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tv   Fast Money Halftime Report  CNBC  May 17, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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flip side, microsoft talking a raft of increases as inflation rises and labor market tightens. pays to have cash in this environment. >> i don't think that's on the flip side yet. what's underlying this, if you want to retain the employees that you have, if you're coinbase, can't hire more, if microsoft, can't pay more. welcome to the halftime report front and center this hour, the great evaporating rally. why stock can't seem to get anything going, whether it is a sign the bounce won't materialize after all. decent move today, not as great as it was. we discuss with the investment committee. jim lebenthal, josh brown. stephanie link i begin with you are we getting a rally or not? >> today we are. >> this is a rally good as it gets? >> feels pretty good
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it is broad based. we got some pretty good economic data, retail sales better than expected revisions better than expected control group which goes to gdp, better than expected capacity utilization, and jobs white hot market all of that is good. that leads to good earnings, we have been seeing, earnings running 12.5% first quarter, margins holding up 7 of 11 sectors seeing higher margins. estimate revisions going up, too. all of that is good. the problem is we know the economy will eventually slow down how much can the fed engineer a soft landing, that's the big wildcard inflation will stay robust i have more balance. owning quality growth, some technology companies got beaten up some cyclicals as well >> let's do it now
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i think it makes sense i am surprised by it buying into the industrial economy a little bit, i don't know why? >> i like what they're doing stock down 15% year to date, of 16.5 earnings. these guys did a great job in terms of technology innovation inside the company, increasing recurring revenue. and they have pricing power. we want companies with pricing power. listen to what cat said. margins are hanging in and they announced increase of $15 billion buy back united airlines, pricing power, raising numbers. american express, you have to listen to what companies are saying and do the details. that's what i am doing with deere. now i think i am getting it on sale they say it is not a buy into the print. >> is it an ad play? >> it is >> directly because of the ag
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market. >> i own cortiva, obviously they'll benefit. i like what they're doing. technology should help margins and pricing power, too >> josh brown, the rally that people are expecting, i think a growing number of people are expecting a bounce are you? >> a bounce makes sense. talked about last thursday that the market was technically oversold you are rewarded jumping in at 30 that's what happened friday was a great day little follow through today. yesterday, not so great. stocks are hanging in there. of particular note, i would cite industrials for performance, financials in the fight, jpmorgan, bank of america, wells fargo dumped by berkshire,
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symptom up 2.5%. i like the option but i think while below the 200 day moving average in the s&p, nasdaq, in the russell, every rally is guilty until proven innocent this one will likely fall apart. i don't know how many more days it will run for. maybe there's a couple percent higher in the s&p. i want to talk about the consumer and that the economic data we're getting being good. it is not. walmart told you it is not in fact, they might have had a good revenue line but the other thing they said was the amount of transactions is down by 12% year over year those are not good comps they're charging more for things which they have no choice, the consumer is paying up, but doing less that's a recurring theme we don't get earnings reports, same store sales, economic data, don't get it always adjusted or
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real terms a lot of what we get is nominal, look, higher number means good university of michigan consumer confidence number is, hold on, the lowest reading, the lowest reading we've seen in 20 years outside of a recession, the lowest, and by the way take a look at overall retail sales run it back 18 months. peter boockvar did this this morning. compare 18% growth in goods spending versus 16% in price growth via cpi, basically it is a wash, so there is no growth. that's the situation now i wish it weren't true i don't like coming on here every day and being negative, but i am being honest with people nominal gains aren't great when inflation is where it is. >> i get you, also depends where you look for the story you want to tell. if you listen to a conversation that cramer and i had this morning on "squawk on the
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street," he would tell you walmart issues have to do with walmart, they didn't have the right products and executed poorly you could say look what home depot did. they had fewer transactions but people spent more. they were up against tough comps and beat them. they're just executing better in some people's minds. >> don't have a choice but to spend more judge. >> you have to be careful where you look >> judge, the walmart and home depot consumer do not have a choice but to spend more and the ceos of both companies are already talking about a change in consumer behavior the next place that's going to start to show up is people moving transactions from cash to credit card. the next place it will show up after that, just be ready for this, we're going to see chargeoffs and people not paying bills. it has been a long time since we have seen that it is a great labor market which should keep that in check.
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not telling you it is a calamity i'm just telling you, this is not a great environment for the consumer >> for services it is. ask any of the companies that are in the services industry travel, leisure, hospitality hotels companies are getting pricing power. >> comps are 2021. >> listen to what ual said on pricing power this morning he basically said business travels back to 2019 levels. sure, consumer might be softening a bit, but are still very strong and they're paying higher prices. >> you have to believe, steph, we'll get the others involved in a second, if the economy slows, becomes more uncertain, those that bounce back in business travel is not going to last. i think and made the point, conversations with jim will he be enthat will, if you look at travel and say look at that, the economy is strong, look everybody is spending on tempory
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>> 20% of that -- >> it is not an indication, jim, that the consumer is so strong, look at what they're spending on airlines and hotels and related services they're doing it for all the reasons we know they're doing it are they really spending elsewhere? some other earnings suggest not. >> this is a great discussion. i don't think this is something we have to take sides in josh is coming at it from the big picture top down view. stephanie is where i live, looking at it from a company specific point of view frankly, they're telling different stories. consumer confidence in the big picture tells a different story than what ual is saying. scott, to your question, it is more than just the services sector, and i look at things like qualcomm, i look at things like cleveland cliffs, i look at things like union pacific, cvs >> jim, are you buying a piece
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of rebar what does that have to do with the consumer >> because your question wasn't just the consumer. what your question was, scott, is this geo low indicated to the service sector and my point is it is not just geolocated to the service sector there's a lot going on besides airline preannouncements this is my point am i buying rebar, no, but guess what, a lot of people and companies are, and auto manufacturers are buying sheet metal. back to retailers, you know what, they're buying enough phones that qualcomm is shooting lights out of the numbers, so the bigger picture point i'm trying to make is you can look at this market now one of two ways, from top down, look at consumer sentiment, you want to puke from bottom up point of view, look at what the companies across the entire spectrum of industry, what they're saying, and you'll feel pretty good
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about things >> oh, my god. >> josh, i heard that. >> if you -- jim is right, so is stephanie. the bottom line numbers of the companies that we talk about are pretty darn good but that would be like looking at the publicly traded companies in the market, it would be like looking at the nba and saying the american people are in great shape. no these are the best 100 companies on the planet, overall the picture is not great and to cite home depot as being indicative of the overall economy i think misses the big picture. if we lose the consumer, the cycle is turning the consumer has been the thing. the thing. and if we, i'm not saying we definitely will, again, the labor market is excellent in terms of supporting the consumer and wage gains are great, not saying we will, but what we are
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hearing from companies is not to rely on the unquestionable strength from the consumer the way we were able to in 2021. >> i am absolutely not disagreeing with that in any way. i think people like jim have been way too optimistic on not only the environment but the consumer because they're looking in the wrong places. hold on, jim, back to you in a second i want to get farr involved. we started by talking whether we're going to get a bounce, we've gotten a little bounce off thursday's low, but i think people are looking for more. and it then was maybe you aren't going to get it, so many fears about things likewhat the consumer is at the current point. what's your view here? >> scott, i think the consumer
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is strong for right now and weakening and we're getting a bounce and on the way to the bottom you get a lot of different bounces. as long as the federal reserve is still removing accommodation, as long as that's the long term trend, that the fed is hiking for the next several months, we don't know where the bottom is, maybe we made it but i wouldn't put money on that, and the consumer is running out of band width. the consumer had savings rates go very high, they're spending them down. the consumer is facing $5 a gallon at the pump, we know what they're paying at the grocery store, prices they have to pay are going up faster than earnings they get in hourly checks so this consumer is slowing over the long term, running out of capacity how long will retailers maintain pricing power in the face of a weakening consumer we're about to see walmart may have to do a product shift. maybe they have a little bit of a glitch
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maybe home depot figured something out. at some point margins continue to shrink for the s&p 500. i think we absolutely go into recession the next couple years. i don't know when, but i don't see that the fed can engineer a soft landing, so you listen to stephanie and listen to what lebenthal and josh are saying, you have to own the balance sheets, own companies that are earning money, you have to earn defensive names. this is a company and a market environment you get your portfolio to survive, to hold on, preserve capital, and will come out of this on the other side >> i don't see jim, i'll let you respond to what we said earlier, i don't see you buying consumer names as optimistic as you claim to be about strength of the consumer and the strength of the overall economy. >> i always love the way you phrase things. i do own general motors. >> truthfully? the way i truthfully frame them? >> scott, i don't think you can say that i am ignoring the
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consumer >> you have owned those. you've owned those for a long period of time. at minimum, minimum two years, at least >> so what i mean, i could sell them at any point in time and i haven't and i own them now the point you seem to be making. i am not exposed to the consumer and clearly exposed to the consumer the bigger question is what joshua raising nobody is going to like what i'm going to say, nobody on the show or twitter will like what i am about to say current inflationary environment is terrible for the consumer and great for stocks that's what joshua saying when he says the top 100 companies. yeah this is the classic time that stocks are a hedge against inflation. that's why i am fully invested, including some consumer names, including a lot of industrials, including some quasi defensive
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large cap tech names i sincerely hope inflation comes down because it will take pressure off the fed to raise interest rates, but i am not scared of the current environment, not at these levels >> i have to tell you, the environment is negative in terms of how bearish people seem to be people that do what you do b of a fund manager survey, i don't think i have seen, i can't remember the last time it was this bearish across the board. highest caps level since 9/11, biggest tech short since august, '0 6 biggest underweight since 2020 bull bear indicator, 2.0 contrarian buy level, i was going to say -- >> when everybody is negative, you want something that's positive like the beginning of the year as i mentioned earlier, i went more balanced in my portfolio. i was big in cyclicals and it
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worked and helped. this is not that kind of year, scott. people forgot that you can lose money in stocks and certainly in bonds for sure, and you lose at both this year it is right to be somewhat cautious we have so many uncertainty. we talked about it ad nauseum, fed, inflation, war, china, everything and we don't have any resolution or clarity on those. we're in a choppy environment. maybe you want a little more cash, but i have more balance. trying to find names at a reasonable price, dividends, dividend growers. >> why did you sell gxo logistics. >> it is a good company, has nothing to do with that. they had a great quarter, stock is down 40%. i made good money, i overstayed my welcome this year i will get back into it at some point. this isn't the time to own high beta industrials deere is less.
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i needed from something to put money into deere. >> michael farr, i don't see you doing anything you sounded as cautious as a no move person would suggest. >> well, scott, i am a fully invested investor. i don't believe you can trade the market i believe timing and not timing is how you make money. i have been over time, talked about it on your show, shifting our portfolio to a defensive portfolio with rock solid balance sheets no i don't see any urgency to do anything i think the market is trying to reprice what a fed that's moving accommodation is trying to accomplish trying to figure out how this is going to hit the consumer. i talked to my barber. he said i buy gasoline, i drive back and forth to work and go home, try not to go anywhere,
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gasoline is ridiculous you have to think about that in terms of summer vacation and discretionary spending people that are most vulnerable get hit hardest by inflation, and we are trying to reprice for the unknown that's four, five, six months out that's what markets do we also know names like procter & gamble and pepsi cola and others are solid companies that do endure well during these times. those are the companies that i own and i'm going to hold them i don't see a lot of youurgencyo get too opportunistic and get too cute. >> josh, you hear anecdotally, i have from people about those with adjustable rate mortgages and whose mortgage rate and their interest payments have gone up a heck of a lot lot recently another point of pain in what is someone's biggest asset. generally speaking
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>> yeah, what's interesting, we are in the midst of a demographic handoff. the boomers, latest of any generation to ever be well into their late 60s to late 70s and still be in their homes, the rate should have been higher now. people are living longer, changing patterns. want to be close to grandparents you're seeing a lockout of the housing market for young people. and maybe it is not the worst thing for mortgage rates to be higher which they are, substantially higher now, but prices to finally come down. i don't think they come down a lot because we're not going to get more inventory, we're not going to get enough spy, builders don't want to build houses at uneconomical pricing, we're not going to get much
12:20 pm
relief, but better they aren't rising like they were in 2020 and 2021 maybe that helps the consumer. for every bit that might help the consumer, judge, you mention the right thing. the price to drive around, it hits people that don't like cnbc, don't have a lot at stake in the stock market. these are people shopping at walmart, dollar general, and they're spending money at the supermarket, trading down from the crafts and heinz to the private label. that phenomenon, we haven't seen that in a while. once it starts, once it takes hold it doesn't reverse quickly. we all have to wrap our heads around this is traditional down cycle behavior starting to take hold amongst a lot of consumers, not the hamptons the hamptons is fine everybody else >> yep i hear you speaking of walmart, let's take a quick break.
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i'm going to give you the scoop on the walmart trade stock having one of the worst days on earnings in at least 20 years. second biggest gap on earnings at the open, stock still down nearly 11% the trade is joe ter november a. he sold walmart at the open at 136.26 $4 higher than now it is in the penalty box for a very long time he only bought it back in april. april 21st we're talking less than a month. three weeks for joe, he is out he had enough. by the way, he is in ot with me tonight. he will give you the kmakt more color around the decision-making process. he obviously wasn't available to speak to all of you right now. we gave you at least the exact
12:25 pm
price in which he sold, but he'll give you the dish later on >> judge >> yeah, go ahead. >> real quick, can we put up a two year chart on walmart quick? such an important point. >> let's do it >> and joe will probably back me up on this later all right. look at walmart. this is i think top desk aisle stock for the russell 3,000. walmart was one of the only places to be, one of the only places to hide, had momentum making new record highs, the stock looked fantastic this is so emblematic of the environment we're in where like the highest quality company with the best technical setup, tons of people buying the stock, doing everything right, and with a good report overall they still crush it so if you're a good stock, you could be anywhere from 10 to 25%
12:26 pm
off the high if you're just an okay stock, probably down 30%. if you're a bad stock, you could be down 80%. that's the environment right now. who is benefitting from that continuing to play over and over again, how many quarters do you want to pump into the machine before you recognize i'm in the wrong casino, wrong place. that's what's breaking the back of this market no follow through even in the best of names. >> yeah. it is a good point that you make depot was a good one to look at too, which was now negative, last i saw and this was one that did reasonably well, moved fairly positive you see the inter day chart. there's no conviction as josh says behind much of anything target and tjx tomorrow. >> are you nervous now >> of course, i am always nervous. >> more especially after what you got from walmart how can you not be. >> i think they'll feel the pressure on cost, shipping
12:27 pm
costs, maybe. >> labor >> walmart was the most disappointing, the comment they're oversupplied that on the heels of amazon saying they're oversupplied with people that's remarkable if you think of it. went from tight to not too loose, now they have to layoff it speaks to poor execution. >> cramer this morning, called him a fire breathing dragon this morning on the air haven't seen him that upset about certainly a company like this in a long time, nor the execution by the chief executive. >> to josh's point, it was up 2% into print it did what it was supposed to do, acts like a staple to this point. high expectations, the target is less in terms of expectations, down 7% year to date big discount at 15 times, and i like the mix better, more balanced plus, buying back a ton of stock. they'll have margin problems, too, it is whether they can offset it.
12:28 pm
tj is a treasure hunt. people want to go to stores and want value this stock is trading 17 times i don't remember the last time it traded 17 times usually in the low 20s i see multiple contraction i like it. i like the home exposure, but nervous for sure >> we'll see what they deliver anxiously watching that. energy on pace for its sixth straight day of gains. a bunch of stocks hitting new highs, we'll give you those names and trades next.
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a look at a day in the life of a parent struggling to find formula. tune in at 7:00 p.m. for shep smith and the news. nearly 43,000 people killed on u.s. roads and highways last year, the highest number in 16 years as americans return to the roads after staying home amid the pandemic americans drove about 325 billion miles last year, more than 11% higher than in 2020, which of course contributed to the increase in deaths queen elizabeth made a surprise visit to a train station in central london to see the newly completed subway line named in her honor the east west elizabeth line is set to open to the public may 24th the 96-year-old monarch reduced most public engagements. this was the first since she attended a memorial service for her late husband seven weeks ago. back to you. >> appreciate that tooiler mathisen
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shares of wayfair, the state of the consumer, state of the retail industry now, they say bloomberg does, we will work to independently confirm, wayfair freezes hiring 90 days citing macro uncertainty. stock is not doing a lot on the headline itself, may be coming off highs of the day a little bit. this is in the wheel house of the conversation we were having about what is the real strength of the consumer and where is it likely to go >> great news, scott >> who said that >> it is jimmy that's great news. i'm not going to back off on this this is an important point you want the stay at home beneficiary companies to start letting people off so they can migrate to those sectors, namely services sector, desperate for workers. that will help inflation you want people going from amazon warehouses and wayfair
12:34 pm
warehouses to be baggage handlers in airports, in the back of a hotel doing the work there, loading supplies. this is good i'm sorry if somebody sees it otherwise, thinks i am a jerk for saying that, it is good for the workers and good for the economy. >> nobody wishes job losses on anybody. if it works so perfectly to you that you lose one job, you right away get another, then fine. >> judge >> 11 million job openings and 5 million unemployed workers the problem isn't losing jobs. that's not the problem format mat cal equation >> i am not arguing with you michael farr >> judge, i differ a little bit, and with great trepidation that i disagree with my friend, jim lebenthal. in addition. >> i do it all the time. go ahead >> i know you do
12:35 pm
>> i am still friends with him >> that's true well, i'm going to be more cautious and respectful because he is a big deal, you know anyway, what we're seeing here though is a retailer basically that's having some problems, having margin problems and they're going to go ahead and freeze staffing. this is what starts later in this cycle this will actually cause the employment numbers to go higher when all of a sudden sales stop and you basically say i don't need any more workers if i'm not making sales when this happens, we're going to see if the fed has a real spine, whether they're going to continue to fight inflation or whether they cave and say we have to do something about employment and back off. that's the litmus test for the fed coming up. it is not a great sign a retailer, even online, is struggling and capping the number of employees. just my opinion. >> reaching for my notes one of the reasons abbott, mark
12:36 pm
told me in overtime doesn't think the fed will be as aggressive as some, including the market thinks. be surprised if they raise three times. we'll see. it is an ongoing conversation, we'll continue to have it obviously. we will come back, talk about some energy names hitting new highs. i have them in front of me, at least ten names, levels not seen since a long time ago. we go through them wh ositthe that own them next was racing just making spaghetti... but i didn't wait. i could've delayed telling my doctor i was short of breath just reading a book... but i didn't wait. they told their doctors. and found out they had... atrial fibrillation. a condition which makes it about five times more likely to have a stroke. if you have one or more of these symptoms irregular heartbeat, heart racing, chest pain, shortness of breath, fatigue or lightheadedness, contact your doctor. this is no time to wait.
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the choice is clear: get unbeatable business solutions from the most innovative company. get a great deal on this limited time price with internet and voice for just $49.99 a month for 24 months with a 2-year price guarantee. call today. told you about energy. marathon, petroleum since 2011, exxon since december of '16. chevron, since 2000. devon since july, 2014, all these haven't had this level occidental, december of '18. pioneer, august of '97 valero, 1980 just when you ask the question can it really continue
12:40 pm
it does. >> it can, these companies are minting money. that's the theme here. even if oil were to go back to prewar, $80 a share. these companies have gotten more religion in terms of esg and returning free cash flow to shareholders i have been doing a barbell within energy. chevron is a dividend pair slumber jack diamondback, they offered a special dividend on top of increasing dividend, so they have so much cash they don't know what to do with >> josh you own ieo? >> few months ago i put on two etfs i felt were defensive and right places to be this year one was defense, ita the other ieo. u.s. oil and gas explorers and producers etf. top ten holdings, every win of these to stephanie's point looks
12:41 pm
incredible c not only is the fundamental story that wind at their back, but the stock market is buying the stocks on every dip. i think the etf will take out a record high, recent record high it set on may 6th. maybe today, maybe tomorrow. there's a fresh breakout coming in the space so long as oil is above 90 bucks, i don't see why you would think the fundamentals here will deteriorate. we're not seeing evidence of demand destruction from the macro or the consumer, at least not yet. these companies are not overspending they're not putting themselves into a debt spiral they learned their managements, a lot of the same management teams from '15 and '16 >> kmi, rig, your two favorites now? >> yeah, they are. this is the identical strategy
12:42 pm
stephanie talked about barbell kinlder morgan, a lot of dividend, good cash flows growing. not going to shoot the lights out. rig, transocean, has potential to be multiples where it is today. day rates on deepwater drilling rigs going up very consistently. as oil prices go up, supplies shortages, need to drill in harsh environments like the north sea and other arctic zones. as day rates continue to go up, they bring rigs out from cold stacked storage, their cash flows will increase. this is a very volatile stock. a barbell with the steady eddie of kinder morgan on the other end. up next, buys and sells from berkshire's warren buffett interesting names we need to talk about and in may, celebrating agency american and pacific islander heritage, featuring some cnbc
12:43 pm
teammates. here's the he did jones senior investment strategist. >> south asian, indian culture is very rich intra tradition and ceremony everything from indian wedding ceremony, different colors, festivities that go with that to some holidays. i look at my own kids, i want them to take away from all of this rich culture is the values behind it, the importance of supporting family and communities and making sure that you not only work hard and remain dedicated in life, you're humble, you give back. ev—or not. do i just focus on when things don't work, and not appreciate when they do? i love it when work actually works! i just booked this parking spot... this desk... and this conference room! i am filing status reports on an app that i made! i'm not even a coder! and it works!...
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welcome back berkshire hathaway way making interesting moves to say the least. farmer jim paramount. >> incredible. >> one of the best stocks in the market last i saw up 10%, maybe more than that. what do you think? oh 15%. the oracle on your side, jimmy. >> you know how it goes. buy paramount. nobody cares warren buffett says buy paramount and the market cares i don't think anything changed fundamentally, this is a 12% position and means that much flow is effectively out of the market he is not going to sell that not any time soon, i don't think he
12:47 pm
will lend it to short sellers. he seems to be saying that he believes in streaming and that this is a winner in the streaming wars i also want to point out this is likely not warren, it is ted weather, the anointed heir apparents. >> the only thing i would say is that we are always careful the way we frame the fs that come out. they're always backward looking. you don't know the state of someone's position and what was the buffett play book of years past where you hold, buy it and hold it nearly forever may not be the case any more perhaps they're more nimble for the reason you said, maybe this is not mr. buffett himself in charge of this particular investment or who made the decision in the first place. i would simply say that.
12:48 pm
it is hard to read in and speculate on a number of different things, jim. nonetheless, 15% gain is 15% gain the other one, citigroup steph, wait, jim, you own citi. >> i don't even citi, i own wells. >> hold on i will get to that >> citi probably is warren i see cash backs supporting buy backs of shares well below tangible book value. what a value investor likes. i will let steph or whoever cover the wells fargo aspect. >> steph can do that your toss to the next person skills are off the charts, jim that was super duper smooth. as long as you have been doing
12:49 pm
this, you, my friend, have a future, no doubt wells, they bailed you continue to make the case for it still? >> i am looking to buy more. >> you are >> yeah. the stock up 61% last year i was buying it in the 20s last year all depends. it was totally in the toilet but i like some of those, especially with charlie sharp i think it is third inning in restructuring. asset cap hasn't been lifted they can do rotce of 15% in the next couple years, gives them a lot of operating leverage, $6 of earnings power it is cheap, i like it might buy more. >> our call of the day, one semi stock that one firm says can surge 50% omfr here. we'll tell you what it is, debate it next
12:50 pm
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♪ you see the semis today? they're soaring. sector's up nearly 4%. i'm looking squarely at my computer it got upgraded today. and bay the way the analyst is coming up in "the exchange." raise the price target from 140 to 80.m still concerned about
12:53 pm
potential double and triple ordering in the space in general. and that's why i sold out of all my semiconductors. >> you're not that concerned about the macro? >> but i think the supply chain issues are creating double ordering and triple ordering that's going to come back to roost at some point. not next quarter >> you think because of the supply chain >> yes >> i thought this was a call about the economy. >> no. not so much. but i have my eye on lam i sold it pretty a well and that stock is trading at 14 times down from 22 times there's go ing to be an opportunity but i thinkee have time >> you like this >> no. too early for me this has been the ledding edge of the falling knife of this market and i think there will be some opportunity there. but no i think it's too early i think the trend's still down
12:54 pm
i'm concerned about stephanie's point of dull and triple ordering i sure don't think there's any rush this strikes me as a bear-market trap >> the 52-week on the range. 164-72 it's got well off the matt and back over 100 bucks for the first time in a while. ia have exposure innvidia, whic has had its own issues stock wise in its own point. it's good for 4% but that was as high as 346. >> the only reason i don't own amd is because i'm in nvidia and i've been in it so long, that the position has gotten too fwieg own both and i don't feel like selling invid you otherwise, i'd own it. even technically it looks better than most of the semis
12:55 pm
it's not interchangeable with nvidia but it's the right sand box. they're all playing in all the right next-generation technologies even iffy with have a bear market that lasts 12 months, they're building our future over the next five to ten years and i think you want to be in at least one of them. so, i'm blessed with this one. >> farmer jim. >> love qualcomm it's the biggest of the three i own. and what josh said is right. just from the industry insider point of vaiew, they're saying the semiconductor shortage is going to last well into last year we're a long way away from it bay what the inside issers say >> we're going to take a quick break. issers say >> we're going to take a quick break. ssers say. >> we're going to take a quick break. ers say. >> we're going to take a quick break. ers say. >> we're going to take a quick break. rs say >> we're going to take a quick
12:56 pm
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shortness of breath. and a tingling in the extremities. serious thrills may occur. the all-electric amg eqs. hope you watchovertime three hours from now mike mayo is coming on obviously going to react to what mr. buffett has done tocity. and going to give you more it tails on the walmart sale which
12:59 pm
he did a at the open today anastasia omarosa is going to be with us. i hope i will see all of you then final trades to you first here at post 9. >> and it's been fun best in class utility down 23% year to date and they have above average growth in returns. i like this a lot. >> mr. far a different kind of a name for me doc. $17 a share. $4 billion 5.2% dividend and it's a a medical office space kind of a read >> okay. josh brown >> apple's going to be back to buying a lot of its stock back all summer long. i think there should be is is some support here, even though technically it's been a tough stock over the last two weeks. >> back to148 today. youvr had more positive calls whether it was amazon, apple
1:00 pm
itself or microsoft, which with, in most cases were reiterated, as positive as they were in recent history so, those stocks holding up, which is helping the overall market as well your last. >> nguyen resorts. the big picture sold this down but when you lack at company results this stock should be going higher >> all right i'll see you in just a bit welcome ta"the exchange. everyone here is what's ahead walmart gets whacked off more than 10.5% so far, on pace for the worst day in 35 years. and the ceo making troubling comments about inflation is this a warning sign consumers are paying more for food, they won't have money for other stuff. plus, while you have inflation and a volatile stock market, perfect recipe for


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