analysts feared he would use this holiday to announce a formal declaration of war. that did not happen. instead, the russian dictator gave a defiant speech defending his decision to invade ukraine putin spouted his bizarre conspiracy theory that ukraine is run by neonazis even though the president of ukraine is jewish >> translator: i am now addressing our armed forces. you're fighting for your homeland, for its future, so that no one forgets the lessons of world war ii, there is no place in the world for executioners and nazis >> for his part, the ukrainian president, volodymyr zelenskyy, delivered a fiery rebuttal
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he gave his own victory day speech he called putin a madman who is repeating the horrific crimes of hitler >> translator: there is no occupier who can take root in our free land. there is no invader who can rule over our free people sooner or later, we will win and very soon, there will be two victory days in ukraine. and someone will not have even one left >> meantime, putin's all-out assault on eastern ukraine is facing big problems. a senior pentagon official says the u.s. has seen anecdotal evidence that some mid-grade russian officers are refusing to obey orders in the donbas region the u.s. official also says the ukrainians are pushing russian forces farther and farther back from kharkiv that's ukraine's second largest city not far from the russian border. nbc's cal perry reporting live in kyiv. cal. >> shep, that main parade in
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moscow mirrored by a truly bizarre scene on the other side of the city where you had russian officials taking part in their own victory day parade laying wreaths, lighting a torch, truly bizarre when you take into account the fighting happening across the city, including at the azovstal steel plant. there was discussion about what we have been hearing from ukrainian officials that in and around that area as ukrainian officials say it, the forced abductions of ukrainian citizens taken to russia, pentagon spokesperson john kirby talking about it today >> we have indications ukrainians are being taken against their will into russia again, unconscionable, not the behavior of responsible power. certainly another indication that he simply won't accept and respect ukrainian sovereignty and they're citizens of another nation >> shep, the eyes of the nation now also on a school in the lu luhansk area, a place hit on saturday by what we think was a russian air strike villagers taking shelter in this
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school, at least 60 people had taken shelter in the school, according to officials president zelenskyy said the dead could number up to 60 there could be dozens of people now trapped in the rubble, and just like the theater in mariupol, it could be some time before rescuers get to the site because the fighting is fierce and the russian shelling continues. shep >> cal perry live tonight in kyiv president biden is signing a bill to speed up the delivery of weapons to ukraine it revives the lend lease program from world war ii. that allowed the u.s. to help arm the british to fight off the nazis. president biden is also now urging congress to pass a new massive round of funding for ukraine. he says he wants it on his desk in the next few days cnbc's senior white house correspondent kayla tausche is live with that >> good evening. president biden deciding to separate funding requests for ukraine from the politically fraught funding for covid treatments and tests making that decision this evening, and now i
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have learned from sources familiar with the matter that democrats have raised their proposal to nearly $40 billion for ukraine. higher than the white house's original $33 billion request, and the house of representatives could vote on that as soon as tuesday. this is the pentagon says existing funding to arm ukraine against russia will run out in about two weeks. president putin refusing to back down, today commemorating that victory day, the country's biggest military holiday, by reiterating his belief that russia has the right to reclaim land from ukraine and dismantle its nuclear capaabcapability top officials call it revisionist history at the white house and divorced from reality and said one element in particular was missing >> what we didn't hear, not that we expected to, but what we should have heard was plans for how he's going to end the war. how he's going to move his forces out of ukraine. and how he's going to finally respect ukraine as a sovereign state and nation that borders
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his. a nation that posed absolutely zero threat. that's what we didn't hear and i think that's what he should have said >> meanwhile, heavy fighting continues in the donbas region of eastern ukraine a senior administration official tells me lack of progress for russia there could lead perhaps to a negotiated solution, but this official telling me that indication is still weeks away shep >> kayla tausche live in washington mystery in the bahamas three american tourists dead another hospitalized how the three were connected, as other visitors to the island wonder if they might be in danger the trial of a celebrity chef mario batali begins in a boston courtroom the decision he made putting his fate in the hands of one person. and another rough day on wall street. once again, tech stocks take a tumble >> plus, the one asset that just
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we now know the names of the three americans found dead at a luxury resort in the bahamas a fourth american victim still in the hospital. investigators confirmed today the tourists stayed in two separate villas and ate at different places but they all got the mysteriously ill late last week. now, authorities are racing to figure out why and they're calling on the united states for help in the bahamas, here's kerry sanders. >> today, bahamian authorities identified the three americans who died while on vacation in the bahamas at sandals emerald bay. it's still not clear why 68-year-old michael philips and his 65-year-old wife robbie from tennessee died or why 64-year-old vince ciarella from florida also passed away, his wife,
7:20 pm
65-year-old donnis survived, but had been temporarily paralyzed tonight she's in a florida hospital listed in fair condition. >> the night prior, all of them had reported feeling ill and as was reported already, they were seen by the medics >> police say the focus of the investigation is now on the beachside villa where the couples stayed sandals lists each side of those accommodations at more than $7,000 a night detectives are examining the hot water heater and air conditioner for leaks. have you set equipment inside to monitor whether there is any sort of poison or contamination entering through that system >> i couldn't say exactly what all they're doing at this time >> the day before this tragedy, both couples had complained of dizziness and nausea bahamian authorities say today they began autopsies and toxicology tests working with
7:21 pm
experts in philadelphia to try to unravel this tragic mystery shep >> kerry, thank you. thieves stole a record 2 million guns out of cars in 2020, and it's part of an alarming trend happening more than ever. that's according to new data from the nonprofit group, every town for gun safety. it reports thefts from cars are now the biggest source of stolen guns in the whole country. 180 cities across the country saw a spike in gun thefts from cars between 2019 and 2020, and more than half of all guns reported stolen in 2020 were taken from a car every town reports a majority of these stolen guns comes from cars parked in driveways or outside homes. police agencies in some areas are reportedly advising people, remember to lock your cars and to remove your guns before you get out. a nationwide baby formula shortage is getting worse. the advice from doctors as
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and it's only available to comcast business internet customers. so boost your bottom line by switching today. comcast business. powering possibilities.™ as a business owner, your bottom line is always top of mind. so start saving by switching to the mobile service designed for small business: comcast business mobile. flexible data plans mean you can get unlimited data or pay by the gig. all on the most reliable 5g network. with no line activation fees or term contracts... saving you up to $500 a year. and it's only available to comcast business internet customers. so boost your bottom line by switching today. comcast business. powering possibilities.™ the nationwide shortage of baby formula is hitting parents hard in the first half of last year, formula was easy to find only about 8% out of stockering according to data. but last month, the percentage
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of baby formula missing from shelves across the country ballooned to 40% a five-fold increase more than half of u.s. states have out of stock rates ranging from 40% to 50%. hit the hardest, metro areas, san antonio, memphis, nashville, houston, and des moines. now, parents are on the hunt some traveling thousands of miles. here's stephanie gosk. >> empty shelves >> this is really scary. >> and worried parents >> a couple stores we have been in, they have not had it and we had to go to the next location >> they're looking for baby formula and not finding it at least not easily. >> i'm, myself, am down to one can of formula >> at the end of april, nearly 40% of popular baby formulas were sold out across the u.s that's up from 31% two weeks before the shortage is getting worse. >> this is a pain in the butt to find >> baby formula like many things has been affected by supply
7:26 pm
chain issues, making it worse, the abbott nutrition plant in sturgis, michigan, one of the largest in the country, has been shuttered for months the company issued a voluntary recall of multiple powder baby formulas in february and halted production the fda is investigating conditions at the factory. in a statement to nbc, abbott in part says it is implementing corrective actions and enhancements and working on resuming operations. meantime, retailers target, walgreens, and cvs is limiting the amount of baby formula products that can be bought. cvs is telling customers they can only buy three products in one purchase >> pediatricians have safety tips don't dilute formula >> there's too much water. babies' kidneys aren't mature enough to process the water. >> consider trying other brands. >> most babies will adjust, and end up doing just as well on a different brand of formula >> make sure the formula has
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been stored properly and is not expired. for people who need special formula because of medical conditions, including adults, check in with your doctor. stephanie gosk, nbc news spreading high-speed internet across the country. the deal announced today that would mean easier access and lower prices a big day for some college students in texas. not only did they graduate, but then an anonymous donor really sweetened the deal and in his own words, the special delivery one man is making to ukrainian refugees in poland as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news on cnbc
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where is the bottom? stocks continue to slide that's what's topping cnbc's on the money. the market sell-off accelerated. a perfect storm of high rates, surging inflation, and a potential recession putting continued pressure on the markets. the route leaving investors with few places to shelter. dow down 650 s&p down more than 3%, dipped below 1,000 for the first time in a year, andtech stocks continue to see the most pain. nasdaq tumbled 521 it's down 10% in the past three sessions >> bitcoin proving to be just as vulnerable to the same concerns dragging down the stocks the world's most valued
7:30 pm
cryptocurrency down 10% today alone. it continued a slide that started last week. at a price of around $31,000, bitcoin's value is now half of what it was six months ago when it hit an all-time high. >> and another market in need of a boost, just got it disney's dr. strange sequel kicking off the summer movie season in a big way. the new marvel movie pulled in $185 million over the weekend. the highest toll of any of any film this year, also the second best domestic launch since the pandemic hit spider-man no way out in that top slot the summer movie season traditionally accounts for about 40% of the year's box office sales. i'm shepard smith on cnbc. it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news >> taken out by covid and a ransomware attack. the college now set to shut its doors for good and what it means
7:31 pm
for students a taliban crackdown. the women of afghanistan ordered to cover themselves from head to toe. but first, russia celebrating victory day. >> it was feared putin might use that day to announce a new escalation in ukraine. in the end, he did not meantime, there are new indications tonight that putin's all-out assault on eastern ukraine is faltering a senior pentagon official says russian forces haven't been able to make much progress and they haven't been able to fix some serious problems that have been plaguing the invasion. they still have command and control issues, logistics problems, poor morale, and some officers are flat out refusing to obey orders and move their troops of course, this eastern offensive was supposed to be putin's chance to turn the thing around retired air force lieutenant general david deptula is with us, he served as surveillance and reconnaissance deputy chief
7:32 pm
of staff and planned successful air campaigns in iraq and afghanistan. thanks again why has russia failed to gain a military advantage in the skies over ukraine and how crucial has that been to ukraine's staying in this attack >> well, it's extraordinarily crucial, shep. it's a question that has been pondering and people have been wondering about for quite a while. i would suggest a combination of poor leadership, insufficient training, and a conscript military all of these elements have combined to prevent the russians from achieving air superiority over ukraine, which historically is an absolute requirement to be able to achieve victory on the ground so while russia put on its world war ii victory day parade today, their military is looking more vanquished than victorious in ukraine. >> a senior pentagon official
7:33 pm
general today said the offensive in eastern ukraine has made what he called limited progress has russia squandered an opportunity to get momentum here >> i don't know if they have squandered the opportunity or if quite frankly because of the combination of elements that i just mentioned to you, they just are not prepared to accomplish such a victory and i would suggest to you that, you know, putin's asperations are now just not the donbas region one of his generals recently allowed to leak, if you will, he's looking at all of the southern coast of ukraine. that's what he would like to do. he would like to cut off ukraine from any water access, so he would like to move on odesa. but frankly, i don't think that they have the capacity, well, let me put it this way they have the capacity, but they
7:34 pm
don't necessarily have the capability to accomplish those objectives right now >> we get all this stuff from unnamed pentagon officials should we believe everything they say i mean, as one who is old enough to remember times when they didn't, you know, i feel like it's important for us to question if all of thee setbacks really are happening do you see evidence? >> well, there is evidence i mean, i would suggest to you, having been in the military for over 34 years, that the pentagon is portraying the information that they can. and so they're trying to provide perspective that is one that's informed by what they're aware of all of that said, it's important to recognize that, you know, in war, there is no certainty many of the indicators with respect to how poorly the russians are doing, quite
7:35 pm
frankly, are the losses they have incurred. the russian casualties right now are estimated at over 25,000 and they have lost thousands of pieces of military equipment as you mentioned earlier, or implied, the russian air force simply cannot roam over ukraine freely and so he's facing enormous challenges, and quite frankly, with a reduction in his military capacity in the stallworth effort on the part of the ukrainians, putin needs to find a way to exit. >> general, thank you for your time tonight ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy honored one of the country's smallest heroes today. his name, patron he's that bomb-sniffing jack russell terrier we reported on here a couple weeks ago. just yesterday, president zelenskyy awarded a medal to that pint-sized dog and his handler for their life-saving
7:36 pm
work ukrainian officials say the dog has discovered more than 200 explosives that russian troops left behind. not only is a war hero, also an international excellent, with more than 230,000 followers on instagram. our in their own words series continues tonight with a man from new york making special deliveries to poland hand-written letters to hundreds of ukrainian refugees. they're penned by people all across america, offering words of encouragement and support also inside, a small gift to help them start over >> i started this because after russia invaded ukraine, i wanted to help. i wanted to do something so i thought, maybe i could get some people in my cityto write letters and put in $20 and i bring that to poland with me >> we have some letters here >> i originally started in saratoga springs, new york, where i'm from, but it's really
7:37 pm
grown. we're getting messages from all over the united states >> we have teachers reaching out who want to have their students write cards to give to the refugees it's a really special thing to give these cards to the rooem re and see their faces. >> thank you >> these are from a correctional facility in arizona. they obviously don't have $20 in them, but we put $20 in all the envelopes so we can hand these out now. >> the card i handed out is we're coming back from the border the first trip to ukraine and in front of us was a column of ambulances from germany and they had a 2-month-old who was incubated in the back. we asked if the family traveling with the baby? they said, yeah, the mother is in the ambulance we asked if we could give her a couple cards sure there wasn't a dry eye in the group. there were soldiers standing there who were crying, i was crying, the mom was crying the majority of the cards say that america cares, that people are thinking about the refugees, that people are praying for
7:38 pm
them that they're in our thoughts they're not forgotten. we realize what ukraine is going through and as america we stand by them against this horrible invasion happening to them, the atrocities happening to their people >> adam tells us he has teamed up with a new york nonprofit called the giving circle it will be collecting donations and using those funds to purchase food and supplies for ukrainian refugees if you're interested in writing your own letter, you can find information including the address on our instagram page,@thenewsoncnbc. >> the taliban issuing one of its harshest edices against women. about eight months after the last u.s. troops left afghanistan. in a decree, the taliban now ordering afghan women to cover themselves publicly from head to toe. they'll be forced to wear burqas like these, which show only their eyes the restrictions are similar to dress codes under the last period of taliban rule from 1996
7:39 pm
to 2001. the edict states women should stay at home and go out only when necessary decreeing male relatives would face punishment and potential jail time for any of the women's violations this is the latest in a series of increasingly restrictive edicts in march, the taliban broke a promise to reopen schools for afghan girls past grade six, but many afghan women seem to be ignoring the new rules according to the associated press, after the taliban issued this new edict, most women in kabul were not wearing full burqas a.p. reported women were still riding buses, and even going to the airport all by themselves. >> the death toll from a powerful hotel explosion in cuba last week has risen to at least 40 officials say a pregnant woman and four children are among the dead it happened on friday in havana. officials there say an apparent gas leak caused the explosion at
7:40 pm
the luxury hotel saratoga. this video shows the exact moment the blast shook the hotel. the cuban health ministry reports more than a dozen people are still in hospitals >> the search for survivors continued through the weekend, rescuers reported they found at least one survivor in the ruins on saturday. officials say that five-star hotel had been closed at the time that the blast happened for renovations so at least no tourists were staying inside to keep the overall numbers down. the excellent chef mario batali is waiving his right to a jury trial so a judge will decide his fate after accusations of sexual misconduct batali appeared in boston in a courtroom today. he's pleaded not guilty to a charge that he forcibly kissed and groped a woman back in 2017. several women accuse batali during the height of the me too movement of inappropriately touching them. the case today involves one of those accusers
7:41 pm
her name, natalie teen she says batali groped her when they were taking selfies together in a bar in boston. the judge has ordered media covering the trial not to show her face but here's her voice describing what happened in graphic detail. >> there was touching of my breasts, touching of my rear end, touching of my sensitive feminine areas, in between my legs touching all over my face. his lips on the side of my face. his tongue in my ear it was just a lot happening. >> she has also filed a civil lawsuit against mario batali seeking unspecified damages for severe emotional distress. if convicted, batali could face up to 2 1/2 years in prison. he would also be required to register as a sex offender lincoln college in central illinois is saying good-bye, not to just the class of 2022, but to everyone.
7:42 pm
the predominantly black college closing for good this week after 157 years. the decision and the ransomware attack that led them to it plus, should there be a cap on what ceos can make? most americans say yes the new survey on ceo pay and what workers are doing to level the playing field. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ - in the last two years, we quadrupled our team and the pace we're growing, i couldn't keep up without ziprecruiter. they do the legwork and they get my job posting in front of the right candidates. i love invite to apply.
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an historic college in illinois set to close permanently this week. it's believed to be the first u.s. college to shut down at least in part because of a cyberattack. officials at lincoln college say hackers targeted the school last december with ransomware attack. that attack combined with the effects of the pandemic too much to overcome financially. in a good-bye letter, the school's president wrote, lincoln college has been serving students from across the globe for more than 157 years. the loss of history, careers, and a community of students and alumni is immense. the school, one of only a
7:45 pm
handful of rural u.s. colleges that qualify as predomindependently black school, according to the education department before covid, lincoln college enrolled fewer than 1,000 students, fwhut school's president estimates it still brought in more than $50 million each year for communities in central illinois cnbc's perry russom is there >> lincoln college is nearly deserted weeds are overgrown with the student population dwindling to zero >> i have seen two people maybe today, two other people apart from the workers >> brian smith is from scotland and had one more year left before graduation. >> i was taken back because i didn't expect it >> they had record enrollment in 2019 before the pandemic and cyberattack put it on life support. the college announced it was closing in march students protested >> it's a multimillion dollar problem. we have run as far as we can >> the final commencement was on
7:46 pm
saturday >> i am so honored to be a part of this historic final commencement ceremony for lincoln college. >> maggie is part of the last graduating class >> we're all really sad to say good-bye to the faculty and stuff too. it was happy and they were trying to put on a happy face for us, but we could feel the sadness there too. >> lincoln college has been a cornerstone in lincoln, illinois both places are named after the 16th president ground was broken at the school's first building the day lincoln died in a matter of days, the school will join the president as members of history >> usually i'm used to this because i live in this town, but now it feels -- it really feels empty. like truly empty >> students say they didn't even know about the ransomware attack until they were told the school was finally closing for good, and speaking with staff members today, you could see the frustration on their faces, given just four weeks to find new work shep >> perry russom live for us in lincoln. >> more than 100 college grads
7:47 pm
getting more than a degree at their commencement ceremony over the weekend. an anonymous donor completely paid off their student debt balances it happened for graduate at wily college. it's a historically black college in east texas. the president of that school delivered the news >> you are debt-free you do not owe the college a penny. if you have a balance, you had a balance. you no longer have a balance >> that's a graduation present according to the college, the class of '22 owned collectively about $300,000 in student loan debt >> well, the wealth gap is widening in america. ceos getting paid a whole lot more than their employees. according to new data from the nonprofit group called just capital, this year the average ceo is making 235 times more money than the median worker
7:48 pm
the average ceo's salary jumped 31% in the last three years. over the same time, the median worker pay rose just 11% now, a new survey shows americans are paying attention and calling for change cnbc's leslie picker dug into the numbers. what did you find? >> hey, shep the report found that 87% of americans believe this disparity to be a problem. while about 70% think there should be a cap for what ceos are paid relative to their average worker industries with the highest pay gaps include restaurant and leisure, health care providers, and internet many of the frontline workers from the pandemic. those with the lowest pay gaps comprised banks, capital markets, and computer services the sentiment that ceo pay is too high spanned all political affiliations, with the vast majority of democrats, republicans, and independents saying ceos are overpaid shep >> it's one thing to agree with that and that there's a problem. but did the survey say anything
7:49 pm
about solutions? >> yeah, so this was interesting. for those surveyed, the solutions appear focused on raising worker pay rather than paying ceos less 85% surveyed say american companies can reduce income inequality by raising their minimum wage to a living wage. almost the same proportion believes that corporations are responsible for insuring basic financial security for low paid workers. the vast majority point to the recent wave of worker strikes and support for labor unions as evidence that corporations have long been undervaluing workers >> thank you >> the water levels in nevada's enormous lake mead are now at historic lows. and as they keep sinking, people keep spotting human remains. authorities say the first was a murder victim from decades ago, and now there's another body >> plus, an important update on our top story tonight. the arrest of thealabama
7:50 pm
fugitives seen here. the sheriff who was there when they got caught in indiana just hours ago joins us live next welcome to allstate. where you can bundle home and auto insurance. right, frank? i saved 25%. booyah. and now you're relaxing!
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with free access to stranger things from netflix, the boys from prime video, starz, hbo max, and peacock. and we'll make this a national holiday. nay. holi-week. just say watchathon into your voice remote to watch now. an important update on our top story. the accused murderer and apparent rogue corrections officer are back in custody after a ten-day manhunt. the search for casey white and the jail guard boss vicky white ended in a car chase and crash in vanderberg county, indiana,
7:53 pm
around evansville. the sheriff from there, dave wedding, joins us live sheriff, thanks so much for your time i want to hear about the arrest. but first, how did you end up on their trail in your area in the first place? >> approximately one week ago, a vehicle had been abandoned at a local car wash it had been towed away some time after, someone identified that as a vehicle that was involved in the escapees from alabama. by watching surveillance footage of that vehicle and another vehicle that the two suspects got into, we had the united states marshal service in alabama and mississippi came and met with my deputies and other members of our u.s. marshal task force to see if we could come up with information based on the vehicle they abandoned here. while we were investigating, the
7:54 pm
abandoned vehicle potentiality of them being in and around the area, and there was a police officer who spotted what appeared to be the suspect vehicle at a hotel parking lot the u.s. marshal task force went to try to intercept these people they saw us, they fled the scene. about three minutes worth of pursuit, we rammed them into a small ditch. looks like the female suspect may have had a self-inflicted gunshot wound and the other suspect was apprehended at the scene. >> so sheriff, do you know who was driving and where they got that car it's my understanding that the former corrections officer may have used an alias or something. >> yeah, where they got this particular vehicle, i'm not sure, but it appears that with some money or funds that she had, they were just buying vehicles and probably swapping them out every so often so as not to be detected
7:55 pm
>> now, when your officers saw them today, it's my understanding that you mentioned that three-minute chase, i believe on highway 41 there. and it's my understanding that the way it ended was, a u.s. marshal's vehicle collided with theirs is that right? and who was driving their vehicle? >> not just one u.s. marshal but about three of our u.s. marshals pinned this vehicle into a ditch because they drove through a parking lot of a local factory, went through a large field, and that's where they decided to ram them into a ditch. >> i have been speaking a lot with the sheriff in alabama. he was very concerned that this man was going to hurt someone. there was a lot of reporting that he might want to even engage in suicide by cop so i mean, you had to have a lot of defensive measures going on what was the planning for all of this >> well, you know, this is a unique situation for law enforcement.
7:56 pm
law enforcement encounters people that are violent, that are willing to take our lives and certainly other people's lives. we were well prepared if a gun fight was going to occur and we were going to win the gun fight. >> sheriff, when the shooting happened, could you tell at all or could anyone on scene at the time tell, did she shoot herself in the shoulder or was it something more serious, such that she's life threatening now? >> she has a life-threatening injury i'm not so sure she'll recover from the injury. i really can't reveal where the gunshot wound is but it was a very serious gunshot injury >> so once the vehicle crashed, she, you believe, shot herself and he did what? the former inmate did what exactly? was he hurt? >> well, the vehicle was sideways in the ditch, so he couldn't really get out by himself, so the marshal task force members went to assist him
7:57 pm
and removing him from the vehicle, and she had to be helped out because she was unconscious. >> so she was helped out and then shot herself? >> well, we don't know at what point she shot herself, but we went to examine the vehicle, she had a self-inflicted gunshot wound. at this point, it appears it's a self-inflicted gunshot wound >> he had no weapon and didn't try to resist or was so injured he couldn't? >> well, we don't know if he had weapons or not, but everything occurred so fast and rapidly that he probably didn't have time to engage us. >> sheriff dave wedding, who has wrapped this up for us along with u.s. marshals in evansville, indiana. thank you for your time and congratulations. >> thank you for having me on. 60 seconds left now on our race to the finish senate democrats are moving forward with a bill to create federal protections for abortion rights we're expecting a key procedural vote to happen wednesday afternoon.
7:58 pm
but the bill does not appear to have enough votes to pass. >> president biden urging congress to immediately approve nearly $40 billion in military and economic aid for ukraine he says he wants the bill on his desk in the next few days. >> and now, you know the news of this monday, may 9th, 2022 i'm shepard smith. thanks for joining us tonight. we hope you'll follow us on instagram and twi twitter @thenewsoncnbc and listen to our podcast on apple, spotify, or your favorite platform, and if you like the news with no pundits, no opinion, and no panels, we hope you'll be back tomorrow night, 7:00 eastern, cnbc, and tell your friends this is the place for the news yep! every business deserves it... like one's that re-opened! hi, we have an appointment.
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