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tv   The News With Shepard Smith  CNBC  May 20, 2022 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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skating train! i feel like she's still there. she's still here with us. don't let go. new hope for parents desperate to feed their kids i am shepard smith, this is the news on cnbc more babies hospitalized as the baby formula shortage w worsens. >> the fda commissioner says families could see relief if days on the ground in ukraine >> this is one of the latest hits in the past 24 hours. alex crawford shows us what the
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russians have done the amber heard and johnny depp's trial >> deposition from 2019 enters into this trial today. investigating hunter biden's finances >> we are learning more of the president's fund halie jackson on hunter's drive and more sailor deserting the navy in a large number and launched star liner on a rocket space >> announcer: live from cnbc, the facts, the truth, the news with shepard smith good evening, millions of parents desperate to find baby formula. there is finally relief on the way we are told. nbc news learned u.s. planes will start to bring shipments from other countries as early as
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this weekend if fda says the national shortage should start to ease in a matter of days the white house and congress take drastic new steps to address the crisis >> it will gradually get better. the big problem we have right now is distribution. within days, it will get better. but, it will be a few weeks before we are back to normal >> many parents say they can't wait that long they need help right now our nbc afifiliate reports. doctors there are treating several babies because their babies can't find the same formula they are required. according to new data out tonight, 45% of baby formulas in the u.s. was out of stock. the states in red here is much worse. in those, more than half of all supplies are gone.
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virginia, roadhode island and kentucky are among the hardest hit. >> reporter: fda commissioner facing tough questions today from members of congress of the abbott incident. >> who received this report? who did they do with it? who was heading the fda at that time you have serious structural leadership issues. >> we have an oversight hearing next week. as i have said, we could do better than we did >> reporter: combatting the fallout of those delays. the house passed two bills late wednesday. >> the bill is passed. >> reporter: the first aimed at cutting red tapes for parents buying formula with lgovernment assistance the second bill will provide more funding to the fda, money
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it needs to increase oversight >> the plan is to increase production for the work force in an orderly way essentially, it is like a daily inspection >> reporter: further measures coming from president biden invoking the defense production act. a wartime era tool to require baby formula components to prioritize that production, to help speed up supply chains. operation fly formula will also launch the department of defense will work with commercial and air cargo companies to pick it up overseas and deliver it to key areas. the fda commissioner warning it is a delicate system that could falter again >> we could be one natural disaster, cyber attack from being here again >> those first shipment of formula will be coming as soon as this weekend. the first is expected from
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switzerland and will land in deanna it will have about 1.5 million of eight ounce bottles all hyper allogenic formula. those are in high demand tonight we'll show you video that vladimir putin does not want anyone else to see. the firsthand look through the eyes of a ukrainian medic. the associated press reports, she used a bodycamera to recor this video it chronicles two weeks of her experiences working at a hospital in mariupol the video shows her team and her loading injured patients into a helicopter the associated press reports yulia smuggled that video out in a tiny data card hidden in a ta tampon she gave that data card to ap
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journalists as they escape mariupol in a rare humanitarian convoy russian soldier captured her and her driver the next day. russian state media accusing her lying or trying to leave mariupol in disguise she's not been seen since. we are going to show you one of the many moments she recorded. a warning, you may find the video we are about to play disturbing it shows her and her team trying to save a young boy's life despite her best efforts, the boy died from his injuries yulia turns away from his body and cries. >> similar heartbreaking scenes playing out across ukraine especially in the donbas region. that's where ukrainian soldiers are facing increasing attacks from russian forces.
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president zelenskyy just tonight the region is destroyed and the situation there as he put it is like hell. international coverage now from our sister network sky news, and their reporter alex crawford in the donbas >> reporter: we are entering the area in the cross hairs of ru russia's territory eastern ukraine, the donbas region it is here that the russians are now focusing and where there are evidence of fresh attacks all along our routes we see re-enforcement arriving all the time as the ukrainians and extra troops and military hardware to fight the russians off. this is one of the latest hits in the past 24 hours, the russians have hit a volume of strikes in towns like eastern ukraine. it is just 30 kilometers down that road is newly captured russian territory as they are trying to claim more and more
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land in the donbas region but the russians bombs are finding new targets everyday the towns around here are being hit day and night. the targets in the center of the residential area this was a factory providing heating for 10,000 people in the district there are a number of killed in this attack. amongst them, a soldier, the invaders upped their temper with increase savage. they have not accounted the people here. >> they may capture territory but they can't make us ukrainians, they can't make us their slaves we'll never sing to the russian tune it is impossible, just impossible >> reporter: the residents clear up their shattered home with weariness now.
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they endured this nearly three mo months of this trauma and turmoil. >> why should i be afraid, she says i don't want things land on my house and i don't want it to hit people people are dying and families are suffering terribly every person who dies at home in their town are on the battlefield in donbas like yuri, leaves behind broken heart relatives. yu yuri was 32 years old. among the mourners was is daughter and mother. another family devastated by this war >> is it worth it? >> i don't understand. >> reporter: no, alena says, no, it does not worth his death because my child is gone and i am so sad. he died a hero she goes on
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i am proud of him. russia may have skilled down their ambition, tactics and focus may have altered but for those who still being killed and terrorized, it does not feel much different for the news, i am alex cr crawford >> the pentagon announcing today new hundred billion dollars military package of aid for ukraine, comes after senate lawmakers sent a $40 billion aid bill to president biden's desk the two countries applied to join the nato alliance president biden calling their application a victory to democracy. >> there is no question, nato is relevant it is effective. it is more needed now than ever. the lies of decades past is still indispensible lies of the
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world we face today. >> not everyone is on board. erdogan double down on his rejection. kayla tausche now, will this complicate the process >> direct talks can result turkey's concerns. today in the rose garden, the president says the country are committed to turkey's security and engaged in combatting terrorism. the opposition could delay the application process that historically has taken more than a year to complete most recently, afexperts say nao could fast track finland and sweden membership because they already have close ties. >> they need all the requests.
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that's why the process is just a question >> vladimir putin continues aggression leading to new urgency for ally leaders putin appeared but didn't rule out for provocation. russia had no problem of the two nordic countries joining nato. president biden now takes his message to seouth korea and japan. bolstering partner in beijing's backyard >> the message we are trying to send, what the work can looked like if democracies and open societies of the world stand together to shape the rule of the road to reinforce strong, powerful historical alliances.
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>> the leaders of japan, india and austria are preparing new economic in the region t >> kayla tausche, thank you. the man accused of killing ten mostly black people in a racist rampage at a supermarket in buffalo indicted today for murder the grand jury is not finished yet. more charges could be on the way. officials have said they're investigating the mass shooting as a hate crime and considering a terrorism charge in court today the judge ordered the suspect to stay in jail without bail someone who was sitting with the family of the victim shouted a t the suspect, called him a coward as deputy led him out of the courtroom. >> payton, you are a coward. >> he pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder. he's due back in court in three
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weeks. a 911 dispatcher from that day of the shooting is fired the dispatcher hung up on the person calling termination will be sought at a disciplinary hearing later this month. a trend in the u.s. navy, people deserting their duty. how the number compares to other military branches and the reasons being given for sailors choosing to disappear. the largest manhunt in the state of texas in nearly two decades. the innew pictures and video of the convicted killer on the run. oklahoma passed the most restricted abortion bill or law if it happens in the country the rules that'l
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the number of sailors deserting the navy have skyrocketed. it is more than doubled according to data nbc news obtained in 2019, 63 sailors deserted and that jumped to 157 last year the data shows most of the deserters were 25 years old or younger. the desertion comes during times of intense scrutiny over recent suicides in the navy the sailors still live on that aircraft carrier and at least five of them killed themselves over the last year the conditions are horrible, almost unlivable according to current and former sailors who talked to nbc news they say constant construction noise making sleeping impossible there was a lack of hot water and electricity. our nbc news reporter, melissa chan has been investigating
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this how many young sailors signed contract right with the navy right out of high school, what are their options? >> shep, their options are really slim which is why we are seeing spikes in desertions and suicides they feel trapped and there is no giving two weeks notice or resigning. left them of extreme alternatives which is to die by suicide or flee. >> what do we know about why some of these sailors are leaving their post >> navy officials kind of struggle to explain the increase of desertions saying sailors could be exposed to many different stressors. mental health factors into almost every single case that's handled. >> i know the navy secretary visited washington on tuesday, do we know how the sailors reacted and are they going to get what they need >> many sailors are cautiously optimistic that things will improve and knowing it is a
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tough thing to change a command climate and culture. i think they're just waiting to see what the navy's secretary recommends >> from your reporting, is this an issue unique to the navy or across the military? >> this is unique to the navy. during the same time period, the army and the marine both saw drops in disertion. >> melissa chan, thank you former tv host dr. mehmet oz and david mccormick locked in a dead heat. election officials are hand counting the votes the report right now about 30,000 the law requires an automatic recount. the two candidates separated by
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a thousand vote. the winner is likely to face john fetterman nbc news projects he won the democratic primary amazon accused of putting mom and pop shops out of business but now they are joining forces. the unlikely partnership to get packages to smaller cities and towns. and speaking of deliveries, how about one at 36,000 feet, give or take in meet the woman ego stepped on the plane
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a lot of weird things happening in planes lately, right i right? people screaming at each other and refused to follow the rules, having babies. nbc's sam brock with a mom and baby girl you need to meet
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>> reporter: jada lynn sky was airborne but not yet born on a frontier flight from denver to orlando when she surprised her mom-to-be. >> i was feeling fine and everything so i had went to sleep and i woke up and my c contractions was -- yeah >> your contractions woke you up in the middle of that flight >> yes >> the first thought that runs through your mind was what >> i could not have this baby. >> shakiria, a foremother of fo she was headed to the back of the plane where she gave birth >> i gave two big pushes and the baby came out. >> you went to the bathroom pregnant -- >> came out with the baby. >> a team of people well-versed emergency response all pitched
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in throughout the plane. the pilot turned over flying duties to the first officer and coordinated an emergency landing in pensacola several flight attendants gathered medical equipment while she shielding her in the back of the plane. >> i am an older sister so to me it is like i saw this young woman, she was pregnant and uncomfortable. there was no space inside of me for any doubt. hade to make sure that i was there for her. >> reporter: fthe scariest part was when the baby had trouble breathing. so she wrapped her in a baby and held the baby in an incline to release the fluid. >> she started breathing it was a beautiful thing to bring life to the world. >> reporter: shakiria martin is
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thankful for her baby's safe landing. >> i want to give a big shout out for the whole crew, they made me feel so comfortable. >> for the news, i am sackm bro. a bottle thrown across the room former lovers, friends and employees testified today. the lawyers set up their final witnesses ahead of closing arguments. an investigation into hunter biden biden's laptop conspiracy theories and speculations, tonight, some answers. what nbc news analysis found on the hard drive as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news on cnbc.
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didn't see this coming amazon has some surprising new delivery partners, moms and pop stores in rural america. speeding up delivery times still in the database right now. the tech giant is quietly recruiting all sorts of big businesses, big hair salons and gas stations and coffee shops. amazon is accepting business referrals in ten states so far they are shown here in orange. perry russom is in south amalbaa
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>> reporter: namazon is going to small towns. in harington at 7:00 in the morning. >> we have baby registry and events and wedding >> reporter: the delivery truck is backing in. >> and we do amazon. >> reporter: 175 packages are unloaded, sorted and scanned they're reloaded driven and delivered in towns too small to be named on maps re re >> reporter: did you need amazon >> she started in november of 2020 and her side hustle has allowed her to hire 15 driver in
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alabama, a rural city home to 5,000 people >> our pilot program, they're gathering a lot of data to see what they can do to improve and what do they need to make changes with >> reporter: how is the change >> we have more packages and more drivers and better support. >> reporter: according to amazon, small businesses and their program are delivering 600 to 800 packages a week and can expect to make between $1,500 and $2,000 in that time. an hour north is greenville. >> i have packages here on mi my shelf marty sells car parts and deliver for the online giant >> we started out with the bigger area, we had to move it back in about ten mile radius. >> reporter: do you see yourself doing this long-term >> absolutely. >> reporter: harington says it has allowed her to buy a new
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delivery van and opened a coffee shop >> i think amazon did it to help small mom and pop shops because there was so much negativity of amazon hurting mom and pop shops so they're trying to turn it around >> reporter: this is a major commitment seven days a week and 365 days a year shep >> perry russom. thanks the hot housing market may be cooling that's what topping on the money. existing home sales are down for the third straight month in april. that's new today sales dropped nearly 6% from a year before, that's the slowest pace in nearly two years rising mortgage rates scaring offer home buyers. the academy changing
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eligibility rules for oscars. in early 2020, theaters were empty because of covid now, the crowds are coming back, the oscars are return to precovid rules apple's "coda" became the first to win mcdonald's put all of 850 of its stores up for sale now an existing mcdonald's license from serbia agreed to take siberia agreed to take all of them. the new owner will rebrand the restaurant and agreed to retain all 62,000 mcdonald's employees. on wall street, the market continues to bleed out the dow is down 237 and s&p down 23 and the nasdaq down 30.
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i am shepard smith on cnbc johnny depp, former friends and siblings testified what they witnessed? covid cases rising in parts of the country and today the cdc makes a decision on boosters for kids but, first, digging into hunter biden's laptop. alleged conspiracy, much like hillary clinton's e-mail before. now, nbc news analysis of the computer's hard drive revealed something that does merit scr scrutiny the analysis found millions of dollars flowing to hunter biden and his company. a big chunk of it came from chinese partners, including a businessman now accused of fraud. the feds are invest guying hunter biden's taxes
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the president's son denied any illegal activity and says he's cooperating with the probe here is nbc's halie jackson. >> reporter: with federal prosecutors pouring over hunter biden's finances, the representative for the president's son tells nbc news his irs bill totaling about $2 million has been paid off two kevin morris, broker a deal for the south park tv show >> does paying that tax bill wash away any liability that hunter biden may have now? >> paying the tax bill, that's what he did does not undo the crime. it would be like returning money to a bank that you robbed. you still robbed the bank. >> reporter: the president's son and his company brought in $11 million between 2013 and 2018, working as an attorney and a board member for ukrainian gas company accused of bribing
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prosecutors and a joint venture, a chinese man now accused of fraud. during the campaign, candidate biden denied his son profited off a china connection >> my son has not made money in terms of what he's talking about ch china. >> reporter: hunter biden received $5 million from that joint venture funded by a chinese company. a snapshot showing five months, he spent more than $200,000 a month on things like luxury hotel rooms and cash withdrawals and dental work and payment on a porsche. the time period hunter biden acknowledged struggling of addiction. and with the chain of custody in
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question, in 2020, some experts suggested the laptop's contact of russian disinformation campaign the president defended his son >> i am confident. >> reporter: hunter biden denied any illegal business dealings. >> i am cooperating completely i am 100 certain that at the end of the investigation that i will be clear of any wrong doing. >> reporter: experts point out family members of the president who holds no official job are not bound by any ethic rules the white house have not responded for our request for comment. back to you. the most restricted abortion b ban in all the nation. lawmakers in oklahoma approved the bill today that banned abortion from the moment of fertil
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fertilizations one to save the life of the pregnant person or if it was rape or incest as long as it was reported to cops the board allows to sue anyone who helps someone to get an abortion the republican governor of oklahoma signalled he does plan to sign the bill into law. he previously said he would sign every pro life bill on his desk. other restricted oklahoma abortion laws were unconstitutional but, this one comes as the supreme court appears ready to overturn row e v. wade. johnny depp was a jealous lover. heard's testimony played out in court today during defamation trial. ellen barkin said she had a sexual relationship with johnny depp >> he's just a jealous man,
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controlling, where are you going and who are you going with and what did you do last night i had a scratch on my back that got him very, very angry because he insisted it came from me having sex with whoever -- >> okay, barkin described the actor drunk all the time she talked about one night when they were in his hotel room with a group of people, the actor says johnny depp threw a wine bottle across the room >> a fight was going on. >> between you and mr. depp? >> no? >> who was the fight between >> between johnny depp and the assistant, honestly, i don't remember >> did he threw it in your direction? > > >> yes >> she says it did not hit her or anyone else the jury heard testimonies from johnny depp's best friend. that one was prerecorded
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witkin says they had as falling out four years ago he noticed the bruise at amber heard's arm at one point during the relationship >> it looked like a grab and not a punch. looks like she was grabbed, that's all that's what it seems to me finger marks >> he said he saw depp with a fat lips but he didn't know how depp or heard got their injuries johnny depp is suing amber heard for an opinion piece she wrote in "the washington post," she called herself a victim of violence but never named depp directly amber heard's team is expected to call depp back to the stand before they rest their case. the manhunt in east texas is entering its eighth day. police are searching for gonzalo
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lopez. police say they were moving him to another prison when he escaped from a prison bus. this video shows lopez running in the woods, a mom and their son took this. you can hear them yelling police from their car, listen >> he's in the woods >> i know. >> police say that bus is the one from which lopez escaped officials say he was in a caged area for high security inmates he got three of his restraints and stabbed the driver in the hand and crawled through the cage after they fought outside the bus and the escapee got in the bus and started driving. that bus crashed on the side of the highway where you see it there and the escapee got out and rain police released these new images of gonzalo it is the largest manhunt in
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state in nearly 20 years multiple law enforcement agencies vinvolved, police on horse backs and canine teams s skouerring the area. wildfires are getting danger every year the new way to check the fire risk on your home or one you want to buy. covid boosters for kids from age 5 to 11.
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new mexico is shutting down three wild forests as the threat of wildfires wildfires now burning more than 300,000 acres in more than a month. it is officially the largest wildfires in mexico history. areas near the fire have a 97% chance of burning. those neighborhoods under evacuation orders. the governor says the fire could
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destroy up to 1500 homes she estimates 360 already torched the damaged estimate of $76 million. climate change is making wildfire worst across the country. now, there is ways to check the risk of your own home or one you may want to buy. here is diana olick. >> reporter: new technology is now mapping wildfire risks city to city, street to street and even house to house and with stunning results >> we calculate every individual property and structure's risks across the country, via commercial building or an individual's home. matthew eby uses everything from property tax data to satellite
4:43 am
imagery. >> we can then use super computers to simulate a hundred million scenarios of wildfires today and another scenario of 30 years in the future of the forecasted weather conditions. >> reporter: it did the same for water to put a flood score on every property on its site it is the second most clicked features right behind schools. there is a fire score there as well >> on a monthly basis, we see tens of millions of impressions against our flood factor data. >> reporter: and given recent suburbans, the fire data may be just compelling, at least 10 million properties ranked some where between major or extreme wildfire risk. while flood risk grew about 20% over 30 years, wildfire risk is doubling and jumping more than 200% in places you may not
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expect, like new jersey, massachusetts, florida, and arkansas and alabama it is why big real estate firms are buying the data to inform their investments. >> the first street data is helping us get that really close look at how will the buildings be impacted and more importantly how can we reflect this increasing risk in our under writing. >> for homeowners, the information not only guides them in buying a new home but can help and protect the home they already have if they see a high fire score, they can click through to reduce the risk, often it is minor changes to landscaping or ventilation. it is easier to protect a home from wildfire than a major flood, shep. >> putting these on property is helpful for buyers but does it lower the value of the home for current owner sns. >> i asked realtor
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part of that is their homes require flood insurance which they need. >> diana olick, thank you. young children are eligible to get an extra layer of covid booster. it comes hours after an 11-1 vote of a panel of cdc advisers approved the shot. cnbc's meg tirrell >> in a meeting today, the cdc noted boosters increase the level of antibody levels we have seen in other age groups as well. there were no new safety issues identified the main concern for these vaccines is a rare heart risk
4:46 am
called myocarditis after booster doses, it is expected to be lower the risk of myocarditis is higher than the vaccine. this would be the third dose for most kids, although it would be the fourth who are immun immunocompromised. getting that extra boost would go a long way. >> does this mean anything for the timeline for kids under the age of five getting approved for the shot >> yeah, there was a lot of discussions of that today. one of the advisers urging the fda at the end of the meeting to move as quickly as possible. right now moderna's application is in and pfizer is expected soon the fda is expected to review
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them soon. >> meg tirrell, thank you very mump. >ch much. there will be no punishment for boris johnson for breaking covid laws one of them boris johnson. british officials fined him last month making him the first prime min minister punished nor breaking the law. police looked at a dozen of parties, at the time the u.k. government urging people to avoid gatherings johnson is not out of the woods yet. ministers knowingly mislead parliament are generally expected to resign make or break moment for boeing tonight and it looks like
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they made it after two failed attempts, the star liner capsule lifted off tonight from cape canaveral. is boeing ready to sent astronauts to the interinational space station? plus, if you love something, never let it go. for one man, it an
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men's world cup will start in qatar fifa named three women referees and three women assistant for the tournament stephanie frappart will get the lead role. and the other two is women referees from japan and rawanda. i would hope for the future this elite women's match officials for important men's competitions will be perceived as something normal and no longer as sensational. four, three, two, one, and
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lift off >> a critical launch for nasa tonight. boeing's star liner lifting off from cape canaveral. no astronauts this time, it is a test flight. the second one for boeing star liner. the first was two and a half years ago. that spacecraft had technical problems boeing has yet to complete a si single successful test flight. its rival spacex sent seven crews so far bill nelson is joining us. bill, what does it mean for nasa and boeing >> shep, it is a great day we need a second asset for our astronauts in space. you don't want to put all your eggs in one basket, and that's what we are doing. once boeing starts flying crews, it is all the better
4:53 am
>> still a schedule to the moon and back is that set >> yes, sir. i expect it to be around august. the largest rocket ever and the most powerful rocket it will go unmanned on a 30-day mission. it will test out all the systems, and it will bring the a scapsule aro' rian back home. >> now, it is sending some sort of strange signals there are a lot of stuff out there about this, what is it do we know >> well, i don't think it is alien that's attacking us. although, in fact, it does have messages on it in case some form of intelligent life gets it. it is billions and billions and miles away from the sun. it is out of our solar system
4:54 am
and it is still kicking. although there are some strange signals and we don't know why. >> you know for an nbc's inspiring america special that aired a couple of weeks ago. i interviewed shotwell, she told me we are a decade from mars is she dreaming or is this real? >> we are learning and preparations to go to mars it is the latter part of 2030s, that's realistic we are sending humans to mars. >> would you go? >> i think my critics would like me to go on a one-way no return trip however, it is time for the
4:55 am
artemis generation it is time for new astronauts that are training so hard. i had my chance in the early part of the space shuttle program and now we are going to the other generation >> shotwell says it will all be in the mindset of going to the moon ourselves it seems incredible. >> it does remember it was not too long ago going to and from, low earth orbit was really special thing and now we even had commercial mission going up in the low earth orbit. so, to the moon and then to mars >> good to see you. >> there you go. the notorious b.i.g., heading to the mta metro cards to celebrate the late rapper, biggie smalls' 50th
4:56 am
birthday the mta only released 50,000 of them there are already talks it could become collectible items the cards are not the only way to mark his birthday the empire building light up in red and white. the light featured a crown and flashing 50 in the smash a host of pop up of biggie things and merchandise shot somebody shot biggie in t the '90s he was just 24 years old this one is big. imagine the joy and something you love that you find delicious at first bite and deciding right in there, i am going to eat this double delight for the rest of my life and you do it. >> don did
4:57 am
>> he was hooked everyday since the middle of may in 1972, don has scarfed one down everyday but eight he says for 50 years and most days he eats two. don has a world's record, 32,000 plus big macs as of last year. >> the same order he place at that same restaurant on may 17, 1972 the golden arches salute you don gorsky congrats to your loyalty and love of the big mac. at least one a day most everyday, 50 years and counting >> boy is that a good thing 55 seconds on a race to the
4:58 am
finish the head of the fda says the nationwide shortage of baby formula should ease within days. nbc news learned flights will start to bring shipments of formulas from other countries ant into the u.s. as soon as this week the first flight will bring 1.5 million bottles. more aid to ukraine, including more artillery and more money for fund ukraine. president biden heading to south korea and japan for his first asian trip as he tries to rally support to push back on china. now, you know the news, this thursday, may the 19th, 2020 i am
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it is 5:00 a.m. on wall street here is your top five at 5:00. get ready to growl on the edge of the bear market stocks preparing to do something for the first time since 1932. a wild day of trading. fuel to the fire nearly $2 trillion in options expiring today jim cramer not pulling any pun punches. sh how he is calling jay powell to clean up or go home. and one retail analyst is calling the market


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