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tv   The News With Shepard Smith  CNBC  May 10, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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so i want to congratulate you. that is kevin hurt, the ceo of sysco. all of it, what can i say? there is always a bull market somewhere. i promise you i'll find it just for you right here on "mad money. i'm jim cramer see you tomorrow the news starts now.
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it's the latest flu surge in 40 years. what doctors are seeing and recommending why finding a new home gets easier testing drugs. and the hotels being built to orbit earth this decade live from cnbc, the facts, the truth, the "the news with shepard smith. they wanted a shootout and they were ready to kill. the escaped inmate who survived
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capture rooer after 11 days on the run. he confessed he was prepared to die. that's what the sheriff revealed today after the fugitive pair met freedom's end in the indiana county that he protects. sheriff dave wedding says officers stopped that from happening when altogether they rammed their vehicles into the get away car and crashed it into a ditch. >> by our quick thinking, our actions, sometimes people may call that unnecessary action, but that action may have saved many of my deputies and fellow law enforcement officers lives >> the sheriff says kasey white and former correction's officer had all of this, four handguns, several semi-automatic weapons including this ar-15 in that car with them and that he could have used any one of them to ambush officers just as he says he planned to do. but instead the get away car flipped. kasey white surrendered and the
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sheriff says that's when detectives believe vicky white shot herself >> preliminary investigation, we don't believe he shot her but once the coroner examines the body for pathology he can make a determination of that. >> the fugitive, kasey white, made his first appearance since his capture. there he is. he was in handcuffs in indiana he signed an extradition order and sometime over the next two to three hours or so we're expecting him to arrive at the courthouse in alabama for arraignment. >> reporter: speeding police cars, a dramatic crash and a fatal gunshot wound. they found themselves at a dead end. >> can you advise the patient status >> two patients, one is still trapped in the vehicle at this
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time and another who's stable, alert, oriented. got a bullet wound graze to her head. >> reporter: authorities found evidence of them in evansville, indiana. >> yeah, i'd say this is probably that guy from alabama as soon as i seen him. the windows are down perfectly good truck why would you walk away from a good truck i seen the tattoos on his arm in alabama. i held the picture up to my camera i said, the tattoos match. >> more information led them to the couple at this nearby motel surveilling them until they left but they wouldn't get very far. >> the members of the u.s. task force basically rammed the vehicle and pushed it into a ditch and we later found out had they not done that, the fugitive was going to engage in a
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shootout with law enforcement. >> kasey white was finally back in handcuffs but vicky white didn't survive. >> we found out that she took her own life it's just been a roller coaster. her colleagues devastated by her death and the employee of the year they knew very little about. >> our employees have been through a range of emotions through fear when this was reported and finding out she was actively involved and actually finally that she probably was the master mind behind the whole plan. >> sheriff singleton left to wonder was it really all for a jail house romans? >> what were the questions going to be? >> why in the world did you do this what were you thinking why would you even go there? i still don't understand it. it's not the vicky white we
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knew. >> kasey white will arrive between 9:30 and 10:30 local time he will make a brief appearance here and he will be housed in a cell by himself. as for vicky white, we mentioned she was nominated employee of the year just this year. the sheriff tells me she was going to be honored with that distinction at a ceremony sometime next week shep >> valerie castro live in florence, alabama. if the cost of everything keeps going up, it will wreck the economy and make life a living hell for american families president biden said he gets it, that he understands people are frustrated and he insists inflation is his top domestic priority in march inflation hit a 40-year high 8.5% according to the labor department that's more than triple in last year the worst of it at the pump. the national average for a
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gallon of gas is skyrocketing, $4.37 today, a new record high according to aaa in a speech the president said there are two reasons the inflation is high. >> my plan is to lower everyday costs for hard-working americans and lower the deficit by asking large corporations and the wealthiest americans to not engage in price gouging and to pay their fair share in taxes. >> he called the republicans the ultra maga agenda. and his opponents have no plan to cool inflation. in a moment cnbc's andrew ross sorkin on inflation and the markets. first, kayla tausche on the white house plan to beat back rising prices. kayla? >> reporter: shep, president biden has turned up his messaging a notch now attempting to cast blame on both trump
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allied republicans and russia as inflation continues ticking up and voters consistently say it's their top domestic worry when asked today when inflation would return to normal levels, mr. biden suggested likely not before the mid terms. >> i'm not going to predict that it ranges depending on which economist you're talking to, by the end of this year and some say it's going to increase next year and some say by the end of this year, the calendar year >> reporter: the remarks come just one day before the u.s. is expected to report inflation that's topped 5% for an entire year that's well before the 2% range which fights inflation by raising interest rates there are two policy tools in the near term that democrats are still considering, one suspending the federal gas tax, though they're worried oil companies won't pass the savings on to consumers. the second is lowering or removing tariffs on consumer goods coming from china.
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press secretary jen psaki said there will be a decision on that in the coming weeks. >> we didn't feel that the ones that were in place when the president took office were all advantageous and were doing what they needed to do to make clear what our positions were on china's approach to investment and economic engagement which we've been clear with our issues with we are continuing to review where it would be advantageous >> already the white house has released oil from emergency reserves and investigated corporations for price gouging any impact from those actions on prices has been temporary if there's been an impact at all. rick scott for his part, the florida senator mr. biden singled out. he said today the most effective thing the president can do is resign. >> another wild day for the markets. dow, s&p, nasdaq with huge swings throughout the day. nasdaq ended up about a percent. the dow and s&p within 1/4
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percent of flat at close the volatility is all ahead of tomorrow's important report on inflation. the labor department set to release the consumer price index for april. that, of course, measures the average change in prices people pay for goods and services such as groceries and energy. cnbc's andrew ross sorkin is with us now. "squawk box" co-anchor the question, i suppose, is will we see signs that inflation may have peaked? what do you see? >> i think there's actually an expectation that we may see it has peaked and if it has peaked, i think that will be a very good sign for the markets and in this environment given the vol volatility, everybody is looking for something that looks positive having said nthat, if it doesn' look like it's peaked, president biden is right, it could still continue, but the expectation is it could come down if it's worse than people expect, that's going to make --
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create a view that they have to act more which means more increases in interest rates and that is the question what does the fed do >> the fed may not be able to contain it >> there's no question the fed has a -- the fed is -- has a great conundrum in front of it. the administration, president biden has a great conundrum in front of him because there are not very many tools that can solve this problem because the problem at this moment is still about supply there still is just not enough supply across the board, whether it's gas at the pump or labor just about anything else at a time when there is huge demand so what do you do about that the only tool they have is a blunt instrument it's to reduce demand. >> you can't get the supply out of china and you can't stop the war in ukraine
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we see all of this volatility. if we see inflation start to slow in this report tomorrow, might the markets ease up? >> i think they will the question is whether it's going to be a head fake, whether this report really is going to be the one that portends what's about to happen more broadly for the rest of the year or whether we might have had a moment where it starts to dip but then as we know, there are still -- covid has not gone away, sadly the war has not gone away. so whether those things ramp back up in other ways we haven't expected, that's still going to be on investors minds going forward. >> we've had head fakes before and they've been disastrous. i know because i watched you this morning thanks for your time i'll see you tomorrow. a serious warning about russian president vladimir putin came today what u.s. intelligence is now reporting about his next potential move plus, new images from inside the mariupol steel plant where we're told soldiers and
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civilians are still trapped. plus, what killed three american tourists in the bahamas? now the specific complaints by other guests at the resort those are being investigated as police wait for some key information. and the partnership that led to one of the most popular video games ever is over why ea sports and fifa are no longer playing on the same team. ♪ ♪ ♪ introducing the all-new infiniti qx60. take on your wild world in style. ♪
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the world got a warning today from america's top spy vladimir putin will likely escalate and get more unpredictable in the next month and putin may turn to more drastic means to win the war if he feels like the russians are losing the director of national intelligence tellingsenators today the russian dictator is preparing for a long, drawn out
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fight. she says putin still wants to conquer more than just eastern ukraine even after russia's humiliating retreat from kyiv. >> the next month or two of fighting will be significant as the russians attempt to reinvigorate their efforts even if they are successful, we are not confident the fight in the donbas will effectively end the war. we assess president putin is preparing for long fighting in ukraine. >> last night russia unleashed a deadly barrage of missiles on the coastal city of odessa ukraine says some of them were hyper sonic. the pentagon says russia badly wants that town but that the russian military does not have the capability to launch an actual offensive by ground or sea to take the strategic port city
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the russians occupy mariupol soldiers missing arms and legs they've run out of clean band danls and medicine they're begging the world to act and help rescue the fighters who are no longer combatants hall perry >> reporter: shep, you heard that intel assessment that fighting would be fierce in the east and that's what we're seeing in the last 24 hours at least 13 villages coming under russian selling. 12 civilians killed, 7 wounded between ukrainian hands and
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russian hands. russian troops are pushing back. on the southern front of this war, the city of odesa some 25 missiles fired at that city on may 8th and may 9th. the targets look like civilian targets, a mall and apartments this is one of the seven port cities that ukraine relies on to export the gdp of this country could fall some 30%. it will raise food prices around the world. president zelenskyy addressing that saying there could be a food crisis around the world we've heard this from the world food program the grain silos here are full and some 44 million people around the world, quote, march towards hunger it is a growing concern when you have the rising food prices and an unability to export the food. >> live in kyiv. new details now in the investigation into three
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americans who mysteriously died at a popular resort in the bahamas. several guests there tell nbc news they complained about a strong odor at the sandals re resort some said they believed it may have been an insecticide they're searching the property to see if they can find any trace of toxic chemicals. >> our forensic scientists have collected samples from both of the rooms and the properties to determine whether or not any contaminants are present. >> investigators say they're also looking at water heaters and air conditioners for any potential leaks. a married couple from tennessee and a man from florida died last week while staying at this split villa. pathology and toxicology reports could reveal important clues they may be available as early as next week but complete
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autopsies will take longer. spring has sprung and we're still stuck with flu it's late for a surge. how the experts are explaining it and what the doctors are recommending. plus, another announcement from the potential owner of twitter. why elon musk said the social media site made a big mistake when it banned the president and an answer whether he plans to welcome mr. trump back as a main street bank, pnc has helped over 7 million kids develop their passion for learning. and now we're providing 88 billion dollars to support underserved communities...
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...helping us all move forward financially. pnc bank: see how we can make a difference for you.
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summer's just six weeks away but flu season didn't get swept away with winter new data shows more than 8% of all flu tests confirmed positive this week. so far the cdc says there are 6 million cases. 3600 hospitalizations. states across the country are seeing a late season spike in flu numbers. it's the first time in decades
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that flu season has peaked after march, but the experts say this year is still not nearly as bad as previous years before the pandemic cnbc's meg tirrell covers science and medicine for us. why is flu still around and spreading so quickly >> reporter: well, shep, the short answer is nobody knows exactly. there's of course speculation that as people have taken off masks and gathering more, that can be contributing to flu coming back. flu is a winter virus usually picking up in october and peaking between december and february this year's pattern may have seen a peak in april it's too soon to know if flu season has peaked yet. new mexico is particularly hard hit by flu right now we spoke with dr. melissa martine yez. >> for the past two years it's been covid, covid, covid, now
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suddenly we're seeing cases of influenza which is pretty unusual because of what's been going on in the last couple of years that we've seen lots of covid, but it's also unusual this late in the year to be seeing influenza cases. >> reporter: now she says she still recommends getting the flu shot even this late in the season because they're still seeing cases the cdc said this year's shot wasn't great for strains, that analysis was done without that much flu circulating the unseasonable flu was baffling epidemiologists last summer it was rsv one driver could be a phenomenon as viral interference. the idea that one virus catches hold at the time and blocks out ot
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others importantly, even if flu is seen in out of season surge, it's dramatically eclipsed by covid it's causing 70,000 cases a day and 300 deaths in the u.s. >> 70,000. wow. thanks very much appreciate it. elon musk is ready to welcome the former president back to twitter. the soon to be owner tells "the financial times," he thinks the decision to ban president trump was a mistake because it alienated a large part of the country and it didn't ultimately result in donald trump not having a voice he went on to say he would reverse the permanent ban following the takeover, but will the @realdonaldtrump make a return he said he won't be going back on twitter but he likes elon musk a lot it cited the, quote, risk of
7:25 pm
further incitement of violence following the insurrection at the time president trump had more than 80 million followers. still trying to find a new house? there is finally something good to report. the new data on supply and why it could be an indicator of even better things to come. is voters in west virginia head to the polls. on one side of the gop ticket a candidate known for bipartisanship who's backed by a democrat on the other a candidate en endorsed by former president trump. we're on the ground for the test of the former president's hold on the party as we approach the btom totofhe hour and the top of the news on cnbc and doug. ♪ harp plays ♪ only two things are forever: love and liberty mutual customizing your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. (emu squawks) if anyone objects to this marriage, speak now or forever hold your peace. (emu squawks)
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good news on the horizon for you hopeful home buyers. trends point to an increase in the number of homes for sale over the next couple of weeks. prices are up about 34% on a nationwide average since the start of the pandemic. what will this new dynamic mean for buyers and sellers diana olick. what are the realtors saying >> reporter: well, shep, reported the numbers was still down 12% from a year ago, but then they looked at
7:28 pm
just the last week of april and supply was down only about 3%. danielle hale said april data suggests a positive turn of events is on the horizon for weary buyers they're facing not just high home prices but rising mortgage rates and that is in fact what's helping the supply higher mortgage rates are sidelining buyers and consequently slowing sales which leans more on the market. >> where are we seeing the biggest changes? are some markets already seeing a big gain >> a few of the markets are in the positive, like phoenix, kansas city, detroit, memphis, even austin which was a super hot market but most markets still have fewer active listings than last year some of the biggest drops are in l.a., raleigh, miami, d.c., boston i spoke with diana bull, she said she is starting to see some changes. >> i know everybody wants to hear that prices are cooling
7:29 pm
we haven't seen that yet, but i will say i'm starting to have some hard conversations with sellers who want to be listing super aggressive but it may not be in their best interests if they're trying to sell quickly because buyers are very sensitive to price. >> buyers are very savvy about pricing right now given everything listed online and all of the competition many have been through >> diana olick, thank you very much it's game over for one of the most successful sports partnership and that's what's topping cnbc on the money. ea sports and fifa calling it quits. the video game maker and soccer's local governing body first teemed up in 1993. nearly 30 years and $20 billion in sales later they have one of the most popular video games anywhere now after months of negotiation, the company's attempt to extend the deal came up empty ea reports it will rebrand its
7:30 pm
soccer game after next summer's women's world cup. an ea executive said they can still feature some of the most famous clubs apple is continuing the ipod touch. nextgen phones and watches making the gadget obsolete apple released the first touch 15 years ago and the latest version in 2019, apple says the ipod touch is still available. ever delicious goldfish aiming for a new taste pep ridge farm teemed up with old bay seasoning. kids, don't try them on the ones that swim. old bay crackers getting a limited run. they're already sold out nine hours after release, but old bay's maker reports new bags
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will be available by the end of the month. on wall street, the dow down 85 the s&p up 10. the nasdaq up 114. i'm shepard smith on cnbc. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news ukraine's ambassador to the u.s. makes a final push to lawmakers for more aide before a key vote tonight on capitol hill test your cocaine before you snort it the weapon to keep fentanyl from killing drug users. but, first, is former president trump still the republican king maker? we may find out tonight in west virginia. >> because voters are at the polls there and in nebraska. both solidly red states. the republican primaries are likely to decide who wins in november in west virginia a newly drawn district has forced two sitting republican lawmakers to face-off
7:32 pm
for one seat congressman david mckinley and alex mooney. mckinley is known for occasionally crossing the aisle. he was one of 13 republicans in the house who voted for president biden's infrastructure bill in november second, they will put $76 billion towards the roads. congressman mooney has the backing of former president trump. he's a long-time trump supporter and voted against certifying the 2020 election results. vaughn hillyard. >> reporter: yeah, shep, literally one minute ago the polls closed the stakes are high. when you look at the 2020 map, there are certain political republican incumbents who donald trump has put his eyes on
7:33 pm
individuals who voted to impeach him. david mckinley voted for the group. just the other night in neighboring pennsylvania donald trump invited alex mooney to join him on the stage. what impact does former president trump have on the voters is he able to effectively oust the likes of david mckinley and other republican incumbents around the country here in the months ahead mckinley is the one from this area but you guys are going with mooney >> because we love trump and trump endorsed him >> stick with mckinley. >> reporter: donald trump endorsed mooney. >> i know that and that
7:34 pm
disappointed me but mckinley's done a lot for the state of west virginia. >> questionable. didn't know which way to go. being a trump man and then mckinley being around so long. >> reporter: shep, i was talking to a long-time republican who said if we looked at this on the traditional way, david mckinley would run away with this he started serving in 1980 this is a different era of republican politics and donald trump could help mooney who was originally from maryland over the top. a sign for other republicans around the country. >> vaughn hillyard, wheeling, west virginia. two conservative republicans face off in the primary for governor mr. trump endorsed the political
7:35 pm
outsider and wealthy businessman, charles herbster. and he's facing off against jim pillin but a third candidate there could play spoiler, state senator brett lindstrom. polls close there at 9 eastern the current members of the house of representatives are preparing to vote tonight on an aid backpackage for ukraine, $40 billion. it's to pay for military, economic help as the war drags on with no end in sight. president biden urged congress to pass the bill immediately he met with nancy pelosi and others who traveled to kyiv. cnbc's senior congressional correspondent is ylan mui with
7:36 pm
more >> reporter: nancy pelosi has witnessed the devastation in ukraine firsthand. she discussed four issues, security, sanctions, as well as humanitarian and economic assi assistance. >> what we put forward is because of the urgency that we saw when we were in the ukraine and in poland. we can't wait. time is of the essence time is life and death situations. >> reporter: that is why in just about an hour the house is going to vote on another emergency package that's even bigger than what the white house requested 3.4 billion more for military equipment. that comes on top of the $33 billion that the administration had already proposed this bill is likely to pass so there are still some things democrats and republicans have
7:37 pm
they're leaking this money to covid relief he called president biden directly and said help for ukraine must move on its own if he wants republicans to support it. >> he called back in 15 minutes and agreed we need to do this. ukraine only and quickly i think we're on the path to getting that done. >> reporter: so, shep, congress can move fast when there's agreement on what we need to do. >> we're expecting in a short time a vote on abortion rights >> reporter: well, that's right, shep what we're going to find out is the bipartisanship we've seen around ukraine breaks down when it comes to abortion there is no way democrats are going to get the 60 votes they need in order to pass the codification of roe versus wade. they may not get the 60 votes of all democrats.
7:38 pm
bob kasey has said he will support the bill because he wants to prevent a total ban on abortion but, shep, joe manchin remains the lone holdout he says he's still undecided. remember ferdinand marcos? he was the brutal and bloody dictator that ruled the philippines with an iron fist and looted billions of dollars from the country now it looks like his son is about to be president. 36 years after a revolution toppled his dad and forced his family into exile, it appears ferdinand marcos jr., the man they called bong bong marcos will be the president. bong bong has refused to talk about the atrocities of his dad's regime
7:39 pm
his election could have implications for america bong bong marcos said he wants to try to get closer ties with china. as fentanyl overdoses rise around the country, a way to test whether a drug is laced we watched one man test his cocaine. bad news on the climate front. the dangerous temperatures scientists say we're hdeead for that just seven years ago wasn't even a concern our best deals on every iphone - including the iphone 13 pro with 5g. that's the one with the amazing camera? yep! every business deserves it... like one's that re-opened! hi, we have an appointment. and every new business that just opened! like aromatherapy rugs! i'll take one in blue please! it's not complicated. at&t is giving new and existing business customers our best deals on every iphone.
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the celebrity chef not guilty of indecent assault and battery. batali waived his right to a trial by jury.
7:42 pm
a woman accused him of kissing and groping her. he pleaded not guilty. following those accusations he stepped down from the day-to-day operations he left his cooking show called "the chew. the woman in new york city accused of shoving an 87-year-old voice coach to her death held without bail. she pleaded not guilty today to manslaughter and assault charges. the attack happened in march she pushed the grandmother to the ground she hit her head on the sidewalk and died five days later after the attack they say
7:43 pm
pazienza scrubbed her social media accounts and website she confessed to her fiance. her lawyer suggested the push may have been accidental she faces up to 25 years behind bars if convicted. drug users are dropping dead from fentanyl in inprecedented numbers. their dealers are cutting cocaine and others with more with fentanyl. often users never know t. today is the first national fentanyl awareness day. according to the cdc, fentanyl overdoses are the number one cause of death for americans 18 to 45. last year and the year before nearly 80,000 people in that age group died of fentanyl overdoses.
7:44 pm
>> put that in the water. >> reporter: you're watching a recreational drug user testing his cocaine for fentanyl he shot this for cnbc and asked us to conceal his identity and distort his voice. that will let him know if it's laced. >> at the end of five minutes we should have a result. >> and it is. >> that is a very, very clear positive result. >> that little line means it's tainted. >> i've personally known 23 people that have died from fentanyl laced pressed pills that were disguised as either xanax or percocet. it's terrifterrifying
7:45 pm
>> the test strips given out by fent check >> we're distributing about 2,000 fentanyl test strips a week most are to the bay area, philadelphia, new york city, reno and portland. >> i'm refilling the bowl over there. >> i stopped counting how many friends died once it hit 5 they thought they were taking could he crane, they thought they were taking xanax >> mostare regular people. >> that's why the bartender is keeping the strips stocked up at her bar in new york city. >> in the '80s and '90s about the aids crisis. all bars and restaurants kept condoms. >> the test strips are illegal that's because the trip is considered drug paraphernalia.
7:46 pm
one of the states, kansas. >> to legalize paraphernalia does not address the illegal use of drugs, illegal sale of drugs. to be clear, these fentanyl test strips do not save lives fentanyl strips do not deter people from using drugs. >> to critics who do not believe they're saving lives, it allows people to have informed consent and that deters their decision to take these drugs. >> ed and his wife mary lost their 22-year-old son charlie after he took one pill laced with fentanyl. >> any drug na your young person might sample or try could potentially be contaminated with fentanyl so there really is no
7:47 pm
such thing as a kid safe from this. >> he thought he was taking prescription percocet. >> which he got from a dealer on social media >> ed said charlie didn't use a test strip and he's not sure that would have saved his life part of the reason, testing pills is more difficult than checking a powdered substance like cocaine to start off with, you have to crush the entire pill to get an accurate result. >> i think fentanyl test strips should be legal in every state, but if you don't discuss the limitations of these test strims when it comes to pills, you may be causing more harm than good. >> shep, ed's biggest worry is kids may be getting a negative test result when they check one pill wow, this clears up all of the pills i might have ed says that could be a deadly mistake. shep >> andrea day, thank you wildfires are raging across
7:48 pm
the southwest and the worst of it all is in new mexico. right now the data there shows at least eight active fires burning in the state the one they call the calf canyon her mitts peak fire has burned 2,000 acres in santa fe it started last month. according to fire officials, it's the largest active wildfire in all of america now. they warn new mexicans will not be seeing much relief. high winds, hot, dry weather expected to continue at least through thursday well, the world now has a 50-50 chance of hitting a dangerous climate change temperature mark within the next five years that's new today according to a report from the world meteorological organization. the key mark a from back in the
7:49 pm
1800s. there ace a chance to reach that mark at least once in 2026 that's a big change from several years ago. back then scientists put the odds at hitting that temperature at zero. in a statement the organization's secretary general said this isn't a random statistic saying it's an indicator at the point at which climate impacts will become increasingly harmful for people and the entire planet. the report notes more than 90% chance that one of the next five years will be the warmest year ever recorded. what's tom brady worth as the future face on fox the mourdocks own fox and "the new york post" and the paper is floating a large dollar figure, larger than he's earned in 22 years of football. and sink your teeth into this
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no charges against iron mike tyson. a california district attorney made the decision today. it comes after tmz sports got a video of him punching another passenger on a jetblue fight it happened on a trip from san francisco to florida representatives say the passenger got aggressive and threw a water bottle at the former boxer while he was sitting in his seat. an attorney for that passenger said he didn't throw a water bottle he said his client was just overly excited today the district attorney
7:53 pm
announced both mike tyson and this unidentified passenger refused to press charges. travel is back in a big way and soon your trip could be straight up to this, the pioneer station. it's a kind of space hotel the company behind it said it's the first of its kind operation geared towards vacationing near the stars. cnbc's morgan brennan reports on the next frontier travel >> reporter: the jetson's, a futuristic cartoon first captured the imaginations of americans more than 60 years ago about life in space. now that fantasy may be closer to reality than you think. startup orbital's station is expected to circle earth as soon as 2025 with voiage ger expected to open a few years later. unlike the international space station, these will be
7:54 pm
commercial habitats. what it calls business parks centered around offices and space tourism. >> we're looking at a number of different industries, large scale manufacturing, tourism of course, and also just b to b services such as data processing and communications. >> giant spinning wheels in the sky for people to work and play in space with gravity sitting at a restaurant, enjoying the view, even playing basketball. >> we're building artificial gravity space stations which we believe are imperative to having people live for long periods of time in a healthy way on orbit. >> small by earthly real estate standards, pioneer will hold 28 people at time and have 14,000 cubic feet of space but as they get ready to enlist more investors and signing up tenants, it's betting this is just the beginning >> in the next few years space and people living and working in space is going to become just as common place as someone going
7:55 pm
down and working at a starbucks. >> orbital asim bring will have competition as launch costs drop and the iss will be done numbers of people will be looking to get too many out there. it's just completed its first all private human space flight shep >> morgan brennan, thank you. andy warhol's painting just became the priciest painting became the most expensive. it sold for 195 million. it's the most money ever paid for a piece of american art. it's one of a series of five a performance artist went into warhol's studio and shot a stack of four of the paintings shot sage blue marilyn is the only one without a bullet hole bidding on the iconic painting
7:56 pm
lasted less than 4 minutes no buyer identified but experts say this new wave of collectors wants art bigger and brighter. this fits that 40 inches by 40 inches the sale did sell the a record, but some dealers were estimating it might bring as much as 400 million. marilyn is just the beginning. christie's and sotheby's set to auction more than $2 billion worth of art in the next two weeks. this has set an eye popping tone >> the greatest quarterback of all time is setting records off the field. tom brady will be fox sports lead nfl analyst whenever he retires. to hear from lochlin mourdock, he will be the head of the football show. he agreed to 10 year, $375 million contract that would make it the richest
7:57 pm
contract in sports broadcasting history. brady tweeted he's excited but that he has unfinished business on the field he called it quits this past season and then unquit to play as a 45-year-old man for tampa bay. there's a massive great white shark being tracked along the east coast they named him iron bound. three years ago o search tagged him with a tracking device that was in 2019 since they've watched him swim 13,000 miles this map has tracked over just the last month near the coast of south carolina in mid april, up to the jersey shores he's a big fella iron bound is more than 12 feet long, weighs more than 1,000 pounds. 55 seconds on a race to the
7:58 pm
finish new dash cam video shows the capture of that escaped alabama inmate after an 11 day manhunt after a brief chase in indiana, this is all new. the sheriff says the car was full of guns and he was preparing for a shootout the prison guard who helped him escape reportedly shot herself and has now died. america's top spy said vlad putin will escalate his fight in ukraine and might turn to more desperate measures to win the war. averil hayne warned putin is preparing for a long, drawn out fight. now you know the news. the news of this tuesday, may 10th, 2022 i'm epd smh.sharit for all of us here, see you tomorrow night events. that's decision tech. only from fidelity.
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