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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  May 19, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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shareholders something new. they haven't been doing that lately here's a chance to get shaken out higher. >> or lawsuit. >> dan >> i say target. i know you're waiting. that is going to be interesting somewhere in the 141, 150 range. >> "mad money" starts right nowg mad money starts right now my mission is simple to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a working summer, and i promise to help you find it mad money starts now hey, i'm cramer. welcome to mad money my are friends, going to try to make you some money. my job is not just to teach but to entertain can't feel good about a market that gets sent down with stocks like pepsi cola or microsoft
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this thing is just awful dow dropping another 33 points today. that's a decline just.26%. down by the trash of the transport and of course the bank stocks i want to deviate a little bit here i want to tell you a story last night i get home before my wife, pulled myself a mescow the way my dad poured himself a wild turkey going to get me some ground coffee, second see that i was down, not even waiting for her to come home before a cocktail bad form what was wrong, she asks i told her cisco blew up, and then i explained what that meant and how much i wanted chuck robin, cisco's ceo to have a good quarter she reminded me i always say
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it's not about friends, it's about money. we're going into a recession chuck can't do a thing about that just sell everything i told her days after being down like yesterday, if you take the last time we were down like yesterday, june 11, 2020, if you bought tech then, typically, a week later microsoft was up 4.8% that's the time to buy i also took it that i was supposed to be tough on cisco's ceo because he's tough on himself. he got hurt by the shutdown in shanghai so she said, look, jimmy, you got two choices. i could go over all the issues that made robins miss the quarter, or i could just say, it's not worth it. it's time to sell. sell aggressively. she had also heard target was
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down huge yesterday, and a market that crushes cisco and target a market i ain't going for. and then she said it she said it. you're too bullish you're hopelessly optimistic and there it is. that is the issue. despite what's going wrong, china shut down, higher gas, i can still find a way to make things work. i'm not ready to throw in the towel. don't get me wrong, i can acknowledge everything that's gone wrong i can see the bear thesis for days you can follow along by joining the cnbc investing club. i'll even spell them out for you. these are stocks my trust actually owns. let's start with apple if you extrapolate cisco's month of april to apple, then you're talking about the greater magnitude of what they're thinking about just based on
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real problems in china if shanghai is as shut down as chuck says, then the 45 points apple has lost since its high surely won't be enough to reflect the horror of the situation here if it's more than an $8 million hit, the stock is going to drop more than 20 points. bear case against some video company makes the best cars in the world. using both games and data server but what's the point of owning nvidia except unlike cisco, it's got no dividend protection it would be easy to tell you to sell it. there's a bear case against costco you mean to tell me after walmart and target get crushed that costco somehow won't? are they immune because they have some sort of membership
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model? isn't it just another retailer at the end of the day. they said, you got to stay away from that one, toxic for amd, all the bears have it easy in this one do you really think they're so good that they can side step the types of problem that dragged down cisco last time they beat the numbers, the stock went down anyway why even bother with amd why? it didn't even do well last time isn't it time to take the lumps and move on? go home? last time they got hurt by slow youtube numbers in europe. next time, will it be all of europe easy to say you should get out while it's still relatively good if i had no hope, those are the arguments i would be making. they're all legitment. one are these are all what i
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call core holdings high quality companies we have tremendous faith in. the trust has owned these names for a very long time, and i don't think this challenging moment is any worse than any other challenging moments where we stuck with it and made out just fine. second, i actually did trip every position for the travel trust because i truly dislike this market. i do now, i would be the first to admit that i wish the trust owned less stock here. who doesn't? but we still bought some yesterday and today, because when the market gets oversold in june of 2020, it's best to bet on a bounce, and then you can trim in the end, as much as i can resite the negative thoughts, i believe when the smoke clears, they will be higher, not lower it's almost impossible to
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believe apple isn't having a horrible quarter i lived through the nvidia short fall the last time the crypto crashed. i have liked alphabet since $88. amd has been unbearable, 66 points down. how about the 185 points costco just lost? what does it take to shake me out of that already? the answer in each case? my trust is not renting these stocks it's owning piece of these company. at times, these companies will not do well, but they're amazing businesses i'll give them another chance to have amazing stocks too. yes, this market is terrible it's awful on some days like yesterday, i want to go home, pour myself a mescow and close the door. that's not how you make money.
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i think the best way to make money is by believing, not disbelieving, by owning, not renting. not slammed the door and hiding in the bedroom that's why i'm here every night rain or shine. david? >> yeah. from alabama on the gulf of mexico. >> i love it there what's up? >> hey, kroger i bought kroger. thought it was a nice bit. thought it was going to be a nice bit consumer staple i'm getting killed >> it's a relative thing this stock is up 6% for the year that's why there are people who are hiding from kroger is the way we call it i think kroger is doing a remarkable job i always invite rodney to come on the show. i think kroger is a stock you
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want to hang with, not run from. brian in maryland, brian >> hey, jim, how's it going? >> not bad trying to stick with it. how about you? >> good. i'm a big fan of your show and appreciate all your advice. >> thank you. >> it's great. so my question today is about kwaul comm if the market is around 17 or maybe 16, seems to be a little undervalued for me the last stock quarters, see an inventory building on the balance sheet in what are your thoughts >> i want you to hold it the ceo is fantastic it's about 11 times. they do have a lot of business in china as we know from chuck robins, if you're from china, it's possible you have been shut down. how about we just ride this one
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out? they have 15 down and 50 up, and that is a decent risk reward where i'm from this is a tough moment for the market, an awful moment. but remember over the long term, i think the best way to make money is by believing, not disbelieving, and by owning, not renting. more mad money tonight with every day that natural gas is spend, the case for nuclear energy grows i'm sitting down with the ceo of constellation energy then, i'm taking a look at the defense sector and telling you if some names in the group could offer the right protection in an uncertain market and palo alto networks i'm sitting with the ceo fresh off the report so stay with cramer. don't miss a second of mad
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money. follow at gym cramer on twitter% have a question? tweet cramer at mad money sweets or gives us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc
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with each day that national gas prices are at our near their highest levels, the case for nuclear energy grows that was our case back in march. that's the nuclear focused energy power producer that was spun off by exxon earlier this year energy is not a simple story when you bet on nuclear power,
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you're betting on whether the government will subsidize these plans since we started the show in 2005. so tonight we want to check in and take a closer look with joe who is the president and ceo of constellation energy welcome to "mad money." >> thank you and thanks for profiling the company. >> i'm going to give you the floor to introduce it yourself to everyone else because you know it better than i do i'm proud you were watching that segment because we're proud of what you're doing. tell people what constellation does. >> i think the u.s. should be very proud of what we're doing we produce about 10% of the u.s. clean energy, that is energy without air pollution. as jim indicated, it's mostly nuclear power plants we own 23 of them. we have renewables as well, big hydro as well. so to put it in perspective, we
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produce about as much clean energy as our next two largest competitors combined in terms of the emissions file of our fleet, we're far away the largest emissions for fleet. we're number one in the u.s. on that and we're also number one in providing energy and energy solutions to industrial and commercial customers across the country. believe it or not, we actually supply more energy than we produce even though we're one of the largest producers of energy in the country. >> that to us is exactly what you should be trying to be in the growth industry. at the same time, we understand you need to government -- just this afternoon, secretary grant tweeted let's usher in the new era of nuclear reactors to accelerate our clean energy renaissance, and with it was
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five kind of reactors that seem like these small modules we can do is there really a clean energy renaissance that involves nuclear power inour country? >> i think there's going to have to be. from the beginning of time until now, we have to match the production of energy with the consumption of energy. and the reality is we need more forms of clean energy that operate all the time so i think this next generation of reactors could do that. as you indicated in your opening, one of the big things here is policy support and we're seeing strong support in europe and the u.s. for new technologies i think it's the end of the decade what i think is going to need to happen for this to come to fruition is the government is going to have to backstop some of the initial construction so
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we can get some of the kinks of the construction cycle out of the way with some support. if that happens, no doubt about it we're putting wind mills in the ocean and we're committed to making that happen if we have that same sort of commitment around this next generation of reactors, there's no doubt we will be talking about it in the future as a success story. >> i know there's no race, but canada and poland are far ahead of us as is france and here we have general electric right here they know how to build these things what iskeeping us back from th small module reactor which seems like such a natural for every single utility out there >> we talked about it, jim it's exactly what you said at the beginning. it's governmental commitment and support to getting the technology started so that you can build the first units and get to end stage officials in
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the construction and operation of these units that's what it's all about there's nothing -- this isn't rocket science at the end of the day. we know the technology it's been deployed in other countries. we have operated it now for near half a century we know how to do this just requires commitment. >> how about uranium how do we make sure we're not like germany hand cuffed to the russians >> well, we have been moving down the use of russian fuels for a while. we're about 19% of the fuel services are now around the russians a lot of people don't realize this, but initially, ten years ago, we were encouraged to do business in the russians in the so called megatons to megawatts program. so we used some of their nuclear fuels they were using for bombs. we would use a very degraded form of that in reactors
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there's no doubt about it. we can move completely off russian fuels in a relatively short amount of time some of the talk on capitol hill has to get past the finish line. we have been in those conversations. i think there's a lot of excitement about it. but we ought not think we're going to do the next generation of reactors without thinking about the fuel cycle as well. >> when i think about nuclear reactors, i think about the ones i covered in the island as a reporter and i know obviously, chernobyl and puck she ma. are r these what are keeping people -- these did happen is that what people are silently saying is why we shouldn't build more nukes >> i think so. i think when there are issues in the industry, they have outsized impact because we're using words like radiation and other things. but importantly, all of those
6:21 pm
incidents you just talked about included, according to world health organization, nuclear energy is one of if not the safest form of energy in the world today. >> we're going to have leave it at that. i want you to come back on this is a passion of ours. i know these module reactors are going to be big in canada and poland, and i know this is our way out of a lot of jams roll the tape back when we never thought about this stuff it can come back again i want to thank you. sorry we spent so much time talking about uranium because there's so much good happening in this company. "mad money" is back after the break. coming up, the best offense for your portfolio we found in the defense industry cramer dams the torpedos to make you money next
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we're caught in a truly hay nus bear market beaten down by rampant inflation raising the cost of everything and the possibility of a recession as the federal reserve slams the break\s on the economy to cool it down. even in an ugly situation, you can still find winners, which is our job. although, it does seem to shrink every day. you have good reasons to feel very discouraged however, there's at least one industry booming right now, and it will keep booming regardless of what happens with the fed or u.s. economy in general. i'm talking about the defense industry it's on fire as the russian invasion of ukraine approaches its third month and we get another round of military assistance,
6:26 pm
including another package that congress just passed today, the defense contractors in this country are in great shape it's what the war means for the rest of europe they spent decades disarming themselves after the end of the cold war, but now russia has everybody rethinking that policy and we investing in defense. a lot of people thought we lived in a world where investment in these companies was unthinkable. but now we're watching one of those wars unfold in real time we see it in the stock market. when you look at the main sector etf that serves as proxies for the air space and defense network, they're all way down. in fact, the space and defense are only down 4 and 5% in a period where the s&p 500 has
6:27 pm
plunged. it does seem like we're making excuses, but i need you to know where they stand because this is just the beginning if the defense contractors can hold up this well, i bet they can swoor when the market gets less hostile from 2014 when russia first annexed the peninsula, our government sent $2.7 billion to ukraine. just since the war, we have already shelled out another 3.8 billion. and today, congress approved a lot more 20 billion of the 40 billion legislation that passed today is earmarked for military aid for ukraine and allies in the region even before the bill, uk had passed israel to become the number one recipient of aid. what if the war ends tomorrow? well, i doubt that will happen
6:28 pm
because putin can't afford to admit defeat i'm still bullish on the defense industry and stocks. why? because so far, all the military aid has come from stock piles. we're literally sending them missiles from our own stock pile that means sooner or later, we'll have to build new equipment to refill the stock piles. this process takes final, but it means big long-term business for the defense industry it's earmarked for replenishing our own stock piles. that money is never going to leave our shores the ripple effects are enormous. president biden asked for a 4% increase to get to 813 billion i bet congress takes that number much further because who wants to vote against defense spending remember china keeps trying to provoke taiwan with those
6:29 pm
military flyovers. it's almost like we're back in the korld war before the sign of soviet split except this time there's much less of a component and it's not just the united states even germany has announced a dramatic change in its defense policy they're going to spend a lot more on the military over the next decade. a couple of months ago, they ordered new fighter jets with components from many small operators too. finally, there's the prospect of new countries joining nato both finland and sweden are trying to join so they can use it as a bargaining chip with our government turkey objected because they want u.s. approval to buy 40 new f 16 fighter jets. if finland and sweden join, they'll have to boost their defense military they'll probably do it anyway because they live right next to
6:30 pm
russia pch they'll buy from us because this is still an industry where america makes the best stuff so which countries benefit the most by the new world order? let's start about the javelin. this is a man portable antitank weapon that's been def stated russian armored vehicles we've already sent 5,005 huh of these things to ukraine since the war began, but our current production capacity is only 2,100 per year however, they have said that boosting that to 4,000 as quickly as they can. speaking of missiles, we have to mention this antiaircraft weapon that ukrainians are using to knock russian helicopters out of the sky. the stinger is a eighth onproduct although they said not to expect any replenishment until 2023 or 2024
6:31 pm
including the f-35 fighter, the war in ukraine has really shown the value of air superiority because the russians don't have it that's the major reason they haven't been able to win next, our government recently sent dozens of halsters to ukraine. it's been a game changer these were made by bae systems which primarily trades in london we made the best ones. believe me when i say that they need ten times what they have been given if they just want to be competitive against the russians then there are the switchblade drones from ireland. they can operate for hours and then fly right into them we recently had them on the show, and he said they can make them as long as the government can get them the necessary
6:32 pm
chips. they can use another 1,500 that's the number of tanks destroyed. finally, they make everything from drones to bombers to cyber security tools and they also have a lot of nuclear program exposure, few ground space missiles and bombers, something we might spend more money on. here's the bottom line i don't want to be a war prof tour, but the russian invasion of ukraine is -- you really have to be foolish not to note. that's why i like eighth on, lock heed environment. ronald from massachusetts, ronald. >> hello i am a long-time listener, and thank you for your professional insights in investments in the stock market, and i have made money with your recommendations. my question is -- >> thank you. >> -- about union specific
6:33 pm
they just raised their dividend 10% in the face of mounting market losses. it has a good mix of freight do you think i should continue to hold or sell? >> i had the same conversation with my partner for the cnbc investing club, and we both felt that down here it's almost 2.5% yield. we think it's going to have a second day down, and then we want to look at it again because it's not an expensive stock versus what can happen with west coast ports. so i think you should hold on to it thank you for those kind words that said you make money with me because that keeps me in the game richard in virginia. >> thank you for your hard work. >> thank you. >> you're great. i wondered if you had some encouragement for me it's in my ira i'm down about 10% on it, which
6:34 pm
is better than most people i guess. i like calls of people who reinvest dividends but it seems to be sitting there and not doing anything. >> let me give you another side on this one. if people think we're going to recession, this stock acts incredibly well. one of the reasons why it does is because it's one of the greatest manufacturers in the world. they are fantastic at what they do i'm going to encourage you to own it, and we're going to have new truck cycles all the time. their engines are fantastic. all right, guys, the defense industry is booming right now. it's not talked about enough this is why i like raytheon. listen, there's still much money to be made in this stuck much more money. a more selective market, is it time to circle back to bankable
6:35 pm
themes then i'm offering him a few ideas to get the economy back on track, and i'm a little tougher than you might expect. you don't want to miss it. tonight's edition of the lightning round. stay with cramer ♪ ♪ bonnie boon i'm calling you out. everybody be cool, alright? we've got bonnie right here on a video call. we don't take kindly to video calls. oh, in that case just tap to send a message. we don't take kindly to messages neither. in that case how 'bout a ringcentral phone call. we don't take kindly to no... would you can it eugene! let's just hear her out. ha ha ha, i've been needing a new horse. we've got ourselves a deal. ♪ ♪ ♪ ringcentral ♪ this is not the stallion i was imagining. in one second, sara. yes! will get a job offer somewhere sunnier.
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. every tech stop peeked last november, some groups keep rallying until the whole market went south last month. i think it's worth circling back to cyber security. it's a business considering everybody now wants to fight back against russian state
6:39 pm
sponsored hackers. look at palo alto networks it's come down more than 30% from its highs clearly wall street got too negative becausal toe reported tonight. they beat out every line and raised their forecast again. that's why the stock is now soaring in afterhours trade. let's take a closer look with the ceo of palo alto networks. welcome back to "mad money." >> thank you, jim. thank you for having me. >> 16th conference call. third straight raise how are you able to continue to raise when everyone else is struggling to even keep their numbers? >> so jim, as you appreciate, this is my fourth year anniversary, and we went back and looked at what you and i talked about four years ago. we talked about building a cloud security business and getting ourselves ready. we talked about taking share in
6:40 pm
firewalls and billing more capability around zero trust and applying ai learning i'm delighted to report that it's working we fwru our billings 40% this is the best quarter we have had in four years. >> i think it's important to point out when you came in, people said you will do deal after deal i don't see deals. i see execution. it is where you want it now, clearly. >> well, the biggest question i got when i came was, customers do not consolidate cyber security because they want to buy best of breed from whoever's got it i said, yes, i understand. that means we have to have the best in the last four years, we have 14 products in their best to breed car goirs. so four of which we got last
6:41 pm
quarter, we go to customers and say, you want this, we got this. all this stuff works together, you don't have to go hire tons of people because there's a shortage of security people. we'll do it for you, and that's the strategy that's work zblg it's very clear to me it's working because most companies that have 40% growth are losing money. you had 1.8 billion, which is basically cash 6.9 billion. this is an extraordinary acceleration where are these customers coming from >> when i came, we were growing in the low 20s now we're growing at 40% i think cyber security is becoming more and more important. our customers finally realize they can't do it themselves. i'll tell you, there's lots of random ware discussions going on right now. when they go through that
6:42 pm
moment, they want to make sure they get the best security from a partner who's going to be there for the long term. that's the commitment we made, that's what we're executing on. >> we were surprised to see an article that said the u.s. saw a decline at the startof the war that is not what my anecdotal information says is that what you're seeing >> i think the debate is sort of what's going on in ukraine and russia i keep saying, this is not over yet. if you look at what's coming out of the white house in terms of advisories if you look at what they're doing in term of getting people to spend more money, they know something. they're trying to make sure we're all well-prepared. what's happening is we're getting more interest from states to make sure they're fortifying their defenses. this is not a war people expect
6:43 pm
to sustain they have found this is an easy way to create economic chaos and i want to make sure every company, every infrais well-protected two weeks ago, we launched zero trust with zero exceptions we want to make sure our customers can be secure. >> keep that open. that's ztna, and we need to know more about it because it's the leader now others have tried to do this you have it all in one shirt tell us about it. >> the fundamental principal of zero trust is you have to make sure that you're applying similar policies across every which way people access your infrastructure if you change your policies, which means you are creating special exceptions for different circumstances. you can't do that. you have to have no exceptions, and you can't trust anything that's the only way you get perfect security so we made sure we built
6:44 pm
capabilities and launched this very assertively to all our customers to make sure they can deploy zero trust to the enterprise we're the only company that can do that. >> in the last since i've seen you, i've had friends who had lost $30,000 and lost 20,000 and lost significant amounts of money because it's not -- not everyone -- nothing seems insured anymore. i had friends be involved with ran some ware. something happened in the last three months to make it so we are vulnerable how do we ourselves stop this? >> what has happened is you witnessed this -- we have seen a tremendous numbers of supply chain attacks. people have gone and hacked pieces of infrastructure, whether it's a solar wind attack or a server attack what happened is those things are being used by tens of thousands of customers out there. that becomes a back door for all
6:45 pm
cyber attackers to be able to park themselves in those infrastructures and over time, move laterally across that enterprise and shut them down and demand ran some. all these vulnerables that we're seeing requires us in the technology industry to build more secure software because tens of thousands of customers around the world are relying on it that's the message, and that's going to take a while. until then, we have to make sure we're deploying artificial sciences to make sure we wh we see that behavior, we shut it down. >> it's very clear to me if i were running a bank, i have to -- i would have to hire you i think one day, our justice department is going to sue someone who didn't take this seriously enough and didn't go for -- show me the shirt again -- zt -- >> here we go. zero trust for zero exceptions.
6:46 pm
>> when i see you in california, will you give us a long story about what this really is because it is the future, and you have it. i want to thank you for giving us something to cheer about. a a great quarter. deservedly up 40 points today and will be up even more tomorrow great to see you "mad money" is back after the break.
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it is time to -- for -- and then the lightning rounds number are you ready? william. >> good evening, jim how are you, my friend >> i am good how are you, william >> tell me something on sofi technologies what happened? >> i'm just going to say it. i think it's bottom here 67, 67, 67 let's go to devon in new jersey. >> hey, jim, i have been watching you since you was 14, and i want to thank you for
6:51 pm
everything you do. >> thank you, my friend. >> my question is about a company that just announced a 50 buy back, 123% in direct consumer growth. how do you feel about the transformation >> well, let's deal it as it is. let's play it as it lays to me, this company is losing money, and i just don't want to touch it i don't want to touch money losers let's go to george in illinois >> thank you for taking my call. >> i love it what's going on? >> you like draft king in the 40s, then you kind of cooled off on it, so bottom line, are you a buyer today? >> i liked the 40s, and then i cut out. i did fortunately exit it correctly. i do think that jason robins did a very good job when he was on
6:52 pm
squawk i really liked what he had to say, and i know if california and florida come on, they're going to say why didn't i buy it go to jeremy in south dakota. >> wanted to thank you for what you do first-time caller. >> everyone should join the club everyone should join the club. thank you. what's up? >> with the news out of china, do you take a jump on alibaba? >> i can't anymore i know it's tempting, but i cannot have them hurt our viewers anymore. okay i can't. i can't let that happen. arthur in new york arthur. >> hey, jim. how are you tonight? >> i'm good. how about you? >> good. so i watch your show every night. so i called you because i bought
6:53 pm
cloud flair. they handle a few different divisions, but besides that, i think i bought it if i'm not mistaken 21.20. >> well, look. i think matthew prince the terrific the business is very good. they're going to be able to make money. because they're going to be able to make money, i am fine with cloud flare. and that is the conclusion of lightning round. coming up, cramer takes a firm stance on the great debate. find out why he's urging jay powell to take the gloves off. next
6:54 pm
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i'm dan o'dowd and i approved this message. tesla's full self- driving technology. the washington post reported on "owners of teslas fighting for control..." "i'm trying..." watch this tesla "slam into a bike lane bollard..." "oh [bleeped f***]" this one "fails to stop for a pedestrian in a crosswalk." "experts see deep flaws." "that was the worst thing i've ever seen in my life." to stop tesla's full self-driving software... vote dan o'dowd for u.s. senate.
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this morning, david, my squawk on the street come padre seemed shocked he needs to act and act now with a much tougher stance. he has the freedom to go big he could even do 100 basis points, and he should. after the superinflation inspired earnings disasters we just got from target and walmart, everyone should understand the urgency of the situation. it's right in your face. dave said, you love jay powell how could you turn him like
6:57 pm
this first off, i love my wife, my kids, the philadelphia eagles. but i gave him a free pass in december even then, we knew omicron would be more mile than delta in terms of symptoms, so he could have started raising interest rates months ago when you see the kind of inflation that the auto mamakers are doing, things are out of control. there's this thought that says if we just let prices go higher, that will tame inflation that's wrong inflation doesn't burn out if higher prices could destroy enough demand to matter, we wouldn't have seen existing home prices continue to soar. it's just not happening. let's go back to chairman powell the idea that we don't want him to cause an inflation. i think you getting get the pain over with.
6:58 pm
the longer powell dallies with small rate hikes, the more likely we will have a crash landing because these smaller hikes haven't slowed inflation one bit. the only price i have seen go down is the price of wings from wing stop. a rapid series of large rate hikes would allow him to cool down the economy to where many of the shortages out there would end. it would break the end of the cycle of sales of people asking for 30% increases and getting them powell needs to understand that the threat of a recession now, not an actual recession, but the threat of one is the right tool for the job here and he can't do that by raising 50 basis points at a time. when he said he was going to raise hike, i was all over it. when he stopped that madness and
6:59 pm
prifted to zero rates, i cheered. i'm only cheering now because it's obvious from walmart and target that inflation has gotten out of control it's time to pull out the big guns the higher rates will ultimately make housing affordable, cars and trucks will be easier to find the semiconductors are autos has been easing up when you go to buy something at home depot or lowes, it will -- for fear of being part of a recession. the time to strike big is now when jobs are plentiful. we can't have the average worer getting a 5% raise when everything he's paying for is 9% so yes, i like jay but this money is about making money, not friends by the way, that would help your
7:00 pm
portfolio because it is collapsing because of the impact on future earnings mr. powell, you need to catch up to where you would be if you had started on time after omicron hit. there is no time like the present. i would like to say this, promise i would find i new hope for parents desperate to feed their kids i am shepard smith, this is the news on cnbc more babies hospitalized as the baby formula shortage w worsens. >> the fda commissioner says families could see relief if days on the ground in ukraine >> this is one of the latest hits in the past 24 hours. alex crawford shows us what i


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